Rudy Giuliani Reacts to Release of Bruce Ohr 302 Reports…

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani appears on Fox News with reaction to the release of information contained within the FBI investigative notes of DOJ official Bruce Ohr.

Within the interview Giuliani drops a few bombshells, including an apparent lengthy amount of time that U.S. Attorney John Durham has spent in Europe investigating the FBI and CIA operations against the Trump campaign.

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327 Responses to Rudy Giuliani Reacts to Release of Bruce Ohr 302 Reports…

  1. Alan jenner says:

    I pray for our country and society that the next shoe drops heavy on all of the traitors!

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  2. Donzo says:

    I found the statement in the FBI 302 document that intelligent but cold- blooded Russian oligarchs “kill people for nothing” rather curious. One could take away from that comment that the author is indirectly saying it’s is OK to kill people if you have a reason and that it does not necessarily have to do with acting lawfully. Our intelligence agencies kills people. They probably have a good reason./sarc

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  3. islandpalmtrees says:

    This sounds like the IC and SSCI are being indicted by Rudy Giuliani, at-least in spirit? We know from our own research that the approach outlined below appears to be very similar to that in use by 5Eyes, in order to circumvent intelligence laws. I think that it may be worth repeating that the principle user of the NSA Database is 5Eyes.

    Sean Hannity: Was there outsourcing of techniques that are illegal. In other words, did our top intelligence officials, did they outsource spying on American citizens for the purpose of hurting President Donald Trump or candidate Trump or transition to be President Trump? Did they outsource intelligence gathering methods to spy on Americans to circumvent US law and outsource it to even allied countries. Did that happen, sir?

    Rudy Giuliani: There is plenty of evidence that it happened, Sean. Plenty of evidence. Some of it documentary, some of it already recorded. And for a year people in Europe have been trying to get this to our FBI. And they have been thwarted and ignored and pushed aside. It was a deliberate effort to cover this up. It didn’t just happen. Even during the Trump administration there was a deliberate effort to cover this up to protect the prior wrongdoing. That’s really sick.

    The NSA database in use by 5Eyes would have had copies of the DNC emails supposedly hacked by the Russians had emails been transferred as claimed by the Mueller Report per the former NSA technical director (Bill Binney). This points to the fabrication by the IC since any of these organizations could have validated that the emails existed within the NSA database. And of course when you talk about the IC. You have to talk about the SSCI.


    Let’s not forget Sundance’s reference in one of his articles
    “The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) is the same committee that Michael Caputo told: “God damn you to hell“, and for a very good reason. The entire committee is corrupt from top to bottom; especially Chairman Richard Burr”

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  4. islandpalmtrees says:

    If one “Inter-agency Memorandum of understanding” (see below) revealed that the FISA process can be and was by-passed by FBI and CIA. What other Memorandums of understanding are out their, that allow the IC (to include the FBI and CIA) to by-pass other United States laws? Would it not be important to reveal other Memorandums of understanding and to ask for an open review?

    The surveillance was happening through exploitation of the NSA database through unauthorized FISA search queries; and involved both the CIA and FBI.

    How were these secret Memorandums used in the coup attempt?

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  5. ChampagneReady says:

    Judicial Watch’s ability to use the courts is the only thing that does an end-run around the obama creeps from keeping the Black Box government in full coverup operation.

    But TRUMP’S people are inexplicably just as rotten. Powell is a total rat. He is in charge of the State Department and he fights Tom Fitton incessantly on his requests for incriminating documents. Powell could have them rushed over in a Fed EX truck but instead he is defiantly blocking every attempt to disclose the cesspool. Fitton cannot believe it and it disgusts him.

    The other overtly obvious one is Wray. There are no words to describe what a Trump hating Judas mole he is. He’s a combination of J Edgar Hoover and Holder. THANK GOD for Judicial Watch and FOIA forced release orders by the courts !

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