The Sketchy Russian Spy Exfiltration Story…

The story of a “Russian spy” being exfiltrated from Russia over U.S. intelligence concerns about excessive media reporting on the Russian Conspiracy-Collusion.  Reporting that was driven by those same intelligence leaks is, well, sketchy as heck. However, at the 30,000 ft level there is a picture providing obvious possibilities.

First, the tenuous reporting from CNN, where they attempt to paint Donald Trump into the spy narrative, is transparently political opportunism by narrative engineer Jim Sciutto and the anti-Trump brigade.  You know Sciutto’s efforts are bad when even the Washington Post and New York Times undercut the CNN script.  The exfiltration had nothing to do with President-elect Trump, or President Trump.

The part where the story becomes interesting is: (A) the timing; and (B) that DC journalists know who the “spy” is.  Indeed the claimed “spy” and his family have been living under his real name in Washington DC.  This fact doesn’t fit the outline of a retracted spy living in an era of imminent danger.

Heck, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes on the internet to discover who this “spy” might be. Obviously, if the media know all about him; well, that speaks volumes.

So what is the likely scenario here?

The timing of this story reeks of self-interest when overlaid with known collaboration between the Obama intelligence apparatus -specifically John Brennan- and the media who sold the Russia narrative based on leaks from Brennan (CIA), Clapper (DNI), Comey & McCabe et al (FBI).

The timing appears directly connected to the ongoing review of the Russia Investigation origin, background and predicate from U.S. Attorney John Durham.

According to NBC:

A former senior Russian official is living in the Washington area under U.S. government protection, current and former government officials tell NBC News.

NBC News is withholding the man’s name and other key details at the request of U.S. officials, who say reporting the information could endanger his life.

Yet the former Russian government official, who had a job with access to secrets, was living openly under his true name. (link)

Accepting the reality of the NBC reporting, this was not some deep agent close to Vladimir Putin etc. etc.  Instead this has all the appearances (and indeed open descriptions) of a mid-level Russian official, who was a useful tool for John Brennan to establish the false-story of the “Russian Collusion-Conspiracy” narrative.

A character with just enough meat on the proverbial spy-bone to give credence to stories  constructed by U.S. officials –who needed some basis in fact– to support leak information to allied media, who were selling the vast Russian conspiracy in 2016 and 2017.

When the U.S. intelligence apparatus (John Brennan) sold a story that a Russian spy was providing direct information about Putin instructing Russian operatives to interfere in the U.S. election; and that narrative was used by the same intelligence apparatus (Brennan) to build the Intelligence Community Assessment therein; the identified spy would be at risk from the fictitious story itself.

To wit…. An oblivious Russian mid-level official, named Oleg Smolenkov, was painted by the U.S. intelligence apparatus (Brennan) in 2016, as a character in a conspiracy plot, in order to claim something entirely fictitious.  Why?  Simply because an illusion was needed to prop up a political story in DC, and Brennan painted Oleg Smolenkov as the IC source.

Is it a surprise the unwitting Smolenkov, a man who held far less value than was being directly attributed to him, would not want to upend his life in Russia just to prop-up a constructed political narrative useful for John Brennan and the anti-Trump alliance (which includes Fusion-GPS).

Now does this makes sense:

(New York Times) […] As American officials began to realize that Russia was trying to sabotage the 2016 presidential election, the informant became one of the C.I.A.’s most important — and highly protected — assets. But when intelligence officials revealed the severity of Russia’s election interference with unusual detail later that year, the news media picked up on details about the C.I.A.’s Kremlin sources.

C.I.A. officials worried about safety made the arduous decision in late 2016 to offer to extract the source from Russia. The situation grew more tense when the informant at first refused, citing family concerns — prompting consternation at C.I.A. headquarters. (more)

Brennan:  “C’mon Oleg, we’re going to paint you as the building block for our entire Russia conspiracy narrative, if you don’t leave… and as we make the claims even more substantial (Intelligence Community Assessment), it’s going to look bad for you… it would help us if you played the role.  What’s it gonna take?”

[…] But the C.I.A. pressed again months later after more media inquiries. This time, the informant agreed.

The move brought to an end the career of one of the C.I.A.’s most important sources. (NYT Link)

Uh huh…. so important the “spy” relocated to Washington DC and kept his same name while “hiding” in plain sight?

Sketchy?…. well, actually no.  A more apropos word would be ‘ridiculous’.

I think Mollie Hemingway is correct here:

MSN NEWS – The CIA Russian spy drama currently gripping Washington has taken a new turn as Russian media reported that a suspected US mole inside the Kremlin was a member of Vladimir Putin’s administration who disappeared in 2017 and was initially thought to have been murdered.

The Russian language news site Daily Storm reported in September 2017 that Smolenkov, who had once worked in the Russian embassy in Washington, had not been seen since he went on holiday with his wife and three children to Montenegro in June of that year. The Russian authorities first investigated the disappearance as a possible murder but then became convinced that Smolenkov was still alive and living abroad.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed the man, Oleg Smolenkov, had worked for the Kremlin but played down his importance, insisting he was a low-level employee who had been fired two years ago.  (more)

Any questions?

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  1. citizen817 says:

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    • nimrodman says:

      Sundance asks Any questions?

      Yeah, I got a question:
      When do we see an arrest warrant for one John Brennan?

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      • repsort says:

        Hah! Just kidding.
        Justice ain’t comin. Sorry. Barr is running out the clock I think.


      • Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

        It’s amazing how such a low class as Brennan was confirmed.

        Whoops, oh that’s right. GOP spokes inepts at the time declared that the President (in this case Obama) had the right to have whom he selects. Too bad the Dems do not feel the same way.

        DC: District of Corruption.

        Further proof the GOP senate lacks the ability to do their job.
        They do, HOWEVER, bore us with requests for campaign donations.

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      • Deception Stinks says:

        ‘Arrest’ warrant my foot. Brennan needs to go straight to GITMO … do not pass GO or collect $200. If you get my drift.

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        • Bob says:

          Yes…how about arresting all the Obama gang, there is more than enough evidence. Let them go thru the process of bail hearing an other legal matters. Let the People see the wheels of Justice work for them. Then open court and TV cameras so we can see this communist party conspiracy designed to topple the President and ligit govt. of the USA.


      • farrier105 says:

        Brennan won’t be picked up here, but if he had really tried to take a “secret trip” to Russia that was actually secret to the Russians, the Russians would have detained him. Brennan couldn’t have gotten away with a “secret trip to Russia.” He is the head of the US spy agency. He has no diplomatic immunity. If he wants to travel to that country, he has to tell the Russian government he is coming and give them an itinerary. If he gets caught not telling them, which is impossible as they will know as soon as he deplanes, and maybe before that, he gets detained. If he gets caught spying without diplomatic immunity, the Russians WOULD arrest Brennan.

        His March 2016 trip to Russia was a secret only to the people of the United States. The Russian people were first told about the “secret trip” on March 28, 2016 by “The Moscow Times.” The Russian government knew sometime in Februrary 2016 when Brennan filed his papers with them.

        We operate the same way over here. Someone like, say, Andropov, wanted to come here in 1983, he would have to do the same things, inform our government in advance, provide an itinerary, and explain his purpose in coming here. Andropov would have to stick to only going where his itinerary indicates. If he stepped out of bounds, and it was serious, he would have to leave.

        That we were targeted to be kept in the dark, rather than the Russians, is evidenced by this article which appeared on March 1, 2016, the first possible day that Brennan would have arrived in Russia. A couple of former CIA agents decided, after four months, to refute a statement Brennan made in NOVEMBER 2015, four months before. The way the media made it sound, Brennan made the statement closer to March first, as the article below claimed Brennan made it “recently”–over one-quarter of a year before. By taking exception to Brennan’s remarks on the likely day of his departure for Russia, those former CIA agents made it look as if Johnny Boy was still stateside telling lies on the same day. No, he was in Russia, watched by the FSB every day he was there.


    • This has nothing to do with Trump.

      Well, it’s about Brennan freaking out when he realized that Trump would find out…

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    • An says:

      I assume this is a limited hangout and we may find out something later?

      Maybe about where this guy got all that money from, for one thing…


  2. FL_GUY says:

    Wow, Sundance put a picture of the Russian spy right by the question mark!

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  3. Matt Hay says:

    Oleg got a really nice million dollar home on Virginia out of it. How does a mid-level Russian Bureaucrat afford that on his own?

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  4. Pompeo took a question that sought to advance this narrative. Called it for what it is A LIE

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  5. WonkoTheSane says:

    Once this story blows up in their face, I think they are down to 3 ways to Sunday to get The President.

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  6. WIlson H Carroll says:

    Weird that Mueller’s crew couldn’t corroborate a single thing in Steele’s dossier when the primary source was only living, like, five blocks away.

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  7. 56packardman says:

    Oh, it’s easy if you know the right people! Similar to how Nancy P. Lousy can afford a home in the Pacific Heights neighborhood in San Francisco AND an estate in the Napa Valley on her Congressional salary! Oleg obviously took a Democrat Money Management class …

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  8. Mike in a Truck says:

    No Neck IS the Russian spy.

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  9. sundance says:

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  10. ristvan says:

    Pompeo was running CIA at the time of the exfiltration: “reporting is materially inaccurate”. That means WaPo and NYT, not CNN that was already shown wrong by NYT.

    Durham is investigating the EC predicate. Brennan’s sham just got ‘exposed’ by Pompeo.
    The Spygate narrative engineering is going to blow up in the perps faces.

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    • Patience says:

      Life really is a beautiful thang!

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    • Sean Supsky says:

      That would be good, for us, at least, but what, pray tell, would it do to affect the outcome of anything in an effective manner, seeing as how everything is being brushed aside?

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      • ann says:

        Theory: a Whack a mole process of forcing the blackmailing cabal to one by one play their aces.
        Uncovering & discrediting their multiple false back up Narratives.

        Prove the predicate for surveillance & nasty accusations were intentional use of “poisonous fruit from the toxic tree”. Mense rea

        Intermediate Purpose
        To discredit & hopefully punish the heretofore Immune individuals in high command at DoJ, as only they had the authority to initiate & fuel this preposterous investigation.

        Primary Goal
        Take away the DoJ’s ability to stockpile data, insert falsehoods into political forums, abuse our nat sec, legal system & intell capabilities for political, personal and institutional benefit.

        Destroy this arrogant institutional culture

        This syndrome, “Praetorian Guards”.

        The Justice Dept has devolved into a subversive militarised corp controlled by an invulnerable all powerful clan of enriched civilians
        Their cover is posing as individuals who legitimately defend our constitution, etc.

        They subverted Justice, counterintell , national security to block the transfer of power.

        Resist declared civil war, an alarming indicator of a corrupted, weak, failing state.

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        • Sean Supsky says:

          Nice theory Ann, and it would be welcome. Yet, if the theory holds, would it be able to be completed in time before we are out of office?

          Does it provide for a final solution of never happening again?

          Methinks we need something a bit more swift and with a tone of finality to it, much like the Nephew of Nebuchadnezzar met when he displayed the abomination of desolation by using the holy instruments for mere vessels of commonality.

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          • ann says:

            I also see the urgency.

            Our right to intervene is founded in primary source documents & extant institutional culture that normalises bad faith interactions.

            enmeshment w politics
            operations outside constitutional limits of authority.
            As FISC Judge Collyer’s DoJ Compliance Review confirms.

            How many judges are intimidated? Is the penetration so deep that solutions within legal & legislative channels are improbable?

            What to do, what to do?

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Ristvan such an end is devoutly to be wished.


    • L4grasshopper says:

      Zeus, I hope so!


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:


      I think this is what it looks like when the MSM is flailing in the dark trying to engineer a pre-emptive narrative.

      The 3 main engineers with different and conflicting narratives,
      that all share ABSURDITY in common


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    • The Boss says:

      Thank you for providing context to Pompeo’s noteworthy word choices.


    • spoogels says:

      Russian tit for tat!
      This should get interesting

      CIA’s Kremlin agent was a ‘lackey’ who drank too much and complained about his pay, claim furious Russians as he is revealed to have swapped two-room Moscow apartment for $925,000 Virginia home


    • underwhelmingposter says:

      What is the translation of “materially inaccurate”? It sounds like a phrase carefully structured to sound one way but mean another. Please let me know. I watched the programs all evening and I am trying to determine what that means (at least in a way that I can understand it).


  11. Somebody's Gramma says:

    At this point, can we all agree that Brennan has a very low IQ?

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  12. We the people know says:

    Hey Brennan, your hoax needs this:

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  13. Pale rider says:

    Watching Tony Robbins on Netflix ( he has went kinda crazy with the foul language) and he says ” if your going to give credit to a person for all the bad they did to you, you better dang well give them credit for the good”. And that’s the left in a thumbnail. They are stuck in this insanity of a person ‘president Trump’ who is ALL bad. Yeah, he did and does stupid stuff and you can stay there on it or add in the good and make him a little more than a projection of your insanity. Where are we now? What are we as a country?
    No, they want to be a victim, and that breeds contempt and ushers in ‘isms’. Either socialism, to get me ‘mo money’ or communism, to make you pay for how you got ‘mo momey’ than me.
    Trump drags these waa waa’s into greatness, kicking and screaming.

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  14. JL says:

    Seems to me that if you spent a year telling fibs about how great your Russian source is, at some point you’d have to act to prevent that source from talking.

    One way you could do it, is offer “protection”. A nice house, a stipend, good schools for the kids… Some might call it hush money. Or perhaps a bribe.

    My guess, is wormtongue (Brennan) inflated the value of a source, so he could whisper in Obama’s ear and pull strings.

    Brennan is going down.

    The IC outed this guy, because it’s all part of the big reveal. He wasn’t outed to put him in danger or as revenge.

    He was outed, so we can all see that he’s just a low level flunky, that never would have known things that belonged in a “for your eyes only” white envelope.

    The entire Russian collusion delusion, is a myth. A hoax. We knew this, soon everyone will know it.

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    • Zippy says:

      “The entire Russian collusion delusion, is a myth. A hoax. We knew this, soon everyone will know it.”

      Only those still paying any attention at all which doesn’t include a single one of my intelligent, well informed, conservative relatives. They are TOTALLY sick of it because they already know and knew LONG ago that:

      1. Russiagate was an obvious farce.
      2. None of the perps will be ever doing a perp walk.

      See, taking a year or more for “investigations” that should take just months works!

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      • MustangBlues says:

        ”’They are TOTALLY sick of it because they already know and knew LONG ago that:”’

        Nope: The believed that, but they did not Know it.

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      • Raptors2020 says:

        Most Democrats still totally believe the Russian Collusion Hoax.

        People rarely abandon conspiracy theories. Half the people commenting here have a JFK conspiracy theory they cherish.

        Sciutto had a story just by wedging in “Russia Russia”. All his audience of Democrats hears is “Russia Russia”. There will be more fragmentary, incoherent Russia stories between now and the election.


    • Sherri Young says:

      What you propose is an interesting and worthy take of things.


      • JL says:

        I think the reason he’s living a public life out in the open in a DC suburb, is because he’s not in any danger. Putin could not care less that a mid level embassy employee “helped”(winkwink) Brennan, and being allowed to live like a king is his reward.


        • spoogels says:

          C.I.A. Informant Extracted From Russia Had Sent Secrets to U.S. for Decades


          • JL says:





            Neither, and we’ll just say he sent whatever the media’s anonymous sources, that have never ever mislead us before, pretends he sent?


          • farrier105 says:

            Why would they want to extract him if he was in place, unwilling to leave, and constantly providing valuable information. It is difficult to recruit and manage human sources in closed societies. You don’t throw them away if the sources do not have reason to believe they have been detected.

            He was probably feeding them chickenfeed and disinformation on orders from his bosses. Now, he is over here where he is useful in keeping the present chaos moving along.


  15. trapper says:

    As time passes and more information comes tumbling out, it is becoming increasingly clear that we need to begin official government investigations, House, Senate, and DOJ, to answer the following question:

    Is there anything he touched that John Brennan did NOT screw up?

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  16. Kelly says:

    I’m sure “Nadler” will put out a
    subpoena for him to appear before
    house judicial committee..
    The media and the Brennen, Comey, McCabe/DemoRats (all one),
    worked together to get this out for
    some reason…

    Saying this with [sarc] as far as the
    subpoena but these days nothing
    would surprise me.

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    • Bulldog84 says:

      Someone could be planning to go full Skirpal on the guy and do a fake assassination attempt. Or a real one. Then, of course, the perps would blame POTUS.


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      House Intelligence chairman Schiff will not issue a subpeona……

      Deciding instead to negotiate the terms of his appearance for months over such critical items as:

      -the types of salted meats on the deli platter in the green room
      -the color and precise number of M&Ms in the candy bowl
      -the exact temperature of the Perrier at the witness table
      -the number of ply of the t.p. in the witness water closet
      -the number of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire phone-a-friends” John can call on during
      his testimony

      The first meeting is currently scheduled for
      next Saturday night in Judiciary Chairman Krispy-Kreme’s hot tub.

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  17. rayvandune says:

    This is also a good way to distract attention from the real agent(s) spreading Moscow’s message. If he was a Russian agent provocateur, how would Brennan be acting any differently? And he is not alone. Remember what Hillary said about swinging from noises? I have never assumed it was a figure of speech.

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    • trapper says:

      I have always believed that much of what they were up to had multiple motivations. But in the end, I believe all of it was at least partially intended to serve as a massive misdirection away from Bill Clinton having sold the US out to Communist China, and everyone since then, up to and including Obama, participated in the scheme whether they knew it or not. Keep us looking east to Russia while China sneaks tens of trillions of dollars of middle class American wealth, and 8 million American manufacturing jobs, out the back door.

      I have also come to view the NAFTA loophole that allowed Chinese goods to backdoor into the US duty free as the real purpose of NAFTA. The loophole WAS the deal. Might as well have called it the Duty-Free Chinese Products Act.

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  18. rayvandune says:

    This is also a good way to distract attention from the real agent(s) spreading Moscow’s message. If he was a Russian agent provocateur, how would Brennan be acting any differently? And he is not alone. Remember what Hillary said about swinging from noises? I have never assumed it was a figure of speech.


  19. TheDog65 says:

    Isn’t that picture of Brennan the most punchable face you ever saw?

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  20. Bulldog84 says:

    I read somewhere that the BBC reported on this story and then tossed in a line about the Skirpal case, involving the alleged (and unproven) poisoning of a purported ex-Russian agent living in the UK. The idea being suggested was in effect “see what the Russians will do to an ex-spy,” but the Skirpal narrative has apparently been met with a high degree of skepticism — why would a supposedly at-risk former source live openly — and this alleged “exfiltrated” spy case should be treated with even more skepticism, given the hoax to which we have been subjected for the past three years.


  21. It’s kind of embarrassing when “top secret official government plans” turn out to read like a badly written plot of a dime-store detective novel, simply because the perpetrators never dreamed that their stratagems would ever, ever be exposed.

    “Go to Jail. Go directly to Jail. You are an embarrassment to us.”

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  22. MicD says:

    Putin/Trump Spy Deal:

    Trump: I’ll give you Obama, Comey, Hillary and I’ll throw in Waters.
    Putin: LOL, No Donald Duck, you can keep them.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Never assume ideology as a motive when corruption will do. Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen, et al didn’t do it for the great good of Communism. Remember, trillions are at stake, and as Sundance pointed out many were poised to start collecting their share when the wrong candidate won because they were too stupid and feckless to campaign or steal votes in the needed states.

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      • Bulldog84 says:

        “Never assume ideology as a motive when corruption will do.”

        You have hit the nail on the head of why I don’t think people like Christopher Steele get enough credit for being corrupt. Was he desperate to prevent Trump’s election? Probably. Did his ability to keep the Hillary campaign and FBI checks coming depend on what information he was providing, whether true or not? Most likely. These people don’t work for free. In the end, for most of them, it’s about the money.

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        • sedge2z says:

          WHY is it reported that Christopher Steele was “so desperate” that Trump not win? Those that asked for Steele’s dirty dossier were so very desperate to destroy our U.S. President.
          Steele is not American. Maybe he lives near London now? Wikipedia says he was born in Aden, South Arabia (now Yemen), attended Girton College in Cambridge.
          Desperation usually comes from Fear doesn’t it?


    • MicD says:

      You get my point.


  23. scrap1ron says:

    The spy who shagged me, eh Brennan?


  24. trapper says:

    So, basically, the NYT just burned JB. And we all know who the NYT prints for. So, did current leadership of that unnamed government agency just burn JB? Was CNN set up so the story could then be denied in enough detail to let it all out about the phony origin of the EC? And if so, why are we seeing this now? If I had to guess, my money would be on the proposition that JB didn’t leave many friends behind among his former co-workers. Lots of guys got left to their fates, while this phony source lives high in DC. Gotta rub some folks the wrong way.

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  25. AnotherView says:

    Another excellent piece, Sundance!


  26. sarasotosfan says:

    I laughed at the Today show spinning of this yarn this morning where they evaded reporting that NBC had reported the story of the “spy” originally, yet they based this morning’s report on the phony CNN reporting. I thought I was watching the performance of a Triple Lindy! [Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield]


  27. doofusdawg says:

    Clearly the first salvo of leaks to try and establish a new, super duper super secret predicate for the beginning of the Trump investigation which preceded Misfut. Hopefully Durham just chuckles.

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  28. Newpapa says:

    Never would have thought a damn Kremlin spokesperson would be a more reliable source of factual reporting than our prestigious American “journalists”.

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  29. citizen817 says:

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    • sedge2z says:

      A commenter on that Fox video said:
      “The story is false but that doesn’t matter to CNN and their Dem masters.
      Once the story is published the Democrats in the House will quote from
      it for the next year. Then it will make its way into the “Articles of Impeachment”
      that Jerry Nadler will draw up.

      Get ready for a storm of similar fake stories from the MSM.
      They’ll print all sorts of stuff to serve as fodder for Nadler.”


  30. Conversefive says:

    So do we think Durham has interviewed this so-called spy and he gave up Brennan as the orchestrator of the entire Putin directed the meddling angle?


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      While Durham may have interviewed this

      “covert intelligence asset from an 80’s calling country”
      (I don’t use the “s” word because James Clapper says it’s “ICKY”)

      I don’t believe these stories are a result of that directly
      but could be the outcome of kicking some bushes nearby and stirring up some hornets.

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  31. rcogburn says:

    “Any questions?”

    PLENTY. Keep it up Sundance!


  32. Hmmm... says:

    The beginning of the “we were just stupid not criminal” defense. This spy is being set up as the fall guy who tricked the entire Obama IC. I hope they don’t get away with it.

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  33. nimrodman says:

    Tom Bevan – talking head on panel with Fox Bret Baier just now – points out that

    “All this took place in 2016 BEFORE Trump was President … the offer to pull the guy out that was refused … yada yada … yet the media are blaming President Trump, when he had nothing to do with it.”

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  34. cantcforest says:

    Brennan and Clapper…swing, Comey, McCabe, and Strzok…firing squad, Hildabeast and 0…Gitmo, lots of others get turns in Epstein’s cell.

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  35. mtk says:

    What is striking, the credence of the Exflitration story is built on the Russians own reporting of Oleg Smolenkov.

    My guess is that the Russian article green lighted narrative engineers to write about Oleg in the MSM, since he was already outted.

    However, given the collusion mythology of ‘OrangeManBad’ it is all just too convient NOT to ask, “Just who is colluding here?, Once again!”

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    • nimrodman says:

      Reality Winner’s actions were in 2017

      Upthread I note that a Fox commentator pointed out that the “exfiltration” started in 2016, before PresTrump was elected

      So there’s that

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Agreed, but something must have changed to have prompted the Russian to agree to be exfiltrated after he declined in 2016. I typed out a reply with a timeline earlier. Apparently, WordPress ate that reply. I might reconstruct and post it down thread after awhile.

        Basically though, Reality Winner printed out a top secret report on a Russian attempt to hack into our election systems in time for the 2016 general election and sent it to The Intercept. The Intercept contacted the NSA on May 30, 2017 that they held and wanted authentication of the May 5, 2017 NSA report that the Russians had a spear phishing plan to gain access to county level election systems in 2016. The NSA referred the matter to the FBI the next day. Two days later, the FBI interviewed Reality Winner and arrested her two days after that on June 5, 2017. Smolenkov and his family left “for vacation in Montenegro” on June 14th and disappeared. IMO, two weeks from the time the NSA was notified was probably about as quickly as the Smolenkov family could get out of town without appearing suspicious. To me, the timeline fits for what made Smolenkov change his mind.

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        • nimrodman says:

          Well, thanks – you’re very well informed on this potential connection. I was just being not much more than superficially glib.

          But my reply got you to write out those details, so all’s well in the end. I’m copying your material to my file, so thanks again.

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        • nimrodman says:

          And so what would you speculate from those dates and facts?

          That the existence of the spear-phishing campaign in that NSA document became public enough (reported in the press, or known thru back channels, perhaps) that Smolenkov realized he’d be implicated (could be fingered as a leaker or at least in a position to know about it? one way or another could be tied to it’s having leaked? by his higher-ups who’d be out to off him?).

          Or maybe US handlers tipped him off that he’d be linked or compromised?

          The dates are compelling, I’m just searching to understand the context and motivations.


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          • nimrodman says:

            Sorry, the existence of the spearphishing campaign was indeed fully public, it’s the subject of the Intercept article you linked. My previous reply was before I say your Intercept link.

            So again – how do you think the publishing of the Intercept article put Smolenkov in jeopardy to the extent he’d cut and run?


          • Sherri Young says:

            IMO, and purely as a matter of speculation, it seems that information in The Intercept’s article may have offered enough detail to make it easy to figure out which Russian was leaking. Although the NSA was the agency that produced the report and was first made aware of the leak, the FBI would have investigated Reality Winner and the CIA would have handled the Russian asset. The CIA most likely would have been alerted immediately and started dealing with Smolenkov, telling him it was time to leave. Since Smolenkov’s disappearance is said to have been investigated and deemed a murder, professional arrangements must have been made and carried out.

            It seems that Smolenkov’s exfiltration plan was already in motion when The Intercept published their article in English on June 5th.


            • nimrodman says:

              Thanks, Sherri – you and JL below have outlined a pretty good narrative of what likely went on.

              Thanks for taking the time to explain, would have taken me hours of reading articles and still may hot have gotten that thorough an understanding.

              Cheers to Sherri and JL

              Liked by 2 people

        • JL says:

          He was threatened with exposure. That’s what happened.

          We need to stop looking at him as an intelligence source, and instead look at him as a useful ruse for the entire RUSSIA!!! narrative.

          They needed a “high-level” Russian source “close to Putin”, he became the guy whether he was a useful asset or not.


          • nimrodman says:

            threatened with exposure

            By US spooks, you’d conjecture?
            So they’d have their patsy?

            They needed a “high-level” Russian source “close to Putin”, he became the guy whether he was a useful asset or not.

            ah – ok, that appears to be what you’re intimating


  36. Ellis says:

    Weak and desperate last ditch effort to cover up the spying scandal. I suspect Brennan knows he is toast at this point. The “journalists” involved in this embarrassing failure need to be held accountable.

    Liked by 2 people

    • jebg46 says:

      Considering that these Fake News Outlets have hired a number of the coupists, besides agreeing to leak misinformation, how can these outlets qualify for a license to operate while they were participants in the entire hoax? Is this how we can take these outlets out of business?


  37. Kleen says:

    Always remember, in any Counterintelligence Investigation all information must be vetted by official intel guys. Not political appointees like Brennan.

    The information is vetted, the source also.

    Whatever info this Oleg guy provided, if used as evidence it should have been vetted. Therefore paper trail was left behind.

    No raw intelligence should EVER EVER be present to POTUS. Too dangerous!

    Obama had to approve the Counterintelligence Investigation, so they must be able to present the *vetted, real* evidence of collusion. Verified by intel officers that was presented to Obama.

    This can’t be it. This guy had nothing!

    So, they have no excuse.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Always remember, in any Counterintelligence Investigation all information must be vetted by official intel guys

      It was handled as another “HQ Special”
      And none of the real agents participated.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Kleen says:

        Exactly my point! This was a political hit job, they bypassed the official channels to be sure it would NOT be vetted so they could have fun with it.

        This whole thing will be PROVEN to have been a political hit job to overthrow our POTUS.


        There’s no excuse. Counterintelligence is National security. Very serious, it has to handled by official channels.

        Liked by 2 people

  38. Justin Green says:

    So that’s why Epstein had to go so soon. They had to clear the suicide suite for Oleg.

    Liked by 3 people

  39. Atomic Hillbilly says:

    A third rate paper pusher?

    Brennan has everyone thinking that he was Putin’s right hand man….

    Brennan was just making 💩 up.

    He should spend the rest of his miserable life in prison.

    Liked by 4 people

  40. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    Haspel may be cutting her losses and cooperating with Durham/Barr.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if we see subordinates coming out from the woodwork.

    Liked by 3 people

  41. G S says:

    “The 80s called…They want their Russia back!”
    Obama, Barack

    Liked by 3 people

  42. Abolition Man says:

    The real story is the Chicoms are getting nervous about Hong Kong and US tariffs. They can’t believe the US voters would pick someone they don’t already own, lock, stock and barrel. Putin is a much more likely ally for the US even though he cannot trusted at any point. He thinks he can work us as easy marks; he knows the Chinese dragon will simply eat him.
    We need high level investigations of all our pols and bureaucrats regarding their ties to the Chicoms. Also, all our universities and Big Tech need close scrutiny for the same. Preferably from a proctologist with OCD. The Uniparty has given away our jobs, wealth and liberty for so long they thought they were home free, but our VSGPT came in like a male lion who finds his pride attacked by hyenas. All I can do is smile and say, “Cockails, and more popcorn, please!”

    Liked by 6 people

  43. namberak says:

    Yesterday when I saw related headlines and the sub-head that mentioned the NYT, I automatically assumed it was crap and moved on to the next thing without wasting my time on it…

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Laramie Evan says:

    Personally, I think this is a leak to try to prop up a dying narrative that most Americans still believe: To wit, that Russia somehow interfered in our election.

    The Mueller report, sham though it was, still put to rest the notion that Trump cooperated in this endeavor.

    But, the Intel agencies still have an interest in trying to convince people that Russia was trying to interfere. After all, if there’s no evidence they were, then both sides of the alleged collusion are false — there was no Russian attempt at interference with which Trump could have colluded.

    All the evidence on the DNC hack points away from Russia. Assange says it wasn’t Russians (and then he’s quickly escorted out of the Ecuador embassy and off to UK jail). Former Intel officials (Binney, et al) have submitted evidence that the data transfer rates of emails removed from the DNC establish that it could not have been an outside hack — it had to come from the inside by someone with a USB drive. And, if that’s the case, who most likely did the hack: Russians or Seth Rich? Russians or the five Pakistani IT guys who worked for the Democrats and who have already pled guilty to many crimes?

    And, if there was no Russian effort to interfere with the election, then what were all these Intel agencies doing opening FISA cases, surveilling folks, etc., etc.?

    This whole Russian operative story is just one big fig leaf designed to keep the media stoking this false story.

    Liked by 6 people

    • ann says:

      Agree, Evan.
      The entire Poor Hillary, Victim of Evil Russia was preposterous and stunk to high heaven from the roll out.

      Americans with a lick of sense were embarrassed by Beltway Resist .

      Her clumsy insertions into the “Narrative” echoed in unison by the chorus of pompous Uniparty creeps. The rush to proclaim “oh no, Russia hacked my DNC server!”
      Its was STUPID, as if, Americans have an obligation to go to war with Russia .
      To fight on behalf of Hillary’s honor? What honor?

      “ Resist” is intellectually ludicrous.

      Liked by 2 people

    • ConcernedALMom says:

      IIRC, the paltry FB ads (only several thousand dollars worth) were placed in some cases after the election. I remember thinking at the time – WTF?! Maybe all this retroactive planting of Russia interference “evidence” included this?

      Liked by 1 person

  45. Lanna says:

    I know many Russians (and I’m spending too much on booze). White Russians, Black Russians, Mad Russians, even Green Russians (from Archer, contains absinthe, be careful with this one — very, very careful).

    No drink recipe for a Russian Spy that I can find, might have to invent one. Much like our so-called Intelligence Community invents stuff.

    Liked by 4 people

  46. Johnny says:

    Just when I am ready to completely think Barr is pure swamp, another little jewel of information gets leaked to the media and I start to have a little hope there will be justice served on the Treasonous FBI and DOJ by AG Barr. Yes, I did say the Treasonous FBI and DOJ, because every agent and ATTORNEY General out there have the power to arrest any of the coup members.

    But Alas, not one damn agent has stepped forward to arrest them for numerous charges that we know happened. Not a one has a spine. Arrest them and charge them, then let the Attorney General build the case. It happens that way in the real world every day.

    Here we have just a little more info to cool us down from all the treachery that has taken place we find out a out. Comey, McCabe both thumbing their noses at the American citizens who pay their salary.

    Just enough info leaked again to cool us down from being worked up and stop the anger from spreading across America and actually rising up and demanding that the CIA, FBI, AND DOJ be burnt to the ground and then salted.

    This is a psyop being played on the American people.

    Liked by 2 people

  47. grrizzly says:

    Have a look at the house where Oleg Smolenkov (Олег Смоленков) lives in Stafford, VA.
    The title of the article is “The luxury in which lives the informant Oleg Smolenkov who defected from Russia.”


  48. justlizzyp says:

    Sciutto is still defending his story, saying he was told “by five sources who served in the Trump administration, intelligence agencies & Congress” that it was because of concerns about Trump. Which is starting to sound like the same denials McClatchey issued when they announced they were standing behind their debunked reporting about something. Isn’t that one of the hallmarks of a leak trap?

    Liked by 1 person

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