Republican Justin Amash Calls for Impeachment – While Holding Personal Business Interests in China…

Michigan Republican Congressman Justin Amash made headlines Saturday by declaring on Twitter that President Trump deserved impeachment.  The media was quick to promote his position and advance an anti-Trump narrative.  However, a review of Amash’s financial interests quickly reveals a very personal business motive.  His family tool business is heavily invested in Chinese manufacturing.

In his 2017 financial disclosure forms (pdf here), Representative Amash reports income of between $100,000 to $1,000,000/yr. for his ownership stake in Michigan Industrial Tools.  Michigan Industrial Tools is the parent company, manufacturing in China, that produces Tekton Tools, Justin Amash’s Michigan family business.

According to an earlier Michigan article “Amash is a co-owner of Dynamic Source International, a Chinese company that supplies Michigan Industrial Tools.”  A visit to the website of Dynamic Source International (link) shows the company operates “manufacturing and factory facilities located in Hangzhou, capital city of Zhejiang Province”, China.

When you follow the internal link [“MIT-Tool“] within Dynamic Source International website, it connects to the portal of  Tekton Tools:

Dynamic Source International Link -and-  Tekton Tools Link

What you quickly discover is it appears Republican Congressman Justin Amash was challenged in 2010 [News Link] for his family business claiming to sell hand tools made in the U.S.A. but were actually manufactured in China.

Dynamic Source International and “Michigan Industrial Tools” (financial disclosure) appear as same corporation doing manufacturing in Hangzhou, China.  The finished product is then shipped/sold in the U.S. by the Amash family (Justin and his brother Jeff) under the name Tekton Tools.

Justin Amash was called out for lying about his product being manufactured in America during a campaign challenge.  For some reason the local media didn’t call Amash to task on the connection to his DC financial disclosures (maybe they didn’t look).


It is demonstrably a fact (as above) that “Michigan Industrial Tools” operates as a manufacturer in China, and the product they produced is Tekton Tools which is Amash’s family company (as admitted in the interview).

Obviously President Trump’s tariff and trade position against China is adverse to the financial interests of Justin Amash.

In addition to previously lying about his Michigan company selling product “Made In USA” and the nature of his business relationship with China, the family business contains the financial motive for Representative Amash to call for President Trump’s impeachment.

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244 Responses to Republican Justin Amash Calls for Impeachment – While Holding Personal Business Interests in China…

  1. progpoker says:

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    • MaineCoon says:

      FTA: About Islamist Money in Politics

      Islamist Money in Politics (IMIP), an Islamist Watch initiative, illuminates a little-explored facet of Islamist political influence in the United States: campaign contributions by key figures in America’s foremost Islamist groups. By tracking such donations, IMIP seeks to highlight this hidden concern and hold politicians accountable for accepting funds from individuals who, in the words of a Muslim Brotherhood memorandum, “understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”

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      • mike says:

        Justin Amash’s dad is Palestinian origin in 1956. Are you saying there is a clear Islamacist connection here, either way? (Dad/Justin known sympathies or ME dirty money)


        • MaineCoon says:

          I posted a verbatim excerpt from the article that stg58 linked. I think the exercept speaks for itself.


        • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

          Both of Amashs parents are “Christians”. Father a Palestinian christian and mom a Syrian christian.
          Sure thing….Pali-christian?👍


    • 13wasylyna says:

      CAIR donation to Amash….oh what a tangled web

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    • nats1mom says:

      Yes, yes, yes! “ALWAYS”


  2. sundance says:

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  3. bertdilbert says:

    Gee, hope they did not take out any large loans for expansion in China. That would be a total shame.

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  4. bo cat says:

    He just ended this family business.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Trump is not going to let this one remain untweeted. Make him sweat for a couple of days first though.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      In these situations, I always enjoy imagining them sitting at the kitchen table, hands folded, and the wife standing there, “hands on hips” ( always a signal to run ) and her saying something like:

      “You moron.” “This was your idea.” “You told me it would never be a problem”
      “What are we gonna do with all these houses?”
      “What?…….”Move to China?…..

      “ I want my half…….now”………..Sucks to be him……Bwaaaaaah…

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    • Then:

      “After all, the chief business of the American people is business. They are profoundly concerned with producing, buying, selling, investing and prospering in the world. I am strongly of the opinion that the great majority of people will always find these the moving impulses of our life.”

      –President Calvin Coolidge


      “The chief business of the American people is the Amash family business in Communist China.”

      –Congressman Justin Amash

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  5. This is becoming absolutely insane!!!

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  6. bkrg2 says:

    Another never Trump idiot that wishes Crooked Hillary was his president.
    This turd better be flushed in 2020

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  7. joeknuckles says:

    So all he does is import and mark up cheap Chinese crap tools?
    Boycott anybody who carries any of his products.
    Blast this info out everywhere on the internet.
    Heckle him everywhere he goes.

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    • billrla says:

      joenuckles: Tekton sells through Amazon. When considering purchases on Amazon, one must really do one’s homework to determine a product’s country of manufacture. Usually, if the country of manufacture is not explictly listed, it is prudent to assume the product is not U.S.-made.

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      • mike says:

        Isn’t selling stuff thru the mail with a false claim like US manufacture, a form of mail fraud ?

        Let the postal inspectors sweat Amash.

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      • sat0422 says:

        Ahhhhh. there we heard that word again, AMAZON. I have only placed an order on Amazon when is was necessary because it can not be bought anywhere else- maybe 2-3 per year. I don’t have PRIME and I don’t look at AMAZON until absolutely necessary. I am rethinking what the word necessary means. AMAZON Out.

        Don’t cry too much. I just saw on an MSM news report last week that the robots are taking over and many current AMAZON employees will lose their jobs in the near future.

        Any update on how the divorce is going for the owner(s).

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        • woodstuff says:

          I don’t buy from amazon, but I don’t fault those who do. Many friends and family are deceived. I read product reviews and do price matches which are helpful. Amazon gives me leads on USA manufacturers at times. In the end, I don’t buy from Bezos anymore.


      • GB Bari says:

        I thought the brand sounded familiar.

        I just bought a Tekton rubber mallet from Home Depot a few months ago.

        Home Depot is loaded with Tekton tools, about 1,148 results come up when searching “Tekton” on their website.

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    • Jan says:

      I just sent the President an email and referenced him to this article. All of our Reps. and Senators with business ties to China, like McConnell, ought to STFU. We no longer need these POS in the House or Senate anymore. It’s bad enough they take lobby money, but to have personal stakes in foreign countries should be a HUGE NO NO. Time to report all of these “Congressmen” to the ethics committee.

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  8. Lefty says:

    There’s Trillions at stake. Shame on this dude putting his Chinese based business interests ahead of MAGA. This clown needs to be replaced. Grand Rapids MI is a pretty conservative area. Come on GR, find a replacement for this globalist scum.

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  9. Rudolph says:

    Chinese junk. No self respecting tradesman is going to buy their tools manufactured from China. Voters in Michigan need to be reminded that his priorities are with employing the Chinese over Americans.

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    • billrla says:

      Rudolph: I just bought a set of US-made S&K SAE wrenches. Expensive, but, my priorities run deeper than price.

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    • woodstuff says:

      I agree about not buying Chinese. At the same time it is really tough to find non-chinese tools. A stroll through Home Depot or Lowes tells us many trades people have been buying the junk. Many Electrical and Plumbing supply houses have started selling Chinese junk. Many USA name brands no longer are made here.

      I go out of my way to buy domestic or at least Taiwan stuff. Sometimes I have no option but to buy whatever I can get. Oftentimes I need something immediately to finish a job. I can’t be a “purist” or I would go out of business.


    • Ono says:

      I use stainless steel fasteners (screws bolts…etc), shaper heads and hand tools in my trade.

      When Chinese fasteners first came out I bought some (1/4 the price who wouldn’t). When one in four snapped off and I had to spend a half hour to remove and repair the material they were supposed to hold together, my mind was made.

      I buy USA all the way. I have a set of Craftsman (guarenteed for life) wrenches and sockets that I got in High school (45 years ago) and have yet to replace one because of failure.

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  10. Hays,TX says:

    Is Amash (R) in violation of the Foreign Emoluments Clause ?

    Foreign emoluments clause : a clause in Article 1, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution that prohibits federal officeholders from accepting any present, emolument, office, or title from any foreign state or its rulers or representatives .

    Emoluments are the returns arising from office or employment usually in the form of compensation or perquisites.

    Are you busy Ristvan 🙂

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Okay, Hays… Using the Emoluments Clause to mess with Congressman Amash might be a bridge too far… I don’t think that we could take that much winning… But we’ll never know until we test it…. So I approve. 😊 Ristvan?

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  11. livefreeordieguy says:

    This game is easy… While at my niece’s college graduation today I got a news alert on my phone that said Michigan Republican Congressman Justin Amash had called for PDJT’s impeachment. Big news, right? I told my wife that I smelled a rat and that Sundance would blow that story out of the water by noon tomorrow. He beat it by 12 hours. Nice SD. Thank you.

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  12. Burnt Toast says:

    Would not be surprised if they liquidated all domestic operations except fro repackaging tools and putting their label on them. Maybe label “packaged in the USA”
    Probably don’t own any foreign plants either, just buy from the ChiCom party member with the cheapest product of the day. Just an importer now.

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  13. Robert Smith says:

    Hope his business goes to zero. And he loses office. And he gets investigated.

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  14. Fred says:

    Another RINO that got caught with his fingers in the Chinese fortune cookie jar.

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  15. kgsrn6 says:

    Primary him.

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    • Daniel says:

      It’s a wonderful question — is it too late? Can it be done? A baloney sandwich would be a better choice in a primary.


    • Alison Wilson says:

      But there is the rub. How many of us on this message board would be willing to put in the time, energy and money to run against our representatives? There are fewer and fewer people who can and WILL.
      Attend your town or county’s Republican committee and get involved any way you can. I am registered as an independent so I am can’t vote at ours, but I use my independent status to write letters to the editor of our town’s paper and challenge what our Democrats are doing at the state and national level. It is the independent voters we need to educate!


    • Lulu says:

      In this case, you vote for the Democrat if it’s too late to primary. He has long voted with them, and he’s more of a threat to MAGA.


    • Sherri Young says:

      Looks like James A. Lower and Tom Norton are presumptive challengers.


  16. LBB says:

    China rep was meeting with Amash (picture) same day Comey got fired (has to be strange coincidence). Readout is how close China is with Michigan.

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    • fred5678 says:

      “Consul General Hong Lei said that in recent years, China and Michigan have enjoyed a strong momentum of development and achieved fruitful results.”


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  17. Electra says:

    So far (9:18 pm MST), no one on Amash’s twitter page has brought this issue up. I don’t have a Twitter account (and don’t plan to get one), so maybe one our treeper’s can take care of that? It’s infuriating to read all the fawning congrats from Dems, and nobody is calling this mercenary, lying traitorous jerk out on this. The link is in the first paragraph above, “on Twitter.”

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  18. CNN_sucks says:

    Amash is running against PDJT because his profit went from 1million using chinese slaves to 100K with 25% tariff. There is God after all.

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  19. Cathy M. says:

    If true, It appears that the Tool who manufactures tools is in deep caca. He not only set himself up for impeachment but at the minimum he’s violated 19 USC 1304 (false country of origin) & 19 USC 542 (entry of goods by false statements).
    ICE/HSI & CBP- get the lead out & un-set entries open both criminal & administrative cases.

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  20. Query says:

    Hee, hee……
    In any horse race I’m backing the nag named Self Interest.

    That’s not surprising. What is is that this clown thought no-one would notice. Are these people from 1950? Do they think their declarations are lost in a dusty paper file under a Courthouse?

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  21. chojun says:

    Now do the Koch bros.

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    • Baby El says:

      Not sure if you remember how the libs vilified GWB as being in the pocket of the Koch bros (likely true). But now the dems are in their pocket, so they’re the good guys now.


  22. Magabear says:

    Time to primary this Libertarian fake conservative. He wraps himself in the constitution all the while violating its principles.

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  23. railer says:

    I liked Amash when he first came around. The RINO he replaced needed to get whacked, and Amash talked a very good limited-government game. He’s become something of a gadfly since then, and it’s clear he has a deep financial interest in these Chinese imports, which by now we all recognize as cheap junk and often produced by slave labor. He’s selling these tools through Meijer, which is sort of a mini Walmart locally here, and Trump is obviously about to break his rice bowl.

    No sympathy for this guy. He’s now proven to be nothing different than the RINO he replaced.

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  24. NJF says:

    So now it will be all bipartisan like, eh?


  25. Kalena says:

    Someone should find Michigan State representative Jim Lower’s twitter and twest this thread (not on any social media myself). Jim tweeted earlier this evening that Amash’s tweet would not give unanswered. Jim implied he may take a run for this seat.

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  26. LafnH20 says:

    Talk about cutting off the branch you are standing on!! And telling EVERYBODY to come watch…

    amash, is demanding, that The President of The United States of America, be Impeached, because he will make money! And China will make money!

    This goes beyond the emoluments clause, imho.

    Sometimes you need a little puffery to prop up your product so that others will think it sounds better than it is.
    Advertising or sales presentation relying on exaggerations, opinions, and superlatives, with little or no credible evidence to support its vague claims.
    Puffery may be tolerated to an extent so long as it does not amount to misrepresentation (false claim of possessing certain positive attributes or of not possessing certain negative attributes).

    The difference between puffery and false advertising is the difference between legal promotion and illegal marketing claims. Puffery is a legal way of promoting a product or service through hyperbole or oversized statements that cannot be objectively verified.

    Most jurisdictions have consumer protection statutes which prohibit the misrepresentation of a product. In consumer law, if a consumer asks or is given a representation in regards to an item, the information extended must be accurate and not deceptive.

    Puffery refers to an exaggeration or statement that no reasonable person would take as factual. It often occurs in the context of advertsing and promotional testimonials. Puffery may be used as a defense to a warranty or fraud claim, to assert that the plaintiff shouldn’t have relied on the statements in issue. Puffing generally is defined as “exaggerated, vague, or loosely optimistic statements about a company that are deemed so immaterial and unworthy of reliance that they cannot serve as the basis for liability. The difference between a statement of fact and mere puffery rests in the specificity or generality of the claim.” Phoenix Payment Solutions, Inc. v. Towner, 2009 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 91978 (D. Ariz. Oct. 2, 2009)

    I’m not a lawyer. I didn’t stay at a hotel last night. And I’m Prolly way off base.

    Claiming something is Made in America, when it is not, imho, is not puffery.
    It Is a malicious and prenefitated act meant to.. DECEIVE.

    Deceive – verb

    To persuade someone that something false is the truth; to trick or fool.

    If this is the case, amash should have his clearances revoked and be removed from any sensitive positions, immediately, pending a Federal Investigation.
    He, imho, is Unqualified to serve and poses a Threat to National Security; considering his questionable ties to China and a willful desire to illegally profit from and mischaracterize that relationship at the expense of NOT only his Business Partners, Clients, Constituents and Customers, but the Country as a whole.
    Not to mention, The President of The United States of America!!

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  27. LafnH20 says:



  28. Kaco says:

    Boycott Tekton tools, looks like they sell them at Home Depot, Tractor Supply, other places. Get them on the boycott lists! We don’t want this Chinese junk and certainly not to support this RINO. Let’s go all you social media warriors! He needs to know a national boycott is against him because he’s a traitor and I hope it hits him in the pocket book hard!

    Also, this jerk couldn’t name one thing in the Mueller report that POTUS did, just that he needs impeached!

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      He also wanted for us all to know he CAN read — I bet you my Leatherman (which by the way IS made in the USA by the way) that he didn’t read tone word of the Mueller Dossier. Orange man VERY BAD for Tekton (and my livelihood). Vote, or if possible recall this anti-American, traitorous Tool out of office.


  29. I am from Michigan and I hate this globalist jerk. I will give money to anyone who runs against him in the primaries. I live in a different part of the state, but I don’t care. This idiot has been against PDJT from day one.

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  30. treehouseron says:

    As long as President Trump keeps pissing off all the right people (like this RINO clown) I’ll crawl over broken glass to vote for him. Keep up the great work, President Trump! Another RINO exposed!

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  31. Colorado Rich says:

    Actually we need to thank the twit for being one of the first to expose his, and many more to come, anti American first positions. Let’s take them to task patriots.
    Thank you Sundance as always you are a general in this battle to KAG. Bless you

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  32. CM-TX says:

    Yet on looking to see, both on packaging & tools– they claim “100% Made in USA”. Weird.

    Or maybe they just meant the actual (cardboard) packaging was… 🙄

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    • safvetblog says:

      Isn’t this a ventilation of some kind of truth-in-packaging law or regulation? If the China -> Tekton connection can be proven, isn’t this approaching fraud? IANAL…


      • safvetblog says:

        Isn’t this a ventilation of some kind of truth-in-packaging law or regulation? If the China -> Tekton connection can be proven, isn’t this approaching fraud? IANAL..Argh…”violation”…..


        • CM-TX says:

          You would think so. Claiming in ads/promos is one thing (false advertising)… but going as far as printing it on packaging & tools has got to be some form of fraud.

          Quick search… looks like it would fall under laws applicable to COOL (Country of Origin Labeling).

          Oh, IAANAL (I am *also* not a lawyer … just so there’s no confusion!) 😁


      • fred5678 says:

        This sure looks like proof — the mit-tool link is the only store front for the Chinese company, and mit-tool link is the Tekton portal. Moreover the mere 50 employees in MI can hardly produce Tekton’s volume:

        Company Basic Information

        – Company Name Dynamic Source International(HANGZHOU)
        – Location Hangzhou
        – Business Type Manufacturer
        – Year Established 1969
        – Employees Total 101 – 500
        – Annual Revenue USD 2,000,001 – 5,000,000
        – Website
        – EC21

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    • Baby El says:

      I’m too old to read the upper pictures, but the lower ones definitely show U.S.A. NOTE: they dont say ‘made in’. However, a country stamp on an item it commonly used to denote country of origin. So yes, this FRAUD.


      • H.R. says:

        If you notice the numbers preceding ‘USA’, I believe that they are a design or part number. The number string is too short to be a patent number.

        So I’d take it that the truthful meaning of the stamp or etching is “In the USA, the part number of this tool is XXXXXX.” Or it also might be that it means, “This is a USA-designed part, our design number XXXXXX>”

        But it does not say, “Made In The USA” on the tool, so I take it that the “XXXX USA” is a deception that leaves it up to the purchaser to infer that the tool is made in the USA. I have no idea how the Country of Origin laws are written, so that label may be exploiting a loophole in the labeling laws. If so, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit that the Amash brothers lobbied for the loophole to be created way back when.


    • 13wasylyna says:

      It doesnt say “ made in USA” ….just USA….so they are threading the needle with a sorta truth. I always check for country of origin and this is misleading at a minimum


  33. burginthorn says:

    Sickening. A President that is doing nothing but looking out for the best interest of the citizen, and these greedy self seeking traitors call for his impeachment. There ought to be serious consequences for such accusations.

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  34. fred5678 says:

    Here are two dead giveaways:

    “Firing back, the Miles campaign also furnished a photo of what it said is the packaging for a tool set bought at a Grand Rapids hardware store, with the words: “Manufactured in China for Michigan IndustrialTools.””


    and …

    “The WestMichigan company has been growing in recent years, steadily adding new jobs to its workforce of over 50 employees.””

    Fifty employees are hard at work 24/7 handcrafting the thousands of pliers and wrenches Tekton makes. FIFTY workers!

    More likely fifty accountants who can read invoices and packing slips written in Mandarin,

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    • CM-TX says:

      No worries… Co probably just employed 50 of those little worker elves (diversity-hires). They can make anything super fast, it’s almost like magic!

      The boss is a total tool though.

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  35. Genie says:

    What a tool. His re-election campaign is shovel-ready.

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  36. Bigly says:

    No other congressman I find so hard to like.


  37. TwoLaine says:

    Justin is gonna’ need a hand tool when we are finished with him.


  38. I hope that somebody run over scumbag muslims Rep,


  39. deeperinfo says:



  40. deeperinfo says:



  41. TwoLaine says:

    HuffPo outed him in 2018. 😉

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  42. MaineCoon says:

    Here is the search result on the State of Michiganls Department of Licensing and Regulartory Affairs for the entity TEKTON, INC. F/k/a MICHIGAN INDUSTRIAL TOOLS, INC. f/k/a AMASH IMPORTS, INC. With Jeff Amash listed as a Director along with his other family members in official capacities.

    Couldn’t be clearer.


    LARA – MI Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

    ID Number: 800299802
    Summary for: TEKTON, INC.

    The name was changed from: MICHIGAN INDUSTRIAL TOOLS, INC. on 09-07-2016
    The name was changed from: AMASH IMPORTS, INC. on 02-14-2012

    Identification Number: 800299802 Old ID Number: 288279

    Date of Incorporation in Michigan: 11/24/1982

    Purpose: All Purpose Clause

    Term: Perpetual

    Most Recent Annual Report: 2019 Most Recent Annual Report with Officers & Directors: 2018

    The name and address of the Resident Agent:
    Resident Agent Name: JOHN AMASH
    Street Address: 3707 ROGER B CHAFFEE SE
    City: GRAND RAPIDS State: MI Zip Code: 49548
    Registered Office Mailing address:
    P.O. Box or Street Address:
    City: State: Zip Code:

    The Officers and Directors of the Corporation:
    Title Name Address

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  43. lotbusyexec says:

    Notice how company name was CHANGED from Amash Imports INC in 2014 to MICHIGAN INDUSTRIAL TOOLS, INC. on 09-07-2016 – on 9/7/16… Hmmm… did he know that Hil-LIAR-y was going to loose and our dear lion (PDJT) would win? Quite Curious. Amash imports, states just that – Imports. Michigan Industrial Tools, not so much!

    Liked by 1 person

  44. MaineCoon says:

    Panjiva/S&P Global details the Supply Chain Intelligence for Tekon. It states the the top countries that supply Tekon are Taiwan, China and South Korea. It details shipment data and supply chain map (paywall).

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  45. Lester Smith says:

    How you like that American pie thats
    made in China. What a tool!


  46. Jim in TN says:

    That ec21 page is no longer available.

    Here is one from a different source.


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