Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo Interviews Rep. Doug Collins….

Maria Bartiromo discusses ongoing investigative events with House Judiciary Ranking Member Doug Collins.  In addition to discussing the direction of the attorney general inquiry, Rep. Collins notes his intent to release more investigative transcripts next week.

As suspected Bartiromo notes the IG Horowitz investigation is continuing as more evidence is uncovered, and has not yet reached the preliminary draft report phase. This would indicate none of the DOJ/FBI officials, ‘principals’ who would be permitted to review the OIG draft, have any indication of the IG evidence.

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48 Responses to Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo Interviews Rep. Doug Collins….

  1. FL_GUY says:

    Sundance wrote: This would indicate none of the DOJ/FBI officials, ‘principals’ who would be permitted to review the OIG draft, have any indication of the IG evidence.

    I like that. Keep them sweating and getting more paranoid until they fall apart. That’s already started.

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    • Maquis says:

      Lord, I hope that those principals are being, um, “spied on,” as they confer amongst themselves in abject panic when their turn to attempt to twist the report in their favor comes about.

      Seriously, they are all well beyond suspect and dangerous and what a glorious way for a valid investigation of the entire scheme to profit mightily from a document that risks, otherwise, being another watered down nothing burger.

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    • Jim in TN says:

      As crooked as the DOJ has been, I suspect that lots of moles have been inserted in or recruited from the pool of DOJ IG investigators.

      Knowing what is being investigated may be why some are squirming even harder. And others are finally shutting up.

      But, do they still have enough moles in the principles to be able to conduct another whitewash?

      (Hundreds of illegal leakers, many of them taking bribes, and Wray plays like nothing is wrong? Has anyone awarded Wray a Leslie Nielsen award yet? “Move along, nothing to see”, and now ‘gee, aren’t we the best’.)

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    • John Wilson says:

      I felt like his first IG report got sanitized by the review process. Can he avoid that this time?

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      • littleanniefannie says:

        Anyone who read the summaries and read the text of the report (or a few dozen pages) knew they were written by different people with entirely different perspectives. Guess which one the Fake News reported on?!?

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      • Maquis says:

        I believe the AG is responsible for the creation of the summary, and Barr has done well on accurate summaries so far.

        As for sanitizing, that would be the process of forcing information to be locked up in the classified annex which we would never see or hear about, which is why declassification of appropriate documents would thwart such an effort to gut the report.

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    • Dutchman says:

      For those impatient the I.G. report release is being delayed because of new evidence, IIRC, this happened before, and the ‘new evidencr’was well worth the delay. I believe it was some very damning lovers texts, like ‘Whitehouse wants to know’, or something.

      So, I can wait, if I.G. has obtained additional evidence, which he feels he needs to delay release in order to include.

      The Clowns have obviously been trying every way they could to block, obsfuscate hide and cover up, and until Barr came in and Rosie left, I.G. was pulling teeth to get anything from the rat barstuds.

      REALLY Appreciate Maria! And I like her clearly pushing this went back WAY earlier than official (bogus) start date.

      That she is beautiful is a plus, but I would watch her show if she looked like Nellie, cause she is a GOOD journalist, ‘getting to the bottom of it’, AND then ‘getting it OUT there’, which is the essence of good journalism!

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      • OlderAndWiser says:

        BTW, anyone else suspect that the IG is also interviewing Mueller and his staff, and which is why even though Barr says he is OK with Mueller testifying before Congress, that the testimony keeps getting delayed?
        I suspect the IG report will be completed and published before Mueller testifies before Congress.

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        • Sherri Young says:

          Do any members of the special counsel’s team have to cooperate with an IG investigation if they have already left the DOJ?


          • BitterC says:

            Pretty sure I’ve read/heard that Mueller is still on the DOJ payroll, which I found weird. He is supposedly still working on shutting down the SC office.

            Maybe because of all those “ongoing matters”?

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  2. Stickboy says:

    “As suspected Bartiromo notes the IG Horowitz investigation is continuing as more evidence is uncovered, and has not yet reached the preliminary draft report phase.”

    That being the case, I would not be looking for an IG report for many months……there is a whack of evidence to uncover yet, what he has is just the tip of the iceberg.

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    • DJ says:

      “…there is a whack of evidence…”
      Is that anything like a stack of evidence? 😉

      I think perhaps our “heavyweight pry Barr” is levering some things that heretofore were immovable.

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  3. Pa Hermit says:

    Amazing how some of these swampers start to lean towards MAGA as the elections near? We just saw Sen. Toomey sound like he’s behind POTUS when in reality, he was McConnell’s 12th vote to impeach just a mere few months ago.

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  4. L4grasshopper says:

    “As suspected Bartiromo notes the IG Horowitz investigation is continuing as more evidence is uncovered, and has not yet reached the preliminary draft report phase. This would indicate none of the DOJ/FBI officials, ‘principals’ who would be permitted to review the OIG draft, have any indication of the IG evidence.”
    That’s interesting. The “conventional wisdom” lately has been that the IG finished his draft, and the parts of it that affect the affected were out to them for their reclama.

    Maybe the wind up of the Meuller/Weismann activity has uncorked a number of other sources for the IG that he is working. Would not be surprised.

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  5. sucesfuloser says:

    We now have the white-hats in competition. Now that Horowitz knows Barr and Durham are on the case, might give him more guts for a straight shooting IG report. He has to match their input and vigor, he would not want to look weak against those fellows.

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  6. Albertus Magnus says:

    This video also supports the idea that Comey is the center of the investigation and faces a great deal of “legal exposure”.

    Enjoy, MAGA folks!

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  7. Indictments, arrests, trials, convictions & sentencing if guilty is news. Everything else is speculation, wishful thinking and unbearable delays while waiting for the Big Ugly – a major contributing factor for me drinking massive amounts of alcoholic beverages and railing against the Deep State. “Honey – pour me another double please. Horowitz hasn’t filled out his dance card yet.”

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  8. All Too Much says:

    She had it wrong as to who met with AG Lynch on the tarmac.
    It was Bill Clinton.
    Anyway, I am surprised by her statement saying the Lynch tarmac meeting was with Comey.
    Have I missed something?

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  9. Patriot1783 says:

    I liked Collins, seemed knowledgeable and loved at one point he carried a smile for a bit, think it was in reference/reaction to what Brennan had coming his way 😂


  10. Newhere says:

    The way Barr handled the Mueller report, my sense is that he despises the opportunity for those “in the know” to pre-spin a report while everyone waits for it to be released. In his interview he made a great statement: folks aren’t upset because his initial summary of conclusion “spun” the report; they’re upset because bottom line was released and THEY weren’t in any position to spin it. Exactly.

    Maybe Barr will find a way to avoid the 3-5 week leak-and-spin-fest between preliminary draft and its release.

    I understand the non-disclosure agreement that reviewers have to sign still allows them to reveal the existence of the draft report. Is that essential? Shouldn’t Barr have the discretion to extend the NDA even to the existence of the draft?

    Of course, then there are the leaks, but controls can be applied. I guess if DOJ isn’t willing to literally shadow every reviewer to stop them in real time, there’s no full proof way to stop a leak, especially if leakers have no fear of consequences. Perhaps they could ratchet the severity and immediacy of consequences.

    Anyway, I think it’s fair to infer that Barr would try to minimize the breathless countdown from draft to release if he can. Rules and procedures are important but not etched in stone. I get the need for due process for anyone implicated. But there have to be ways to keep a clamp on things til its ready for release.


  11. John says:

    Seems to be another deflate the football, run out the clock scheme. As soon as he wraps up another piece of evidence takes another 6 months which brings us to election noise. John Dowd in a podcast said these guys were smart to get it into the IG. They know the rule book and we don’t. Trump needs another 4 years just to ferret what’s been done and setback the regs another 100 years so we don’t have to deal with this for another 20-25 years or so. It’s a republic if we can keep it.

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  12. Ackman420 says:

    That jacket! Ugh, Maria.
    She’s def my fave, though.
    Great interview, as usual.
    Glad to hear from Collins that McCabes testimony will be released.


    • jebg46 says:

      I love that Maria dresses as a professional journalist. She doesn’t need to distract her listeners from real news like so many others seem to do.

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  13. covfefe999 says:

    I think Comey was planning to run for President. But Mueller’s report was a flop and now Barr is starting new investigations of the traitors. That’s going to screw up Comey’s plans. Hurry up AG Barr and shine some sunlight on these roaches, please, before the 2020 election! IMO the idea time for AG Barr to take out the traitors would be after the Dem primaries but before the Dem convention. 🙂

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Right now would be a fine time to take out the traitors. We won’t run short on corruption between now and election day 2020. Make justice a sure thing, not a matter that can be manipulated “if only done right.”

      Take those people down to the mat ASAP and allow common decency and honesty to become the default position again. Quit rewarding crooks by extending their “good runs” and holding back honest, quality individuals from filling positions.


  14. They are obviously comfortable with, if not working toward, a critically compromised 2020 presidential election, with the Insane Left still intact and supported by roughly half the electorate.


  15. translatethebs says:

    Maria is a wonderful alternative to most Fox interviewers and all other network in total.


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