Tuesday May 21st – Open Thread

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but DELIVER US FROM EVIL. For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen †

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  1. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    Justified Without A Cause

    God tells us in His Word that believers are “justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 3:24). The word “freely,” here, does not mean “without cost,” but “without cause.” The same original word is so translated in John 15:25, where we find the words of Christ: “They hated Me without a cause.”

    Thus sinners hated Christ “without a cause,” yet God justifies sinners “without a cause.”How can this be? Let’s see:

    What had Christ done to earn the enmity of men? Nothing whatever. He had been kind and good, had helped those in distress, had healed their sick, had made the dumb to speak, the deaf to hear, the blind to see, and the lame to leap for joy. Why, then, did they hate Him: The Bible says they hated Him “without a cause, i.e., without any cause in Him. The cause of their hatred lay in their own evil hearts.

    But on the other hand, what have sinners done to merit justification before God? Again the answer is: Nothing whatever. They have broken His commandments every day, lying, stealing, and committing hundreds of other sins. Yet in love God gave His Son to die for them on Calvary “that He might be just and [at the same time] the Justifier of him that believeth in Jesus” (Rom. 3:26). He loves and justifies believers “without a cause”, i.e., without any cause in them. The cause is to be found in His own compassionate heart, for “GOD IS LOVE.”

    Thus those who trust in Christ, who died for our sins, are justified without a cause, by God’s grace, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.

    “God commendeth His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us” (Rom. 5:8).

    “By this man is preached…the forgiveness of sins, and by Him all that believe are justified from all things, from which He could not be justified by the law of Moses” (Acts 13:38,39).

    By Pastor Cornelius R. Stam


    Romans. 3:24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:

    John 15:25 But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause.

    Romans 3:26 To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.

    Romans 5:8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

    Acts 13:38 Be it known unto you therefore, men and brethren, that through this man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins: 39 And by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses.

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  2. citizen817 says:

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    • czarowniczy says:

      I’m it from my Vietnam squad, our last reunion – there were 3 of us – was in Atlanta in 1995. Hoyt, the next to me in surviving, died 5 years ago, we’re catching up to WWII vets in numbers left.

      Estimates in 2015 were that just under 1-million WWII vets were still alive with about 360 dying each day.

      About 497,000 Korean War vets are still alive with a guesstimated 500 dying daily. No one seems to have a grasp on the numbers dying as the Korean War’s sort of the ‘Forgotten War’.

      The Vietnam vets are problematic as the DoD screwed up the records trying to jiggle the numbers on the ground while the war was going on so I’m going with the ‘number boots on ground/at sea’ as around 2,900,000 over the entire course of the war. Again, there are no real accurate records on the number still alive but a guesstimate based on death rates comparing available records of total vet deaths versus total vet deaths would put the number of in-country survivors as about 770,000 of them still being alive. About 390 Vietnam vets die daily, again this is a guesstimate.

      The numbers are suspect as each agency has a reason for coming up with its own figures, especially the numbers dying daily (hear me, VA?). This especially applies to the numbers of GWOT vets suiciding daily, estimated (most likely under estimated) at 22 per day. I won’t be around to see their death rates as they age-out but let’s hope the government pays better attention to them than they did the others before them.

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      • smiley2 says:

        poignant memories…your last reunion w/ your squad. ❤

        Thank You for your service.

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      • Dave says:

        czar, my best friend is a Korean War vet. He’s 87 and still hitting it! He was shot in shoulder/upper chest area back then, and the docs decided to leave some of the shrapnel in because it might cause him more harm to try digging/searching for it. Well, as luck would have it, we’re out doing our monthly group retirees get together at our favorite watering hole, when he feels something pushing against his skin…from the inside! Yep, it was the last piece of shrapnel that over 60 years ago began its slow journey inside his body! He subsequently got his doc to cut out the souvenir, the good doc telling him he was lucky it took the path it did…it could have traveled toward his lungs! I’m the baby in my group, as the only Vietnam-aged guy. The rest are Korean vintage.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          I was privileged to work on the Korean War POW debrief files some years back. The stories of those POWs was never fully told, they even ‘misrepresented’ the truth to those of us who were in the service in the 60s. The Korean War was sort of shelved by DoD and the media though on TV series made it seem like a theme park.

          We have KW vets at the VFW and American Legion, but then Mississippi has always put a lot of people into the nation’s wars. There aren’t that many non-grey-haired heads there any more, GWOT vets don’t seem to be as interested in the face-to-face socialization as the older vets, they have social media, but that may change. It’s a shame how the Korean War vets are going out without the recognition the deserve.

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    • nikkichico7 says:

      … 😢👍❤️‼️ … ya got me at hello …. sniff, sniff 💦☔️ … good good stuff ❤️

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  5. czarowniczy says:

    May being National Military Appreciation Month and Memorial Day right around the corner and all I thought the Treepers might be interested in sending a birthday card to a vet. Following is from my Military.com feed:


    I don’t think there’ll be any problem with a card being late, I’m sure a lot will and it’s the thought that counts. She’s not only getting one from me but from my Mom, another WWII vet turning 100 this year. For those who don’t know already my Mom was on the other side but that was over 70 years ago and had she not been on the other side she wouldn’t have met my Dad, an 8th AF waist gunner on a B-17. It all works out.

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  6. Garrison Hall says:

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  7. Stillwater says:

    If We Could See Beyond Today – George Beverly Shea

    If We Could See Beyond Today – Dick Anthony & Bill Pearce

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  8. Magabear says:

    I feel terrible. A young adult red fox ran out in front of my car tonight and I couldn’t stop in time to not run over the poor thing. 😥 Why couldn’t it have been a demonrat running for President instead? I mean, there’s too many of them too. 😉

    Oh well, the local rabbit population has one less predator to eat them now.

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  9. citizen817 says:

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  10. citizen817 says:

    That’s crazy 😲

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Back in the early 70s in Florida we had a lot of trailer parks opening up around created lakes, ponds ans canals. As the then wild areas were being paved over at a rapid pace the gators used the paved ways as paths to these water features and set up shop. A lot of the snowbirds who’d moved down to these trailer parks thought feeding the gators was a neat hobby. They feed them everything they could from fried chicken to Mexican food. They’d come right up onto the shore, stop, open their jaws and wait for the yo-yos to toss food into their mouths.

      Problem is that gators aren’t all that smart and soon they’d come up on shore and open their jaws when anyone came to the shore, some would even get out of the water and follow someone, waiting to get fed. Some would even stay by the shore waiting and when Rover or Kitty came down to the water’s edge…

      Some folks still do it, tour boat operators around here are constantly being warned not to toss marshmallows to the gators as some are rushing any boat that comes by for handouts (who knew gators are Democrats?). Who knew Darwinism could be tasty and help out nature?

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      • Bendix says:

        An old saying, “once fed, it’s dead”.
        It will come up to some people looking for food, having lost all fear, and it will end up being exterminated as a nuisance.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          True dat, I can remember snowbirds setting out feed bowls for the cute, fuzzy-wuzzy raccoons only to either try to walk up on them while feeding or try to PET one. We ended up trapping a lot of coons after some of these jerks were bitten, killing them and sending their heads off to the state for rabies testing.

          It was a fruitless exercise as you couldn’t be sure if any of them bit the jerk and most ended up getting the rabies series. The sacrifice of the coons as a political move to make the jerks feel better about being jerks.

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    • smiley2 says:

      just a matter of time…one day…that gator’s gonna bite.

      they associate that feeding thing with easy prey

      …not with let’s be friends .

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    • nikkichico7 says:

      That woman is nuts …. 😖🤚

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    • andyocoregon says:

      Don’t go near that water!

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  11. jane says:

    Update on the Osprey family with 3 new babies, below. Thanks to those that replied to prior posting with other bird cams and stories- Very cool! So unlike the MT family with the dad in an out of the picture, this Boulder family I would say is the most conservative bunch in town, (in liberal Boulder!) with mom doing all the caregiving and nest upkeep, dad completely devoted to the family, bringing continual and adequate supply of food, watching over everyone, and doing the heavy lifting of nest restoration. After 80 degrees recently, it’s snowy and cold tonight. Mom and nest are well covered with snow. Chicks are well covered with mom. How special is the world God created for us and all creatures?
    check it out: live cam plus comments and snapshots/highlight videos:


    “RECAP FOR MONDAY, MAY 20 (from the park rangers)
    AGES now- #1 and #2- 5 days; #3: 3 days This was a dreary day for our osprey family with rain and drizzle and not a hint of sunshine. That didn’t stop dad from bringing in fish, and there were a total of eight meals. #1 and #2 ate heartily. #3’s best meal was at lunchtime, with only a bite or two received at a few other meals. The first days are always tough for the smallest of the brood, but historically on this nest, they have lived to thrive.
    Both #1 and #2 hit the developmental milestone of clambering out of the nest cup to go to mom on the rail for fish. This left #3 at a disadvantage for those meals, but that will hopefully change in the next couple of days.
    Tonight’s forecast calls for snow (1-3 inches) with light snow and drizzle on Tuesday and a high in the mid-forties. It seems the chicks always get a taste of May snow when they are wee ones.
    Overall, it was a quiet day that left us wishing #3 had had a bit more fish, all while knowing what she had was adequate (supplemented by the remnants of the yolk sac), if not abundant. If all goes well, they’ll soon be shouldering between their siblings on the rail and demanding first bite!”

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    • czarowniczy says:

      We’ve had visiting osprey feeding at our lake for years now. Not enough old growth for them to nest here but our white bass seem to be a favorite table fare. Funniest osprey thing is when they miss a pass at a fish, auger in and have to paddle back to shore. First thing they do after pancaking in is to look around to see if anyone saw their screwup.

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  12. Troublemaker10 says:


    Watson said that the voice of pro-life men is “greatly needed” in the “public sphere,” also stressing that “fatherhood begins in the womb.”

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  13. DavidS says:

    Not sure if this allowed or not.. if not plz delete..
    Not much for social media and This is my only go to site for news.. almost.

    This is my daughters story.. Not spam. If you would forward this.. We are praying for a miracle.. For my Son inlaw and my daughter.. and my beautiful Grandbaby ..Ran into some big issues this week after a few visits to the hospital .. My Son inlaw ( really my son He is Family). Love him like my own.. I am not on Facebook or really any other social site.. I am anti social lol…

    We could use some prayers and good wishes or whatever else you would like to call them..
    24yrs old and has a rapid spreading lymphoma Cancer.. it has grown 1cm in 2 weeks and he is stage 4…. Any help would be appreciative.. I have entered a state I can not explain.. I never ask for help but I am willing to take a knee on this one.. I understand life isnt fair but I also understand there are good people out their. Plz forward if you can.. thanks from the bottom of my heart



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    • smiley2 says:

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    • georgehumphries9802 says:

      I refer you to Mark 9:17-29. Unbelief resides in every one of us, especially when it comes to our needs. But the Great God helps us when our faith is weak.

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    • andyocoregon says:

      Sorry, but I’m always skeptical of internet solicitations for money donations. There are too many elaborate scams on the web.
      This situation may in fact be legitimate, but who knows?
      Perhaps a link to a local newspaper article could verify this story.

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      • DavidS says:

        Feel free to contact me and we can discuss. website Artisticiron.com My name is David S.

        I understand your skepticism.. but I do post here from time to time.. been on here for a few years. Please dont question my integrity 1st and I wont questions yours. Its my kids.. Take that into consideration before you post.


    • dbethd says:

      Praying for healing of body and spirit.


    • czarowniczy says:

      Ya fergot New Orleans, a city with a straight line of Rat mayors going back decades with an equal history of being one of the top, if most THE deadliest city in the US.

      Current Rat mayor is again pulling ideas out of hats to explain away our latest rash of thug crime. More after school programs, more tax money thrown at diversion and, to please the desperate deniers who work for a living, yet another youth summer curfew. None of this has worked in the past but let’s try it again.

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  14. citizen817 says:

    This was his training for
    John Wick.

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  15. Mandy says:

    Happened this past Friday night….

    “Audio: Mob with Hammers Descends on Minneapolis East Bank LRT Patrons”


    “A Facebook post a minute later on Minneapolis Scanner page said that the three police departments were responding to “multiple [911] calls” about “10-12 Somali teen males armed with hammers chasing people,” also with “several injuries reported.” Both Facebook pages regularly post summaries of police scanner audio.

    A person who claimed on social media to have been at the station when the incident occurred said that the group of males had “hammers and bars,” and that they seemed to be “attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white.”

    a bit more at the link:


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  16. dogsmaw says:

    Bayou Boy does Country!!!

    John Pardi & Laine Hardy: Pardy With The Hardy Finale Collab Performance! | American Idol 2019

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  17. nwtex says:

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    • Mandy says:

      This is setting up to be one HECK of an interesting fight. That Haaretz article I posted last week which outlined how the left intends to stop all these laws made it exceedingly clear that there is a MASSIVE difference between views of exactly when life actually begins. Their plan to exploit that difference in religious views on the beginning point of life as the way to keep abortion – even partial birth abortion – fully ‘legal’ in the entire nation by claiming the laws favor the CHRISTIAN viewpoint (to the detriment of, according to that author, the Talmudic viewpoint) will, I believe, succeed. This makes me very sad, as I personally hold the view that life begins at conception….


      • 3rdday61 says:

        What people ‘believe’ and what people know, as proven fact, can be entirely different.
        Rest assured, the last place the pro death crowd wants to debate their views is in a court of law. It’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to prove what happens approx.9 mos after the moment of conception if everything is allowed to proceed in a natural order. Billions upon billions of people are living proof this process happens with nearly 100% accuracy. That alone is all the proof you need for a court of law.


  18. nwtex says:

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  19. nwtex says:

    I posted this 2-3 wks ago but I think it deserves an encore 😎

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  20. smiley2 says:

    Texas Asserts Sovereign Immunity Against Congress


    May 16, 2019

    “…telling Democrats on two Congressional committees”….last week…”that the state has no obligation to comply with their investigation demands.”

    Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office says that Texas “can’t be treated like a federal agency or Cabinet secretary who can be compelled to comply.”

    Texas is a state with sovereign powers under The Constitution.

    Texas, in this case, is objecting to Democrats’ requests for documents “probing the state’s efforts to clean up its voter rolls, and documents detailing the state’s efforts to protect faith-based adoption and foster care providers against an Obama-era rule about working with same-sex couples. The case could break new legal ground.”

    much more in-depth, at the link.

    Go Texas ! 😀

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  21. smiley2 says:

    still at it…in y’all’s face…loud & desperate…

    Obama Unveils Desperate Plan To Stop Trump’s Re-Election


    May 18, 2019

    that crumbling “legacy” of his is at stake here…and that nagging problem with credibility ..

    so…BO + the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have recently announced “a new fund” to support the Dems’ eventual 2020 nominee..

    BO calls it the Democratic Unity Fund

    and he boasts that this is “…a promise that whoever earns our nomination, he or she will have a strong, united, and well-organized DNC ready to spring into action the moment the general election starts…to victory in November.”

    should be fun.

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  22. smiley2 says:

    meanwhile…something quite appalling in Colorado along I-70 East as you enter from Utah…

    …paid for by Keep Abortion Safe.

    more about it, from yesterday, here…


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    • decisiontime16 says:

      Colorado has become East California

      “Deep down in its soul there has been a seismic shift in the spirit of Colorado, in its people. It’s not the change in the physical “character” of our town. It’s the change in the character of our people.”

      “You feel it. You’re reminded of it every time you roll your eyes when you’re stuck behind a California license plate in traffic.

      You feel it with the growing “triggered” society, ready to riot over a sign at a coffee shop. You feel it with every proposal to raise “fees” on grocery bags or drinks with sugar, force green roofs, municipalize power companies, raise sin taxes on smoking, build city-owned internet, growth control, gun control, healthcare control. Control, control, control.

      You feel it — we are becoming California.”

      “People have always come here, that’s not news. The real story is people are escaping at record numbers to get away from what the state has sadly become.”


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      • smiley2 says:

        many many moons ago, I lived out there…up in the Elk Mountain Range…Roaring Fork Valley…I still have a few remaining old acquaintances out there who are pretty much Conservative…but most of the ppl out there are all extremely Left…to the extreme extreme.

        lots of Californians were already flocking in to Aspen back in the 70s…and it’s all grown exponentially in that direction since.

        Denver area, too….and forget Boulder.

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      • andyocoregon says:

        Colorado is not the first state to be Californicated. Here in Oregon they’ve been moving up here for several decades, increasing property values and hence property taxes as well as inflicting their ultra liberal values on communities.
        As early as 1971, Oregon’s conservative Governor Tom McCall famously publicly stated, “I urge them to come and come many, many times to enjoy the beauty of Oregon. But I also ask them, for heaven’s sake, don’t move here to live.”

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      • Dora says:

        I live on the other side of the country on Long Island, and have only been to Colorado three times in my life, but reading that article made me feel terribly sad.

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  23. Dora says:

    Edmund C. Tarbell, “In the Orchard” 1891

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  24. Dora says:

    Have you been to a Target lately? Don’t take the kids.

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  25. smiley2 says:

    River Cove



    Andrew N. Wyeth ~ American ~ Realism

    his wonderful snapshots of life. 🙂

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  26. Dora says:

    Get ready for the yelling and screaming.


    Alabama Public Television won’t air ‘Arthur’ episode with gay wedding

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  27. Dora says:

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    • Pale rider says:

      My dad was there keeping people off the prop when he left Long Island.
      We have lots of old photos of him with these celebrities, He was flying when planes were wood and canvas. I never knew until he was dead who he really was. Endless stories of flying all over the world and old film.

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  28. Dora says:

    Hee. Hee. 🙂

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  29. nikkichico7 says:

    Salvation: The First Step
    MAY 21, 2019

    Acts 16:19-40

    After a baby takes his first steps, the parents call loved ones. They excitedly announce the awesome accomplishment, which is the beginning of a new life of greater mobility and maturity. In the same way, the Christian life begins with a first step—salvation. But it’s only the start of a new life of increasing spiritual growth.

    When the Philippian jailer asked Paul and Silas, “What must I do to be saved?” they answered, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved” (Acts 16:30-31). It’s simple enough that even a child can do it, and after salvation, we are all like babies taking our first steps. A new believer doesn’t understand all the doctrines of salvation any more than a toddler knows all the mechanics of walking. However, once we are saved, we have a responsibility to learn what God has done for us and to take more steps of obedience in the Christian life.

    Genuine salvation always results in transformation. When we receive Jesus as our personal Savior, He comes to live within us through the Holy Spirit. Our old way of life no longer fits our new identity, and the Spirit works within us to make us more like Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.”

    Has there been a particular point in your life when you recognized your sin and then asked Jesus to forgive you and become your Savior? If so, how has your life been transformed since then? Spiritual growth is one of the ways we can know that we are saved.
    Dr. Charles Stanley

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  30. duchess01 says:

    Verse of the Day

    “Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.”
    Matthew 24:44 (KJV)

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  31. kyblue says:

    Columnist Michael Brown says its time for California parents to stand against the state’s new sex ed curriculum…

    From wnd:
    I’m speaking about the radical new sex-ed curriculum being imposed on all students in the public schools, K-12, without exception, and without the option of parents removing their children from objectionable classes.

    We’re talking about kindergarteners – little children just 5-6 years-old – being indoctrinated with transgender talking points. Indeed, “a book for kindergarten through third grade … teaches kids that they can be a boy, girl, neither, gender queer or gender fluid and that adults might not understand their gender identity.”

    Read more at https://www.wnd.com/2019/05/its-time-for-california-parents-to-defy-the-law/#zmAYWU6ABeXZhDZz.99

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    • nikkichico7 says:

      Where are the parents 🤨🤚‼️ … or are they nuts too 😖👎🏻‼️

      This is wrong wrong wrong …. poor babies …. God help them‼️

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      • Mandy says:

        The parents are homeschooling or private schooling, I’m hoping anyway.

        I know there’s a very QUIET trend among the more monied folks to hire personal tutors to educate their kids – sorta like the way the ancients did things….

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        • nikkichico7 says:

          I feel bad for the parents who may not be able to go that route, but to ensure your children’s future and safety it’s now the only way until the commies and lgt whatever evil nasty schmucks are flushed out of the nations school systems … Lord protect the these children … 😔🤚

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    • andyocoregon says:

      Go to school board meetings and raise hell. Write letters to school administrators and newspaper editors. Contact your local politicians and voice your complaints. Get active in your community.
      Or just stay home and contemplate your navel. Your choice.

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  32. kyblue says:

    And the Hollywood crazies keep making intelligent remarks about President Trump. Enter dumb and dumber Jeff Daniels *eye rolling back in my head”


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    • andyocoregon says:

      IMO, all the Hollywood actors and actresses should stick to acting and stay the hell out of politics. Don’t they realize they are offending more than 50% of the country when they spew anti-Trump B.S.?

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  33. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ infidels!

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  34. kyblue says:

    Big Head Todd with John Lee Hooker…Boom Boom

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  35. highdezertgator says:

    Caravan Of Unborn Babies Heads Toward Alabama To Apply For Asylum
    U.S.—According to sources all across the country, a caravan of unborn babies has formed to head toward Alabama in an attempt to avoid the rest of the country’s barbaric abortion laws.
    Christian TV
    Baby Bird Is Brought Up By Compassionate Couple
    The unborn humans, mostly residing in the wombs of pro-choice mothers, learned of the new law as their moms watched CNN and listened to NPR. Each of them would then sneak out of their mom’s womb in the middle of the night, slip into a state-of-the-art artificial womb they ordered on Amazon, steal their mother’s car, and make a break for the Alabama border.

    “All we want is a chance to live the American Dream—or really, just live, to be honest,” a spokesfetus said. “Since the rest of the nation is one of the deadliest places to be in the whole world when you’re an unborn child, we were forced to come here for the future of our children, so we might live.”

    “Honestly, as unborn children, it’s safer in a third-world country like Venezuela than here.”

    LIberals quickly criticized the caravan, claiming they were “not people” but “animals.”

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  36. Ausonius says:

    Let me regale you with…

    …the horror, the true horror, of…

    The United States Post Office!

    There are two near my school, and one near my house, the latter one is small, designed to have parking for 4 cars (yes, 4 (four)) cars, and no automated machine for sending mail! My wife wanted me to mail a package to our nephew. So, before school I stop at Post Office #2 near school with some trepidation. Many months earlier in November, I had stopped there before school to mail something, and the machine was broken. Months after that, I stopped again, and the machine was still broken! Of course, silly me! I should have known better! This is typical: it is The United States Post Office, where their slogan seems to be: “Efficiency is sneered at, and competence is a dodo.”

    For example, at Post Office #3 near our house, it took literally over a year for a drive-by mailbox to be replaced, after someone from Michigan* had crashed into the original one! Undoubtedly mountains of forms had to be filed, and many bureaucrats needed to scrutinize and stamp those forms, before the mailbox could be replaced! Or…the Post Office just had no money to replace it, and needed to skim money from its Hostess Twinkie Slush Fund to purchase it! Or both!

    So today I slowly drove past the door of Post Office #2, and saw no sign anywhere indicating that the machine was out of order. In fact, the sign blinking on the automaton was inviting me most politely to use its services. Finally! I thought: even the Post Office has a limit on dilatory incompetence!

    So I walked in, approached the machine, and my eyes slowly focused on a curiosity blanketing the scale, a piece of typing paper, lying flat, invisible until one was three feet away! It said in the most lamentable English, causing me to worry even more about the viability of American Civilization: “Sorry Scales Broke.”

    Flinging hideous execrations against an agency of the FedGov obviously laughing at me, when it needed to be severely scourged and purged, I went on to school, and hoped that things would improve at Post Office #1.


    Optimism about the Post Office is the mocked and despised wallflower of the cotillion! 😉 So I zipped to Post Office #1 during my 35 minute “free period,” and of course there is a jam of 5 people waiting for one clerk, whose head is literally propped up on a hand with bent elbow on the desk, to deal with a customer who is filling out a form in super S L O W M O T I O N!

    I glance over at the automated machine: it’s brand new! And it is working and there is no line!!! Bells and bananas peal in joy! So, I plop the package on the scale, swear on a robot’s Bible that I am not a terrorist of any kind, and am asked to type in the zip code. Now the key pad is very low and shielded by a visor: so I bend down somewhat and push 23452, and hear a beep with every push. I look at the screen and it reads…

    .”..242″! So I look for the button on the keypad to erase the number…and there is none! I squint at the screen and tap the zip code area: nothing! I look all over for a “button” to erase or undo it. Nothing obvious is visible, until I see down in the corner a small dark brown circle with barely visible black ink on it (brilliant design, if done by an addled pigeon) saying “Back.” So I push it…and do I go back one step? No, no, no! That would make sense!!! This is The United States Post Office Of Cloud KafkaLand!!! I go back all the way to the beginning!!!

    So I start over, and when I enter the zip code, I verify again that I am hearing five beeps, “definitely, definitely” 5 beeps are heard, as RainMan would say. I look at the screen…

    “…25” !!! The anguish emanating from my soul is no less than that of the saddest spirits in Purgatory!

    So I start over again!!! This time every time I push the buttons, I check the screen, and I notice the most bizarre programming ever! There is easily a 2-second delay between pushing the button and its appearance on the screen!!! It takes therefore nearly 15 seconds to enter 5 numbers. “Push-button finger Syndrome” was an ailment predicted on The Jetsons: “Push-robot-off-cliff” Syndrome was not predicted.

    So, I entered the address, and know to wait several seconds between every number and letter. Then I am told to “Measure the Package,” since it must be under 14 inches wide. The package is well under 14 inches, so I push a button that says “Measure Package.” Nothing happens. I push it again. Nothing. Then an icon appears and says the machine cannot measure the package, because its corner is not aligned with the right-hand corner of the scale. So I push the package to that area…

    …and the screen defaults back to the beginning!!!

    Dropping to my knees and beating the ground like Charlton Heston at the end of Planet of the Apes, and nearly uttering an imprecation similar to his, I go outside to visit the hardware store two doors down to buy a sledge hammer to fix the robot permanently. But no! It has closed down, ruined by the big-box stores and the Internet.

    So, I limp back to the line, which at least is somewhat shorter now, and after waiting much too long, I finally mail the package via a human being, who works like a 78 RPM record on 16 RPM.

    I made it back to school just in time! 😉

    Thank you! I feel better now! 🙂

    * Michigan is known for its bad drivers, at least here in Ohio. 😉

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  37. kyblue says:

    Baby clings to life in Chicago after being cut from his mother’s womb in a senseless attack…


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  38. Dora says:


    Opposition to “large-scale Muslim immigration is a responsible exercise of one’s patriotism,” Cdl. Raymond Burke told an international conference in Rome Friday.


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  39. BigMamaTEA says:

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  40. BigMamaTEA says:

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  41. Mandy says:

    “Hundreds of foreign companies attend North Korea trade fair despite sanctions

    “More than 450 companies from North Korea, China, Russia, Pakistan, Poland and “other countries and regions” showcased a range of products at the fair, KCNA said.”

    more at link:


    At one point it’s said they’re pretty much just prepping for when sanctions are lifted. hmmm.

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  42. Dora says:

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  43. Mandy says:

    “Self-driving trucks begin mail delivery test for U.S. Postal Service

    (Reuters) – The U.S. Postal Service on Tuesday started a two-week test transporting mail across three Southwestern states using self-driving trucks, a step forward in the effort to commercialize autonomous vehicle technology for hauling freight.

    San Diego-based startup TuSimple said its self-driving trucks will begin hauling mail between USPS facilities in Phoenix and Dallas to see how the nascent technology might improve delivery times and costs. A safety driver will sit behind the wheel to intervene if necessary and an engineer will ride in the passenger seat.

    If successful, it would mark an achievement for the autonomous driving industry and a possible solution to the driver shortage and regulatory constraints faced by freight haulers across the country.”

    more at link:


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  44. Mandy says:

    “Mississippi 6-week abortion ban heads to federal court

    A federal judge who struck down Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban last year is hearing arguments about a new law that puts the ban even earlier.

    The law would prohibit most abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, at about six weeks, when many women may not know they’re pregnant.

    Republican Gov. Phil Bryant signed it in March, and the state’s only abortion clinic, Jackson Women’s Health Organization, sued the state.

    U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves is hearing arguments Tuesday on the clinic’s request that he block the law from taking effect July 1. It was unclear whether Reeves would issue an immediate decision.”

    more at link:


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  45. Doppler says:

    Interesting article up at American Thinker about the Abortion constitutional debate. Quotes RBG acknowledging that it was wrong as a constitutional matter. Makes the point that, if abortion had remained a state issue, more people would be happy, since each state would have the law a majority of its people wanted.

    The point it fails to make directly is the basic constitutional reality that our Founders carefully limited the jurisdiction of the federal government to those few issues that required a central government superior to the governments of the sovereign states. It was over ten years from the declaration of independence before our constitution was adopted, and it took that long to secure general consensus that more powers were in fact needed, and here are those few carefully enumerated, and here are the Federalist papers justifying each one.

    Of course, regulation of abortion was not among them, nor was regulation of the practice of medicine or the other professions, all left to the states. Roe vs Wade was such an affront to this principle that even RBG has acknowledged it. The last 40+ years has proven that even attempting to regulate it at the federal level has been extremely divisive to our country, whereas, had states been left free to regulate abortion without federal interference, the inconsolable differences over the issue would never have been national in nature. The federal government has been steadily corrupted by this divisiveness ever since, the bands that hold Americans together steadily weakened. The Constitution sought not to create an empire, but to provide a minimal federal authority to govern those few issues the states and our citizens could not effectively govern on their own. I believe this embodies a general principle of successful societies, that issues are best dealt with at the smallest, most local level consistent with general order and efficient government. I believe this separates those who love freedom and liberty, from those who seek to oppress others.

    As we move toward reconsideration of Roe vs Wade, I pray that our justices will be true to their oaths of office, and the constitution they are chiefly charged with interpreting, to abandon that thread of reasoning that dismisses state sovereignty as “only” a means of experimentation with various solutions to inform an eventual national decision resolving every issue uniformly. Push back to the state level abortion, and a whole slew of other issues that individual citizens and their state and local representatives can debate and act on as it suits them.

    The push to increase the size and jurisdiction of the federal government, and to extend its (non-existent constitutionally) police power over the nations of the world, is fundamentally un-American. The state of the Deep State demands that it be dismantled, and replaced with the limited government described in our Constitution that all federal officers are sworn to uphold.

    Roe vs Wade and abortion are a fine place to start.

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  46. andyocoregon says:

    An old friend sent this to me:

    Subject: Senior Code
    Young people have theirs,
    now Seniors have their own texting codes:

    * ATD- At the Doctor’s

    * BFF – Best Friends Funeral

    * BTW- Bring the Wheelchair
    * BYOT – Bring Your Own Teeth

    * CBM- Covered by Medicare

    * CUATSC- See You at the Senior Center

    * DWI- Driving While Incontinent

    * FWIW – Forgot Where I Was

    * GGPBL- Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low

    * GHA – Got Heartburn Again

    * HGBM – Had Good Bowel Movement

    * LMDO- Laughing My Dentures Out

    * LOL- Living on Lipitor

    * OMSG – Oh My! Sorry, Gas

    * TOT- Texting on Toilet

    * WAITT – Who Am I Talking To?

    Hope these help.

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  47. jane says:

    Last update to do here, from the Boulder Osprey family cam- I can’t believe it– Sadly and expectedly, #1 chick passed away during the night, so if you’re sensitive, now’s a good time to unplug. Always a rowdy and energetic one, #3 left the nest cup to get front row seating for mom’s feeding. Unfortunately that had her sitting in snow for too long, got hypothermia and couldn’t make it back to the nest cup in time. Proving again that God’s nature has it’s own course- and I guess if we get attached as observers and lovers of animals, we have to be prepared for the natural ups and downs. 😦 RIP little one.

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