Pelosi Rejects U.S. Sovereignty – U.S. Immigration Subject to Laws of “A Global Society”…

In a stunning press conference today U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explains why she she has taken no action to curb the illegal immigration influx into the U.S.

While explaining why she will not allow congress to debate, change or modify U.S. immigration laws, Pelosi outlines how the United States is part of a global society, without borders and without any sovereign right to impede the “human society” from entering our nation.  Therefore, according to her outlook and worldview, U.S. politicians have no right to stop any migration movement.


Keep this in mind as we approach the 2020 election.  The Speaker of the House is essentially saying, openly, publicly and without any reservation or concern, the United States of America is no longer a sovereign nation.

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452 Responses to Pelosi Rejects U.S. Sovereignty – U.S. Immigration Subject to Laws of “A Global Society”…

  1. Kelly Heltsley says:

    Bendng backwards to please The Squad

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  2. WIVoter says:

    Isn’t this picture the 3 witches from Macbeth?

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    • WSB says:

      Or is it the three-headed…

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    • beachbum31 says:

      thanks to the producers of the cable news hourly programs, we see these faces enlarged on 50 inch screens all day very day. WHO ARE THESE PRODUCERS?? this is like the London blitz! Who are MAKING these otherwise fringe rookie lawmakers BIG SHOTS?? Stalin and Castro would be proud!

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      • Judith says:

        We the VIEWERS are making them the BIG SHOTS. Don’t watch propaganda TV, and the Enemedia will become as a tree falling in the forest. Nobody will hear them.

        As it stands now, the Enemedia still controls our conversations. Why? Whatever did we do before television and commie news rags?

        We Americans are also the world’s largest CONSUMERS. Still can’t figure out why Globalists would kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. But nomatter. We must vote with our WALLETS now. No more Nike sneakers. No more Cable TV. DeFund the New World Order.

        Bleed those bastards dry. Unless, of course, you don’t MIND the end of Western civilization, personal freedom and national sovereignty. Then by all means, keep right on feeding the beast.

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  3. islandpalmtrees says:

    I would pick up U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and charge her with violations of her Oath of Office, and dismiss her from Congress. AND, I WOULD DO IT TODAY.

    At the start of each new Congress, all Members beginning a new term of office (the entire House of Representative and one-third of the Senate) take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. In doing so, the Members of Congress perform an act that harkens back to the country’s founding and its first principles. As it applies to Members of Congress, the “Oaths Clause” plays an important role by obliging them to observe the limits of their authority and act in accordance with the powers delegated to them by the Constitution.

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    • BobR says:

      I believe expulsion requires a 2/3 majority and other sanctions a majority in the house. Not enough patriots in the House to make that happen

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

        Charge her with Sedition, get her out – allot of people have died defending the Constitution of the United States.

        Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.

        Insurrection; rebellion.

        A factious commotion in a state; the stirring up of such a commotion; incitement of discontent against government and disturbance of public tranquillity, as by inflammatory speeches or writings, or acts or language tending to breach of public order: as, to stir up a sedition; a speech or pamphlet, abounding in sedition.

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  4. Julia Adams says:

    Okay, if this is the case, then I demand the Speaker of the House resign, immediately, from the House of Representatives.

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  5. So no one in the media asked the question’ So you’ve been lying to the American people for the last Year?’…

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  6. Tiffthis says:

    Doesn’t matter what she says, AOC accuses her of being racist toward the freshman congress women of color and no open borders declaration by Nan will change her new “racist” name tag. And the new “mean girls” in Congress will still hate her (Nancy) and call her names 💯🤣

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  7. palafox says:

    If the Constitution means nothing, then that same document grants Peolsi ZERO authority.

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  8. MIKE says:

    I told you she is insane. 95% of the current congress will have to be physically removed from office.
    The boldness, the casualness displayed really scares me. I don’t really scare easy, either.

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  9. roger duroid says:

    Isn’t this open insurrection against the government and the Constitution?

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      The Never-Trumper types at National Review might finally realize that politics is not an endless debating society. Sides must be chosen in times of war and insurrection. Their libertarian ideals may soon prevail: it’s called anarchy.

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      • Judith says:

        I used to think that people were all just stupid and they didn’t understand everything that was going on. But now I’m not so sure, because even my idiot “green party” acquaintance openly admits he is all for this One World government!

        He truly believes the NWO is all rainbows and UNicorns. He had always struggled to fit into society. He had his demons, and so he could never efficiently manage his own affairs. So he is extremely *jealous* of personally fulfilled, successful people. In his resentment, he openly admits he wants to pull everyone down to his level of bare bones, gubmint plantation subsistence. Nobody should have more than the next guy.

        The point is, this moron knew the One World government was coming, way before I became aware, and he has always subscribed to this NWO philosophy.

        So who’s the stupid one here? Me. Because I had assumed that Americans are inherently good, upstanding citizens. And they use that. They use that ignorance, against those of us who are in fact the good, upstanding, contributing citizens of American society.


    • decisiontime16 says:

      Por favor comparte (please share)” Hillary said posting instructions IN SPANISH giving illegals ‘legal advice’ on how to evade ICE agents.
      The instructions include telling illegals not to answer the door if ICE comes knocking on their door, letting them know they ‘have the right to remain silent,” and to not sign anything without talking to a lawyer.
      Hillary also instructed illegal aliens to take pictures and video of the ICE agents, take their badge numbers and take note of what type of car they drive.

      Por favor comparte:
      — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) July 11, 2019

      The English version of what Hillary posted:
      The @nytimes reported overnight that ICE is planning to conduct massive raids this weekend to deport families and “collateral” immigrants who may be nearby.
      Share this guidance from @UNITEDWEDREAM on what to do if ICE comes to your door. #HereToStay #CloseTheCamps
      — Swing Left (@swingleft) July 11, 2019

      Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex also fired off a tweet Thursday giving illegal aliens ‘legal advice’ on how to evade ICE agents.

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    • InAz says:



  10. Bronxite says:

    The house passed HR 1044 yesterday, with heavy RINO support. This bill increases amount of H1-b visas & removes single country caps; meaning that indian computer slaves will be knocking US STEM grads out of job market; with heavy college debt. Minimal news coverage; remaining ‘young gun’ kevin mcarthy & steve scalise voted for it. Mcarthy ,eric cantor & jug eared boy scout on speed; lying paul ryan; were the other two stooges in the ‘young guns trio’. Cantor , a former real estate agent now has a big money job with an investment company & lying ryan works for FOX News.

    Note that ryan had NEVER been in a factory in his district; until he was challenged by paul nehlen. DJT worked hard to have some big companies relocate to Ryan’s own district- and look at the thanks Trump got. That also goes for the pentagon brass; whom DJT went on a limb & fought for more defense spending; putting the wall on back burner. NOT NICE.

    That mealy mouth fraud & self promoting ‘policy wonk’ decieved DJT & and rather than helping an outside like trump learn the ways of DC. To benefit the country; he tricked DJT and promoted his paymasters policies. We can hope and pray that ryans family encounters the dieversity he has foisted on the country; walled estate of not.

    Immigration is THE only existential issue & the repubs are worse than the dems because they talk one way; act another. Dont count on a stupid party landslide to change anything; they are all (90 %) selling the country out. Contact your traitorous reps & senatewhores & let white house know to veto this. Big tech got tax breaks; de-regulation; now they have to pay a decent wage to americans. Two out of three is plenty for these globalist oligarchs .

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    • Stop5G, Trump says:

      It was 140 Repubs, to be exact, who voted FOR HR-1044, giving American jobs to East Indians & Chinese; saw two numbers, 75,000 & 300,000 jobs. Hopefully, the bill will either flop in the Senate or Potus Trump will veto it.

      To keep up with what Piglosi & other Congress Crooks are doing re illegals, new bills, jobs, etc., the four big watch dogs to follow &/or sign up for their emails, are:
      __@ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration-PAC, fighting the scams since 2004).
      __& the former UN RESETTLEMENT WATCH blog that WordPress AXED within the past week or so without notice! (Hope somebody at the White House Social Media Summit currently ongoing will out WordPress for their ongoing Censorship & “Midnight Raid” Take-Downs which began in earnest last August 14-15, 2018, late at night (Midnight to 2am EDT) wiping out a dozen-plus longstanding Conservative blogs that first night, & continuing. Just prior to UN Resettlement Watch’s WP blog being axed, anti-vaxxer & Big Pharma & Fake-News watch-dog Jon Rappoport’s WP blog was also axed.)

      TWITTER was down today BIG TIME area-wise for about an hour, circa 2:45 through 3:45pm (EDT). Google searches mentioned USA, UK, EU, & other far-fetched places being affected. At first I thought for sure Twitter did not want anyone tweeting from Potus Trump’s SOCIAL MEDIA SUMMIT, but maybe it had to do with PELOSI’s brazen Anti-Sovereignty Anti-American traitorious press conference. Or maybe Twitter simply had a “glitch.”

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  11. bessie2003 says:

    And to think, she’s third in line to the Presidency.

    The Democrats like to talk tough about impeachment. She is the one that should be impeached given that she took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, by declaring she is committed to preserving, protecting and defending some global government, that kind of negates her oath to the U.S. right?

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    • The Democrats are more than frustrated by Pres Trumps deportation orders, his determination to add the Citizenship question to the census and his onward march to give American citizens their rights back over the rights of illegals.

      The Dems have worked very hard the last 30 years or so to promote the illegals above citizens and our Pres Trump is undoing all their hard work in just a few years.

      They have tried almost everything to stop him and none of their formerly tried and true tricks have worked against him.

      They have tried calling him a racist, a woman hater, they have had all kinds of crackpots file lawsuits against him, they have had all kinds of nasty rumors spread against him and the only thing that happens is Pres Trump comes out of all of it with more supporters.

      I think they are desperate and have reached the end of their Alinsky playbook with no more moves and are just trying anything and everything.

      And as usual we and our President will come out winning this.

      When Donald Trump said he wanted to make America Great Again he meant it.

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  12. Marach says:

    So….. If These United States are not sovereign, then there is no governmental authority to tax or pass and enforce laws and regulations?

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  13. ilcon says:

    I keep hearing”moderate democrats”. Puts an end to that.
    All Ds are communists.

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    • “Moderate Democrats” exist in the same universe as do “Moderate muslims”

      In THAT ‘verse, the moderates want to let the radicals turn America into a socialist state until the muslims exterminate or enslave all the indifels (us)

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    • WIVoter says:

      I believe in the Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster before I’d ever believe in a moderate democrat. MODERATE DEMOCRATS DON”T EXIST!

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      • Dutchman says:

        AOC calls Pelousy a ‘moderate democrat’, hows that?

        Actually, there ARE 10’S of 1000’s of moderate democrats; they are called Deplorables, or Trump supporters, or MAGA,country, or #walkaways, take your pick. And Pelousy justcswelled their ranks, a little bit more.


      • Dutchman says:

        AOC calls Pelousy a ‘moderate democrat’, hows that?

        Actually, there ARE 10’S of 1000’s of moderate democrats; they are called Deplorables, or Trump supporters, or MAGA,country, or #walkaways, take your pick. And Pelousy justcswelled their ranks, a little bit more.
        THANKS, Nancy!


  14. Richie says:

    Is it just on my end or did Goolag owned You Tube remove the damning audio in the clip again?

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  15. Garavaglia says:

    Military time. Do not ask for permission..just do it. Shoot..ask questions later. We can stomach it..dammit.

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  16. tappin52 says:

    Your move, Mr. President. Make it good. Please.

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  17. Garavaglia says:

    Trump press conference in 3..2…1…

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  18. Joe says:

    How is this a surprise to ANYONE?

    Have you seen California, idk, for maybe the last 10 years?

    You saw what the Texas Congresswomen was doing? Seeding Texas congressional districts with illegals.

    Texas is next.

    Posted from the Globalist Colony Of California.

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  19. Troublemaker10 says:

    They need to do away with anchor baby immigration . If you are here illegally and have a baby….they should NOT be a US citizen.

    Deporting mixed families (illegal parent with US born baby) is pretty tough situation.

    Also, if they could deport right away (not years later) would solve a lot of those issues.

    Politicians have created our immigration problems (both parties) and they absolutely refuse to solve it.

    “We the people” are going to have to start using a “maximum pressure” strategy on them.

    Pelosi’s two week delay request wasn’t to allow time to solve it. It was to allow time for her to organize Evangelical opposition tactics.

    I have the coldest of cold anger over this issue.

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    • trishinsouthernillinois says:


      Figure of speech or evangelical support?

      If you meant the latter, evangelicals support president TRUMP by YUGE #s!
      Nancy is going NoWhere with us!

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      • yucki says:

        “The largest pro-Israel organization in the United States is flooding the nation’s capital in support of the Jewish State.

        Christians United for Israel (CUFI) announced at its annual gathering in Washington, D.C. to more than 5,000 summit attendees that it is now seven million members strong.…

        CUFI’s rapid growth, adding more than one million members in the last three months…”
        ONE MILLION… in 3 MONTHS?!
        A message ~ or ~ WHAT ?!
        Certainly the Holy Land and the people of Israel. But also the biggest grassroots RALLY for Judeo-Christian values, for LIFE.

        An expression of our determination to fight for what we believe. Open, loud, and strong. You don’t see that in Europe: the Yellow Vests are brave, but unfocused.

        On the other hand, WE have guns, Bibles, and G-D…
        …who has graced us with PTrump!

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    • trishinsouthernillinois says:


      Figure of speech or evangelical support?

      If you meant the latter, evangelicals support president TRUMP by YUGE #s!
      Nancy is going NoWhere with us!

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    • WonkoTheSane says:

      We have an immigration problem, sure, but our problem is the uniparty’s solution. I’m not as confident as I once was that We The People are winning this war. No one but no one in power is fighting to win the battles for us. Why doesn’t the Border Patrol get the resources it needs? Those resources and approval for the border fence were passed into law in 2006 and never acted upon. I have no representation and no protection in my blue border state. I have no power but my vote. They stole that from me by ballot harvesting. Even if the R I voted for had won, I doubt she’d be fighting for me. Rs here are feckless and weak.

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  20. bofh says:

    So just like that, the Democrat intra-party struggle is over. Nanzi lost, and the hard left loonies won. I wonder if Nanzi will soon have an urge to spend more time with her family back at home?

    The openly self-avowed “socialists” (i.e. communists) and other assorted America-haters now own the Democrat party. They are now free to make ANY and EVERY crazy-ass statements and demands that they wish, and I expect there will be a competition to do so. The inmates are now well and truly in charge of the asylum.

    Remember the MoveOn PAC statement from 2004: “Now it’s our Party: we bought it, we own it, and we’re going to take it back.” Well, it took a little longer than they thought, but it’s here now. Is this finally the end of the road for the Clintoons, or can they scramble to buy-off the new loudest voices? And Biden? Well, buh-bye Slow Joe.

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    • John Bosley says:

      No need for the Clintons to buy them off.
      Clintoncide works and is cheaper.
      Plus it keeps cakeholes shut permanently.

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      • bofh says:

        They’re too decentralized. A bunch of loonies with no well-defined leader as far as I can see. In fact, they’re all trying to out-do each other for craziness. So there’s no leadership for the Clintoons to target in the traditional manner.


        • yucki says:

          You could start with the Justice Democrats, a nasty organization with distinctly anti-American characteristics. Melange of Marxists and Muslim Brotherhood operatives.

          Justice Democrats helped make Ocasio-Cortez. They’re already eyeing their next targets.


  21. Jeff Boyington says:

    Well my American brothers and sisters, you now have no choice, but to take your republic back from the radical dems, either by the ballot box or by force. The radical dems have drawn their tyrannical redline in the sand. The ball is clearly now in your court. Play ball!

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  22. Tiffthis says:

    Did Nancy just give illegals tips to evade the law? Claiming an ICE warrant doesn’t mean one has to open the door to their home?

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    • gsonFIT says:

      She sure enough did. A leader of a major American political party who was elected to create laws is instructing large groups of illegal aliens on how to avoid enforcement of existing laws. All the while refusing to even attempt to legislate a solution.

      Also with her logic every incarcerated criminal in America has a right to maintain their family unit in a single household. We got to let a lot of folks out of jail or put even more in.


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    • Mist'ears Mom says:

      Do we even know these tips are true? I thought LEO’s can break down the door if they have a warrant. ICE is law enforcement. Anyone out there know?
      If so piglosi and crooked are giving out fake information that will probably get someone killed. I think that is what they want and hoping the “killed” is the “illegal” so they can get as much traction as possible from it. SMH


  23. Brant says:

    And she says she isn’t controlled by the newbies. Yeah, right.

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  24. pigletrios says:

    Good grief!!!!!!!! She needs to be arrested and charged with Treason against the United States of America.

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  25. Cathead says:

    How is this not considered treason? The Sargent at Arms should arrest and remove this woman. She has violated her oath of office and is encouraging illegals to break our laws. THIS MUST be addressed

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  26. Kerry_On says:

    Well, that pretty much makes it irrefutable. Women’s Suffrage was a HUGE mistake. Sorry ladies but if the best your gender has to contribute American politics is the destruction of our Constitution and National Sovereignty, you better elect some men to replace these socialist bitches right quick. It seems like every time I hear some outrageous, anti-American, socialist horseshit these days, 90% of the time it is a woman who is spouting it. If that makes me a sexist or a misogynist, so be it but my first priority is the protection of this nation. “All enemies, foreign AND domestic” is not gender specific. ANYONE who tries to destroy this nation is going down, no matter what they have between their legs.

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  27. SingularZoe says:

    She is a traitor and ought to be impeached, not that she will be as we are ruled by law-breakers.

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  28. islandpalmtrees says:

    After dismissing U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from Congress. I would force a mandatory vote of allegiance to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Anyone refusing would be dismissed and anyone refusing to support our Constitution would also be dismissed, TODAY.

    This just really chaps my ass!

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  29. lolli says:

    😡 I will have to calm down before I can say what I want to say.

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  30. Zorro says:

    Nanny State tool an oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the zUnited States. Can it be any clearer this is an attempted totalitarian takeover.

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  31. SingularZoe says:

    She should be impeached if she will not resign, but we know neither of those things will happen.

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  32. Summer says:

    So, have the mass deportations started yet? It’s past the deadline, I am confused. What’s going on? Has Pelosi won (again)?

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  33. We take in millions of these scumbags every year, yet somehow we couldn’t give asylum to Tommy Robinson who was just sentenced to death, oops, I mean prison, for reporting on Muslim rape gangs. WTF?

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  34. Texasdude says:

    Pelosi totally undercuts her no borders stance in this video excerpt.

    It is truly a case of cognitive dissonance.

    She clearly states that our asylum laws are for those that seek refuge from persecution.

    Take the latest example of the father and young daughter dead on the bank of our Texas Southern border.

    They were not fleeing persuction of any kind. They were attempting to better their lives economically and in an impetuous decision lost their lives.

    Anecdotally, I believe the vast majority of illegals are “economic refugees” whereby they are suffering from oppression in their home country other than from poverty due to their home country’s economic policies.

    We fight wars across the globe so other nations can be sovereign, but it appears many demand the US to be this idea that no border can encapsulate.

    How did that work out in Aghanistan and Iraq?

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  35. Dana Loesch on F&F this morning said it best. Piglosi is an incrementalist (frog in gradually heated water). Since incrementalism has been exposed, the left has gone full radical. In other words they no longer try to hide their real agenda.

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  36. wps2018 says:

    She simply expressed what we all knew. When Daddy Bush gave us the Thousand Points of Light speech and put the NWO in the public debate this is what he was talking about. All things swamp are the enemy of free America. .

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  37. decisiontime16 says:

    The wealthy left like Nancy are exempt from the carnage of globalism so they think.

    “NYT: US Middle Class Families Must Surrender Their Suburbs for ‘Poor Immigrants’ New York Times calls for American middle class areas to be used for low income housing By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle on 10th July 2019 @ 3.00pm”

    © Neon Nettle

    The federal government is an irresistible force when it chooses to prioritize an issue,” declares the July 7 editorial, titled “A New Approach on Housing Affordability.” 

    “It is past time to prioritize the availability of affordable housing” for immigrants, the article adds. 

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    • Stop5G, Trump says:

      So now they want entire houses for the Invaders, eh?

      About a dozen(?) years ago or so, that traitor Ted Kennedy was advocating for Middle Americans with spare bedrooms to house Invaders. It was during that same timeframe the Govt. began sending out those American Community [Communist] Surveys to all household addresses with pages & pages of nosy questions re every detail of people’s lives. That form also had a threat of a few thousand dollars fine for not filling out the Survey, & there were reports of “govt. paid agents” showing up at people’s doors demanding they fill out the form, etc. Internet Alt-News Warriors were all over this mess exposing it at the time. I’m not sure if it ever fizzled out after exposure, or is it still going on?


      • Judith says:

        Not “houses.” Globalists plan to rezone every residential “1-4 family” neighborhood in America, to shoehorn in their UN Agenda 21 high-density “workforce housing” units. You know, “nextgen,” “sustainability,” and all that nonsense. What that means is adios to small town “red” America and hola to “blue” high density urban centers.

        City planners have been implementing this UN open borders policy for decades now. But they hid behind grandma, calling it Golden Age zoning, so that we boiling frogs wouldn’t notice. Build it so *they* can come! You know, all those migrant slave laborers!


    • InAz says:

      These Commie SOBs never advocate for American citizens. And too many American citizens keep voting for their own demise

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  38. Cocoon says:

    We are witnessing Obama 2.0 without the sophistication (lying) of Obama.
    I have believed Trump won simply because Americans did not want Obama Policy. Trump ran against Obama Policy and made some promises along those lines he has kept.
    Now we openly and publicly have Dems for reparations for slavery, open borders, Medicare for all, black home ownership incentives etc etc.
    It’s not representative of Americans or their values and yet the push for these socialist plans is undeniable.
    Are the Dems really this out of touch or is the money sooo good they will prosper from this losing position?

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    • Summer says:

      Whether it is truly a losing position or not remains to be seen. Half the country is indoctrinated, there is no single Republican stronghold remains due to the changing demographics, and the corrupt fake news media distorts the reality and suppresses the healthy debate. On top of that, voter fraud continues unabated and the Uniparty is still taking bribes from the CoC, China and the drug cartels.

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  39. If I were the President of the United States, I would be calling for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s immediate resignation from her leadership position and from the House of Representatives.

    And as an American citizen, I demand that Nancy Pelosi resign as Speaker and from the House of Representatives this instant!

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  40. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    Pelosi is right. The U.S. Constitution was canceled, along with its sovereignty, on August 28, 2008, when Nancy Pelosi sent the DNC 2008 presidential nomination affidavits to 49 States of the Union with no Constitutional certification of the presidential candidate, but was forced to include the Constitutional eligibility statement to the State of Hawaii for that same 2008 presidential election.

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  41. I have been saying it for a long time now. The Democrat party is the enemy of the United States of America. I took an oath to defend this country from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. The enemy from within is the most dangerous. It must be defeated. Completely and utterly destroyed. If you think this is harsh, you haven’t been paying any attention. Because that is exactly how they see us also. They have been trying to destroy this country through activist judges, Antifa, blm, and abortion/infanticide. They have been at war against Christians, rule of law, biblical principles, and the Constitution. Their only goal is power through any means necessary. And we stand in their way. God help us all.

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    • beachbum31 says:

      it begins at the base of CNN tower etal IMO. this would be lunacy without the help of cable news programming. We’re being snowed.


  42. Mist'ears Mom says:

    Gawd – this totally pisses me off. Start deporting those with orders to go NOW!
    Why does the President keep giving congress “more time” they are not going to do anything. They want these people here.
    The only thing more time does is give those with deportation orders to disappear, lawyer up or make it more difficult to get them out.
    What is it about “NOT granted asylum” and “LEAVE” the country that the dumbocrats not understand? Esh!

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  43. Little Berkeley Conservative says:

    Antifa- culturally progressive intellectual think tank

    Borders, language and culture – Trash basket of Deplorables clap trap

    Now we know. Trying times ahead, imho.

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  44. Zorro says:

    Of course as “global human society” the next thing is that the illegals automatically have the right to vote in 2020.

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  45. Justin Green says:

    So we now get to pick which laws we want to follow from any laws in existence anywhere in the world?

    Which country has no income or payroll taxes? We’re a global society and I want to follow the laws of the country I like best.

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  46. starfcker says:

    The problem on this whole subject is we don’t have anybody on our side. Every single politician in Washington wants an open border. Every single one. How that open border gets legitimized is of no interest to me.


  47. Fred says:

    Give Piglosi a one way plane ticket to Gitmo. She should be indicted for treason immediately, and taken straight to jail.

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  48. gingergal says:

    I was surprised that she admitted they can vet asylum seekers in their own country. At least she’s willing to negotiate something.

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  49. scrap1ron says:

    You don’t negotiate with communists, you abort them.

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  50. Gunner says:

    I hear you fellow patriots…but nothing will come of it. The progressive left no longer cares to even disguise their hatred of our Republic. Yes, I will be at the polls next November. But between now and then, my weapons and arms purchases (all legally, mind you), will increase exponentially.

    They may not think our Nation is sovereign…but the maximum effective range around my family and home, is!

    Liked by 19 people

    • Thrawl says:

      Ditto.. As far as I’m concerned her statements are an act of sedition against US citizens… “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

      Liked by 21 people

      • daylight58 says:

        For some reason, this comes to mind.
        “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter…”

        Liked by 9 people

    • Cisco says:

      Again, if you fail to prepare, you are prepared to fail.
      That was imo, the shot that will be heard not necessarily around the world, but around this Republic.
      Beans, bullets, commo and first-aid.

      Liked by 3 people

      • mike says:

        “The welfare dinner bell heard around the world”?

        The treacherous Speaker woman is not only interfering with our US response to actual and persistent Invasion, she is conspiring openly and promoting more invasion.

        Meanwhile, corrupt DpSt plays the Flynns persecution soap opera while the country falls to the ground. Clintoons, Obamunists, and pervs roam free.

        Liked by 3 people

    • montanamel says:

      I up for some long gun work….
      As soon as I get over this cancer treatment – I’ll be in the market for a Barrett…
      Having an extended range of influence right now seems like a good idea.
      Just think of a 50-cal as having “double the fun”, eh?

      Liked by 2 people

    • Kenji says:

      I need to FLEE my CA suburban home for the hinterlands. If I wait too long … Pelosi and her Traitorous ilk will SEIZE my home to house SIX “immigrant” families. These Traitors are already coming for my home in the form of a “wealth tax”. Best to find some “flyover State” property and get armed to the hilt.

      Oh yeah, Nancy … it’s ON!

      Liked by 2 people

      • The Devilbat says:

        Come to Florida. No state tax, no annual vehicle inspection, Castle doctrine so you can protect yourself and most all weapons legal. Land and houses are much cheaper in the north of the state. You might start checking it out.

        Liked by 1 person

        • cav16 says:

          Yes come on over and join us in the “Red Neck Rivera”! I have invited Antifa to come protest in Penscola, Fort Walton Beach, and Panama City.,Fl What a surprise no takers.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Just wait until they deploy rent control via Governors Executive Order (like Oregon just did).

        Liked by 1 person

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