June 20th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #882

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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651 Responses to June 20th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #882

  1. burnett044 says:

    Amazing how many love to dance to the beat of War drums…
    a human thing i guess…???

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  2. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    It is the globalists who are beating the drums of war. This bit of Iranian sabre rattling will pass. The Mullahs also want war to distract their population from the deteriorating living conditions inside the Islamic Republic of Iran. Our president is a wise man, there will be no war. Don’t believe the NetworX … CNN is Fake News.

    ~~~~~~~ TRUMP 2020 ~~~~~~~

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  3. OhNoYouDont says:


    • Rhoda R says:

      How many times do the Conservatives have to vote? Or is it a question of “Keep voting until we get the results we want” that the EU specializes in?


  4. Ilcon says:

    NXIVM now Scientology.

    Lawsuit accuses Scientology, David Miscavige of child abuse, human trafficking, libel.


    Mueller’s FBI dropped the ball.

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  5. Ilcon says:

    WOW dims meeting with Brennan again.

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  6. Ilcon says:

    Houston communists attack Latinos For Trump.

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  7. hard masada says:

    sleepy Joe is putting on an act, I just got word from someone who knows someone who may be in Uncle Joe’s circle and backed up by sources close to the “JOE” campaign; he;s trying to act like an elder statesman. Of course he’s failing at that as well.


  8. James F says:

    Fake news propaganda debunked in record time.

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  9. Troublemaker10 says:

    Elizabeth Warren’s gonna rip Biden over this one. Biden assures wealthy donors he won’t soak the rich.


    Joe Biden to rich donors: “Nothing would fundamentally change” if he’s elected
    Along with praise for the “civility” of racists, Biden assures donors “no one’s standard of living will change”


    Biden told donors at an event at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan on Tuesday evening that he would not “demonize” the rich and promised that “no one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change,” Bloomberg News reported.


    “I mean, we may not want to demonize anybody who has made money,” he said.

    Biden went on to say that the rich should not be blamed for income inequality, pleading to the donors, “I need you very badly.”

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  10. Nick the Deplorable says:

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  11. hard masada says:

    People when the President says this will never be a Socialist country always associate this image with those words

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  12. jackphatz says:

    Just for fun read some of the comments here. I bet she doesn’t go.

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  13. Jenevive says:

    Fox has news story on the Navy SEAL Gallahger during his court hearing
    another medic SEAL admitted he is the one who killed the ISIS fighter
    not Gallagher. he says he put his thumb over the breathing tube causing
    suffocation…he was granted immunity to testify ..

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  14. Ilcon says:

    Dear Libertarians.

    You might want to

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  15. Ilcon says:

    If he lives in Ca……..


  16. WeThePeople2016 says:

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    • Landslide says:

      Thank you, Lord. 👼🏻💙🙏🏼💖👼🏻

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    • ms Idaho says:

      question. this is in the discussion about the ruling: “Today, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted the Trump administration’s request to lift national injunctions ordered by lower federal courts in Oregon and Washington state, as well as a statewide injunction in California.”
      Could this be the start of a tide? Judges limiting lower courts’ ability to impose ruling on national injunctions?

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  17. Jenevive says:

    The Senate was busy today. They approved 8 of POTUS “people” for
    various positions..

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  18. Ilcon says:

    Cough Cough Cough.

    Cough Cough.

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  19. ivehadit says:

    ROY MOORE IS NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER, NEVER WAS. Ask him what he and his wife said about our beloved president during the ’16 campaign! If you love our president you will NOT give one single vote to Moore. This is hubris plain and simple. How many times do the people of Alabama have to tell this guy: WE DO NOT WANT YOU.


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    • ivehadit says:

      One silver lining. This will fire up all republicans in the state to vote… AGAINST MOORE in the primary.


    • rustybritches says:

      On OANN this morning They said that there had been some discussion with Jeff Sessions to run again for his old Senate seat, and that would take it away from Jones and Moore and anyone else who chose to run for that seat, I will work to make sure that poor Pathetic man Never gets back into office even if that means sending every dime I have to Moore
      I don’t want any way shape or form Sessions back in the Senate, and just to think that McConnell just proved again how much he will just stab the President in order to do what he can to make him look bad How many here think that Sessions would not now work along side of Romney and all the Rats in order to finish taking down the President
      He already tried once and almost got away with it… He was a plant and proved he was nothing but a scum bag and nothing for the American people now to put any trust in

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      • fanbeav says:

        President Trump needs to have a word with the GOP! I don’t care if McTurtle is in charge of the Senate. They need to put forth candidates who are MAGA!

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  20. Ilcon says:

    I posted an earlier article about Houston communists attacking Lations for Trump. Now the communists enforcement wing Antifa does this.


  21. Ilcon says:

    Justin Hasish’s party hates America.

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  22. Perot Conservative says:

    U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer hopes for farm deal with Japan ‘in next several weeks’

    Canadian beef and pork sales to Japan have jumped due to their being part of TPP.

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  23. Ilcon says:

    Zucker’s zealots.

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    • FofBW says:

      Until their international ratings (their bread and butter) start taking similar hits, they will keep hanging on.


      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Although it is most gratifying to see their viewership continue to dwindle their ratings mean nothing to the bottom line over at CNN. These days that network is kept afloat by unnamed deep pockets because it is still a valuable propaganda outlet. Same goes for MS13NBC.

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  24. Ilcon says:

    Miss Lindsey wants war with Iran while voting to deny Saudi weapon deal.

    F MB Khashoggi

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  25. Ilcon says:

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  26. Ilcon says:



  27. The Boss says:

    CNBC sucks too. Here are 2 headlines from its homepage.

    S&P hits record high….

    Trump economy looks more like Obama economy….

    Effin morons!!

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  28. rustybritches says:

    How sad that anyone would listen to the loser AOC She is a pathetic person and anyone who had family members who was killed during that period time would not be siding with AOC she does not know what she is talking about but then that’s ok to the left because they are just using her. She has caused more Damage to this country in 5 months than Polosi has in her entire time in Congress. Time will get her out long before she wants to go out of congress Thank Goodness that LIz Chaney has the courage to Call out AOC

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  29. Ilcon says:

    Legacy media attempts to trash new media.


  30. fanbeav says:


  31. fanbeav says:

    Wonder if this is because Stone’s attorney are demanding proof of the FBI investigation into the DNC server?

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    • I think that the Judge in this case should give due to consideration that “the circumstances surrounding ‘the case as-filed’ appear now to be changing by the day.”

      I think that “the proper and just actions of the Court” must now be tempered by the rapidly increasing possibility that the entire case against Mr. Stone was filed on false and perjurious pretenses. Also: “if he doesn’t say it, someone else will … and now you’ll be the one who put him in jail for saying it, too.”

      So – “recognize that these are very extraordinary times.” Your Honor, proceed with great caution into these uncharted waters.

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    • Everything we see here is already public. How can they fault him for reiterating what others can post? If this is all they have then it is very slim pickins’.

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    • jx says:

      FBI and DOJ are still in full coverup mode and woe to anyone who publicizes it.


  32. FofBW says:

    If they think they got one over on PT, they still have not learned.

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  33. sunnydaze says:

    ugh. Not *this* again.

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    • Free Speech says:

      I don’t care if a hedgehog comes out of the Republican primary. If the people of Alabama are stupid enough to vote Doug Jones in again b/c they are so concerned about the image of their state not being ‘cosmopolitan’ enough, this one’s on them. Even Mitt Romney is going to vote with Republicans more than a Doug Jones or Kirsten Sinema ever will, no matter how ‘moderate’ they feign at being.


      • covfefe999 says:

        It was ridiculous. Everyone needs to understand that majorities are important. Voting for Trump is the #1 priority, giving him GOP majorities in the House and Senate is #2. I don’t care if your GOP candidates are McCain clones. Majorities are important. Majorities are more important than individual candidates. Alabama, you gotta get it right this time. Take that seat back from the Dems.

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    • Ozark says:

      Roy Moore just needs to enjoy his retirement and go play with the grandkids.

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  34. Ilcon says:

    It’s a long read.

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  35. sunnyflower5 says:

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  36. sunnyflower5 says:

    A perfect question to ask your friend, Obama.


  37. Ilcon says:

    Comey’s FBI gets caught

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  38. youme says:

    Next it will be hospitals, schools, auto repair garages, cockfights, nail salons….


  39. youme says:


    • youme says:

      Roberts got scared…

      “Whenever you read ‘legitimacy’ in a sentence about the Court, you know it’s a political missile aimed directly at Chief Justice John Roberts.”

      Census Target: John Roberts
      Liberals spin a memo to influence the Chief Justice in a crucial case.

      “The real goal of flogging the Hofeller memo now is to raise enough of a political stink to intimidate the Supreme Court to block the citizenship question. “Will the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court Survive the Census Case?” asked an op-ed in the New York Times. Whenever you read “legitimacy” in a sentence about the Court, you know it’s a political missile aimed directly at Chief Justice John Roberts.”




      • benifranlkin says:

        This was a response to Nicole Ninh on twitter re: Census ruling

        Follow Follow @jmanfreddi
        Replying to @nicninh
        I do not see a remand order in the document that you link. It is the SG’s argument for SCOTUS to decide the case now in opposition to the limited remand demanded by the plaintiffs

        4:51 PM – 20 Jun 2019


      • youme says:

        The document linked by the reporter Nicole Ninh is not a remand order. It is the Solicitor General’s response to a demand by the plaintiffs to send the case back to the lower court. There is no remand order on the SCOTUS blog.


      • Who really gives a damn whether that question appears on the Census form or not? Do you seriously expect an undocumented person to answer the question truthfully?

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  40. Perot Conservative says:

    Fox Business

    Apple, Black & Decker and Steve Madden among US companies moving production out of China.

    Also …

    Go Pro
    Brooks Running
    Whirlpool Corporation – US!!
    Intel Corp

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  41. MaineCoon says:

    I don’t have a good feeling about this news.

    Sessions hasn’t ruled out run for his old Senate seat from Alabama, Shelby says – The Washington Post https://t.co/3iYRn4vWSW— Josh Kraushaar (@HotlineJosh) June 20, 2019



  42. youme says:


    • cheering4america says:

      Just saw an article on AT about the mission bells being removed, a historic landmark since 1906 and part of the important 700 mile route of missions in CA , being removed in Santa Cruz because of complaints.

      Then this craziness.

      Everywhere one looks anymore, every day, one sees evidence that it is entirely possible America is already gone. (Rashid Olhan OAC pride flags in our capitol and on our embassies big brother spying on citizens …)

      MAAA. Make America America Again


    • Perot Conservative says:

      As a Tall person, I need reparations … cars small, seats small, jokes about “How is the weather up there?” …


    • covfefe999 says:

      It’s her shtick. lol She didn’t have anything, Buttawhatta is probably kicking himself for not thinking of it first.


  43. snarkybeach says:

    Dobbs & Toensing & DiGenova on the Mueller report:

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  44. Perot Conservative says:

    Joe D and Victoria – more insight

    1st memo illegal – no crime listed.
    Oct 2017 – Mueller couldn’t establish Russian collusion, so needed Scope Memo #3.
    Memo 3 – proof Rosenstein a coward who wasted 2 years. (Or, is he just part of the Cabal?)
    Hunter Biden gets a deal wherever the VP flew – pay for play – where were the FBI and DOJ?
    Joe D – Biden is done.

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  45. linda4298 says:

    Geraldo Rivera is taking the word of the Mullahs over the U.S.A, he’s saying we shouldn’t have pulled out of the Iran “treaty” on Hannity, Hannity almost dropped the “f” bomb.


    • Avi says:

      to be fair, maybe its the same crowd that claimed WMDs in Iraq or the Golf of Tonkin, or Russian meddling that are calling out the mullahs


      • jx says:

        The attack on non-US ships was a non-starter so they deployed a drone to troll for an incident. They got their incident. Now they will engineer a narrative to manipulate us through the back door to an armed conflict.

        The coup plotters, the cover up crew, the IC, Clinton and Obama… they all want this to divert attention from their crimes. And of course the neo-cons who lust for war.


  46. sunnyflower5 says:

    What a POS you are Nadler. Go crawl back under the rock in which you came.

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  47. Troublemaker10 says:

    That whole Kyle Cheney thread linked in the tweet about Hope Hicks was a good read. 😁

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  48. Troublemaker10 says:

    Polish Official Invites Ocasio-Cortez to Poland to See Concentration Camps


    “In a statement, Tarczynski added, “With this letter, I am formally inviting @AOC to come to Poland, where Adolf Hitler set up the worst chain of concentration camps the world has ever seen, so that she may see that scoring political points with enflamed rhetoric is unacceptable in our contemporary Western societies.”


  49. Troublemaker10 says:

    This Angel Dad is a great spokesperson for the case against illegal immigration.

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