Trump Supporters Camping Out Ahead of Massive Orlando MAGA Rally and Festival…

President Trump will be officially kicking off his 2020 re-election bid tomorrow night in Orlando, Florida, at the Amway center.  While the MAGA rally is scheduled to begin at 8:00pm ET, campaign organizers have had such an overwhelming demand for attendance, they have turned the entire day into a MAGA festival called: “The 45 Fest”.

The Amway center, home to the NBA’s Orlando Magic, will hold between 20,000 to 30,000 depending on layout.  However, jumbo screens are being constructed outside the arena for those who attend the festivities but don’t make it inside.

There will be live music, food booths and trucks, street vendors and a day of MAGA festivity prior to the main event at 8:00pm.  According to local media people began lining up Monday morning and plan to camp out overnight amid a mass of MAGA patriots and supporters.

ORLANDO – With tents, sleeping bags and coolers of water in tow, Donald Trump supporters began lining up early Monday for Tuesday’s campaign rally in Orlando, nearly two full days before the event.

Outside the Amway Center, where President Trump will officially kick off his 2020 re-election bid at 8 p.m. Tuesday, about two dozen people and counting had staked out a spot along Division Street as of Monday morning. The line had grown to about 50 as of 3 p.m.

“This is the big one,” said Jennifer Petito, 54, of Melbourne. “This is the mother of all rallies.” Petitio, who was wearing a pink “Women for Trump” hat and a red-and-white striped fanny pack, was second in line. She said she got there around 2 a.m. — 42 hours before the rally’s start. (read more)

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195 Responses to Trump Supporters Camping Out Ahead of Massive Orlando MAGA Rally and Festival…

  1. visage13 says:

    At first I was nervous to go alone but decided to go but now I know I will never get in, I leave work at 430pm so I am going to watch in the comfort of my home. There are three planned protests but they are keeping the protesters far form the Amway Arena so there would not be any clashes. Sundance are you coming up?

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    • webgirlpdx says:

      If there are ‘protests’ like the protests that were supposed to happen all over the country yesterday,especially the fail in Portland — those dozen protesters are going to be very lonely 🙂

      Actually, it will be a fine chance for the 100,000 strong MAGA happy people to convert them.

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      • Ready Steady Go says:

        And in other news Joe Biden appeared before 20 retirees at the Ottuma Iowa Senior Citizens center. attendee Hillary Pantsuit commented, “who is the new Bingo administrator”?

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        • mr.piddles says:

          Biden: “Is it me, or are the walls closing in?”

          Talk to your Campaign Staff, Joe. They’re trying to “pack the house”, if you know what I mean.

          Than again, the walls are probably closing in a little too.

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      I will pray for PDJT and everyone planning to attend the big rally tomorrow. It sounds fantastic. I hope all will end well, as today the huge celebration of the Raptors win in Toronto Ontario 2 million people in attendance, there were 2 shootings. Sad. I always have a nervous feeling when there are too many people anywhere. God Bless PDJT and all the people there tomorrow, as I will watch and cheer from Canada.

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    • SoCal Patriot says:

      Three protests…uh huh. There will be 100,000 MAGA fans there. I think we can take care of ourselves.

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    • ichicinnabar says:


      Go, go, go. You will not be alone. You will be surrounded by friends, brothers and sisters. It is amazing to go to a Trump Rally. I have a friend in FL who gets off work at 5:30 and he is going with his sons and about 15 of his friends.

      We are in this fight together. You need to see your community to realize how big, loving and energized we are. No harm will come to you. The protests are all bluster to scare people.

      Please go. You will never regret it. You will never forget it.

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      • rockysvrede says:

        I so agree with you. I went alone in 2016 and it was simply amazing. Trump fans are the best!!!

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      • MAJA says:

        I went to the LV rally by myself from CA and met new best friends that i still text with. I’m going to the 4th of July DC celebration by myself as well and can’t be more excited. I’m staying 1/2 mile from the Lincoln Memorial. This is so meaningful to me (I remember my father reading the inscription on the memorial to me when we visited the capital when i was 7 years old). You will be amazed at how you relax when among like minded patriots. It’s an amazing and I want to be a part of this amazing celebration our President has planned.

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        • CountryClassVulgarian says:

          There is absolutely nothing like a Trump rally. I was at the first ever midnight rally in Sterling, VA. As our President would say it was beautiful, fantastic. I plan on going to the July 4th event too.


          • MelH says:

            Somewhere along the way i thought the President said he’s attending tailgate parties in the parking lot. He expects those to start tonight. he is soooo jazzed for this Rally, i expect we will all be crying with joy through it. Every minute I will be praying for his protection!

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      • walker4411 says:

        Amen! I’ve been to 3 rallies. They are awesome . . . all that positive energy. So many Christians gathered together. You need to go. 🙂

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      • stakan says:

        Have tickets but what are the odds to be among the first 20,000 out of 100,000+? All day line for a rocket ride better than Space Mountain? Food? Bathroom? Umbrellas permitted? (this is the daily afternoon downpour season). But I think it would be worth it. Must awaken & depart no later than 6 am; Good nite. 😉

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      • visage13 says:

        Thank you for the encouragement. I happen to work in downtown orlando and some co-workers were talking about it and no one had anything bad to say in fact they wanted to go but knew it was too late to get in. Now, that I know this I have people I can go with next time. There are so many more of us then them it is just no one talks about it for fear of retribution. Sad but true,


    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      The Amway auditorium – super nice!!!!!!

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  2. bkrg2 says:

    CNN will report that these people are lining up to see Joe Biden

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  3. Robert Smith says:

    Mother of all rallies.

    In internet lingo, MOAR rallies!

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  4. NvmtnOldMan says:

    I would imagine that to get in to a Biden or Bernie rally you would have to get in line not more than 30 minutes ahead of the rally starting time.

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  5. Tad says:

    Time to start carving Trump’s sculpture at Mount Rushmore.

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  6. Blue Wildflower says:

    My husband and I went to the one in El Paso. It is one of those evenings you will never forget and you will be so glad you made the effort to go. We watch them on tv but it is not the same as being there. It will be something to tell your grandchildren!

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    • truthseeker39525 says:

      I had the PRIVILEGE of seeing Candidate and then later, President Trump, (TWICE!) at the Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS. I was lucky, both times we had a ‘Standing Room Only’ crowd of -ONLY- 14,000 people.
      A Wonderful time was had by ALL!

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  7. MM says:

    Hope the weather doesn’t turn ugly.
    I’m 60 miles NE of Orlando and we’ve had storms off and on all day today…
    More rain for tomorrow….


  8. sarasotosfan says:

    We are in the rainy season now so those folks are going to be washed and dried a couple of times before they get in.

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  9. Mike says:

    But he’s losing in all the polls to every Moonbat (D)! It can’t be!

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    • Lester Smith says:

      It’s the same old one play book. Try to frame trump will have his azz hand to him so why show up to vote. It gets a little old try something new democrats like ah act normal you crazy moonbats.

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    • cjzak says:

      I always caution people to remember the recent midterm election. PT campaigned hard for the republicans, had many full house rallies and still the Dems managed to grab the House control.

      We cannot ever let down our push to get our voters out in large numbers. We need to press for more voter fraud preventative measures including changing laws about votes being “found” days after an election and counted. It is imperative we don’t think because he has large crowds that we don’t have to work hard on all fronts to make sure 2018 is not repeated for this very important Pres. election.

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  10. delighteddeplorable says:

    Quite a contrast with the handful of folks Plugs is drawing. The YellowStream media will try mightily to convince us that the size of rally crowds means nothing. We’ll see about that. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  11. Revenant says:

    But muh polls! People camping out to see a political event 48 hours beforehand that turns into a local festival just doesn’t matter! Quinnipiac said so!

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    • jahealy says:

      Yep, just like in 2016, when candidate Trump was drawing crowds in the tens of thousand, and Hillary couldn’t draw flies. Campaign rally attendance just doesn’t matter, we were told.

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  12. wightmanfarm says:

    Where are all of the live links ?

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  13. booger71 says:

    Howie…if you go, give us the Treeper Seal Clap

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  14. Mike A says:

    My wife, myself, and the whole family are going! Going to be amazing!!

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  15. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    The Thruway’s closed, man…..

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    • Skippy says:

      Please don’t be a Debbie Downer. I see Florida Today tonight is advertising heat, crowds and rain with some road closures. Do we expect MSM to advertise any positives? Once in a life time event. I only wish my step daughter had thought to invite us as she lives close but her being a Dem, c’est la vie.

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    • PInky1920 says:

      I’m just sayin, wasn’t that Arlo Guthrie who said that? Woodstock, right?

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    • Skippy says:

      I owe you an apology, i’m just saying. And a “thank you to Pinky1920” for pointing out the origin of this phrase. My husband actually attended Woodstock, but I did not and never have heard it. However, I should have researched your post here on CTH, as I’ve been here long enough to know the wisdom of posters as yourself.

      To clarify your phrase, I post this easiily found. Please pardon my ignorance. Ty.

      “Friday, August 14, 2009

      Yes, my friends, it was 40 years ago this very weekend (August 15-18, 1969) that Arlo Guthrie uttered those now-famous words from the stage of the Woodstock music festival to a throng of nearly half a million people camped in the middle of Max Yasgur’s farm out in the NY boonies. Enduring rain, wind, mud, hot sun, not enough food or porta-potties…”

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    • George Hicks says:

      LOL! I was there!!

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  16. Deplorable Saint says:

    My wife and I have seen PDJT 2 times in The Woodlands, TX; once before he announced he was running, and once after he announced. Both events/rallies exceeded expectations both in content and attendance. Go to one of Trump’s rallies if you have an opportunity. I have never voted for a Democrat for President…ever, and never will. As a retiree, patriot and rand consistent voteI am excited about what I am seeing so far for 2020. Go Trump. Beat the snot out of the Demwits.

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  17. Bigly says:

    Omg. Some tweet this out. Biden has fewer folks than those lined up to pee at a trump rally.

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  18. Abolt says:

    Gonna be fantastic! Went to the Rally in Orlando when he was just a candidate also. And attended the Inauguration too!!

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  19. todayistheday99 says:

    And to think they dare try to gaslight us with their fake polls! Forshame, forshame .. forshame!

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  20. wightmanfarm says:

    My bad. It’s tomorrow ! Retirement causes one day to flow into the other (i.e. every day is Saturday).

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  21. Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

    Funny stuff.
    And the major national media fools would have one believe he is trailing the corrupt Dems.

    Latinas for DJT! Trump 2020!

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  22. Oh dear, I’m craving a Trump Rally something fierce. Best event EVER!

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  23. lizzieintexas says:

    This is going to be epic. I hope it has a lot of coverage and I can catch some of it at work.

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  24. Mncpo(ret) says:

    This is going to be YUGE!

    There is a movement in this country that none of us have lived before. Taking back our country peacefully. We the people/By the people.

    The media think we’re all sheep. WE sometimes think that we’re all sheep. There are more “woke” regular folks like us than we can imagine.

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  25. sundance says:

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  26. Have Fun says:

    I went two years ago too his rally in Atlanta! I had a great time…always beautiful women at a Trump rally. Call it the new singles dating space…lol

    How I met your mother? Trump Rally…ROFL

    On a more serious note I hope he talks about a plan to retake the House and a plan for doing the immigrantion thing. I’m not interested in sending troops to Iran till we seal our border. That ain’t going to fly! Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining Senators!

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  27. mr.piddles says:

    MAGAPalooza. MAGAFest 2020. Tailgate, MAGA Style. Burning Man East.


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  28. BarclayMtnMan says:

    You cannot describe the atmosphere at a Trump Rally. Some of the Nicest people I have ever meet.
    If you get to go, you will be amongst some of the greatest Patriots this country has to offer. Standing ready.

    The looney leftist’s would never understand the love of country we have, and our desire to save it.

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  29. cplogics says:

    It’s going to be YUGE! Keep America Great 2020, Mr. President. Can’t wait to sit in a comfortable chair and watch the Dems’ heads explode.

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  30. got says:

    I reckon the 4th of July (Independence Day) is going to send shock waves….

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  31. Got243kids says:

    I reckon the 4th of July (Independence Day) is going to send shock waves….

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  32. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • Luke of the D says:

      This is awesome! These people are basically “tailgating” for a day to get in for a rally! What President EVER had people this devoted to seeing him re-elected? They are going to wait all night and all day to see him speak. That is DEVOTION. That is LOVE! MAGA!

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    • Zorro says:

      They are not polls, they are false narratives, a staple of the Demosocialists.

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  33. 335blues says:

    It is important for American citizens to take to the streets, Trump’s rallies, family gatherings, etc, to show support for MAGA and President Trump’s re-election
    because the communist democrat party is going to cheat everywhere they can.
    When the vote for Trump is overwhelming no amount of cheating will overcome us.

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    • George Hicks says:

      As I’ve stated several times previously and will continue to warn until election day 2020…
      I believe the Dems have already conceded that President Trump will be re-elected, any idiot can see the 10’s of thousands who attend his rally’s as opposed to any of the Dem hopefuls. They’ve thrown every thing in the book at him, tried every honest and dishonest trick to discredit him to no avail for the vast majority of voters.
      My warning is watch out for the Senate and House races, I think this is where the Dem leadership is focused – increase the House majority and take over the Senate, then they can effectively ‘control’ his second term. And state races are much easier to cheat than the national election.

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  34. J Gottfred says:

    Nothing more fun than a Trump rally. Daughter and I went to the San Diego one in 2016 and a great father daughter bonding experience. She ended up with the MAGA cap.

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  35. Jeff says:

    Yeah, but Joe Biden is up by 90 or something….

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  36. Chip Doctor says:

    I will be there with my brother, sister and brother in law. I cannot wait.

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    • Landslide says:

      What a great family you have!! Y’all are going to have great memories to recall at family gatherings for years to come! Have a fantastic time!!!

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  38. GSparrow says:

    “The projected crowd at the Florida rally is just a ruse. Biden is now ahead of Trump by 35% in Florida according to our most reliable Poll.” (CNN) (Note- a fake quote from the very Fake CNN.)

    Looking forward to the rally. President Trump has certainly earned a jubilant and supportive turn out.

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  39. sundance says:

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  40. I was 16 when Woodstock happened. I didn’t go.

    If VSGDJTPOTUS were to plan a rally for Woodstock I’m in!


    • Me too!!! We’re hoping he comes back to Poughkeepsie or someplace close. we couldn’t get in last time


    • geoffgo says:

      I was one of the supervisors managing the opening of a new Sears-Roebuck store in Middletown, NY, when one of the locals who was hired to pull tandem (shelving) said there was a big party happening up the road, “There were at least 40 thousand people there,” So after work, 4 of us drove up in the rain on Thursday evening to see the spectacle. After all, the population of Middletown was IIRC correctly only 38K. Low and behold, therre were at least a couple of hundred thousand people dancing in the rain. Had to park about 3 miles from the farm. John Sebastian was singing “She’s a Lady” when we arrived, We stayed a couple of hours, got soaked and went back to our motel. I don’t think we knew it was called “Woodstock” until we heard it on the news the next day. Some party!

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  41. maggiemoowho says:

    In 2016, when then candidate Trump held his campaign rally at the Univ. of Central Florida, it was like a ghost town here, everyone was at the rally. There were very few cars on the road and i’ve never seen that happen in the 15 years that i’ve lived here(except during a hurricane). I can’t attend the rally tomorrow😞, but i’m sure a lot of people in our neighborhood will be going. It’s going to be a great time for everyone.

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  42. covfefe999 says:

    I have so much love for the people who ensure those long lines and bad weather to attend the rallies! They make the rallies so much fun! I’m not sure I could do it. 🙂 I could kick myself now for not attending the one and only Illinois rally that was in Springfield. If you remember he tried to have a rally in Chicago but the libtards rioted.

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    • Bigbadmike says:

      Our President has a plethora of events to talk about since his last rally. His visit with the Emperor of Japan & the Queen of England. The dedication at Portsmouth and at Normandy. His agreement with Mexico. Cutting off aid to Central America. Iranian Provocation. And that’s just the last 3 Weeks. But Sleepy, Creepy Joe and Crazy Bernie our up huge in the polls dontcha know.


    • Oh, I went to that one… it was awesome! It was just a primary then but it was a blast! We literally walked right in, no security or anything. So different than how I imagine things are now.

      I’m hoping he’ll make another stop in IL this primary season. 🙏


  43. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • covfefe999 says:

      I love the different styles .. fancy cabanas and minimalist lawn chairs. I’d probably have a cot and some kind of rain-proof comforter. 🙂

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  44. Thomas Gann says:

    Seeing events like this,can anyone believe President Trump is trailing Bernie Sanders in the polls by 9%? If you do,I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you!!

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  45. molonlabe28 says:

    Meanwhile Fauxcahontas will be groveling before BLM promising reparations, free abortion on demand and other more free money in a rather intimate setting in East St. Louis.

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  46. sundance says:

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  47. Concernedcitizen says:

    One could make the case that there have been only three Presidents in American history who have been in a position to save the Country – the right person at the right time: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Donald Trump. Anyone who has expended the time, effort, and often discomfort to attend a Trump rally feels this in their gut.

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  48. WES says:

    Regarding the Dem’s fake polls.

    It is simple!

    The bigger the Dem lead is, the worst they are doing!


  49. But, But, But…according to the latest FOX News Poll….Pres. Trump was losing to EVERY single Democrat Presidential Candidate by Double-Digit Numbers.
    ~Sounds like [FOX News] had their Thumb on the Scale in favor of the Democrats.~


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