Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Discusses China, Hong Kong, Huawei and Iran…

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sits down for a wide-ranging interview with Martha MacCallum to discuss ongoing multi-layered issues between the U.S. and China.

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63 Responses to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Discusses China, Hong Kong, Huawei and Iran…

  1. SharkDiver says:

    Too bad we can’t clone this guy and put one of the clones in charge of the FBI.

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    • Rhi says:

      Well Pompeo was CIA head who was told by the President to meet with Bill Binney regarding NSA, download speeds of ‘hacked’ dnc server, perhaps the HAMR and who knows what else and the two interviews I’ve seen questioning Bill regarding that meeting had me questioning Pompeo’s response or lack thereof.
      Perhaps Pompeo knew all this and cleaned out many viper nests in the cia? And now we have London station chief Haspell? How many cleaned out of the swamp State Department? One Ukraine ambassador?
      I like Mike and understand the admin’s priorities- avoid WWIII, economic reset then perhaps justice and accountability.
      It may be too late to turn this around however with God all things are possible.
      “When you see these things BEGIN to take place, look up”. I will keep up the good fight but really my only hope is in the Lord.

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      • covfefe999 says:

        Bill Binney hadn’t worked for the NSA since 2002 or something like that, and his security clearance was revoked several years after that. I don’t know why anyone talks about him as if he is some kind of whistleblower contemporary to our current time.

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  2. ElGato says:

    I love to listen to Pompeo. The confidence beaming out of that man came via our VSGPDJT.
    He’s taught so many how to win. We are in good hands.

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    • The Boss says:

      That is why the establishment is floating the idea of a Kansas senate seat for Pompeo. Like Peter Navarro, Mike Pompeo is astoundingly effective and impactful in moving the Trump agenda forward. Pompeo would be neutered in the Senate, which would warm the cockles of many a globalist heart – assuming they have one. Then, they would arrange for some loser ala John Kerry to be confirmed as Secretary of State.

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      • Grandma Covfefe says:

        Exactly spot on….and I was so relieved when Sec. Pompeo said, a few weeks ago, that he loves what he’s doing for President Trump and our country. Sec. Pompeo is a Team Player, too…excellent one. We’re so thankful for him.
        Thank You, Lord, for your many blessings.

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      • nbkilgore says:

        “I will stand with the President as long as he permits me to”, short, firm and to the point and none of that wibble wobble horse puckys! OFS Secretary Pompeo and POTUS’s pack of Wolverines!

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        • Maquis says:

          Why suffer as a junior Senator under McConnell when you can fulfill such a majestic role under President Trump?
          The Derp State is pathetically transparent.

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          • nbkilgore says:

            I would like nothing better than to see the ole Mitch get bull dozed out of his comfy seat, can’t stand that globalist rihno cuck! Pompeo surpassed his military career and what a better man than him to hold that position and status. You hit the nail on the head, forward not backwards!

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      • littleanniefannie says:

        “Then, they would arrange for some loser ala John Kerry to be confirmed as Secretary of State.”

        Oh Hell no!


  3. Sherri Young says:

    Senator would be a step down. Right now, he is in the line of succession for the presidency. He is in a position where he can make a difference.

    Bless his heart. Those look like diabetic shoes. It is hard to imagine how a diabetic would fare in his job going from time zone to time zone. Take care, Mr. Secretary. We don’t have enough of you.

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  4. A2 says:

    I think at the beginning of the clip the anchor was referencing this it seems to have been cut off.

    “Information operations directed at Hong Kong”

    Sec of State Pompeo is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Wish more would have paid attention to what you just wrote.

      Red China is indeed spreading Communist propaganda against Hong Kong, and the U.S., but we cannot have the rubes knowing that. After all, Red China is our “friend” and only Putin meddles in our elections, right?
      Perhaps a “purposeful” bad edit?

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  5. Carrie says:

    My trifecta of love is for Mike Pompeo, Wilbur Ross and Peter Navarro. All straight talkers and shoot from the hip. It’s an incredible team. I really hope Mr. Pompeo enters some serious races later- but he’s right, some Uniparty (Hi Mitch!) members must be desperate right now to get him away from the Sec. Of State position because he is absolutely brilliant at it.

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  6. JoeMeek says:

    I just looked at a big world map I have on a wall in my living room. And Hong Kong is still in China just like it was when I hung that map some years ago. It is to China, being right on the coast, as Boston, NYC, Los Angles and San Diego are to the USA. So I say Hong Kong should be no more America’s affair than Boston, NYC, Los Angles and San Diego should be any of Cina’s business.

    As far as Afcrapistan goes, 18 years of Operation Enduring Insanity, The Trillion Dollar Bridge on the River Kwai to Nowhere, one of the Greatest Monuments to the Stupidity of Man the world has ever known, is already about 17 1/2 years too much. I would have thought even those at the Pentagon would have figured that out by now. Maybe someone should check the ventilation and water supply there.

    There has been nothing gained in Afcrapistan even remotely worth the price paid in lives, limbs and trillions. It has been one big Operation Enduring Insanity conducted by crackpot Bourbon Generals, whom as Talleyrand said of the Bourbon Dynasty of old, they have learned nothing and they have forgotten nothing..

    President Trump is so much smarter than his Generals, I don’t know how he can even stand to listen to them anymore. He must have the patience of a Saint.

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    • He’s looking for a LEADER.
      Shades of Honest Abe.
      Saving the Union
      … and the Founders’ Republic.

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    • mostlyogauge says:

      Nailed it, JoeMeek. But gosh, just think of how much money has flowed into the coffers of the military-industrial complex. Follow the money …..

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      • ezpz2 says:

        And the drug cartels. Isn’t the lovely poppy flower, and all that it yields, the #1 natural resource in Afghanistan?

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        • RJ says:

          Hey people….take a deeper look into the wars post 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan. Do you remember how the State Department went up against the Defense Department? Do you recall the ROEs (rules of engagement) our warriors had to operate within? Do you remember President Bush telling us that we were not to fight in cemeteries nor mosques, but to honor such religious places? Do you recall all the monies spent on “rebuilding” systems within those countries? Do you think all of this behavior to “help” citizens was an outgrowth of the Green Berets where we learned such effectiveness in Viet Nam?

          What happened to all those purple fingers in Iraq? Can one still buy Afghani hash and smack in the US? Are the shiites strong in Iraq? In/out, up/down–who won the war?

          The State Department won…we are still there trying our “tricks” spending billions…getting what in return? Keeping the wolf from out front doors? I heard that argument as a kid and I am no longer a kid…far from it! Peace Corps fans rejoice, you still have control!

          Only, in America, the view may be we lost–lost the chance to win two wars, crush those who would do us harm, teach the Iraqis and Afghanis a serious lesson never to let anyone within their borders try to do harm to the USA…all in a fast, efficient manner, not costing as many lives nor injuries for life…and not bleeding out our treasury which we hide by saying we can work with our debt as long as the economy expands.

          Nope, the State Department won but America has certainly lost. I know this when I go shopping and realize in less than 15 years goods have almost doubled in price, yet we now hear that for the “working man and woman” wages are rising faster than ever…to catch up to what, exactly?

          Rodney King where are you? Can’t we all just get along….including Iraqis and Afghanis?

          Go work in the State Department, they have move than enough Kleenex to comfort all those tears you will surely shed when thinking how to save the world using others’ monies through peace, harmony and togetherness! Utopia is not here…yet, and many never get here…this is one of many reasons we have a military.

          Only problem seems to be how to use it effectively! My idea: Win first, then after our enemies surrender with victory on our side we send in the State Department. Think Germany and Japan post World War II as one example.

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    • Linda K. says:

      Hong Kong is to China as South Korea is to North Korea. We cannot successfully fight there and Trump truly values the life of each soldier that serves. He wants us out of Syria as well.
      He has China in a vise with tariffs and if they hurt Hong Kong’s democracy, Trump says we won’t deal with China at all.I am sure the Chinese know Trump means it.

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      • RJ says:

        Don’t forget the citizens of Hong Kong went along with Britain turning control over to China…they made their bed, let them lie in it! Not our fight.

        Countries that choose to try something different does not mean if they fail in their game plan the United States should come rushing to save them.

        “Stupid is as Stupid does”…we know who said that and in what movie! Have a box of chocolates while waiting to see how the Chinese solve Hong Kong’s unrest.

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    • ezpz2 says:

      Afghanistan is all about the poppy crop, and has very little to do with terrorism, unless you consider those competing for control of the crops – terrorists.

      Over 90% of the world’s narcotics, both pharmaceutical and black market, comes from Afghanistan.

      Zillions at stake.

      (Don’t know how to post links from phone, but unless the stats have been scrubbed by tech lords, the info can be found with a simple search.)


    • KAR says:

      I agree in principle that the US should withdraw from Afghanistan, that it has been costly and even inhumane. But I secretly hope Trump will not withdraw. Why? If the US departs Afghanistan, I believe China will march right in and take over, first with their highway on the eastern mountain corridor, next economically, then politically, and finally geographically.


  7. We have seen this movie before. It is depressing, instructional and unfortunately, inevitable. In Tiananmen Square, the world saw a single, solitary man, defy the might of the Chi-Com Imperium in front of a tank. Then, soon after, 10,000 Chinese patriots were slaughtered in pursuit of what we take for granted. Constitutional protections, under a Democratically elected government. Free Speech, The Right To Bear Arms (How differently would the Chi-Com leadership view these protests if the populace was not disarmed?), the Protections against illegal search and seizure.

    American dogs are in this fight, but only their barks will be heard. No American blood will be spent. It is what it is and actually, that is how it must be. We cannot assist, or, provide arms to these rebels. The stakes are too high. We will watch and wait… and hope.

    God Bless the Free Chinese. The fight they fight, they fight for all people all over the world who would seek free elections and the right to direct, by way of the ballot box, their best future as they see it.

    It is an ancient struggle whose provenance runs through the ruins in Athens, into and onto the field at Runnymede and the bloody English Civil Wars that then, finally finds true flower in 1776.

    We Americans certainly have our differences, now, more than ever, but I don’t think any of us, would not ask our Gods, whomever they may be, to watch over the Chinese Patriots who come every day, in the rain, through the weather, the tear gas, the rubber bullets, the mace, the threats of imprisonment, the beatings and intimidation to Cry Freedom while holding American Flags and singing our National Anthem.

    Goddamn son of bitch that made me proud!

    This resistance, against the innate, brute power of an evil that knows no senescence, will never end, for it lives in every one of us, in our greedy, power hungry hearts and is blunted and controlled, only through free elections and a Constitutional Government.

    God Bless The Free Chinese!!

    8/19/19, 11:02 PM

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    • Maquis says:

      We can, and if Xi steps awry, will, Tariff, as only PDJT can.


      • Dutchman says:

        Yup that Hong Kong Exception act (sorry A2!) that in effect exempts HK from the tariffs.

        Because of that, one COULD say “No, Hong Kong belongd to one Donald J. Trump.

        NOT cause we have the best equipped, best trained and most experienced Military in the history of the world, although we DO.

        But because if PDJT extends the 25% tariff on China, to cover Hong Kong, its lights out.

        And Xi KNOWS it. Therefore. HONG KONG, as a ,…’theater of operations’ in this asymetrical new kind of World war
        we are in.

        Its ONE field of operations, one battle or front. And PDJT hss already won.

        There are other battles, fronts, theaters of operation. EU is another, NK another, Iran yet another.

        The swamp, yet another the ‘resistance’ is very much a part of it. Its an ideological and spiritual battle for the future, the soul of humanity.

        Freeing England from the clutches if the EOCCP, is like freeing HK or NK from the clutches of CCP,…Or ‘freeing’ CONgress from the clutches of the Uniparty, aka USACCP.

        He is liberating the World from the clutches of Globalism, a worldwide effort to subjugate the World.
        Hence, a World War.
        We are in WW4, first world war of the information age.
        WW3 was the Cold war, fought with proxies and bullets, but in the end won with economics.
        Much like WW1, was a prequel to WW2, WW3 (Cold war) was a prequel to our current conflict, WW4.7

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        • A2 says:

          Why do you say ‘sorry A2” ? I’m confused. The US Policy Act lays out the US obligations enshrined in the Act . The President and the Congress may change that. I believe several bills are floating about in vacationing Congress.

          I was always disabusing people who say, HK is not our problem, the US military should not invade, the US military will invade, and other misinformed stupid comments that have no basis in reality. Listen to SoS Pompeo on the video that was posted.

          The exception to Tariffs granted to HK has been clearly set out in the ACT. It is reviewed annually to see if China is in compliance with their treaty and international obligations under it.

          So what is your point?

          If China invades HK (unlikely unless Xi Mao 2.0 has gone full lunatic), and the PLA holds 60k US citizens in HK ( and 300k Canadians) hostage in camps or tortures and kills them, no military intervention.

          The US has many tools in their kitbag, economic, financial, law to pressure China over Hong Kong. That does not involve anything but a pen and a phone. 🤣

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          • Dutchman says:

            I was apologising, only cause I couldn’t remember the NAME if the damn act, thats all.
            After you pointed it out to us, last night, which I was very grateful for, as,I was unaware, and pretty sure others,were, as well.
            Darn memory, can’t remember the name if the law, for 24 hours.
            No, we’re in total agreement, bullets are not going to happen, agree to full kit bag, etc.

            U.S. POLICY ACT. There, now that I have typed it, maybe I’ll remember!
            Anyway, we’re good, sorry for the miscommunication on my part!
            What did I call it? Exception, lol.
            All I could think of was it made HK an exception to any tariffs on China, which just occurred to me makes a mockery of “One China”
            Dear emporer for life Xi;
            It just occurred to me, you have the “One China” policy as part of your fundamental doctrine.
            And both I and my country have pledged to honor it.
            And yet, I realise we are flagrantly acting contrary tobthe doctrine, due to the U.S. POLICY ACT, which exempts HK from the tariffs we currently have with the REST of China.

            So sorry, and beg your forgiveness. I will correct it immediately, advising my people to begin tariffing all goods from HK, the same as from anywhere else in China.
            Have a nice day,

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            • A2 says:

              A reminder.
              A2 says:
              August 13, 2019 at 7:29 pm
              This is a strawman’s argument. The US is not involved, nor cannot be involved in HK affairs except for the guarantees the US made under the Hong Kong Policy Act. This clearly spelled out the US policy and supports the internationally recognised by the UN member states the Sino-British Treaty, and that is enshrined in the Basic Law. The 50 years and no change to HK society, laws and governance, and all agreements with international covenants that HK was a party to prior to the treaty signed by China and Britain. China has obligations it has now seen fit under Xi Mao 2.O to effectively abrogate. That just underscores who he is,

              Everyone should read the US Hong Kong Policy Act. Unless you think the US act like China and just treat it as waste paper. If the US wants to rescind or amend the Act, congress and the President may do so. It may not rescind the Sino-British Treaty that is For Britain and the UN member states to take up. So the US only may make a stand if it comes to any UN deliberations.

              The argument that the CIA is involved in the situation is only made by the PRC and its running dogs like Russia, Iran, NK . They are the actors making those statements for political gain. Even a prominent PRC advisor to the Chinese government made a statement there was no evidence of CIA involvement and he was recently censored. He is correct.

              I will not go over the history that led to the Sino-British Treaty, though it is needed here as so many have no idea what they are talking about. That I leave up to you.

              Just like the post that said The PRC has invaded Hong Kong with the fake videos. The PRC has moved more troops to the border town of Shenzhen and everyone knows who they are and where.
              For now they are in China.

              Blaming the HK people for what has transpired is not just nonsense, but is very helpful to the PRC to support and excuse their actions. You may blame GB, but they negotiated hard and long to get the Chinese to the table and prevent a threatened invasion which would have resulted in great loss of life.

              So, what the US decides to do, if anything must be carefully parsed in line with its current treaties and obligations.

              Supporting the Hong Kong people or not as individual US citizens is your choice to make. Make it the right choice. There is much the US government may do within the parameters of its obligations enshrined in law.

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              • A2 says:

                Btw the ‘one China policy’ was never agreed to by the US. That is a chinese PRC fiction.

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              • Dutchman says:

                Yes, you and I are in complete accord. Those who don’t see HK as a piece on the chessboard, just aren’t seeing the whole board.
                If you are familiar with baseball, it seems to ma PDJT has mao2.0 in a “pickle”, where the runner is caught between first and second, and they are gonna get tagged, whichever way they run.
                And, PDJT is and will continue to play this exactly right, “carefully parsed and in line with current treaties and obligations”.
                He knows EXACTLY what he is doing, and its a beautiful thing.


            • A2 says:

              Do you know what HK products are in the US? Not many, mostly financial services. I guess another site you don’t read is this

              If you did, you would know that HK is the number one trade partner that has no trade deficit with the US, in fact the US is the big benefactor. Brings in billions to the US, so tell me how that is a negative. No other country in the world has this record.


              • Dutchman says:

                Once again, you take me to school, thank you.
                Not blaming another, but was repeating another posters suggestion, that if Xi ‘cracked down’ on HK protesters, that PDJT could extend tariffs to cover HK.
                I now see that wouldn’t make much sense.

                Some are saying its inevitable, but I am not so sure (crackdown by China). Seems to me Xi is caught beteen a rock and hard place.

                I THINK he can’t crack down,….due to international implications,….and yet as a brutal tyranny, he must in order to maintain authority.

                Where do you come down on this? I agree he’s brutal, wouldn’t hesitate on ‘humanitarian’ concerns, but ramifications etc.must be giving him pause.


                • Maquis says:

                  I personally am not looking at HK being tariffed, rather at China tariffs reflecting a punitive measure for misadventure in HK. There’s no need to put pain on HK unless China totally absorbs it and attempts to exploit its status to avoid tariffs.

                  President Trump would have no problem with making the pain go where it ought, with no ambiguity about why. We have have a half billion dollar target, no need to strain at gnats. Especially as A2 has made clear the math just doesn’t work on targeting HK trade.

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                • Dutchman says:

                  Yes, I was uninformed on the nature of Trade between HK and US.
                  I still think HK protesters present an unsolvable dilemma for Xi; I Think aside from any tariffs or similar measures that PDJT and US GOV may take as a result of a crackdown, the other, perhaps broader implications are daunting.

                  Would it trigger a final flood of companies leaving China? As China is TRYING to portray themselves as the victims in the trade war, which is a tough sell already, another tienamen is the Last thing Xi needs.

                  On the other hand, he HAS to crack down. From a brutal, totalian dictators point of view, this is the equivalent of open and blatant insubordination, for a sea captain, back in the days of sailing ships. Mutiny on the Bounty stuff.

                  You HAVE to have the man flogged, to maintain order and discipline. Otherwise you lose your authority and respect of the ‘men’.

                  Without authority, an authoritarian dictator has nothing.

                  Point is, and I guess I have been going there in my mind, by degrees; Is HK Chinas “velvet revolution”?
                  I’m thinking it MIGHT be.


            • Stepping back to consider Global Implications of a Red China violation of the HK agreement that attacks/undermines HK citizens’ self-governance and liberty:

              • China could not be trusted to honor any existing or future agreement.

              • Corporate exits from China would expand and accelerate.

              • USA sanctions and tariffs would escalate and perpetuate.

              • Chinese Tech Exports – and Imports – and Visas – would plummet.

              • Investors in HK and China would flee.

              • HK role as an Asian Financial Center would dissipate.

              • China’s currency and markets could implode.

              OTOH, Xi could back off, follow President Trump’s advice and reach a “Magnanimous Accord” with the protesters that “takes the long view”.


              • Dutchman says:

                This is what I am saying, that Xi KNOWS all this, …but as protest leader said in video, protesters have no interest in negotiating with Xi, and who could blame them?
                They already KNOW they can’t trust Xi to honor any promises he makes.
                So, WHY would they stand down, in exchange for empty promises? They are organised, mobilised and dedicated, and right now they are in the drivers seat.

                Much like velvet revolution, they are directly challenging Bejing, saying “Give me LIBERTY, or give me DEATH”, Xi doesn’t want to, can’t AFFORD to, give them either, and they will accept nothing less.

                This is the essence of the Velvet revolution. If a populace, unarmed and nonviolently, stands up to tyranny in a United fashion.
                If they say “Go ahead, kill us! But your gonna have to kill ALL of us. All 5 MILLION of us.

                Cause; “We won’t back down, surrender, give in or be silent.”
                We will NEVER give up, and NEVER Bow to your tyranny!”

                Yeah, I think HK may be the death knell for Xi and CCP, even if it takes awhile for it to play out.
                Dare I say it?,…”the BEGINNING of the END”

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        • Maquis says:

          PDJT’s labors are indeed as consequential in a battle as existential as you here posit.
          We as Americans are far from the only people to be blessed by this President and I pray he successfully sees his entire agenda through. Wouldn’t mind if I live to see it too, been marvelous so far!

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          • Dutchman says:

            I am hoping the same, as I am getting up there. Truth is, he is such a consequential POTUS, a baby born today, and living a full life may not see ALL of the effects of what he is doing!

            Such a shame, so many are missing the,show, have no clue what they are seeing.

            Its like a combination of being there, for the signing of D of I and Constitution, Birth of our Lord, Moses parting Red Sea, etc. all rolled into one!

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            • Maquis says:

              Indeed. Hyperbole is understatement when watching PDJT and his Administration.

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            • As you said above, POTUS has Xi in one hell of a PICKLE.

              Xi and his CCP aggressors have TRIGGERED the HK crisis
              … which they cannot end amicably without LOSING FACE
              … and they cannot allow to continue without LOSING WEALTH
              … as they run out of Exporters to keep SOE Manufacturers producing
              … and they run out of Foreign Currency Reserves to prop up their Yuan and SOE Jobs.


              • Dutchman says:

                Yes, its all interconnected. Add in the financial house of cards that is the China economic model, and well,…sure SUCKS to be them!
                Just like CCP USA, otherwise known as the Uniparty, and CCP EU, i.e. Brussels, the must win at all costs, no compromise, no plan “B” paints them into a corner, with no way out.
                Looking forward to G7, MAN is it gonna be CHILLY. Well, they will save on air conditioning,,thats for sure.
                Winning is FUN!

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  8. DJT2020 says:

    Mike Pompeo: “Weakness is never the right outcome.”

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  9. jrapdx says:

    I love what Sec. Pompeo said when asked to comment on the UK releasing the Iranian tanker being held at Gibraltar. The interviewer wondered if the release would prompt Iran to let go of the UK sailors Iran was holding captive. Pompeo’s succinct response was “weakness is never the right outcome.”

    To my mind it’s a valid point, certainly not an action I’d imagine President Trump would ever agree to if it were Americans instead. Certainly seems there’s a distance to go before the Iran situation will be resolved.

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  10. GP says:

    I like Pompeo and he cut’s it real smooth-but, for me, other clarifying the vague sounding China-HK agreement, he didn’t really answer one question. His non-answers, were, however, impressive. T


  11. Tiffthis says:

    He looks great! He’s been healthy this summer. Good cuz we need him around 💯


  12. Kaco says:

    Frickin’ Mooch. I’d love to know what traitor former cabinet members he is supposedly working with. Mattis and Tillerson? I read about supposedly Mattis wanting to challenge some time ago.

    And who is trying to talk Pompeo back into a Senate seat? The RNC?

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  13. Mr pompeo looks Great and Doing a Great Job,

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  14. mtk says:

    On DNC hack download speeds.

    Can be misleading and some aspects of the file attributes can be faked/over ridden.

    Example: Months worth of DNC data is transfered in real time. Months worth of data are now the host hacking computer.

    On that computer stick a thumb drive and then get a DOS promt command window.
    CD H:[RET]
    xcopy C:\superduper\tosecret\stuff\*.* /E[RET]

    Now every single file on the thumb drive has a creation date/time attribute near the USB transfer speed.

    Get it, it is meanlingless. It proves nothing.

    Here bake your brains on this.
    Just before you copy the files with the above method. reboot the computer, repeatly press the DEL key until the computer boots up in system mode and change the date to whatever you want.
    Then every single file copied to the thumb drive will have a creation date/time based off the recently changed system time.
    It is all meaningless.


    • Benedict Comey says:

      Meh, the method you describe to defeat the time stamps still requires physical access to the system and therefore couldn’t be a remote hack, FYI.

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  15. KAR says:

    It sometimes amazes me how much I agree with Trump administration policy on China and how much I disagree on the Middle East. China brutally seized independent Tibet and Xinxiang, of combined size almost that of India, and is inching its way toward total and illegal control of the South China Sea, as well as threatening independent Taiwan, which does not and never did belong to them. It is a fact that they have believed for centuries if not millennia that they own the entire world, that all the world are ancient Chinese provinces, and that eventually they will take them back. On the other hand, I do not see Iran as a threat to any country except Israel, which is the fault of Israel’s own brutal policies that defy UN resolutions dating to 1948, by which Palestinians’ in Gaza deserve to have their houses back. Nor is Syria’s Assad anything but a popular democratic leader trying to unite his country after a civil war largely caused by ISIS, which itself was created by the US shock-and-awe bombing of Iraq, a heinous war crime that left the upper educated Iraq class destitute, and demolished their secular modern way of life. I do trust Trump, however, to do no harm to any nation that could result in war. He remains the Peace President.


  16. ChampagneReady says:

    Initially I thought Pompeo was a good addition by Trump. Now I wouldn’t trust Pompeo to give me change for a nickel.

    He is the HEAD of the State Department and he could ORDER all the Clinton email documents sought by Judical Watch rushed over to them at the speed of light. Instead ? He’s just as bad as everybody who covered for Clinton in OBAMA’S State Department. He blocks every request for her records and they have to go to court to get a judge to FORCE release of them.

    This is mindboggling and drives Tom Fitton crazy that the same cover up that was going on before Trump is now going on with TRUMP’S people. Pompeo should be fired just fast as Wray at the FBI. And that’s so fast, their shoes would leave skidmarks ! And then Rudy Guliani should be instantly made Acting FBI Director.


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