Details Behind Patrick Byrne Allegations of FBI “Political Espionage”…

Former CEO Patrick Byrne has given four primary interviews where he outlines his knowledge of a 2015 and 2016 political espionage operation being run by the FBI.

Fox News, MacCallumFox Business #1Fox Business #2CNN, Cuomo

After a review of the interviews, and extracting specific points therein, here’s an overview.

The substance of Mr. Byrne claims does seem to align with what we already know about the DOJ and FBI activity during the 2016 election cycle, including the FBI operations.

First, Patrick Byrne claims he has spoken to the DOJ on April 5th, 2019, and again on April 30th, 2019.  Mr. Byrne states he told the DOJ all of the information he was aware of during those two interviews covering approximately seven hours of questioning.

The current public statements Mr. Byrne is making are not with the approval of the DOJ or any investigators therein.  His decision to go public with this information comes as a result of conversations with a life-long mentor and confidant, Warren Buffett.  Mr. Byrne states he has known Warren Buffett since Byrne was a teenager and Mr. Buffett was in his mid-forties.

According to his CNN interview Byrne talked to Buffett in June of 2019 about how he could be a witness in the DOJ investigation authorized by Attorney General Bill Barr and being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham.  After listening to the details, Buffett recommended Mr. Byrne go public with the story.

However, in order to go public Byrne would need to separate himself from his role as CEO of Overstock, the company Byrne founded.  Mr. Byrne resigned yesterday, August 22nd.

Byrne explains he told Buffett about his April conversations with the DOJ and Buffett said it didn’t matter… Byrne still needed to go public with the story. It sounds like there are several motives for going public; perhaps one is personal safety.

To verify his April DOJ discussion, Byrne points to two references:

♦First, the movement of Maria Butina from harsh isolation in prison on May 9th, ten days after he delivered his testimony to the DOJ.  According to Byrne Ms. Butina was moved to a very different White Collar facility based on his information.

♦The second reference point Byrne highlights is the May 13th DOJ appointment of John Durham to look into the origination of the Russia investigation events. Byrne says this too was a direct result of his two DOJ sessions April 5th and 30th.

If Byrne is accurate; and if his claims of him personally being an operative of the FBI with instructions to engage Ms. Butina inside the political espionage events structured by corrupt FBI officials are genuine; it would appear Special Counsel Robert Mueller facilitated throwing a bag over Ms Butina in an effort to keep the corrupt FBI intelligence operation hidden from the public. This would explain the Mueller demand for strict solitary isolation and confinement.  [The reports are indeed troubling]

Again, if Byrne is correct, it would appear that extremely significant and exculpatory Brady material -evidence that could easily prove an entrapment defense- was intentionally withheld from Ms. Butina’s defense team.   Alarmingly this points to ongoing corrupt officials that still remain inside the current DOJ.  Ms. Butina was collateral damage.


A review of the time-frame details provided by Patrick Byrne in the four interviews shows his story told four times is consistent each time.

Fox News, MacCallumFox Business #1Fox Business #2CNN, Cuomo

Here’s a brief review of the consistencies aspect:

After a cursory meeting in/around July 2015, Byrne claims in the period of September to December 2015 he reported contact with Russian national Ms. Maria Butina to the FBI as a precaution related to his security clearance.

Byrne claims he was asked to participate in an FBI intelligence operation and to introduce, and/or facilitate the introduction of, Ms. Butina to the campaigns of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

In December of 2015 Mr. Byrne became suspicious of the FBI motives because he warned FBI officials of a potential that his efforts, his reputation and those who trust him, may result in Butina gaining entry into campaign confidences.  The FBI agents told Byrne that was exactly the intent; people high up in the FBI wanted Ms. Butina to gain deep access into the Trump campaign.  Mr. Byrne became suspicious of a corrupt political motive, but didn’t say anything at the time.

Additionally Byrne’s assistance was requested for an investigation of a high-level government official, he later named as Hillary Clinton.

[Sidebar: It’s noteworthy that during these FBI engagements Byrne was never requested to facilitate Ms. Butina into the Bernie Sanders campaign.  The inference in that omission is the Dem primary was rigged, and the riggers saw no value wasting time on Bernie]

In/around Feb or March 2016 Byrne was told to focus Ms. Butina’s attention to the campaign of Donald Trump and to diminish any attention toward Rubio or Cruz.

The assistance of the investigation of the federal official (Hillary Clinton) ended in late June and early July of 2016.  Immediately thereafter Ms. Clinton was publicly -and unusually- cleared by FBI Director James Comey on July 5th, 2016.

In/around this same June & July time-frame (2016), FBI agents requested Mr. Byrne to focus on developing a closer romantic relationship with Ms. Butina and to use his influence to target her to closer proximity with the Trump family and Trump campaign.

It was within these June and July 2016 engagements where FBI agents were apologetic about the requests and specifically mentioned their instructions were coming from three principle FBI officials Byrne described as “X, Y and Z”.   Later Byrne identified FBI Director James Comey as “Z”.

In the Fox MacCallum interview Byrne named James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bill Priestap, John Carlin (DOJ-NSD) and Peter Strzok.   Mr. Byrne said the specific instructions were coming to the agents from Special Agent Peter Strzok as he relayed the requests of those above him [X, Y and Z (Comey)].

This FBI contact structure highlights an arms-length operation; perhaps intentionally constructed to create plausible deniability for those above the directly instructing agents.

In essence, these rank-and-file FBI agents were asking Patrick Byrne to be a civilian handler of a Russian national, and instructing him to carry out a covert counterintelligence operation.  The FBI agents were apologetic about asking a civilian to take on such a role.

♦ Ms. Maria Butina (pictured left) is described as a young Russian idealist, who had strong connections to high powered Russian oligarchs.

The purpose of Butina coming to the U.S., as explained by Byrne, was for her to engage with influential Americans for contacts that could provide geopolitical value to the oligarchs.

Patrick Byrne was seen as important to Ms. Butina due to his connections to the emerging financial structures of crypto-currency and block-chain.  Byrne is a libertarian who believes in small government, and is somewhat of a disruptor in the business world. Ms. Butina wanted to introduce Byrne to her friends in Russia.

While it was not outlined in any of the four interviews, alternative currency options to the U.S. dollar have been an ongoing effort of Russian interests for a while.  Russia considers global trade attached to the dollar as geopolitical problem; and they have been working for years on alternative currencies for trade (and their own wealth) that can avoid U.S. sanctions and the reach of the U.S. treasury.

♦ As a Russian national with specific Russian interests that are not in alignment with U.S. national interests, Maria Butina would be defined by the U.S. intelligence community as an ‘agent of a foreign power’.   Her status would mean unrestricted monitoring by the U.S. intelligence community would be entirely legal.

However, because of this ‘foreign agent’ status Ms. Butina could also be valuable as a virus to infect anyone the U.S. intelligence apparatus would wish to target domestically.  This motive appears to be the reason for the FBI to tell Mr. Byrne where to send Ms. Butina.

Conducting FISA-702(16)(17) database searches and surveillance on U.S. persons who would meet with Butina would be justifiable and legal.

Extended contact with any U.S. person could likely lead to a Title-1 surveillance warrant through the FISA court.  However, even without the warrant, 702 searches would be valid just from brief contact.

As we have shown FISA-702(“16” to-from) and (“17” about) queries were off the charts during the time-frame of November 2015 through May 2016.  Per the FISA audit conducted by NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, after the flags noted by the database compliance officer, 85% of the search returns were unauthorized and unmasked.

The time-frames here are too coincidental to be accidental. [Judge Collyer Report]

From the operational description of Mr. Patrick Byrne it would appear Ms. Butina was used by the FBI to “dirty-up” political targets, opening them up for surveillance.

The FBI/NSA database can be used in real time, or in historic mapping, to monitor people simply by entering their cell phone number and filtering the geolocation.   Additionally, texts, call logs, emails, and sensitive electronic communication can all be reviewed by officials using this database.

Perhaps we will learn more as this story unfolds.  Until then, what Patrick Byrne is describing is an illicit and intentional use of an FBI counterintelligence operation to monitor the political campaign of the opposing party.

Maria Butina likely did have sketchy intentions from a U.S. strategic interest perspective; and monitoring her was perhaps justifiable.  However, specifically directing Butina on where to go and who to meet is another kettle-o-fish entirely.

That corrupt aspect is likely why Mueller, Weissmann and the corrupt small group within the DOJ and FBI, wanted Butina locked away in strict isolation.

♦ Lastly, it’s worth noting in the Fox Business interview, Patrick Byrne describing in hindsight being offered a $1 billion bribe of sorts to stay quiet.  This has peaked many curious questions; however, it is worth noting a bribe as described could come in a multitude of forms for a businessman who operates a massive corporation.

In 2018 Mr. Byrne’s company, Overstock, was under an SEC investigation.


I’m sure it is just a coincidence, but FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman, happens to be the Assoc. Director of the SEC Enforcement Division, who happened to be leading the SEC investigation of Patrick Byrne’s company. [LINK]

So the wife of the FBI agent who was directing Patrick Byrne in the sketchy FBI operation targeting Donald Trump… just happens to open an investigation of Byrne shortly after the corrupt FBI operation containing her husband first hit the headlines in early 2018.

I wonder if the elimination of that SEC investigation was worth, oh, say $1 billion.

Huh, imagine that?


Small world.



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828 Responses to Details Behind Patrick Byrne Allegations of FBI “Political Espionage”…

  1. lemontree says:

    I don’t trust Byrne’s story…..yet. The timing of it seems awfully convenient as is his interview on CNN. This isn’t the type of story CNN would touch. BUT… It sounds like it gives the Obama administration some credibility about Russia. The fact they supposedly were inserting Butina into all these campaigns, including and especially Hillary Clinton’s campaign makes me suspicious. Why go public if you really believe Durham will do the job? Especially just when we are supposed to get the OIG report followed by Durham/Barr’s investigation. I find the whole thing extremely suspicious. Byrne is all over the place in telling his story but consistent on each show. Seems rehearsed even in his delivery, which reminds me of Carter Page’s delivery. I think this smells and was deliberate in timing and his manner of speaking was meant to sound like Carter Page. The insertion of HRC’s campaign being looked into as well doesn’t fit.

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    • ozymandiasssss says:

      Carter Page’s delivery never told me anything. I thought this was completely different.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      his manner of speaking was meant to sound like Carter Page

      I got that same feeling. Making the rounds of the media but only providing the most vague info.

      I think Carter Page was always working for the FBI and he was a plant in Trump’s campaign, and he was the “insurance policy” who they “burned” in order to secure a FISA warrant. In order to keep up the ruse, that Page was a victim and not working for the FBI, he had to make the rounds of the media to proclaim his innocence. But he always comes across as a total goofball which is totally contrary to his background, and he still refuses to name crucial names or throw his buddy Stefan Halper under the bus.

      I cannot conclude anything about Byrne though other than he’s giving off that Page vibe.

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      • GenEarly says:

        Carter Page never indicted or prosecuted by the Wiseman-Mueller “show trials” either!!!!
        He was clearly a FIB planted Conduit for obtaining Fisa warrants.

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        • covfefe999 says:

          Exactly. Page, the only one who was never charged. How convenient. But his career as an FBI informant is over now, thanks to the the FBI “burning” him as a source, putting out that Yahoo article. And then Trump won so we were able to learn about the FISA warrant and so much more. Gosh, think about it, if Hillary had won we would probably all think Carter Page was a Russian operative.

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      • WRB says:

        Yes, I think your analysis of Carter Page makes sense. And to tell the truth, I have my suspicions of Papadopoulos… a possible asset who was used as a pawn, and then burned.

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    • My first reaction is that Byrne’s story is a free-floater, as it were, entirely apart from and irrelevant to what we already know about all of those he names. It’s all about Byrne and Butina, and my immediate reaction to that is….crickets. Nothing. Who are they and why bother with a story focused on them? The American Thinker article this morning, and comments on it, implied the FBI (or FIB, as some write it now) spying included spying on the Hillary Clinton campaign, which would imply this story is an attempt to excuse her and with her the entire Democrat party (while throwing those FBI leaders — already identified as felons in this — off the wagon and to the wolves).

      I have read some of the articles on the coup by Ashton Gray, and I agree with him that it all appears to be a CIA scheme, operationally. Stories like Byrne’s — again, “free floaters” — which only confuse and potentially mislead people, are the CIA’s stock method of operation. I will continue to call it all a “CIA In-Country Regime Change Operation (to take out our President)”, until I see hard facts to the contrary.

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    • TMonroe says:

      We’re supposed to believe after all of the media entities covering for the FBI, CIA, State Dept. and Senate Intellingence that this guy is going to be provided a platform and a microphone so readily from multiple media outlets (NYT, CNN, FOX) with anchors basically providing a “tell us more! Oh no, Hillary was targeted too? Warren Buffet is our friend!” backdrop.

      When this story first crawled out from its beta testing via Sara Carter — as noted on this site, consider who leaks to the tick tockers, it strained credulity. The motive became even more questionable when Buffet — not one known for wasted words and efforts against his interests — made a direct email quote in her article akin to what Sinatra and his platoon were brainwashed to say about the Manchurian Candidate about Byrne’s credentials.

      I’m going with the assumption that we are being played, especially with the Hillary rope-in and the new angle this provides: we were all victims, not just the GOP candidate. Therefore, no generational-defining political,hit to the partisan weaponization the Dems pulled off, just more diversity training in the FBI and we’re all good.

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      • BoreMole says:

        Yup. mix a bit of red meat with a bunch of hallucinogens, ritalin, and opiates, toss it in the cage, bang it a few times, and watch the posts get above 500.

        Not buying it at all.

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      • GenEarly says:

        When caught in the Deep State’s Web, it might behoove Byrne to get out his disclosures to the DoJ to CYA and avoid being Episteened. Obviously to me, the DoJ is Still Compromised, and the FIB under Wray is still a Jokester.
        Lots of Smoke, “No Fire in the hole,” yet…….tic, toc has toc’ed too long, imo. Same old same old, but, but, “What about (name a Feral Gov Crime) ????? Zzzzzzz Time kills All.

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    • WD says:

      They make the rules so they can break the rules.

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    • lfhbrave says:

      Same impression. I thought Carter Page was one of the kind. Now I know better.


    • Timothy Miller says:

      Given the circumstances – he spills on this on the day he resigns from being CEO of a successful company he built and, let’s face it, he’s a pot head – I’m inclined to dismiss his mannerism and his verbal river flow. Given the way Carter Page was treated I feel the same about him.

      BUT ON THE OTHER HAND I wasn’t really putting their TV deliveries together until this comment. My spidey senses are on alert.

      Still, it’s hard to see at this time how this release of information helps the swamp state, other than to perhaps give AG Barr more credibility.

      My understanding is, if the swamp state conspired on it’s own to illegally depose a President, it’s sedition. If it conspired with a foreign country, especially an enemy state, it’s treason. There sure seems to be a lot of Putin-connected Russians conveniently placed in this whole conspiracy to bring down Trump.


    • MelH says:

      I watched the interview on FOX and, while I was tickled that Comey was mentioned, I kept having the feeling that something about Byrne was very fishy. I agree the HRC campaign doesn’t fit, and what’s the point in going public if we don’t get to know who XYandZ are and.or what they instructed Byrne to do….all he went public about is that he USED a young girl, TWICE, at the behest of the FBI. What a cad!

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    • Brinton says:

      I agree, I don’t trust his boy scout image he is putting foward… the thing that bothers me or sticks out the most, are his comments about Hillary Clinton. he constantly keeps bringing up how she was also spied on. It just seems like he is trying to portray Hillary as a victim now. I’m sure she was probably spied on also, but she is no victim…. I think this thing is getting ready to open up. people are now potioning themselves to limit the damage. Hillary will say it was all Obama, that she was a victim…. I don’t trust this guys version exactly.

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    • 55praises says:

      It is wise to be skeptical, yet…
      you ask, why now? As several people have observed, Mr. Byrne was not telling the whole story just part of it. He may have received threats since going to the DOJ in April, or (after Epstein’s death) reasoned that more visibility would give him more safety. The Google whistle-blower also mentioned that as a reason for coming forward. The puppeteers operate like a cartel or mafia – you don’t cross them and hope to enjoy life afterwards.
      In the scheme of things, if the basis of Byrne’s story is true (using the Russian woman as a radioactive FISA bait), the evil exposed completely overshadows whether HRC was also targeted. We know what BHO, HRC and company (all the 3 letter agencies involved) did with Spygate and the Russia collusion-obstruction hoax is real. As Representative Nunes has said several times, the scope of this thing boggles the mind. It is deeper, wider, and uglier than anything this country has ever seen.


  2. The Boss says:

    Taking this as true, it is more than conceivable Byrne was being set up in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

    Report the suspicious contact, we have a job for you.
    Not report the contact, here’s a get out of jail free card.

    The job and the get out jail free card are the same thing.

    The FBI screwed Carter Page. Why wouldn’t they screw Bryne?

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    • Jederman says:

      As I have said before, the obama admin was the finest example of the chicago way writ large on EVERY executive office resource that could be used, not to cover all Americans well, but to suppress, harass and intimidate any political opposition, on the taxpayer’s dime.

      Third world banana republic style all the way. It was an ongoing case of “…yeah we did it but you can’t prove it… .”

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    • Bad Bill Barr says:

      I don’t have a confident opinion on Mr. Byrnes’ credibility yet.
      It sure seems that he has more to lose then to gain.

      Liked by 1 person

    • GenEarly says:

      Carter Page walked Free of any Indictments!!!! Screwed??? I think not, he is still probably on the trusted informant-agent provocateur list. How and who is he working for Now???.
      We are fed the information we need to be herded and no more.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. MLK says:

    Spectacular work!

    Throughout I’ve implored that at this level there are no coincidences, most especially timing.

    Since the resuscitation of the Epstein Saga, the single most important question I had was why now? After all, as I pointed out, if taken as a closed loop set-piece — resuscitation; indictment; arrest; incarceration; “suicide,” all within a short period, it was strange.

    There were immediately inexplicable details to the official story. Why would Epstein fly back to the US at that time? Why wasn’t he suicided before purportedly flying back to the US by any of multitude of people/entities that could be implicated by him? As Stalin advised, “No man, no problem.”

    “It sounds like there are several motives for going public; perhaps one is personal safety.”

    I’m not suggesting that Byrne is implicated in Epstein’s crimes. That’s the irony — they can just make it up if they want, as we learned from the fabricated Steele dossier.

    My essential point/speculation is that — per ‘Just because you’re paranoid — Bryne could be forgiven for taking Epstein as a message/warning perhaps intended most especially to him. Those who have the power to push that button right under our noses are rightly feared.

    I suspect that Epstein was put fully into play as a counter-measure after Byrne dropped a dime in April. Byrne mentioned specific dates (4/5; 4/30) for a reason and connected it to a worrisome (for the criminal conspirators) change in Butina’s confinement/isolation.

    This was the oddest comment, which I believe he made in more than one interview. A counter-shot across the bow, me thinks:

    “Everyone in this country has gone nuts, and especially for the last year when I realized what I know, every time I see one of these things, somebody drives 600 miles to gun down 20 strangers in the mall, I feel a bit responsible.”

    If he did, repeating those odd, fictitious details (600 miles; 20 strangers; mall), then those are intentional obscurantism. It certainly had me thinking he was referencing the 10/1/17 Las Vegas Shooting.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Whereas, I think that Epstein was simply a heinous criminal – a blackmailer who abused hundreds if not thousands of young women, with nary a shred of remorse. When he landed in the USA, he had no idea that indictments had been sworn out against him. And, once he set foot in that prison and couldn’t get out, “he was a marked man.” As Rudy Giuliani put it, “he was the man everybody in that jail wanted to kill.”

      And, I just can’t say anything but that he richly deserved it. There comes a point where your crimes are so awful that you forfeit your right to live. “Who did it?” Maybe this man was riding on the Orient Express. Maybe everybody did it. As long as the job got done.

      The investigation into his massive sex ring will continue, and everyone who was an accomplice in it must not sleep easy. Donald Trump’s men were entirely correct in throwing his miserable ass out of Mar a Largo with instructions never to return. I can’t equate a pedophile with a CEO.

      Liked by 7 people

      • gary says:

        this will merge with the barr durham investigation. same players. clintons and a corrupt DOJ. IMHO.

        Liked by 1 person

      • MLK says:

        What’s your theory, that the Powers That Be suddenly developed a conscience and decided it was time for him to get his just desserts?

        “As long as the job got done.”

        It’s not supposed to happen in this country. Think about all the heinous convicted monsters the government protects from harm, let alone someone charged and not yet tried, much less convicted.

        With all due respect, you’re being manipulated. The seditious filth behind the plot against the POTUS want us to find their wholesale disregard and debasement of the rule of law appealing.

        Liked by 5 people

      • TrumpPatriot says:

        I am interested in the rumors that the light sentence and lack of involvement by the FEDS in making additional charges in Florida was because Epstein was FBI/CIA informant.

        Liked by 1 person

      • TrumpPatriot says:

        I am interested in the rumors that the light sentence and lack of involvement by the FEDS in making additional charges in Florida was because Epstein was FBI/CIA informant.


    • Cynthia says:

      Allegedly, the El Paso shooter drove 600 miles to kill people at that Wal-Mart.

      Liked by 4 people

      • MLK says:

        Ah, okay. Thanks. Though it’s still a strange comment in this context. His implication being that the American people are being manipulated and ginned up by “the Men in Black.”


        • GenEarly says:

          History would indicate more faith for the “Men in Black” agents of the Feral Deep State.
          The word “assassin” is connected long ago to hash hish brainwashing controlled murderers.
          A rational person would expect some “improvements” over the centuries, especially with the MK Ultra CIA disclosures.
          That these mass shootings are pre-planned and targeted to Herd Sheeples seems quite plausible and likely.
          The Bolsheviks turned Russia into a Progressive loved Communist bloodbath, financed from Western Banksters and Industrialists. Lenin and Trotsky came from the West, well Financed.
          Bushies and Clintoons are Crime Cartels, to name two in America, but the World is in the grip of Ruling Criminals.
          The presidency and patriotic populism of Trump is spreading worldwide against the Globalist Tyranny. It is a War, by other means presently, but there are no guarantees, ever.
          CYA is the credit of a prudent man.


  4. larrythelogger says:

    What if the ONLY thing that happens in this illegal coup to remove a duly elected president, including the purposeful and evil destruction of innocent lives (Carter Page, et al) results in absolutely zero consequences to anyone criminally involved and instead only results in pillow, designer sheets, boots and strawberry sales? Right now, strawberry and boot sales are the only positives in this whole Russia story and it appears that it will be the ONLY positive by design with the GOP helping to make sure of it.


    • Larry, I’m as cynical as the rest of us, but when I look at Messrs. Barr and Durham and Horowitz and so on, I don’t see the sort of men who let criminals go free. In fact, I think that Mr. Barr was asked to return as Attorney General (thus becoming only the second man in American history to have done so) for the specific reason of “getting to the bottom of this.” He was singularly granted extraordinary authority, and I’m quite sure that he is using it.

      I continue to have confidence that these men will exercise the duties given to them … and that they will, at this point, do so in secrecy, as the Law demands. One day, we’ll be eating our morning Wheaties and read about arrests. Later on that morning, indictments will finally be revealed. And there will have been no glimmer of it, the night before. We know that they will be fought all the way to the Supreme Court by the highest-paid defense lawyers on Earth. Every single thing about these cases has to be … bulletproof.

      I know that the “perps” remain utterly convinced that nothing bad will ever happen to them, but in this I consider them to be disastrously mistaken.

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      • Mitch Steel says:

        Me, you, US…will all be dissapointed. No one is going to jail.

        That leaves We the People, who are bitterly divided, to straighten this out?

        Someone use logic, to prove me wrong.

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      • franz dorn says:

        UMMM, Target letters???


      • Mike says:

        If you believe Baker’s testimony before Congress, Durham has been investigating the investigators since September 2018. Since Sessions recused himself, Rosenstein must have appointed him to do so.


        • Mike says:

          I might add that it was October 8, 2018 that Rosenstein flew with Trump on AF-1 in the midst of rumors that Trump was going to fire him. After the flight, Trump said they had a great discussion and he was not considering firing Rosenstein. A coincidence that a month before Durham had been appointed to investigate the investigators. I don’t think so.


      • larrythelogger says:

        Durham caught, then REWARDED Mueller for illegally keeping three men in prison over Whitey Bolger and YOU helped pay one of the released men over 20 million dollars. Then Mueller was again rewarded and promoted for other past criminal behavior while Barr’s wife and Mueller’s wife studied the Bible together. Then Mueller got the ultimate promotion and HUGE paycheck for making sure the Russia hoax kept going. And, you think Barr and his help-mate Durham is going to make sure these felons are brought to justice by the same justice system that exonerated Hillary for her crimes? Please pet your purple unicorn for me and according to Glenn Beck and his new and ridiculous Bitterman catalog type cowboy boot ads, get a pair to enter your unicorn corral.


        • Bad Bill Barr says:

          Wrong. Attn. Durham was subordinate to Janet Reno.

          Liked by 1 person

          • larrythelogger says:

            It matters not a whit. Mueller was promoted and rewarded for his criminal acts and will be rewarded along with all of his Marxist “special investigation” staff. I guess the oath of office only means something if your name is Allen West in this new age of the Holy Temple of Me, especially in the the FBI and DOJ. Frankly, I’m a little tired of it, especially since my turnip truck wounds healed back in November, 1995. Barr is one of them. His non-action and the GOP’s making sure that nothing happens to the criminals by purposely taking forever, ought to be a pretty big clue.


      • Patience says:

        Of all mottos for DT to choose…
        “MAGA” and the campaign promise “Drain the SWAMP” (turned chant) –not to mention “Lock her up!”– were no unknowing… happenstance marketing ploys.
        They were the counter-rePLY to the deliberately divisive double-word-play:
        “Yes WE Can”!

        Several years ago I stumbled on a site about what’s called The Plan; allegedly to be put into use when the Country was dangerously near ceasing to exist.

        IMO Reagan tried to interrupt -but couldn’t stop- where the NWO was going. Trump is not only determined to save to USA, but capable. Who he nominates, who he hires (and fires), and those who resign, WHAT he says, WHO he names, etc seems to be no accident.

        Drain the SWAMP is literally in process.

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  5. scrap1ron says:

    We’re still waiting for Senator Chuck “You” Schumer to remind us, once again, that, “You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,”

    Golly Patrick, didn’t FIB explain this to you?

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  6. Philip Adams says:

    I don’t think it is at all surprising that this group would spy on the Hillary campaign. This is not just about ideology, it is about Power. To appropriate and exercise maximum power, they first needed to defeat President Trump. After that they would also need to have control over HRC. I don’t think HRC is the mastermind behind anything, just an opportunist and a pawn to whoever is ultimately behind the entire “Pinkey and the Brain” scheme to try to take over the world.

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  7. Only 8 in the morning and Sundance already has my head spinning out of control. (Nice job though!)

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  8. Anon says:

    Laughing, crying, angry – all within the space of a few minutes. He sounds like John Nash (paranoid schizophrenic). Who knows.


    • amjean says:

      Nervous laughter while facing the possibility of assisted suicide with two bullets in the
      back of the head, crying because his whole life is ruined and angry because he was
      used by the government and had to give up the CEO position in a company he founded.

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      • Carly says:

        Agreed, amjean. Commonsense speculation: Butina was using him, too, for access for the oligarchs paying her. And he is a merely an American businessman, first recruited and later pressed into service for the FBI. He stepped into this out of naivete — later SEC brought pressure. Roller coaster emotions would be expected. His eyes are wide open.

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      • I agree with you AmJean. I do kind of feel bad for him but….

        This comes to mind:
        If you play with fire, you are going to get burned. Apparently, exactly what has happened.


        • GB Bari says:

          Disagree. He originally got involved to help solve a friends murder. There’s nothing about that we can accurately describe as “playing with fire.” He thought he was being a helpful citizen but realized the deceitful by the Feds only after he was already deeply involved.

          I don’t think he was playing. That kind of accusation only comes with the advantage of 20/20 hindsight, what Byrne and others did not have when they first were approached by the Feds to “help”.

          Byrne himself indicated many times in these recent interviews that he would not reveal some names or all of the information of which he is aware; several times he implied why. So IMHO there’s insufficient info to come to any concrete conclusions either way about his total credibility. But Sundance has done a great job vetting him based on consistency of his statements both across the interviews and against existing known timelines and facts.

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    • T X says:

      Do you have any capacity for empathy? Can you try to imagine yourself in his situation right know and grasp the weight and stress and fear he must be under right now.

      I’m amazed that he could hold it together as much as he did.

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    • tozerbgood8315 says:

      “Laughing, crying, angry – all within the space of a few minutes. He sounds like John Nash (paranoid schizophrenic). Who knows.”

      You step down from being CEO over a company you nurtured into success, and see how emotional you get.


  9. MLK says:

    On a different note (than my previous comment here), Byrne’s media burst strikes me as a piece in the public conditioning puzzle. By this I mean that most Americans (not us, of course) need to be prepared before they can get their minds around the biggest political scandal in our history.

    I’ve followed the resolve, as I label it, or at least have tried to divine it. If memory serves, for at least a year and a half, it was evident that the criminal conspiracy against the POTUS had failed AND their malefactions couldn’t be swept under the rug.

    I’m big on reverse engineering in instances like this. In other words, what’s necessary to prepare the public for exposure of the plot and indictments of former high government officials (and others). This scandal is so big, figuring out how to contain it — and there is always a Containment Imperative — has been exceedingly difficult.

    Byrne isn’t the first recently to distinguish the political echelon. Both in terms of the targets (Trump; Rubio; Cruz; Hillary) but Obama as well.

    I know everyone is impatient for the indictments shoe to finally drop. It seems to me the right predicate is being laid for exactly that. Soon. Per Reverse Engineering, just ask yourself whether finally the public and the completely discredited mass and prestige media is ready to hear that [Comey; McCabe; Brennan; Clapper] have been indicted without going into wacky conspiracy theory mode?

    I say they finally are.

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    • MLK- I don’t think there are many of the criminal class of elites who give a damn about the hearts and minds of the American people. They go by Mencken’s Law, to wit, “nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

      On the other hand, Sundance is the greatest sleuth (and storyteller) of our time. I feel lucky to know him and have access to his work.

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        • boogywstew says:

          Everyone here knows him. Everyone posting here this morning hangs out at his house so much that we all have our own coffee mugs he keeps in his cupboard. We all know where the spare key is so we can just let ourselves in. We thought you knew this?

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      • MLK says:

        With all due respect to Mencken, the American People elected Trump despite near universal elite opposition.

        The Epstein Set-Piece was a sign of weakness, not strength. So publicly throwing your weight around in Stalinist fashion is desperation in a Constitutional Republic.

        In short, it works until it don’t work no more. It’s deeply discrediting of institutions (e.g. FBI; DOJ) we all rely on, no more so elites.

        One habit of mind of the Commanding Heights is an aversion for Riverboat Gambling. Think about it, the moment Trump took the oath most of those who wanted him gone were unwilling to risk it all. The more money and power you have the less you’re willing to risk being zeroed out.

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      • Seneca, the rare exception was the 2016 Presidential race. 95% of the government money went to Hillary, most of the corporate money went to Hillary, and they lost because they had bet that the American people were a bunch of idiots. They didn’t lose by much though! 🙂

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  10. sarasotosfan says:

    When you overlay all the events on a timeline you begin to see how invested the FBI and DOJ had become in conducting criminal acts, to the point where you wonder just how they managed to find time to enforce existing law.

    If I was an analyst, which I’m not, and you were my client, which you are not, I would be pounding the table to buy Overstock.

    And I sure as heck would be seeking to get Ms.Hodgman in quarantine where she could not harm anyone until we have figured out exactly what is going on, and why.

    Byrne has played this masterfully. Strozk never figured he would just walk away and now the tables have been turned. Anyone wanna bet that the Page/Strozk messages we can’t see are laced with SEC comments?

    And the Hillary thing. The FBI had strong motivation to leave a case open against her to enable them to continue to control her.

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  11. FreedomLover says:

    Good news – a review of the big MSM web sites shows little/no mention of this guy’s interviews. Fox has it visible, but not much.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Overstock location in the home of Mitt…”, Inc. is an American internet retailer headquartered in Midvale, Utah,[1] near Salt Lake City.[2] was originally founded in 1997 by Robert Brazell as D2: Discounts Direct. Two years later, it was sold to Patrick M. Byrne who renamed it The company initially sold exclusively surplus and returned merchandise on an online e-commerce marketplace, liquidating the inventories of at least 18 failed dot-com companies at below-wholesale prices.[3] The company continues to sell home decor, furniture, bedding, and many other goods that are closeout merchandise,[4] however, it also sells new merchandise.[5]”

      Overstock has been in business throughout the digital revolution…their cookies have been in countless cookie jars!

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      • I won't back down says:


        not sure what to make of this

        Byrne states in one of the above interviews he was the top donor to Hillary in Utah in spite of being a little L Libertarian and little r Republican. That’s kind of weird/inconsistent.

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  12. Publius2016 says:

    man is old…how long has he been Government Asset?

    why is Buffet his boss??


  13. wxobserver says:

    Holy FISA warrant batman! I think this is what the FBI means when they refer to “sources and methods”.

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  14. Appalled says:

    In/around Feb or March 2016 Byrne was told to focus Ms. Butina’s attention to the campaign of Donald Trump and to diminish any attention toward Rubio or Cruz.
    March 9 2016-NSA director Rogers becomes aware of improper access to raw FISA data, and Page sends text referencing “HUGE f__ up.”
    March 10 2016–First phishing attempts on Clinton campaign.
    Mid-March–Papadopoulos travels to Rome and meets Josph Mifsud.
    March 19 2016–John Podesta’s emails were hacked after he clicks phishing link.

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  15. Jim in TN says:

    There have been a handful of accusations of government run political shenanigans prior to Popadapolous. But aside from Solomon, they just don’t get much print, and aside from Fox, they just don’t get much airtime.

    Is this a hint that Barr is delving into the Obama corruptions?

    Or is it a way of trying to tie it off before it gets anywhere near Obama’s inner circle, using the same tired old culprits as fall guys?

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  16. not2worryluv says:

    Want to talk about crazy, who would have believed the most “trusted” agencies in our Country would try to overthrow an elected President by an opposing political party?

    Who would have believed that we could have a two-term President and his minions create a stealth Dictatorship?

    Think Antifa, The Squad and The Southern Border just “happened”?

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  17. MR52 says:

    Makes me think that opposition is/was using NRA to create gun control issues via manipulation. Maybe he is feeling guilty about people getting killed. Possible that Vegas shooting is connected to this manipulation?

    Wonder how much bitcon is going in to DNC. Not a big fan of blockchain, but if there was an opportunity to abuse it, he might be a good target for it.

    I wonder how much ramsonware is going to the globalist? Is this part of it?

    Crazy ideal but this might be bigger than it is, with triggered shooting and currency manipulation.

    Warren was in the Hilary camp. I am suspect.

    Ugh, CNBC….

    “As a supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race, Buffett said he was disappointed by the election result. “I worked for Hillary. I raised money for Hillary. I voted for Hillary. I was disappointed when she lost.” ”

    I am guessing Buffet knows all that is going on.

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  18. avogadra says:

    Farrier105 mentioned the Orlando Pulse nightclub mass shooting that sucked all the oxygen out of media reporting. Last night Mr. Byrne got all teary when he mentioned the El Paso shooter in the Walmart. Byrne implied that somehow the shooting was his fault.

    Sundance is probably all over this already, but is there any chance that these random mass shootings are somehow arranged by the Deep State and their FBI informants to take attention away from inconvenient news that is breaking? News that might reveal what the Deep State has been up to? Is it possible that Mr. Byrne is concerned that if he doesn’t come forward, these “random” shootings will continue to happen?

    I know that’s crazy talk. But I thought I would just thow it out there.

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    • MR52 says:

      I am thinking the same thing, but then it just might be buyer remorse that they have been supporting a cause that is splitting the nation. Think about creating a recession to get their pick for President. Really messed up thinking.

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    • G. Alistar says:

      No, ultimate in conspiracy theory….the shooters were independent actors, many of them teen aged kids, copy-cats.

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      • MfM says:

        I agree they seem to be independent actors… but triggered by the media pushing a narrative at the public. The baseball practice shooting was after a bunch of anti-Trump stuff. The Griffith beheading, Shakespeare in the Park, the rap video killing a Trump figure. Those were all to get people worked up. Those were all very visual attacks, but there were tons of verbal ones at the same time.

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    • dawg says:

      No. Thats not what Byrne was saying.

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    • Patience says:

      Fast n Furious was helpful. No?


  19. Zorro says:

    The is a mass disruption event. See Russia is worse than you think and spying 🕵️‍♀️ is fully justified. Clinton is an incidental “victim” in all of this. Try to find the needle in the haystack now.


    • dawg says:

      Disagree. Byrne said that the US government did not even think of her as a spy.

      Many people in here are totally misconstruing what Byrne is saying and implying.

      Granted its hard to grasp because of the way he talks and the tangents.

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  20. sarasotosfan says:

    One more thing about this: it isn’t out of the realm of possibility the FBI and DOJ have strong armed large media companies. It is unlikely they are controlling virtually all of them, but the control of one or two might well induce all the others to fall in line. This Me Too movement just might be the power controlling these propaganda outlets, although there are probably others we will learn about.

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  21. RJ says:

    I just got done watching two television interviews. Byrne comes across (for me) as a man who is very comfortable using flattery, he is a slippery individual–meaning he has a dominant method which he applies to get what he wants/seeks. Therefore, I ask myself what is it that he is seeking by giving these interviews and disclosing the information he puts forth? What is his agenda?

    He claims to be a hippie at heart. He wears a black tee shirt in one interview when he talks about black hats coming to him for help. Not all adds up, even when he uses business terms such as bottom line.

    In short, one thing he does accomplish is creating a “sand storm” within which he wishes to reside for reasons I don’t know. What the sand storm is intended to accomplish I don’t know. If timing is everything, then I will focus on his timing.

    Byrne’s injection into this mess will create more questions. Keep in mind he is a globalist who claims an undying love for America while sprinkling kisses to all he comes into contact. He is a handshake for what I don’t know…he brings a virus into our world with these comments of his being an unwitting puppet in a larger, more sinister game played by those in powerful positions.

    He fears for his life is my conclusion. He was duped into helping those he now concludes are pure evil. Who in Obama’s government had the most evil face?

    Brennan…and who did he work for? The man with the big toothy smile and sweeping handshake!
    Two snakes who will do evil at the drop of a hat! As for Comey and his immediate sidekicks: They are small time wanna bees who really like to lick the boots of those they worship. Little big men playing games for power, all of them!

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  22. warspite2 says:

    So far this still has the look of a story touted as “big” and then deflated by the MSM with a single pin prick. Beware disinformation

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  23. T X says:

    Excellent synopsis – thank you Sundance for all you continue to do here.

    One thought – when you said “Mueller wanted Butina locked away in strict isolation.” my immediate internal reaction was “well, whoever is pulling Muller’s strings wanted that” right? Mueller seems like just the dutiful and ideologically-aligned foot-soldier here, not the shot-caller.

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  24. bluebongo says:

    This chaotic, grade school surveillance operation is exactly what we would expect from appointed bureaucrats who end up conducting one.

    In their mind it was the payment for the insurance policy.

    In Barr’s mind it “doesn’t hang”.

    Sundance is spot on with regards to the T-1 warrant on Butina, she opened surveillance doors we would be shocked to learn about.

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  25. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    In thinking about it…..

    I think the fact that he included Hillary is a give away.
    He’s trying to do an elaborate cover up.

    First of all who, if anyone, who is informed, “Does Not” know the names involved?

    Second: All he / they have to do is Read Sundance’s extensive coverage on this, make Byrne match those dates with his, then hey…..he sounds credible..

    Third: They still seem to be running with the “Russia….Russia…portion of this… with:
    When Comey and his pals say something it may be on the lines of:

    “See…it was not Hillary and it “was” the Russians…………..

    And with just that last thought…this seems like a lot of amateurish BS

    So….wait for it….what has it been? Almost 100 days since Barr was told to De-Class?
    What have we got?

    Waiting for Barr to say: “Nothing to see here”…..”It was the Russians”

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    • MTeresa says:

      I really hope you are wrong…………….but I’ve become so disgusted with the whole tick tock thing that you may be right. I know some really crappy stuff (corruption, incompetence etc) happens in the military and other big organizations. Sometimes, those at the top pulling the strings always seem to get away with it.

      I pray for President Trump every single day. He’s up against some unimaginable odds.

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    • RJ says:

      “The fog of war!”

      Methinks this will be the storyline to unravel. Hillary will have another glass of wine as Obama roams about his east coast mansion smiling that big toothy grin of condensation for all us little people!


    • Kaco says:

      I don’t know, he claims Butina was basically an innocent. And that she will come out “a hero”. He acted like Butina was a liberal who liked guns and the 2A. And Beck says that Byrne told him multiple times that Byrne checked with the FBI who said Butina was clean.


    • Kaco says:

      Also to add, I think he said that Butina told him she’d help set up meetings with Byrne and Russia, too, for speaking engagements, etc.


  26. Boboleary says:

    The part about Strzok’s wife involvement turns this from another pilw of crap to a full-blown sewer. Seems we see over and over how DC corruption is a couples game.

    Liked by 8 people

    • Speaking of couples. Very interesting to me that Strozk’s wife may be involved in the plot even after her husband being publicly accused of an affair with Lisa Page.
      I’ve long wondered if that “affair” was smokescreen also. I have never seen an iota of affection in those texts between the so-called lovers.

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  27. evergreen says:

    Reports a Russian contact as mandated by his security clearance…then is told to use that contact for nefarious purposes against a political campaign opposing the current administration. He was wise to the end: lots of people disliked Trump, and besides, he wasn’t going to win, remember?

    Bet that factored into his calculus then. After Trump won,…oh sh&t, now what? When clear that Trump is going to prevail, why not be the first to come out with your skin mostly intact, especially since your Russian contact sits in solitary as simple collateral damage…and some billionaire just croaked in prison.

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  28. StanH says:

    Our government has lost it’s mind but has become what I expected. All of this fits into “the ends justify the means” mantra. Anything goes with these people who are former 60’s radicals and their spawn. They control the MSM, Education, Government Bureaucracies state & fed, Judges (President Trump’s working on that one), Wall Street, et al.

    I too can’t believe the overt criminality but when I think about it for a moment, this was all promised 50+ years ago. You know “sticking it to the man.” The bad news, they are the man now, the good news they are a minority who seem larger because of the MSM who are fellow travelers. Once we accept this, it makes Patrick Byrne’s story believable and explains how our government has become more of a criminal enterprise than it was. Now everything is for sale in the swamp.

    I agree Mr. Bryne’s public appearance is a life insurance policy, we do not know yet if his motives are pure? We’ll see.

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  29. Bugsdaddy says:

    My Suspicious Cat instincts are on high alert.

    Last night I was looking for a positive out of this, and I thought, well maybe it will get the story out there and more widespread. But this morning, I’ve come back to if this guy IS a nut job, the deranged media will turn everything SD has compiled and educated us on with the real facts, the fake news story will be: see there’s more proof that this is all nuts, just like this guy.

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    • Kaco says:

      No, there’s documented evidence, along with the work done by Nunes, Jordan, They’ve all seen it.

      This might be another angle the FBI were working on top of Fusion GPS, Halper, 5 eyes, Misfud, Ohrs, etc.

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  30. JRD says:

    The worst assumption one can make is that if A and B are true than everything is true.
    A half truth is worse than a lie. It’s disinformation. The lifeblood of spooks.

    Did Byrne participate with the FBI in the Butina affair? Probably. But that information was released months ago.

    Did the FBI make it appear to Byrne that they were conducting political espionage on Clinton also? Probably, but it was a CYA ruse. More insurance policy BS. But the fact remains that Trump peeps were terrorized, their lives ruined and, some even went to jail. NONE OF THIS HAPPENED TO HRC or her PEEPS. She and they all walked.

    The FBI is corrupt to the core. So is the Department of Justice and the CIA.
    Intel purposely recruit sick twisted freaks like Strzok, Comey, and Brennan who are morally and ethically bankrupt.
    DC is peopled with the progeny of vermin who eventually go mad and become idiots. It’s time for some new blood.

    Laughable that the intel community attempted to smear a flag waving, patriotic loving American like Donald Trump and 2 Cuban Americans as Rubio and Cruz who’s families suffered from Communist rule to be aligned with Russia.
    Shows you how “out to lunch” the nut cases in the intel community are. And how ignorant and devoid of powers of discernment they believe us to be.

    Is Byrne scared? Probably. He’s trying to get ahead of the Durham info drop.

    I ain’t buying that the intel community conducted political espionage on Hillary. It’s BS.
    I ain’t buying anything Obama’s guru Buffet throws out there either.

    If Barr thinks that saying political espionage was conducted on both parties will help heal the country he could not be more wrong.

    Brennan is the mastermind. Time for him to be made to pay for his sins.

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    Fantastic work Sundance reviewing the 4 apperances and sifting out the facts, particularly in laying out the timeline.
    There is a great deal of skepticism about Bryne’s story/motives. I’m suspending judgement for now.


  32. Jack says:

    I wonder if there is a connection between this and John McAfee. He was involved in these currencies and also had to go on the run.

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  33. Firefly says:

    Here’s the letter Butina’s attorney’s sent to Durham and Horowitz. Patrick Byrne had a clearance and reported the contact with Butina. Later after ceasing contact the FBI asked Patrick to rekindle the contacts. Be interesting if Durham and Horowitz followed up with interviews – or don’t want to ask (don’t want the answers).

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  34. Blind no Longer says:

    Butina’s lawyer says he’s legit! From Sara Carter’s article in July:

    “It was something I knew I had to do,” he told this reporter. “Those running the operation were not honest and in the end I realized I was being used in some sort of soft coup.”

    Familiar with the possible backlash he will face, he made the decision to go public after speaking to his mentor and longtime friend billionaire Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Buffet, whom Byrne describes as his ‘Rabbi,’ sent a statement Tuesday night confirming his meeting with Byrne at his home in Omaha, Nebraska several weeks ago.

    No telling how long the FBI/CIA has been using people like this!! This is probably how they get past the laws about operating in the USA–CIA uses FBI counter intell investigations and coordinates the espionage. Where there’s a will there’s a way around the law= six ways from Sunday.

    Liked by 2 people

    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      And it kinda reminded me of Rice going on all those Sunday shows in one day.

      “It was the video… was the video”

      Something smells…….

      I think they are attempting to “End” the whole investigation into “Them”

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  35. Chilidog says:

    “[Sidebar: It’s noteworthy that during these FBI engagements Byrne was never requested to facilitate Ms. Butina into the Bernie Sanders campaign. The inference in that omission is the Dem primary was rigged, and the riggers saw no value wasting time on Bernie”

    Don’t forget they had Bernie’s wife under investigation for a shady land deal. So the feds had leverage on him too.

    Liked by 4 people

    • mortgagesforthemasses says:

      Do not forget the leaked Podesta e-mails with clear references to blackmailing Bernie if he strayed too far from being controlled opposition: There’s a reason Bernie stated he didn’t give a damn about Hillary’s e-mails in the first debate. The had dirt on him.

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  36. covfefe999 says:

    I encourage everyone to read this New York Times article. I’m not suggesting that you take every single bit of it as the truth, but there is some really interesting info about Byrne in there. And now it makes me more suspicious of his claims. He has a history of being nutty. Why would the FBI trust someone like this?


    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Ah… we really need to name names on the character of people at the FBI?

      C’mon Man

      And “Read the NY Times????

      I gotta go watch some paint dry…

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      • covfefe999 says:

        Look at Byrne’s history which is documented in that NYT article.


        • PatriotKate says:

          Quoting the NY Times here? Really?

          Of course they are going to come out swinging against Byrne. They are the mouthpiece for Intelligence and they have to try and discredit his story as quickly as possible.

          I believe Byrne and that he realized he had been used, saw Epstein get arrested, incarcerated and murdered and he’s all about survival mode right now. I watched that first interview a few weeks ago and it just seemed he spontaneously spilled his guts. Not, it appears to be more a deliberate self protection mode.

          By claiming Hillary was spied upon as well is probably to try and legitimize his story and insure some survival. Don’t forget Buffet is Arkansas.

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          • covfefe999 says:

            I’m saying don’t blow off any sources of info. Read the material. See what’s out there. Byrne has an odd history, and it can easily be documented with his own statements, you don’t have to trust the NYT. If someone is interested in this topic (initially I wasn’t but am now) then they should be digging and reading ALL sources of info to glean as much useful stuff as possible. That’s what Sundance does. We should all be doing it. Let’s move beyond just commenting and let’s research. The more info we have the better capable we are of forming legitimate opinions.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Kaco says:

              Yeah, but his supposed “oddities” are what they try to paint on POTUS, too, trying to claim he is erratic and mentally unfit to serve. I don’t think their subjective opinion or spin on behaviors should play into this. If Byrne has evidence of all that he claims, that is the linchpin. So far, it is said, what he has said matches up to what has not been known to the public.

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          • cplogics says:

            I believe Buffet lives in Nebraska.


        • 🍺Gunny66 says:

          Thanks covfefe…..wasn’t trying to be snide……..

          We’ve known each other a while… offense intended

          Have a great day…..😎

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  37. billybob says:

    The truth is surrounded by a bodyguard of lies . W.C. Not that’s the truth .

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  38. Ivehadit says:

    Are we moving into the Plausible Deniability phase, prepping the public?
    Hannity even said last night that there may be no convictions.


  39. Sparty says:

    I’ve been reading SD articles for what seems 2 years now. Insight gained priceless. And leveraged to methodically awaken those around me.

    This article for me is off the charts incredible. Like most here I’ve been glued to the entire operation. All of it. Byrne’s emergence and claims connect many proverbial dots. Let’s hope a few intelligent media taking heads can run with it. Sean needs a new narrative. Byrne focus makes for a great transition.

    Liked by 4 people

    • MR52 says:

      Connect the dots, I don’t think I learn anything new except that there might be a bitcoin connection in this and messing with NRA. It does bring to light that they can claim justification for weaseling justification for monitoring. But no new here.


      • Uncle Max says:

        I disagree. I’ve NEVER heard the idea the the Russian woman was actively used by the FBI as a FISA virus. That is HUGE. Especially regarding how the Mueller team charged her after the fact and weirdly through her in solitary. A LOT of dots are connected with these revelations. With respect.

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  40. listingstarboard says:

    Impressive educational background and he hates Jon Huntsman. Whats not to like?Dartmouth College, B.A. Philosophy, Asian Studies
    Cambridge University, M.A. Mathematical Logic
    Stanford University, Ph.D Philosophy

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  41. DeWalt says:

    The Billion dollar aspect in you theory is interesting. I had completely forgotten the SEC connection. Excellent synopsis.

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  42. mortgagesforthemasses says:

    Well done Sundance! I

    I always had some suspicion about Strzok”s wife at the SEC. Byrne was a loose end.It makes sense for the conspirators to put someone in a position of power to apply leverage on loose ends. A wife of a conspirator would be loyal.

    Greed and money are usually the greatest motive for corruption. I have no proof, but I suspect the deep state has been using illegal surveillance for insider trading in securities . That’s real money with no need to launder, and there’s no way the top layer of corruption would not draw from that well. Strzok”s wife would make a nice insurance policy:

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  43. olddog35 says:

    Think about how this blows a hole in the defense of the small groups claim of how their investigation started.

    Does anyone wonder how AG Barr managed to shut down “Team Mueller”?

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  44. I bet the reason to initially go after multiple campaigns was to disguise that Trump was the real target.

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  45. OhNoYouDont says:

    CNN is bringing on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe as a contributor, the network announced Friday morning.

    CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy announced the move on his Twitter account.


    • SR says:

      Very soon there will be story by Andrew McCabe as he was given order from top to do spying on everyone including Hillary.It’s standard practice sometime as it’s matter of national security to make sure we are getting correct president and we are happy PTrump is not Russia implant.


    • covfefe999 says:

      You should put that in the presidential open thread so more people see it.


    • TMonroe says:

      Chafff, meet countermeasures?

      And we’re supposed to believe that the narrative engineers at the network weren’t signaled from somewhere that spotlighting Byrnes was a net positive to the agenda of the usual suspects and not a boon to highlighting the weaponization of the government against the president by partisan factions the the auspices of Barry and Hilly. Got it.


  46. Chip Doctor says:

    I am skeptical too, although there are a few things that I am wondering about. This should be the biggest bomb dropped so far, yet it has mostly been scrubbed from everywhere except CTH. Sundance seems to be going way out on a limb, and he very seldom does so without reason. That in itself causes me to give it credence.

    This reminds me of Seth Rich. An explosion, then scrubbed and hidden forever. It takes very powerful people to be able to take a bombshell like Rich and completely bury it like they did. Even Hannity was scared into dropping it.

    This business of Peter Strozk’s wife leading a SEC investigation is just way too much to write off as coincidence. We have seen Rosenstein’s wife involved in nefarious payback and Comey’s daughter in the Epstein case. It is so disheartening to see how deep the swamp is.

    His involvement with Butina also gives credence. For him to be caught up in this entire Russia Russia Russia hoax is beyond coincidence. While his motives for coming out publicly can be questioned, it does seem certain that he is somehow very involved in the espionage.

    The flip side is all of the goody things that he said and did in the interview. A red ball cap about the Grateful Dead? Really? Whether true or not, this guy is every bit as weird as Carter Page. He acted like he was all coked out to me. Very bizarre story.


  47. Daniel says:

    These are indeed interesting developments. And I feel no conclusions in all of this — just a lot of very interesting and compelling ideas to think about.

    Among these ideas are about the reasons Byrne has come out in this way. Personal safety is perhaps one good reason given the death of Epstein.

    Another reason is, perhaps, the belief that after working with Barr and his DOJ, he thinks action is not [going to be] happening against the most obvious of actors in the long list of crimes which have occurred in all of this mess. Perhaps he believes by calling out the facts to the public, it would cause additional pressure to make these investigations public and to show indictments and other procedural documents which indicate some justice may result from any of this.

    I hope Barr is as good as he talks. Sessions was a good talker. Barr is a good talker. But the indications that he’s all talk is evidenced by the lack of attacks from the left against him. (Seriously, why aren’t they attacking him every minute of every day as they did when he was nominated? Feels like an agreement was made.)

    I get that proper justice takes time. But here’s the thing: There are many charges and indictments which can happen TODAY which would land so many in prison. There’s no problem with getting them locked up now and charging them with additional crimes as new evidence is uncovered.

    And most importantly, people obstructing any investigations or public release NEED to be removed. That too should not be terribly controversial. Trump’s feet are officially out of the fire. Why? There must be a why and I think we all want to know why.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. covfefe999 says:

    In her July 26 article, Sara Carter claims that Byrne gave an interview “several weeks ago” which would have been early July. She doesn’t say with whom he interviewed but it’s clear from her writing that this interview is NOT the interviews he claims to have had with the DOJ. Those interviews occurred in April.

    In an interview several weeks ago, Byrne recounted first meeting Butina at Freedom Fest 2015. He described the relationship that developed between the two and revealed that he had initiated contact in July, 2015 with the FBI after his first meeting with Butina. He also disclosed that he met twice with Justice Department attorneys in April, 2019 giving a total of seven hours of interviews on the separate occasions. A source directly familiar with the interviews, confirmed those meetings took place.

    What interview is she talking about?

    Byrne gave an interview on July 3 on Fox Business, which would be the right time, but he said nothing about working with the FBI and did not mention Butina directly or indirectly. He was supposedly promoting his block chain interests, but he spent nearly all of the interview time talking about Trump.

    BTW, this comes after some upheaval in June about the direction Overstock was going. There’s a lot going on here. Is he merely going about some crazy scheme to promote Overstock and his block chain interests? Did he resign from Overstock because he owns 15% of the business and the stock price plummeted and he wanted to bring it back up again?

    Dig, everyone. Don’t just comment, dig.


    • covfefe999 says:

      I can’t find any evidence of such an interview. I’m using all of my searching skills. Can anyone else find it?

      Carter was sloppy to not mention with whom Byrne interviewed. Or did I just miss it in her article? The article is very poorly written. Link is in my prior comment.


      • Kaco says:

        I have tried looking, too, to no avail. I used Bing search and a consolation is Sundance’s article came up first on Patrick Byrne.


      • BitterC says:

        I take it to mean he started talking to Sara and the other unnamed journos. He met with them again and gave them the OK to publish in late July


  49. sDee says:

    “”FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman, happens to be the Assoc. Director of the SEC Enforcement Division, who happened to be leading the SEC investigation of Peter Byrne’s company.”

    “”Patrick Byrne describing in hindsight being offered a $1 billion bribe of sorts to stay quiet.””

    “”I wonder if the elimination of that SEC investigation was worth, oh, say $1 billion.””

    Taken together, this sounds more like conspiracy to extort than a bribe.

    Liked by 1 person

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