May 26th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #857

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Sarah H Sanders Twitter @SHSanders45

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  1. Grandma Covfefe says:

    ❤️ — 🇺🇸 — ❤️ — Tomorrow is Memorial Day — ❤️ — 🇺🇸 — ❤️
    🦅 MAGA—KAG
    Thank You, Lord, for President Trump, his MAGA Team, and all his supporters.
    Lord, keep them all safe in all they do and go daily. In Jesus’ Name we pray…..

    🌟”You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over.” 🌟
    Psalms 23:5b
    ***Praise: The Declassification…it is on the move…..
    🙏 Pray:
    — for POTUS and FLOTUS in Japan–(they are 13 hours ahead of ET- Japan 1:30pm/ 12:30am ET Saturday
    — for safety as POTUS/FLOTUS attends various events
    — AG Barr will do the right thing and add prayer for extra layer of protection for Barr and team
    — Investigate the Spygate Thugs
    — Dems Presidential Candidates to continue to bumble, fumble, grumble, jumble, mumble, rumble, tumble, stumble…and then…crumble
    — Opposition’s strategies all collapse and evaporate…poof…pouf….
    — for all our military’s safety overseas esp. in Middle East and South China Sea
    — China and Iran to lose their power of aggression
    — for EU elections and good results for Brexit Party today (Sun)
    — for USA Election Integrity and Citizen Certifications and catch voting fraudsters
    — our American WALL being built with speed, Please, Lord
    — for our Military, Border Patrol, ICE, LEOs, Border Patrol Horses, border patrol dogs
    — catch all invaders, including MS-13, and drugs
    — block all invaders at our southern border–See the sign? >>> USA CLOSED <<<
    — for 5 year old Minn boy, Landen and others harmed/killed
    — Dedication & Honor
    🦅 “I further ask all Americans to observe the National Moment of Remembrance beginning at 3:00 p.m. local time on Memorial Day. I also request the people of the United States to display the flag at half-staff from their homes for the customary forenoon period. ” (5-24-19 Memorial Proclamation)
    🇺🇸 — Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America — 🇺🇸
    🦅“But those who wait on the Lord……Shall renew their strength;
    🦅They shall mount up with wings like eagles,…..
    🦅They shall run and not be weary,…..They shall walk and not faint.”……Is 40:31
    —-Treepers’ Prayer Warriors Post for Sunday May 26, 2019—–

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    • llamamama3 says:

      Praying 🙏.

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    • ParteaGirl says:

      Amen! Thanks, Grandma! 🙏🏻🇺🇸

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    • SouthernHeart says:

      Amen !

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    • BetsyRossRocked says:

      Praying !
      Praying for our Angelle too !

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    • Grandma…Tango Yankee and on this day to Honor the Fallen…A Special Hug goes out to you…

      Ret Mil…God Bless!!!

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      • eagledriver50…

        I worked up a really awesome Memorial Day tribute for our Military to post early am tomorrow morning. Gotta tell ‘ya, it moved some serious dust in my eyes.

        Actually got it done 2 days ago.

        I’m kinda hoping since tomorrow is a holiday, that Rynn69 will post their weekly post early am tomorrow morning so I can tag right behind it.

        I hope my presentation will bless Treepers, but especially Treeper veterans like you, Gunny66 and others.

        U R my brother…always and forever in the spirit of the battle and war between good and evil, truth and lies, God and satan, Heaven and Hell.

        You know this!

        Semper Fi and Shalom…always!


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        • Angelle…When one gives something that is VERY Precious, such as the Life they have…
          is is the sacrifice that will be seen by other warriors and it is their prayers will be heard resounding in Heaven…

          I look forward to you’re tribute and this am I had the honor of putting flags on OUR NATIONS fallen and I thought about you, Gunny and few others and a silent prayer went out to all…

          God Bless and always remember, Check-6 and when needed call in support…you are never alone.

          Semper Fidelis
          God Bless

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    • Steele81 says:


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    • Grandma, I love you and your prayer soooo much!

      Thank you…from Heaven for your faithful, everyday prayer!

      I got on here for a minute…knowing Memorial Day is tomorrow.

      In a hard stop of a schedule I shouldn’t have stopped right now in…

      God bless you and all of our great Treepers!

      I’ve already prepared my Memorial Day Military Tribute for early Monday/Memorial Day…kinda ripped my heart out in a greatest love of my heart for our soldiers, fallen, but also presently continuing to keep the mission going, our United States of America military, my soul brothers and sisters in arms.

      Grandma, just know, that in my bunker and camp, I so appreciate what you do here!

      From my deepest, godly, nation-loving heart…thank you for your same heart.

      Last night, I prayed for, in tears, our President, a man who the Holy Spirit of God powerfully moved me to begin praying for in 2015. Only God knew what he was going to have to face.

      I love that man, our President, so much, that I am willing to go down into the bowels of evil Hell for…if that is what it takes to help and bless him and our Nation!

      Grandma, you have become so precious of a praying soul here in this great Treehouse.

      I will not EVER! Forget your prayers…for all of us!

      Today, especially for you…from me, from our camp…doing our called duty in the face…against all odds…



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  2. citizen817 says:

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  3. Grandma Covfefe says:

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    • Rudy says:

      It’s hard to miss it, to anyone with about half the brain power of a squirrel.
      Last family dinner I went to, brother in law was saying it’s obama that got the economy going and is responsible for it, and Trump (that’s PRESIDENT Trump, chump!) was trying to ‘take the credit for it’. I rate Paulie (B-in law) with half the brain power of a shrimp, if that. It’s just incredible, how deep these lefty idiots have their heads buried in sand. Can’t you just hear the faint ‘na,, na, na’?

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      • ParteaGirl says:

        Ask your brother in law: If Trump is just continuing Obama’s economy, why are Democrats “Resisting” him?

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      • Unfortunately 46% of voters (likely much less) believe what your BIL says. Nothing will change their mind. We must move on, encourage ‘walk away’, engage with fellow conservatives by whatever means are available to us; social media, conservative clubs & groups in our communities, support conservative news media and most of all support each other.

        Voter harvesting has to STOP. A legitimate ID/Citizenship rule must be in place by 2020.

        We will never stop the haters even if they are family members. And nor should we try. Our energy and resources are best spent on ourselves and The President.

        Oh and if you are donating, ensure to check that you are donating to a legitimate Trump campaign organization. There are only four or five so check Trumps website for who they are. There are some fakes out there using the MAGA brand. You don’t want to be donating to liberals in disguise.

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      • Kintbury says:

        I would compliment Obama on having the ability to keep a tight rein on the economy all during his administration only to have it burst forth when Trump took office. What a putz.

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  4. citizen817 says:

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    • joeknuckles says:

      Schiff talked with the Russian jokester. Warner was caught plotting with the Russian oligarch, which is even worse.

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      • iswhatitis says:

        That’s the beauty of President Trump’s “mistakes”.

        To call him out on them, the Dems/Left are coerced to discuss the reality – a reality they’d prefer to deny.

        “Fact checking” mistakes like this only reinforce to ugly truth they don’t want to admit.

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      • donna kovacevic says:

        Good old Oleg Deripaska, the one, they all R and D celebrated No Name’s birthday in Kotor, Montenegro on a big beautiful yacht. I was in that area at the time. Lots of people talking there. Oleg kako ti ide haha.

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  5. citizen817 says:

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  6. citizen817 says:

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  7. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Chuckle Time—-

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  8. citizen817 says:

    Donald Trump Retweet

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  9. citizen817 says:

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  10. dogsmaw says:

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  11. citizen817 says:

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  12. citizen817 says:

    Donald Trump Retweet

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  13. citizen817 says:

    Donald Trump Retweet

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  14. citizen817 says:

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  15. dogsmaw says:

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Whoa — “Democrats” care about Jews now?

      Can OC explain to us how Ilhan Omar and Tlaib aren’t anti-semitics that OC fully supports?

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  16. citizen817 says:

    Donald Trump Retweet

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  17. citizen817 says:

    Donald Trump Retweet

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  18. citizen817 says:

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  19. citizen817 says:

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    • Dutchman says:

      And some are worried, that because our President has John Bolton as his National Security Advisor, that he is gonna get talked into a war with Iran.

      Sheesh,….not gonna happen. If anyone does ‘something stupid’ in ME, it will be Iran. But, they are bullies and bullies ALWAYS deal from enlightened self interest; they only strike when they believe their victim won’t strike back.

      And our VSG KNOWS that. Sleep sound, Treepers, PDJT has “got this”.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        “Experts” foreign affairs and defense are those that all agree with each other and support Democrats. There must be complete, homogeneous agreement to have sound Democrat policy which, by the way, explains their BIG TENT trip to totalitarianism.


    • Sentient says:

      “Swampman”. Love it. Biden was there when the spying started and when the coup attempt was hatched. By the time Barr is done, Biden will be damaged goods. They’ll be stuck with boring Kamala Harris or Buttgeek.

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    • jx says:

      > [I] smiled when he called Swampman Joe Biden a low IQ individual

      Bwahahahhahaha! Ho le fuk! God damn I love this man! He fights!!!

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  20. citizen817 says:

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  21. citizen817 says:

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  22. citizen817 says:

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    • dogsmaw says:


      • dogsmaw says:

        dang i missed the target

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        • Ferret2 says:

          The smartest woman in the world. Got her start trading cattle futures in the day. They said she could turn $2,000 into $100,000 in a couple of months. Now she is the world’s greatest philanthropist. Will probably be canonized while still alive and not even Catholic.

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          • Dutchman says:

            Burned alive, and not even Catholic, did you say?
            Alas, for the good old days, when people knew how to deal with absolute evil!
            Wooden stake thru the heart AND cut off the head and bury seperately, or burning at the stake.

            Too bad were too,…enlightened now adays,….

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        • sunnyflower5 says:

          Nope. Hillary the video wasn’t altered. The Speaker actually behaves that way. Your denial isn’t helpful.
          Hillary—if think you’re bold enough to dish it out- be bold enough to take it….no matter your ‘sex’.

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  23. citizen817 says:

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  24. dogsmaw says:

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    • Dutchman says:

      Unbeleivable. No concern about falsely accusing the POTUS of Treason, would have on the American people, or our relations with other countries, but exposing the truth about spying and treason within the FBI leadership might distract the “good men and women of the FBI from doing their F’ing JOBS?!

      Words fail to adequately and accurately describe this piece of excrement. In fact, calling Comey a piece of excrement, is an insult to good pieces of excrement everywhere!

      Thankfully, like Gollum, he still has a part to play in this unfolding mess. As JJ pointed out, EVERYONE is pointing a finger at him. And, knowing that might happen, he wrote (classified) self-serving ‘contemporaneous memos’, detailing every aspect, every conversation with ALL the other players.

      Its his ‘insurance policy’, and once you look past the self serving I did nothing wrong aspect, its a ROAD MAP for investigators to follow.

      So, keep talking and tweeting you arrogant hubris filled bag of wind.
      Your just putting the noose,around your own neck, and that of all your buddy.

      Please, please tell me you wrote about your conversations with Obama, and how you “vus juste vallowink orders!”

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  25. Grandma Covfefe says:

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  26. citizen817 says:

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  27. Grandma Covfefe says:

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  28. starfcker says:

    My sister spent her Saturday at Sarasota National Cemetery where Dad is buried, putting nice little flags in front of every headstone. She loves that kind of thing, and I’m quite proud of her. The place looks so nice when they dress it up for the holiday. And it’s big, two or three hundred acres, so it’s a lot of work. Her son is a Naval submarine officer, based right over the Florida line in Georgia. We are probably all going to meet over at the cemetery on Monday to visit Dad. We’ve had a couple big air shows over this way in the last month. I think one’s going on right now. Lots of cutting-edge fighters blasting around, I think they do it to stir up interest in the show, including an f-22, the first I’ve ever seen. It makes you realize how big a job it is, and how dangerous to keep a country like ours secure.

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      God bless your Dad, your sister, your nephew, and you, star… Happy Memorial Day… That F-22 is quite a sight, isn’t it? I worked much of my career on that weapon system and I’m proud of it… But not proud that we couldn’t get the DOD and Congress to press on and build more… We knew some day they would regret it… That day is today. Happy Memorial Day!

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    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      Great report, Star.
      God bless your family and your dad for his service. Your sister’s effort to honor the dead is a solemn acknowledgement of the importance of Memorial day.

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  29. hard masada says:

    be enlighten….

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  30. citizen817 says:

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  31. hard masada says:

    THIS A MUST download item YT tried to kill it but it is everywhere now

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  32. hard masada says:
    Video #1 Al Jazeera, Published on May 7, 2014, Video #2 Australia News Published on Apr 2, 2013, Video #3 Chinese news station. Published on Aug 31, 2018
    Instead we are fed this PROPAGANDA from the Lame, Tired Old press outlets. this video shows AMERICAN citizens trying to protect the country. The press does their news gathering of the backs of local reporters and Tech Tyranny Groups (aka social media) from the comfort of their east coast offices.

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  33. OhNoYouDont says:

    The #TrumpCup on display at the Palace Hotel in Tokyo before it heads to the sumo tournament later this afternoon where @POTUS will award it to maegashira wrestler Asanoyama. (Print pool photo by @katierogers)

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  34. citizen817 says:

    Judge Jeanine Pirro
    Opening Statement

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  35. dogsmaw says:

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  36. oldumb says:

    I am interested in knowing what other people think about the list below. If you could only get 1 and the other would go free, who would you want to taken down

    Obama or Clinton
    Lynch or Yates
    Brennen or Comey
    Bruce or Nellie
    Strozk or Page
    Simpson or Steele
    Rosenstein or McCabe

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  37. Time for a repost. Lynne Patton interviewed by Epoch Times:

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  38. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • joeknuckles says:

      Instead, Obama commissioned his IC (Idiot Children) to produce a propaganda piece that was represented as an intelligence report that concluded the Russians were helping Trump.

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  39. joeknuckles says:

    How about a 2020 Dem ticket of Icarus/Spartacus or Spartacus/Icarus?

    The Creepy Porn Lawyer needs to be included in any discussions or graphs about Democrat presidential candidates, just to rub their noses in it.

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  40. Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

    Remember the time Obutma begged Japan to allow him to apologize for Ending the war(Hiroshema)


  41. FL_GUY says:

    It really irks me how the media over here refuses to showcase Melania, who IMHO, is the most beautiful First Lady of my lifetime and I remember them beginning with Ike and also the former first ladies of FDR and HST who were still around in my childhood.

    I would like for the Trump campaign to put out a First Lady Melania calendar highlighting her fashion sense. Since Melania worked as a model, it would be an easy project. I would buy it in an instant. The people of the USA need to see this amazing woman that the media-rats are censoring, Melania Trump, the First Lady of the United States of America who is beautiful not only on the outside, but the inside as well. I suspect the calendar would sell over a million copies in short order. JMHO.

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  42. Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

    Remember the time Obutma begged Japan to allow him to apologize for Ending the war(Hiroshema)


  43. Troublemaker10 says:

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  44. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  45. Troublemaker10 says:

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  46. A2 says:

    CCP China Inc raising the bar on nasty, vitriolic and mendacity.

    (Commentary: Five World-wide Hazards of the United States Launching Trade War Against China)

    Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 25 (Reporter Zhou Wenqi, Wang Jianhua) The US government has not only launched a trade war with China, but also has been escalating in depth and breadth, and there has been a trend beyond the scope of trade disputes, which brings the world’s prospects More and more uncertainty has become a major bane that threatens global interests and human well-being.

    The US government’s thinking on China’s economic relations and trade bullying has produced or is currently producing five major world-wide hazards, affecting the international community’s perception and understanding of global governance and development.
    Rebounding world economic growth

    Trade growth is a key force driving global economic growth. However, the first major economy launched a trade war and a scientific and technological blockade against the second largest economy, leaving the world economy, which was originally in a difficult recovery, to face a crisis of recession.

    According to the latest UN forecast, the world economic growth rate will slow down to 2.7% in 2019, down by 0.3 percentage points from the forecast for the beginning of the year. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) also cut the estimate of global economic growth in 2019 by 0.3 percentage points.

    The World Trade Organization (WTO) has previously lowered its global trade growth forecast for 2019 from the previous 3.7% to 2.6%. The global trade sentiment index for the second quarter of this year has been at its lowest level since March 2010.
    US investment bank Morgan Stanley warned that if the United States imposes a 25% tariff on 200 billion US dollars of Chinese goods for three or four months, then the global economic growth rate may slow down by about 50 basis points to 2.7%.

    The countries of the world play a comparative advantage and cooperate with each other to form a global industrial chain, supply chain and value chain that operate efficiently. The United States actually increases taxes on all companies in the chain, forcing entrepreneurs to reduce investment, and the economic growth momentum is weakened.

    According to the analysis of the Japanese research institute Daiwa and the general research, Japanese companies will directly lose about 500 million US dollars due to Sino-US trade friction. French Finance Minister Bruno Lemer said that Sino-US trade friction will directly lead to a reduction in the circulation of goods and damage employment opportunities in Europe and France.

    Due to the deterioration of the world economic environment, some countries will have to relax monetary policy to stimulate their economic growth. This will fuel global debt accumulation, increase medium-term financial risks, and hinder the long-term healthy development of the world economy.

    Seriously undermine the international economic order
    The United States is the main founder of today’s international economic order and multilateral trading system. However, today it has become a major factor in undermining the international economic order, undermining the multilateral trading system, and disrupting the world economic governance system.

    Since the Second World War, a global rule-based international order, a multilateral system with the United Nations at its core, and a multilateral trading system with the WTO at its core have been gradually established. Under the premise of abiding by the basic framework of the international political and economic order, countries have opened up cooperation and achieved common development.

    However, the United States launched a trade war against China, inciting economic populism and counter-globalization to spread globally, posing a subversive threat to the international economic order. Once the foundation of the international economic order is completely destroyed, it will cause global economic activities to fall into turmoil and chaos, and damage the long-term development interests of all countries in the world.

    By circumventing the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, provoking economic and trade frictions according to domestic laws, and levying tariffs on Chinese goods on a large scale without WTO authorization or violations – this shows the US’s disregard of the multilateral trading system and its self-interest over international rules. The embarrassment above makes the international economic order face an unprecedented danger.

    What needs special attention is that the United States, which prides itself on “complete market economy,” also openly uses state power and technological advantages, and implements a technological embargo on Chinese technology companies such as Huawei in the name of “national security.” This is a ruthless trampling on the principles of market economy and the order of commercial civilization.

    The actions of the United States have already made some technology companies in other countries feel the fear of the cold weather and caused incalculable direct and indirect damage to the development of the world’s science and technology industry.
    Creating a new imbalance in the global economy

    The direct excuse for the United States to launch a trade war with China is “trade imbalance.” In fact, the root cause of the US trade deficit with China is caused by structural problems such as too much consumption and insufficient savings.

    If the United States does not focus on solving its own problems, it will impose high tariffs on goods from other countries such as China. The result will only be counterproductive.
    More seriously, the United States itself is one of the main causes of global economic imbalances. Its current practices will not only help the current global economic rebalancing, but will create a new global economic structural imbalance.

    The wrong behavior of the United States is putting many companies in a dilemma. In particular, many foreign companies in China may face cost increases caused by trade wars if they continue to stay in China. If they choose to leave, they may lose the Chinese market for a long time. Although the labor cost is lower in the transfer country, the infrastructure, business environment and industrial chain are far less complete than China.

    According to a survey conducted by the European Chamber of Commerce, about one-third of entrepreneurs surveyed believe that Sino-US economic and trade friction is their biggest concern. The uncertainty of Sino-US economic and trade relations makes it more difficult for companies to make business decisions. A serious negative impact has come.

    A major source of structural imbalances in the global economy is the fact that the global industrial division of labor is not rational enough.
    Some manufacturing economies that are downstream of the value chain are engaged in manufacturing and processing, resulting in excessive competition and overcapacity due to lower barriers to entry.

    Some advanced economies, which are at the high end of the value chain, use technological monopoly advantages and global pricing powers to extract too much interest and hinder the process of transformation and upgrading of developing economies.
    The direct impact and derivative effects of the US trade war against China and some of the technological embargoes are creating new distortions and creating new structural imbalances in the world economy.

    “Destructive government variables”
    According to the common sense of political economy, a government should be the subject of dealing with unstable factors, and should not become an unstable factor. Obeying the rules and attaching importance to commitments can enable different individuals, groups and countries to form extensive cooperation, and it is the main feature of human beings entering civilized society.
    Given the proportion of the world economy and the right to speak in the international political and economic governance system, the United States should have made a positive contribution to the prosperity and stability of the world. However, the United States has taken a series of acts of dishonesty in disregard of the internationally accepted norms that countries have accepted and generally followed, making itself a serious “destructive variable”.

    The U.S. government’s erratic and profit-seeking features are exposed in Sino-US trade negotiations, and the uncertainties in its manufacturing communications have seriously disrupted the expectations and behavior of global market players.

    Previously, from the withdrawal of UNESCO, the UN Human Rights Council and other international organizations, to the withdrawal of the Paris Climate Agreement, the Iranian nuclear comprehensive agreement, the China-Treaty Treaty and other international treaties, the “American priority” led to a series of destructive acts against the world. The situation of peaceful development constitutes a serious impact.

    Obviously, the United States is becoming a “black swan” with high vigilance in the international community and a “grey rhinoceros” with strict precautions.
    Indiscriminate violation of economic sovereignty of other countries

    At the negotiating table, the US government proposed a number of arrogant demands to China, including restricting the development of state-owned enterprises. Obviously, this is beyond the scope and scope of trade negotiations and touches on China’s basic economic system.
    This shows that behind the United States launching a trade war against China, it is trying to invade China’s economic sovereignty and force China to damage its core interests.

    In the 1974 Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States adopted by the United Nations, it has clearly stated that “Every country has full and permanent sovereignty over all its wealth, natural resources and economic activities, including ownership, use and disposal rights, and Freedom to exercise this sovereignty.”

    For example, after World War II, the international trade system led by the United States encouraged developed economies to transfer technology to developing economies to form a “technology spillover” effect, to adapt to their own economic and social changes, and to take advantage of the low-cost advantages of developing countries’ production. Strong complementarity with its strong capital and advanced technology advantages.

    The Chinese government encourages foreign investment in the process of technical cooperation based on voluntary principles and business rules. The conditions for technical cooperation are determined by the parties to the investment in an equal and fair manner.
    It can be seen that with regard to technology transfer, the Chinese government does not have mandatory institutional and systemic behaviors, but practices that are reasonably standardized and in line with the market economy.

    However, the United States has given China a “compulsory technology transfer” hat, forcing China to change the relevant development path.
    Other countries have also suffered. The U.S. government frequently uses “long arm jurisdiction” and requires entities or individuals in other countries to obey their domestic laws, or they will be penalized for inclusion in the “list of entities.”

    According to statistics, as of August last year, the number of entities listed on the “Entity List” of the US Department of Commerce reached 1,013.
    This is actually part of the evidence that the United States has violated the economic sovereignty of other countries.”
    Editor: Jin Jinfu

    Sorry for the length of the translation, but I thought you should get the full monty of hypocrisy. They can stand on their heads and scream bloody hell, but no one is buying that they didn’t bring this on themselves.

    Here’s the original source, i.e. you won’t find it in English from Xinhua official CCP mouthpiece

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  47. Ad rem says:

    Here’s a photo of the security line at the Kokugikan…. stretching from the station, to Edo-Tokyo museum, then back and through the front gates. Crazy!

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