President Trump Tells China Only a Full Trade Deal, No Partials – Pouting Deputy Pandas Leave Early…

For the past several weeks China has been hoping to divide the trade dispute into two tracks thereby separating trade issues related to U.S. national security.  Beijing wants, heck needs, the simple agricultural trade because they are food dependent and need that uninterrupted.  However, they are strongly opposed to a comprehensive trade reset.

Beijing wants to wait-out President Trump on the more substantive issues surrounding: intellectual property rights; forced transfer of IP and manufacturing secrets; non tariff barriers including limited access to China’s controlled markets; and state run company subsidies that lead to market dumping and saturation.

Along with avoiding legal compliance issues, China wants to carve-out the complex stuff from a simple trade agreement.

However, when asked today about the possibility of carving out a partial deal President Trump emphatically said: “NO”.  During a press conference with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, President Trump said:

“We’re looking for a complete deal, I’m not looking for a partial deal.  China has been starting to buy our agricultural product; if you noticed over the last week, and actually some very big purchases. But that’s not what I’m looking for, we’re looking for the big deal.

We’ve taken it to this level; we’re taking in billions and billions of dollars in tariffs; China has devalued their currency and they’re putting out a lot of money into their economy, and they have a very bad economy right now. And I don’t want them to have a bad economy, but it’s the worst in, they say, 57 years.

Two weeks ago it was the worst in twenty-two years, now it’s the worst in fifty-seven years and it’s only going to get worse.  Their supply chain is being broken up very badly, and companies are leaving because they can’t pay the 25% -soon to be 30%- tariff.  And we have 30% very shortly on $250 billion; we have another smaller number -as you know- on another $300 billion worth of products.

They would like to do something.  As you know we’re talking a little bit this week, talking a lot next week, and then top people are going to be speaking the week following.  But I’m not looking for a partial deal, I’m looking for a complete deal.”


In response to hearing the bad news, the deputy pandas’ cancelled a planned trip to farm country, packed up and the delegation went home early…. Sad Panda.

WASHINGTON – Chinese trade negotiators had a sudden change of plans Friday, canceling a visit to meet U.S. farmers after they wrapped up trade talks in Washington this week.

The Chinese delegation has changed its travel schedule and is headed back to China earlier than planned, according to Nicole Rolf, the Montana Farm Bureau Federation’s director of national affairs. There was no explanation as to why they were cutting their trip short, Rolf said.

Nebraska department of agriculture also said the Chinese officials called off a visit to farms in Nebraska.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue confirmed just Thursday the meetings were in the works as a way for China to build goodwill with American farmers.

The Chinese delegation, led by Vice Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs Han Jun, had planned follow-on visits to Bozeman, Montana, and Omaha, Nebraska, CNBC previously reported. (read more)

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128 Responses to President Trump Tells China Only a Full Trade Deal, No Partials – Pouting Deputy Pandas Leave Early…

  1. sundance says:

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    • USTerminator says:

      Let do 50% tariff on all Chinese products on Jan 1, 2020. Let go for the kill. The Wall Street has enough warning. They should get what they deserve. President Trump! GO, GO, GO !!!!

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      • tax2much says:

        Tariffs? How about embargo. No purchases until level playing field. There is absolutely nothing that we must have from China.

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        • bluebongo says:

          And stop trade with any country doing business in or with China.

          Let’s play ball!

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        • bertdilbert says:

          Why not bleed them slowly and savor the moment? Trump is going to have a very big number to present at the Presidential debates in tariff income.

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          • rutwood says:


            New supply chains will not materialize overnight.

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            • meow4me2 says:

              Yes, rutwood, it takes time to switch supply chains. No sense cratering on own companies by crippling their ability to bring in supplies

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              • Raven78 says:

                They were warned years ago about this very thing, but yet they did not heed the warnings. So it is at their own peril. This situation we are in did not happen over night and it will not be cleared up over night either, and yes, that means we American’s might have to pay a little more for some items. But when you look at the big, big picture we will bring back businesses to this country and employ American workers and not employ and enrich a REAL enemy of this country (China). Look at it this way, imagine, you paying the criminal down the street to rob you, China is not our friend, China will never be our friend, China is only concerned with China. And also for the record, why in the heck would any one enrich and prop up a country that in the event of a war would be holding all of the cards (supplies) we would need to fight that war when the war my very realistically e with that exact country? Answer that question and you might be able to see that a little pain now will be far out weighted by the huge gains later.

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                • meow4me2 says:

                  Raven, I agree with you that the greedy idiots deserve the pain, but I don’t want honest, hard-working Americans to lose their jobs because their corporate leaders are fools.

                  People may not mind paying more for certain items, but they will mind a lot if they lose their jobs. So we need to ease our way out of China.

                  I’m in manufacturing. It’s not my choice, but I’ve been forced to buy from China and India. I can attest it takes time to move supply chains. I’m doing my part – gee, do we want to keep buying so much from China, aren’t the tariffs going to hurt us, etc. But it takes time to find alternate suppliers and get them qualified. I’m not allowed to just buy from someone else. I have to qualify them as a vendor first. Takes awhile.

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              • Steve Herman says:

                Wholeheartedly agree with bertdilbert, bleed them slowly, don’t kill the host. Trump has said it – we are repatriating $billions taken out of our economy over the last 30 years.
                rutwood and meow are spot on that it takes time for companies to move and we don’t want to kill them in the process. Many medium sized companies can’t take that kind of hit, which prob why they are moving slowly.


            • Raven78 says:

              So to answer your question a little more direct. Nothing happens unless we begin somewhere and at some time, Right.


        • Dutchman says:

          Your suggestion would only make sense to me, if we had some expectation of ever getting a trade deal resulting in a level playing field,….AND if for some reason we had some kind of a time related motive for us to accelerate the process.

          Since there is absolutely, positively NO way that China can agree to PDJT’s demands and stick to them, and absolutely positively no way that PDJT can trust them, there can never be a ‘deal’.

          And, since we are taking in Billions in Tarifs, which could be considered “claw backs” of the $ China has stolen from us over the years, “WHATS your hurry?”

          Don’t butcher the cow for meat, so long as she is producing lots of sweet milk.
          Plenty of time to butcher her, once she dries up.

          If PDJT wanted to deal a death blow, he could at any time. Besides increasing tarifs, he could shut off their,access to Capital markets, and they are DEAD, overnite.

          But again, theres that milk,…

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          • USTerminator says:

            Even with 25% tariff, China still bleeding US $450B last year. I would go for the kill. Never let your enemy lives to fight another day. The longer it takes then China will adapt and we will lose the opportunity to slay the dragon. Let do the tariff “shock and awe”

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            • Dutchman says:

              Naw, there IS no ‘adapting’. There is a time to go for the quick kill, and a time to bleed them out slowly to weaken them first.
              Ever see a bull fight? Big 1200lb bull, the bullfighter doesnt go for the quick kill.
              First the piccadors go at them, sticking those things in there back, bleeding them out so they get weak, and drop their head. That allows the bullfighter to come in over the horns, and slide the sword, right into the heart.

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              • James Carpenter says:

                Great anology. But I confess, sympathy for the bull. China? Not so much.


                • Dutchman says:

                  Yeah, I saw one once, when I was 12. I agree in Bull, and China. And NO sympathy for those multinational companies that not only sold us out, but got so caught up in running monopolies, and shortsighted decision making, and playing craps with paper (derivatives) instead of producing and selling a good quality product.

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          • More pointedly, we’d be killing YUGE numbers of our own citizens of we drove the Chinese to withhold the Flu Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals that we massively source from them.

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            • Dutchman says:

              Yes, its insane the chemicals, and precursors we get from China. They supply them cheap, cause not only, or primarily low labor,cost, but NO environmental controls.

              India, however is the major supplier of HIV drugs, in the world. BIG pharmacuetical manufacturer, and only a SMALL problem with counterfeits, which I suspect they will deal with, “IP theft”, enforcing patent protections, etc. in order to get a trade deal.

              If you have taken Rx. medicine, that you got at your local pharmacy, it may well have been made in India, with raw chemicals it was made from, coming from China.

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          • squattybody says:

            And a lot more sweet milk available as the percentages slowly increase. We shouldn’t want to destroy China, we should only want to make money off of them. Or in another sense, getting back what politicians like Biden, Mitch, and the other globalists have given away.


        • GB Bari says:

          Disagree. There are still a large number of American jobs dependent on dealing product from China that has not yet been sourced to America or a different, acceptable nation.

          The last thing PDJT wants is putting hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work when their businesses are suddenly cut off from products.

          The President knows how much pressure he can bring; how quickly he can ramp it up, and what products he can raise tariff with minimal negative consequences.

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          • cbjoasurf says:

            Disagree. Increasing tariffs and a reduction in imports by a boom in manufacturing products normally imported from China and then stopping imports of things we can produce ourselves offsetting any costs with the tariffs much like POTUS is doing with agriculture.

            Then turn attention to the EU and force them into compliance and collaboration with the U.S utilizing the same tools (tariffs)

            $$$ talks Bull$hit walks


            • GB Bari says:

              Nice theory but I was talking about the chronology of the tactical execution.
              Manufacturing doesn’t return to the U.S. overnight, nor can all of it relocate to other countries overnight. The CCP will obstruct as many foreign companies as possible from removing their production equipment from China, and re-creating those production lines elsewhere won’t happen quickly.

              That’s why the President cannot and a WILL NOT shut off all trade with China in the near future, short of a significantly offensive action on their part.

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              • Our American fastener manufacturers were lured over there and we lost almost all of our cold heading and thread rolling capacity to the CCP. The older cutting type screw machines had to be delivered to the CCP in duplicate, and set up ready to run since no one there knew how to do that critical work. Setting up a Brown and Sharpe screw machine is a very skilled professional job. We are aging out the folks who remember how to do it. CNC is not the be all and end all of chip making, we need the older machinery back. I could go on……. Nails, threaded products, made of American steel will outperform and outlast CCP Shi* ten to one…….

                Bring the machines home, bring the old farts out of semi retirement and get it DONE…..

                God bless the USA

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              • TheWanderingStar says:

                GB Bari, I agree as well we should keep trading with China. The longer China refuses to agree to a fair deal the more time supply chains can relocate or other competitors establish new supply chains (to the USA or other countries) if China refuses to let them ex-filtrate which would set a very bad precedent for future recruiting. The longer this drags on the less competitive China becomes and the more hungry recession bound countries we become for those same supply chains. Panda not careful, Panda fall down and Pooh bear be cryin’.

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          • Bazza McKenzie says:

            Precisely. PDJT knows there will be no deal because Xi will be gone if he makes a deal which is fair to the US and PDJT is not going to settle for anything less. PDJT is managing this great power confrontation with incredible skill to give American businesses great incentive to cease their dependence on China while allowing them enough time to do so without breaking supply chains.

            Just as Reagan defeated the Soviet Union bloodlessly, PDJT is defeating China without firing a shot.

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            • grlangworth says:

              Not death by 1,000 cuts, but slow, slow death by 10,000 microscopic cuts — this gives China time to recover lost face. They must walk out their lives with a crooked gate that always reminds them we broke their knees and legs.


              • Pa Hermit says:

                Good analogy! Every time they take steps, they are reminded of what they did! No matter what they do, impediments are in place as reminders. They should soon realize those speed bumps have become brick walls! POTUS has more than 1 wall in play to construct! And he looks very competent at building those walls! Not only China, but elected officials had better step up and take notice, they world is being educated!!! My new MAGA Ride coffee cup arrived yesterday and this first cup of joe really tastes great!



        • NeroZ says:

          Your solution sounds grand on the face of it but, one must remember that there are millions of USA entrepreneurs and businesses that solely, wholly and partially depend on Chinesium imports to operate their businesses with no short term solutions (less than 18 months) to re-source the products they sell. It should also be noted that many products China produces simply cannot yet be sourced anywhere else worldwide. This will continue until supply chains shift to other countries.

          Moving a factory has many steps involved and cannot be done in a short time frame. Simple things like infrastructure; electricity, sewage, water, roads and shipping modes are all factors in moving factories. Vietnam is all jungle outside the crowded cities as are other examples of infrastructure levels not conducive to building the chain elsewhere; India, Taiwan, Singapore and any other number of suitable replacement countries are not up to snuff to support new factories, YET. Then there is the question of the workforce. Many of these replacement countries peoples have IQ’s of 70-90. Not easy to train when they cannot even read.

          If a full embargo were to take place, it would put millions of those domestic US entrepreneurs right out of business, day one. These businesses employ few to many other Americans who would be out of a job post haste.

          DJT’s plan to slowly bleed the Panda/Dragon into either submission or collapse is the way to go. To go too far on Tariffs is detrimental to the US economy and its people.

          Imho, the reason no partial deal can be made is that with every partial deal, the USA loses leverage and maximum leverage is the only thing the Chi-Comms will understand.


      • iwasthere says:

        Nah, It’s like poker when you have all the cards. Boil the frog . . . slowly.

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        • James Carpenter says:

          Xi should thank his lucky stars that Trump didn’t invite him over for a “poker night” with the boys…


        • USTerminator says:

          Since you are using poker analogy then I will comply. You have 4 cards with 4 aces and your opponent has 4 cards pending royal straight flush. There is enough money on the pot that would be effectively bankrupt your opponents and taking them of the game forever. Would you take a chance to get more of his money or go all in to take him out now and deny his opportunity to get a “hail Mary” straight flush card and beat you.

          We should be decoupling with China now and cripple her economy when we have a chance now. Tariff money while is good, on the grand skim of thing, is nothing. China will endure the tariff at great pain of Chinese and still sucking out hundreds of billion dollars out of US in term of wealth. The goal is denying China revenue from US and not on China profitability. China can and will endure loss for years as long as we keep buying from them.


    • bertdilbert says:

      Obama to America: Those jobs are not coming back.
      Trump to China: Those jobs are not coming back.

      Make that into a campaign commercial and Trump wins in a landslide. Liberals will be sploding heads all over.

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      That 1Road has become loaded with speed bumps, no? Xi better fasten that seat belt, it’s getting rather rough out there!!!


    • lfdale says:

      IMHO Trump doesn’t want a deal until the manufacturers and importers have set up shop out of China and away from the ChiComms. Removing the supply chain out of China hurts them badly and more time is needed to find places in Vietnam, S.E. Asia, India and Mexico and hopefully back into the USA. Only until then will a deal be made, if any.


  2. Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

    Good riddance to bad rubise.

    Do let to door hitcha where the good Lord splitcha

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  3. Nagothm says:

    Haven’t seen a leader in the white house in decades. I don’t think the US has seen a leader like this in well over a century if ever. Amazing to be living through this.

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  4. scrap1ron says:

    Hungry Panda and their Wall Street globalist proxies better tighten their belts.


  5. TwoLaine says:

    Yeah, we’re all on to Panda’s dirty tricks. You cannot fool us by taking the good and leaving the bad. Bad Panda.

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  6. redline says:

    No hunny for you this week, Pooh!


  7. Sqweakywheel says:

    Just issue the tariffs now. These false advances by Chicoms are just a facade to bide for more time. The are abusing our willingness to help them save “face”. Stop taking the bait – grab that band-aid and rip it off.

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    • SqueakyWheel, I’m also so ready to let China feel the pain that they have inflicted on the US People and even world wide. My thinking is that President Trump must go slowly so company’s can find new places to move their operations to. This takes years for most big Companies.

      The thing about Big Companies moving back to America is that commercial real estate is very, Very reasonable right now. The problem is we are at full employment and getting people to fill the new jobs will be tight.

      IMO President Trump will be allowing many more H1-B visas in the coming years.

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      • Top_10 says:

        I wonder what the definition of full employment actually is? In my mind I think it’s able bodied adults under 71. However, the BLS has been bamboozling us for years when they classified people who wanted to work, had been on unemployment and who had cycled out of eligibility and were now unemployed, but were not figured into official statistics. I believe that we have a massive amount more of employment capacity than pundits proclaim.
        Think about the pitch we’re being given on all the other fronts?
        Sure wages will go up, but prosperous companies are then capable of absorbing that expense as their revenues rise.
        Kinda finance 101 stuff.

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        • Pa Hermit says:

          At 69, I’m still on the work force and can compete with most of those young whipper-snappers!. I thank the Divine every day that I am in pretty fair shape and able to carry-on! What seems the most troubling to me is I can lead a horse to water, but I can’t force it to drink it! At times it gets frustrating.


      • We still have 10s of millions of people “on the sidelines” to bring back to the workforce.

        Automation and AI will be our labor multipliers.

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      • MZ, I’m thinking we need time for the poorly made Chines military arsenal to degrade and implode as well. Ships, missles, bombs, jets, etc. in addition to their infrastructure.


        • Pa Hermit says:

          What’s in the works, is what the ME has realized, It’s nice having all that neat technology and nice toys like F-35’s and all, but if you can’t support it with the parts and know how, they’re just expensive paper weights. That’s what I think China is afraid of! POTUS has just changed the rules to play by!


    • GB Bari says:

      I trust the President and his team to have run the numbers ahead of time. They know what to accept, what tariff levels bring optimum benefit versus remaking leverage etc.

      Unless China does something really rash, I don’t expect anything but measured (for maximum proportionate effect) actions by our President.

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    • jebg46 says:

      Isn’t that what just happened when President Trump said he wants the whole deal not little bits? The China folks just packed up and left because their ruse isn’t going to work. The markets have once again bounced back so it was perfect timing for “fish or cut bait”.


  8. Bob Thomas says:

    “I will fight for you, I will win for you”

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  9. zephyrbreeze says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. Trump is like Churchill.


  10. wwwrobotC says:

    Yeah right. China become an industrial super power. We become a agricultural country provide them corn pop.


  11. oldschool says:


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  12. treehouseron says:

    China may not understand. We don’t really want to do business with them. If EVERYTHING leaves China most people will be happy about it. If we cut a deal, it’s going to have to be REALLY GOOD, and not just promises either because they’ve lied to us so many times we don’t trust them.

    The supply chain is moving. The only people pissed off about it are businesses that loved making things dirt cheap in China with slave labor, the vast majority of the country doesn’t care and President Trump clearly doesn’t care if it all leaves China.

    BTW, in the press conference today, he said when China asked him to move it from the October 1st date because it’s a Chinese holiday, he said out of respect for China he would issue the tariffs EARLIER.

    Then they talked him into later. He’s so funny and brilliant, and dead on the money with all this stuff, the guy is a 1 of a kind leader and we’ll never see another like him.

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    • musicdoc2020 says:

      It’s a lot of work to move a supply chain.. but is it really different in wage costs to have China vs. Vietnam or S. Korea or some other country over there making one’s products? Other than inconvenience I just don’t think there is going to be more than a few percent difference except in certain cases.

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    • The longer China goes without a deal, the more Americans learn of Chinese theft, corruption and duplicity foisted on us by Chinese and Demo☭rat Communists.
      • Americans will be rejecting Made-in-China Brands.
      • Americans will be buying Made-in-USA to win the Trade War.
      • Americans will be rejecting Demo☭rats to save our Country.


    • Great post THR!

      You KNOW he selected October 1st to trigger the Chinese request that would let him tariff them EARLIER!


  13. A2 says:

    They may have left because they heard that the U.S. Agriculture Department’s top trade official called Chinese President Xi Jinping a “communist zealot”


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    • Dutchman says:

      Feigned outrage? It wasn’t an insult, merely factual. They make no secret of the fact they are Conmunist, and given the degree to which they have implemented Conmunism, how can they honestly be ‘offended’ by ‘zealot’; they can’t.

      They are going home because their nice, friendly Panda face ploy didn’t work. Is it that they truly don’t understand PDJT or DENIAL; that they don’t WANT to face reality of PDJT?

      To imagine them strategising back in Bejing,..”We’ll send a DELEGATION, to travel around, and meet,with American farmers, you know like we are sympathetic, and throw out big offers to them to buy, if only we can get these tariffs lifted.
      Simultaneously, we’ll pitch to Trump that we seperate AG products, from all this,OTHER stuff like fentanyl, IP, etc.
      Yeah, He’ll SURELY fall for that!”

      REALLY, are they THAT stupid, and ignorant of the nature of their opponent?


        • Dutchman says:

          Got it. But they are Xenophobic Conmunist zealots, after all! Lol

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          • Reloader says:

            It seems to me that they simply cannot believe that the “deal” that President Trump really wants is an END of CONMUNISM. And that he intends to eliminate it without a war. It’s almost as if they do not remember what happened to their neighbor, the Soviet Union.

            And President Trump will take all the time necessary, for the best outcome of American workers, American companies and allies in Asia. Just as GB Bari has explained.


            • Dutchman says:

              Yup, no hurry. He keeps saying that, and couching it in TERMS of a deal,…LOL.
              “Oh, China WANTS a ‘deal’, but their just not ready yet!”
              Like a cake or casserole in the oven.
              Funny thing is, there whole China Inc. policies, were a DIRECT result of the SEEING what happened to the USSR.

              They realised their vulnerability, and,so started this ambitious campaign to take over the World, before another Reagan came along.

              And they didn’t make it. And, they were,so mesmerised by their “Hundred Year plan”, they didn’t see their vulnerbility to PDJT’s eight year plan.

              Convinced they are the ‘middle kingdom’, and have a destiny to rule the World, they just can’t believe, can’t CONCIEVE that this,is happening
              Its like not seeing the,forest for the trees.
              Then one of the trees steps out, and EATS you!


              • Perfect post, Dutch.

                President Trump’s Eight-Year Plan that locks in for a Hundred Years.

                Chairman Xi’s ”long game” is making him CHINA’s WILEY COYOTE:

                Repost from above:
                The longer China goes without a deal, the more Americans learn of Chinese theft, corruption and duplicity foisted on us by Chinese and Demo☭rat Communists.

                • Americans will be rejecting Made-in-China Brands.
                • Americans will be buying Made-in-USA to win the Trade War.
                • Americans will be rejecting Demo☭rats to save our Country.


      • “REALLY, are they THAT stupid, and ignorant of the nature of their opponent?”
        Previous administrations have led them to believe WE….Americans…..are THAT stupid. China have gotten away with everything short of (and even that too) murder for many decades….and nobody lifts a finger to them. Until now.

        So why should they believe there will be consequences to their behaviours and actions now? They are having a hard time believing their usual BS isn’t working….and they’re long overdue for some catching up in the “how to be a good neighbor in the 21st century” dept., as do the Middle Eastern Camel Jockeys who would still be picking fleas off each other in the desert if we hadn’t helped them to their oil legacies.
        China knows THEFT is wrong amongst other things…..but apparently they are too stupid to redirect when something isn’t working.


        • Dutchman says:

          Amasing how you can substitute D.C. Swamp creatures into that, and it works perfectly.
          Is it just a coincidence that we see the,EXACT same patterns if behavior, with the Uniparty in D.C., the EU leadership, and the CCP in China?

          ALL those that are Globalists, …
          Have NO “Plan B”
          Don’t understand that “no warplan survives first contact”
          KNOW your enemy.
          NOT coincidence. Same mentality, same elitist attitude, same hubris and idiocy.


  14. BuckNutGuy says:

    I have an undergrad in Economics from one of the “Club” schools and an MBA from another. I believe absolutely in free trade. What SD has educated me on is that there is no such thing. Even USMCA is a “negotiated trade agreement”. There are still Tariffs running both ways.

    Well, if there are going to be tariffs, lets make ours the biggest.


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    • treehouseron says:

      Yup, and when you figure in things like working conditions, regulations, the God awful Paris Accord, etc. it’s not even close to free trade.

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    • zorrorides says:

      Hiya Buck Nut. “Free Trade”. Hmm, What Does It Mean, Free Trade?

      A. Is it two business owners/CEOs, in different countries, making a contract to sell and buy products and services for money and considerations without coercion, with aim of each party furthering its goals and profits?

      B. Or is ‘Free Trade” a factor of government and all who can influence government taking control a nation’s import/export and setting conditions and requirements for businesses to buy and sell?

      C. Or is “Free Trade” a group of governments and all who can influence them setting up an international body to control the finances and export/import conditions of every business in the multiplicity of member nations?

      “A” = Free Trade, right? ‘B’ and ‘C’ = Naming something as it is not, in order to fool people at the most basic level. I had Economics in a university in the heartland back in the 1970s, and they lied to me too – and I swallowed the lie too.


    • Great point, BNG.

      Our biggest economy should ENJOY the BIGGEST TARIFFS unless and until countries cut Bilateral Trade Deals.

      Looks like POTUS is beginning to shock the world with exactly that tactic.


  15. trapper says:

    Mmmmmm panda. It’s what’s for dinner.

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  16. Sharpshorts says:

    What PDT said serves America in many more ways besides trade with China.

    Wait for it, in three – two – one:
    — Anti MAGA politicians get more of what they want :
    they will rant & rave against Trump because he’s being an orange meanie again…
    — I also gives the fake news business what they want :
    it feeds them another reality they can try to warp into their own non-reality reality…

    Do you doubt both of those entities (really the same entities) won’t jump into the same trap they always fall into?
    Meanwhile, America is still winning huge.


  17. StanH says:

    We need to use the same crap with Wall Street they used on the American people from GATT, WTO through NAFTA. “It’ll be good for you and create 10s of zillions jobs.”

    Get’em President Trump!! Free America applauds you sir.


  18. Mike in a Truck says:

    PDJT dosnt need my advice on what to do. I think that the real ending is what has been stated here before- No Deal! No Sale! No washy washy .05 cents!

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    • treehouseron says:

      How can we even DO a deal with them since we can’t trust them to hold up their end? They already lied about it multiple times.

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      • Dutchman says:

        And the SAME argument “how can we do a deal with welchers” (basically what your asking) applies every bit as much to EU.

        HOW many U.S.Potus’s have gone to NATO, or sent their representative, demanding the,EU countries live up to their NATO commitments, and had them promise they would, only to renegg?

        Germany directly committed to DJT, and then renegged. So, if your statement applies to China, it applies at LEAST as much to EU.

        We can NOT execute a trade deal with the,EU; put simply, wexall know what audis and bmw’s and mercedes look like, cause they are everywhere.
        There are,NO German farmers driving Ford pick ups. Nor French or Italian markets.
        The,EU will no more agree to truly open their markets, and stick to any commitments, than they will to meeting and maintaining their article 5 commitments.

        NATO is a CONTRACT. They have repeatedly BREACHED the contract.
        Why in the HELL would we enter into a NEW contract with them?

        And, just like China, the EU can’t agree to a free, fair reciprocal trade deal with the U.S.

        IT would bring down their whole system, just like with China.

        Liked by 7 people

  19. dustahl says:

    Its possible Trump does not want any deal with China but does want bigger and bigger tariffs until that bubble pops. Get a little of the money back that China took with unfair practices from the U.S.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Hissy Panda

    “Much to learn you still have…my old pandawan. This is just the beginning!”

    Liked by 1 person

  21. ristvan says:

    Leaving early was a negotiating signaling gambit, but not a wise one.

    China has to import food, period. If not soybeans from US, then from Brazil and Argentina. But then those country’s other customers have to turn to the US, because those 3 are about 80% of global soybean production. On pork, China has only the US. So a farm goodwill gesture by China is mostly meaningless. And ag is already an implicitly agreed ‘carve out’ cause China has no choice, and it is good for our farmers.

    China not happy with the one big deal or no deal US stance? Tough. Take it or leave it.
    Been in big deal negotiations before. If you split out the easy stuff, get that done with a deal ‘promise’ to then do the hard stuff, the hard stuff NEVER gets done. The easy stuff IS the only hard stuff incentive. Master Art of the Deal PDJT and trade team know this all too well.

    PDJT is just making the ‘obvious’ clear to those who have not negotiated deals. Like China.

    Liked by 15 people

    • “… and like any run-of-the-mill Politician.” Who negotiates on behalf of his country, having never negotiated anything whatsoever for himself. Here, the Panda/Dragon is up against a man who wrote not one but several fine books on the subject. Unhappy Panda.

      Liked by 2 people

  22. A2 says:

    I thought I’d give Dailou Hu an edit.
    Hu Xijin 胡锡进
    Sep 10
    China [US] is very restrained on trade war and on other issues. I actually think there are many fervent racists and imperialists in the current [PRC] administration. They are undermining world peace, bringing great uncertainty to the 21st century.


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  23. Other than the $18 billion that was to go to the farmers to make up for China not buying soybeans does anyone know where all this tariff money is or has gone? Building the wall? Paying down the national debt? Our vets? I keep hearing we are taking in billions and billions of dollars, I’m just wondering where it’s going.


  24. Ornus says:

    In order to have tariff free trade, you would need to trade with a country just like ours and there isn’t one!

    Liked by 2 people

    • sickconservative says:

      Simple isn’t it, they will try to hold out till it becomes apparent that our President is going to win with coattails.
      Never stop the fight as we really have most of the world against us.

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  25. Baby Hurley says:

    I’m going to give you to the count of ten, to get your ugly, yella, no-good keister off my property before I pump your guts full of lead!
    1… 2…10 !!!

    Liked by 2 people

  26. MIKE says:

    China; We’re going big or you’re going home. Best of ruck,
    President Donald J. Trump
    CEO and Commander-in-Chief
    United States of America


  27. scrap1ron says:

    The Chicoms can’t produce enough food to feed themselves. Devaluing their currency means it costs them more to buy the food they require. Ain’t that a shame. Hungry Panda can eat circuit boards for all I care.


  28. A2 says:

    Xi probably recalled them because they might have defected after seeing the ranches in Montana and the farms in Nebraska.


    Liked by 5 people

  29. Trent Telenko says:

    An acquaintance of mine researching Chinese rural areas for a project of his didn’t find evidence of ANY industrial farming there.

    His comment was “If there was any, it was all small farm hand and Bullock stuff.”

    Additionally, for reasons best known the the CCP, Chinese animal husbandry does not do industrialized CAFOs or Confined Animal Feeding Operations for hogs either. This seems to be one of the reasons the Chinese bought Smithfield foods.


    “2013 purchase by Shuanghui Group
    On May 29, 2013, WH Group, then known as Shuanghui Group or Shineway Group, the largest meat producer in China, announced the purchase of Smithfield Foods for $4.72 billion,[32] a sale first suggested in 2009.[33] At the time of the deal, China was one of the US’s largest pork importers, although it had 475 million pigs of its own, roughly 60 percent of the global total.[34] According to Lynn Waltz, the Chinese ate 85.3 pounds of pork per person in 2012, compared to 59.3 in the US.[35]

    Shuanghui said it would list Smithfield on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange after completing the takeover.[36] On September 6, 2013, the US government approved Shuanghui International Holding’s purchase of Smithfield Food, Inc. The deal was valued at approximately $7.1 billion, which included debt. It was the largest stock acquisition by a Chinese company of an American company.[11][37][38] The deal included Smithfield’s 146,000 acres of land, which made WH Group one of the largest overseas owners of American farmland.[12][a]

    For decades Smithfield had run its acquisitions as independent operating companies, but in 2015 it set up the “One Smithfield” initiative to unify them; Circle Four Farms in Milford, Utah, for example, became Smithfield Hog Production-Rocky Mountain Region.[39][40] Ken Sullivan said in 2017 that he saw the company’s future as a “consumer-packaged goods business”.[40]

    Mergers and acquisitions (2016–)
    In 2016 Smithfield purchased the Californian pork processor Clougherty Packing PLC for $145 million, along with its Farmer John and Saag’s Specialty Meats brands. Smithfield also acquired PFFJ (Pigs for Farmer John) LLC and three of its farms from Hormel Foods Corporation.[5][41][42] In August 2017 Smithfield acquired Pini Polska, Hamburger Pini, and Royal Chicken of Poland,[43] and in September that year it announced that it would purchase two Romanian packaged-meat suppliers, Elit and Vericom.[44] In 2019 it acquired Maier Com in Romania.[45]”

    Hog farming in China has the feel of American Dairy farming in that there are probably the same sort of Chinese government barriers to entry for new Chinese hog farmers the way there are for new American Dairy farmers due to the government subsidy structure.

    That is, there are a limited number of government subsidy tokens and ownership of those licences/tokens/grandfathered in access to the government tit limits the total number of producers.

    The difference in China is their regulatory system does not have an independent judiciary & legal system outside the CCP to force compliance with health laws, rules and regulations.

    See also for Confined Animal Feeding Operations:

    Liked by 2 people

  30. 13wasylyna says:

    Mr recommendation: Tell China that nothing shipped from their country arriving in US via boat, plane, camel etc will be allowed to pass unless it is rigorously monitored. The special deal that allows China to ship basically free while US citizens pay full freight. Ask any ebayer how unfair the advantage is in favor of China – the USPS is in bed with China and American ebayers are disenfancised.

    Also China is knowingly shipping the base compounds to make synthetic marijuana as well as Fentanyl and all of their shipments should be opened and confiscated


  31. MicD says:

    I think POTUS just canceled Ayatollah’s credit card :p

    Liked by 1 person

  32. nobodyspecial1958 says:

    A friend of a friend was telling my friend recently that he had travelled a lot to China for years but that his company was shifting production to Vietnam and that his China trips had almost completely ended, not stopped altogether but almost.


  33. nobodyspecial1958 says:

    A friend of a friend was telling my friend recently that he had travelled a lot to China for years but that his company was shifting production to Vietnam and that his China trips had almost completely ended, not stopped altogether but almost.


  34. jjs says:

    Go home and take your cheap communist Chine’s stuff with you.


  35. Bruno says:

    Couple points:

    1) Prior to initial tarriffs, Commerce already decided what products would be in 3 tranches, with the first of those taxed being the most easily replaced elsewhere –China could suck up the price if they wanted to maintain market share or we’re easily getting our brooms somewhere else. Similar but harder logic on 2nd and 3rd tranches (also recognizing the 3rd tranches takes longest to move). So once all three tranches at 30%, start again with increases on the first tranche, letting all see the pattern that’s coming giving even more incentives and urgency (but also a bit more time) for third tranche companies to move out. If then US corps too stupid to see what’s up, sorry not sorry.

    2) Debating whether I would prefer the additional 10% middle-class tax cut proposed for after election, or creating incentive glidepath so that companies leaving China return to USA, and secondarily to Mexico and Central America to lessen immigration pressure. Or hell, do both,

    Just thinking out loud. (p.s no deal at all without ending Fentany,l and getting all verification procedures and penalties that Lightheizer demands,)


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