CNN Unveils Two Night Debate Line-up, Twenty Candidates Qualify – July 30th and 31st…

CNN held a rather comical lotto-showcase to unveil the candidate line-up for their two night democrat candidate debate on Tuesday July 30th, and Wednesday July 31st. The debate line-up lotto was held one day after the DNC club announced the 20 presidential candidates who qualified the second debate.

[Former Senator Mike Gravel, Mayor Wayne Messam, former Representative Joe Sestak and billionaire Tom Steyer were the four presidential candidates who did not make the second round of debates.]

The first night is the all white line-up: the Thriller in Vanilla; and will put Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on the stage along with Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke.  It will be interesting watch how the communist and socialist differentiate themselves, the crowd is expecting a free stuff frenzy.

Meanwhile white male Beto needs to take a bite out of white male Buttigieg to survive to round three.  Mayor Pete has been stealing all of self-flagellating Beto’s support; and the cashmere might start flying if the limo-liberals enter a demolition derby.

Ironically the second night puts all of the peoples’ of color candidates together.  Additionally, in a delicious luck-o’-the draw, ‘spank me’ Harris is in position to finish off ‘creepy’ Joe Biden.

Obviously most of the pressure is upon Creepy to have a good debate and stop the downward spiral of support losses to Spank Me and How.  However, that possible conflict opens the door for Booker to play the creed-card and mount a multi-front racist attack with an opening statement in Congolese.

“Lets Get Ready to Mumble” !!!

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227 Responses to CNN Unveils Two Night Debate Line-up, Twenty Candidates Qualify – July 30th and 31st…

  1. WSB says:

    What a bunch of losers.

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  2. Elric VIII says:

    It’s all about the Benjamins. Not a Patriot in the lineup.

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  3. Tiffthis says:

    So, who was left out of the “lottery”

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  4. Sherri Young says:


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  5. It’s going to go into the history books as…the biggest two day sale of popcorn ever recorded!

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  6. Duke of Cumberland says:

    Beto needs to take a bite out of Buttigieg! LOL, I cant be the only one who saw what you did there SD!

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  7. Rudolph says:

    We all know CNN and the DNC collude, so nothing about this line-up is random.

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    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      What are the odds Bernie/Pocahontas and Biden/Harris both end up in the first and second groups respectively, as a pair, in each set of debates so far? Math was never my strong suit.


  8. CoffeeBreak says:

    I watched the last one (for information’s sake) and I’ll most probably view this one, as well.

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  9. Sentient says:

    It’s interesting that they split the two gay guys onto separate nights, but put both Chinese guys on the second night.


  10. islandpalmtrees says:

    I have got to tell you people. I have seem better looking faces on the monkeys at the zoo!


  11. Raptor says:

    “Lets Get Ready to Mumble” !!!
    Best line of the night!

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  12. Sentient says:

    Since Sanders and Biden are way too old … and white and male … it looks like the final round will be Warren v Harris. Too bad they won’t square off at the next debate. Kamala’s going to have to save her kill shot for later : “Bitch, you a fake-ass Indian!”

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  13. jmarshs says:

    “….and the cashmere might start flying if the limo-liberals enter a demolition derby.”



  14. Paul B. says:

    My friends, I am considering running for the Democrat nomination! My platform will consist of dismantling the Democrat Party.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Too Late…..The DNC is in full destruct mode now…..

      Hey……I know how to save them……

      Let the Hamassketeers……join the debate…….That would be classic…

      You could put Omar the tent maker with all the White People…….

      And AOC……….Just call her a “C” for short …..with all the with all the low IQ people

      Wait…..hmmm……let me get back on that one

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  15. SwampRatTerrier says:


    The DnCnn split between the nights is


  16. Goedhart says:

    I say Biden gets knocked out early and joins together with the four congress members from hell to tour as a 60’s style singing group.
    “Tail Rubber Joe* and the Four Women of Squalor”.

    **My apologies to Joe McCarthy

    I can picture the choreography.

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  17. kp says:


    Your turn of a phrase and your humorous approach to the looming disaster is excellent.

    But! And there’s always a butt isn’t there?

    “…Beto needs to take a bite out of white male Buttigieg…” Ewww!

    I gotta’ get a stronger drink now. :~)

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  18. Sentient says:

    I hope Harris accuses Biden of being a racist again. Biden’ll go “see – I gotta black friend”

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    • Mr. Morris says:

      Do you think anyone will ask Kamala why she was ok as a prosecutor letting a Democrat pol who was found guilty of sexual harrassment off without jail time and without having him register as a sex offender? Will CNN ask this question or are they down with sexual predators and prosecutors like Kamala?


  19. islandpalmtrees says:

    Is the albino Indian a communist or socialist? I would have pegged her for an opportunists.

    “The first night is the all white line-up: the Thriller in Vanilla; and will put Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on the stage along with Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke. It will be interesting watch how the communist and socialist differentiate themselves, the crowd is expecting a free stuff frenzy.”

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  20. ezpz2 says:

    “…with an opening statement in Congolese.”


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  21. JoeMeek says:

    Some lunatic asylum is going to be 20 patients short.

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  22. CoffeeBreak says:

    I anticipate drawing and quartering taking place. Got to thin the herd. It’ll be an lol if Marianne “the author” makes it to another debate. That she made it thus far is just weird.


  23. Jay Currie says:

    If I was Oprah looking at the grab bag of the ancient and the crazy….


  24. dallasdan says:

    Tom Steyer didn’t make the cut. With all his billions, he couldn’t buy a ticket to the dance.


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  25. ezgoer says:

    It’s scary to think millions of people will vote for these fools and their awful policies.

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  26. treehouseron says:

    “”‘spank me’ Harris is in position to finish off ‘creepy’ Joe Biden.””

    Oh my!

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  27. Garavaglia says:

    I wasn’t gonna watch..till I saw where that kook Williamson “the lover” is still around. Now I’m all in.


  28. GB Bari says:

    I don’t think anyone in their wildest marijuana-stoked hallucinations could have imagined the Democrat Party deteriorating into this much of a clown show.

    At the very least they always used to put on a reasonable simulation of semi-serious political discussion and, after getting past the “rich get richer, the poor get poorer” whining, could generally cover the range of issues of the day. That feigned civility all seemed to evaporate with Ozero and went completely AWOL with Cankles in the last election.

    We are now entering uncharted territory, having been taken into the creepy part of the carnival where the sideshow freaks all compete for attention….

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  29. treehouseron says:

    So we’re going to be down to Biden, Bernie, Kamala, and Warren. Warren and Bernie will spoil each other, so it’s honestly Biden Vs. Kamala. If Biden really does want to win, the DNC will screw over Kamala to ensure it. If Biden is just in to soak up donations for the DNC, he’ll drop out before Bernie and Warren destroy each other.

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  30. Zorro says:

    Creepy Uncle Joe: Can’t go into any 7-11 or Dunkin‘ Donuts without seeing Kamala Harris.

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  31. FL_GUY says:

    Where are AOC and Omar? Aren’t they the new faces of intellect and competence of the D-Rat party? I mean, CNN and every other media-rat said so

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  32. islandpalmtrees says:

    You know Hillary Clinton may have said something, useful? When looking at this debate and the people involved. I remember Hillary’s words ‘What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make”‘. And this word from our now famous President , “Losers”.

    None of them are placing high enough in polls to offer a serious threat to President Trump’s reelection.

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  33. dogsmaw says:

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  34. Troublemaker10 says:

    Cory Booker is going to cry and attack Biden over his past relationship and friendly words re another segregationist, George Wallace.


  35. Screaming Eagle says:

    This 20 Mule team could do a commercial for Borax.

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  36. thedoc00 says:

    Wonder if one of the CNN “Journalists” will ask the many candidates, who are members of congress, to justify their “cell phone and pen” approach vs the democrat claim that President Trump is a dictator. Plus, how can the US voter expect them perform the job as President when they have not even attempted to legislate problems to the issues as members of congress?

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  37. thedoc00 says:

    All white line up day 1, my my how interesting.


  38. Texian says:

    The Democrat Dark Horse..

    Starbucks Schultz..

    He has been very quiet..

    It is possible he will re-emerge once all the DNC pomp and circumstance is over..

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  39. Zorro says:

    Why isn’t SquatsWithUnions on POC night?


  40. Curious says:

    My prediction is boot edge edge will be declared the suprise winner of night 1, and harris the winner of night 2.

    Just my guess based on the establishment money allotment and the need to keep crazy bernie and lieawatha from getting too much momentum.


  41. Joe says:

    Playing with a 52 card deck.

    51 are the race card.

    Good luck whitey.

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  42. Liz says:

    Congolese is not a language. In the Congo over 100 languages are spojen, but Lingala and French are standard.

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  43. mtk says:

    The reason why there was NO contraction in the candidate list for the DNC primary is to underscore the participation trophy ideology.

    In essence…
    Everyone and all deserves… a footnote in the race to the bottom of the barrel to see which candidate can’t beat MAGA in the hope that any one of them can bank on and curry favor with the DNC’s losing platform of a snowballs in hell chances if winning of sliding further to the left.

    Then the presumptive DNC nominations thus gathers up all the losing platforms into a platform without having to actually campaign on them.

    The DNC nomination will be thus be the candidate that can stomach the narrative of the Wishy Washy candidates that didn’t make the cut of the DNC overlords.

    Note to GOP, the secret is to not play this game which seeks to gather support based on, “What we are not, as opposed to substance.”
    It is the coumter intuitive argument that gains more GOP support, keep “Highlighting the DNC’s mixed rhetoric as being incompatible with their progressive outlook and traditional focus groups”

    People are playing attention to this disconnect at fundemental practicalities. Atleast from “What I’ve been able to observe. I am taking about the water cooler stuff. Which is to say, when it comes broader identity political rhetoric they going, “WTF… That does not measure up against what was said yesterday.”
    Thus calling into question a whole host of presumations. Don’t let up on the issues that conflict.

    By conflict, I mean issues are not nominally strong DNC talking points but issue that highlight the contradictory.


    • OSP says:

      The reason DNC didn’t cull the herd is data-mining of contact info, as Sundance so astutely explained re. Bernie in the runup to 2016 election.

      They want the info to flip all the voters once the eventual nominee emerges.


  44. ezpz2 says:

    Of course, the media will not ask about “free” medicare for all.
    They tell you there will be no premiums.
    What a blatant lie!

    Medicare recipients DO pay a premium. It’s withdrawn from their monthly Social Security disbursements.

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  45. dallasdan says:

    “the ‘Thriller in Vanilla'”

    Going viral in 5, 4, 3…

    Hilarious! Ali and Frazier are laughing on the other side.

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  46. desperatelyseekingmelania says:

    What are the odds that Biden and Harris end up in group 2 and Sanders and Harris in group 1 both times so far?
    Anyhow, good luck to ol Joe taking on Harris without getting called a racist. ‘Cause she’s gonna make it about race

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  47. MDNA I says:

    Harirs & her co-conspirators’ plans for Biden…… hope he’s ready for the fight of his life


  48. dogsmaw says:

    Speaking of sweetheart deals: Kamala Harris is the one who let ‘Filthy Filner,’ the pervert San Diego mayor, off easy

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  49. SD, your humor gets better with every article “The Thriller in Vanilla” was a killin me.
    I hear Netflix is looking for stand up comics. Pays well too.

    Anyway cutting through all the chaff, this should be a fun 2 ring circus with the same 20 clowns. Only suspense is who drops out after round two.


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