CNN Hires FBI Architect of ‘Soft Coup’, Identified Leaker and IG Defined Liar, as Contributor…

After railing against Fox News for hiring former Trump White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, CNN announced a corporate decision to hire former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe as a contributor.  McCabe becomes the tenth FBI and/or CIA official hired by CNN.

McCabe was fired from the FBI for lying to investigators. [IG report on McCabe]

McCabe was also identified as the primary architect of the corrupt DOJ/FBI effort to impeach/remove President Trump.  No doubt CNN and McCabe will use this platform as a way to defend the corrupt Obama DOJ and FBI officials from any damaging releases within the pending Inspector General report on FISA abuse.




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145 Responses to CNN Hires FBI Architect of ‘Soft Coup’, Identified Leaker and IG Defined Liar, as Contributor…

  1. fanbeav says:

    CNN is the deep state’s mouthpiece. Of course they would hire him!

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  2. sb says:

    This is what you call a clue, McCabe walked.

    CNN wouldn’t hire a guy that is about to be indicted for participating in a coup.

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  3. Bad Bill Barr says:

    They’re going to regret this.

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  4. CNN doesn’t even bother to conceal their lack of journalistic integrity

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  5. Abster says:

    Well, this should confirm what we all know re CNN. They now have the daddy of professional liars on board. Way to go! What a vile, evil group.

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  6. md070264 says:

    I would love to see a live ” on air” perp walk.

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  7. Pristach says:

    POTUS is willing to go to the wall on China.
    Now how about the DOJ?

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  8. Comrade Mope says:

    With our “favorite president” going to the G-7 I anticipate a very nice Friday drop within hours..

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  9. scrap1ron says:

    When you want to polish your street cred as THE leader in fake news you gotta go with the experts such as Deputy Andrew “FIB” McCabe.

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  10. Zy says:

    Not often you can get an officially indicted liar to go along with your unindicted ones. Congrats CNN!

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    • Waymore says:

      Unfortunately, he has not been indicted (yet). Solomon just said on Hannity Radio Show that there is no currently impaneled Durham Grand Jury. No Grand Jury means no felony indictments. Solomon said a Grand Jury could still possibly be convened.


  11. free.and.true says:

    Well, now that McCabe is a “journalist,” I can just hear the left screeching ceaselessly about “orange man jails journalists!!!” if Barr ever does indict this slimebag as he ought to.

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  12. WSB says:

    Gotta pay those pesky legal fees…what the gofundme account isn’t working out so well, Andy?

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  13. Right to reply says:

    Wow, and I thought Faux was bad for hiring Donna.

    I am sickened by the extent of political propaganda they try to pass as news. Even Hannity appears to be regurgitating and interrupting simply for a paycheck and ego massage.

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  14. dd_sc says:

    Revoke his security clearance if still happens to have one.

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  15. SR says:

    Now Senator Graham is saying we do not need to prosecute any bad actor but bring the changes to FBI/DOJ so it would not happen again. It’s same language used by Wray, PTrump and others – we have to make sure it does not happen again.

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    • Rudolph says:

      Protecting Obama’s legacy is their game

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      He could have his own investigations and sworn testimonies!

      Deep State.


    • GP says:

      This is the final phase of the soft landing that was planned from the very beginning (and that includes installing AG Barr) No one was ever going to jail.


      • margarite1 says:

        Do you get the idea that everyone in DC (except POTUS) was just trying to wait it all out…to look like they were doing something when they were really doing not much of anything and the entire goal was for it all just to die down so the deep state could get on with its business?

        So many of them deserve the Manafort solitary treatment or the televised Stone dawn raid treatment but it will happen only in my dreams.

        If the government criminals aren’t prosecuted then it will be like Nunes said – none of us will ever have faith in our government again. And you know what? The deep state won’t care one bit.


    • lydia00 says:

      Which means it will happen again because nobody has suffered any real sacrificial consequences. Yet, Mueller’s team set people up and ruined them. the problem is they all know how to get around the rules and laws and protect themselves from prosecution. Comey was especially diabolically clever at it. He knew from day one he was protected because he made sure of it. it goes back to different rules for them than there is for us and that is untenable long-term. Trust is gone.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Yeah, I figured that’s what silly boy Graham would say and do.


  16. ChampagneReady says:

    The cesspool of conspirators thinks they have found assylum. CNN’s ratings are down to just basically friends, idiots and family member viewers now.

    Wait until they have to announce the indictments of the slime they put on the payroll of their Clinton network lol.

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  17. wtd says:

    ‘They needed someone willing to lie’: @dbongino’s theory on why CNN hired Andrew McCabe is brutal and SPOT ON

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  18. Jamie Angelich says:

    A match made in heaven


  19. Perot Conservative says:

    Is Peter Strzok CIA?


  20. NavyBuckeye says:

    That means CNN plans on getting something leaked by those still inside the DOJ / FBI and are friends with McCabe. Or, he’s being hired to provide gas lighting fuel to the fire. Or both.

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  21. Linus in W.PA. says:

    McCabe can and should consume feces and expire.

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  22. Sherri Young says:

    What a great way to launder money to one of the DS soldiers! Plus, the propaganda will continue.

    Winning. /sarc

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  23. BigTalkers says:

    I’d like to see that contract. I’ll bet it reads like an expensive pre-nup in the event he’s no longer “able to appear” on air.

    No doubt he’s already blown through the $600K the Clintons laundered through his wife’s shortlived “political career” to pay his previous legal expenses.

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  24. RyderLee says:

    Birds of a Feather ……… and All That !
    Why isn’t Comey employed by CNN yet ?
    He’s the Perfect Hire for their stategy , *Lies , Lies and More Lies / THIS is CNN* 😂

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  25. justlizzyp says:

    And just 24 hours ago there were outraged Lefties complaining that Spicer on DWTS somehow damaged the credibility of ABC’s news division.

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  26. Deplorable Saint says:

    Today would be the perfect day for a perp walk!

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  27. My, how things have changed.

    It seems like only yesterday that the FBI & DOJ were content to use spying and extortion to control the media narrative. Spying and extortion being, well, spying on Risen and using a bogus Espionage Act charge against Rosen, as a means to control the media narrative.

    Now, they have dropped all pretense, and the FBI and DOJ simply install retired intelligence agents INTO the media to keep a lid on things.

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  28. Maga Truth Seeker says:

    How does McCabe’s attorney’s allow him to go on TV to potentially damage himself even more if he’s under investigation? Maybe the truth is McCabe isn’t going to charge and were going to get the “Comey rationale” as to why the Soft Coup won’t be prosecuted.

    This whole thing is disgusting and looks really damning towards Barr


  29. Pristach says:

    Defensive move.

    Must be that Horowitz report is imminent.

    Btw.. it’s moves like this that just fry the onions of all of us who work for a living.

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    • Isman says:

      I think you are onto something Pristach. We should now see something in the next few weeks from Horowitz. Meantime, McCabe has a platform to elevate his profile to make any attacks and/or accusations made against him merely personal.

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    • lydia00 says:

      Horowitz is the last person I would trust at the DoJ. I put all of this in the lap of Jeff sessions. He sold his soul.


  30. billrla says:

    Lack of candor? You’re hired!

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  31. Thrawl says:

    Watch… when the law comes a knock’n he will claim he’s protected as a member of the press…

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  32. SR says:

    Horowitz would bring some recommendation and there will be some fiery tick tock on Hannity, Tucker and Laura show. After 2-3 days DOJ would issue statement that they would not bring any charges as Durham investigation is going on. Then we land up in 2020 dims primary and election cycle. Experts/senator Graham /Hannity would tell us everything will be after election as no one is caring right now. Then some day there will be Durham recommendation how to fix FBI/DOJ and more accountability crap. Case closed and first AA president will be greatest president in our history.

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  33. ChampagneReady says:

    I remember the days when CNN had a sterling reputation. I bet Bernard Shaw has to be ashamed he ever worked there.


  34. Carrie says:

    Honestly, how does AG Barr sleep at night? McCabe does not deserve a job on an international channel spewing lies. He is an unabashed criminal and it’s just incredible that the DOJ and Horowitz have let this happen. What a pathetic state of affairs. PS. I’m not the eeyore type, but this is such a terrible sign.

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    • LKAinLA says:

      Carrie I thought the same thing. I wonder what AG Barr thinks of Comey, Brennan, and Rosenstein’s arrogant twitter advice and rants. Seems to me that if he were human and stood for law and order that he’d be disgusted and make a few phone calls. No one ethical thinks the moves by these scum bags is ok. I am beyond miffed that even Rosenstein is inserting himself these days. DOG and FBI are law breaking clowns now.

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  35. Baby El says:

    That settles it…. I’m switching to CNN. (gag)

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  36. beaujest says:

    Did he bring his $10,000 table ?

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  37. Darren says:

    This wouldn’t be an issue if he was in jail where he belongs. So frustrated at this point.

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  38. Loggerman says:

    Seems to me it wasn’t lack of candor but good old fashioned lies McCabe was telling the investigators.

    Since they labeled it “lack of candor” seems to me the fix was in on not charging McCabe.


  39. Baby El says:

    Folks… your seeing a man who is no longer living.

    He sold his honor, integrity, respect, and his soul – for some money and a step up the government ladder.

    We can now watch him on CNN; going through the machinations of feigning objectivity and integrity to attack a man whom he knows, with certainty, is truly innocent.

    I would rather walk in Paul Manfort’s shoes than Andrew McCabe’s.

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  40. MicD says:

    UCMJ —> The Way Forward America


  41. sarasotosfan says:

    I don’t believe this is about hiring Andy McCabe. I think it is about the Democrats keeping his spouse “on the team”.


  42. The Gipper Lives says:

    Will McCabe get to doxx critics who make CNN gif.s he doesn’t like?

    And will McCabe’s CNN bodyguards get to threaten and assault reporters, too?

    “This…is CNN!”

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  43. StanH says:

    1st Amendment Protections. Freedom of the Press and all that. This is a mutually protective move by both parties. “If” AG Barr drops the hammer, I would bet it will hit CNN as co-conspirators? We’ll see.


  44. 49perry says:

    Just part of a large flock of criminals protecting it’s own.

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  45. Heika says:

    Well it sure makes it easier to round them all up! Just park the jail van in front of CNN – open the doors and run a good cattle dog around in behind.

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  46. lurker2 says:

    Dear President Trump: please remove McCabe’s security clearance. No paid contributor to the media should have it.

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  47. fake and liar make good squat,


  48. The Red Pill says:

    For maximum optics, I can’t wait to see weasel McCabe arrested and cuffed while on air at CNN!

    Unlike the maximum optics of the ridiculous Roger Stone arrest…McCabe is GUILTY AS HELL!

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  49. alliwantissometruth says:

    Well Andrew, I’ve gone over your credentials and I must say, I see some very troubling things…

    You’re an outright liar
    You’ve done many underhanded and quite frankly, criminal acts while in the Bureau
    You have no problem deceiving the public
    You put politics and ideology before the good of the country
    The truth means nothing to you
    You seem to have an ingrained hatred for the American people

    So I don’t get the job?

    No, you’re perfect! Welcome to the CNN family

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