Bill Whittle Describes “Cold Anger” – Fear and Justice…

Bill Whittle summarizes a decade of corruption and presents it against current events.  Mr. Whittle doesn’t use the term “Cold Anger” specifically, but the resounding sentiment he outlines, a combination of anger, frustration and resolve, is exactly that.

Often videos are inaccurately described as “must watch”, but this one is accurate:

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195 Responses to Bill Whittle Describes “Cold Anger” – Fear and Justice…

  1. MAGADJT says:

    Another video with someone telling us what the problems are, with no solution to rally around. We need someone with an existing platform and ready listeners/viewers to present steps we can take collectively to make a difference.


    • konradwp1 says:

      You need someone to rally behind?

      I don’t think you quite got the message …

      The battleground is the Internet, and if you do the research and you arm yourself with the facts, then you can be an effective Minuteman in an information battle against those who would destroy America.

      Quick on the trigger! Why did Admiral Rogers shut down contractor access to the NSA database on 18 April 2016? Which FISC judges report details the reasons?

      Don’t know?

      If YOU don’t personally know, then you are leaving the fight to a weak media that has no stomach for it. This is a fight only the citizens acting as an information milita can win.

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    • southernsue says:

      we all thought bush was our man
      how could any of us know that he was just another deep state player

      i am not sure the American people are to blame for all this corruption and mayhem

      the average citizen is trying to work and feed and house their families

      however,now we have the internet
      and now we can look at these politicians and find out what they have been up to
      we can now look at who these people really are

      the information highway is available to the average citizen
      we can now do our own investigations into candidates and see how they have voted,who they hang with,who they support
      that is how many of us have found out about obama’s past and his origins in kenya
      and how hillary was a commie in her college days and still is a commie
      we have now found out how many of our politicians make their millions thru corruption

      now,with the internet,we can choose more wisely who we want to lead us

      and no matter what
      we have GOD
      we can pray for wisdom
      and GOD will show us the way

      trump is a gift from GOD and so is the internet

      pray pray pray

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      • JiminCO says:

        Well yes, but revolutionaries in 1775, too, had families and a longer row to hoe to survive, but they also took up the cause of political change, some giving their all in death for the idea of America. A bigger problem may be apathy and disgust with government when it doesn’t directly affect one’s life. (which is fatally flawed thought for true patriotism)

        Perhaps a “second job” in educating oneself with that internet can inform the voter and can help him “evangelize” the misinformed. That is what I try to do in my “spare” time.


    • Ned2 says:

      So, what’s your solution Jefe?
      Mr. Whittle was presenting an anecdote, not a solution.


  2. Query says:

    I believe Whittle didn’t like Trump for some of the same reasons the Nation Review still doesn’t “approve” of the Don.
    They think he’s a vulgarian, a bombastic narcissist, not a pure Conservative. They’d rather support George Will writing furious, ideologically pure, futile letters to the editor than win anything.

    Whittle didn’t / doesn’t like that Trump will use the State in a most un-conservative manner to achieve ends they never dared to dream of.
    The Whittle conservatives are also terrified of anything that isn’t called “free trade”. Strangely, pretend “free trade” doesn’t concern them one bit. That’s on one of their stone tablets and it doesn’t include the word “fair” or concern itself with the survival of the working and middle class upon whom the survival of the US Republic depends.

    In the end, you can either have an anxious, unstable, part time, unskilled, service industry working class or those with real manufacturing jobs and stable families who become homebuyers. The pseudo conservatives prefer the former, exporting jobs equates with “free trade” to them. Bizarre.

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  3. Conservative_302 says:

    Hard to be reminded of all the reasons i voted for Trump. Obama’s term made me so dissolutioned about America. How many times did we watch or read about all the abuse and shake our head wondering how this could happen in America. I can wear my Trump t shirt and stick it in the Dems face that we do exist and we are not going away. For sure I will vote for him in 2020. It’s a do or die vote just like 2016 was.

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  4. mtnforgeorge says:

    The beauty of America and republican form of government is America can not be destroy by those who do evil, yet Liberty is a double edged sword. It is those who stand by and watch evil without doing anything to stop evil who will destroy America. This is America’s true “enemy”. It is contingent upon all of us who do something about stopping evil to win those hearts and minds. There is no one else coming to save us. We are all we have.
    We do not have to win every heart and mind, we only need to win just enough hearts and minds, the dialectic called Legion. It is this withdrawal of our consent then that becomes the great unstoppable motive power. When just enough of us who defy and resist, flip the table over and say F&%k this S#@t!


  5. redline says:

    “…this stinking, gangrenous septic ward, that used to be a ‘government’…”

    A well-turned phrase 🙂


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