Giuliani and diGenova Discuss Ongoing House Impeachment Efforts…

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani and former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova appeared together on Fox News to discuss the ongoing impeachment effort by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House democrats.

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68 Responses to Giuliani and diGenova Discuss Ongoing House Impeachment Efforts…

  1. Jan says:

    This was a great segment on Laura Ingrahm tonight. The letter out of the White House was even better. Since when does any man/woman give up his/her right to due process by becoming President?

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    • S.Bishop says:

      Here is how that works. If you’re a Democrat and dishonestly ’emolument’ your entire family to the tune of $millions you simply have to announce you might run for the Presidency and it’s like being issued a combination exoneration and full pardon. However, if you are unfortunate enough to be a Republican you might as well drop trou’ and grab ankles cause you are destined to be the media’s bitch.

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  2. C says:

    I’M SPARTACUS! What clowns!

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    • Pf1289 says:

      You do know that they were mocking Cory Booker stating that he was Spartacus in a House hearing, right?

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      • GB Bari says:

        My guess is that the trolls and others who feast daily on MSM diets then come over here to drop stink bombs have no clue what a jackazz Booker made of himself in the Kavanaugh monkey trial. So Giuliani’s mocking went right over their heads.

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    • cali says:

      @C: Part me is laughing really hard about the ignorance while they puff their chests declaring to be Spartacus or like HRC declaring president Trump to be an illegitimate president.

      Then there is part of me that watches these deep state clowns and their ops in media and congress destroying not only president Trump but even more so the country – this republic.

      China and the pending trade agreement/negotiations – they are pushing hard to help impeaching the president to assure getting another democrat into the white house working for their interest.
      China uses deep pockets paying for positive media coverage while laughing behind the scene about these clowns aka politicians.
      Then there is the rest of the world watching everything coming out of this country via media and their party and must think we are a zoo and a lawless colossus. It’s shameful beyond anything I have every witnesses!

      Going back to 2017 when their purple revolution against president Trump and his voters began led by HRC/Soros/Hussein et al: Their were talking about a violent uprising if they fail to dislodge president Trump. Violent riots and chaos should be the endgame for the left and their party planned by the deep state.

      We are facing different times ahead – the left. media and party has become predictable and yet unpredictable at the same time. They will NOT stop and rather burn down the country with them if they can’t get their way. When they threaten – believe them!

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      • Pale rider says:

        Same here, you laugh at the ignorance of booker but then you think ‘this moron is in our government’ first road trip was to Hawaii?
        Does anybody wonder why these morons are ‘put’ in government? If we had an educated independent thinking congress this crap would not be present. Big money places these boobs into office to push through agendas that rape us all. Think about it, if we saw the strings that control these puppets and where they lead we would probably burn it all down. Trump is doing just that everyday now. He has seen these vultures picking at our country for years.
        I would hope that in the near future the public will greet these congress crooks with the same reception as the faithful patriots have to endure, constant harassment from the left.


        • Dutchman says:

          I figure the long term goal of the Globalists was to destroy this country, cause they knew it would stand as a major impediment to their plans for global domination by an elite.

          So, to them destroying our Republic, in an attempt to dislodge PDJT is not a defect in their plan, its an asset.

          Instead of destroying slowly, through boil the frog, they are destroying it all at once, by shredding the Constitution, and dividing the country into deplorables and despicables, and initiating CW2.

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          • jackalix says:

            “Instead of destroying slowly, through boil the frog, they are destroying it all at once, by shredding the Constitution, and dividing the country into deplorables and despicables, and initiating CW2.”

            It does seem the train has sped up some for that final destination I hope the American people have will/gumption/desire to pull the emergency brake.


            • Dutchman says:

              I’m not sure exactly what pulling the emergency brake ‘looks’ like.
              It seems like ‘pulling the lever’ in the voting booth, the despicables recognise, even with cheating, the American people are prepared to beat them there.

              So, they are rushing headlong, to try to instigate CW 2, BEFORE Nov.2020.
              That means pulling a different, much smaller lever, ….IS that going to be, inevitably what it takes?

              Is 2A the emergency brake?


              • jackalix says:

                I hope not God knows I have enough to take care of my neighbors and more in that area.The left is trying to push us to that point it’s one of SA’s rules let them go first they are very close to losing control.

                11. “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.


    • willthesuevi says:

      Huffpo is down the hall and to the left, left, left. Look for the Mao and Che paintings.


    • Amy2 says:

      Yes, Booker is.


  3. A2 says:

    Brought a big smile to my face.
    Bang, bang!

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  4. 2Alpha says:

    Best ‘Laura Show’ in months… Usually, it’s the producers limiting the guests to their 2 minutes with the insufferable Ms Ingraham interrupting and demanding she gets HER pov into the mix… Tonight we got 30 min of Joe and Rudy talking about the DRat ‘clown show’…

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    • CharterOakie says:

      Awesome. Forza Italia!

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    • Tl Howard says:

      She tried hard, though, tried hard to inject her inane comments. I have RARELY heard her interrupt a guest to inject a comment that had worth, a comment/inquiry that helped the guest be more pertinent, more concise, etc. She also has this persistent laugh that drives me crazy.


  5. mikebrezzze says:

    I thought the big take away was Rudy saying the Obama Whitehouse was running an grifting operation

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Rudy “went there.” He outright said Obama was a corrupt Chicago pol. How’s that for not letting people keep their golden idol on a pedestal?

      Actually, I think Rudy is trying to make it easier for Barr to “go there.”

      It’s just as we’ve said for a long while now: you can’t reveal the corruption at the top of all these bureaus w/out going to it’s starting point.

      Obama allowed all the pay to play schemes and I’d not be surprised if Brennan has a lot of money in offshore accounts.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Revealing DOES lead directly to the top.
        And sure, Obama was directly responsible for fast/furious, IRS/Tea party, Benghazi and other scandals during his admin.

        But, not only did he subvert the FBI/DOJ to cover up and even particpate in these crimes (illegal 702 queries on Americans, since at least 2012) he also subverted the Republicon leadership in CONgress, so THEY couldn’t truly investigate and find wrongdoing, cause it would lead right to them.

        And, thats the problem now. To truly expose and prosecute the,small group would lead to people flipping, and pointing to higher ups, which would include not only Obama, but McConnell, Ryan, McCarthy, Graham, McStain, Burr, Cornyn, Thune, and of coarse Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, etc.

        So, now Barrs problem is getting worse.
        Gravity is weighing in. The foundation for the power structure has been undermined, by too much exposure, and the edifice is starting to teeter, or perhaps has already started to fall.

        Barr, trying to shore up the foundatiin, has become as irrelevant as the Mueller investigation was, before it shut down.

        Gravity,….hell of a thing!
        Funny how falling,…
        Seems a,LOT like flying,.. .

        Right up to the end,…..SPLAT!

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  6. DesertRain says:

    Incandescent Ignoramus indeed!

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  7. littleanniefannie says:

    I just long for the day when they are on debating whether the sentences are too harsh or not!

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  8. NewOrleans says:

    Best interview on Laura’s show EVER!

    These two should appear everywhere together.

    I couldn’t keep count of the times Joe and Rudy insulted the players in this ridiculous charade. ‘Loons,’ ‘morons,’ etc. It was beautiful.

    And by the time Joe diGenova threw out the part about Pelosi trying to keep her dentures in her mouth while talking to Schiff, I was on my feet cheering!

    Bravo, Gentlemen!

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      This was classic……….These two should do more shows together…….

      Schiff……Bug Eyes…..Pelosi should keep her dentures in her mouth..
      Incandescent Ignoramus ….


      This is gonna be good…..break out the popcorn……

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  9. Quite the tag team. Italians rule!

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  10. First time I laughed watching Laura in a long time!! I just wish she would stop interrupting her guests but both of these men just kept right on talking over her!😂

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  11. FreedomLover says:

    An important take away I’ve seen in several interviews of Giuliani, and others in this administration, and the President himself directly is this focus on rooting out corruption. I always thought the trade negotiations was the major plank of “drain the swamp”. But I’m sensing that this is another major part of it also.
    It would be interesting to see Sundance’s take on this.
    I know, the previous bad trade deals were partially based on corruption. But, this seems to be another major tool that can be used.


    • Hoosier says:

      That SEG on Joe’s face when he said bang bang tells me a lot. There is hell about to rain down. The White house leakers, John Barron and John Miller are in big trouble, oh wait… it was a ruse… they artfully lured the Dims who are breathlessly sprinting in chase directly into a political punji stick trap. May the crows feast on their rotting carcasses.

      Lets hope Trump succeeds in getting them all on record voting to start an actual impeachment inquiry. It will lead to the annihilation the Dims and their media enablers.

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    • Your comment is just another sobering reminder that people are all over the place in their understanding — or lack of understanding — of just what is going on. I know my voice is weak, because people just don’t want to face how infected our world is with lawless men and women driven by their belief in false dogmas; and I know the reason for that is because EVERYONE, apparently, is relying too much on their own false dogmas, rather than good, honest reason, in the public debates and other confrontations.

      But for what it’s worth: “Drain the swamp” is ALL about rooting out corruption, not at all about “trade negotiations”. And by corruption, should be understood (quite simply) LAWLESSNESS, by those very people entrusted with enforcing and overseeing the law. I am not just flapping my mouth when I call the Democrat party, since 2008 and the election of Obama/Soetoro as President of the USA, “The Insane Left”, nor what they have since that time been doing (and the ongoing attempted coup d’etat against President Trump is just the latest demonstration of this) “The War of the Insane Left”.

      This mess is not political, essentially. It is CRIMINAL. The Democrat party is no longer a legitimate political force; it is an insane cult (of what Obama calls “transformation”, but is really revenge, with the goal of destruction) and an organized crime mob.

      To the extent that the politicians — even President Trump — are treating these confrontations as “merely” political (so they can get away, in the eyes of their base, with denying basic legal protections for their criminal targets like the President), they are NOT addressing the reality, which is the ease and extent of the lawlessness they embrace.

      Well, I don’t suppose anyone has even read this far, and admittedly it is a rant…crying out in the wilderness of delusion and avoidance behavior all around us now.

      Put it this way: One of my favorite moves these days is “Definitely Maybe” with Ryan Reynolds and Isla Fisher as somewhat star-crossed lovers. At one point, he is telling her how he is going to propose to another woman, and she objects that he should get on his knees. Of course, he refuses, and soon enough she interrupts his “proposal” with her own feminine rant — about how marriage is just a male racket to consign women to second-class citizenship, more or less — and when he objects she cuts him off with “You should have got down on your knees.”

      My point in all that: Donald Trump should have declassified everything when he said he would. (It is POLITICAL BS that he “couldn’t, because he would have been charged with obstruction”.) But I know those who believe otherwise will go on believing as they do; that is the tragedy of this time, nobody ever seems able to change their mind or admit they were wrong, about anything.

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      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Here’s a guy who admitted a few months ago
        that he had it all wrong regarding candidate Donald Trump.

        Only problem with that Ingraham Angle episode was
        that those 2 great guests were only on half the show.

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    • 17CatsInTN says:

      I’m sorry. Just exactly WHERE have you been all these years? It has ALWAYS been about corruption. Always. Every little thing. I’m not exactly jumping down your throat, but you would have to have been blind, deaf and dumb (in the physical sense) not to know that that is EXACTLY what has been going on for decades, nay centuries. Even if you paid only the slightest modicum of attention. It drives me absolutely batty how stunningly stupid, gullible and willfully ignorant people are. Ok. Rant off. Sorry you’re the recipient of my mini meltdown. I’ll send you a Snickers bar. 🙂


  12. Legion of One says:

    No wonder the Dems want to hide the accusers from questioning. They don’t want them to be asked who actually wrote the whistle-blower letter.

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      What is happening is insane and people outside the US are following closely, hell here in Canada friends and others are more interested in this impeachment bs, than our election in 12 days. There was a debate on TV the other night with the 3 bozos running, not many watched it was a bust. Just goes to show that America is in the fore front. Not one person understands what, and why this is going on.The fact that the USMCA is not passed, I pray will be another downfall for Justine.

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    • As a man thinkth says:

      The Lawfare Group wrote the Whistleblower complaint…they are on the Dems congressional staff as they were on also on Mueller staff and Comeys best friend…All roads lead to Lawfare..

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  13. Peter Rabbit says:

    Too bad there will likely never be a way to track if any, and how much of, the billions sent to Iran found their way to Obama. Or is the Netflix deal the way that 44 gets paid? Let’s put Sec. Mnuchin on that.

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  14. Connie B says:

    Why is CIA Director Gina Haspel silent about this “whistleblower” business?


  15. dwpender says:

    In the later segment of her show, involving Barr/Durham and Spygate, Laura and her guests (Jarrett and Carter) talked about the White House “wanting to know everything we are doing” (Strozk/Page texts).

    One of Page’s texts said (going from memory but substantially verbatim): “[Redacted] said ‘this is being run out of the White House, but we have emails that say otherwise.”

    Why is this individual’s name redacted? This is yet another example of the corrupt, bogus redaction process. Let’s get this name out ASAP.


  16. Shyster says:

    Finally, Someone has come to their senses in the form of Joe DIGenova! All the talking heads, pundits and even the republications have repeatedly and incorrectly called the 2 deep state spies “whistleblowers” when both legally (see Title 50 U.S.C § 3024 POTUS not included in DNI reporting) do not qualify as “whistleblowers” with in the IC for ratting out POTUS who isn’t in the IC. There needs to be concerted effort to change the narrative on this issue. It needs to become a white hat mantra that because not legally or factually “whistleblowers” there is no protection under the statutory scheme and therefore nothing more than leakers whose identities need to be revealed and who need to be prosecuted.


    • Shyster – I think you are on to something. If they don’t qualify; arrest them as leakers.

      How about Ristvan or one of the other legal Beagles to weigh in on your comment?


      • sturmudgeon says:

        I believe that there HAS been quite a bit of ‘reference’ to these so-called W.B.s actually being correctly named as “Leakers”. It is primarily the msm and dems that are continuing to call them W.B.s… they need that narrative.


  17. Herbert Kroll says:

    Has “shizzleblower” been claimed yet?


  18. chojun says:

    DiGenova: “This is going to be a bang-bang couple of weeks. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!”


  19. tommylotto says:

    Poor Joe. His cold looks terrible. I hope he didn’t infect Rudy right before his Senate appearance.


  20. wwwrobotC says:

    Rudy is a good Broadway actor. Last year a lot of people worry about him on TV.


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