White House Provides Background Info For President and First-Lady State Visit to Japan…

The White House provided a background presser for information about President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s upcoming state visit to Japan.  [Transcript below] There are some interesting aspects to the itinerary as outlined; however, first, it’s important to emphasize the context.

As CTH shared earlier: At the highest levels of finance and business; in a process within both private industry and the geopolitical realm of government; a key aspect to every long-term strategic reset is the formation of an alliance.  Every successful titan of industry who has structurally changed history has influenced an alliance toward the effort.

I strongly suspect, in anticipation of the China confrontation; and considering the scale of the consequences therein; President Trump selected Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as the center of an Indo-Pacific alliance (several years ago).  With the knowledge of USTR Lighthizer heading to Japan with an advance trade team…. now consider:

Via Teleconference – 2:31 P.M. EDT – PRESS OFFICER: Good afternoon, everybody. I’m happy you all could join. We have with us today [senior administration official]. He’ll be providing some brief remarks about the President’s upcoming trip to Japan and a few Q&A afterwards. This will be on background and you can attribute what he says to a senior administration official.

The time is going to be extremely limited, so we ask that you limit the questions to the trip itself. And we’ll take as many of those as we can in the time that’s allotted for us.

If there’s any questions or concerns following, or, you know, follow up or anything like this, I think most of you would have our contact at NSC press. Please reach out to me or to that distribution and we’ll take care of that.

With that, I’ll turn to my colleague for a few opening remarks and then we’ll do the Q&A.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Great. Thanks. And thanks for dialing in this afternoon, everybody. So the President and the First Lady will be traveling to Japan this Saturday, May 25th, and returning to the U.S. on Tuesday, May 28th.

As Japan’s first state guests following the enthronement of His Majesty Emperor Naruhito on the first of May, this visit by the President comes really at a historic moment in Japan and it demonstrates that the alliance between the United States and Japan has never been stronger.

The alliance serves as the cornerstone of peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region. The United States’ and Japan’s shared vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific serves as the foundation for a global partnership that strengthens security, prosperity, and a rules-based order around the world.

After his arrival on Saturday night, the President is going to meet informally with Prime Minister Abe on Sunday, and also join him that day in watching a sumo wrestling match.

On Monday, the President will have a state call on Their Majesties, the Emperor and Empress, followed by bilateral meetings with Prime Minister Abe and his team.

That evening, the Imperial Family will host the President and the First Lady at a state banquet.

The President and the First Lady will bid farewell to Their Majesties in the morning, on Tuesday, and then they will proceed — the President will proceed to the Yokosuka U.S. Naval Base where he will honor our troops for Memorial Day.

So, with that, I’d be happy to entertain some questions.

Q Hi, this is Steve Herman, Voice of America. I’m wondering if we’re going to have any deliverables on trade or on defense issues as a result of this visit.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Yeah, Steve, thanks for that. In terms of deliverables, there’ll be some things coming out over the course of the visit. The President and Prime Minister Abe will likely hold a joint press conference where they’ll have some very interesting announcements covering, really, the range of the relationship. Thanks.

Q Hi, this is Katie Rogers with The New York Times. I’m wondering if you can go into the Tuesday visit to the base at all. Is the President expected to tour any vessels or look at any equipment? I’m just kind of wondering what he is going to say in terms of security there and the alliance there, and what he’ll actually be doing at the base.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Sure. Yeah. You know, he’s going to have a chance to see the base, see one of our warships. He’ll have the chance to address troops, to talk about Memorial Day, but also really to talk about the strength of the Japan alliance, to talk about the importance of the alliance in deterring aggression in the region, and also to highlight the regional but also global nature of the partnership between Japan and the U.S.

So we’ll have more details in coming days on the exact schedule there.

Q Thanks again for doing the call. I wanted to follow up on the more cultural aspect. You said that they’ll have an informal activity on Sunday. We’re all assuming that’s golf. But if you could confirm.

And secondly, he’s supposed to attend, as you mentioned, the sumo match, but there are some reports that that’s now in question because of security. So I was wondering if you could also speak to that and confirm that the sumo is on.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Yeah, thanks for the question. The full detailed schedule will come out a little bit later when we get closer to the day.

But the sumo event is very much on. I am not aware of the reports that you mentioned. This is what’s called the Spring Basho Sumo Tournament. It’s a major sumo tournament. The President will have the opportunity to see some of the matches together with the Prime Minister. Thanks.

Q Hi, this is Jeff Mason with Reuters. Two follow-ups. One, can you say anything more about what’s expected to come in terms of trade? Will there will be an agreement this weekend, which had been reported at one point?

And secondly, regarding the sumo, can you give us any color about the Trump Cup and what the President plans to bring to that?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: I missed the last part of your question you said about sumo. Could you repeat that?

Q The first question was about trade. Do you expect to have an agreement? And the second one was about what he’s bringing to the sumo wrestling match.

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Right. Okay. You know, on trade, our trade and investment relations with Japan have, really, never been stronger. And the President intends to promote bilateral, free, and fair trade. It’s something he’s been doing consistently in his meetings with the Japanese.

I don’t think that the purpose of this trip is to focus on trade. It’s really to be state guests of Their Majesties. And that’s really the heart of the visit. It’s a celebration of their new roles and this new era that’s been kicked off — the Reiwa era — and a chance to celebrate the alliance.

And I don’t have any details for you on other aspects of the sumo match at the moment.

Q Hey, this is Ashley Parker from The Washington Post. It sounds like this trip, as you’ve described it, and what we’ve heard from others, is sort of more ceremonial than substantive and policy oriented. So considering the President is heading back to Japan for the G20 in just about a month, can you sort of explain the White House and the President’s thinking behind why he accepted this trip and what he hopes to get out of it?

SENIOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICIAL: Yeah. I don’t want to give the impression that it won’t be substantive. It’s going to cover quite a broad range of topics in the relationship. There will be some substantive things to announce. So there will be ceremony but there will also be substance in this visit.

And remember, this is the second time that President Trump has met with Prime Minister Abe in the space of a month. He’ll be visiting again, as you mentioned — he’ll be going to Osaka, for the G20, in late June.

So three visits in both directions in a short amount of time is really emblematic of just how close the relationship is. I mean, President Trump and Prime Minister Abe have met or spoken more than 40 times since President Trump was elected. That is absolutely unprecedented in terms of just of the frequency and substance of all of their interactions.

Prime Minister Abe, you’ll remember, he was the first world leader to meet with President Trump. And now President Trump is going to be the first world leader to meet with the new emperor. So they’ll have plenty of substance to discuss and some things to announce as well.

END 2:41 P.M. EDT

All of the geopolitical indicators are present…. and it is important to remember that historic trilateral Buenos Aires summit between President Trump, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and India’s Prime Minister Modi.

Taken in totality with the November 2017 “Golden Ticket” tour of Asia, it looks like President Trump structured two facets of the Indo-Pacific alliance, as far back as 2017, to be a hedge against China.

It appears that President Trump started his administration with a plan for a broad alliance of ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) to replace the U.S. economic engagement with China.  More specifically, it appears to me that President Trump is using Japan as the fulcrum, and repaying Shinzo Abe by working with Modi (India) to open up the India economy.

There’s a similar precedent for this.  Historically, think about how the U.S. helped Canada by using the scale of the U.S. economy to open trade doors, and then leveraging the engaged country to also permit Canadian benefit (entry).

It looks like President Trump is using the ASEAN and Indo-Pacific alliance as the hedge against China.  Japan is key for this to work; and then Trump repays Japan by opening up the U.S. for India exports, and in turn India opens for Japanese imports.

♦Economic security is national security. ♦The KORUS (South Korea-U.S.) trade deal was already reached last year.  ♦Japan essentially controls the TPP group. ♦A new trilateral alliance resets global supply chains (disrupting One Belt/One Road); and yet retains the value of regional manufacturing (Vietnam, Philippines, S-Korea, etc).

If my spidey-sense is correct, Shinzo Abe will be very open to Trump’s unilateral trade requests (perhaps Monday announcement) because Abe sees an enlarging Japanese GDP through new accessibility to India.  It’s a win-win-win.

Trump opens up for India (Indo-Pacific).

India opens up for Japan (Indo-Pacficic).

Japan increases investment in U.S.A. [(U.S-Japan trade agreement); and with new focus on national security, an expanded Japanese GDP permits security purchases from U.S.A.]

Meanwhile, China is sad panda.

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114 Responses to White House Provides Background Info For President and First-Lady State Visit to Japan…

  1. TreeperInTraining says:

    While Trump is colluding with Japan, Biden’s buddies in China will likely be spying…I mean listening to all of his calls and watching him (for his own good, of course).

    It’s deja vu all over again.


    Poor China.

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  2. JoD says:

    Can’t wait to see what FLOTUS is wearing….such a treat!

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  3. The Boss says:

    China isn’t a sad panda. It’s a panda carcass.
    The Indo-Pacific vultures are ready to feast.
    And at the end of the day, we in the US won’t notice much price-wise.
    This counts as a win in my book.

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    • Sofa King says:

      One Ace in panda deck:

      The S. China Sea.
      That investment in island building is about to give them leverage over India, Japan AND U.S.A.


      • USTerminator says:

        Those islands are not as value as Panda thinks. In peace time those islands suppose to serve China to make SCS as China lake. US Continues to do freedom of navigation OPS which render these islands minimal values. In war time, these islands are impossible to defense and will be the first casualty of war. So I don’t think they are ACE in panda deck

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        • Maquis says:

          Just a bunch of immobile opportunities for China to make a really big mistake.

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        • G. Willikers says:

          Japan, Vietnam, and the Phillipines are forming their own version of China’s anti-access area denial strategy to counter China. Japan has several islands where anti-ship and anti-air missile batteries can be deployed. Vietnam has been buying quiet Russian diesel submarines and China’s shiny new aircraft carriers make big juicy targets.


        • jbrickley says:

          The islands would make for excellent target practice. They would be wiped out in less than an hour in any major conflict rendering them useless. Sea ports and airstrips obliterated.


    • Ilcon says:



  4. JoD says:

    We really want to see what FLOTUS is wearing.

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  5. 4EDouglas says:

    With all that “Long March ” Bravo Sierra coming out of China , my guess is china knws there is going to be a degradation in the economy. Ours and the rest of Asia-not so much.
    The Chinese know this-and they now have a large (for them) Middle class…

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  6. Ad rem says:

    Donald Trump to present trophy to winner of Summer Grand Sumo Tournament

    “I’ve always found (sumo) fascinating. So, in fact, we’re having a trophy made in this country. We’re going to give the trophy to the winner of the championship,” Trump said ahead of the bilateral meeting.

    The name of the new trophy has yet to be determined, with “the Trump Cup” among those being considered.

    The association is making arrangements for Trump to watch the bouts from a specially situated dining table near the raised ring at the center of the hall, taking security into consideration.


    Other foreign press (mainly the UK) are trying to make a big deal about Trump not sitting in the traditional “cross-legged” position while watching…..like it’s some kind of snub to the ancient art of SUMO. MEH….

    Are there any other sumo fans at the Tree House besides me? Ganbatte kudasai! 😀 This is one of my favorite go-to sites….


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    • Rhoda R says:

      I’ll be the Japanese press isn’t making anything of the President sitting in a chair rather than cross legged because 1) the Japanese still honor their elders including the US President, 2) because they are polite, 3) they probably know that adults who have not grown up sitting cross legged have real problems with it. And the older someone is the more problems they have. and 4) no one in Japan wants to be responsible for crippling the President of the United States.

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      • Ad rem says:

        You’re right. The Japanese press has been most gracious.

        ETA…when the Emperor and Empress Masako come to watch sumo, they always sit in large and well padded chairs too. 😉

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      • WSB says:

        A La Japanese restaurants with sunken tables!

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      • ristvan says:

        I have been to formal traditional Japanese dinners on business. The Japanese have a very clever solution, and its not chairs. There is an open pit under the table so us westerners can sit normally with feet in pit. But it looks like the traditional cross legged stance to any observers.


        • tonyE says:

          That works well, except that getting in and out is sort of clumsy. But after some good sake, who’s paying attention? And being a guy, I don’t have any issues.

          For my 60th birthday dinner (!!!) my wife arranged for my close family to fly down and we had a kaiseki dinner in a private tatami room at a very good local Japanese restaurant… (Dang it, I do love that woman..). Just as you wrote, they have the low table with the open pit below and those folding legless “chairs” with a folding back. So you can Kanpai! all the time.

          I’ve always wondered if you can get toe fungus down there though… 😉

          Next time we go to Japan, I want to go see a sumo match. I think that would be most fun.

          And I’ll use four pillows to sit at the yudofu table.


    • CorwinAmber says:

      so ADREM is a Sumo fan! Who’da thunk? She must have graduated Sumo Cum Laude from Sundance University…she is likely a Yokozuna, we are not worthy! (BTW, I’m a Sushi myself)

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    • WSB says:

      Puddy, you are a STITCH!!!!!

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Yes ….”try hard”….

      Boku wa Nihon jin suki desu……Sumo omoshiroi….Chotto takai….

      Boku wa Nihon jin joozu ja arimasen…..Wakimasu ka?

      Ad Rem suki desu….😎

      Was married to a Japanese woman for 20 years. We only spoke Japanes in the house with our Children. Have a degree in Japanese and an International Business Degree majoring in Japan. Was in charge of Japan and stationed in Japan on and off for 10 years.

      Children are fluent in Japanese reading, writing, and speaking. They took distance courses, went to school every summer in Japan and graduated Japanes High School.

      Ask me anything about Japan….especially about their beer…😎

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      • WSB says:

        Awesome, Gunny! PHC shall report on fashion and Japanese Sarc…and you shall oversee all things Ninja!


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      • Ad rem says:

        Sugoi!!! I am doing a full-on bow at the waist as I type! My Japanese only consists of a 3 mo, class at nightschool with Sensei Murata. I was team captain for our (about 60% Japanese) Marine League tennis team .

        Funny story…. One day I said “Tanoshinde kudasai!”, to a group of my teammates who were practicing on the court. They thought I said, “Shinde kudasai”. I became ever so much more careful after that. 😀

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        • 🍺Gunny66 says:

          Oh believe me I’ve made some mistakes.

          A Japanese friend and myself caught a taxi in Shinjuku….I tried to show off my Japanes by telling the taxi cab driver our destination….

          The taxi cab driver just gave me this strange look…..and my friend was rolling around the cab laughing his butt off….

          After he finally caught his breath, I asked him what was with the cab driver?

          He said….I didn’t ask him to go to the destination….

          I asked him for sex……

          Man…I’m still trying to live that one down….Slight difference in pronouncing …

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          • Ad rem says:

            OMG…..that’s hilarious!

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          • WSB says:

            That is funny! Oh my. Japanese men are a bit odd on a good day!

            My only experiences have been a Japanese lit course in high school which was eye opening to foot fetishes ( my instructor was a six foot 300 lb CT woman who lived in a Japanese convent for two years); hitting the Sapporo Beer tap at Narita Airport on my HK commutes, flying on JapanAir and one overnight at some hotel in the woods near Narita when the plane broke down.

            Would love to explore the country some day. Please keep at your repertoire! Absolutely fabulous! 🍱


      • Alleycats says:

        How awesome! Oldest son has lived there 8 years total. He speaks fluent Japanese, even the ancient dialect. He loves it there.

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      • Wow, Gunny. Just wow.

        Looking forward to an insider’s education from you and Ad Rem!

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      • Doppler says:

        Another side to Gunny! Keep the commentary coming during the trip. My only Japanese comes from Shogun. Domo, gunny-sama.

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      • Tiffthis says:

        So rad! I took Japanese in high school for 2 years. I can write hiragana and katakana and about 1,000 kanji characters. Plus, my sensei printed out nihon comics so we could learn all the curse words. 👍🏼

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      • Sugarhillhardrock says:

        Fascinating, Gunny.
        I look forward to your thoughts as the visit unfolds.


    • A2 says:

      Yes, moi, big fan

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    • felipe says:

      AdRem: Yes, absolutely. Went to Kokugikan arena and “museum” in Tokyo. Very cool and very strange at the same time. Very hard to get tickets for gaijin.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Tiffthis says:

      I once organized a “SAC” event (secret activities club) for my husband and his friends to see live sumo and one friend even put on the gear and participated (he won and the guys got lit). I don’t know much about Sumo but I love Bruce Lee 🥋

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  7. Can’t wait to see the state ceremony and see what FLOTUS will be wearing!!’

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  8. Publius2016 says:

    Plus look at it as Maritime Supremacy! 45 does not believe in 1 China…Taiwan is on track for $1 Trillion GDP by 2024!! Why invest in China where there are no private property protections and they steal your intellectual property? Taiwan Japan South Korea Philippines plus Australia and India forms a strong alliance of maritime power!!!

    Liked by 10 people

    • Ring the Bell.
      We have a WINNER!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Maquis says:

      Indo-Pacific, has a helluva ring to it!


      • dufrst says:

        Sure does, but I hope folks don’t forget that the INDO in INDO-PAC also means Indonesia, along with India. Indonesia to me is a very key nation, if the US has to decouple from China. I think US engagement with Indonesia will start to be more apparent going forward. Generally, Indonesia has been a strong ally of the US, but the economic engagement could and should increase given it’s large population and it’s geographic location as sort of the bridge nation in the Indo-Pacific between India and Japan.

        If an alliance can be linked between India and Japan, Indonesia via ASEAN will be a vital link in that chain. When formed, you would have on the map a crescent of nations aligned economically and strategically with the US from India-ASEAN-Japan-SKorea along with our key allies to the south in Australia and New Zealand that surround China.

        If China continues to be belligerent then that crescent can be further tightened to formally include Taiwan and Hong Kong and perhaps North Korea, depending on how defiant this alliance would need to be in order to counter China’s ambitions.

        Geopolitics as the name implies, means geography and alliance building is all about securing as much geography so to speak on your side as possible (more than the other guy). It’s how we won the Cold War and it’s how we’ll beat back China, if our leaders are smart (like Trump!).


    • Sofa King says:

      One speed bump:

      The S. China Sea, and the new “islands” there.
      It grows in importance with each deal signed…


  9. WSB says:

    Or angry dragon! Thrilled at your assessment, SD! Thank you!

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  10. WSB says:

    Hold it! Trump Cup? LOL!!!!!!!


  11. frank field says:

    Ooooooooo Panda pooooopoo!

    I’m praying. I’m thankful. I’m proud of OUR president.

    Sundance! You’re killing me! THANKS MUCH.

    DRAIN IT!!!!!!!

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  12. Perot Conservative says:

    I hope for a GIANT SUCKING SOUND …of US manufacturing leaving China!

    For the US, Mexico, Vietnam, India, Japan, South Korea …

    F “technoligy transfers” …

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  13. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    When President Trump goes abroad, I tend to focus on just keeping him safe.
    At this point in history,, he is simply irreplaceable..
    Let his security team be true and incorruptible.

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  14. rvsueandcrew says:

    I love that photo of POTUS Trump and PM Abe clasping hands, face to face. If they were black on white silhouettes, you could tell who they are and feel their warm connection. A photo for the ages.

    Liked by 5 people

  15. vicschick says:

    This makes me smile. And another thing…..these “reporters” sound like idiots. They don’t even know how to phrase a proper question without the valley girl language.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. MaineCoon says:

    Himeji Castle —
    Castle and cherry blossoms. Pretty.

    Liked by 10 people

  17. mr.piddles says:

    “Japan essentially controls the TPP group”

    Is it fair to say that, by extension, the U.S. has a degree of control over the TPP group without being hamstrung by… TPP? I suppose that was inevitable IF AND ONLY IF China was dealt with accordingly. Which, of course, the likes of Obama and Clinton and Romney and Dot Dot Dot would never consider… So Obama’s singular solution was: TPP.


  18. Donald “Johnny Tradeseed” Trump has traveled the globe sowing the seeds of trade for 2 years and the crops are starting to come in. He has the best “field crew” in the world with Light, Ross, Nuch, Varro and the Koala.
    USMCA, KORUS, new ag deals with Brazil, the ASEAN group led by Japan/Abe that includes Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines. Throw in expanded deals with Australia, Poland, Hungary and folks I think we are heading for a bumper crop.
    The EU just voted 21-17 to exempt the US from their mandate of no new trade deals with non-Parris Accord members.
    I feel so blessed and fortunate to witness SHOCK & AWE delivered to the globalist that have sucked the economic life out of American sweat for decades.

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  19. ALEX says:

    Thanks for the work on this. And thanks for streaming….I enjoy watching the foreign channels and more importantly ignoring our press during these trips.

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  20. Dutchman says:

    All fun is fine, but PDJT is kicking the living shiznit out of Chicoms, and there is NOTHING they can do about it!

    I don’t know wrestling, Sump or otherwise, but this reminds me of when I was,12, and my Dad,took me to a bar, so we could watch cable (what we would now call ‘Pay per view’) of Mohamed Ali fighting (I believe) it was fighter named London, from England.

    Ali got him in the corner, and was holding him up, peppering him with blows. Must have been 20-30 blows, in 15-20 seconds?

    Finally he,stepped back, and his opponent face planted. I don’t go into the ‘trust the plan, 64d chess with regard to swamp politics, but I DO on PDJT’s trade strategy and tactics.

    Just like Ali’s opponent, Chicoms gloves are down, and DJT is pummeling them mercilessly, and they are incapable of defending themselves.

    Imagine 2008, or even more accurately 1929, but with a population of Billions.

    And those jobs REALLY “Ain’t coming back!”

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    • SHV says:

      “All fun is fine, but PDJT is kicking the living shiznit out of Chicoms, and there is NOTHING they can do about it!”
      Xi Jinping screwed with PDJT and very bad things are happening to the Panda….Xi needs to read about the four plagues of Egypt…This will be PDJT’s plagues on China….25% tariffs tank the economy, African Swine Flu destroys >200 million pigs, the Fall Army worm is now in Southern China and heading north, what will be number 4??

      (The Fall Army worm could wipe out 50-70% of the Chinese Corn, Soybean(?), Rice(?) crop.

      Liked by 1 person

    • And how, Dutchman.

      P.S. You can take the gloves off, now…


  21. 335blues says:

    I would love to see the entire free world join economic hands to bring the
    economy of communist china to its knees.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dutchman says:

      So that the Chinese PEOPLE can be freed of the oppressive, hegemonic and inherently corrupt CCP.

      The CCP, while protesting they have NO desire to interfere with or influence other countries governments, has in fact been doing that, for 30 plus years.

      The oppression of their people, with TIANAMEN SQUARE, where 10’s of 1000’s of their own people were,slaughtered, the ongoing oppression of religious freedom, freedom of speech and thought, re-education camps, oppression of ethnic minorities etc. is UNCONSCIONABLE.

      But it is Conmunism, “global marxism” as exported by CCP, that is the evil.
      This is NOT about the Chinese people, at all.
      I am sure from reading your post, that you agree.

      Liked by 5 people

    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Your dream is coming true……You cannot buy, steal, and cheat your way to success.

      China made a huge mistake……everything they need comes from other countries….

      The President just shut the door……There is no way for them to open it…..

      Unless they change……I worked in China for a few years and have many Chines friends.

      Wonderful people…..had a girl cry in my arms because of the government.

      If anything….we should pray for the people of China…..they deserve better

      Liked by 6 people

  22. DJT2020 says:

    South Korea is in and so is Japan. Chyna going to feel it and fast


  23. Beigun says:

    Just for the sake of argument….in the best sense.

    Sounds good on paper, but you don’t parachute into Asia to make an overnight deal. India is India. It takes a government permit to install a fan in a sweltering Mumbai office. Japan has tried to sell India its first military export, the JMSDF Seaplane, for almost ten years but only has NATO to show for it…No Action Talk Only. India wants the blueprints for in-country production. That is the “import one, export many” economic philosophy that China and Korea copied from the Godfather of Asian business, Japan. India wants to follow that business model, thank you. It has worked for Japan, Korea and China.

    The US has 100 consecutive cumulative years of trade deficits with Japan, Korea and China that made the Middle Class of America a minority. This is the genesis of MAGA. It is a regional problem. Japan, as they used to say in Tokyo, is the head goose of the SE Asian flying geese formation of exporters. That is why the US has a trade deficit with the Philippines, namely in Japanese semiconductors. Thailand is the same story.

    Japanese papers are talking there will be no agricultural deal with the US….same story for 60 years. They can wait for Biden and TPP. After all, that is what the US media is telling them.

    I think Trump knows the real “deal” of business in Asia. Japan Inc. says the China tariffs will cause a big drop in Tokyo profits due to third party manufacturing aimed at the US. Playing hard ball with China makes the reading of tea leaves in Tokyo very uncomfortable. And there is that long-time business between Japan and Iran now under a microscope. Yes, the largest bank (MUFG) of Japan was placed under investigation by the FBI last fall. Evading sanctions. But that is old hat, remember Rhodesia? Golf, teppanyaki, and Sumo will not change the Trump tea leaves in Tokyo. He did not lift the steel and aluminum tariffs on Japan and after six months with no real deals (agriculture represents the first monopoly) we are more likely to see tariffs on Japanese cars exported to the US. Real action is what Asians respect and I suspect Trump is saving the best for last regarding the one Kabuki nation with the longest record of trade surpluses with America.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. A2 says:

    Some interesting items if you haven’t been keeping up, re Indo-Pacific, and especially the first item.

    (ARM was bought by Japan corp)

    ARM supplies most of what Huawei runs on. No ARM, no Huawei.
    Huawei: ARM memo tells staff to stop working with China’s tech giant

    Japan Ministry of Defense/Self-Defense Forces
    May 20
    From May 19, #JMSDF’s DDH Izumo and DD Murasame participate in the #Japan🇯🇵- #France🇫🇷- #Australia🇦🇺- #US🇺🇸 multilateral exercise called #LaPerouse in the Indian Ocean. Through this exercise, #JMOD/#JSDF promotes mutual understanding and trust with other participating nations.

    U.S. Navy
    : Humbled and honored to be awarded the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun. This award recognizes #NavyPartnerships with the Japanese to ensure safety, security, and order for the world’s mariners. Lucky to have Japan as such a close maritime partner!

    India in Japanインド大使館
    May 20
    H.E Shri Sanjay Kumar Verma, Ambassador of India to Japan, called on Admiral Hiroshi Yamamura, Chief of Staff, JMSDF
    and discussed initiatives to further advance #DefenceCooperation between 🇮🇳
    and 🇯🇵#JMSDF.

    Currently US-Japan Alliance is the strongest ever that Abe plan to buy an island solely for the US fighter jets’ training while ROK-US alliance is unstable due to pro-NK Moon admin, previously ROK paid not enough SMA to fulfill the USFK stationary.


    (As an aside, the President has a new really good translator)

    Liked by 6 people

  25. Beigun says:

    Censorship at the Treehouse?


  26. All Too Much says:

    I am not sure I understand how opening US to India product benefits Japan”

    “Trump repays Japan by opening up the U.S. for India exports”

    Maybe its obvious and I missed it, but I would love some direction on this.


  27. Sunshine says:

    And President Trump is in no hurry to deal with China.


  28. Tiffthis says:

    This proves that PDJT is a very, very stable genius. 💯


  29. Pyrthroes says:

    Great analytical reprise… we stand in awe of Trump as a far-sighted statesman, a man of peace fostering and leveraging U.S. economic power to the mutual benefit of free societies outside the clenched-fist orbit of ossified Central Planning satrapies in Moscow and Peking, self-dealing dirigiste regimes from Brazil and the Saudis’ Muslump Crescent to New Delhi, Djakarta, Manila.

    The contrast with post-Reagan Administrations, culminating in Barack Gangrenous’ wretched 8-year mess, boggles the mind. Depend upon it, Trump is defining the next 72-year geopolitical/economic era (2018 – c. 2089) in ways making this a true American Century.


  30. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    How could we ever go back to a politician President?

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Frank says:

    Good. Japan has been a great trade partner for decades now. It would be advantageous for both nations to deepen that relationship. Plus it would have the added benefit of denying profits to the dirty communist trash in China.


  32. Another Scott says:

    But is China through its extensive and little noticed US political / business allies doing an end around and going after President Trump politically to try to submarine this strategy? Are they pulling the strings in the suddenly renewed effort at impeachment by the House? It’s well known they have spies in in Congress (Diane Feinstein staffer eg). And how much influence could they have in 2020 which is already going to be a nail biter?


  33. LULU says:

    Takeaway: What a superficial, really dumb lot the media are. All they are interested in are a few clicks on their tidbits.


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