Trey Gowdy Discusses Upcoming Fiasco of Mueller Testimony – “Corn Kernel Questioning”…

The smartest man in the world once explained a metaphor apropos to this moment in time when Robert Mueller will testify before congress.  It goes like this:

In front of you sits an ear of corn. You are trying to prove it’s an ear of corn to a room of corn cob deniers. Instead of trying to prove the true nature of what it is, focus your laser inquiry on one specific kernel and hit that single kernel with laser intensity. When that single kernel pops, you will have proved it’s an ear of corn.

In a rare moment CTH agrees with Trey Gowdy, as he discusses the upcoming Mueller testimony:


Back to the corn cob metaphor.  Here’s how to make a single Mueller kernel pop.


♦ When exactly did Rod Rosenstein first contact you about becoming special counsel?
♦ Did you immediately agree to become special counsel when asked?
♦ How much time transpired between Rosenstein asking you to become special counsel and your acceptance of the position?
♦ When exactly did Rod Rosenstein contact you about going to the White House on May 16th, 2017?
♦ Were you aware of the possibility of being appointed ‘special counsel’, prior to May 16th, 2017?
♦ On May 16, 2017, when you traveled to the White House, were you applying to become FBI Director?
♦ Other than Rod Rosenstein, did you speak to any members of the DOJ or FBI prior to going to the White House on May 16th, 2017?
♦ Were you aware President Trump was under investigation prior to your conversation of May 16th, with President Trump?
♦ Were you aware of the nature of the Trump investigation, prior to May 16, 2017?
♦ Did you take any recording devices into the Oval Office meeting?
♦ Did you own the cell phone you left in the Oval Office on May 16, 2017?
♦ Between the afternoon Oval Office meeting (4:00pm) and the next day announcement to the Gang-of-Eight by Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe (after lunch), when exactly did you agree to become special counsel?
♦ Accepting you were without “your cell phone”, how did Rod Rosenstein contact you between the evening of May 16, 2017 and the morning of May 17, 2017, about becoming special counsel?


[Backstory for This Line of Questioning]

There was less than 24 hours between the time Mueller and Rosenstein were in the Oval Office (4pm, May 16th), and the time Rosenstein told the Gang-of-Eight that Mueller was appointed Special Counsel (May 17th).

Occam’s Razor – A former FBI Director… meeting with the president of the United States… in the oval office…. in the middle of one of the more consequential time-periods in history… immediately after the firing of the former FBI Director… with family and a network of friends curious as to the outcome…. who is also communicating with the Deputy Attorney General… doesn’t *accidentally* leave his cell phone in the Oval Office.

I’ll bet you a dozen donuts the entire purpose of the Oval Office meeting with Mueller was part of the FBI investigation…. and Mueller’s cell phone wasn’t actually Mueller’s cell phone… it was an FBI phone set up so that McCabe’s investigators could listen to the conversation with the target of the investigation, President Trump.

…. but that’s another kernel.

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240 Responses to Trey Gowdy Discusses Upcoming Fiasco of Mueller Testimony – “Corn Kernel Questioning”…

  1. Bluto says:

    So what’s the plan here? I see very little positive that comes out of Mueller appearing. I’m even disregarding any “questions” from “Republicans”.

    Is it more valuable for him to agree to appear, with the understanding that he is ultimately going to change his mind and not show up? That will be spun like he’s helping Trump to hide something, and Congress must investigate.

    My position has always been that the democrat party best possible outcome is to drag this along indefinitely with no resolution. Mueller not appearing fits in with that.

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    • Linda K. says:

      The dems are pathetic.I am not worried about Mueller testifying. They are unable to answer a single question without embarrassing themselves. What bothers me is all the stalwart fixtures in government giving these jerks credibility.
      The emperor has no clothes.
      Mueller will be exposed as a fraud if he testifies We don’t want to hide this man away. We want his testimony, under oath.
      It is time to fight. Don’t fear the battle. The facts are on our side.

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  2. TwoLaine says:

    Lemme’ up the ante Sundance. I’ll bet you a baker’s dozen that you are right. 😉


    • strateshooter says:

      Sundance ….you are a smart smart fellah…best analytical journo bar none.

      Question… for POTUS if you know him … was it Muellers phone , really ?
      Does the NSA have records to/from Muellers personal phone for the time periods in question?

      If YES…Robert Mueller is a liar and part of a seditious conspiracy against the Democratically elected President of the USA.

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      • paulyho39 says:

        Seems like a rather “basic” question to put out there….Investigations always involve serious looking into cell phones and any other electronic devices…it’s how they gather information and important data relating to a particular incident…always one of the first! I have to wonder if there has actually been any looking into that cell phone…and whose it was and what was on it!!!


  3. 1970novass396 says:

    You can bet your morning coffee that the dems will get enough from Mueller that they can spread in their MSM to bash The Donald. That is the only reason for Bad Bob to take a seat.

    F Bob Mueller and those that own him and thus that support him. The CrossRoads have been reached. Saddle Up.


  4. Murray Smith says:, this is interesting, you guys might be familiar with it;


  5. Little pink houses says:

    I only heard the phone issue reported on this site. Maybe it was reported elsewhere and I missed it, however, why can’t Mr Gowdy or others ask for the number of the cell phone left in the Oval Office? Could the committee keep that number private from the public but still have it on record? If it doesn’t match his cell number then they/we have more reason to dispute his version of the timeline of events. Maybe this can be filed under dumb questions?
    He could claim privacy issues etc. but IF he is telling the truth why not give up the number? He can be reimbursed for a new phone and number.

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  6. One has to wonder how different his testimony would be if AG Barr were to sit in on all of it.

    Of course he won’t.

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  7. webgirlpdx says:

    Love the questions, Sundance.

    Yes. I’ve always pulled out my cell phone when meeting with the most powerful man on the planet. Hubby might need me to pick up something from the store on my way home and surely wouldn’t want to miss that call/text/facetime……

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  8. thomas says:

    They’re going to get away with it, no one will be prosecuted… It’s time we all realize this and move on.. Idk where to go from here because if they can get away with what they did well the country is gone.. Sorry to be such a downer but eventually we just face reality or we can’t fix it..!!


    • TPW says:

      The way you think about the situation is the way Republicans have always handled things. If it were the Democrats in this scenario what do you think they would do?


  9. Bryan Alexander says:

    Something to consider……

    Mueller has looked so bad, it might be that the Democrats will throw Mueller under the bus and claim that his work was totally insufficient, that he was basically incompetent, and they need a DIFFERENT prosecutor to re-do the investigation.

    If Mueller looks terrible in this one hour, the Dems might just try to nullify the entire report and do ANOTHER investigation. That IS what they want.

    This might be why they limited this to one hour. Basically no information exchanged but Mueller will look really bad.


    • Their last report cost $180,000.00 per sheet of paper, and this is what we have to show for it. I’m not willing to throw good money after bad. I don’t want to see this continue until November 2020 when – Donald Trump is the President of the United States again and they are private citizens.

      The “Lawfare, Inc.” lawyers are making tremendous mileage out of taking the second half of a single sentence in the United States Code and saying that it means that “obstruction of justice” means absolutely anything they want it to mean. (The problem being that Federal Courts don’t see it that way.) How much are these bozos billing the Congress?


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Dems might just try to nullify the entire report and do ANOTHER investigation

      Barr will just tell them
      I already have someone “redoing” the investigation: Durham


  10. thedoc00 says:

    Would like to see questions regarding; the date, timing, content and supporting discussions of all the secret orders Rosenstein issued to change the Special Council charter. Also,, ask if Mueller has notes and were any of the verbal secret orders ever committed to paper.

    ALL those secret orders changing the SC Charter need to be exposed and Rosenstein called to account for his actions. Every shred of evidence pulled out of the hat so far, covering actions before the campaigns, during the campaigns and post-election indict Obama, Clinton, their staffs as well as members of both parties in congress (with Russians, Ukrainians and Chinese actors).


    • JustaVerb says:

      Sara Carter on Hannity last night started talking about a surprise Republicans had for the Mueller hearing and Hannity interrupted and said he heard the same thing and please don’t reveal to much. Carter said don’t worry I’m not saying anything else and leaving it at that.

      Maybe delay is related to that morsel.

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      • sarasotosfan says:

        Perhaps, but Barr threw him a lifeline and my sense is he will use it while sending his regrets for not appearing to the Dems. Then the Dems will castigate Barr for allowing Mueller off the hook while breathing a sigh of relief they can now train more fire on Barr.


  11. wwwrobotC says:

    Very powerful laser, Mueller’s Congressional Testimony Postponed

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  12. Apfelcobbler says:

    The hair! The hair! Geez, will no one at Fox do Rooster the professional courtesy of pasting the neck creepers down??


  13. Hal_S says:

    Update – Mueller BAILS!
    No testimony next week.


  14. Thrawl says:

    And just what did you accomplish Gowdy???? i can’t think of a single thing… you asked a lot of questions…questions that wen’t nowhere in the end… just like the rest of the worthless GOP uni-party.

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  15. Mr e-man says:

    And the phone was left there in the hopes of picking up the after talk when President Trump thought they had left the room.

    I still find it hard to believe that Mueller will testify. He is dirty. I knew that when he chose 12 angry Democrats to be on his team and not choosing one single Republican or someone who would lead a casual observer to believe he was being fair. Weissman was at Hillarys victory party!

    Then the verification of his corruption was complete when we could see the Steele report was the entire basis for the investigation and the Steele report was unverified per James Comey and a FISA court would not have granted a warrant without it, per Andrew McCabe. Yet the investigation went past the midterms casting aspersions on Trump and the people he supported.

    He is a dirty cop. Why would he want to subject himself to any questioning? It almost seemed as if the Dems are in so deep in their treachery, they thought they could control the entire thing and use Mueller to provide the report information individually and out of context so they could trumpet it to their MSM henchmen. They totally ignored the fact that Republicans get to ask him questions as well.

    And that worthless Lyndsey Graham should be calling Mueller before his committee with our rules, not Nadler and Shiffs. He acts like it’s over yet is blind to the fact that it is not over. Just look at the House Dems to see that, not to mention we should be doing an investigation of the investigators, not just dropping it and letting them skirt accountability for their actions in stealing the midterms and harming a duly elected President.

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  16. waicool says:

    Mueller will continue to lie and/or suffer amnesia if he ever sits to answer questions and there will be no accountability. This is so predictable now, the FBI/CIA/Obama DOJ is corrupt to the core and suffers zero credibility thanks to Mueller and his gang of dirty cops.


  17. Chuck Arnold says:

    FIRST QUESTION that should be asked is, Who told you to hand carry the Uranium sample to Russia?

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