Patrick Byrne CEO of Overstock Corp. Resigns and Admits to Participating in FBI Political Surveillance…

Jumpin’ ju-ju beans this is interesting.  During a live broadcast on Fox Business the CEO of Overstock Inc, Patrick Byrne, explained the earlier announcement of why he was resigning as CEO from the company he created.

According to Patrick Byrne, due to an earlier relationship relating to Wall Street and assisting federal officials with an investigation therein, he was approached in/around 2015 to assist the FBI with another operation.  *UPDATE* Video added:


♦Byrne now says in 2015 and 2016 the FBI operation was part of a network of political surveillance being conducted by the FBI on presidential candidates.

♦Byrne names FBI Agent Peter Strzok as the person giving the instructions.

♦Byrne names: Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump as the four candidates under FBI surveillance, and/or inside an operation consisting of political espionage.

♦Byrne claims he was offered a $1 billion bribe to keep his mouth shut.

♦Byrne claims there are additional witnesses.

♦Byrne states he went to the DOJ in April 2019 (3rd – 10th), after Bill Barr was Attorney General, because he was informed that Barr was trustworthy and going to support.  Byrne told the DOJ everything that was happening.

After confiding with billionaire Warren Buffett, “my Rabbi” about his story, Patrick Byrne claims  Buffett (a mentor and lose friend) gave him personal advice to distance himself from his company, Overstock Inc., because all of the DC interests would use his business to “grind him down”.

In essence Byrne has been given advice about how the deep state will now target him personally.  This is the reason why Byrne resigned as CEO of Overstock.

♦Byrne now sees the deep divisions in the country as partly driven by this FBI operation which was political espionage.  Byrne feels an obligation to share the truth in an effort to help the nation understand what was happening.

Patrick Byrne is anticipating being an unavoidable public witness to testify as to the nature of the political surveillance and “political espionage” that was happening in 2015 and 2016, and his role therein.

His interview is in the video inside the tweet below:



Previous backstory Here

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757 Responses to Patrick Byrne CEO of Overstock Corp. Resigns and Admits to Participating in FBI Political Surveillance…

  1. Kleen says:

    Patrick is telling the truth. I am sure.

    You can search on You Tube and watch him on Glenn Beck… 7,8 years ago, I guess. What a nice guy!

    The recent interviews, he seems VERY scared and nervous. He can barely talk, I would be too. I would have left the country with family.

    The swamp is vicious and he is already being threatened. He better have security 24/7

    We need to support him and pray for him.

    He is not a Hillary guy.

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    • Kaco says:

      Beck is a never-Trumper that is still not on the Trump train, don’t trust Beck as far as I can throw him. Cheeto face is hated around these parts. So bad credentials.

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      • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

        Yes, but your comment makes no sense in context with above comment.
        8 years ago in another matter doesn’t change Byrne’s remarks.

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        • Kaco says:

          Yes, perhaps, I have a real hard time trusting any anti-Trumper. Especially when you hear of a possible plot now by Anthony Scaramucci, Bill Kristol, Nikki Haley, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan to run someone against POTUS. As far as I know, Beck is still anti-Trump, and pro-Romney, to say the least. Byrne said he wasn’t a never-Trumper but I think he said he didn’t vote for him either.

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    • ann says:

      Agree. Kleen.

      This is about control, not necessarily political parties.
      Focusing on the fact he includes Hillary traps ones perspective into a box.
      DoJ et al may not conceptualise their spying in that sense.

      this man knows only a piece of the ongoing illicit surveillance, smears and blackmail. He does not have access to the entirety; hunting for “flaws” and , inconsistencies is pointless.

      Of course he’s nervous, appears emotional, disjointed and erratic,
      He is under a Tremendous amount of stress

      I believe data is stockpiled on many persons of interest, in all branches and higher levels, plus uberdonors , staffers and private sector interests. Collyer’s Compliance Review infers a large scope, ongoing operations and chronic lack of candour.

      Possibly the roots lie in MAD doctrine from thermonuclear conflict.
      a long term risk management for the administrative State. From a nat sec strategy this could have degenerated over time into a corrupt politicised operation.
      I can envision a founding rationale and the subsequent collapse of adherence to constitutional limitations of authority.

      I’m grateful and pray for this courageous patriot. He was USED.

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      • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

        Also, it’s not like Hillary, Obama and the “deep state” were best buddies.
        They’re always fishing for leverage and blackmail to get ahead. There are no friends among thieves.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obama admin was trying to get leverage/blackmail on Hillary via the FBI. She wasn’t let off the hook for nothing.

        I suspect we will see a lot of Team Hillary vs. Team Obama the next months.

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        • appraisher says:

          @Sam. Obama and Killary have the goods on each other…remember, Killary was the first “birther”, which tells me she knows a great deal about Barry Soetoro’s REAL bio (as opposed to the virtual reality life he’s been feeding people his entire political life).

          It’s been a Mexican Standoff all of these years…one goes down, they take the other with them. It will be interesting if Barr turns out to actually be a good guy and digs further into the Clintons. It won’t be pretty for the god-king if Killary is ever forced into a legal corner?

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          • Raghn Crow says:

            A Mexican Standoff. Makes perfect sense. Obama took away Hillary’s chance to win in 2008 and clearly detested her and her rapist husband, yet made her Sec of State AND let her steal the office blind. Clearly, she had something on him. And yes, Anne’s comment about MAD makes perfect sense. The “Powers That Be” would naturally want to be certain sure they could control whoever was elected prez so that he wouldn’t start a Nuke War. –Look at what happened to Goldwater! And Jack Kennedy’s Cuban Missile Crisis probably scared the undigested material right out of their collective innards. And of course, then, over time, humans being all too human, that could evolve into what we are uncovering today.

            Makes perfect sense. Entirely.

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            • Chuck Jones says:

              No it doesn’t. JFK is the one who contained the madness. If JFK hadn’t fought the good fight, we wouldn’t even be here. He’s the only thing that stopped many crazy things from happening including a preemptive nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.


        • signfollies says:

          On the other hand the spying on Hillary may have been intended to further frame Trump and associates as having not only colluded with the Russians and but also having illegally spied on political opponents. Obama would have benefited by gathering dirt on Hillary while making it look as though the Trump campaign did it.

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      • zorrorides says:

        Hello Ann, thanks for post. You have high perspective, thereby making you an honorary Boomer.

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    • Deception Stinks says:

      Kleen, I agree. He came public to save his life. The jerk w/the beard and fake white teeth was disgusting. I’m glad Patrick put him in his place.

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    • Bob says:

      He’s one of the good guys…..and if, as he said there were more like him the world run a lot smoother.

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    • underwhelmingposter says:

      Byrne definitely was not going to let Cuomo brow beat him! Cuomo’s only shtick was to say “this all has to be verified and we will have to have names”. He knew he couldn’t dispute the statements after a while, so he had to look like he was in charge. At one point it seemed (early on) that Cuomo was going to jump through the screen and knock Byrne down the stairs!
      I saw nothing in the Cuomo interview that made me concerned about the truth. While he could say that Clinton had was a target as well, IMO that related only with what he was doing.
      And the X, Y, and Z people are the only ones he was (perhaps) told about.
      Most of us will go back to the start of the Alphabet and not rest until it gets to O.

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      • Krystal says:

        Throwing Hillary into the mix gives them cover that it wasn’t just President Trump and she can squeal me too! I don’t believe she was a real target of anything. They knew she was corrupt for decades. If we had a real press they would have laughed at Russian collusion charge as our government has been giving aid to Communist countries for decades. Ted Kennedy wrote a letter to Moscow for help in getting him elected. Obama said he could be flexible with Putin. The press loves Fidel Castro. So the whole Russian thing was ridiculous.

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    • VVV VVV says:

      Unfortunately he does not come across as a stable, credible person in these interviews. All the deep state actors have to do is link him to Epstein and the corrupt DOJ/FBI/Deep State “narrative” is discredited.


  2. MostlyRight says:

    He does not come off as a “trust but verify” guy. He’s a verify, verify some more, then start to trust, slowly kind of guy.

    It does bug me that he mentioned Clinton and then Cruz, Trump and Rubio…but no Jeb Bush. Back in 2015 it was Bush, Rubio and maybe Cruz who seemed to have a shot. Poppa Bush has the CIA history and connections and many of them and their acolytes are all over the Russia probe stuff. Didn’t another Republican candidate originally kick off the chain of events that ended up being the Steele Dossier?

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    • Kaco says:

      I agree, gotta wait on this, can’t wait for Sundance:s analysis. I would suck at his job. I’m sure he’s watching all the interviews and picking up much better than I have what this guy is saying.

      If, and I stress the if, they were also spying on Hillary, it’s because Hillary has everyone’s balls in a vice and they needed some blackmail on her to keep her at bay to some degree. She is no victim, though.

      Or, perhaps the Clintons know they’re in deep and want to keep trying to smell like roses and got this guy to come forward to also paint her as a victim of the spying, throwing in Rubio and Cruz for good measure, Hillary would sell everyone out before she goes to prison.

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    • farrier105 says:

      If you are referring to the anti-Trump Republicans who originally hired Fusion GPS, but later dropped that contract, what they hired Glenn Simpson to do was just compile ordinary opposition research about Trump, not hunt for dirt about Trump from Russian intelligence agents and mid-level officials in the Kremlin. Just because some Republicans hired Fusion GPS BEFORE the Hillary Campaign did that doesn’t mean that the two contracts are related, so, therefore, a GOP contract with Fusion GPS “became” the Steele Dossier.

      A Hillary Clinton Campaign/DNC/Perkins Coie contract with Fusion GPS PRODUCED the Steele Dossier.

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  3. Kaco says:

    This is the whole interview with Cuomo, starting at Patrick Byrne and bypassing the POS, Mooch.

    Label on the youtube video is

    “Chris Cuomo SHOCKED Patrick Byrne Ends Don Trump Jr Career: ‘He talked with Russian Agent’ ”

    He claims Butina might become a hero. He also says, she was going around, fraternizing with Republicans/NRA, had dinner with Don Jr and NRA people before Byrne was recruited, and the government knew and let it happen. He claims it was a nothing thing, she was going around to everyone. He is hard to follow.

    This better NOT be another set-up!

    Everyone keep praying for POTUS and the Trump family.

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    • MostlyRight says:

      If this were true why wouldn’t they have used it in the Mueller Report? That was their one big shot at taking down Trump and family.


    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      She tried to have closer contact. I didn’t hear him say they actually were in contact..

      This was a setup playing different people against each other.
      Russian Veselnitskaya, who was in Trump Tower, said that she was surprised why Trumps were expecting something different from her. Fusion GPS placed her there under false pretense.
      Many of them pawns in a game.

      They played Byrne vs. Butina. They told Byrne that Butina was a russian spy while she wasn’t.

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  4. Linda K. says:

    In this story it says Justice believed Byrne when he came forward because he knew operational details that were not widely known, But would not Justice know about Byrne, if he was being used as an asset?
    If not, how rogue was the operation and it would seem Byrne should make it all public to both save his life and force Justice to act.

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    • underwhelmingposter says:

      Byrne definitely was not going to let Cuomo brow beat him! Cuomo’s only shtick was to say “this all has to be verified and we will have to have names”. He knew he couldn’t dispute the statements after a while, so he had to look like he was in charge. At one point it seemed (early on) that Cuomo was going to jump through the screen and knock Byrne down the stairs!
      I saw nothing in the Cuomo interview that made me concerned about the truth. While he could say that Clinton had was a target as well, IMO that related only with what he was doing.
      And the X, Y, and Z people are the only ones he was (perhaps) told about.
      Most of us will go back to the start of the Alphabet and not rest until it gets to O.

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  5. Sharon says:

    Those of us who are not accustomed to dealing with habitual liars on matters of significance are at a serious disadvantage in this kind of a mess, when there is so much lying on every side.

    Which is why I never bother to try to figure out whether or not someone is believable. It doesn’t “what I figure out” or “what I believe”. Doesn’t matter one bit in the context of reality.

    Time will tell.

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    • Joe B: You posted this same misleading statement, earlier. Again, I’ll reply:

      Byrne took a medical leave of absence from Overstock, in April of 2016, because of complications due to Hepatitis C. He returned a few months later, in July of 2016, and has functioned as the CEO until today, August 22, 2019, when he announced his resignation.

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  6. Right to reply says:

    I want to know why he keeps mentioning “Block Chains”. Are the Clinton’s money laundering, or doing insider trade deals?


    • Kaco says:

      I thought he said Block Chains are a different company and doesn’t sound like resigned from that, he resigned from his “retail”, Overstock.

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      • Blind no Longer says:

        This is very interesting…as well as his reason for leaving as “medical” condition, but this blockchain thing might have some Deep State legs.

        Much as the blockchain can drive a money system outside the control of any one government, it can also juggle stock outside the control of any one bank.

        “It provides a database that can be shared by multiple entities who have different economic or political agendas and therefore don’t necessary trust each other,” says Gideon Greenspan, the CEO and founder of Coin Sciences, another company that’s exploring blockchain applications that extend beyond bitcoin. “There’s no central gatekeeper checking all transactions that come in, saying what’s valid and what’s not.”


        • Kaco says:

          Oh, wow, thanks.

          Hey, there’s a new thread. You might see it before Ad Rem pulls me out of he bin. Every post is going in the bin.


    • BitterC says:

      Byrne is some sort of crypto currency pioneer


  7. nerveman says:

    Bryne will be written off as a kook. He sounds like a kook. I’m not saying he doesn’t have a story but people like him do not build credibility. He is barely coherent


    • Kaco says:

      It was hard to follow because he kept stopping himself from saying too much.

      One thing I did hear clear from him, the people at the top he couldn’t name, should get/are going to get indictments.

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  8. Mike Dennis says:

    “Byrne states he went to the DOJ in April 2019 (3rd – 10th), after Bill Barr was Attorney General, because he was informed that Barr was trustworthy and going to support. ” How convenient, more likely he went to Barr because PDJT and just been exonerated and a new desperado plan was needed by the deep state.

    BTW, anyone seen Schiffhead lately?


  9. evergreen says:

    Haven’t listened to the interviews, just been reading the reader comments to get the gist of things. If the argument being made is that the banditos were monitoring Clinton, too, then I don’t buy it. Clinton is a wicked witch, and any soul who would dare cross her once she elevated to the presidency would be toast.

    Besides, the texts prove that they were on her side all along. Holding anything over a president Hillary? Get a life. She’d have the b*lls of any man who dared such a thing–and Comey, though immune to such a punishment, wouldn’t do such a thing in the first place.

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    • Kaco says:

      Did the FBI tell him who they were spying on? Maybe the FBI lied to Byrne about who were the targets, when there was only ONE target.

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    • BitterC says:

      No, the texts show Page was a Bernie Bro & Strzok was a Kasich man. I didn’t get the impression they were Hillary fans at all.

      Once Trump got the nomination they became Hillary supporters out of necessity

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      • evergreen says:

        On what basis do they surveil Hillary, and how then do they immediately become servants to her cause? If there was any surveillance of Hillary it was of no utility beyond advance intel; it could never be used to coerce her, as evidenced by their affinity for her.


    • LULU says:

      evergreen, best to listen to the interviews. We should first have the information from the initial source or someone like Sundance. Only then freestyle through the threads.


  10. Deplorable leatherneck says:

    Yea I don’t know … I’m very skeptical right now about this.. something don’t seem right about this guys story.. Did he get the billion..?? Or is he pissed cuz he didn’t get his hush money..?? Didn’t watch the full interview but call me curious cat on this one…


    • Aspade says:

      Yeah, but what if you were this CEO guy and trusted some feds and agreed to get involved to help them catch a bad guy but find out 2 years later that you were actually duped by a treasonous group and now you are implicated in trying to entrap a sitting president’s son, and ultimately president. And, the firewall of protection that was there is eroding fast and you see that if all these treasonous bastards go down so do you.

      And you know that the betrayed president will exact his wrath through pure legal justice.

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  11. Deplorable Canuck says:

    Not buying he is FOS


  12. Blind no Longer says:

    No mention of this on Hannity’s show. You know we would have had a tick tock…very weird!


  13. SR says:

    Somehow Obama and Biden has no idea what happened under their administration. 1 billion bribe means how big is this and who is giving so much money? Why Hillary and not Bush? It seems even Sara Carter, Hannity and John S have no idea about this.

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  14. John Good says:

    Where do I know this guy from, I asked myself when I read the title here???

    Back in my Day Trading Stocks online days ( 2002 to 2006) Patrick Byrne was ALL OVER the Market News. At the time, I really didn’t know what to think of this “naked shorting ” thing, BUT I believed what Patrick Byrne was saying at the time. Especially when he was the CEO of

    When he used terms like the “Miscreants Ball” & the “Sith Lord” I was intriqued as I had not heard these terms before. This is why I remembered the name Patrick Byrne!
    Check out Patrick M. Byrne on Wikipedia!

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    • wondering999 says:

      Well, first I had to check out “Sith Lord” — I’m behind on some of the cultural reference stuff. I’m going to wait and see what happens. While I pray for my President & all the rest of us who support him.
      “The Sith Order is a totalitarian organization in which a supreme autocratic authority is concentrated in a single individual granted the honorific Dark Lord of the Sith. Transfer of power is conducted through state-sanctioned assassinations: when a Sith Lord grows complacent, begins to show weakness, and is eventually killed, their property and authority are transferred to the apprentice who killed them. Robberies, betrayal, sabotage were just as commonplace as friendships; murder was acceptable so long as the culprit weren’t caught.”

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  15. 1911pistolero says:

    I’m really not trusting this guy.


  16. HickTick says:

    If that’s a made up story , Its a whopper if I ever heard one , and for what possible reason could a man have for going out on this limb ??

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  17. CoHoBo says:

    The Beast is just dropping a limb and sloughing some skin to avoid capture. It will lumber on and grow them back.


  18. CopperTop says:

    David on FBN got this info out of Bryne on the weekend. Does anyone have that video?

    Essentially David said:
    “What was your involvement in the Russia story?”
    Bryne: Oh what? I thought we were talking about Crypto currency. But if you are going there fine I’ll go there. I was involved in a lot of stuff for the FBI to provide opposition research…etc etc. Butina has been treated unfairly…

    So what was going on this weekend is a producer got Byrne on to Fox news under the ruse to discuss ‘crypto currency’. Then David asked about it and Byrne didn’t bother to shy away from the situation. He said some of what he discussed today.

    He then discussed crypto currency afterwards.

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  19. JoeMeek says:

    I just listened to several minutes oh him, and I can firmly declare that most hysterical women make more sense than he does. Not going to listen to anymore of him or my brain may melt.


  20. CopperTop says:

    in RE: “he was approached in/around 2015 to assist the FBI with another operation. ”

    I thought the early stories of a ‘server’ in Trump Tower was a set up to make a case that it was a Bit Coin server set up by the Russians with Jr’s. knowledge.

    There’s one line in Jr’s testimony where he was asked about bit coin. His response was exculpatory and the angle died

    I think involving Byrne was to find pathways to plant evidence or advise on how to prove that a server was disguised in a way to detect it was not a bit coin server in a situation where supposed Russians were actually laundering money

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  21. JoeMeek says:

    If he was testifying before a jury, every member of the jury would run out of the court house heading to the nearest bar.

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  22. Peter Rabbit says:

    Byrne has all the credibility of goofy Carter Page, which is damn little. I heard two things to lead us off track: (1) Russians, Russians, Russians and (2) Hillary was also a target. Total BS on both counts.

    Later Byrne admitted that he did not vote for Trump. Therefore, odds are enormous that he voted enthusiastically for Hillary.

    There is more to this than meets the eye. Why step down from his company for screwing an ugly Russian bimbo?

    Not buying any of this. Peter Rabbit


  23. rcogburn says:

    This is the gravest state crimes since JFK. I’m not ready to believe Patrick Byrne has the smoking gun.

    We’ve been burned way too many times, with the promised bombshell that’s gonna blow it all wide open. o me, Patrick Byrne is the latest guy to pop up with the bombshell that’ll take these criminals down. want to believe him, but these days I can barely believe Bill Barr. I want some proof.

    I watched both interviews. He’s so amped up he looks like he’s on cocaine or speed or he’s bi-polar, paranoid, or just bat **** crazy – rambling speech, grandiosity, the crying jags, dry mouth, repetitions, talking over people.

    His Holiness Warren Buffet told him to the right thing and come forward. Warren Buffet isn’t a member of the Deep State, he’s a part owner. How is this supposed to work?

    They offered him a $1bn bribe, but he turned them down. Ok, I’ll bite. Halper got $1M to launch Crossfire Hurricane. Byrne was getting $1bn, to do what exactly?

    He says he got “fishy orders” from the “Men In Black,” including two favors and then a “third favor,” involving spying on HRC, MR, TC, and future VSGPDJT. Martha McCallum said he’s credible, so hopefully there’s something to this.

    When she pressed him on what his orders were, he wouldn’t say (fair enough), but he would say the most balls out insane thing I’ve in two years:

    “I helped them set up Hillary Clinton to be blackmailed.” (4:35)

    Think about that one for a second. He is claiming there was a plot to blackmail Hillary Clinton.

    If it’s true, and it could be, and I would love it to be, doesn’t that mean Obama was surveiling and blackmailing his own heir apparent?

    That would be the biggest bombshell of them all, a political atomic bomb that vaporizes the DNC forever. That is worth a billion!

    Bombshells are exciting: declass; IG reports; indictments. I’ll believe them when I see them go off.

    For now, the only thing I know we can count on is the unglamorous trench-work of patriots like Sundance, Tom Fitton, Devin Nunes, etc. They chip away at this monstrosity, bit by bit, day after day. Not as exciting, but far more reliable, and accurate.

    If they tell me Obama was spying on Hillary, then I’m ready to believe it.

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  24. pucecatt says:

    He looked angry at the end of Martha’s interview , looked like he ripped off his mic pretty aggressively lol

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  25. Rynn69 says:

    I don’t believe him, sorry. That is my gut. It is a curiosity he has inserted “Hillary Clinton” as a person targeted. That does not pass the smell test. Seems to be a Deep State effort to wash Clinton’s sins away by including her in the “targeted group.” Highly suspicious because none of the evidence bears this out. Obama/Clinton were perps. Secondly, Buffet would never recommend him to do what he is doing. Not credible.


  26. jackphatz says:

    Back in the day… In my neck of the woods…we would have called this buffoon a flaming bag of shiite.

    I doubt he knows any more then has been already been uncovered, mostly by Sundance, and printed in several sites now. I can’t figure his goal though.


  27. Brian Baker says:

    “You could carve a better man out of a banana.”
    Ouch. I think he pretty much nailed Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III as spineless.

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  28. noswamp says:

    The SD headline is true journalism: other headlines went like this “After his affair with a Russian spy Overstock CEO says the following … “After his affair with a Russian spy Overstock CEO resigns.”

    Alex Jones was right, we are truly in an INFOWARS. No joke.


  29. noswamp says:

    Great headline SD, great job my friend! You are dedicated to the truth! Words are not enough to express my gratitude for your hard work here at TCTH. Much love!

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  30. sticknca says:

    I’ve watched 3 if not 4 of his recent interviews so far. In spite of him giving off a Gary Busey vibe from time to time, I believe him. He voluntarily stepped down from heading the company he created to clear his conscience and do what he believes as an American citizen and patriot he needed to do. I don’t view that lightly.

    He feels betrayed and he believes that the “men in black” with whom he directly communicated with were betrayed as well. He references their leaders in this scam as X, Y and Z and has identified Comey as Z, Stroczk as X and McCabe as Y although he did it piecemeal in different interviews. He obviously feels empathy towards the agents in direct control of him.

    I believe the fact that he is directly involved in numerous blockchain entities is related to the $1B bribe he referenced. More will be revealed, but this is one hell of an interesting timeline to be living in!

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  31. SMP Belltown says:

    Two sort of uniquely personal things really struck me in the videos that I watched, which seemed to reinforce the truthful sincerity of his tale, though not necessarily its accuracy.:

    1.) Byrne seemed to make casual, everyday use of a couple of yiddish/jewish phrases that you don’t often hear in Fox TV interviews. Like referring to Warren Buffett as his “rabbi”, and also saying (if I heard the phrase correctly and applied the proper context and meaning) “I was trying to yenta her in and maybe something peaceful would happen” about his interaction with Marina Butina.
    Of course, there’s nothing wrong with anyone using those phrases. It’s just sorta uncommon is all. Like when one tribe unexpectedly uses another tribe’s lingo.
    ( ).

    2. Byrne made a comparison of his own experience with the Warren Zevon song “Lawyers, Guns and Money.” As I recall, his phrasing of the title was incorrect, but his point was totally spot on.

    “I went home with the waitress… The way I always do.
    How was I to know? She was with the Russians, too.”

    Byrne may be a self-described hippie, but if he knows his Zevon songs he’s probably okay in my book.

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    • LULU says:

      Referring to his “rabbi” several times, but not identifying him, Asman asked, “You worked with Warren Buffett. He acted as a mentor for you. Have you been taking advice from him on a regular basis now about all that’s happened to you?”

      Byrne responded, “Just once on this,” although he did go on to say he has known the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway since he was 13. He stated that “rabbi” was “probably the right way to describe our relationship, although neither of us (are) Jewish.”

      A note in passing. David Asman is one of the very best on Fox Business Network. He is an excellent interviewer because he is familiar with the material and the person before he interviews them. And he lets them finish their responses. (Do you hear me, Lou Dobbs?)


  32. Wayne Robinson says:

    Something fishy about ( one billion dollars offer of hush money ) these globalist worship money and could have him wasted for far less !


    • Larry McCall says:

      Read Sundance. Strzok’s wife works in SEC compliance and started an investigation into Byrne’s company, Killing that investigation could be worth a billion dollars when you consider the impact on the company.

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    • LULU says:

      That reference was not to $1 billion in cash. Reread the article.


  33. Pete says:

    Planted false flag????…I think that this is a Hail Mary pass by deep state operatives. Just my opinion


  34. LULU says:

    Not everyone looks and acts like us. Byrne has been described as “quirky”. Tell me what other kind would have gotten into a situation like this one? It takes a special kind of personality. We are all far too logical. Too ordinary.

    I’ll reserve judgment on his veracity. As Sundance notes, his story – coming from Over There – pretty well matches what has been developed, what we know Over Here. And he has told the same story four times.

    Like Sharon and others, I can wait. But don’t discount anyone out of hand just because they don’t look or behave like you…


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