President Trump and First Lady Melania Attend Sumo Tournament – Present President’s Cup Trophy…

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump attend one of the most time-honored and hallowed Japanese traditions: a sumo tournament.  As honored guests of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Madame Akai Abe the president and first lady visit Ryōgoku Kokugikan Stadium in the capital.

With more than 11,500 people in the arena seated on mats, the Trumps and the Abes were seated in a VIP section next to the sumo ring, also called ‘sacred mound’. At the end of the tournament, President Trump and Prime Minister Abe wear slippers to enter the sacred mound and Trump presents the “President’s Cup” trophy; a 5 foot 7-inch custom designed U.S. Trophy emblazoned with an eagle and weighing more than 60 pounds.  Fun stuff:

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60 Responses to President Trump and First Lady Melania Attend Sumo Tournament – Present President’s Cup Trophy…

  1. Our Lion lifted up that cup like it was a pillow of feathers, so cool!

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  2. bluesky says:

    Quite an honor from Japan to USA & Trump. Too bad the cultural significance is lost by the American media.

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  3. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    Our President made a good figure in the ring there.
    He could’ve carried the cup by himself 🙂

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  4. OhNoYouDont says:

    “I didn’t want have anybody get me in trouble, so we did it personally, we bought that beautiful trophy which they’ll have, hopefully, for many hundreds of years,” @POTUS explained to reporters about the #TrumpTrophy he awarded to the sumo wrestler today.

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  5. SoCal Patriot says:

    I loved Reagan, but Trump is one of a kind and the greatest president of my lifetime.

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  6. emet says:

    Noticed that POTUS got the bowing spot on. The slight bow because of his status, the deeper bow from the wrestler because of his lower status. The Japanese don’t actually expect foreigners to get this right.

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  7. MaineCoon says:

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  8. MaineCoon says:

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    • wendy forward says:

      Those wrestlers are something-so fat and cute on the one hand but so strong and agile as well, I loved the love POTUS gets there!


  9. Doppler says:

    By honoring their culture, he secures a direct bond with their people. By honoring their leaders, he helps stabilize their governance, as in alignment with the global superpower.

    Compare that to the identity politics ( “the new bigotry”) of our Democratic party, which seeks to disrupt and destroy all vestiges of our own culture – historic narrative, historic people, western civilization, religion, marriage, privacy, freedom of speech, right to bear arms, electoral college, borders, rule of law. etc., while promoting the surrender of our sovereignty to unaccountable international organizations (have to to safe the planet). One belt, one road, one global elite, one oppressed human race, severed from its roots, exploited by the global elite who will designate the local strong men.

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  10. fata morgana says:

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  11. OH MY GOSH!!!!
    This is TOO COOL!!!!

    sorry about not using my inside voice. got over excited for a sec.

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  12. MfM says:

    Trump’s no dummy. That trophy is a big signal of the close relationship he has with Abe and Japan.

    Everything is planned out and approved weeks, even months ahead. That trophy wasn’t a spur of the moment decision, and could have been nixed by either side. Everything about it size, weight, design and even the eagle was likely approved by both sides.

    I like how Trump made a ding at his haters with his comments about paying for it himself.

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  13. Genie says:

    Democrats ought to sponsor a sumo match between Nadler and H. Clinton. Loser gets locked up.

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  14. Bendix says:

    How nice for all concerned, that we have an intelligent and cultured First Lady who no doubt got something out of the tournament besides boredom.

    President Trump does love his shiny things, doesn’t he?
    I see Melania’s touch in the just right details.

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  15. hard masada says:

    This video shows the Grand Winner’s trek to the top spot, I lived in Tokyo for 3 years and this is their top sport and the SUMO’s are treated like any of our superstars. As I watched this video I said WOW look at all the potential Memes Facebook, Google, Twit and You Tube are going to take down….

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  16. Hanuman says:

    Great Schmooze by Abe. Well done.


  17. musicdoc2020 says:

    I remember seeing Trump around during I think the strike force fights which was kind of a minor competitiver to the UFC some years ago. Plus Trump has been around the WWF scene so I’m positive that he really enjoyed this on a personal level too.

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  18. Jederman says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that he is the ONLY U.S. president that could pull that off.

    Go ahead, think obama (in his mom jeans TRYING to throw a baseball).

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  19. BIG and GREAT ATHLETES worthy of a HUGH TROPHY, that may be the BIGGEST TROPHY in the HISTORY OF TROPHIES!

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  20. Paul says:

    That was really cool


  21. curator55 says:

    This Trump Sumo event was fabulous. The videos will provide some great positive memories for the Trumps which the corrupt media hacks always try to ignore.

    I liked this video because it shows Super Sarah Sanders enjoying the event @5: 25; (on the left) all 3 trophy presentations that the winning Sumo wrestler was awarded and the Japanese proudly singing their anthem. The special Trump Eagle trophy was the last presentation.

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  22. GB Bari says:

    President Trump continues to demonstrate why he is the greatest People’s President.


  23. mike diamond says:

    We,love President Trump,!!


  24. Matt Transit says:

    I’m glad to see President Trump present an award to the Sumo champion.
    But I’m sincerely disappointed in NOT seeing President Trump wrestle him for it.


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