Doug Collins: “Impeachment Inquiry Will Backfire”….

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t have the media pushing her narrative the impeachment effort would have already failed.    In this interview Judiciary committee ranking member Doug Collins states the un-American inquiry is likely to backfire.

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153 Responses to Doug Collins: “Impeachment Inquiry Will Backfire”….

  1. What frustrates me is these reports are always coming out “in couple of weeks”.

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  2. DesertRain says:

    So the timing of the FEC-related arrests is interesting because the indictment includes a charge involving ex Ambassador to Ukraine. She is scheduled to give testimony tomorrow?


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  3. Roger Duroid says:

    Imagine a “trial” with the nonsense Ukraine phone call as one of the charges and PDJT has the President of Ukraine personally appear as a witness in his defense! What will they do, accuse the President of Ukraine of lying to protect PDJT? The dems and media are foolish to continue to move this forward, PDJT is going to use it to expose all of them.

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    • 👍🏼AGREE👍🏼

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    • FishtheDish says:

      Yeah – I have the same feeling. The Dems can play whatever behind door games and change the rules as you go — but eventually there will be a trial in the senate whereupon the BS will get exposed. There is now way too much exculpatory evidence for this to be not seen as a sham, especially with the way that they handled it.
      Pelosi blew it when she “declared” the impeachment before the call transcript was out. Blew up in her face like a trick cigar.

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      • FishtheDish says:

        What I haven’t been able to figure out is what do the Dems do now. Trump ain’t playing fake ball – therefore the Dems cannot pull out data and leak the juicy pieces. He, on the record, called it fake so that had to get reported. I wonder if the Dems have seen enough of the exculpatory evidence to know that it is BS and therefore would vote no to avoid embarrassment – or if they are so TDS that they will blindly go forward.


        • L. Gee says:

          Well, if their butts in a crack, I think they’ll smoke and mirror and slight of hand their way to impeachment.

          But my crystal ball’s kinda cracked and foggy these days, so take that with a grain of salt!


      • Matthew LeBlanc says:

        The goal here will be to get a simple majority in the Senate (51) votes to impeach which will come easily. Mitch will hold the line while allowing 4 of his stooges to vote “their conscience”. This will lead to the fake news meme that the house majority and a majority in Senate want to remove PDJT.

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      • Shirley U. Geste says:

        “Exculpatory evidence”?? What’s to exculpate?

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      The charge has always been and always will be Orange Man Bad won election. He wasn’t the ‘right’ people’s choice.

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  4. CountryDoc says:

    This is the beginning of the end…… for the Democrat/communists

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  5. Greg1 says:

    Must see video.

    Can’t imagine other media outlets letting republicans tell that much truth.

    With the current liberal direction Fox is clearly taking lately, I’m surprised they let that much truth get said.

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  6. Landslide says:

    I sent Brad Parscale a message that I think selling red boomerangs with Trump 2020 on them would be great.👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸

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  7. Ma McGriz says:

    Will it fall once again to Judicial Watch to wrestle the Volker transcript out of their filthy hands?

    Is the idea of ” Truth, Justice and the American way ” just a nostalgic old hook line from the original 1950s TV series Superman?

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  8. auscitizenmom says:

    I think he is right.

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  9. jrapdx says:

    Good that at least some Republicans are speaking out about the remarkably one-sided “impeachment inquiry” the Democrats are pushing. The “secrecy” isn’t fooling anyone paying attention, but as the panel pointed out many Americans aren’t hearing the whole story because of the media’s blatant biases.

    Apparently Senator Graham is threatening to call Amb. Volker to testify, given the House Democrats won’t release Volker’s complete testimony. Of course we’ll believe Graham will do what he says when we see him do it and not a second before.

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    • gunrunner03 says:

      “Only some . . . ” Should be a stampede of these folks. Not enough push-back along a broad front which is one reason Dems get away with what they are doing.

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      • jrapdx says:

        It’s probably correct to assume the great majority of Republicans in the House oppose the “impeachment” drama. By and large House Republicans are deferring to their leadership though there may be a few exceptions.

        Republican leaders have been speaking up, though the push back hasn’t yet stopped the Democrat insanity. Obviously the Democrats have become impervious to logic no matter how many or how loudly Republicans are shouting in their ears.

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  10. TradeBait says:

    Only thing I want to see are perp walks of evil swamp critters.

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  11. donny2837 says:

    Meanwhile, President Trump, via tweet today, ripped FOX a new one and gave a big shout out to OAN. Thanked them and said to them: see you in Minneapolis.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Fat ass Chris STirewalt at Fox is, I am sure, the responsible one for that pole. I can still see and hear smarmy Meghan Kelly and Stirewalt laughing on her show about what “We have planned for Mr. Trump.”

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  12. Dee Paul Deje says:

    I know we’ve had 3 years of “nothing is happening” frustration but this corruption is huge it is mind boggling. Although no indictments yet, look at what had being exposed. All of these filthy politicians on both sides of the aisle have been basically running a money laundering theft ring of taxpayer money. POTUS has always known about it (maybe not to the full extent he knows now) and has dedicated his life to draining this cesspool. Read the Executive Order of Dec 21, 2017 in the context of what we have learned in the last couple months.
    Every one of POTUS’s tweets are well thought-out and purposeful and have ensnared many a lying traitor. Take heart. VSGPDJT has got this.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      The DEMORATS have been undermining this country since Woodrow Wilson. What Trump has done in 3 years is nothing short of amazing. Finally a President who is fighting for the forgotten man. God Bless this man.

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      • rashomon says:

        Not many recognize that Wilson’s election was a blow to the U.S. Constitution like no other. Walking back all the damage done since then will take more than PDJT’s wight years, especially if the UniParty keeps blocking every move. We need to identify someone to carry on The Trump Way. It’s not Pence.

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  13. Mike Robinson says:

    It’s time to hit them plainly: the US Constitution says they’re not allowed to do what they’re attempting. The Courts decided there is no “high crime,” and Congress cannot make that determination.

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  14. magatrump says:

    Piglosi will do everything she can to have this unlawful impeachment vote. She does not have any power over the House dems. She knows that the crazy SQUAD is running the democratic House.
    Thus she will proceed with an unconstitutional Impeachment vote on our President. This will be done without our President having any power to call his own witnesses or to tell the true side his side of the story.
    Just think about that the crazy House dems under Piglosi will challenge the precedent that was created in the impeachment process that was sone under Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton.
    I am sure President Trump will immediately take this to the Supreme Court to rule on this unconstitutional impeachment process.
    Turtle needs to make it clear that unless the Supreme Court rules this Witch Hunt Impeachment process by Piglosi, he will not take up these fraudulent articles of impeachment.


  15. Moe Grimm says:

    Bottom line remains: Some 2 years 9+ months and: Not. One. Indictment. Let alone the impaneling of even a as in (1) grand jury though it seems under the weight of what’s now a significant volume of evidence, much of it as “low hanging” as it gets, the need is for several. The Cadaver had two, one in Mordor and one in Arlington – in less than two and one half months (2 1/2 months).

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    • Mike Robinson says:

      No one will know when a grand jury is empaneled. That is secret.

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      • Jerry Joe says:

        In a world where our President can’t make a phone call without being eavesdropped, an intelligence community, now under investigation, using its six ways from Sunday to remove him, every Russia related criminal case randomly assigned to the same judge, and you seriously believe your statement about secret grand juries?

        Secret to you and I – yes; but secret – No. Just like the Steele Dossier – everyone but us, had a copy long before Buzzfeed published it.0

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    • sticknca says:

      From my experience years ago, Federal grand juries are constantly in cycle and cases are assigned as the AUSA determines. I was nearing the completion of my 18 month grand jury term (twice a month for 18) when they scheduled us for one of the biggest cases in the country at the time. They have lots of flexibility.

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  16. markone1blog says:

    Thanks for posting this. All while editing illustrations for my current manual, I had been listening to the verbal flatulence of Hillary Clinton as she mused that she could “beat him again.” I was about to crawl through my earbuds when you saved me.

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    • tucker7518 says:

      Hillary is so annoying. If she does run, Trump will win again.

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      • ann says:

        I loathe Hillary Clinton. I have for THIRTY damn years.

        To the extent my sharing of Primary source FACT CONTENT about her & hubby ‘s gang has broken many friendships w older women .

        I think Boomer women view membership in Cult Clinton as a prerequisite for being female.


  17. 2013gti says:


    Doesn’t that just give you the warm, fuzzies.


  18. Daniel says:

    It’s not going to “backfire.” They know the outcome. The problem is they are calculating the method that will prevent the most loss and they have decided to side with the radical left over the moderate left. The reality is they believe (and there’s substance to that belief) the radical left elected the newest batch of idiots in the Democrat party. AOC replaced someone “more moderate.” They are scared “incontinent” of losing their office and thus control over the Democrat party.

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  19. Perot Conservative says:

    Notice how quickly the IC Swamp came down on Rudy’s people?

    Two weeks? One week? Wow!

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  20. Shyster says:

    Lindsey Graham will call Volker to testify if the transcript is not released. What a bunch of BS! What’s stopping him now. Graham is a do nothing chairman whose mantra continues to be “I’m gonna do it my way and will wait until the Horowitz report comes out”. He has absolutely wasted 10 months of his chairmanship doing butkus. Well Lindsey, we will see, won’t we, given the holy grail, I mean Horowitz report, is rumored to be dropped on the 18th. My money says that once that happens, all we’re gonna here from Lindsey is “we need time to digest the report and then we will call Horowitz”. Well it’s rumored to be a couple thousand page report so that will take 2 months. Next, the committee will need 5 to 8 sessions with Horowitz to go through it all. With scheduling conflicts, Xmas break, New Years and the rest, Horowitz will be completed by next May. Well golly gee, the election is within the 6 month window and therefore in order not to affect the election, no other witnesses will be called. Lindsey is giving us all a head fake just like Sessions appointing Huber who did absolutely nothing. What a load of crap and I have a bridge I want to sell you!

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    • gunrunner03 says:

      Graham is a perfect example of what is wrong with Republican leadership. No fire in the belly.

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    • Zoe says:

      You know what was so annoying to me? Is when Horowitz shows up at a hearing and is asked about his report and he doesn’t even have the report sitting in front of him. So when and if he does testify someone should make sure he has that report right in front of him and if he forgets his copy the republicans should supply him with one so he can follow along. How is there is much incompetence in our givernment?

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    • Sherri Young says:

      A few months ago, I called my congressman’s office about a piece of legislation that was said to have had some problematic verbiage added. Three of his staff attorneys had already split up the bill and were going over it. The same approach probably will apply here.


    • dwpender says:

      Speaking of Huber, didn’t Barr say in his much ballyhooed, prerecorded, slowly teased and rolled out CBS interview in MAY that Huber was substantially finished with his investigations of matters Clinton and would report soon?

      Anybody heard anything from Huber (or from Barr’s DOJ as a result of Huber)?


  21. Caius Lowell says:

    Caius L: 0bama’s Democrat-communist impeachment inquiry will backfire and turn his legacy into nothing more than SF’s sidewalk poops, which I cleverly call “Pommes d’0bama”…

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  22. Clown #3 says:

    I know this stuff is your bread and butter sundance but it’s at the point where no one really cares what these people have to say, only what they do.

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    • Paprika says:

      I find your comment most interesting. If “….no one really cares what these people have to say…”, then why are you around the 75th person in less than an hour to comment on “this stuff”?

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      • Clown #3 says:

        To answer your question, sundance’s style… Truth. Truth. Full stop. Very hard to find these days. Most of the commenters are pretty astute also. Just venting some frustration friend.


  23. ristvan says:

    Collins said ‘will backfire’. Disagree—the ‘peach foty fi’ thing ALREADY has.
    Dems are in a lose lose lose.

    —If they continue down the Pelosi path, the Cippolone letter says why ‘we aint gunna play along’. Pelosi has no means to force it because there are no legitimate enforceable subpoenas. Schiff’s Ukraine fabrication was eviscerated when PDJT released the transcript.

    —If they reverse onto the traditional route, they have no way of returning legitimate articles of impeachment because there are NO high crimes and misdemeanors.

    —If they just stop it now to cut their loses (we had an inquiry and found no nigh crimes and misdemeanors, they look like destructively partisan idiots.

    House Dems are self destructing and it will cost them the House in 2020, for sure. If AOC is over it, it is over.

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    • Greg1 says:

      Good post ristvan, thank you.

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    • DJ says:

      I do so hope you are correct, but what I fear is in someone else’s post several more down. That this is all a “look – a SQUIRREL” situation and what they are really doing is taking the experiences they had of successfully steeling votes in CA by “harvesting” and planning to roll that out on a more national basis. (Yes, I know state laws in some locations preclude the possibility in those locations, but I think this is just one tool that they are looking at using.)

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    • I really like and respect your comments Ristvan……always giving me that “slap back to reality” that I surely need from time to time! However, I think the Dems may win it in the court of public opinion if they have not already. I can’t believe there are that many dumb people who buy into their propaganda and really can’t believe the silence of the so-called Republicans in Congress. May they all rot in hell.

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      • ristvan says:

        H&HC, thanks. Dunno about the court of public opinion angle you rightly fear.

        MSM have been damaging themselves badly over this, Rally crowds continue to grow (MSP tonight is unbelievable in Omar’s district). Walkaway continues to grow and that influences social media. PDJT is a twitter troll master and that influences social media.

        My own not so well informed opinion as a non social media user is that the Pelosi/Schiff ‘peach foty fi’ move presumed old public info rules (CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo), while PDJT and team are successfully inventing new tools and rules. Tweeted 30 second embedded video campaign ads are VERY cost effective, especially when they go viral. So I am relaxed but ever vigilant.

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    • Wit's End says:

      Would you say a bit more? Can we say there is no corpus delicti?


      • ristvan says:

        Sure. You have to go back to the Constitutional convention. The Founders originally proposed ‘Maladministration’ in addition to treason and bribery. Virginia objected, because that English notion was in their state constitution and had proved too politically malleable. So they went a different formulation, ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’, explained by Hamilton in Federalist paper #75. High means that public figures should be held to a higher standard because of thenpublic trust they hold. Crimes is literal. Misdemeanors is not. It means behavior betraying the high public trust. The precedent is the first ever impeachment and conviction in 1803, a NewHampshire federal judge who appeared completely drunk on the bench.

        So in a way, yeah. Dems got no corpus delicti—No PDJT high misdemeanor.

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    • Kleen says:

      I’ve heard something different.

      The plan is to have the fake impeachment. Then they will go to an Obama swamp judge ( probably lined up already) and get that judge to grand access to grand jury material since Trump was “impeached”

      And that’s all they want!

      Access to grand jury material that’s it, that’s what this scheme is all about.

      Nothing else!

      Then they will humiliate witnesses and Trump using that info as oppo research for 2020

      There’s something in there they are dying to get it.

      Anyway, that’s what heard.


      • Kleen says:

        By the way, they already went to court to ask for grand jury material

        They are moving quickly.

        Once they get it( if) this whole impeachment charade will go away as they won’t need it anymore.


      • BitterC says:

        I am worried there is something in the grand jury info. I figure Weissman has clued them in already. If there was nothing there, he would have told them that, too


  24. Carrie says:

    I thought Maria Bartiromo said the FISA report comes out on October 18?


    • dwpender says:

      Last night on Dobbs’ program Victoria Toensing said “in the next several weeks.” The target always seems to be moving and imprecise.

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      • ezpz2 says:

        Whenever it comes out, then what?

        At best, we can hope for criminal referrals that WON’T be met with declinations to charge/indict.

        If it’s nothing more than a strongly worded expose’ of wrongdoing, followed by nothing except maybe an fbi/doj refresher course, then President Trump will need to reclaim his authority from AG Barr to declassify EVERYTHING!



    • Ordinaryman says:

      Maria said President Trump tweeted it would be released October 18th. (The story is still on the CTH blog site)

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  25. Doug, “you betcha!”

    Or in easy to understand deplorable language, “TRUMP BOOMERANG!”


  26. ChampagneReady says:

    You don’t drive a car off a cliff and hope you can fly.
    You don’t go into a ring with a bull carrying a red cape when the ring is only 35 feet square.

    There could be no more supreme proof than to show the popularity of Bill Clinton after his failed impeachment. There is a better chance of Avenatti becoming president than Trump being convicted in the senate.

    So what are the democrats going to do if they actually take that vote, MANDATING then that the democrats who are up for re-election in districts Trump won will be on record as hating Trump. They will be thrown out which will return the HOUSE to the Republicans, Trump will be reelected with his monster popularity after blowing their case to hell in the senate. Latinos will support Trump in droves, Blacks due to their raised status in every regard will abandon the democrats in huge numbers.

    The democrats will be screwed for the next 10-20 years. They will be permanant minority party in BOTH chambers. Plus, Trump will be their nightmare until 2025. Just because they had the mind stupefying reasoning that it would be a great idea to impeach Trump with a STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT PARTY LINE vote.

    Plus the Republicans will be able to use all the rule trashing procedures the democrats have set precedent for and the democrats can scream all they want much to the delight of the R’s.

    It will be the biggest blunder since the 2 things I began my post with. I just cannot believe they will take that vote.

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    • tax2much says:

      Don’t be so sure. The House turned Dem in 2018 and there are now millions more Dem voters in the country. The left has never been known for their ability to reason and to act civilly.


      • ChampagneReady says:

        Where are you getting your information? More DEMOCRATS?

        Take a look at the number of people who replied trying to attend Trump’s rally in Minnesota. Minnesota is one of the few states Trump LOST last time.

        Do you think with all all the improvements Trump has made for Blacks, empowerment zones rehabilitating crime-ridden cities that Blacks are going to turn back to the slave owner party? Hipanics are already 35-40% supporting Trump.


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        • tax2much says:

          The old red/blue election map hasn’t changed since 2000 election. The blue areas are growing in population and the red areas aren’t.

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        • Ma McGriz says:

          … not to mention recent huge court decisions that are, as we speak, removing illegal and otherwise improper voter registrations from voter rolls across the nation.

          In LA alone they will total in excess 1.5 million.

          Maybe somebody’s not paying attention.

          The democrats are done.

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      • Daniel says:

        That the house turned Dem in 2018 is the result of many things including voter fraud. Some generously say “it’s typical” but there has been ample evidence of voter fraud ( in every state and especially in Democrat controlled regions. And the criminal reports are a matter of public record. And it’s more than a little coincidental that nearly every last one of them were voting fraudulently for Democrat candidates.

        The left doesn’t win fairly or legally at all. Let’s just accept that. Forget about acting civilly. How about acting legally. They can’t and they will not and mostly because they get away with it and they know they will.

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        • ChampagneReady says:

          The key is that Trump was not on the ballot. Voters sit out midterm elections. It makes a whopping difference.

          If I’m not mistaken, almost every candidate where Trump appeared with them in their state and endorsed them, they won; sometimes vastly opposite the polls. Trump couldn’t be everywhere.

          The small turn-out typical of the non presidential year election supplied the rest of the story and gave us the sludge-packer democrat House majority. A LOT of people are regretting those votes right now. The democrats haven’t passed a damn thing to benefit their lives.


        • ezpz2 says:

          I think the main reason the Ds took the house in 2018 was because the release of the Mueller Bubkis Report was delayed until AFTER the election, leading many to think it would be the President’s undoing, even though the rats knew there was nothing in the report to further their evil course.


        • Your Tour Guide says:

          Thusly, Stacey Abrams.

          Need to have somebody that convincingly
          lie through their amply gapped teeth. Lie
          like a rug. Accuse the other side of practcing
          “voter disenfranchisement”, so they’ll look
          evil when they (rightly) accuse you of bring
          out the dead to vote.


    • snellvillebob says:

      The House has 535 members and the democrats only need half that rounded up one vote which would leave 18 people in difficult districts that Pelosi could give pardons to for voting against impeachment. More if any RINOs support it.


  27. Mike in a Truck says:

    While everyone is torqued up ( by design) over this Ukraine crap the Lunatic Communist Democrats (LCD) are scheming and plotting to steal the 2020 election. “All warfare is based on deception “.

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  28. fangdog says:

    As it is with Obama, 42% of the American voters who are the democrats do not like America. The issue is they think we are not supposed to like America too. It is not enough they live in their own misery.

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  29. DesertRain says:

    This lengthy, detailed, linked posting may be helpful in researching Burisma Holdings in a broader context than what we read from US-based journalists.


  30. VegGOP says:

    Check out Wayne Allen Root’s commentary, posted today:
    The Real Ukraine Scandal Leads to the Clinton Foundation


  31. Tseg says:

    This all feels like a JFK assassination investigation. In 50 years we’ll get to read a partly redacted version of the internal assessment.

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    • I honestly don’t understand why Trump backed down on this. I have a right to know as a US citizen who had to live through that murder while a teenager. My whole family was traumatized (we were Catholic so madly in love with Kennedy). Makes me angry that he didn’t follow through. And you are right, we will never know the full extent of this conspiracy and they use the excuse that well we would not be able to handle it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They think we believe that crap excuse. And notice how there are never any whistleblowers.


    • Rebelchick says:

      Not only does it feel that way, it is that way.
      The CIA of then amd now appear to believe it is their duty to deny the American people their right to vote for and pick the President of We the People.
      Sadly JFK lost his battle and life with the CIA/Deep State.
      What will these current Deep State Bastards do this time to ride We the People of our duly elected President?
      God bless President Trump
      God bless America!!!
      FU CIA and your Deep State Bastods


  32. GB Bari says:

    Quite possibly the article linked below is a clear window into the DemonRATs’ strategy against President Trump that we have seen in action since before he was elected, but especially almost immediately after the election and continuing on into the future. And certainly behind the impeachment investigation circus.

    It is notable that this article was just yesterday re-published in, a notoriously left wing but mainstream DemonRAT rag.

    It’s a quick read and definitely a view from the “other side of the street”.


  33. rayvandune says:

    The American Thinker links to “The toxic implications for impeachment-happy democrats”. This article in Axios ponders the situation where Democrats end up with a second-term President whom they have impeached! And my add… without a House majority!

    The article’s bottom line: “They do not seem to have thought this through.” I wonder if perhaps they actually have, and feel they have no choice, since the upcoming IG report is THAT BAD!
    Remember the tragic picture of the “Falling Man” from 9-11? I hate to be so callous as to say this, but that poor man had “thought things through” too and well understood his fate, but he could do nothing else to escape the flames.

    Could it be that the Democrats are in that exact position, politically? We will soon know.


  34. clodfobble says:

    blah, blah,blah… same old BS from the same old BSers. These Republicans seem to be completely useless when it comes to confronting the criminality of the swamp. What does that tell you?

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    • 56packardman says:

      What does it tell me? It tells me the Repugnicans are complicit in the criminality.
      Rush has quietly expressed the theory the reason so many pubbies are retiring is the ‘Rats have quietly compromised them and told them to pack up and leave or be exposed. This is COMPLETELY believable. The ‘Rats hope to exploit these vacancies to tighten their hold on the House.


  35. T2020 says:

    As Mr. Gaetz calls it: Impeachment in Drag.

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  36. kallibella says:

    Nany Pelosi will eventually come out and declare, “we have to *pass* the made up evidence (instead of a vote as per Constitution) against the president to see what is in it, that is, what may actually stick, if anything!”

    Or she may say, “you go through the gate (that is to say pretend to go by the Constitution), if it is closed (that is to say unconstitutional), you go over the fence (that is to say invent scenarios where muddying up the Constitution can cause plenty of confusion). If the fence is too high (that is to say that if it looks totally unconstitutional) do all you can to use spies/whitleblowers-that-aren’t/Pencil Neck’s chairmaship to pole-vault it all to our DNC members of the marxist media in order to parachute in the whole of the so-called articles of impeachment against this president”



  37. mike diamond says:

    Let’s start investigating,why did Obama give pallets of cash to Iran!???,why did he let the worst terrorist out of gitmo!?why in 2015,did he have a closed door meeting at the white house with the Muslim brother hood!,why did him and John kerry,not stand up for Israel at the United nations!?why did he call terriorism,work place violence!?why did he call isis,only a junior varsity team?let’s investigate all the things Obama did!

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    • Susan Bolle says:

      The House is setting new precedents which will at some point be used against them when they lose the House. ex: Harry Reid/SC ‘nuclear option’


      • Lester Smith says:

        The dems are crazy they are shooting with a bent gun. Every time they think they have Trump in their sights they shoot them selfs instead. Also Adam bugeye Schiff needs to have his eyes recalibrated.


  38. mike diamond says:

    Trump,will win again in 2020!He loves The U.S.A.and we love him!

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  39. joeknuckles says:

    The Democrats and the media, along with some crooked Republicans, are in the midst of the biggest, most coordinated disinformation campaign in the history of the world.

    Prove me wrong.

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  40. 1stgoblyn says:

    The Dims have already has tried 3 times at their ‘impeachment’ agenda and it has failed 3 times. Three strikes you’re out. Maybe if y’all knew a crime was being committed you could try again, but until then SDASU..


  41. ezgoer says:

    This Horowitz report will be another nothing burger. Please realize that IG Horowitz is a swamp sweller who wants to keep working in the swamp for many years after Trump leaves the scene. IMO Barr is stalling out the clock on Trump’s term figuring he will not be re-elected. There will never be any indictments. The system is more corrupt than we ever dreamed. Even a president can’t clean it up alone.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Horowitz, Barr, Durham…..(whatever happened to Huber?, but I digress); Democrats don’t care what they say or find or report and the media doesn’t either. Democrats probably already know what Horowitz has found and have their responses on the teleprompter. Blackmail is a bitch.


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