June 15th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #877

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Sarah H Sanders Twitter @SHSanders45

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  1. Grandma Covfefe says:

    ****** 🎈 ** President Trump’s Rally Day in 3 – 2 – 1 Days** 🎈 ******
    —-🔨——-👔——- Tomorrow is Father’s Day ——-👔——-🔨—-
    🦅 MAGA—KAG
    Thank You, Lord, for President Trump, his MAGA Team, and all his supporters.
    Lord, keep them all safe in all they do and go daily. In Jesus’ Name we pray…..

    🌟 ”In You, O Lord, I put my trust; Let me never be ashamed;
    Deliver me in Your righteousness. “🌟 —Psalm 31:1
    ***Praise: President Trump’s approval rating—51%
    ***Praise: President Trump announces expanded health coverage options for Small businesses and workers through HRA
    🙏 Pray:
    — for extra protection for President Trump and Magnificent MAGA Team
    — for beautiful, fearless Warrior, Sarah Sanders’ new chapter on her amazing journey—
    We ❤️ U
    — AG Barr, Durham/Team to get a break-thru on gov’t crimes and corruptions
    — for gov’t White Hats, whistleblowers to be fearless and go public
    — for boomerang treatment on Mr. Perfect Romney again for bashing Pres. Trump
    — for befuddling of all Dems Presidential Candidates
    — Deep State’s strategies all collapse and evaporate…poof…pouf….
    — for all our military’s safety overseas esp. in Middle East and South China Sea
    — Maduro, China and Iran to lose their power of aggression
    — for USA Election Integrity, Citizen Certifications and catch voting fraudsters
    — for our American WALL – for Guardian Angels at our southern Border
    — expose names of all 26 donors who helped invaders reach USA border
    — Mexico wise up or else…..tariffs time
    — number of invaders be diminished
    — for our Military, Border Patrol, ICE, LEOs, Border Patrol Horses, border patrol dogs–for plenty of rest and guardian angels all around them
    — for all American children, including 5 yr old Landen–for protection from evil
    — for all Treepers/their families in poor health–for healing, comfort, solutions
    — 🇺🇸 Red-White-Blue 🇺🇸
    🦅 “Americans want great schools for their children, safe neighborhoods for their families, and good jobs for themselves.” —–(2017 Inaugural Address)
    🇺🇸 — Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America — 🇺🇸
    🇺🇸 -Honoring Flag Week to July 4th:
    Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the American flag on June 14, 1777. The first official version of the flag (1777) displayed 13 stripes and 13 stars, for the 13 original colonies.
    🦅“But those who wait on the Lord……Shall renew their strength;
    🦅They shall mount up with wings like eagles,…..
    🦅They shall run and not be weary,…..They shall walk and not faint.”……Is 40:31
    —-Treepers’ Prayer Warriors Post for Saturday June 15, 2019—–

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    • llamamama3 says:

      Praying 🙏


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    • Kristin DeBacco says:


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    • Praying for everything in Grandma’s prayer and then some!

      God, please give all of us the needed wisdom and strength for the day. Amen!

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      • Nobodysfool says:

        Praying that the aggression Iran is showing can be quickly and peacefully quelled.

        Praying that Trump Administration takes immediate action and hauls John Kerry in for questioning regarding his secretive talks with Iranian officials. Iran was rather low key until Kerry stirred the pot and told Iran to hold tight, once Donald Trump is no longer President, the so-called Iranian Deal will be back on the table.

        Who is John Kerry talking to in Iran? Is Iranian Valerie Jarrett also involved? Who has emboldened Iranian officials to start flexing muscle toward America? Is John Kerry trying to force a conflict or attack on Iran so it works in favor of Democrats and/or Obama?

        Kerry was in Normandy for the President’s speech on D-Day. Was he there in honor of our fallen or there to follow behind our President for whatever reason? John Kerry needs to be questioned as to why he has been meeting with Iranians and exactly why he’s advising them to be defiant of our current Administration. John Kerry certainly appears to be colluding with a foreign enemy of the United States. Maybe he sees his actions as another form of protest such as throwing his military medal over the wall at the WH. Maybe he’s being paid by some unseen source to run around and try to get us embroiled in conflict.

        The Iranian Deal Obama made was monetarily beneficial to Iran but there had to be something big in it for Obama, too. What was that benefit? Why does Kerry tell Iran to sit tight, their cash cow deal will return at some point? ValJar was sent to Iran for secret talks during the Obama Regime, now Kerry is running over there trying to play Secretary of State again. Is he doing it at the behest of the Obama Shadow White House? Follow the money. Are U.S. taxpayers on the hook for Secret Service detail or other security escorting Kerry around the globe as he undermines our sitting President?

        What’s up? Is it simply coincidence that Kerry has secretive meetings with one of our worst enemies and soon after, Iran raises it’s military head?

        Pray for peace.

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    • BetsyRossRocked says:

      Praying !
      Praying for our Angelle !
      Praying for our PatrickHenryCensored !
      Praying for all our Treepers who are ill or caring for a loved one !

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    • Serina says:

      Amen.Praying for our President and his family, Sundance, Treepers and our beautiful America.

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    • auscitizenmom says:


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  2. Stillwater says:

    Overview of today’s WeBuildTheWall/Fisher Industries posts

    – Tweet about border wall not being breached even with periodic opening of gate.
    – Tweet about Border Patrol promising to protect it.

    – Tweet with screenshot: Screenshot of corporate bylaws and briefly mentions Project 2 “is almost there”.
    – Tweet mentioning 2 other border wall fundraising groups that were bashing WBTW.
    – Misc. supporter tweets.
    – Tweet in response to a question about why other border wall fundraising groups wouldn’t funnel money to WBTW’s efforts.
    – Tweet in response to a question about why they all don’t work together.
    – Tweet about WBTH about to pass the #metoo movement for largest gofundme ever.

    – Older audio interview from back in May: Tommy Fisher explains Army Corps of Engineers unusual procurement process.

    Previous (June 14th Pres. thread) wall posts: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/06/14/june-14th-2019-presidential-politics-trump-administration-day-876/comment-page-1/#comment-7106508

    Note to CTH readers:
    Feel free to copy/spread my WBTW/Fisher Industries article and video compilations including formatting (in whole or in part) to other sites that you post on. My periodic posts are not always comprehensive(or up to the minute), but I try to highlight the links that I feel are important or of interest to me. As always, be sure to follow the posting guidelines on the sites you spread the info to.

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    • Stillwater says:

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    • Stillwater says:

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    • Stillwater says:

      Tweet includes screenshot of corporate bylaws showing Brian Kolfage takes no salary.

      Project 2 is coming on hot! Almost there.

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    • Stillwater says:

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    • Stillwater says:

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      • iswhatitis says:

        I would hope that Brian Kolfage would not let Reuters’ claims stand alone as a basis to “attack” his “competitors”.

        He should at least “trust but verify” their claims before sending in the attack hounds (though for me – there would not be a “trust” component to a Reuters claim).

        IOW, don’t blindly trust any Reuters claim and thus allow them to manipulate you with them.


        • Stillwater says:

          It’s possible. I wouldn’t put it past Reuters to pull a fast one. I’m not sure if Brian is referencing a tweet or an article. Reuters sends out a huge amount of tweets so I haven’t been able to find any tweets referencing what Brian mentioned yet.


          • Stillwater says:

            Under Brian’s tweet, Dustin Stockton responded to a comment tweeted:

            “They’ve been talking **** since we launched and we just spoke to a reporter who asked us to respond to more attacks. How much have they donated to DHS or any other cause that has accomplished anything tangible for border security?”


            • iswhatitis says:

              While I appreciate (for real) that you are bringing to us the hard work of We Build the Wall (so we don’t have to ferret it out ourselves), it looks pretty one-sided to see them “attacking” in this way, and only see their claims it is a response to “their” attacks.

              It’s kind of off-putting to me to see such attacks, without also seeing the basis for them.

              Brian Kolfage directly states in his tweet he is responding based on Reuters’ “information” (which is not trustworthy without verification).

              It ends up making Brian Kolfage look manipulable, from my perspective.

              I am glad he’s a “fighter” and willing to stand up for what he’s doing.

              But these “attacks” look one-sided and based upon unverified and untrustworthy sources.

              Dustin Stockton says, ““They’ve been talking **** since we launched…” but the only ****-talk apparent from here is from We Build the Wall.

              It would help a great deal of We Build the Wall would at least highlight or quote those “attacks” in their responses – so that when supporters such as yourself re-post their tweets elsewhere (such as here), then “we” would get to also see the basis for them.

              Lack of such leaves We Build the Wall looking like the bully, IMHO.

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              • Stillwater says:

                “It would help a great deal of We Build the Wall would at least highlight or quote those “attacks” in their responses – so that when supporters such as yourself re-post their tweets elsewhere (such as here), then “we” would get to also see the basis for them.”

                I agree.


    • Stillwater says:

      Tweet in response to a question.
      Q: @FundThatWall has around $222,000.00 in their fund. After seeing your progress @BrianKolfage, why in the world would they not funnel that money to your efforts?

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    • Stillwater says:

      Tweet in response to a question.
      Q: How about you all work together?

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    • Stillwater says:

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    • Stillwater says:

      Older interview from back in May before WBTH showcased Project 1.

      Fisher Says Private Border Wall Project Underway – 5/22/19

      Complete interview – 5/22/19

      Pre-interview discussion – (11:25)
      Interview: (15:37-25:42)
      Post-interview discussion – (30:55-35:45)

      16:12 – (court hearing, 1.7 miles of fencing for 1.5 billion dollars)

      18:22You know they’ve handed out billions of dollars worth of work based on questions, not price and schedule. That’s how they hold us from doing any of the work.

      18:48 – So hopefully once this is successful, we’ll move on to a piece in California. I won’t say exactly where at. And then our next plan is to move on to the Rio Grande Valley or in Texas and deal with private land owners the way you should, with a hand shake, that you build what you say you’re going to do and you do it when you say you’re going to do it.

      19:09Q: Now the president I know has give you a shout out a few times at some of his rallies. That has to feel fantastic but have you met with him personally at all? Can you say if you have?
      19:28 – Fisher: No…I’ve shook his hand at the State of the Union. I think he’s been given a lot of advice that because of these so-called procurements he can’t. But I think all that baloney is going to end here pretty quick. And when he sees the results that what we built is probably 5 times what the current government is building right now, I don’t think President Trump is going to stand for building second fiddle. Or something that just doesn’t measure up.

      20:42 – No he’s in charge. The Army Corps of Engineers is running the boat for CBP and DHS. They’re spending their money and they’re not getting anything done. All the money is being spent on administrative and running paper and no steel or boots on the ground. And when they are it’s just held up. And we’ll prove it.

      21:00 – So if we do our other project I’ll probably build with the team 2.5 miles faster than they can get to 2.5 miles with billions of dollars behind them.

      21:15Q: Typically, these bids are… the federal government through the Army Corps contracts with vendors that they have used before, but what you’re talking about is doing something like a public/private partnership where you’re going to the land owners and privately securing, either buying the land or getting access or an easement, or whatever, and doing it without the federal government being involved?

      21:43 – Fisher: There’s some groups out there that raised money privately, whether they’re 504cs or vice versa. They’ve done their due diligence, they contacted us to do that and then we’ll take it from there. We do, not only the land acquisition, the engineering, the build out, no different than the warranty. And so that’s the big difference.

      22:07 – But with the Corps, what they’re doing right now is they basically have questions, just handing out jobs and then they negotiate for 4 months afterwords, trying to come to some kind of price. Instead of having, here’s the job, how long is it going to take?… how much is it going to cost?… let the most innovative contractor win. But they won’t do that. They’ve used the terminology of an emergency that they can make up a different procurement that I’ve never seen before and basically just… if you answer the question the way they want it answered, you win the job. And then you’d have to negotiate what your price is.

      But I think all this is going to come to light here in a week when they see what real border security looks like.

      23:06 – … and the steel is being built. And the other thing is with private sector, here’s the difference how it works. We’re steel builders too so we’ve got a large steel manufacturer that’s actually building the carbon, all-weathering steel with copper alloy. They jumped through their own bureaucracy and delivered us bollards within 2.5 weeks. Normal process would be over 3 months.

      24:04 – 350 foot rise over 2400 feet. Everyone said it was impossible to build. There were some jokes that we will walk off the side of a hill. And there’s no joke. We take national security very seriously and we’re going to deliver. And that project will be constructed, from the first time I was called in less that 30 days, and from the actual time of construction, 8 total days with 2 days doing the fence and the road.

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  3. citizen817 says:

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  5. citizen817 says:

    Donald Trump Retweet

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    • cjzak says:

      The comments under this tweet are just ridiculous. All they do is bad mouth this news re healthcare and bash PT. Why does he bother tweeting anything if the responses are so overwhelmingly negative. He needs to move to a friendlier place to get his message out.


  9. citizen817 says:

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  10. citizen817 says:

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  11. citizen817 says:

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  12. citizen817 says:

    Donald Trump Retweet

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  15. citizen817 says:

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    • starfcker says:

      Okay, Mr Homan. I like everything you’ve said for the last couple of years. Time for talk is over. Now what are you going to do?

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      • Bert Darrell says:

        Apparently you haven’t heard PDJT saying on Fox News that Mr. Homan will be working for him. Now, what are YOU going to do?

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        • bentley1blog says:

          Bert…why are you asking starfkr what he is going to do? Am sure he is a concerned citizen who is witnessing his country sinking deeper into the third world cesspool. What is HE going to do? Support his President and vote I am sure.


          • Bert Darrell says:

            B1: I would buy your explanation if starfckr wasn’t so negative every time he posts. Im not so sure he’s a PDJT Supporter.


            • bentley1blog says:

              Bert…Let’s cut him some slack during these trying times. Will start to pay more attention to his posts and hope he will mellow out a little bit. We are all on edge and the light at the end of the tunnel seems to get further away. Sure hope not. MAGA


      • bentley1blog says:

        starfeker…yes, time for talk is over. There will be no way in hell to gather up and return these illegal aliens to their own countries. Why is our Potus allowing one more year to get the ball rolling to shut them out of our country. One more year?? Look at what has been happening nightly and weekly. Millions more will infest our country with their filth, disease and low IQ’s. Just about have had it and am losing faith.


    • bessie2003 says:

      On this morning’s (Saturday) Neil Cavuto interview with Mr. Homan, Mr. Homan said he did not – yet – accept the offer; he is holding out for some new authorities which aren’t yet in existence, before taking such a position.

      In one sense it seemed he was weighing giving up the money he makes for being a television personality vs. putting his work where his mouth is. Sorry, he’s talking a good game but his interview this morning with Cavuto was a bit of a surprise when the hesitation in doing what he’s been talking about was going to be put to the test.


  16. citizen817 says:

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  17. Carson Napier says:

    “No method of procedure has ever been devised by which liberty could be divorced from local self-government. No plan of centralization has ever been adopted which did not result in bureaucracy, tyranny, inflexibility, reaction, and decline. Of all forms of government, those administered by bureaus are about the least satisfactory to an enlightened and progressive people. Being irresponsible they become autocratic, and being autocratic they resist all development. Unless
    bureaucracy is constantly resisted it breaks down representative government and overwhelms democracy. It is the one element in our institutions (especially the FBI) that sets up the pretense of having authority over everybody and being responsible to nobody.”
    – Calvin Coolidge

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  18. hard masada says:

    Lara Loomer asking questions no one else will

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    • Debra says:

      There is not a clear-cut definition of ‘marriage’ in this country!

      Yes, ‘we’ all know a marriage is as between a man and a woman, but the Supreme Court has made a jumbled mess of this definition AND the Congress has not acted to clear any of that up.

      Hence, in legal construct, ‘Marriage’ is whatever a special interest group’s ideology says it is! The Supreme Court stated that ‘we’ could not discriminate ‘against’ gay people wrt ‘marriage’ and in the realm of precedents that applies to ANY special interest group.

      Cultures that conduct betrothments between an adult and a child, religions that promote polygamy, cults of necrophiliacs and bestiality, and ethnicities that promote incestual relationships CANNOT be discriminated against in the state of ‘marriage’ law, today.

      Honestly. Why does anyone think that devote Muslim congresspeople ‘embrace’ LGBT causes? Because that latter group has been USED to get us to this point on this issue at this time.

      Yes, there is a solution (I would call it the Logical Defense Of Marriage Law). But, just like the border control issue, the onus is on Congress to ACT for the good of our country, rather than for the scattered votes of special interest groups..


  19. joeknuckles says:

    I have a question for all of those trolls and worrywarts who are still laying on their backs wetting themselves over Trump’s statements to Little Georgie this week.

    Do more people now know about Hillary paying for the garbage Steele dossier than did before Little Georgie snuck in under the door to the Oval Office?

    Answer, yes a lot more. Even deranged idiots that only watch CNN and MSNBC. That’s because they went to great lengths to explain and justify exactly what Hillary and the Obama administration did. What a bunch of guppies they are.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Yup. And he didn’t sneak in (I know/s) he was invited in. And couldn’t have happened to a more deserving ,….
      Person. Royally trolled, and didn’t see it coming.

      And like the trolls and eeyores, if the journalists don’t get it by now, they never will. They fall for it,….every,…..single,…..time!

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  20. sc conserv. says:

    Homan is a fine choice. Now if the Pres. will get rid of the liberal Dem. running DHS, maybe we can begin to see some changes. Also the Pres. needs begin excluding people from entry into the Nation. See Trump vs. Hawaii which details the wide ranging power he has to do so.

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  21. Perot Conservative says:

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  22. Perot Conservative says:

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  23. Carson Napier says:

    Looking at the line-up for the democrats coming two debates, it would seem that they can be called “varsity clowns” and “jv clowns”. Since both Biden (clearly the front runner clown) and Sanders (clearly the second place clown) are in the very same group of the two groups, that would have to be called the “varsity clowns”, which leaves Thief Stolen Feathers stuck in the “jv clowns”. Is the DNC sending her a message by placing her in the “jv clowns” group? I would think her 1 / 1,024th Indian Blood would be boiling over that.

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  24. A2 says:

    According to the Hong Kong Government, CE Carrie Lam will make an announcement at 3PM local time. That means 3AM for East coast USA.

    “Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam is expected to announce on Saturday that the controversial extradition bill will be paused or suspended. The government says she will meet the media at the Central Government Office at 3pm.

    Pro-Beijing paper Sing Tao Daily reported that Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng met Lam in Shenzhen on Friday evening. Lam then had a cabinet meeting with her top officials at 10:30pm, lasting until midnight.”

    Game on.

    My own opinion, is that it gives her an exit ramp, but China wants the threat to remain going into the G20.

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  25. hard masada says:

    this was in my email just got to it, it arrived yesterday and I am posting it @0128

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  26. Citizen817 says:

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  28. A2 says:

    I promised a translation of the recent Taoran Notes, a social media account that represents Beijing thinking from the inside affiliated with CCP Economic Daily. I’m sure that the US government monitors it, and they actually acknowledged this in their commentary.

    It is about the trade negotiations going in to the G20 and is their analysis, and spin on the negotiations. So please don’t shoot the messenger, me. I have edited it down, because some references only make sense to Chinese readers:

    The past month has been very lively.

    The US tariffs were swung back and forth, and it looked a little addictive and seemed even more energetic. (Note, they are being sarcastic).

    China’s position has not been shaken at all. Not only did it launch the counter-measures on the United States to impose tariffs on June 1, but it also began a tit-for-tat response to the United States in various fields.

    This situation is dazzling, but it is very clear to think about it.

    On the Chinese side, there has been no change in position and practice.

    “We are consistent and clear about the position of the trade war. We don’t want to fight, but we are not afraid to fight. If the US is willing to go its own way and continue to upgrade trade frictions, we will accompany them to the end.”
    ——Excerpt from the regular meeting of the Ministry of Commerce on June 13

    What about the US side? From the words and deeds of these politicians, there is still no sincerity.

    The most typical is to use political means to contain the normal business activities against Chinese high-tech enterprises, and then use this as a “chip” for Sino-US negotiations.

    Just as Tao Ran notes in the last article –

    If you are not sincere, come and come, talk and talk.

    The basic situation is the above, clear and clear.
    (Note, this a Chinese rhetorical devise).

    However, with the approach of the G20 Osaka Summit, some people have begun to make hot points and create the so-called “leaders to meet” topic, so simply say a few words for your reference.

    First of all, China is demonstrating its determination and ability to “prepare for war” and counter-measures are becoming more and more normal.

    Three changes in China during this time are worth noting.

    First, the strength and density of rebuttals against the United States has never been seen before.

    The government and the media have voiced their declared positions to be more intensive.

    On June 2, the Chinese side issued a white paper on “China’s position on China-US economic and trade consultations”, which clearly clarified the negotiation process of the past year.

    “People’s Daily” has published since May 14th. Only the “Bells” (note, warning) column has published 27 reviews of the United States.

    Twenty-seven articles talked about two aspects: Where is the United States wrong, what should we do.

    From the 13th of May to the present, the “News Network” (note, MSM) has opened up the firepower of the United States every day. This is unprecedented.

    Some people in the United States are a coffin head (note meaning they are dead to listening to the Chinese side), so they can’t listen.

    It may be that only such strength (note, they are wrong) can really make them aware of China’s determination to fight against it.

    The second is to give a clear attitude in some areas that have not been involved in the past.

    On May 28, the person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission (the main government think tank) answered the reporter’s question on the rare earth issue. Everyone talked about the following sentence:

    Do you suggest that rare earths will become China’s counter-measures against the US’s unwarranted suppression? What I can tell you is that if anyone wants to use the products that we export from rare earths and use them to curb the development of China, then I want to The people of the Central Plains Soviet Area and the Chinese people will be unhappy.(note, a reference to Xi-Putin meeting).

    The biggest significance of this answer is not when China or how to use rare earth to counter, but China began to answer this question positively.

    This is a change from zero to one.

    The third is a tit-for-tat response to the US measures, while at the same time proceeding to normalize the US counter-measures.(note they are pissed off at international coverage).

    Several ministries have frequently spoken this month.

    On May 31, the Ministry of Commerce announced that China will establish a “list of unreliable entities”.

    On June 3, the Ministry of Education issued an early warning for students studying in the United States on the 1st of 2019 to remind students and scholars to strengthen risk assessment before going abroad to study abroad.

    On June 4th, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a safety reminder for Chinese tourists to the United States to remind Chinese tourists to fully assess the risk of traveling to the United States.

    On June 4, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in the United States reminded Chinese citizens in the United States and Chinese-funded institutions in the United States to raise their awareness of security and pay attention to strengthening prevention.

    On June 8, the National Development and Reform Commission revealed that it is taking the lead in organizing research and establishment of a national technical safety management inventory system to more effectively prevent and resolve national security risks.

    Some people in the United States are indeed very arrogant. They told him (note, ie. PJT) that the ultimate pressure does not work, that is, they don’t listen. Anything that can be unreasonable must be unreasonable.

    China hopes that everyone will reason, and hopes to sit down and talk. However, since some people do not listen to advice, they have to use their actual gains and losses to justify their own reasons.

    Looking at it now, China’s response to the US approach has long-term considerations, and the US counter-measures are gradually normalized.

    The so-called counter-normalization has two meanings.

    On the one hand, as we said before, China’s response to the extreme pressure of the United States is like a precision instrument, and the triggering conditions will inevitably have consequences.

    If you are sincere, then negotiation and negotiation can naturally advance. If you want to put pressure on it, then the countermeasures are bound to come quickly.

    “Friends came to drink, and the wolf came and and attacked’.

    After the counter-normalization, all responses can be expected and more disciplined.

    On the other hand, the normalization of counter-measures means becoming part of everyday work.

    We cannot abandon the existing development policy because we have monitored the pace and rhythm of our own development.

    In other words, after the formation of counter-normalization, some things are handled according to the daily workflow.

    Our key work is to develop ourselves seriously, and the key is to do our own thing.

    (Note a shift in argumentation).

    Secondly, some people in the United States have become more and more like desperate gamblers, and even some people are trying to create a situation in which China and the United States confront each other.

    Tao Ran notes have been analyzed in previous articles. The United States has provoked Sino-US trade wars and has four main interests.

    Solve the trade deficit, transfer domestic contradictions, compete against China, and elect because of political considerations.

    “Resolving the trade deficit” is a superficial rhetoric. “Transfering domestic contradictions” is a deep-seated reason. If it has a greater impact on US policy, it focuses on the demands of “election political considerations” and “competition against China.”

    “Election politics considerations”, needless to say. After all, the internal affairs of the United States is an American matter of its own, and has a relationship with us?

    (Note, to deny any Chinese influence in electoral politics in US).

    However, some people now have to pull China in the domestic political process, and pack this friction out of nothing into the great victory of the Americans. They repeatedly stress how much China has paid a lot of money and add points to domestic politics. (Note, an attack on PJT’s assertion that China has been running the table).

    Such a trick, I am afraid that the American people themselves do not believe, the last year’s election of the Republican Party lost the House of Representatives is proof.

    A threat like “the US tariff on additional Chinese exports to the US will take effect immediately” is nothing more than a political gamble. The gamble is that China will bow in the face of extreme pressure.

    Will China bow its head?

    Don’t even think about it.

    The so-called “competition against China” is simply to promote the development of China by promoting the formation of a confrontation between China and the United States and disrupting China’s development rhythm.

    The trade war is a catcher.( note, meaning a catch all for domestic US issues).

    This is not the consensus in the United States, no matter what, but some things that the US has done in the past this month have shown such signs.

    Everything the US has done for Chinese high-tech companies is very clear.

    There are still some people in the United States who are accustomed to using the “one or the other” rather than the “seeking common ground while reserving differences” thinking mode to look at China’s development.

    We feel that through development, we can make “incremental” and achieve mutual cooperation and win-win.

    They believe that our development cannot be “incremental” and will touch their “stock”.

    Such a contradiction will still exist within a considerable time and scope.

    This kind of contradiction determines the communication friction between China and the United States, which has long-term, arduous and complicated characteristics.

    If these people are entangled in the will of the American people, then there will be other wars even if there is no trade war.

    Only reality can make these people awake, and the truth of the ultimate pressure can far exceed the benefits of their imagination.

    The meaning of a protracted war is here.

    Now everyone is very concerned. At the G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan, will the US dollar not meet first? (Note both a threat and a fear about the USD). Will the China-US Economic and Trade Consultation Conference turn around again?

    Things are actually not complicated.

    The trade war was picked up by the US side. Considering the strength of the two countries, the situation of the US attack and defense has not changed.

    Whether the consultation can have a turnaround, the ball is completely on the side of the US side.

    If the US can return to the starting point of the China-US-Arab consensus and on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and mutual respect, and effectively resolve the core concerns raised by China, then the probability of turning around will naturally be great.

    If some people in the United States still remember the tricks of extreme pressure and continue the current state of instability and immaturity in their external statements, then I am afraid that they can only be one.

    Finally, the practice of more than a year tells us that China can withstand pressure on the US and can afford it.

    The US initiated a trade war. It cannot be said that there are no signs, but it is very sudden for most people in China (Note, this is a lie for ordinary Chinese, not for the CCP).

    Suddenly someone ran out to hit you, the normal reaction was a bit embarrassing.

    At that time last year, there were a lot of “smart” people in the country, saying that the United States is too strong, has to surrender, or changed the law to say that they want to surrender.

    At that time, everyone was a little overwhelmed. The impression in this impression seemed to have covered some people. (Note, an admission that most in China do not see the US as adversarial).

    As a result, more than a year later, the facts finally made everyone gradually understand that the US “a few axes” is what it is.(Note, meaning the US wields the knife, but not effectively).

    Everyone has a new understanding of the United States and a new understanding of themselves.

    It is both affordable and affordable. This is a basic judgment that we have dealt with the Sino-US trade war so far. This is a more objective judgment.

    Even the American media did not deny this.

    “Trump threatened to mention import tariffs to the extent of pain, but through a 10-day exchange with Chinese officials, academics, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, what I saw was a rewriting of its relationship with the United States, and Prepare countries to survive the trade war. – Bloomberg’s “China trip, I saw a country ready for a protracted trade war””

    In the face of pressure from the US side, it is a more rational choice than to surrender.

    The reason is very simple.

    Now that the US has imposed tariffs on US$250 billion in goods, the impact is limited. Why should you eat his set? ( note, meaning that Trump is limited in what he can do with tariffs).

    If the US imposes tariffs on all goods exported from China to China, it will completely tear the face and fight harder!

    What’s more, the facts over the past year have shown that the tolerance of the Chinese economy is gradually emerging as time goes by.

    The longer the time, the more realistic the cost of extreme pressure in the United States will be until it exceeds their imaginary benefits.(Note, the US will fail).

    In fact, what people are most concerned about now is probably how big the impact of this trade war on ordinary people.

    If you have no influence, don’t say so, even I don’t believe it.

    But to say how big the impact is, I think it is a process of dynamic change.

    An important factor will play a key role in this process.

    This important factor is how you and I face this trade war.

    I read the book two days ago and saw a record in history.

    (Note, now they drag the Korean War into the argument).

    On November 12, 1950, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China gave a very formal proposal in a report to the Central and North China Bureau on the development of the Korean War.

    This report was approved by the central government. The report mentions:

    It should not be emphasized that mobilizing the masses to join the army, especially the masses should not be forced to join the army.

    The specific actions of the masses against the US and aiding the DPRK should be diverse and should be called upon by the majority of the masses. For example, write a letter of condolences to the frontline volunteers, send a bag of condolences, comfort the military and help them solve their problems, and share the volunteers. The original work.

    Calling on workers to actively promote the enthusiasm of the working class, and strive to produce savings; call on students to continue to fight against American propaganda, study hard, master knowledge, technology, and prepare to serve the motherland; call on the staff of the agency to improve work efficiency, do a good job; call on the business community to actively implement Government policy, oppose speculation and hoarding, and carry out a campaign against the United States and aid the DPRK on the economic front.

    These words look faint, but it is really moving.

    When New China was founded, GDP was estimated at 46.6 billion yuan at comparable prices. In 1950, it was more than 50 billion yuan. At that time, the US GDP was about 290 billion US dollars.

    Under such extreme disparity of strength, in the face of the war threat of opponents, our decision is not to force the masses to join the army, but to encourage everyone to do their jobs.

    Doing your own thing and holding your position is the greatest support for the country.

    Later results, everyone knows.

    Go back and look at it now.

    According to World Bank data, the US GDP was 20.5 trillion US dollars in 2018 and China’s 13.6 trillion US dollars. The GDP comparison between China and the United States has narrowed to a level of about 2:3.

    This data is almost a change from the previous year.

    The favorable conditions are not one and a half stars more than in the past.

    Go back to the key factors just mentioned.

    In Tao Ran’s notes, the impact of the trade war is certain. If anyone denies this, it is mostly high black.

    However, the extent to which this impact can be achieved depends on how it is faced.

    Blind self-confidence, self-promotion, or self-blame, fear, will not produce good results.

    For ordinary people, to calm down and do the things at hand, the result will not be too bad.

    China’s strength, determination and action are here.

    No matter how long they have to play, we must accompany them to the end!

    (Note, hearing the Chinese national anthem here?).

    OK I’m done. Exhausting. So forgive the length. I’m sure the US trade team has this on their radar. But just a bonus post for treepers, who like to be in the know.


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    • Ad rem says:

      Sorry A2….found this stuck in the bin. 😦

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    • JustScott says:

      Looks like the ChiComs will not need to import as much soy meal.
      “‘Pigageddon’ sees Chinese pork prices surge” “pork prices surged by 18% on the back of an African swine fever epidemic” “prices could soar by 70%”


      Oh, and “Crop failure due to unseasonal weather also hit fresh fruit stocks with costs soaring by 26.7% from 14.8% in April.”

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    • A2:

      No worries about the length. Anybody not wanting to read can simply scroll down.

      Being attuned to all things China, I relish getting to read what they are thinking, intimating and clearly manifesting their real thought and feelings.

      The more people read this kind of thing, the more they can understand Chinese mentality, drive, agenda and planning.

      China is a diametrically opposing force that one does well to, not only to know what they are doing, but why they are doing it, and especially the historical and present dynamics driving their actions.

      China is complicated, but studied historically, coupled with dragon behavior of late, some things really do become quite simple to understand…..that is….

      ….If one is paying close attention and willing to patiently study the subject.

      You have presented info and articles here at the CTH that broadens the view and gives readers the chance to have some review of current affairs over there put at our fingertips over here. It’s s good service you perform here. 👍👍👍

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    • FofBW says:

      So China’s gaslighting strategy is they are the good guys and we are the bad guys?
      Sounds just like the liberal, Marxists, Communists, Dem strategy in our country…..huh?

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    • bessie2003 says:

      Thank you for doing this translation.

      It is helpful to see how they present their intentions, for both domestic and international consumption.

      The way they use their words clearly speaks to the explanation that Sundance has laid forth, a very black or white, take it or leave it, war and peace with no middle ground perspective.

      Am I the only one thinking that this ‘intransigence approach’, if it can be called that, will soon be used to justify the complete take over of all things Hong Kong, as in the recent video that was posted of what looked to be a Chinese military officer, saying something to the effect that the people of Hong Kong have been misled in their education, that China should have stepped in sooner, since these protesters seem to be under the illusion that their rights are just as important as what the Chinese government wants (or words to that effect); my thinking is I don’t believe Taiwan will be too far behind if China moves in to quickly end all of Hong Kong’s freedoms, given that in the translation above, there is an emphasis on the U.S. having internal matters that are not part of China’s concern, so likewise China could say these matters (Hong Kong, Taiwan) are internal to China and should be of no concern to the U.S. (or any other nation for that matter).? (sorry for the long, run-on sentence)

      Again, your translations are helpful to our understanding of the path that China is setting for itself.

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  29. A2 says:

    Why is my translation and notes to the Taoran article in some sort of embargoe. I spent a lot of energy on this so the readership would know about the Chinese trade position before the G20.

    Please check your bins adrems.

    I can not replicate it. I don’t have the time.

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    • A2 says:

      I promised a translation to the readership. Where did it go? I also annotated it. What a waste of time, if it doesn’t appear. You the TCTH received it, where is it?


      • EV22 says:

        Hopefully it will show up soon. Thanks again for all your efforts A2.

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        • A2 says:

          Well it hasn’t so far. I can post the raw translation, but without the annotations it will not be understood, re context.

          Makes me very sad. That I wasted my afternoon doing this, I thought for the edification of the readers.

          I apologise to readers that I promised a translation, that was not up to me that it has sunk into the ether. Hopefully, it will appear.

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      • A2 says:

        OK, you need time to review it why? It was a translation with my annotations as to what it means. Not a secret. Taoran ran it. I promised folks here to post it. Where did it go?

        It gives insight as a pre G20 argument by the Chinese side. I spent an inordinate amount of time translating, annoying so that the readership would see it.

        I just do not understand.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      After reading your translation, A2, I read about the delay in it getting posted. I hope all the frustration is in the past.

      I am very grateful for your efforts to give us China’s thinking in an approximation of their language. Yes, quite an effort. Quite a benefit for CTH readers. Those who don’t wish to partake can simply scroll past. They will suffer by being much less informed.

      CTH — the most informative blog with real, red-blooded investigative reporting. Thanks Sundance. Thanks Ad Rem.

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    • alligatriot says:

      A HUGE thank you to both A2 and AdRem for working so hard to get information to us!

      The translation and accompanying notes are invaluable to some of us, A2.

      AdRem, navigating the mysteries of WordPress is an exercise in frustration. Take the rest of the day off.

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  30. hard masada says:

    @ 27:01 Potato Head Cavuto has on (of all people) Valerie (I’m Black not white dammit) Jarrett. He’s talking to her about the Hatch Act and what would HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA B_HO would d.o this guy is a Shep wanna be or maybe he’s ,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmmm?

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  31. citizen817 says:

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    • Ray Runge says:

      Week after week Hannity covers material and posits questions that a child could understand and move to the next step. When does the next step happen?

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  32. citizen817 says:

    My first choice would be Stephan Miller.

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  33. citizen817 says:

    Huckabee on Huckabee…

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  34. citizen817 says:

    Papadopoulos interview with
    Maria Bartiromo (9:37 min)

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  35. CM-TX says:

    (Sorry if already shared– but so worth repeating…😂)

    This is a DC Swamp-Leech’s WORST NIGHTMARE!!😱
    (Please–oh–please, Sec. Perdue… DO IT!)

    “USDA employees silently protest Trump administration’s plan to move jobs to Kansas City”

    | Federal employees turned their backs in silent protest against Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue as he addressed employees Thursday about relocating their jobs from Washington to Kansas City.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s selection of Kansas City as the new home for 550 federal research jobs has been a major victory for policymakers in Kansas and Missouri. But for USDA employees with family and professional ties to the D.C. region, the Trump’s administration’s plan to move their jobs from Washington to the Midwest is bitter news.

    Dozens of USDA staff turned their backs as Perdue touted Kansas City’s food and arts scenes, praised the region’s school districts and promised employees that their importance to the federal government would not be lessened by the move. |


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    • Kitty-Kat says:

      I heard Sidney Powell suggest in an interview that there should be term limits for government employees; 10 or 15 years max. That way the bureaucracy would not be able to entrench itself.

      Many people want to impose term limits on politicians, but imo that would make the bureaucracy even stronger and more controlling than it is now.

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      • Ray Runge says:

        Term limits as well for the entire bureaucratic structure. After a given amount of time and the perceived problem is not solved, a new agency should re imagine the problem and propose solutions that can better address the problem.

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      • dwpender says:

        Even more important are term limits on LAWS (and so-called “regulations,” aka laws made unconstitutionally by unelected alleged “experts” in their designated fiefdoms).

        Our Constitutional system was designed with numerous shields in place to prevent the passage of bad laws — e.g., need the House, plus the Senate, plus the President (unless 2/3 of both Houses override a veto), plus the Supreme Court where challenged. Laws that exist in perpetuity pervert that system. The shields are now swords PROTECTING bad laws and the bureaucracy that administers them. If every law expired in, say, 10 years, the old bad laws would need to run the whole gamut to repass. Most would fail.


    • CM-TX says:

      Are THESE seriously the people who look down on the rest of America?
      Have they ever seen an actual FARM, let alone stepped on one??

      Do they really think they are SO special, they should be ABOVE having to relocate? Do they realize in the PRIVATE sector… you go, or you resign/ don’t accept the job. Most Co’s DON’T give a rat’s arse what you want! And more often than not, the move is on your dime.

      Do they not get people do this everyday, & many times over a career? Some of us have moved clear across the country for jobs with DECENT health insurance.

      Do they understand that MILITARY families get uprooted every 2-3 years, a/o are separated for MONTHS(+) away on deployments? They also work a LOT harder, & for a lot less pay & perks. Those same families that may even sacrifice life & limbs to PROTECT their FREEDOM… so they can make spectacles of themselves like SPOILED BRATS– & to their Boss, no less!

      These same people spit who spit on our Constitution– while striving to make lives more difficult, & turn the country into a sh¡thole.
      It’ll be good for them to live among people who contribute to their paychecks. I do feel bad for those that’ll have to tolerate them.

      Sorry for rant, but needed said.😏

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      • CM-TX says:

        Oops- on that extra “spit!” 🤭

        🤔 Or, maybe not—
        “… the same people [spit!] who spit on …”

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      • Bert Darrell says:

        To be kept in mind. The new tax law eliminated job-related moving expenses as a deduction. Therefore, a reimbursement of such costs automatically becomes taxable income.


      • NOT A Rant…My late wife built our first home while I was on deployment to the Middle East…God Bless Her!!! You have hit the nail squarely…AND TANGO YANKEE FOR YOUR HEARTFELT RESPONSE…

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    • georgehumphries9802 says:

      My response to the “back turning” issue – identify each of them and draw up termination papers by Monday morning at 8am. This is such an infantile act. Send ’em packing. Plenty of loyal Americans can do these jobs.


    • Lulu says:

      Then fire them if they don’t want to go. Federal employees are the laziest most entitled overpaid people in the US if you don’t count California and Chicago and Broward county government workers.

      I don’t see why USDA would have many jobs in DC or the Department of Interior or the Department of Energy – makes no sense.


  36. A2 says:

    “Hong Kong extradition bill: Carrie Lam to hit pause button to ‘avoid bloodshed on the streets’

    ‘China summons US envoy in protest over Washington’s condemnation of Hong Kong extradition bill
    Chinese vice foreign minister says Beijing will not accept meddling by foreign forces in Hong Kong’s affairs
    It is in the interest of the United States that Hong Kong continue to be prosperous and stable, foreign ministry says’

    It’s a live stream from the South China Morning Post.


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  37. A2 says:

    Sophistry at its best
    “Lam: “We should pause and think instead of assuming the second reading of the bill in the Legislative Council as scheduled.”

    She said GovHK is adopting an open mind to “heed comprehensively” the views of different sectors of society.”

    BREAKING: Hong Kong suspends controversial extradition bill after months of protest and criticism
    15 June 2019 15:17 Jennifer Creery3 min read
    Hong Kong’s government has suspended a controversial bill until further notice after months of protest and criticism.

    At a 3pm press conference, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said pro-Beijing lawmakers had urged the government to delay the bill, and said Taiwan had made it clear it would not receive the murder suspect whose case triggered the proposal.

    “The urgency of passing this bill within this term has maybe disappeared,” she said.

    Carrie Lam
    She said the government will continue to consult the public, before deciding future plans: “We should pause and think instead of assuming the second reading of the bill in the Legislative Council as scheduled.”

    Lam added that the government is adopting an open mind to “heed comprehensively” the views of different sectors of society.

    No deadline for the bill has been announced, though Lam said she has “deep sorrow and regret” that the recent events have stirred up “susbstantial controversies.”

    What a POS. she will go back to the UK, let them skewer her.

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  38. k4jjj says:

    The argument the rule of law is not relevant as long as the people benefit from a roaring economy is nonsense. We are morphing into the United States of Google and America the Amazon.

    The Nazi’s made the trains run on time and the German World War II war machine was a production marvel. A fundamentally corrupt government, though, will inevitably destroy and enslave its people. it must.

    If decent and moral people have lost the culture, we have already lost the country. A country in which every kind of behavior is acceptable is a deadly nightmare in which to live. Look at the major cities of America. No decent people want to live, work and raise families in them anymore.

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  39. waltherppk says:

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  40. A2 says:

    Read this

    Carrie Lam – you’re finished: Hong Kong’s extradition protests mark the end of the city’s latest puppet leader
    15 June 2019 13:36 Kent Ewing6 min read

    She can resign now or exit more quietly at a later date, but one thing is certain in this week of record-breaking protests, street clashes, tear gas, pepper spray, bean bag rounds and rubber bullets in the streets of Hong Kong: this marks the end for Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor.

    After an auspicious start with pledges of harmony and reconciliation following the five long, strife-filled years the city experienced under her much-loathed predecessor, Leung Chun-ying, in just under two years as CE Lam has managed to become even less popular and more reviled than the man who inspired opponents to throw everything from profanity to water glasses to tuna sandwiches at him out of purple-faced anger and rage.

    Indeed, Hong Kong affairs have turned so ugly and tense that Lam has become the victim of death threats.

    Let’s not forget, however, that our viciously caricatured and verbally eviscerated leader is more the messenger than the author of bad news. Much more attention should be paid to the men behind the curtain pulling her strings— Liaison Office Director Wang Zhimin and his slimy minions in Sai Wan, the true centre of power in Hong Kong, where all weighty decisions are now made.

    Their names should also be shouted and their cartoon faces posterised at every Hong Kong protest over the city’s dwindling personal freedoms and disappearing autonomy.

    Sai Wan, taking its cues from Beijing, calls the shots, and Lam takes the beatings. It’s a successful formula—for Sai Wan, that is—and it’s been playing out since Lam stepped into office on July 1, 2017, soon after which those pledges of harmony and reconciliation morphed into acts of censorship, suppression and, this week, raw violence.

    All along, loyal and dutiful bureaucrat that she is, Lam has absorbed the brickbats and soldiered on.
    Most Hongkongers agreed to frown and bear it when, just a few weeks into the Lam administration, four pro-democracy law-makers were disqualified from the Legislative Council on the questionable grounds of improper oath-taking.

    After all, the pan-democrats can be a fractious, dysfunctional bunch. Sometimes they make it hard to care.

    The relative ease with which they were emasculated in the Legislative Council, however, emboldened Wang and Co., and tougher, more alarming action would follow—with, as always, Lam leading out.

    A year later, Lam’s government, no doubt acting on Sai Wan’s wishes, banned the pro-independence Hong Kong National Party and declared Victor Mallet—a respected Financial Times journalist who had arranged for the party’s leader, Andy Chan Ho-tin, to give a speech at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club—persona non grata in Hong Kong.

    This time many voices, both local and international, cried foul.

    Then followed the legislative railroad job that saw LegCo adopt an unsettling co-location agreement with Beijing at the new high-speed rail terminus, over strenuous objections from pan-democrats to mainland security and immigration officials operating under mainland laws smack dab in the middle of Hong Kong.

    In the minds of many Hongkongers, a frightening precedent had now been set, permitting the mainland’s skewed brand of justice to hold sway in Hong Kong.

    Fast forward to last Sunday’s million-person march opposing government-proposed amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance that would allow criminal suspects in Hong Kong to be transferred to jurisdictions, most notably the mainland, with which the city does not already have an extradition

    This, along with the subsequent mass protest and violent clashes outside LegCo on Wednesday that successfully delayed a second reading of the bill, amount to a massive rejection of Lam and her ministers, who have been resolute and relentless in preaching what they pitch as the merits of the proposed amendments, and in slamming opponents as fear-mongers who are “demonising” their genuine efforts to prevent Hong Kong from becoming a safe haven for hardened criminals.

    After years of latency following the failed pro-democracy Occupy movement, which paralysed key sections of the city for 79 days in 2014, the battle over the extradition bill has once again lit up Hong Kong’s conscience and reignited its culture of mass protest when those purporting to represent the people go so wilfully and blatantly against their wishes.

    Ultimately, however, with the support of pro-Beijing loyalists in LegCo, the bill is destined to pass, dealing yet another serious blow to the One Country, Two Systems arrangement that was supposed to protect Hong Kong from becoming just another Chinese city, where the rule of party supersedes the rule of law.

    That said, this will be a Pyrrhic victory for Lam, who has lost most of her authority and credibility in the bruising fight to pass the bill.

    One in seven of Hong Kong’s 7.4 million people came out passionately against her last Sunday, according to organisers’ estimates. When one considers small children, the elderly and the infirm who were incapable of taking part in the march, the ratio becomes even more damning.

    There can be no second term. There will be no harmony, no reconciliation.

    A 2003 protest of 500,000 against proposed anti-subversion legislation forced Beijing to abandon Hong Kong’s first post-handover chief executive, Tung Chee-hwa, who resigned before his term ended. Lam’s proposed extradition amendments managed to double that turnout.

    So the writing is on the wall. But let’s not forget who is truly responsible for yet another Hong Kong CE fiasco.

    Hong Kong chief executives—from Tung to Donald Tsang Yam-kuen (jailed for misconduct in office) to Leung to Lam—come and go in a sad and tawdry succession of disaffection and failure because each of these leaders has been given the impossible task of serving two masters: the people of Hong Kong and the central authorities in Beijing

    Clearly, at this point in Hong Kong’s long, rich and troubled history, these two goals are irreconcilable.

    As things stand, Beijing has decided to ignore the will of the Hong Kong people and sacrifice our current chief executive on the altar of an extradition bill that will be the biggest blow yet to Hong Kong’s legal autonomy and rule of law.

    Lam will go. Rinse and repeat—bring on the next puppet Chief Executive


    So true.

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  41. Bigbadmike says:

    If anyone’s interested in our Domestic Economy, here is some news directly from a US Manufacturer. First, Steel prices went down 3.7 cents a pound this week even though demand has been steady. Why? More Domestic Mills operating now means more competition. The tariff’s are working and providing US Steel producers the opportunity to invest in the future without fear of State subsidized foreign steel companies dumping into the market. We were contacted directly from US Steel Gary Works this week to visit their facility to recommend our US made products for their maintenance departments. This was the first time this has happened since 1991. I guess they are tired of buying the Chinese junk that has been offered to them by their globalist Integrated suppliers the past 28 years. Must have noticed that the equipment we made for them 30 plus years ago was still working and doing the job.

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  42. Dora says:

    Me thinks someone doesn’t want him in the race.

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  43. Dora says:

    Another problem for the candidates.

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  44. Bigly says:

    This clip may have been posted previous, it’s a fair discussion between 2 former chairs of the oversight committee. The discussion does seems to bear confidence that McCabe is going to be indicted following the IG report. Oh heavenly day. Also the point about who trump would have called in the summer of 2016, Comey/McCabe who have both called for trumps impeachment or Brennan or has called for death via treason. So true.

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  45. scslayer says:

    Lots of great things happening in the news but crickets on the purge of social media “conservatives” – leading up to the 2020 election and beyond, this will have a tangible impact on who hears what!

    3rd most important issue of 2019!

    1. Immigration
    2. Trade
    3. The Purge


  46. sunnyflower5 says:

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  47. sunnyflower5 says:

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  48. sunnyflower5 says:

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  49. Ausonius says:

    Given that President Trump wants tolerance about homosexuality, and gave best wishes to them about “Pride Month,” yet wisely banned the freakish transgender types from the military, allow me to express my distaste for something related: here in Columbus, Ohio today there is a so-called “Pride Parade,” which the local network affiliates have fawning over and pushing down our throats for over a week.

    Most of the stories have been about “THREATS OF VIOLENCE FROM THE RIGHT-WING” and paranoia about bombs in e.g. umbrellas, unattended packages, etc. etc. etc.

    To be sure, any lunatic could see this as an opportunity to be noticed and start blasting away. However, the media agenda that “far-right hate groups” are the primary – if not the only – group to be feared is just typical. Certainly one can imagine Islamist radicals – famously hostile toward homosexuality – attacking such a crowd.

    The other annoyance was of course the pushing of “homosexual marriage” and even the adoption of children by two “mothers” or “fathers” as completely normal.

    An anecdote: for the last 3 years I have had a (grade-school) student, a boy, whose biological mother decided she was a lesbian when he was younger and abandoned by her (male) husband: she found a “wife,” and both are pierced, tattooed, purple-haired freaks.

    The woman’s son? He is a quivering mess!!! And here is a quote from his mother: “Sure he’s got issues. His mother became a lesbian and lives openly with another woman and his father never sees him. (Shrugging without humor or irony) Of course he sees a whole army of therapists.”

    And again, another ultra-spoiled, hyper-selfish idiot puts her desires ahead of any thought of how those impulses would affect her child.

    Thank you!

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    • Free Speech says:

      Couldn’t express my views better, Ausonius. I believe in liberty, as long as that is extended to my individual right to a religious conscience. And when you bring children into your lifestyle choice, you’re dragging another person in who has no say in the matter.

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    • Of all the malicious damage the left has inflicted on our country, the destruction of the traditional family unit in general and rampant fatherlessness in particular, are the chief causes (or like the left likes to say….the “root cause”) of practically all our societal problems today.

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    • Debra says:

      I wrote a reply above to ‘hard masada’ regarding the odd configuration of the LGBT and Muslims with regard to ‘marriage’.

      When a culture does not value the manner in which children are being raised, and when the manner in which they are being raised is silenced (that New Mexico compound inhabitants were using the ‘imperfect’ child as target practice), then chaos is bound to be evinced.

      Prayers for the young man you speak of, Ausonius. To LIE to children, especially in something that they can see with their eye is a lie (e.g., that: M + W = W + W), leads to such mistrust, confusion, and delusion, that it is incomprehensible to me how it can continue to be promoted.

      Mayor Pete: if M + W = M + M, then logically that must mean one of those latter ‘M’s’ IS a ‘W’, or as I am prone to say, a p**sy . . .

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