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Toensing and diGenova Discuss Upcoming AG Bill Barr Testimony…

Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing discuss the latest ebbs and flows amid the fraudulent Weissmann/Rosenstein report, the testimony of AG Bill Barr, and the potential to expose the weaponization of the intelligence apparatus for political surveillance and spying. Advertisements

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Democrats and Media Continue Playing Political Games Targeting AG Bill Barr….

The entire leftist political apparatus is not going to give on their strategy.  They have been planning this exploitation since November of 2018. This is what they do; this is all they do. In a strategic set of rolled-out narratives … Continue reading

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The Value Of Making a Home

My oldest son and his wife just bought their first home, and they are in the process of painting and making minor improvements before moving in. As I help them with the painting and odds and ends, I see little … Continue reading

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President Trump Welcomes NASCAR Champion Joey Logano and Team Penske…

Earlier today President Trump welcomed 2018 NASCAR champion Joey Logano to the White House. (Video and Transcript Below) . [Transcript] South Lawn – 3:56 P.M. EDT – THE PRESIDENT: Very talented people. Great musicians. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. … Continue reading

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President Trump Threatens “full and complete embargo” of Cuba Over their Support for Maduro Regime…

China, Russia and Cuba are financing and supporting the socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.  Russian and Chinese military equipment was previously shipped into the country and military members from Cuba are fighting on the ground. In response to … Continue reading

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Horsetrading – Pelosi and Schumer Meet POTUS for Infrastructure Deal…

Well, it looks like the outcome of a horsetrading deal is starting to assemble.  President Trump meeting with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer et al, to discuss a $2 trillion infrastructure deal.   Despite their schemes and plots this is worth watching: … Continue reading

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DNC Club Activity – Stacey Abrams Announces Not Running for Senate…

Rule #1, the Club activity is predictable; they follow a well worn guide. Rule #2, when it appears they are changing strategies, refer back to Rule #1. The Joe Biden/Stacey Abrams club ticket was visible months ago; discussed in March. … Continue reading

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