July 24th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #916

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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  1. Grandma Covfefe says:

    USA * 🇺🇸 * 7 more Days to Trump Ohio Rally * 🇺🇸 * USA (469 Days to E-Day)
    (Thursday, Aug 1 at 7pm ET)

    🦅 KAG while Making America Greater Again
    Thank You, Lord, for President Trump, his MAGA Team, and all his supporters.
    Lord, keep them all safe in all they do and go daily. In Jesus’ Name we pray…..

    🌟 “Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.” 🌟
    -— Psalm 37:3
    ***Praise: Patriot Charlie Kirk (Turning Point USA) gathered young American Patriots to hear President Trump speak to them—Thank You, Charlie
    ***Praise: Dr. Mark Esper confirmed (90-8) and quickly sworn in as Sec of Defense
    ***Praise: Opioid deaths in Iowa is down 33%

    🙏 Pray:
    — for protection for President Trump and MAGA Team
    — drama surrounding Mueller’s hearing boomerang back to Opposition—may their duped followers eyes’ be opened and see the hoax of this Witch Hunt really is and have a change of heart
    — for protection & success for ICE agents while arresting/deporting illegal aliens
    — for more MAGA candidates to run for various offices thru-out USA and in DC
    — more Opposition lies and deceit be exposed this week
    — vulgarities, lies & crimes committed by “The Squad” be exposed to sunlight soon
    — Presidential Candidate Democlowns to continue to fumble, grumble, jumble, mumble, stumble, crumble..then diminish…pouf.
    — Deep State’s strategies all collapse and evaporate…poof…pouf….
    — for USA Election Integrity, Citizen Certifications and catch voting fraudsters
    — for Guardian Angels protecting all our borders–air, land and sea
    — for our WALL being built now – speed & protection for wallbuilders
    — Protection for: Military, Border Patrol, LEOs, BP Horses, BP dogs
    — for all America’s kids including 5 yr old Landen–protection and healing
    — *🇺🇸* We Love Our America Flag *🇺🇸*
    🦅 “Together, we are making America stronger and greater than ever before.”
    -—(7-12-19 Remarks in Wisconsin)
    🇺🇸 — Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America — 🇺🇸
    “🦅“But those who wait on the Lord……Shall renew their strength;
    🦅They shall mount up with wings like eagles,…..
    🦅They shall run and not be weary.…..They shall walk and not faint.”……Is 40:31”
    —-Treepers’ Prayer Warriors Post for Wednesday July 24, 2019—–

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      “— Presidential Candidate Democlowns to continue to fumble, grumble, jumble, mumble, stumble, crumble..then diminish…pouf.”

      Ok, Grandma – this may be your best one yet! 😀

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    • Colorado Rich says:


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    • A2 says:

      Maybe put a word in for the wolverines who are off th Shanghai soon for trade talks.

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      • Grandma Covfefe says:

        I didn’t catch that one. Can you give me more info for me to read up on? ….. then I’ll post it tomorrow.

        I appreciate your contributions about China and other Asian issues, esp what you posted under the yesterday Treeper prayer post. I didn’t know most of what you shared. Again thank you for keeping us all in the loop.

        May the Lord Bless your wherever you are.

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          • Grandma Covfefe says:

            Thank You, A2! It looks like next week, Monday thru Wednesday is the latest plan. Let me know under the Treeper Prayer Post if you hear of any more plans or changes…that would help a lot. Bless you!

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            • A2 says:

              Again thank you for the blessing, and I hope you pray for the Christian churches in China and all their devoted faithful. They desperately need our prayers. They are under attack from the Party/state.

              I’m only speculating but what I read from official sources and see talked about on PRC tv,
              It may not go very well unless the President caves on Huawei, which is the communication arm of the PLA. Also there is no intention on the PRC side to make systemic reforms to their state sponsored control and command economic system. I hope, but am not optimistic for any breakthrough at this point. I would , of course be pleased if it happens.

              Btw I live in China.

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      • Pale rider says:

        It’s the voiceless. Nobody hears these people cry for help so they are useless debris. abortion, the same. Elderly, same. The voice of our politicians were SUPPOSED to be for the voiceless. They now skim the very top few to direct their policy. In the end it leads to total destruction.
        We are warned not to give the rich preference over the rest, this is why. If a rich person has compassion and a pure heart they give to see people elevated, not to exclude.
        You could just as easily show pictures of the California congress and say “this is a sh!t hole”, because the sewage emits from them.
        “You shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto you”. Job 22:28 ” the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just.” Proverbs 13:22


  2. Joemama says:


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  3. JoeMeek says:

    Tomorrows drinking game?

    Every time Mueller says to a Republican asking him a question “that’s outside the scope” take a drink.

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    • dawg says:

      I think he might be just as likely to say that to the Dems.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Every time Mueller leans over to Zebley and can be seen to ask “what should I say?”, take a drink.

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      • Dutchman says:

        I kinda figured Zembly would have his hand/arm up Muellers backside, and even if you watch real close, you won’t see Zemblys lips move!

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      • Nobodysfool says:

        First questions Mueller should be asked after he ‘swears’ to tell the ‘truth’:

        “Who was in charge of this investigation–you or Zebley?”. “You were handpicked for this witch hunt because supposedly nobody does it better when it comes to integrity, experience, knowledge of the law, unparalleled investigative and forensic capabilities and your bipartisan, unbiased character. So why the hell, after you stated your report was your final word, did you show up today and prove you are in fact a puppet? Mr. High Moral, Impeccable Character can’t face questions without another handpicked legal hack sitting at your right hand, opening doors for Democrats and dodge-balling real questions from Republicans whereby the truth might actually come forth? Mr. Mueller, would you please indulge the American people today by letting us know every time one of Nancy Pelosi’s questions from her list is asked? Could you please reveal to us when one of your answers is rehearsed from a closed door meeting with the Chair of this Committee?”

        Now to AG Barr: We can expect today to be another dog and pony show, the Dem’s have already got their press releases ready to roll because it’s another Clinton debate set up. Questions have been well planned, Mueller had time to carefully prepare and rehearse responses. They think today is their Day of Reckoning. The President has given you, Mr. Barr, the power and discretion to declassify. Are you ready? Can we expect a declassification rollout to follow today’s BS, whereby the guilty are identified, indictments are delivered and this ridiculous waste of taxpayer money is exposed. Are you as ready for the counter initiative as they are to deliver the punches today? We damn well hope you’re ready.


    • Bubba Cow says:

      I’ll drink to that
      but I won’t be watching
      I imagine the Treehouse will be hopping tomorrow; that’s enough for me.

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    • Dabigragu says:

      I don’t know, that’s 3 AM for me…

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  4. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • Deplore Able says:

      “…it was Georgia Democrat State Rep. Erica Thomas who told Eric Sparkes to ‘Go back where you came from.'”

      It is politically incorrect to believe that the above is true. It doesn’t matter if it is true or if it isn’t. If you believe it to be true, then you are a “RACIST!” Truth doesn’t matter, only the name calling.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Whoa whoa whoa whoa… WHOA! Hold on! Wait just one damn second here. Is this Publix employee “racially compatible” with Erica Thomas? If not… this whole thing just hammered three Red Bulls and a couple lines of Columbian Bam Bam.

      Oh how I secretly am hoping the Publix employee is a 1st generation Asian-American. Oh please please please please please. I know, that’s terrible. I just CAN’T HELP IT!

      A black Georgia State Rep, a white Liberal, and a 1st generation Asian-American walk into a Publix…

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    • starfcker says:

      Boy oh boy, there are some things wrong with that article. “No charges will be filed.” “after a thorough investigation.” “Thomas’s attorney said.” Some fat black woman ran a full cart into the express lane at Publix, and had a back and forth with another customer. That’s simple stuff. Happens every day. Charges? Investigations? Lawyers? How about somebody just telling fatty, manners matter, express lane is not the place for you, Push a full cart there at your own peril. When we give minutiae like this, attention like this we will never make America great again.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Now that I would believe.


  5. emet says:

    Mueller still bringing his emotional support animal ?

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  6. dawg says:

    Mueller didnt even want to do the press conference. He thought he could appease the Dems with that one-liner “if we could have exonerated him, we would have”. That whole presser was for that one hook.

    Mueller wants an out, so he got the DOJ to tell him what he could NOT say.

    I think Mueller has been wanting out of this mess since a couple weeks after he was appointed SC.

    I find Nadler’s statement that “Mueller doesnt have to obey that letter” to be very telling.

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    • emet says:

      Mueller . Failure as a Federal officer. Failure as a criminal. Failure as a man. A mob associate of the DNC crime family.

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    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      Put yourself in Mueller’s shoes. 72 years old. Distinguished career in public service that is now drawing to a close in the hottest of spotlights. Huge final sendoff. Let’s give you the benefit of the doubt and say your are the patriot many believe him to be. You’re very publicly tasked with finding out if the sitting president is an agent of a foreign power. History books have already been written about it and many more are to come. A century hence, students in school will know your name and study what you did. And you are given multiple chances on live TV with the whole world watching to explain yourself.

      So with all that as the backdrop:

      What would you have to lose by telling people what you really think in plain language? By really clearing the air in a frank, candid, and forthright manner? Wouldn’t the country you love be well served by such candor?

      Why instead would you hide behind mealy mouthed legalese?

      these are not rhetorical questions I’m asking

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Nope, this is all on Mueller.

      He’s a big boy. He ran the FBI for many years and turned it from fighting crime to what is it now. He owns this puppy because he allowed to happen under his authority.

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  7. k4jjj says:

    Could someone please tell Robert Mueller to “Go Back Where You Came From?”

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  8. A2 says:

    Well, the CCP Military press conference on the PRC white paper, National Defense in the New Era was an eye opener,

    I posted on the last Presidential open thread. Our new Sec of Defense Mr Esper was highlighted in the Q&A. As was Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xi Mao2.0 thought Uber Alles and some interesting fastfooting about the Joint Chinese-Russian pushing the envelope in the East China Sea with South Korea and Japan and the new Cambodian base. Taiwan, Hong Kong and US slammed.

    It was clear they neither like nor respect the new Sec of Defense, so all the numpties posting on the thread here on his confirmation bashing him, should write editorials for the Global Times and People’s Daily. It would be welcomed.

    Still waiting for the link to the official report. I do have other stuff to do. I will post when I find it. but the presser was unmissable.

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    • Dutchman says:

      As usual, thanks for what you can give us, A2. I too have stuff to do, so can certainly relate. Trying to complete a manuscript.
      Great to hear China doesn’t like SecDef.
      You stay well now, here!

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  9. CTH Fan says:

    The first question I would ask Mr. Mueller is: Does the President have first amendment rights?

    Second question: Not having been arrested or indicted, was the President allowed to express his opinions because of his first amendment rights? If so, his tweets were not criminal in nature, correct.?

    Third question: Did the President ACT on his disatisfaction with the SC method of investigation. Understanding, of course, that blowing off steam to his attorney is not actually acting to impede the

    Having said that, in no way would I presume to know more than the experts. I would really want to hear the answers.

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  10. I wanted to post video of Jim Jordan’s back and forth with FBI director Mule-err regarding IRS case and then make a notation that – “After seeing this video if anybody still wants Mule-err to “lead” anything then they need to get mental evaluation”.

    I gave following search in bing and duckduckgo – jim jordan shredding mueller

    The search results are mind bogglingly anti-Jim Jordan on first page.

    Just for kicks I used google and the results were not anti-Jim Jordan on first page.

    Looks like for me it is now gibiru.com.

    Disclaimer: I don’t use google at all though I do use bing and duckduckgo. Looks like bing and duckduckgo are using same source / algorithm since their search results were identical in this case.

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  11. Here is good one involving the idiot Erica Thomas and the Cuban man.

    Witness says Georgia lawmaker was the one who told man, ‘Go back’


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  12. FL_GUY says:

    Mueller Testimony Opinion Part 1 of 2

    This is a long opinion piece about the D-Rat/Mueller clown act which I imagine most people will skip. That’s fine.

    Well today is the big day. After having his scribes chisel the sacred Weissman report on to stacks of stone tablets and with his chief disciple by his side, Saint Mueller “testifies” to Congress.

    OMG! We’re All Gonna Die!!!!!!!!!!

    Or ARE we?

    I think NOT!

    After spending almost two years and at least 40 million dollars (probably a lot more), blackmailing, coercing, and extorting targeted victims to force them to lie and with a team that included, in my opinion, NAZI style criminal thugs with essentially no oversight, no limits and no boundaries (shredded the US Constitution), the Mueller Mob was not able to frame President Trump or his family for ANY crime.

    Personally, I think Mueller is stupid, very STUPID to put himself in this position. Why? Because he doesn’t have to be in this position in the first place (Barr gave him an out) but more importantly, by doing so, he will have painted a very large BULLSEYE on himself. That suggest to me that Mueller is likely being forced to “testify” by the same people who are behind the coupe in the first place. Too bad for him AND for them; they will be hit back 10x harder.

    The only sainthood Mueller possesses is from the devil himself. Mueller has done nothing but EVIL things in his government service; e.g. protected terrorists, ruined many innocent lives and likely condoned murder in his climb up the ladder. The facts on Mueller and Weissman are out there and will come front and center if the D-Rats try to build anything on Mueller’s “testimony”.

    Also, all these “lawfare” people are the same people who have been out to get President Trump from the beginning; there is not a new or original thought among them. They have failed for years so why suddenly, with the D-Rat hearings, conducted by people who are either stupid or senile or both (look at their leader Pelosi), are they going to have a different outcome THIS time? That is simply not logical.

    So, are they going to try a smear campaign led by the media-rats? DUH, that has never stopped. In fact, it has gone on so long, people are tired of it. In social psychology, there is a phenomena called the Boomerang Effect. That is when a message is so oversold, it pushes people in the opposite direction. I think a good example of the failure of the media-rats to influence people about President Trump was the NC Rally crowd. After two solid years of President Trump bashing, years of lies and outrageous accusations against President Trump, that rally crowd of literally 10s of thousands, a middle of a work week crowd at that, were fired up and enthused supporting President Trump. That is not going to change with whatever crap Mueller, the lawfare group or the D-Rats try to pull. No matter what the media-rats report, most normal people are literally sick and tired of it and will take the opposite position. (the typical D-Rat is NOT normal. If President Trump said the Earth was round, they’d join the flat Earth society) CONTINUED in PART 2.

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  13. jim says:

    ✨ Republicans plan real time war room for the Mueller hearing. This might make it all worthwhile.


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  14. FL_GUY says:

    Mueller Testimony Part 2 of 2

    To understand what is going on in the present, you have to throw away your beliefs on how things in the political world work. They simply don’t work that way any longer and certainly not against an extraordinary man like President Trump. For instance, the D-Rats pulled out every dirty political trick, and I mean EVERY ONE OF THEM, they’ve used since the days of LBJ (over 50 years/half a century worth), not only during the campaign, but since President Trump was sworn in.

    President Trump is STILL President Trump and he is not going anywhere.

    President Trump is no ordinary person. An ordinary person would have capitulated to the EVIL or been destroyed by the EVIL long ago. President Trump still stands. After the Mueller circus, some people may go down but it won’t be President Trump. BOOMERANGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, I am just going to not bother with the Mueller/D-Rat clown act Wednesday; I’m stepping away from the monitor.

    I know whatever action President Trump needs to take to prevail, he will do so. How can I be so certain? Well, I was just telling the wife today that I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to personally observe candidate Trump and to shake his hand after his speech in January of 2016. I have spent over 40 years professionally assessing people. After detailed observation of candidate trump, I realized that he was a text book genius and an honest, straight talker. Since he was sworn in as President, he has worked to fulfil EVERY campaign promise. President Trump says what he means and means what he says. Every day he proves it. President Trump says he is going to drain the swamp; he is working on it. No one else would have the guts to even try but President Trump is facing the EVIL directly and will prevail. JMHO End Part 2

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    • Dekester says:

      Cheers FL-Guy,

      Your post is “spot on”

      Today will be another good day, and for no other reason than PDJT is still President of the U.S.A.

      God bless PDJT

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    • FreedomLover says:

      Reading that PDF from the socialist democrat party that was posted, I’m amazed at how they are continuing to go down the same path. They really do execute the plan even when things dynamically change in the real world. Everyone is totally fed up with this narrative now. If it really does have a boomerang effect, that’s great. They had and continue to follow a plan, but it isn’t working.


  15. citizen817 says:

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  16. joeknuckles says:

    I predict that the Democrats will attempt to impeach President Trump for “obstruction of the liberal narrative”.

    The only thing Trump coukd possibly obstructed with his tweets was the narrative. The real question is, why was the special counsel concerned about the narrative at all? They are not supposed to be political and the narrative is all about politics.

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  17. citizen817 says:

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  18. citizen817 says:

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  19. citizen817 says:

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  20. citizen817 says:

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  21. citizen817 says:

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  22. citizen817 says:

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  23. citizen817 says:

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  24. citizen817 says:

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  25. citizen817 says:

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  26. citizen817 says:

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  27. JoeMeek says:

    Mark Esper: The Revolving Door Secretary of Raytheon.

    Esper was a very highly paid “vice president of governmental relations” for Raytheon from 2010 to 2017 and Ratheon always expects a very high return on “investment”.

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  28. citizen817 says:

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  29. citizen817 says:

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  30. Dutchman says:

    I think Mueller is being compelled/coerced not only to testify, but to be S.C.
    Rosie and the team had something on him, and I suspect it was;
    Look, YOU were in on it, ehen we set up the initial operation, to access NSA database for political spying.
    If that is,exposed YOU go down, we ALL go down for it.
    Therefore, you will be the ‘front’ for the team thats gonna try to keep it buried.
    They will do the work, you just give them cover.
    Or else, since YOU signed the MOU that set the whole thing up, we will hang it around your neck (implied, perhaps).

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  31. citizen817 says:

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  32. citizen817 says:

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  33. citizen817 says:

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  34. citizen817 says:

    Tom Fitton/Lou Dobbs.

    Tom Fitton: Leftist Activists in the State Dept. SABOTAGED Migrant Deal w/ Guatemala
    (@ 1:30 mark of 7:25)

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    • JoeMeek says:

      Looks like the employees of the State Department need some adult supervision.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Yeah, this I knew, that State dept sabatoged the deal with Guatamala.
      He has tools to use. Eeny meeny minee mo, what will he do?
      Restrict visas, which he can do, for any reason or no reason. Law ans SCOTUS says he can.
      Tackle remittances to Guatamala.
      Either of which would be a kick ,…below the belt for Guatamala.
      Probably others as well,….

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      • clr says:

        Not to mention Ukraine State Dept. mischief – big, big deal there. Rudy knows.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Yeah, State dept has messed up relations with Russia, since papa bush. Ukraine was simply culmination of bad policy.
          And Hillary was right in the thick of it.


      • FreedomLover says:

        Is there anyone left in that country to send remittances back to? I guess, if the government of that country and gangsters count.


        • Dutchman says:

          Oh, yeah I suspect there is still some.Firstly, they are sending their poor. The rich aren’t leaving, the middle class aren’t leaving, just the poor.
          And they are keeping the working poor, to tend THEIR lawns, clean their houses, etc.


  35. citizen817 says:

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  36. citizen817 says:

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Well….another one……Bill Barr……..It’s not America they care about…..It’s the institution.

      I have stated a few times…..Just eliminate the DOJ and the FBI and start over.

      Use the US Marshall’s, Secret Service, Military Intelligence (NCIS) in lieu of creating the new agency’s.

      Just lock the doors and let no former DOJ or FBI in the buildings.
      They can have nothing. No computers, now files, nothing.

      Just go home….

      The Nuclear Option

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    • HB says:

      Sundance isn’t pulling any punches off Barr until he sees evidence that Barr is on the Trump Train..

      I would like to see the President back up Sundance.


    • nwtex says:

      Oh, Dear Jesus. I have no words but if I did they would not fully express what I am feeling as I look at this photo. Bless his young heart.
      Now I will just take a moment to pray.

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  37. nwtex says:

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  38. Troublemaker10 says:

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  39. JustScott says:

    Sorry, yeah OT. But, CTH is an amazing lot of brilliant Patriots. Well worth the time I spend reading up in the dark hours.

    I just want to give a shout of MUCH LOVE to you all. If you read this, I meant you too!

    (Now hurry up A2, I have been staying up waiting for your post on the FB mil paper.. 🙂

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  40. It’s a shit show before it even starts. And it will be a shit show on Thursday. Such is the material that Gilbert & Sullivan could write the operetta of operetta’s that would be performed by pantomime companies for centuries to come.

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  41. A2 says:

    Here is the CPC report on PRC national security in the new era. 新时代的中国国防


    Ok have a look. Or not, if you have your attention sucked up by mueller, AOC, Gang of Four, or hate on anyone President Trump has endorsed in his cabinet. What a choice treepers. Make it a good one.

    I posted the presser. Too bad no one was listening, since we all have to rant and rave over Pelosi , the drunk, and Shifty and Nadler, the morons, and tear our hair out or light it on fire, because hey, we have to give ratings for the next drama on Netflix.

    This is not what matters. It is all theatre. Yes eat your popcorn, go yeah and boo.

    Or recognise the existential threats that threaten those indulgences.

    America is a rich and bountiful nation, in its natural resources and its diverse population. We are now at a crossroads. What path we take makes all the difference.

    I know where I stand. Do you?

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    • A2 says:

      Ok la I used the diverse word. So many here have so bought into the leftist screeds they don’t understand what that means. I am talking about people who came here over two hundred years ago, their descendants and those that came since. They are to an overwhelming extent patriotic and proud Americans, whether they came in the past or have now become citizens. Don’t conflate these people with the lefty loons.

      Some treepers have shared their stories, as Brits who emigrated here, to those who celebrate their mixed and diverse heritage, so-called races and in-your terms colours. I do not recognise these latter two categories. Stop letting the left totalitarians divide you. For their profit.

      We are all Americans. We respect the country, the constitution and the promise.
      Be a part of it. It is glorious.

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    • JustScott says:

      OK, big homework assignment for 5AM.
      1. Tiawan f*cked.
      2. “Effectively secure China’s overseas interests”
      3. “We will not attack unless we are attacked, but we will surely counterattack if attacked.”
      4. “no first use of nuclear weapons” “guiding principle of integrating military with civilian purposes” “China encourages joint building and utilization of military and civilian infrastructure”
      5. “military operations other than war (MOOTWs)” “interests protection”,
      6. “China’s armed forces will further their exchanges and cooperation with the Russian military” SCO.

      Overall, better than I was expecting. But, still wary of panda.

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  42. Jenevive says:

    Let me see if I understand today show
    The Dems want to educate us on what is really
    in the Mueller report because supposedly we
    haven;t read it and if we did we would understand
    all of POTUS crimes?

    So we get today circus but then doesn;t Congress go
    on summer vacation in a few days..So they wouldn;t go for
    impeachment till the fall? Why not have this then, people
    will forget about it by then?

    Do they have a deadline or something by which they
    have to try impeachment? It seems strange to do it
    now right before summer vacation?

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  43. Dora says:

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  44. getfitnow says:

    FTA – When you want to know who’s going to win the next presidential election, don’t read the mainstream newspapers or tune in to the cable networks. And forget the pollsters — they don’t know diddly. Just check in with the bookies. “Donald Trump is still favored to win the 2020 Election with -120 average odds,” Sports Betting Dime wrote last week. That means you’d have to bet $120 just to win $100. Them’s some pretty good odds that Trump‘ll repeat. TheLines.com, another betting site, pointed out what a huge turnaround that is from the 2016 election, when Mr. Trump’s odds at the start 500/1 — or +50,000 on betting sites.


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  45. Greg says:

    Interesting long article on Boris Johnson. He and Trump should make a great team.


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  46. Dora says:

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  47. Og Oggilby says:

    How Marxists Took Over the American Labor Movement
    Trevor Loudon, July 24, 2019:

    “For many years, labor in the United States was staunchly anti-communist. However, since 1995, American unions have largely fallen under Marxist control. This gives the far left the political muscle to implement socialist ideas through the Democratic Party—even when these policies clearly damage union members’ interests….

    The further left the Democrats went, the smaller their traditional base became—the more they needed union help—the more far-left they veered. It’s a vicious cycle of destruction that is now almost impossible to reverse.

    That’s why the Democrats and their union and Marxist masters are so fixated on securing amnesty for the 20 million-plus illegal immigrants now in this country. The Democrats have so destroyed their traditional base that they can now only win by importing millions of new voters from south of the border…

    Today’s Democratic Party is the tool of the unions. Today’s unions are controlled by revolutionary Marxists. Millions of veteran-supporting, gun-owning, stars and stripes-loving, patriotic union members are being led into socialism by their treacherous anti-American leadership. And they may drag all of the rest of us to hell with them.”


    Liked by 2 people

  48. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    How much did mueller get paid for being a figurehead as compared to what weissman got paid for being the “HMFIC”?


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