D’Oh Canada – Justin From Canada Wore Blackface While Teaching Young ‘Peoplekind’ During Cultural Appropriation Party…

Oh, the modern hypocrisy is almost as funny as the historic event. Photographs have surfaced of Justin Trudeau in 2001 wearing “brownface” (apparently a less troublesome modification of ‘blackface’) during a school party when he was a teacher at the West Point Grey Academy.  [*Update* Justin give press conference below]

Justins’ über-leftist and politically-correct media support groups are now twisting themselves into pretzels while defending his cultural appropriation…. too funny.

(TIME) Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, wore brownface makeup to a party at the private school where he was teaching in the spring of 2001. TIME has obtained a photograph of the incident.

The photograph has not been previously reported. The picture was taken at an “Arabian Nights”-themed gala. It shows Trudeau, then the 29-year-old son of the late former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, wearing a turban and robes with his face, neck and hands completely darkened. The photograph appears in the 2000-2001 yearbook of West Point Grey Academy, a private day school where Trudeau was a teacher.

Earlier this month, TIME obtained a copy of the yearbook, The View, with the photograph of Trudeau in brownface from Vancouver businessman Michael Adamson, who was part of the West Point Grey Academy community. Adamson was not at the party, which was attended by school faculty, administrators and parents of students. He said that he first saw the photograph in July and felt it should be made public.

On Wednesday, Zita Astravas, the media relations lead of the Liberal Party of Canada, which Trudeau is the leader of, confirmed that the Prime Minister was in the photo. “It was a photo taken while he was teaching in Vancouver, at the school’s annual dinner which had a costume theme of ‘Arabian Nights.’

He attended with friends and colleagues dressed as a character from Aladdin,” said Astravas. Trudeau is planning on addressing the photograph to the media later this evening, according to the Astravas. The prime minister’s official director of communications did not return multiple calls. (read more)


Justin Trudeau responds while on the campaign trail (prompted, just hit play):



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197 Responses to D’Oh Canada – Justin From Canada Wore Blackface While Teaching Young ‘Peoplekind’ During Cultural Appropriation Party…

  1. Swanzinator says:

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  2. TrustyHaste says:

    I’ll admit that I am enjoying this, BUT… this :racism here, there and everywhere” really has to stop. I am torn. I can’t stand Justin from Canada, but this is not right either. He should lose his position but NOT FOR THIS, but for his actual incompetence and corruption.

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    • Stickboy says:

      “He should lose his position but NOT FOR THIS, but for his actual incompetence and corruption.”


      If it means getting another globalist out of power, then “THIS” will do just fine. As opposed to the asshole getting re-elected due to the over-abundance of idiot liberals, and then having him beat corruption scandals as he has done already.

      Conservatives need to learn how the game is played……..maybe then they’ll stop getting played so much themselves.

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      • CountryDoc says:

        Nah, not by stooping to say something we really don’t believe. The Republic depends on We the People being people of wisdom and virtue. We want to set the standard to lead other so aspire to that, contribute to the prorogation of the chaos the left sows.

        “No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffusd and Virtue is preservd. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauchd in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.” –Samuel Adams

        “We have seen the enemy, and he is us” – – Pogo

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    • Dekester says:

      No Trusty, this is war.

      Truedope hates the likes of me, my friends and family. We are in Law Enforcement, or are in Law Enforcement, or are gainfully employed, own businesses, own property, guns and like trucks. All were born here or legally emigrated.

      He is a sanctimonious, scumbag of the highest order. Who panders to anyone or anything.

      Did I say this was war..I despise anyone who votes Liberal, or Democrat. They lie.

      Communist, or Socialist I am okay with. The are being truthful.

      God bless PDJT

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      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        You got it!

        Think you will enjoy this if you’ve not seen it before.

        American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character


        • The woman that introduced the author is a member of the council on foreign relations?

          Nothing good comes from the council on foreign relations, in fact, that crap “think tank” is literally behind some of the destruction of our society and national character.

          I wonder if they have lower level “useful idiots” like the freemasons… hmm…

          It’s confusing, for sure.

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      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        Of course the same thing was done to Canada.


      • I concur, as democrat at this point is synonymous with dumb@ss. I also like all the things in your post and though not in law enforcement am a very helpful guy to law enforcement.
        Two killers in for 30 plus as I chased them until the guys caught up to me.

        I could have popped both of them with my .40 Walther, but it isn’t worth the hassle that would ensue, so I just put the tail on them. It literally wore dispatch out, the poor lady! She told me at least 50 times to discontinue my “chase”… Nope, can’t do that. Two of my best cop buddies were there and were super appreciative. We can’t let killers roam our streets. Both were drug-related murders.

        But, communist/socialist may be acting in truthful manners to themselves but both are actually fronts for fascism, so I’m not okay with them!

        They too, are dumb@sses.

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    • Garavaglia says:

      The issue is the hypocrisy.

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    • rjcylon says:

      I don’t care if HE loses his position. He’s a cookie cutter politician. He’s irrelevant.

      What I want to see is identity politics go away. And his side created those tactics. Live by the sword, die by the sword etc.

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    • Kaco says:

      What is the Alinsky thing? Make them live up to their own rules.

      We have to make sure WE don’t abide by their own rules, we DON’T. We are sick to death of political correctness and people not having a historical perspective.

      I don’t see anything wrong with what he did, it was a costume playing a character.

      We should never play by their rules, but we can torture them with their rules when they break them.

      No, this should NOT set a precedent for ourselves (and I mean by our politicians).

      Tucker said this tonight, referencing the Lord’s Prayer. Forgive those who trespass as we forgive those who trespass against us. Trudeau is unforgiving so he can choke on his trespass.

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      • Raptors2020 says:

        Alinsky Rule 4 is make the enemy live by his own rules.

        Saul Alinsky was smart enough not to say the Left must live by its own rules. Saul surely knew from experience that the Left attracts really sleazy people, like Al Franken, who can’t possibly live by moral guidelines, and the modern Left is now questioning if Franken was treated unfairly; asking him to live by the moral standards of a Conservative.

        As Eric Hoffer points out, all True Believers are permitted, even encouraged, to lie to advance their cause (taqiyya?). Any movement where lying is not a sin, but a fundamental tactic is not going to operate by the rules and customs of conventional society.


    • helix35 says:

      You must make these leftist degenerates live by their own rules–that’s the only way to fight them. Accordingly, Trudeau is a racist and must be impeached.

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    • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

      “He should lose his position but NOT FOR THIS, but for his actual incompetence and corruption”.

      Live by the sword, die by the sword. Foisted by his own petard. These hypocritical twats need to be held to account for the “society” they’re insisting we ALL need to adjust to.

      Did you hear his last statement? “We’re going to work harder to create a society where racism is erased……” or something to that effect.

      So they’ve implemented “thought crimes” in the UK and “speech crimes” in Canada. What’s the next logical step…..Caucasian criminality…..erase white people entirely?

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    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      They created these stupid rules. They need to live by them. They and their state-controlled media would force any conservative in power to resign for this.

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  3. Jim Smith says:

    I have never worn blackface.
    But I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!

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  4. Jon Prichard says:

    Well the blackface is one thing. What about how he’s basically sexually assaulting the woman in front of him. Or is that one of his students? What is he doing there exactly, choking her?

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    • Annie says:

      Yessssss…I just left a comment about that..his hand is on her chest..is she a student..?? this MUST be investigated!!!!!! LOL!! let’s see if any “journalist” brings that up..highly doubtful!!!


      • jimboct says:

        Maybe he signed her yearbook. Damn it’s the Roy Moore of Canada. Whodathunk. I’m not Canadian so I don’t care if he stays or goes. What I want is for our “unbiased” media to treat him the same way as they would a conservative.


  5. Deplorable Canuck says:

    The idiocy of this PM never stops. I fully expect more to co me out. He is the Ed Buck of Canada!

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  6. Shrike says:

    A long time ago at the Stratford Festival, they were doing Othello. They had imported a well-known black actor (can’t remember the name) for the lead role, only he fell ill shortly into its run and couldn’t perform anymore, The understudy had to finish the run of the play wearing blackface. No one complained.


    • sunnyflower5 says:

      It’s not so much that the dramatic politician wore blackface — it’s that he sells himself as morally superior and spreads PC propaganda in everything he touches. He wouldn’t be forgiving had anyone else done that.

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  7. The Devilbat says:

    I think he looks better black.

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  8. dogsmaw says:


    • Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

      What a pantload. “People are suffering in silence. Please reach out to them and let them know they are loved”.

      What a crock. The only people suffering in silence are those who’ve been living in a modern society where racism is a thing of the past, it’s not a part of their vocabulary, thought or deeds, but who’ve been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion for a crime that doesn’t exist. Blow it out your turban Singh.

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  9. rjcylon says:

    Later Justin, normally I’d say you did something that at the time you didn’t think was wrong, otherwise you wouldn’t have done it. People make unintentional mistakes.

    …..but you’re a cultural marxist who uses terms like “peoplekind” and it would be a disservice to the progressive cause you champion to not hold you to the exact same standards you hold everyone else to. Therefore I hope your political career goes down the drain and you spend the rest of your life living off food stamps provided by the labor of your worker comrades.

    Consider yourself canceled.

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    • Kaco says:

      The thing is, I still don’t think it is wrong, it is a costume at a party. To think otherwise, is all about political correctness and controlled behavior by way of Marxist thinking. The Left has trained people of different ethnic groups to think it is offensive.

      Remember when kids used to play Cowboys and Indians? Was there something wrong with it at the time? Or should it stay a normal play behavior?


      • rjcylon says:

        Cowboys and Indians can never be normal play behavior ever again. That’s the entire point.

        The cultural marxists have taken us to the point where we can’t even call each other male or female anymore.

        So when they do something that is the very thing they are trying to hold over every one else, it needs to be shoved down their throat until they disappear from the public discourse forever. Maybe, when they realize they are being held to the same standard, they will leave the rest of us alone in peace.


      • Raptors2020 says:

        Justin just announced it wasn’t him. He wore his Klan hood that night.

        Getting black, sorry brownface makeup off, is just too much work.


  10. GB Bari says:

    I’m all out of popcorn. Need to re-stock.
    Finding raving hypocrisy among the modern Left in western societies is so easy because of the target-rich environment.

    I know I’m older and a bit smarter than I was 20 years ago, but I swear, in the same timeframe the Left has gotten significantly dumber and painfully oblivious to their overflowing hubris.

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  11. listingstarboard says:

    What the hell is the difference between “Brownface” and “Blackface”

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  12. Pigletrios says:

    I’m stunned…just stunned I tell you! Who kne this mattered so far north!


  13. FPCHmom says:

    I though this was funny –

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  14. MD says:

    The main thing to keep in mind is that the liberals playbook is getting used on them now and they don’t like it.
    They call everyone racist and lots of stuff like this turns up about them
    Hollywood / entertainment people are seeing their careers destroyed (snl guy was fired) over past performances
    Their media are now getting done to them what media matters has been doing to conservatives for years
    They start the “me too” movement and ended up getting the worst of it.
    I wonder if they will ever figure out the old adage “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!”


  15. US says:

    This is less damaging that his Mom Margaret Trudeau having sex with a Rolling Stone in a canoe on the lake of Central Park. My own progeny argue I am racist because some of my best friends are Blacks or Jews. Go figure.


  16. gda53 says:

    Memo to all Conservative candidates and staff:

    DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS STORY (at this time)!!!

    Email received just a short while ago


  17. rjcylon says:


    Looks like they found another picture, this time from a high school talent show. Justin, are you sure you weren’t meant to be Virginian democrat?

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  18. noswamp says:

    A month before the October elections? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Notice how weak he now looks as he grovels before Canadian voters!!! WOW.


  19. Annie says:

    have not had time to read all the comments..but..am I the only one who has noticed/commented that his …….hand…is on her CHEST!!!!! was she a student???????

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  20. Kerry_On says:

    I am of two minds on this. Firstly it is an absolute DELIGHT to see this hypocritical, virtue signalling poser hoisted by his own petard. This is further exacerbated by his being “handsy” with the female guest. Were he a Conservative, I am confident the Liberal media would term this “groping”.

    On the other hand, I know we (being thoughtful, freedom-loving Conservatives) should not validate this self-righteous indignation of Far Left politics by pretending to believe it is actually a racially-motivated offence. We need to RID society of this politicised faux-indignation. It is utter nonsense.
    The reality is, we (adults) have ALL been to similar parties and they were FUN! They were not malicious or demeaning, they were fun. All races participated and no one took offence. In those days, no one was on the payroll of the perpetually aggrieved mob.

    But, what-to-do, what-to-do? Since this whole racial/cultural/ethnic grievance nonsense is entirely a creation of the Far Left, the only way it will die off is if THEY are the ones to kill it. When it begins to cost them elections (read: POWER), I suspect they will wiggle, squirm and turn themselves into enough pretzel shapes to be able to admit that, maybe it IS actually harmless fun. Alternatively, the discussion could further antagonise the already inflamed tensions between the various cults among the Far Left ethno-fascists and cause them to split into so many offended factions that they are no longer functional as a political/cultural movement. They can continue to rip each other to shreds and dine on the remains (as cannibalism now seems to be their culinary preference) while the rest of us can return to dressing however we choose and having fun again without the need to feign offence.

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  21. Doug Amos says:

    Coincidentally, Canadian Muslims everywhere have congratulated Justine on her quick and sincere apology and wish that many more would do the same. Translation; they will soon be receiving a nice fat reparations cheque from the Canadian government for the heartache and grief they were forced to endure.


  22. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Everyone knows the pious rulers don’t truly believe in their own pablum….and they also know, WE know they don’t. That’s painfully apparent in the preplanned canned talking points. It’s impossible to walk this sh*t back when you’ve stepped in it and its all over the bottom on your shoe.

    Whatever will they do when AI progresses to the point where “thought bubbles” are a thing?


  23. 6x47 says:

    I notice all the left-leaning news outlets are referring to Trudeau’s costume makeup as “brown face” rather than “black face” – because he was wearing a turban. Anything to avoid the dreaded “blackface” pronouncement. “He wasn’t mocking negroes, he was honoring India!”


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  24. MfM says:

    It’s up to three now! I never, ever thought blackface was OK at anytime (or Nazi getup). What is interesting is that these were surely known before now. They didn’t just get found, someone really has it out for Justin.

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    • Exurban says:

      That’s three blackface stories in 12 hours. In an old James Bond movie Goldfinger says, “Mr. Bond, once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.” IMO this co-ordinated campaign is coming from disgruntled Liberals inside the federal party. Their motivation is 1. They’ve been cut out of the action by the Trudeau/Butts operation 2. They’re alarmed by the radical greenness and wokeness of the Justin Show.

      I don’t believe this is the work of the current Conservative campaign because that is a listless globalist Mitt Romney-like operation that doesn’t have the chops to arrange this.


  25. tozerbgood8315 says:


    • MfM says:

      If Justin was in a Jewish house of worship, then it’s 100% appropriate for him wearing a Kippah. It’s a sign of respect, especially in the more conservative branches. So that one I’d give him a pass on… even if he ‘liked’ it.


    • johnnyfandango says:

      So basically all Justin from Canada is, is a prop. I’d like to see him groveling more, can’t he take a page from Beto’s book of Groveling?


  26. tozerbgood8315 says:

    So wait… does this mean that if a black person painted his face white, that would be racist?
    Or does the magic only work for white dudes?


  27. 13wasylyna says:

    So let me get this straight…white canadian lunatics with a sock fetish are exempt from calls of racism if they black up.


  28. An says:

    I wish I had more photoshop skills. I think someone could make him into a perfect Twoface impression, possibly with some of his own quotes, using these images.


  29. James F says:

    Is that a bra with a feather?


  30. NotAgain says:

    I found the hand over her neck or chest more disturbing. What’s that about?


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