White House Press Pool Doesn’t Like Chopper Pressers – ‘He’s Melting Us, Halp’…

We are approaching the never-before-reached strata of “too much winning”.

Today President Trump held the third press conference over thirty minutes in the past four days.  Sunday a chopper presser on the tarmac in New Jersey (36 minutes).  Tuesday a presser in the Oval Office (32 minutes).  Today a South Lawn chopper presser (35 minutes).  No questions filtered; direct responses from President Trump; all questions answered…. and the media can’t take it.

(Jenn Jacobs Tweet Link)

I’m absolutely not snarking at Jenn Jacobs, she’s actually one of the few that keeps her reporting generally between the lines… But the overall tone of press pool response to this level of POTUS availability is hilarious.  ‘Halp, he’s melting us‘.

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303 Responses to White House Press Pool Doesn’t Like Chopper Pressers – ‘He’s Melting Us, Halp’…

  1. Jack Rail says:

    The 73-year-old president stands in coat and tie for the entire presser and never mentions the heat. The much younger reporters, seated and more comfortably dressed, can’t take it.


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  2. Dori says:

    What a bunch of blubbering candyasses.

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  3. Elizabeth Caldwell says:

    Wait until it rains, guys!

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  4. GP says:

    Wimps indeed-whine, moan, and complain some more and remember it was YOUR behavior that drove Chopper Pressers in the first place.

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  5. Donebydesign says:

    Their whining is too funny.

    Obviously they weren’t tagging along when candidate Trump was on his 2016 summer hangar rally tour. He *trained* in these tropical venues with high temps and humidity, aka heat index.

    He spoke in Melbourne, Florida for over an hour while sweat-drenched people were dropping…

    Yeah, 35 mins outside is nothing to PDJT….lol

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  6. MostlyRight says:

    And winter is coming…

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  7. Newt Love says:

    And PDJT answers questions on a wide range of topics with the facts instantly in his memory, refuting the reporters with aplomb.

    Remember the book by Michael Wolff that claimed PDJT was mentally incompetent? Wolff tried to raise questions about the PDJT’s fitness to serve, and prompted some to consider a “25th Amendment solution.” [The amendment allows for the removal of a president if the vice president and a majority of the cabinet deem him physically or mentally unable to perform his duties.]

    Mentally unfit? PDJT is a genius.

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  8. Alleycats says:

    I love this president so much! They acted like heathens in the comfy indoors so… duhhh. No more indoors.
    He answers every question, even the same one asked 4 times, calmly and thoroughly.

    Their entire issue is that they no longer have the power to tell us all “what the president said and what the president meant, and the underlying evil something or other surely driving his every word and deed, blah blah sources say blah blah orange man bad…”

    President Trump speaks the way every day people speak. People understand what he’s talking about, and now have duly noted the hypocrisy of the majority media.

    President Trump forces his foes into the open bare naked. Every time.
    The press as a corporate industry is imploding. I pray it collapses completely.

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  9. thedoc00 says:

    Would not be surprised and would be highly amused, if along with his body armor the President is wearing a micro-cooling vest. Back in the day we were experimenting with them for armored vehicle crew members. Pretty neat stuff.

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  10. azcatsclaw says:

    Too long? Then quit asking questions! See simple

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  11. Austin Holdout says:

    Hope they’re getting an inkling about how we feel listening to their insufferable questions.

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  12. big jim says:

    they actually have to be in the heat and

    -listen to talking

    oh the horror

    what if the had to
    -carry plywood
    -dig a ditch
    -drive a forklift
    -run a press

    you know actual work

    like actual AMERICANS

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  13. SpanglishKC says:

    Heard at chopper pressers… :HE BROKE ME”


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  14. Greg1 says:

    The great Ronald Reagan impressed the Soviets when he went to Geneva for a summit and stood outside in the freezing cold for an extended period of time without an overcoat talking to Gorbachev, who was wearing an overcoat and hat. This caught the attention of the Soviets in a big way. It gained their respect. Gorbachev looked weak. Reagan looked STRONG. And that is exactly how the Soviets interpreted it.

    President Trump is essentially doing the same thing to the much younger media, and he’s doing it in a suit and tie, while they ARE NOT. I think President Trump remembers that example and is using a variation of it.

    He’s not just melting them, he’s teaching them a lesson they cannot even grasp…………….yet.

    Yes, media folks, that guy you constantly attempt to tear down really IS more of a man than you.

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    • Love way how VSG/ESG treat those pesky presstitutes ….this is way his revenge !!!!!!!!!!!

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    • jebg46 says:

      And now cnn doesn’t think President Trump is aging fast enough like other presidents so they claim he doesn’t care. His energy comes from the power of positive thinking and his faith. He was raised listening to Norman Vincent Peale who wrote the book. Peale has changed millions of lives, energizing them to greatness.

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  15. cthulhu says:

    Third year Spanish…..

    Pobrecitos. Mi corazon esta sangrando para ti.

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  16. And they are upset because there has not been any “Daily Press Briefings” by the press secretary in “soooooo looong” …. ahh muffins you have POTUS right there and can ask him directly. They miss being able to perform for the cameras and try to antagonize whomever is giving the briefing that day. They don’t want actual answers they want to grandstand.

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  17. RedNeckJohnGalt says:

    Is there anyway you can obtain press credentials and ask a few questions? Or at least somebody from Breitbart or Judicial Watch?

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    • formerdem says:

      Yes!!! Can I propose sending in someone with a piece of paper, and read questions off it that are from Sundance? Such as, have the White House gardener turn around from clipping a hedge with the questions in his pocket?

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  18. Rynn69 says:

    They actually have to do a “little work” for a change. Give me a break. They are miserable without their air-conditioned assigned seating. Suck it up.

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  19. scrap1ron says:

    Wait until they get back to the office and find their thermostats have been set to 82…

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  20. john says:

    I leave my cell phone in my truck all the time and the temps are 90+. As long as it isnt sitting in the direct sunlight, it never shuts off. I find the comment about someones cell shutting down dubious.

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  21. Pyrthroes says:

    As Sundance says, these not-so-impromptu “pressers”, wherein El Excellente in full boss-man regalia answers every (mostly inane, contentious) question over about thirty minutes, give none of these blatting phonies “face time” on TV, indeed rarely identify any maundering dolt by name.

    Very occasionally, so-called “sound bites” have marginal significance in context-and-perspective; and of course these “open forums” do pretend to Public Information. But in contemporary celebrity-popcult venues, “content” per se is meaningless; what matters is, who’s speaking and “why is he saying that?”


  22. Guyski says:

    Did you notice the direction of the shadows?

    Aide to the President: Where do you want the media?
    President: Outside.
    Aide: Kind of hot and humid out there.
    President: So?
    Aide: Should we at least put them in the shade?
    President: (Looks out the window, looks at the location of the Sun and points.) Put the right there.
    Aide: Yes Sir.

    😓😓😓 😁

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  23. dd_sc says:

    Even better Trump hs the sun at his back so reporters have to look into the glare, camera crews have to set up accordingly etc …

    Are these always arranged so the media has to look into the sun?

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  24. snellvillebob says:

    The press has only themselves to blame for allowing Acosta to turn the White House press conferences into a circus. Let them complain to Acosta.

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    • Roger Duroid says:

      Yep. He and obese april wid her bodyguard, put an end to the press room show. Let it never return. These chopper ones are amazing.

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    • TradeBait says:

      It was brilliant strategy by the POTUS and WH communications team. He allowed them to be a three ring circus in the early years to expose their corporate/DNC missions and intent. All of the talking points and false allegations were like water off a duck’s back. He brought Sarah in to be the one to zing them and highlight their lack of intellect. He let it simply evolve to the current staging where they must endure the elements and the noise of the copter to be humiliated openly on the mics in front of America. We all now know the underlying corruption and mission of the fake news industry. It gets worse for them from here.

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      • Daniel M. Camac says:

        TradeBait, I’m not 100% sure but didn’t this new strategy take effect right after a new WH communications director was brought in? I can’t recall his name but I’m pretty sure Sundance mentioned who it is in a previous article several months back.

        Sarah did a few more “Romper Room” pressers right after and then BAM!l off to the tarmac the little enemedianites were directed!

        I Love Our President!! and whoever conceived this new forum.

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  25. EricStoner says:

    Acosta, all that time at the makeup mirror, the blow-dried, perfect hair like a freshly groomed poodle and, no camera time; perfect:-)

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  26. StanH says:

    Don’t do the pressers, just stay at your bureau and make up the news. This is what you do anyway. Dispense with the facade of the reporter problem solved.

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  27. Mojo says:

    Comparing these impromptu pressers to Obama’s 15 minutes of answering each question just to listen to himself bloviate, and I think I’d rather sweat.

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  28. Danimal28 says:

    Love these pressers! Keeps the camera’s OFF the media which is their singular goal. A 72 year old man is withstanding the environmental heat as well as the stupid breath of a media that has tried to destroy him and his family for three years – there are some good reporters in that pool, but I don’t feel sorry for any of them.

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  29. Nagothm says:

    Funny how my phone doesn’t “auto shut down” in 115 degree heat (in the shade) when working outside taking and making calls all day long in the sun. Maybe something wrong with their phones, but I would say if you can’t stand the heat……


  30. Baby El says:

    Like mom says… “When you have it good, shut your mouth”.
    Seems the press pool forgot that one!!!


  31. redthunder238 says:

    There is a zero percent chance a phone shut down from being in 90 degree weather. That is absurd.


    • TreeClimber says:

      Depends on the phone. A cheap LG does. An Apple… probably not so much.


      • redthunder238 says:

        How many WH reporters have a burner LG? lol And hell, I left a cheap LG out in the sun when it was 114 out last year and it was fine. They’re lying, like usual.


        • TreeClimber says:

          Maybe we’re thinking of different definitions of “shut down.” Mine turns off, but once cooled powers back up and works fine.


          • redthunder238 says:

            That’s what I mean too. I’ll admit it is possible, just unlikely in 90 degrees. That’s really not that warm. It’s been averaging 105 around here lately. haha


  32. Fools didn’t mind chasing the Scooby Van.

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  33. redthunder238 says:

    And Obambi didn’t answer questions like that for 35 minutes COMBINED. This is just more proof that the Left will complain no matter what.

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  34. talkaftercarefulthought says:

    I have to disagree with the assessment of Jenn Jacobs. While she doesn’t seem to go off the rails. she, to my knowledge, hasn’t personally ever called Trump “President”. Over 2 years she hasn’t slipped up even once (retweets and quoting others seems to be the only time she mentions it) when you work that hard to NOT say the obvious there’s coloring in your reporting, even if it’s just very light

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    • Cynthia says:

      Someone in the presser called him “Mr. Trump.” I wanted to jump through the TV and slap them!

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    • talkaftercarefulthought says:

      same Jenn Jacobs that fluffed up HRC with this hard hitting piece “Democratic superstar Hillary Clinton is expected to head to Iowa after she formally reveals she’s running for president.”


  35. repsort says:

    Makes sense. They are simply pretending to be reporters… playing a part. They aren’t interested in actually doing it, asking the right questions, finding truth. He’s brilliant at exposing people/situations for what they really are… Forcing a bunch of so called reporters to stand in hot, humid weather while they do their job… It’s like asking them “are you really here to be a reporter or are you simply playing a role in the fake news play?”

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  36. TradeBait says:

    The “news” industry being destroyed one impromptu presser at a time by our POTUS.


  37. TreeClimber says:

    If I were one of those reporters and knew I’d be out in the heat without cameras on me I’d just dress as lightly as possible and still be decent. Don’t get all tarted up and you won’t be as hot…

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  38. Mike in a Truck says:

    Ahhh… poor babies they got it so hard. You wanna know misery? How bout your GP Medium troop tent gets blown away by the wind. You know what it’s like trying to sleep in a sandstorm with no shelter? You Know What Its Like?

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  39. petevinoesq says:

    Of course they don’t like them. They don’t get their mugs on TV.

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  40. bob says:

    I don’t even know who the press secretary is now? And whatever happened to that Acosta guy? Most available and transparent President ever!

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      Sarah was replaced by Melania’s spokeperson, Stephanie Grisham, and Melania made that announcement herself. But who has replaced Stephanie as Melania’s spokesperson?


  41. txfella says:

    Just too bad they couldn’t behave and act civilized when they had a nice air conditioned room………

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  42. markone1blog says:

    I like the White House lawn press conferences because you can hear the President, but not the grandstanding commentators (aka, “journalists”). I don’t miss hearing Jim Acosta’s diatribes in the least. However, I do want to hear the President.

    This was a move of genius to move to the current location.

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  43. Bill Coulter says:

    This is hilarious.
    They want access to the President?
    No they don’t.
    They want their 30 seconds in the air conditioning of the press briefing room so they can be on camera getting their shots in at Trump.
    Trump is taking them on on his terms and baking and sweating them in the process.
    Only Trump
    Could pull this off and I bet he is laugh his butt off once on board the helicopter

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  44. MfM says:

    I don’t remember Obama giving many press briefings before leaving. It was mostly a wave and he was gone.

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  45. rayvandune says:

    Now if we could just eliminate hearing them too!


  46. rayvandune says:

    Now if we could just eliminate hearing them too!


  47. MfM says:

    What is amazing is Trump looks fit, relaxed and in control during these pressers.

    I’m sure the White House doctor and others are keeping an eye on him.

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  48. cheering4america says:

    There is another aspect: I continue to read lots of snarky comments from lo-fos (happily, intentionally, lo-fos) who have been persuaded that President Trump is lazy, spends all day watching TV, etc., etc. It is mind-boggling that there are people who totally oblivious to all the work that the President does, at least to me. (But then I read CTH.)

    These press conferences prior to departure highlight the fact that this is an extremely busy, going, doing, hard-working President, even without the lying Press being willing to admit it.

    In the group picture I notice a couple of the male reporters did have their suitcoats on, but since no one is actively trying to persuade others to kill them they don’t have to wear body armor.

    I have actually seen sweat roll down President Trump’s face a couple of times; I figure if he needed to he could always re-shower/dress/groom on Air Force One.


  49. Moe Grimm says:

    Merriam Webster needs to revise their definition of transparency. Delete the current text in definition and in its place put a picture of PDT. This guy is (A)mazing, truly a Citizen Statesman. I’ve waited all my life for one. THINK where we’d be right now if the senate and house contained no cucks.

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  50. Screaming Eagle says:

    When I was a kid, there used to be a mechanical seal at our city park, that was submerged halfway in 2 feet of water. It had a big open mouth that was designed to catch pennies tossed at it. If you landed your penny in its mouth it would rise up, clap is fins, and bark for a short time, then it would sink back down until the next penny hit the mark. Trumps helicopter pressers remind me of this. Feeding little pennies to the barking seals.


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