Massive Victory for Conservative Nationalists in European Elections…

Polls are all closed.  Election results are beginning to come in fast.  The overall result in the European (EU) Parliamentary Election reflects massive gains for conservative nationalists in Italy, Greece, France, Poland, Hungary, Austria, U.K. and others…

Over 400 million people can vote in 28 countries, seven of which held ballots between Thursday and Saturday, with the remainder voting today, Sunday.

Source Feeds: Here (BBC) and Here (Reuters) and Here and Here and Here (UK centric)

♦In France Marine Le Pen has defeated the party led by Emmanuel Macron. Exit polls in France indicated that Marine Le Pen’s far-right, anti-immigrant National Rally party came out on top in an astonishing rebuke of French President Emmanuel Macron, who has made EU integration the heart of his presidency (link).

♦In Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is likely to call a snap general election in June, after the opposition party took the lead.

♦Poland’s ruling nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party is expected to come first in the election with 42.4% of the vote.

♦Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, was expected to win 56% of votes, state television reported.

♦Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz leading with support for Kurz’s conservative People’s Party, at 34.5%.

♦In Italy Matteo Salvini’s far-right League is now emerging as Italy’s largest party, and the 5-Star Movement has lost a third of its voters over the course of a year.

♦Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing coalition, the CDU/CSU, has lost multiple seats now dropping to a projected 28 (out of 96).

♦In the U.K. Nigel Farage Brexit Party is crushing the traditional political classes. With 100 of 373 counts complete, the brand new Brexit Party is in the lead with 31.9%, crushing the two largest parties,Conservatives and Labour, who are down 12-14% each so far.

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376 Responses to Massive Victory for Conservative Nationalists in European Elections…

  1. sundance says:

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    • So now what will happen?

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      • Patrick healy says:

        Sorry to be a curmudgeon, but this voting for the European so called ineffectual parliament does not make a blind bit of difference here in Britain.
        What matters is the upcoming leadership contest in the Tory party and the (probable) subsequent general election to try and keep the Stalinist Corbyn out of Downing Street.
        If the result of the referendum 3 years ago had been honoured we would not have voted in this European election.
        It is the unelected EU commissioners who rule the EU – the EU parliament is only allowed to endorse the commissioners decisions and rarely refuse to do as they are told.
        If and when we leave the EU good old Nigel and his merry band will be out of a job.
        What we need is for him and his party to stand at the next general election and win a majority.
        Then we may see some progress over here.
        So sadly all that has happened is that the realists have given the ruling elite a bloody nose .
        One of the worrying results is the large number of young green turkeys who have voted for Christmas all over Europe. The indoctrination of the schools and ‘my’ deluded Pope is working well on the young generation who are members of the global warming cult.

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    • Globalism is DEAD! And good riddance to them!

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  2. merlintobie says:

    President Trump is not only saving America

    he is saving the entire Western World

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    • nats1mom says:

      I really thought this day would never come! Citizens of these countries DO have a voice. I am thrilled to hear this and, yes, “he is saving the entire Western World.” Time to celebrate with a glass of wine.

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    • Rgt says:

      Exactly. Trump has shown if you have a spine, you can rule yourself. Since the escalator ride I marveled at this man’s courage, stamina and intelligence. He has exposed the elites globally for the corrupted manipulative inbreds they are.

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    • Deplorable Canuck says:

      Believe it. It is True. In a sense he’s our President too! Very grateful you American’s voted him in!

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      • Peppurr says:

        Agree! Now all we need to do is vote out Trudy, I don’t watch Canadian news anymore. I just googled and saw that Conservatives swept up Alberta. Of course we have Ford in Ontario. Are you experiencing the same thing as me, whereby I can’t even talk to longtime friends about Trump?


    • Yippeekiyay says:

      merlintobie, President Trump is amazing! The world will be a better place thanks to him.

      I also give sundance a huge amount of credit for helping people around the world find their voice! Hear them sing! ❤❤❤❤❤

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      • LafnH20 says:

        “Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” – Henry Van Dyke

        Chirp On… I say!!

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    • cccp3-o says:

      That is the idea!


    • David A says:

      The entire western world?

      More. True globalism is respect for all cultures, not melting them all into some Godless Statist vision of utopia. So not just the West – Trump is very popular in India. Remember the Indian community in Florida have him the nod. Modi is an India nationalist. And in Japan, the same with Abe. Trump is trying to separate N.K. from the yoke of

      True globalism is respect for disparate cultures – going to India, Japan, Russia, China, France, Germany, Britan, etc… and seeing, enjoying and experiencing the positive and unique aspect of those nations.

      To this end the principles of the Republic of the U.S.- weak central government and local – regional government and individual liberty, are a necessary yet forgotten component for a truly peaceful world.

      It appears that Donald Trump is the catalyst that is inspiring this rejection of global statists, and this appreciation of national identity, not the identity of us against the world, but of appreciation of the disparate positive qualities of God’s children, related in many different nations.

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    • RLTW says:

      President Trump has taken measures to save the Western world. But ultimately to save the Western world WW III is going to be fought. WW III will be a race war, compliments of the left. Recognize the current situation:

      The left has purposely flooded Western Europe with tens of millions of muslims who never had any intention of assimilating. The left has purposely flooded the USA with tens of millions of illiterate, non-English speaking illegals with sub-90 IQs who are incapable of assimilating, learning English or ever becoming productive citizens.

      Allow me to make a blatantly racist yet true statement: The left’s agenda is to brown us up and dumb us down. Sub-90 IQ cholaso morons are the only people who would vote for someone like socialist Maduro. That’s exactly why the Democrat socialists seek to flood our Country with these illegal cholaso invaders. They will vote for Bernie Sanders.

      So that’s the score. The left has convinced us to allow this to happen here in the USA and in Western Europe for decades as a result of the “politically correct” mindset. We simply cannot deny entry of these “dreamers” because “that’s not who we are.”

      But white guilt has worn thin. We have begun to recognize the real agenda. These “dreamers” speak of a “re-conquista” Ilham Omar declares that the USA will not be a “white country.” Erdogan orders all of the muslim invaders of Europe to have 4-5 kids and declares that Europe will be usurped by the muslims.

      How do these statements amount to anything other than outright declarations of war against the White Race, Western Civilization and Christianity by invaders who were welcomed with open arms onto White soil by White men who genuinely wanted to help these inferior cultures become successful?

      Follow this to it’s logical end. The next World War will be a race war. The pressure imposed upon the White race by the left has resurrected an instinctual destiny, a mantle that White men had disavowed in hopes of bringing all races into the circle. This utopian dream is all but gone. And once it decisively breaks the other way…woe betide the invaders. Can anyone out there please explain to me why I am wrong. I would love to be wrong.


      • David A says:

        Because the world is full of people who are better then that. The Islamist ideology is the most difficult nut to crack here. Millions of brown Americans are ever more leary of statism. Millions of blacks Americans are walking away from the tyrannical left. Hundreds of millions in India like Trump. The Hindu community in Florida gave Florida to Trump. Millions of non-white all over the world are turning from the haters.

        Of course humans have a dark side. How we respond to the hate matters.


        • RLTW says:

          The White American heterosexual Christian Man has been nothing other than generous, tolerant and accepting. A 16 year old boy was just hacked to death with machetes by MS-13 DACA “Dreamers” on the trail where I do my run every Sunday.

          The time of White tolerance and generosity is over. And we know that Hindus are not doing these things. Illegal Hispanics and muslims are the problem.


          • Dennis Leonard says:

            Sir ,I am sorry but you sound a little whack a doodle ,if this below is true,how will they know or have the right to vote for Bernie,
            “The left’s agenda is to brown us up and dumb us down. Sub-90 IQ cholaso morons are the only people who would vote for someone like socialist Maduro. That’s exactly why the Democrat socialists seek to flood our Country with these illegal cholaso invaders. They will vote for Bernie Sanders.”


      • spoogels says:



  3. sundance says:

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  4. sundance says:

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  5. Dav says:

    wow the whole world is inspired to stop the madness

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  6. Akindole says:

    Looks like the villagers are becoming restless…all over.

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  7. TreeClimber says:

    I’m confused on France. Is Macron himself up for re-election or just his party, or… what?

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  8. Retired USMC says:

    History in the making…and it all started with the best POTUS evea!

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    • ristvan says:

      Yes. This was inevitable once PDJT said, I am the AMERICAN president, so America First. You guys do likewise, and we will do great bilateral deals.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      And a U.S.A. leading *FROM THE FRONT*. As in: We The People, Shining City Upon A Hill, and all that. Nobody in the world forget ever forgets, it seems: freedom is always possible if you try hard enough. And look how easy it is?

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      • Bubba Cow says:

        still got a lot of work ahead with education and media in America
        that’s where it will get ugly

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        • mr.piddles says:

          And “education starts at home”. It’s about cultivating Free Thinkers, first and foremost. But yeah… bit of an uphill climb with what’s been allowed to take root over the decades.

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        • livefreeordieguy says:

          Indeed we do, Bubba… How have we conservatives allowed these Moonbats to get so deeply rooted in the media and the education system over the past half century? Every aspiring dictator knows well that first, control the media… then, control the schools… and soon after you’ll control everything. We’ve allowed things to go so ridiculously far… Thank God PDJT has now put his foot in the aisle for the whole world… Hopefully things are not too far gone.


  9. TheTorch says:

    Looking good for BREXIT party in UK, above 30%+ and the Conservatives are getting creamed. Could be one of their worst results ever in an EU Election. Labour also doing badly, one interesting side note, is that Change UK which are pro-eu remainers, also ex lab/con mps, are getting about the same votes and % as the now irrelevant UKIP, so they are basically canceling out each other LOL 🙂

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  10. Landslide says:

    Posted in main thread, but worth bringing over!!!! 🎉👍🏻🎉👍🏻

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  11. OhNoYouDont says:

    Le Pen first in France
    Salvini first in Italy
    Farage first in Britain

    It’s almost as if people don’t like the EU

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  12. NC Patriot says:

    Who says the world is not watching–or dislikes our VSG ? In spite of the global press, the forgotten are waking up !

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  13. Carson Napier says:

    First DJT and now this. Deja vu all over again?

    Reagan A New Breed Of [Nationalist] Populist (March 27, 1980])/a>

    The mood of the country is one of reform, of distrust of the old system that has brought turmoil, unease, inflation. We seem to want change for change’s sake. The old formula of a free lunch for everyone is bankrupt.

    Reagan likely will be the catalyst for change.

    Not many political pundits have yet grasped the fundamental reason why the former union leader-actor-governor might move forward as the exponent of this new mood.

    The significant fact of Reagan’s candidacy is that he operates from center ground. He is not – repeat, not – a “conservative” as the east coast columnists like to declare – as if that label was some kind of epithet.

    Reagan is a new breed of [nationalist] populist. Sooner or later the worn out politicos who have dominated the Washington scene for four sorry decades will have to deal with Reagan on that basis.

    I’ve seen Reagan in action, before live audiences and on television. He’s better when he is eye-balling it. He speaks to the working man, the truly needy on welfare, the craftsman, the small businessman. It is this majority that elected him governor of California for eight years.

    The so called “fat cats” don’t know Reagan. He castigates big business, big labor and big government indiscriminately. Employees, rank-and-file union members and overburdened tax payers are his main source of support.

    The commentators move with similar haste to cut down Reagan as a man with no issues. Yet, his issues are plain and appealing to a large number of Americans [and Europeans] .

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  14. Ilcon says:

    Trichet is a_____________ Junker, Soetoro, Clinton. …….. douchebag

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    • 7delta says:

      After calling the people a minority of nationalist, protectionists and xenophobes, he and his ilk are getting their butts kicked. But, according to him, isn’t democracy great?  Yeah, especially when the “minority” votes beat the “majority.” Poor guy. He seems to have trouble translating words from tyrannical to No more, EU. He appeared a tad discombobulated. 

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  15. Andy says:

    It shows that the peoples of the EU are way smarter than the politicians who are willing to conduct a social experiment which impacts them little and the common man greatly. Why the fuck would you ever allow people into your country who will not assimilate, not work, drain your welfare system, accost women and try to wage war against you? Its nuts. But politicians, until now, were not able to see what the common man on the street witnessed daily.

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  16. Nan says:

    President Trump is having a global impact! His leadership, vision, and courage have breathed life into a dying Europe. He has restored hope at home and abroad. People want independence, opportunity, and freedom not more government. Freedom has trumped tyranny!!

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    • Dutchman says:

      I am ecstatic, but would put it differently. DJT did NOT ‘start’this movement, and I believe he would be FIRST to say so.
      Nationalist Populism has been around a LOOOooong time. WE existed before DJT, and we’ll exist after.

      DJT isn’t even the first, to give us voice as a leader. As pointed out in post above, Reagan was DJT’s IDEOLOGICAL “Father”, Goldwater his “Grandfather”, Perot perhaps an older brother.

      And the elections in EU today confirm, we are LEGION. WE are a partvof something special; a,WORLD WIDE movement rejecting global marxist ideology,…”collectivism”, ….”elitism”,…

      And Merkel,May,Macron Obama and Hillary are all crying in their beer, tonite, and I’m hoisting a toast!

      It ain’t the war, buts its a battle! A resounding Victory for deplorables thecworld over, and yes as in 2016 and with original Brexit, something which confirms DON’T listen to the polls and pundits; WE are NOT alone!

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      • Ghost says:

        @ Dutchman:

        might want to add. Eisenhower and Coolidge to that list.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Can’t list em ALL, bunch of guys,…signed a parchment, like,…over 200 years ago. Declaring,…something or other. They were all nationalist/populists, too. Were in favor of Tariffs too, as I recall?
          Jackson, mayhaps,…Lincoln?

          When in the coarse of human events,….the most respectful, polite F.U. letter ever written,….

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      • amjean says:

        Yeah, right; but, who got it done? President Trump, that’s who got it done!
        Don’t ever forget it. Don’t belittle it; don’t give too much credit to others, although
        they certainly deserve some. However, if it wasn’t for President Trump…..I rest my case!


    • NOT ONLY THAT…but PDJT is in JAPAN when all of this is happening…This is going to draw some more swamp out…and then…PULL THE PLUG!!!

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  17. CNN_sucks says:

    Soros is the biggest loser.

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  18. Suzanne says:

    It would appear that PDJT was a gift from God not only for us but also for all those being squashed by the globalist tyrants world wide.
    Thank you Lord.

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    • sharon goodson says:

      Try this for spin.
      Brexit Party winning the European Elections by a HUGE margin.
      To avoid acknowledging this, the state broadcaster and others are adding up the cumulative votes for all other Remain parties. Absolutely bonkers.

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      • I am sure Nigel will fight this!


      • strateshooter says:

        it is OK for them to that …it still shows the UK is 50/50split Leave or Remain. That is just a fact.
        Get this though > for a NATIONAL ELECTION (not EU like today) we employ a first past the post system for 650 districts. Most votes in each district wins.
        Farage Party would have smashed it tonite in a UK general election because all the remain party votes are split between 5 parties.
        I reckon he would have won 400 of the 650 seats , and would be Prime Minister tomorrow morning.

        Nigel Farage is a huge , perhaps biggest , force in UK politics as of right now.


    • decisiontime16 says:

      “Italy’s interior minister, Matteo Salvini, says the European parliamentary vote shows “that the rules are changing in Europe.”

      Salvini told supporters at party headquarters in Milan early Monday that the results of Europe’s four-day vote show that “a new Europe is born. I will say to those who have sunk the European dream, transforming it into a nightmare, that I am proud that the League participated in this new rebirth of a sunken Europe.”

      By Associated Press
      May 26 at 8:01 PM

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  20. WeThePeople2016 says:

    They are not happy. Trying to downplay the results.

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  21. ladyliberty11 says:

    Thank you, Lord, for men and women like President Donald J. Trump, Nigel Farage and Marie Le Pen. Am so proud to share their heritage.

    Freedom is written in our blood, our hearts, our very souls. Nothing can extinguish it. When brave leaders arise, we will answer the call. Amen.

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  22. Deplore Able says:

    President Trump declared a state of emergency in Europe and ordered 7 cargo ships filled with Winnamins to leave immediately.

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  23. Bigly says:

    How does the man in the video say, “ yea but it’s no way going to change anything, the globalists are still in charge?”

    Voice of the people can only be ignored for so long…

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    • Mom4Trump2020 says:

      Yes I heard that too. What does he mean?? Someone from Europe know??

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    • WES says:

      Bigly: The guy is right, sadly. The globalists still control the EU. This amounts to only a protest vote that will be totally ignored.


      • Dekester says:

        Wes, I doubt it. I have a brother in Eastern England, successful in every way. He tells me things are at a boiling point and these results, while seemingly “ a protest vote” have stunned the “ ruling class” Particularly the massive turnout, and the depth and breadth of the vote.

        The Region voted over 50% Brexit, these folks are solidly Conservative, and despise May and her ilk.

        This election has changed the entire political landscape of Europe. Individual M.P.s are being hounded by their constituents. The U.S. citizens are to be commended in voting for PDJT, but are naive in their beliefs of the two party system.

        You have one party, and could never pull off what Farage did in six weeks.

        We’ll see, but things are really changing.

        God bless PDJT

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  24. Paul B. says:

    Glory to God. This is the way to do it.

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  25. teaforall says:

    New Slogan
    Times are changing and people around the world are making their voices heard

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  26. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  27. NJF says:

    Watching BBC and they keep saying “these are only exit polll #s”

    Yet I keep seeing results on twitter saying x% votes in. SMH

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  28. Query says:

    Sigh. These Euro-plebs don’t understand that a State collective run by ex (?) Communist Party bureaucrats is the only moral choice. Freedom of choice and action are just so reactionary.

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    • 7delta says:

      The sovereignty of nations that has existed since the beginning is now suddenly…radical. Sure, uh huh. It ain’t us. They are the radicals…the globalists’ jesters. 

      In every nation, praise the Lord and let the people say, “Let my people go!”

      Psalms 92: 6: A brutish man knoweth not; neither doth a fool understand this.

      7: When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever:

      8: But thou, Lord, art most high for evermore.

      9: For, lo, thine enemies, O Lord, for, lo, thine enemies shall perish; all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered.

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  29. Shop says:

    Even with the good showing by the “populists” the EU parliament majority will continue to remain with the mainstream pro-EU center-right & center-left.


  30. justlizzyp says:

    Wow, those Russian backed Macedonian content farmers have been busy

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    • Dutchman says:

      Perhaps it was all those who lied to the pollsters, cause they didn’t wanna sound rasissst?

      Or perhaps,women who voted how their men TOLD them to?

      Or perhaps its people who are not interested in exchanging liberty for security, realising they get neither?

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      • justlizzyp says:

        Yes, all of that PLUS RUSSIANS!!!!! It can’t possibly be that a significant number of voters might dare to vote against the leadership that so clearly knows what is best for them. 😉


    • woohoowee says:



  31. bcsurvivor2 says:

    I am so completely stoked in seeing these results. I am laughing and clapping.
    I absolutely dig our President Trump.
    (K, I’m 63yo former valley girl)
    How awesome is this?

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  32. drdeb says:

    Thank you God for these results! Please pray for President Trump in his current overseas trip and especially as he goes to the UK. As sealed indictments are released, the deep state will go nuts. Franklin Graham has asked Christian churches to pray for President Trump on June 2. I pray for him every day and I plan to double up on June 2.

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    • NC Mom says:

      I saw that he had and think it is a marvelous idea! Marking June 2nd to try that day to “pray without ceasing” for PDJT beyond normal prayers.

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  33. labrat says:

    I don’t understand European elections at all. Anyone have a good source for Europeans elections for dummies?

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  34. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  35. TheTorch says:

    Great result for BREXIT in South West UK. Conservatives 0 MEPs and BREXIT +3 ! LOL 🙂

    Also Ann Widdecombe elected and is one of those new 3 BREXIT MEPs, she was a Conservative and Thatcherite, but now stands for the BREXIT party…

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  36. woohoowee says:

    History will record President Donald J. Trump45 as one of the best loved men in the world 🙂

    Go Nigel! And Italy, and Hungary, and France and every one!

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  37. Bill_M says:

    Is it too early to say this?


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  38. Conversefive says:

    Wondering if the whole spygate fiasco played any part in this. Would make sense ppl from the countries embroiled in the fiasco would think if it can happen in US is can happen there.

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  39. sundance says:

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  40. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  41. sundance says:

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  42. sundance says:

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    • GrandpaM says:

      Creepy Joe says, “Theresa, let me show you a magic trick. You feel my finger?”
      May, “Yes.”
      Creepy Joe, “Behold my hands.”


  43. sundance says:

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  44. alliwantissometruth says:

    What happened?

    You mean allowing the globalist elite to control your countries isn’t cool anymore?

    Giving away your sovereignty and your children’s futures isn’t hip anymore?

    Allowing third world savages to displace you and remake your societies isn’t the in thing anymore?

    Being weak willed and feeble minded brainwashed nitwits is out of fashion?

    Hmm, maybe there’s hope for this world yet. Now, if we can just get the American democrat and RINO voting nitwits on board, we just might get somewhere

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  45. TheTorch says:

    LOL 🙂

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  46. archie says:

    Whoa Nellie! Hold on here… It seems the Greens have won big gains as well so are the results that fantastic?
    “With double-digit scores across Europe’s biggest countries including a stunning 20 percent in Germany, the Greens bagged record gains in European elections on Sunday with younger voters leading calls for action to halt global warming.”

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    • NJF says:

      I was going to ask is the Green Party Crazy Like here?

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    • TheTorch says:

      Not surprising. The Global Warming Hoax is day in day out across Europe, so if the Green parties are do well anywhere it will be in EU Elections. They are also a useful protest vote, for people who don’t want to vote for the Establishment parties, but are more left wing, so won’t support a right party.

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    • Arrest Soros says:

      Just a reminder to all Treepers that “Green” as a political ideology was started by one Adolf in the 1930’s.
      That’s why if you scratch a ‘greenie’, you’ll expose a fascist.


  47. Davey says:

    I am so afraid that when it comes to Canada’s turn, we will stupidly stay with a left/Liberal federal government to balance out all the (evil) Conservative provincial governments.

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