President Trump Delays China Tariff Increase Until October 15th….

Amid new reports of U.S. companies initiating a rapid exodus from China, President Trump has announced the delay of the next round of tariff increases on Chinese goods from October 1st to October 15th.

U.S. Company Survey – More than a quarter of the respondents – or 26.5% – said that in the past year, they have redirected investments originally planned for China to other regions. That’s an increase of 6.9 percentage points from last year, the AmCham report said, noting that technology, hardware, software and services industries had the highest level of changes in investment destination (read more)

President Trump apparently senses the diminishing position of Chairman Xi.  The status quo, U.S. disinvestment, has put Beijing into a weakening position.  As the president noted today during remarks from the oval office, Xi’s belt-and-road (aka ‘bribe and loan’) supply chain program is collapsing.

President Trump: “We’re doing very well with China. And you probably saw the numbers that have come out and come out — some of them coming out just today. But China is — their supply chain is breaking up. The supply chain of China, which was this unbreakable, powerful tool that they had, is breaking up like a toy because companies are moving out. And China wants to make a deal.”

We’ll see what happens. We have to make the right deal for this country. China has been taking out hundreds of billions of dollars a year out of our country.

And, you know, I read — I read papers like the Wall Street Journal. They don’t have a clue. They haven’t got a clue. They don’t make any excuses for the fact that China has been literally ripping off the United States in the worst manner for so many years.

Five hundred billion dollars pouring out of the United States. And I hear people — I don’t even know. Do these people have any education on anything? It’s common sense maybe more than anything else.

[…] By the way, China is having the worst year they’ve had now in 57 years, okay? Fifty-seven. It was 27. It was 22 and then 27. It’s 57 years. This is the worst year they’ve had. And it’s only going to get worse. So I think they want to make a deal too. We’re dealing with them, but I think they want to make a deal.

As you know, they’re coming in sometime in early October. And we’re speaking to them constantly. And they also — they made a couple of moves last night that were pretty good. You saw that, right? They were pretty good.

Q Which moves do you mean, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: They were pretty respectful to our people. You’re going to see it, because you were one of the people that reported it. You — your group.

But China is — China is — about to having to do with tariffs, Jeff. Having to do — you saw what they did.

Q With purchases?

THE PRESIDENT: They took tariffs off certain things. A lot of things.

Q And you’re happy about that?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think they did the right thing. I think it was good for them. But they took them off. Yeah, I think it was a gesture, okay? But it was a big move. People were shocked. I wasn’t shocked. But I deal with them, and I know them and I like them. And I hope we can do something. (link to comments)

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61 Responses to President Trump Delays China Tariff Increase Until October 15th….

  1. SwampRatTerrier says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!

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  2. USTerminator says:

    Never have mercy when your enemy is down. China would never relent.

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    • GB Bari says:

      A two week delay is good diplomacy. Pres. Trump is obviously showing Xi some deference since Xi removed tariffs on some imports from the U.S.

      PDJT probably wants to show Xi the positive results for China of making moves that are good for the U.S.

      Now, IMO, a two week delay in return for China’s removing tariffs seems like an awfully small return favor on our part, but we really cannot criticize since it’s a sure thing that we do not yet know all of the details behind the moves that have been announced.

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    • Sofa King says:

      No mercy.

      “Finish him!”

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      • Raptors2020 says:

        We don’t want to finish them. We want them to buy from us. Lots of stuff. We need good customers, not bad enemies.

        And going slow on the tariffs is to help our companies, not theirs. A delay on the tariffs for the companies that are wisely coming home. It takes time.

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    • Arrest Soros says:

      There are talks scheduled for EARLY October.
      If tariffs were raised on October 1, then you’ve fired your shot.
      Delaying tariffs until October 15 means USA negotiators still have a shot in the chamber DURING NEGOTIATIONS.
      Subtle but important.

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      • USTerminator says:

        Anyone expects a trade deal before 2020 election is a fool. China will not sign any deal that stop IP thief and technology transfer. This is how China tools to catch up and pass Western and US. President Trump and companies are not about to give this up since this is the main US objective. If President Trump just wants the trade balance then China would have given him that long ago. This is NOT a trade issue alone. This is China containment not just for the next few years but for generations to come. Thus there is no trade deal ever with China because neither side will give up their main objective.


    • Or alternately, when you got ’em by the b*lls, you gotta squeeze. Xi better do some mea culpas fast.


  3. Tiffthis says:

    It’s like VSGPDJT is better at wearing the panda 🐼 mask than Xi – he done flipped the script 💯🤣🤣❤️

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  4. MaineCoon says:

    “People were shocked. I wasn’t shocked.”

    When I watched the above-transcripted video in the vape article, the above words by President Trump were very interesting due to the change in his countenance (his eyes) when he said them. Worth watching the vid to see it. The written transcript doesn’t do it justice.

    Oh,….happy Birthday, China (NOT).

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  5. MicD says:

    Sundance, how is it that you have not been banned from twitter ???
    You must have a “Special Handler” over there – for the last SEVEN YEARS?
    Just asking, because we’d like to know..


  6. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    I wonder how many of the common people in China are actually celebrating 70 years of communism?

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  7. ristvan says:

    Pure Art of the Deal. OK, you guys are coming here to negotiate in early October. Lets see what you bring to the table. I will be benevolent until then….so?

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  8. Justah says:

    China is on the ropes – I pulled money out in December. China is tied to the EU, particularly Germany, which has a sinking Economy. I’ll be pulling all investments out of EU/Germany next week, at least what little I still have there.

    They will jockey around with this for several months …. I do not expect the US Team to fold.
    Danger Zone for investors is probably early next summer. China has to be wondering at this point – “ What if we are wrong and Trump gets elected again?” I’m confident he will.

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  9. MD says:

    A two week delay will give China just enough time to do something to piss him off, then when the tariffs are put in place on the 15th they’ll be doubled. That is unless China has wised up and realizes their going to lose, which I doubt.

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  10. Searkreb says:

    Anyone have a list of items that China removed tariffs on?


    • JustScott says:

      A few things they desperately need, like animal feed, pharmaceuticals and lubricants.


    • LBB says:

      LIST 1:

      1. Other shrimp and prawn seedlings.

      2. Aster meal and pellets.

      3. Other purpura (except coarse powder and pellets).

      4. Fish meal for feed.

      5. Lubricating oil.

      6. Grease.

      7. Ring line, insecticidal ring, insecticidal nail, polythiane, etc. (including methylthiophosphorus, buprofezin, aspartate, indoxacarb).

      8. Decitabine, fluorouridine, cyclophosphamide, gefitinib, capecitabine, raltitrexed, fludarabine phosphate, fluoride, cytarabine hydrochloride, gemcitabine hydrochloride, ectinib hydrochloride, ifosfamide.

      9. Nonionic Organic Surfactant.

      10. Mineral oil <70% lubricant.

      11. Lubricants containing no petroleum or oils from bituminous minerals.

      12. Medical linear accelerator.

      LIST 2:

      1. Whey for feed (2%-7% by weight protein, 76%-88% lactose).

      2. Release agent (oil by weight and oil extracted from bitumen ≥70%).

      3. Isoparaffin solvent (early boiling point 225 ° C, flash point 92 ° C, density 0.79 g / cm3, viscosity 3.57mm2/s).

      4. Lubricating base oil (product viscosity at 100 degrees Celsius).

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  11. 335blues says:

    The world is at a pivotal point.
    The opportunity exists to break down the economy of communist china.
    I believe the world must seize the opportunity
    to break the grip of the CCP, and this can be accomplished by breaking down their economy. We are on the correct path, and we must not turn back.
    I hope the CCP, in their arrogance, refuses any deal. This will lead to their downfall.
    The world will be far better without the CCP.

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  12. JustScott says:

    For the life of me, I do not understand how ANY competent not-China company would let a Chinese company produce their Printed Wire Boards, let alone assemble their finished Printed Circuit Boards. I have seen over and over that the Chinese companies build “extras” that end up available for cheaper on TaoBau. (China’s eBay). Let alone, they probably sell the design documents to other Chinese companies, or just start selling them the product under another company name.

    Exact same thing with any mechanical part, assembly or material process. Forget their “Joint Venture” scams, just allowing them to manufacture part of your product is basically paying them to steal it.

    No kindness is warranted. China should be eliminated from all non-China supply chains!

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  13. Shop says:

    China is not just a trade dispute.

    CCP is an enemy of the US. That’s the way they have acted over the past 25 years. Now they send in tons of fentanyl, infiltrate our country with their spies, and buy a fifth column right here in the USA, folks like Brookings & the Confucius Institutes.

    Now, sixty years on, we’re seeing Xi making his claim to be the true Revolutionary Successor of Mao.

    Xi’s language of “party purity”; “criticism and self-criticism”; “the mass line”; his obsession with “unity”; his attacks on elements of “hostile Western liberalism”, “constitutionalism” and other variants of ideological “subversion” – this is all Marxism-Leninism as interpreted by Stalin as interpreted by Mao.

    The only policy must be to totally destroy the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party. They are an existential threat to all free people.

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    • kjhumphrey33 says:

      I went to Lowe’s yesterday to buy some light bulbs. I really wanted to avoid buying anything made in China. The bulbs on the shelf were from General Electric. All of the available LED bulbs were made in China. A few old-style less efficient bulbs were on discount on the bottom shelf … made in Hungary. Very frustrating. My mother worked for Sylvania in the 1960’s. We made things then. With President Trump’s help, we can do it again.

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  14. Psycho Monkee says:

    A cohort from the Shanghai district is in town and we talked. As a business owner, he is experiencing a pronounced economic downturn. He’s a friend yet an unwitting slave of Xi & Company. He absolutely wouldn’t acknowledge that his Country is the cause of his personal demise.

    Interestingly, he told me the “attitude of Hong Kong people” is growing inland; though he was cautious and selective in his word choice.
    More than once he said the China Media proclaims the current “war is trumf’s fault”. He said war. Not trade war.

    The conversation got a bit lively when I brought up:
    Persecution of Christians.
    Intellectual property theft.
    Grossly imbalanced trade practices.
    One-child policy (recently lifted to two/family).
    Human body parts harvesting and world-wide black marketing.
    Squashing innovation by top-down Centralized control.
    Shipping fentanyl through Mexico under a Danish flag to addict the USA.
    South China Island (military) building
    China always wins and never negotiates

    Though we disagreed on almost all positions, I feel for this man and his family who are caught up in the Red Dragon vortex. Say a prayer for “Jerry” and his family. Thank you.

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  15. Qualifications(!) for the role of Chief Executive Officer of the United States Government:

    … first of all, the apparently-astonishing realization that qualifications are actually required.

    … second, the realization that our world(!) community is right now “sitting in a world of hurt,” legally bound to “agreements which suck.”

    A very big “lesson learned,” not only for our country but for a great many others, should be that “simple ‘politicians'” are not enough to actually do this job! Corporations spend a great deal of time pondering just who should be admitted to the topmost reaches of their corporate governance. Nations, apparently, have (heh… until now …) exercised no such cautions.

    “What Fools these Mortals be!”

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  16. Paul B. says:

    Xi must be beside himself at this point. His rear end is on the line. No Chinese dictator has ever lost so much so fast. Maybe we’ll see him stumping for Biden soon.


  17. For Eyes says:

    Missing from the reporting is China dropped some tariffs and made another weak promise to buy ag products (that they are desperate for anyway).

    So Trump’s action is rewarding good behavior. A positive tit for tat. Negotiating 101

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  18. mtk says:

    Well it is not quite a Panda Bear… But you get the point.

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  19. Pyrthroes says:

    “I know them, and I like them”– like Eliot Ness knew and appreciated Al Capone. Mob bosses are great guys, once they’re safely in Alcatraz fer life.


    • gary says:

      exactly. the communist party will take xi out and put the next victim in place. if trump wins reelection,he’ll go thru two more guys. till the the st valentines day massacre happens.


  20. gary says:

    i still believe that china can’t play on a level trade field,the way they have set up their country. the military ,obviously needs the hordes of cash that america has sent there for decades. that appears to be over. they are in dire straights. hopefully a soviet style collapse is in the works.


  21. Sbark says:

    Soybeans prices jumped on China statement of buying 600 k tonnes, time will tell


  22. JunkerGeorg says:

    Why not keep the pedal to the metal, at least until China is serious about coming to the table for fair trade? I mean, China pulls back time and time again once the pressure is released.


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