President Trump on DOJ/FBI in 2016: “It was a set-up” … “I would say that President Obama had to know about it”…

President Donald Trump granted a three-day exclusive and extensive interview to ABC News ¹propagandist, and narrative engineer, George Stephanopoulos.

[¹You might remember Stephanopoulos was actually deployed by the DNC in 2012 to ask GOP primary candidates in an ABC debate about the constitutionality of requiring insurance companies to pay for birth control pills. A totally out of left-field goofy question that no-one understood until two-days later when the DNC trotted out Sandra Fluke]

Well, here’s Stephanopoulos again, somehow granted access (likely by a person inside the White House coordinating with Nancy Pelosi). The final broadcast will be heavily edited, manipulated and presented for distribution and maximum political damage; with the intent to assist Nancy Pelosi and the impeachment narrative at 8:00pm this evening.

In an effort to gain maximum publicity ABC has released some preview segments to stimulate interest by a national audience.


[Transcript at 10:38President Trump: “It’s very simple; very simple.  There was no crime. There was no collusion. The big thing is collusion. Now, there’s no collusion. That means they set — it was a setup. In my opinion, and I think it’s going to come out.”

Stephanopoulos: “Who set it up?”

President Trump:  “We’re going to find out very soon, because I really believe it’s going to come out.  When you look at Strzok, these FBI guys that were low-lifes. When you look at – because the FBI’s the greatest- but these top people were absolute low-lifes. When you look at Strzok and Page, and they’re talking about an insurance policy ‘just in case she loses’, that was the insurance policy.”

Stephanopoulos: “You know I’ve heard you talk about”…

President Trump: “George, I went through the insurance policy.”

Stephanopoulos: “I understand that, but if they were determined to prevent you from becoming president, why wouldn’t they leak it before hand?”

President Trump: “You’d have to ask them.”…

Stephanopoulos: “Have it come out before the election”..

President Trump: “Oh, they tried.  They tried – and you know what, had that gone out before the election, I don’t think I could have – I don’t think I would have hand enough time – to defend myself.”

Stephanopoulos: “You clearly believe there was a group of people working against you. Do you think President Obama was behind it?”

President Trump: “I would say that he certainly must have known about it because it went very high up in the chain. But you’re going to find that out. I’m not going to make that statement quite yet. But I would say that President Obama had to know about it.”



George Stephanopoulos always operates with an agenda.  Most have forgotten a Jan ’12 New Hampshire debate when Stephanopoulos asked Mitt Romney a very carefully worded and scripted question, seeming to come out of left field, about whether states have the right to ban contraception. Exactly two weeks later Sandra Fluke and the DNC 2012 campaign attack narrative “Romney’s War On Women” began.  WATCH:


The 2019 version of Stephanopoulos has all the same characteristics, purposes and intents as the 2012 version of Stephanopoulos.

In 2012 he set up: “war on women”.  In 2019 he is setting up: “Trump impeachment”.

How the White House did not know that George Stephanopoulos would be used to position the Pelosi impeachment narrative is beyond my ability to comprehend.

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416 Responses to President Trump on DOJ/FBI in 2016: “It was a set-up” … “I would say that President Obama had to know about it”…

  1. Julian says:

    “How the White House did not know that George Stephanopoulos would be used to position the Pelosi impeachment narrative is beyond my ability to comprehend.”

    Oh come on Sundance!

    Jeff Sessions
    Rod Rosenstein
    Rachel Brand
    Chris Wray
    Jesse Liu
    Rex Tillerson
    Gary Cohn
    HR McMaster
    Henry Kerner
    Reince Piriebus
    Dan Coats
    Gina Haspel
    John Kelly
    Kirstin Nielsen

    How about dem Apples?

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    • Child of Morning says:

      Julian, you are perfectly correct to point to reality.


    • Query says:

      Oh indeed, the Don’s great deficiency is staff selection.
      Let’s not be deluded.
      Choosing people that hate your guts and who have advertised that fact in advance is bizarro…


      • Zimbalistjunior says:

        Unfortunately, he does not have many good people to choose from. The vast majority of potential candidates are either part of the resistance or are cowed by the prospect of being blackballed by the resistance.

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        • Query says:

          Indeed, it’s an American tragedy.

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        • rmnewt says:

          Not true, I know many of them. The establishment machine and ever growing bureaucracy is the problem. It is not the lack of highly talented and capable people that see the world as Trump does, but rather the swamp rats that will do anything to grow their power and squash this great Nation.


        • inspectorudy says:

          Unfortunately, Trump has an ego the size of Manhattan!. Not one single politician would knowingly go on a program with a known leftist anti-Trumper like this tiny dancer but Trump did. He is now seeing his reward for trying to be open. He simply has a flat learning curve when it comes to understanding the msm.


      • Peoria Jones says:

        What’s bizarro, Query, is that in your short tenure at CTH your putdowns of President Trump have gone from back-handed compliments at best to outright insults – and you apparently don’t think it’s obvious.

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        • Query says:

          Or you could decide to grow up.
          If you want unrelenting praise you could go to church as an alternative to reading differing opinions here….just a thought.


          • Peoria Jones says:

            Oh, now an insult to me. I need to grow up AND go to church.

            You asking for a challenge, Query? It’s not that hard. The internet lasts forever. Might want to change your username and give me a speed bump. 🙂


            • Query says:

              Perhaps just grow up. Church is optional.

              “You asking for a challenge, Query? It’s not that hard. The internet lasts forever. Might want to change your username and give me a speed bump”. Alas, this makes no sense whatever to me. A rewrite to make it coherent would be helpful.


      • 6x47 says:

        Sebastian Gorka recalls that during the transition the MAGA cadre did hundreds of hours of work vetting candidates and coming up with lists of recommendations for appointments in the new administration: Ideologically reliable people who would fight for President Trump and his agenda. Then after the inauguration Reince Priebus took over and all of that work was lost, vanished into the ether and never mentioned again.

        It’s a fact, when Donald Trump won the presidency he did not have the contacts built up over decades in elected office and party politics. He relied on people who did to help him staff his administration … and more than a few, sadly, were more intent on sabotaging Trump than implementing the MAGA agenda.

        No two ways about it. Trump is a man of tremendous will and ability who was forced by necessity to farm out the most critical task of staffing his presidency to people he barely knew … who recommended people he didn’t know at all. For example, a US Attorney named Rob Rosenstein for Deputy AG.

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        • Query says:

          I agree. A fair summation, that.


        • p'odwats says:

          Trump is suffering the same fate as Ronald Reagan. Reagan was an outsider and many of the staff selections in his administration were establishment Republican neocons who were close to VP George Bush. Let’s face it the Bushies had far more control over the Reagan administration than we all want to admit.


        • dwhitehurst says:

          I never liked Priebus–I mean, a Paul Ryan/Mitt Romney level of dislike. Really was a headscratcher that Trump had him on his team.


    • 6x47 says:

      But … but … 64-D chess! Trust the plan! Stealth Jeff! Stealth Rosenstein! Undercover Huber! …


  2. Lars says:

    He knows. Stop getting all wobbly. The Democrats cannot win. Trump is the CIC of…the military! Who’s in control of our country right now? The military intelligence crew. We are at war with domestic enemies. Who do you think will win? A fully funded military or a bleeding enemedia that needs Trump for relevance? They want him impeached, yet need him for ratings. They are in an impossible situation. Trump is just messing with them.

    I had to laugh when Jonathan Karl described the four losers sitting at the table with him as “the powerhouse panel“ give me a break !

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  3. desperatelyseekingmelania says:

    What’s wrong with having the MSM fixated on foreign actors helping American politicians during election campaigns?


  4. Luz Maria Rodriguez says:

    IF there were a real DOJ and IRS, they would check the ties between George, the coup initiators, and the Clinton Global Initiative “Charity”. They were ticked because DJT took away their real agenda.

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    • glissmeister says:

      How about the emergence of Soros-Clinton global “charity” cohort of neo-governmental NGO building a neophyte 3rd Wave world government network around the world by subverting public health initiatives. Here are more suspicious findings and excellent reporting about their Ukraine operations.

      And what of this question:

      “One wonders, with the Ebola crisis in the Congo, how are their citizens acquiring documentation and safe travel to the U.S. – showing up by the hundreds in San Antonio, Texas?”

      Much much more at the link. Obama is just another sycophant enriching himself at the expense of others. At some point the accumulation of philanthropic funds, NGOs, foundations and syndicate political interests become a de facto government.

      If the syndicate interests are globally inter stitched among global networks of NGOs, foundations, capital trusts and well-funded programs and employment in pursuit of transnational political hegemony to subordinate the current nation states of the world, well then. What would that look like?

      Who would be doing what in America and around the world? How would the self-appointed American elite be behaving?

      Seems to be a lot of that going around.

      Pray for Trump.


      • glissmeister says:

        This also occurred to me. As subversive foreign agendas, foreign money, collision and conspiracy to subvert the American nation, it’s jurisprudence, borders and sovereignty, the nature of wrong doing evolves from sedition to treason.

        Consider this: What if what Trump has learned from his vista is far more disturbing and more foreboding than that which we are presently outraged about?

        I’m thinking it might be much worse, more dangerous and far better organized than we currently appreciate.

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        • glissmeister says:

          We should not think the antics of craven, venal assweasels and incompetent elites are the only threat to our nation, our Constitution and way of liberty.

          We should not confuse the serial incompetence of the Obama Administration with the potential posed by bad actors who have spent decades organizing and are increasingly poised and funded to exploit the entropy and sprawl of our federal largesse and the endlessly preening assweasles that infest the bureaucracy.

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          • glissmeister says:

            Just look at the southern border. The scope. The scale. The exploitation. The funding, institutional and international coordination required.

            It’s as if a transnational syndicate has declared war and is now conducting an invasion of the United States with the ultimate purpose being to subvert and overthrow it’s unique constitutional form of government so I may be more easily conformed into a postmodern technocracy model of government by elite one party rule.

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            • glissmeister says:

              How do you think the major transformations of history which overthrew the established order began? How did they unfold?

              They come from situations like we now face as if they had come out of nowhere.

              And they nearly always arose with foreign funding, organization, leadership and competing institutional treachery, usually with totalitarian intentions.

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            • George 1 says:

              The immigration / Border problem is the most ominous we face. I would love and pray for justice for the perpetrators of the coup. However, that pales to insignificance compared to the ongoing flooding of the U.S. by foreign people who are mostly hostile to Americans. It is not only the people crossing the border illegally but the far worse problem of legal immigration.

              The immigrants who come in now will, for the vast majority of cases, never be Americans in any real sense. Could we become Chinese? The numbers are staggering as we now import a city the size of Minneapolis/ St. Paul every year between legal and illegal immigration. The people we import have average IQs no where near what is required to maintain our civilization. The ones we import who do have higher intelligence are, for the most part, not here to become Americans either. As an example, Indian immigrants who work for Microsoft will openly discuss shutting out American workers and taking over the company.

              Does anyone think the Google CEO is an American in any way except for his paperwork status? He, like most other legal immigrants/paperwork Americans, will vote and work toward totalitarian policies in nearly every case. It is suicide to continue to allow what is taking place. Immigrants will vote reliably 90 percent democrat. In many cases not even being required to become paperwork citizens to do so.

              The only way America survives is to immediately stop the vast majority of legal immigration, change the laws so illegal aliens no longer get years long court processes and are subject to harsh criminal penalties. AND, of course, a wall. But instead of this we are moving the other way on legal immigration. The President just allowed higher quotas for H-Visa people. This is stupid and suicidal. Ivanka must have cried to her Daddy.

              Some have opined that Trump will be the last Republican president. If things do not drastically change you can take that to the bank.

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  5. trapper says:

    The white house did know. They knew full well. The White House is doing everything it can to bait Pelosi and the democrats into a full impeachment proceeding..

    Reminds me of Men in Black. “Hey Bug! I’m talking to you…. You slimy, gut sucking, intestinal parasite. Impeach me! IMPEACH ME!!!” Then … shlick click — wheeeeeeee –BLOOOEY!!!

    Or something like that.

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  6. Lumina says:

    Watching the interview and on the patio…Did they (ABC) redden POTUS’s face? It looks almost like a strawberry…

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    • sunnyflower5 says:

      Look at the top photo/video of this article.
      Obviously, they messed with his skin tone. Same old tiresome tricks.
      What kind of people alter skin color?

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    • Fingolfin says:


      It’s a simple adjustment in photoshop and/or any video editor. Note the difference between PDJT and the totally smooth color tone of George’s face. ABC could’ve made POTUS’ just as smooth if they wanted to.

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    • Lumina says:

      Also in an earlier part he was really orange & big white circles around his eyes…like the cartoons they draw of him…


    • Mad Mike says:

      It was the first thing I noticed when I saw the pic… they put the orange in “orange man bad”.


  7. grahampink says:

    Donald Trump is far more media savvy than people are giving him credit for.
    As a matter of fact I think Rush Limbaugh doth protest a bit too much. But I guess it’s all part of the big picture.

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  8. Bogeyfree says:

    I think most are missing it. Focus on his chess moves as if it was a math problem!

    A) PT uses the phrase Witch Hunt for months to describe this Russia Collusion fraud

    B) Then in May PT uses the phrase Treason as the possible crime for this Witch Hunt.

    C) Now he uses the word Setup in place of Witch Hunt and introduces the idea that O may have known.

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  9. ms doodlebug says:

    What is beyond my comprehension is why President Trump allowed himself to be interviewed by Stephanopoulos.


  10. dallasdan says:

    President Trump:
    “… But you’re going to find that out. I’m not going to make that statement quite yet. But I would say that President Obama had to know about it.”

    It’s coming, and the timing of the disclosure of Obama’s culpability, IMO by AG Barr, must be proximate. The world knows very well that the President doesn’t make things up, ever.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Surely now that the Mueller investigation is over, Barr is and can talk to PT about these other investigations.

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      • “We will make no wine before its time.” I’m quite sure that Barr and PT are talking to one another very regularly, about highly-classified things. When these indictments finally begin to drop, they’re going to be opposed by the very best lawyers that money can buy, as well as a hail-storm of “friendly fire” from the Press. Yes, the implications are going to flash all the way to the top of the previous Administration. It IS going to be the biggest scandal in US history. And that means that preparations must be as best they can be, and secrecy until this time must be total.

        It is certainly no accident that PT engineered this interview, with this particular interviewer, and that in it he dropped “the Big ‘O’ Word.” He certainly knows full well what the Press will do with all of this “ammunition” that he seemingly gave them.

        *”Knight to Queen’s Bishop Five. Check.”*


  11. Pete says:

    Everybody knows Stephanopoulus is a giant turd in punchbowl. Nan P.’s little prat boy. His ratings are dropping faster than a penny off the Empire State building. New job in Miami for you as a cabana boy………..

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    • Mr. Morris says:

      Pete, the “turd in the punch bowl” as you described George Stephanopolis is a contributor to the Clinton Foundation. Obviously George is not an unbiast journalist.


  12. ZurichMike says:

    I am tired of the waiting game. Trump is The Coyote and the swamp/media are the Roadrunner. Yup. We’re gonna get them.

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  13. Too Funny X 3 = HILARIOUS !!!
    ~Yesterday was ‘Father’s Day’ and I did 2 things Dads do on our Day.~
    1) ‘Honey-Do’s with the gifts our Wives told the Kids to buy us so we would be outside working so the Wife could take a Nap with no Interruptions.
    2) Watch the very last of the U.S. Open Golf Tournament (which lasted well past this ABC Telecast) drinking GALLONS of water to Rehydrate.
    NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY watched this DEMOCRAT-PROPAGANDA.
    *Ain’t that right George SNUFFLEUPAGUS aka. Stephanopoulos aka.—>[Advisor to the Democratic Party. He rose to early prominence as a communications director for the 1992 presidential campaign of ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton and subsequently became White House communications director. He was later senior advisor for policy and strategy, before departing in December 1996.]*

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    • Debra says:

      Our cable guide had the time allotted on ABC as NBA Finals Game 7 and post-game NBA discussion. Hubby was a little perturbed. I had to remind him that the Raptors won in six . . .


  14. Another Scott says:

    It’s probably a shrewd ratings move – the ABC progressive audience will watch as always but people who support President Trump will too just to see how badly Stephanopoulos behaves…


    • Will Hunt says:

      I won’t watch. I have no interest in this foolish spectacle. I like to believe that our President has some undisclosed motive for appearing with this malefactor but I have no idea what it is.


  15. Query says:

    Giving George credibility is beyond errr….sensible.
    Obama and Hillary are un-chargeable in America…they are above the law

    The USA two tiered justice system means not even Trump’s DoJ will charge Hillary with felonies SHE HAS ALREADY CONFESSED TO.
    And they expect us to respect the DoJ?
    Ideologically Left Sycophants they remain. The Republic is truly at risk when the Institutions become govt.


  16. Guyski says:

    Don’t you need someone from the main (lame) stream media to further this? Fox News and conservative/pro-President Trump isn’t enough?


  17. John Ringo says:

    Ever considered Trump might be smarter than you are?

    Impeachment would make the Dem hardcore base and the Big Contributors happy.

    It would piss off everyone else and ENSURE his reelection.

    You and everyone else are playing checkers.

    Trump is playing four dimensional Go.

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    • p'odwats says:

      There’s a reason why Nancy Pelosi is resisting the kooks in her party in their push for impeachment. She knows impeachment proceedings will be a farce and the RATS will be forced to state specifically, and prove with actual facts, the reason for impeachment. They can’t do it and they know it. The Democrats want to drag the spectre of impeachment into next year with the hope of driving down the president’s poll numbers, dispiriting his base voters, driving away the Democrats and independents who voted for him in 2016, and hope that they can recapture the White House. That’s the endgame, and it will backfire against them!


  18. Dan B says:

    I think we need to give POTUS the benefit of the doubt here. He’s always set them off by direct confrontation, and GS is so full of himself I tend to believe P-DJT just used him against the pinko’s (Dems)

    Standing by.

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  19. farrier105 says:

    Why the hell did dumbass Romney have a problem with Stephanopoulus’ question. Griswold vs. Connecticut was the Supreme Court decision that declared state laws banning contraception were unconstitutional. A state can pass such a ban, but it would not survive a test in the Supreme Court.


  20. John-Y128 says:

    Were going to need a new moniker for ‘Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity that isn’t the FBI.


  21. sarasotosfan says:

    ABC’s GMA delivered their feature package on the interview, once again using that tried and true “bombshell” in the introductory and featuring outtakes!

    Stay classy ABC!

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  22. President Trump is refreshingly honest, as usual (speaking truth to idiots like Stephanopoulos who pretend to be power). All the rest is irrelevant, to me.

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  23. Brant says:

    I trust Trump personally, not the “White House” has a full copy of the entire interview. I would demand if before Stephy left the grounds. To be used to rebut any edits. And I would be clear they would be used if needed.


  24. gary says:

    funny trump blurts out obama’s role a day before obama heads to italy to get stories straight.


  25. Gateway blog has Up story the Obama is meeting with former PM of Italy

    If true the commies are worried


  26. LULU says:

    Lavish family vacation in Provence as cover, along with need to discuss “climate change” with former Italian PM Renzi? Read this. Even I, usually a GP skeptic, paid attention to this:

    Obama and Former Italian PM Renzi Are Holding Secret Meeting Today – Experts Including Papadopoulos Suspect Meeting Linked to Spygate Scandal


    • LULU says:

      Start with “secret”. Why wouldn’t these exes just get together? Why the need for secrecy if all they are talking about is “climate change”?

      Meanwhile the Daily Mail tries to throw tinfoil in our radar by publishing masses of photos of their fancy, very expensive rental, and the daughters looking bored senseless in a public market. Obie’s pet photographer undoubtedly has a bedroom in their villa so that he can record and publicize everything but Obie’s Italy trip to see Renzi.


  27. Mike says:

    I agree that Stephanopoulos has an agenda and no question is asked without a purpose. However, the intent of the question may have to do with the 2020 election and the vulnerabilities of Joe Biden as a candidate. The business dealings of Biden and his son with the governments of Ukraine and China will come under greater scrutiny should Biden get the nomination. Is Stephanopoulos trying to construct the narrative that any information derived from Ukraine and China about Biden amounts to interference in our elections?

    Giuliani has stated that he will travel to Ukraine to get more details on exactly what transpired there, especially since their is an ongoing prosecution related to Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election and Biden’s ham-handed extortion of using a $1 billion loan credit to get the person involved in the prosecution of persons connected to the deal fired.

    And then there is Bernie and his infamous honeymoon in the Soviet Union. What kinds of embarrassing statements are out there about comrade Bernie? Or are there other candidates with skeletons overseas? Curious minds want to know.


  28. There are many people who don’t know anything about the coup, or the fact that hrc and others may be going to jail soon. VSGPDJT knows they won’t find out, nor will they hear about it unless he puts it out there in venues such as this clinton hack show on the former news network. He knows some people still think cnn is a news channel, as well as the other alphabet former “news” outlets and they don’t get any real news, just the regular demo lib talking points.

    I think this is his way to get people at least thinking, and talking about this situation.

    I played golf last week with a guy who was shocked to hear (from his boss at work) some people may be going to jail for treason. First he had heard of it.

    This is what PDJT understands.


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Now, I actually wish I had watched it.

      To see if, despite the “strong players” (in MSM
      and swamp minds) Trump had the home court
      advantage. Just sitting behind the desk, looking
      presidential is a big part of it.

      Can anyone remember seeing Obama address
      us from behind that desk? The only picture I
      have in my mind of him is with his feet up on it.

      Visuals vs verbage. Trump’s unedited demeanor.
      Trump’s body language. Ease vs tenseness.
      Defending his points when it was appropriate.

      Wish I had watched it to see how Trump came
      across in general. Despite the editing, good chance
      the sheer competency came through. The maturity.
      The knowledge of what is going on in general.

      Wish I had watched to see it in regards to how it
      came across to my View, Ellen, and Rachel Madcow
      watching parents viewed it. Did it show to the average
      Joe that the guy has a hard job? That he’s working his
      best at it? That for those two reasons alone, (coupled
      with his vocal tone) they are seeing a side of the man
      that they have been lied about?

      Instead of seeing the complete, press created monster
      ( which they will assuredly see in the edited out takes),
      they are seeing someone that they wouldn’t mind sitting
      down with. Will be listening in to see if this happens.

      Years ago, I met Maynard Jackson. Actually, met him
      numerous times. Won’t say how. Anyway, the man came
      across as utterly likeable. A huge, agreeable, personable
      Teddy Bear. Almost impossible to dislike (unless one
      happened to know the backstory). The weird thing with
      Jackson is this: I think that the guy was utterly corrupt.
      But, I also think that he actually cared about the city and
      it’s people. Just as long as he got his take first.


    • Query says:

      Oh dear.
      Hillary will never go to jail.
      No-one will even be indicted for Treason.
      The DoJ will do all it can to protect the DoJ / FBI Institutions, even under Barr. That’s just the way Institutions function.
      Don’t believe me? Come back here in 2 years, then you will.


  29. mike diamond says:

    Hillary knew about it Obama knew,even little George, Stefo,knew! It was a set up,a evil plot,it is a disgrace! The demo-rats,always play dirty,it’s a shame and a crime!


  30. Bob Parker says:

    CCL (Clinton Crotch Licker) George Snuffleupagus,

    A mosquito on the skin of life.


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