Sunday Talks: Peter Navarro -vs- Charles Payne…

Charles Payne, filling in for Maria Bartiromo, interviews White House Manufacturing and Trade Policy advisor Peter Navarro.  Unfortunately the interview begins with a discussion of tariff polling….  The vast majority of Americans have no understanding of the impact of tariffs and/or MAGAnomic policy; they only know the economic outcomes they can feel.

Mr. Navarro walks through how tariffs interact with global supply chains and the financial manipulation by multinational corporate interests.

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53 Responses to Sunday Talks: Peter Navarro -vs- Charles Payne…

  1. jnr2d2 says:

    Fox polling sucks.

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  2. SD, thanks for posting this interview. I had the same problem with Charles opening the whole show with 50+% against tariffs. First thing my wife said was the majority of those polled get their news from MSM including the CoC wing of FNN. I was disappointed that Charles did not bring up PDJT’s use of tariffs as leverage.

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    • Bigly says:

      Art – you saved me from watching any of the interview. Thanks – nice summary!

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      • YW. I am a big fan of Charles and Maria.

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        • Justanelectrician says:

          Two of the best anywhere. Charles used this interview to highlight the disadvantage the administration faces because the multinationals and billionaires “have a lot of platforms” to advance their classical theories. He also pointed out that these multinationals are embracing a dictatorship that has imprisoned a million people for their religious beliefs. I don’t see how Payne could have done better teeing up subjects for Navarro.

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    • The Boss says:

      IT’s also too bad that Navarro didn’t recite the drop in import prices just reported Friday. Is the guy sleeping at the wheel?

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      • A fav country group.

        But seriously boss even Navarro and Payne can’t cover everything in a few minutes. Most on FBN have been praising the nonexistence of inflation.


      • American Mongrel says:

        I like posts like this, because it highlights how left wing Trump has always been on trade, and exposes the Bush acolytes which many Treepers once embraced. I for one have always been a right wing prolife Democrat who now votes Trump. Remember, Navarro was once a Clinton acolyte until he was betrayed on Trade. Facts. Newsflash: Fox news is a right wing Big Business bastion of free trade bologna. Democrats once cared about working man issues but now care only for abortion and LGBTQRS alphabet soup votes. Trump found the wedge between and resonant in both parties -Trade – and exploited it.

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        • Logger says:

          Working men, like slave owners?
          Democrats have always cared about two things – (1) power and (2) destabilizing what is free so they can gain more power.
          Don’t be so proud of your party.


      • bodieisland says:

        Boss, I did see Navarro say it to somebody, and it was explained. I understood it when he said it but it escapes me now. Senior moments happen./s


  3. simicharmed says:

    THIS>>>>>Peter Navarro – “How the QUESTION is asked in a Poll”….

    That simple statement is 100% accurate and what all logical thinkers care about!

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  4. Mark1971 says:

    LOL. He said “Billary Clinton”

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  5. Dutchman says:

    He, Navarro is correct that it all depenfs on how the question is asked.

    “Do you support PDJT’s use of tariffs, which increase the cost of living for all Americans?” for example is very different than
    “Do you support PDJT’s use of tariffs, as leverage to correct decades long trade inbalances which have decimated our middle class by offshoring manufacturing?”

    Or “,……as leverage to persuade Mexico to stop allowing its country to be used to transit millions of illegals and billions of dollars in drugs across our Southern border?”

    Very different results, based on how the,question is asked. P.D.M.S.=Polls Don’t Mean S,….you know.

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  6. You can quibble with the structure of the poll questions. But there’s a significant education gap that needs to be closed. Fireside chats?

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    • Progressives have successfully convinced too many that Trump is the Devil and as such, listening to him or his surrogates is dangerous and embracing evil.

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    • Exfiltration of Wealth says:

      That…is a brilliant suggestion FSD.

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      Fireside chats were covered by the media back then. The MSM today would not carry it live. They would cut, edit, splice together what they want listeners to hear.
      This is why press briefings in the WH are a no go. Better to have PDJT answer question on his way to Marine 1.

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      • James Carpenter says:

        Agree, the impromtu pressers on way to Marine 1 are effective. But give credit for DJT’s exploitation and outing of MSM’s “cut and splice” selectivity, otherwise known as “fake news”.
        I’d like to see what DJT and the great unwashed amke of each other after the CNNs of the world run their ususal mangle, easily countered, further exposing bias and lies. Firesides could be and addition to Marine 1.


    • David A says:

      IMV it is not a quibble, and I wish conservatives when asked “have you stopped beating your wife”? questions, would simply rephrase the questions in the manner Dutchman expressed.

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Twitter has served as ‘Match Chats’ for President Trump (vs full ‘Fireside Chats’)… Though Tweets have helped the president get his message out, they are not enough to close the education gap you are citing, Domino. He needs something more complete that the media must cover… More well-constructed, short videos distributed via social media, topic-by-topic might be a start. The ‘Helo-Pressers’ are awesome, but they get no real coverage. CTH is among the very few that feature them.

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    • Hindsight2020 says:

      Hard to educate people hooked onto social media where it’s all about me me me. But if anyone has a chance, Trump is the most entertaining president ever. Do you old timers around here remember listening to every speech of any other prez?


  7. WVPatriot says:

    Employees will find themselves in “the soup kitchen line” if they do not “toe-the-line” of executive ideology.

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  8. WeThePeople2016 says:

    Navarro is great – I always enjoyed his segments on FBN. He is very loyal to POTUS. FOX polls are a joke – always has been. They push fake polls and then try to force POTUS and his Administration to defend the fake results. Navarro had a great answer.

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Are there any in the administration more loyal to President Trump than Navarro? Some as loyal but few, if any, more so… And he goes out of his way to emphasize his loyalty to ‘Donald J. Trump’ (as he says emphatically in every interview several times)… Love the guy.

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  9. 335blues says:

    FOX POLL QUESTION “Do you oppose the ridiculous harmful tariff burden that mean President Trump has placed on poor dindinuffin Mexico that is causing millions to die of starvation on both sides of the border while the Trump white house eats steak for dinner every night?”

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  10. DaveC says:

    Still trying to reconcile that poll (Biden +10) with Rasmussen’s Trump approval at 51%. Doesn’t anyone at Fox do an in-house “sanity check” on poll numbers like these?

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  11. emet says:

    Might have asked, “Do you support tariffs that protect American industry, or would you prefer that manufacturing jobs be sourced to foreign countries and you your descendants work as baristas or auto detailers?

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  12. jonhabart says:

    Fox polling isn’t much different than the rest of the mainstream media, seems like there is a central polling organization that serves the major networks and publications to support the narrative du-jour of the Uni-Party establishment.

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  13. Smashingzwan says:

    The comment section on any FOX article proves Sundances claim that “The vast majority of Americans have no understanding of the impact of tariffs and/or MAGAnomic policy”

    So much ignorance from so many people who don’t even take the time to critically evaluate their opinions.

    I spent an hour trying to correct and educate people and came away feeling like I wasted my time.

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Those commenters are Never Trumpers.

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    • GB Bari says:

      I spent an hour trying to correct and educate people and came away feeling like I wasted my time.

      You did. Fox News comments sections long ago degraded into a sewer for anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-conservative trolls. That development actually preceded the FNC network’s on-air slide downward from a mostly conservative-leaning host lineup into now being mostly anti-Trump & DC Swamp-leaning.

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  14. J W says:

    Hey FOX, when you figure out how to poll a silent majority, then let me know. Until then, shut it.

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  15. surakvulcan says:

    For those of you who don’t watch FBN regularly, my man Charles is a YUUUGE MAGA fan of VSGPDJT. I think he was pressured to discuss the poorly (or maliciously) designed poll.

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  16. alliwantissometruth says:

    Hello, this is so and so with Fox News. We’ve taken a poll, asking a large number of thoroughly brainwashed, easily manipulated nitwit democrat voters with an irrational hatred of Trump if they’d prefer Biden or Donald Trump, and here’s what we found…

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  17. desperatelyseekingmelania says:

    The Trump administration hasn’t done the best job of communicating their goals and strategy regarding the actions taken against China. However, with the MSM as hostile and dishonest as it is, it’s probably impossible that they could. Whatever they say and do will be spun (or ignored) to fit the MSM narrative. Which is where we are now. Were it not for what happened in Nov. 2016, I would have already admitted defeat at the hands of this seemingly unassailable behemoth, but that did happen, so there’s hope.


    • C says:

      I see all the comments above about this but I don’t know if the administration have to anymore. So long as he wins 2020 then he can lock all this in and force the next administration to have to follow footing. I think there’s much you can do to in the next 5 years that’ll cause permanent damage to the Uniparty/globalist system. Add to that what is happening in Europe and it seems to just be inevitable now.

      The problem is educating people on RINOs so we can slowly drain the swamp but that’s a whole different narrative that has to be educated upon.

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  18. waicool says:

    Contrary to the C O C fake narrative, the actual year to year costs for imports actually went down (-1.4%) as reported be the bureau of labor statistics (bls).

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  19. Marc says:

    Is the Bushite Daron Shaw still running FOX’s suppression polls? Looks like it.


    • bodieisland says:

      KellyAnne Conway is still the best pollster. BSNBC hates her b’cuz she was right and they were wrong, and it still applies.


  20. Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

    FNCs never-trump slip is showing!
    Isn’t corporate owned by Aussies-Murdoch?. And aren’t they one of our 5eyes partners caught spying with their pants down, on the Trump campaign?
    I believe the Brits are making ‘amends’after the state visit,ahem!
    Italy has taken a few to the woodshed.
    Has anyone heard a word about any Aussie clowns ,intel peeps getting a shearing? I haven’t.
    Just a bch of denials by Downer.


  21. Paul says:

    It is up to ordinary Americans to get MAGA messaging out to the public. All the evidence is right here on this website. You can sit down with people and reason with them based on facts. They can’t live on the river De Nile forever.


  22. 6x47 says:

    A poll of uniformed opinion is valuable only to gauge the effectiveness of a propaganda campaign.

    In the 1990’s, Rush Limbaugh did a bit on his short-lived TV show where he compared the results of such polls to the weather: A “liberal front” rolls through the country carried by the “news” media, and after being told about the crisis-du-jour suddenly everyone has an opinion on something they weren’t even aware of a short time ago.

    The average person has only a basic grasp of economic theory (if that). Couple that with zero factual knowledge of real world economic conditions outside his own life and you have the recipe for NPC outrage.

    The people are against tariffs because the TV told them to. Ask them what is a tariff, how it works, what it’s on, why it was imposed, when, and they won’t know.

    Great scene from the movie, “Idiocracy” – a man of normal intelligence tries to explain to submorons that you can’t grow crops with energy drinks, the salts and minerals kill the plants, you need to use water. They can’t grasp what he’s telling them: “But the energy drink has what plants crave.” Finally, he gives up and convinces them he can talk to plants and they told him they want water. THAT explanation they accept.


  23. pochas94 says:

    Those very clever Chinese do not realize that countervailing tariffs will cause business to move out of China which will hurt them far more than opening their markets to imports. Giving the Chinese more economic choices will be good for China, not bad.


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