President Trump Full Interview With Sean Hannity…

President Donald Trump calls in to Sean Hannity for an extensive 45 minute interview on a variety of subjects.  Here’s the Full Interview:

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    • Sofa King says:

      Happens every time an article mentions Hannity.
      People start bashing Mr. Monotone Drone.
      Then people defend his effort at the good fight.
      Both sides are true.
      It’s not necessary anymore.
      It clogs up the chat.

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  1. James says:

    Sean Hannity is a ratings queen. He loves to bate his audience into watching his next show. Yet nothing comes of his blow-hard “tic-toc” predictions. They guy is a snake oil salesman who only wants to drive his viewership numbers up. Frankly, I tuned out 2 years ago after numerous predictions made by him failed to materialize.

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    • josco scott says:


      stop being a bitch, quasi-conservatives

      You don’t have to love his style but you should STFU about it when we’ve got so many real enemies

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    • swissik says:

      Hannity is enamored with himself. It is astounding that he has so many defenders of his show. Snake oil salesman is a perfect term.


    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Hannity can be both annoying and gratuitous… But if you think he is a “snake oil salesman” who is in it only for himself, you misunderstand the invaluable role he plays in exposing both the hypocrisy of the left and the (otherwise uncovered) accomplishments of President Trump… Though I have a gut feeling that you are not interested in either…

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      • 6x47 says:

        Hannity fills a particular niche in the conservative media ecosystem: He’s the gateway host for entry-level conservatives who don’t follow the new media, internet news and blogs. He’s on the old-media Fox news coming right into the living room over the TV.

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    • Hey James; did you listen to the full interview?
      VSGPDJT was given a platform to talk to the American people and tell the truth, via Sean Hannity!
      What the Hell is wrong with that forum? Hmmm???

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      • Well he didn’t watch it cuz he tuned out 2 years ago. But he’s going to bitch about it anyway.

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      • Esther says:

        As other conservative platforms get censored by the Left, we’ve recently seen a significant increase in shills, trolls and concerned **** on CTH. Glad Treepers show no tolerance to the creeps.

        (Comment edited by Admin…)

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        • madeline says:

          Handy has a great time slot for PDT to get his message out as well as the morning show. Good on PDT and Hannity everyone wins, we get to hear the message PDT needs to get to us. It is the new morse code, you have to be able to read the dits and dots but you get the message.
          Additionally, PDT should start a new event during his rally, call it “Wave to America”, So all can see the crowds. Don Jr. should get a drown and take a few minutes and have it go around the auditorium while everyone waves and greets those of us at home. Then take the drown outside and have those outside wave to America. Better yet have a veteran handle the drones for the rally.

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        • Mrs. E says:

          Isn’t that the truth! So filthy, it makes them easy to spot.


        • Mrs. E says:

          Isn’t that the truth! So much filth in their comments, it makes it easy to spot them.


      • livefreeordieguy says:

        Apparently just trolling, abigail… while he’s ignoring Sundance’s terms of engagement: watch and read the material before commenting.


      • Absolutely correct! We have very few platforms left to talk about President’s accomplishments and Haniity is one of them! POTUS kept talking into laura ingram show! That was the funny part! It was great! He did not let Hannity interrupt him.!

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    • E. L. Tolbert says:

      Hannity is hard to watch. Right message. Bad messenger.

      But what am I to do? Watch Rachael Maddow?

      I would rather put out a campfire with my face.

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    • Ad rem says:

      Ta James! LOL…I’m surprised you lasted a whole month……especially with that email addy.

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    • Just stop with your bad attitude! Save that contempt & disdain for the Left & their mainstream media brothers & sisters. Sean Hannity is one of us. Knock it off!

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      • Chip Doctor says:

        Hannity might be about ratings, but I don’t blame him. That’s what keeps him on the air when Media Matters goes after his advertisers. I personally find him irritating, but make no mistake…..Hannity is a patriot. He performs a valuable service to our country.

        On a personal note…..I advertised on Hannity’s show several years back. Sean came to Dallas and took several of us to Ruth’s Chris to show his appreciation. He is a very genuine man. He asked each of us about US, our families and interests. He did not hold court or ramble on about himself. Very nice man.

        On another Hannity note…..I went to one of his concert events that he held during the 2010 mid terms. It was the oddest band pairing ever. Michael W Smith opened up for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Everyone was wound up for Freebird. Michael W Smith comes out with just his keyboard. When he sang “Above All” you could have heard a pin drop. Still brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat when I think about it. Unforgettable.

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        • Amy2 says:

          Nice post chip doctor. I view Hannity as genuine too but I can only take his show in small bites anymore. I have a short attention span, and I already know what Sean has to say, I want to hear from (most of) his guests. I’m always left wanting more when he has Sarah, John and Greg on, but then, I guess that’s the idea!

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    • Luke of the D says:

      If only he was more like Rachael Maddow or Jim Acosta, right James? Sean is just too… conservative. You should cry a bit more about it, as I understand that may help people like you.


    • Kristin DeBacco says:

      Hannity is on OUR and our President’s side. Be grateful for that as there are not many in the media. We get to hear the Man in his own words.
      There is nothing wrong by wanting the best ratings.
      Hannity is not perfect, we do not watch him all the time but, BUT, where would you get John Solomon’s and Sarah Carter’s discoveries??
      Like I said: nothing or nobody is perfect.
      Now, I am pursuing my perfect day here in sunny AZ. 😇😉

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    • anthony says:

      well at least Sean can spell.


  2. Uncle Max says:

    It was a unguarded interview and shame on Hannity for not being a little more protective of PDJT. Hannity , IMO, abused the trust of the President and asked him to pontificate about this or that, and though I TRUST the President absolutely to be aware and know what he is doing, the frustration of the President was evident and , IDK, I just felt as if, Hannity was mindful that he was scoring a huge interview, but not helping the cause, so to speak. Maybe I mistook it. It was a good interview, but I see Hannity as more in if for the ratings and talking about himself , etc.. and I’m mindful that 90% of DC is out to get the President and nullify the election. There are a LOT of Federal judges with wives that are chattering at them about the dinners they go to and who says what . Same for Congresscritters and their staff.

    Am I being too scaredy-cat? Maybe. I’m willing to be seeing too much disaster lurking if the President says something that could undermine his aims. I listened to the interview in real time… maybe I should go back and listen again.

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    • cheryl says:

      I do wish Hannity would shut up once in a while. He can’t even help it when he has the President on.

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      • margarite1 says:

        I believe Hannity’s heart is in the right place but he gets really tiresome…”dirty air, dirty water”….the same old thing over the over. I find Tucker more intellectual. But…I get tired of the arguing and hearing the “fair and balanced” and barely watch FOX anymore.

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  3. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    President TRUMP was enjoying himself & Sean& Laura couldn’t wait to get rid of him. Did Laura even say goodbye? I didn’t hear it. They both should have just shut the hell up & let president TRUMP talk as long as he wanted to.

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  4. Attorney, William D Ware says:

    Back-benchers. Hannity has done more for the USA in his capacity as a media personality than any of you could dream of. You are spoiled little children. He provides a forum for President Trump which is truly a fair hearing… And you lambaste him? Do you not pay any attention? He (Hannity) has ben at this for many, many years defending all things good about America. Turn your friendly fire on enemies please, which abound btw. You are ridiculous.

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    • swissik says:

      I didn’t watch it because I can’t stand Hannity. However, it is no surprise to hear that he tried to overshadow the president.

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    • Eric says:

      Thank You! Hannity in my view is a hero for exposing criminal acts from the very beginning. We should be very appreciative/supportive what Hannity has done to help P/T expose these criminal acts. Justice will be happening soon.

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Thank you, William… Exactly right… Newsflash 1: Hannity has an ego and likes good ratings… Newsflash 2: NOBODY has supported the president or solid American values more than Hannity — and with a huge audience to boot! Does he make me roll my eyes? Occasionally. So what!?!? Be grateful for the role he plays… NOBODY else plays it! It’s no wonder that the Democrats kick our ass… We are too busy nitpicking our allies… While Rome burns.

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    • Garrison Hall says:

      “Hannity has done more for the USA in his capacity as a media personality than any of you could dream of.”

      True. And well said. Hannity’s critics remind me of the pinky-in-the-air Never Trumpers during the election who just—Oh!—so shocked at the things Trump said and did. Sorry folks, but it’s true. Don’t you think we understand Hannity—warts and all? Judging from the several interviews he’s given with the man, the president obviously understands and likes Hannity. If you don’t like the conservative insurgency please move on.

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    • I largely agree with you and appreciate that Hannity has been supportive and relentless in discussing the machinations of the left.

      So, yes, I appreciate him but do wish he could be a bit less wordy. And, I did think Laura was rude in cutting off POTUS.

      But heck, I am, like you, thankful that we have some in the media supporting POTUS.

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    • Well said! We have so many whiners who don’t do anything to promote our President but complain about someone who is defending our president everyday!

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    • Mrs. E says:



  5. davidb says:

    Hannity doesn’t have a original thought in his head, unlike Rush, who comes ups with some good stuff. Hannity is a rino parrot. Trump grants the fat pop tart a interview to increase the listeners knowledge of what is going on.

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Undermining and ridiculing one of PDJT’s FEW allies in the media… You are a fool, or a troll… I can’t tell…

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    • Mandy says:

      Hannity is indeed a parrot. Many years ago when he did radio in Atlanta…Sean was suspected of doing little to no show research of his own. Instead, Sean appeared to be using Neal Boortz “Nealz Notes” from the internet as his own stuff on his show (Neal was on earlier than Sean, and Neal put his show notes on the internet a few hours AHEAD of Sean’s show.) So one day, Neal caught Sean.

      Neal put up a COMPLETELY FAKE news story on his show notes and waited to see if Sean took the bait.


      It was flipping HILARIOUS! Neal had Sean on his show the next day and Sean admitted that he had been using Neal’s work for his own show. Gosh, that was what….25 – 30 years ago now….


  6. Treepers..
    If you EVER been to a Rally it is “Electric”..

    YOU CAN, feel it .. Cut the Atmosphere with a knife!
    Flashback from 2016..
    ILM Airport..
    It’s truly a Movement
    There’s so much LOVE in the Atmosphere!

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  7. bgood says:

    Some favorite moments:
    “What if it was the other way around?”, “What if I spied on president Obama?” = Obama spied on VSGPT.
    “Lessons must be taught”. Is VSGPT referring to one of those “teachable moment”? LMAO!
    “Think about that one Sean”. (Ukraine/Server).
    “We had a business dispute”. (w/retired Mueller).
    “He wouldn’t go to the bathroom without Comey’s approval”. (Mcabe).

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  8. CoffeeBreak says:

    Still listening to it at 39:45. So far, so good. For people that can’t do long interviews, adust the playback speed. I usually listen at 1.5. Just sayin.

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  9. Eric says:

    Hannity has been instrumental in assisting P/T in exposing criminal acts for over 3-years.

    Hannity like Bill O’Reilly was attached by the left by putting pressure on advertising sponsors; Hannity fought back and won.

    Hannity was told by Fox Management not to allow Sara Carter to continue to be a guest; Hannity refused to comply.

    Hannity has many great guests who has done investigative reporting exposing the corruption for over 2.5 years; Sara Carter, John Solomon, Gregg Jarrett, Joe Digenova, Victoria Toensing, Tom Fitton, Sebastian Gorka, Newt Gingrich, etc.

    I remember Rudy Giuliani was on Hannity consistently during the P/T Campaign exposing Hillary Emails and the Clinton Foundation.

    Hannity along with many others has repeatedly stated; without Equal Justice the United States will become a 3rd world country in the near future.

    Hannity very seldom allows a left wing guest to debate with fake laws/news because IMO-it is really a waste of time and will shorten your life.

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    • CoffeeBreak says:

      “…will shorten your life.” Yes, definitely. 🙂

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    • Even obnoxious people like Hannity have the right to defend PDJT. I do not like Hannity (Mr. Interruptus) but appreciate what he does for the President.

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      • H.R. says:

        H&HC, 2nd-16th – I too certainly appreciate what Hannity does and has done for the President and Constitutional values in general.

        Here’s the odd thing; I’m often out and about when his radio show is on and I like it and him very much. I seldom watch his TV show and generally only segments of it when I do watch. I don’t care for Hannity’s TV show much at all.

        I have no clue why I like one and not the other. It’s just that way.

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    • Your last line is the best one! I hate fox but I watch hannity when I can! He’s been a true patriot for our President!


  10. rcogburn says:

    I don’t listen to Hannity, but I’m glad millions of others do.

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  11. Garrison Hall says:

    Reading the comments in this thread, causes me to wonder if there will be enough of us . . .?

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    • Don’t get caught up in the early drama part of this re-election campaign politics; not worth the loss of sleep.
      Don’t under estimate the numbers of Deplorables amongst us…….

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      • MelH says:

        I didn’t underestimate the number of Deplorables in the 2018 mid-terms and look what happened, we lost the House, such a disaster!


        • Ahhh; if you look at those D candidates who won, they campaigned as ‘centrists’ AND I know in many instances (from my contacts who were working for R candidates), the D’s bussed in their people to cause pandemonium at R’s townhalls and other open forums so the R’s could not get their message out.
          There is no doubt the D’s were very coordinated and used every dirty trick in their playbook.
          BUT the POTUS was not on the ticket in 2018 and I believe that counts for something.


    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      There will be enough of us???

      We the people have become awakened.
      Awakened to the lies of the MSM.
      Awakened to Congress
      Awakened to Everything.

      Our President has awakened us. Sundance has provided us the ammunition.

      We are informed, intelligent, God fearing, we love our President, our Country, and we are armed.

      That’s why they are in a panic. I say “They” because they are now so easily identified.
      The “Truth” cannot be hidden, covered over, or ignored.

      Even here. The trolls try to pass on their negativity to the most intelligent group of posters on the internet……..Pffffft

      Will there be enough?………The question should be:

      How many do we need? The answer:

      All of us……..we’ll be there…….guaranteed.

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  12. gringz says:

    I thought it was a good interview, I wish he had answered the question about releasing the unredacted documents to the public, but he pivoted away from it and Hannity didn’t press him on it so I guess there is some reason he didn’t want to answer it. Anyway regarding Hannity, yeah he gets on my nerves sometimes recapping and reinforcing, but I remember when I first started watching Fox back in 08 during the Dem primaries (I was a Hillary supporter at the time and I resorted to watching Fox because all the other networks were drooling over Obama and Fox was the only one giving her a fair shake) I was shocked to learn how much the MSM was leaving out of their news. I couldn’t believe how much was not being covered by any of the other networks. I learned more from his show than from any of the others. I think he does all that recapping for the newer listeners. We have to keep in mind that people who don’t read CTH are not as informed (nowhere near as informed) as we are.

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    • Serena says:

      Thank you Gringz I can honestly relate to everything you said. That is the year I too started watching FOX news and left the Democrat party. They were the only news network to be fair to Hillary Clinton and even have her on the air with Bill O’Reilly. I hated FOX at the time and bought into the Dem hype they were all in it for the Republicans and would go to any lengths to smear the Democrats. The other stations were being so mean to her and propping up Obama, their new found savior.When I opened my eyes to the type of people the Dem party had become and the games they were playing I was gone. Voted for Sarah Palin and never looked back. Isn’t it funny that the liberals control just about every television news station while the conservatives only have FOX and OAN (which is not widely distributed) and FOX gets bashed so much and it’s enemies want it taken off the air? I don’t have FOX on my T.V. and I know it has changed a lot since 2008 but I am glad that there are a couple of news people like Hannity and Tucker that are trying to be fair with our President.I read and watch on my computer and I appreciate them.

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  13. waicool says:

    I cut the cord 3 years ago so do not watch fox or any cable shows. I appreciate hannity though, tucker as well. I get their drift from my newsfeeds on the web, lots of various sources. Without them so many fake narratives would go unchallenged.

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  14. We the people know says:

    Why does Hannity never miss a chance to demonize Russia? Did I miss the part where Russia had anything to do with Hillary’s efforts to undermine our election? Why is Russia still being blamed? I think the NO collusion conclusion applies equally to Trump & Russia. If Trump didn’t collude with Russia, than Russia didn’t collude with Trump. Mueller would have been happy to pin something on Russia, yet I’ve seen NO proof…I just hear about it all the time from FOX.

    I noticed that Sean did that throat-slashing motion at the very end when Laura asked President Trump a question.

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    • sunnyflower5 says:

      Or, meaning, transfer the show over to Laura — which is what happened. The gesture came before Laura’s question. The President wished Laura happy birthday and answered her question.


    • Marc says:

      Hannity and all the FNC/FBN talent are told to demonize Russia by the bosses. Gotta keep the false narrative going. Only holdout is Tucker Carlson. He actually implies on air that the emails were leaked and not hacker(which is what happened).

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      • MelH says:

        On social media and in the news clips on the internet, Russia hacked the DNC and stole the letters and gave them to Wikileaks because Putin and Trump are lovers and wanted Trump to be president, thus Trump STOLE the election and is an illegitimate president.who is destroying the Country and must be impeached NOW! There is NO other narrative, and how could there be? MSM has the lock on Talking Points.


    • boomerbeth says:

      Putin is the “go to’ boogeymen man; In fact he is the scapegoat for all boogeymen. Kim jong un is not available ; either is Xi. In negotiation at the moment.

      Assad is a GENTLE doctor, an OPHTHALMOLOGIST. His people adore him. He has been defamed,

      CIA BAG MAN Bin Ladin is dead of Marfan syndrome in dec 2091. EASY TO ACCUS3CA DEAD MAN.
      So is Qaddafi, a Jew by birth.

      & Saddam Hussein May be in hiding in BARVIKHA, Russia A Luxurious Haven For Tyrants, Deposed Leaders, Terrorists, Dictators

      Black hat G- MEN & CIA PSYOPS require a boogeymen man 24/7 to justify their outrageous budgets paid by….The Deplorables!

      I am very impressed with Putin. He & Trump are in synch: same personality, different presentation.


  15. Jim Smith says:

    While I will concede that Sean’s interruptions can be annoying, NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE has done more to the word out about the coup to take down our POTUS.
    His show has the most exposure of any Cable News show. He supports our POTUS.
    I can look past the flaws to give credit for the good work.
    Millions of viewers got the message directly from our President last night.
    Good enough for me.

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  16. StanH says:

    If not Sean then who? Speaking of nighttime 9:00 PM slot on cable news? Oh I know the President could go on with, CNN, MSNBC , ABC (Stephanopoulos) , CBS, NBC et al and get a fair shake.

    This is what is so harebrained about the Eeyore’s attacking the messenger and not listening to the message. I too get exhausted with Sean’s constant tic-toc but if he wasn’t counting the seconds who would? Folks, you do not take the only person with a large stage who is telling the truth about the coup and throw him overboard, that would be dumb.

    So I say, great job Sean and great job President Trump.

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  17. Mr. Trump is very good at controlling the conversation and not being led astray by interviewers. Example – “don’t worry about anything.” Likewise, when asked about declassifying documents, he makes it clear that he has made this Barr’s decision and will remain so. And these things, to me, are very important when your job-description is “President of the United States” and every twitch of your eyebrows could have international implications. I think that Hannity understands this too. Many other interviewers would circle the same point incessantly, looking for the right sound bite. There’s a sense of real respect between the two people … which is understandable in part because “Hannity is one of the [very few …] good ones.”


  18. Phil aka Felipe says:

    POTUS quote from 18:00 to 18:19:

    “But it should never happen to another President what happened to me. And it should never happen, nobody should ever be allowed to let this go forward again. AND PEOPLE HAVE TO LEARN. THERE HAS TO BE A LESSON TAUGHT. THERE HAS TO BE A LESSON TAUGHT. It should never be allowed. So bad for our country.”

    The words I capitalized are to me a simple and not so subtle hint of what is coming…TEACHING event(s)!!

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  19. Esther says:

    Our President spoke to the public for more than an hour, and somehow this site and basically the entire chat devolved into knocking Hannity, rather than exploring the substance of what POTUS said. This is not by accident.
    Let’s take note and nip it in the bud.

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  20. boomerbeth says:

    I am impressed how he remembers minutiae , names, & small details extemporaneously.
    It is obvious no one is assisting him.

    He is ALWAYS very good at recalling people’s names in a N.Y. nonosec.

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  21. Athena the Warrior says:

    One can appreciate the job that Hannity has done by providing a platform for President Trump to speak as well as early on providing it to Jon Solomon and Sara Carter. That doesn’t mean that constructive criticism is an attack on him.

    His platform could be even better if he stopped interrupting his guests all the time simply to repeat what they just said, and let them speak. He consistently interrupts them right as they are about to make a large point. If he cut back on his nightly recaps of the MSM’s attack on PDJT, he would have more time to have better guest interactions and information being exposed.

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    • Esther says:

      Athena Eegor et al – Betting you have no idea what information President Trump gave the public last night., and what his message was in that interview. And BTW its not Jon, but John. Trump reassured us that behind the scenes there is a very important investigation ongoing and steps being made to protect the office of the Presidency for our Republic. He’s telling the American public how important this is for future generations as it preserves our Constitution and our Republic.


  22. Bob Thomas says:

    Hannity could be replaced with a better conservative host and no one would miss him. Our movement doesn’t depend on Hannity being in the Fox chair between 8 and 9 pm (CST).


    • John55 says:

      if Fox ever gets rid of Hannity, they will not replace him with a “better conservative host” but with a liberal host.

      It’s disturbing that so many people turn these threads into a big “I-Hate-Sean-Hannity’ fest.


      • Bob Thomas says:

        I don’t know what Fox would do, neither do you. That is why I said “could”. But you seemed more certain and declared “will not”……………….you went even farther and declared it would be a liberal anchor….smh.

        I do know they put TC and LI in chairs…. I have no reason to think another conservative would not be slotted….afterall, it is one of their top time slots……………


  23. visage13 says:

    I love Hannity but STOP interrupting.


  24. Esther says:

    Am so glad that the President and his allies continually put the FACTS of illegal and seditious spying continually before the public. We have a corrupted FBI, a corrupted congress that are OUT OF CONTROL. Imagine congressmen from the Dems so corrupt that in a closed door testimony using their cellphones to take pictures of private testimony and LEAKING IT TO THE PRESS. These people are shameless. The Dems must be flattened and crushed just like Xi because our congress is an extension of Xi ( of course Jo Biden and the Dems sold out to China). We will have a parade and tailgate party the day Hilary Clinton is put to death. If the Dems are depending on Joe Biden, Trump supporters will supply a water catchment for the tears when he loses, same for Pocahontas, Communist Sanders and all the rest of that putrid festering excuse for human life like Brennan, Comey, Clapper, CNN talking heads and the rest.

    If HRC’s glass ceiling breaking event was a funeral, what shall we call what happens with the next Dem that goes against OUR PRESIDENT? Maybe HRC still has some of that champagne from that event or did she drink it all in the woods? Maybe that’s why in every appearance they have to provide her a chair or prop her up with a podium. NO DO-OVERS. Where is the DNC server?


  25. 1970novass396 says:

    The Donald is up against the most powerful Cabal on the planet. Donald has few friend in the Congress but those friends are doing a pretty good job. The Senate is as corrupt a body as the Mafia. I am hopeful Trump will win in 2020 but it is all uphill for him. If he does win in 2020 it would be best for the country for him to blowup this so called republican party in favor an new party of the sane without the rhino’s. That is just wishful thinking I suppose.


  26. Phflipper says:

    We have the very best man in the White House America needs at this time, beholden to no one politically or financially, and not afraid to stand firm in the gap for all of America. These the Left cannot hold a candle to, and they know it – this is why they hate the man. And, the Left is afraid because this President is used by God to reveal their lies, filth, crimes and failings. God bless our President, he loves our country.

    Re: Hannity – he came onto the national scene making his living on radio. On radio, in order to make it, one must talk. So Hannity talks, think about it. And, again, our president himself said, “I love our country,” and I believe him because it is obvious.


  27. lfhbrave says:

    “Thank you for saving our country”, Air Force Academy cadets said to POTUS at the commencement.

    Thank you for saving Western civilization.

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