President Obama’s 2016 Political Surveillance Coverup Had Two Parallel Tracks…

Everything after March 9th, 2016, is a function of two intelligence units, the CIA and FBI, operating together to coverup prior political surveillance and spy operations.

Prior to March 9th, 2016, the surveillance and spy operation was using the NSA database to track and monitor their political opposition.  However, once the NSA compliance officer began initiating an internal review of who was accessing the system, the CIA and FBI moved to create ex post facto justification for their endeavors. [Full Backstory]

The evidence for this is found in the documents attached to both operations; and bolsters the original statements by Congressman Devin Nunes as highlighted below.

The CIA track took place between March and July 2016, and consisted of using foreign intelligence allies in Italy, the U.K and Australia to create a background illusion of Russian involvement with the Trump campaign.  This operation was based on earlier -more innocuous- contacts from various countries, weaponized and redeployed in what everyone calls “spygate”.  This track successfully culminated in Operation Crossfire Hurricane.

The FBI track was domestic-centric, albeit sub-contracted to Fusion GPS and later a former British intelligence officer, and took place between April and October 2016; also to create the illusion of Russian involvement.  This operation is best known around the Steele Dossier and FISA warrant against U.S. person Carter Page.  The FBI track continued with the Mueller investigation into 2017, 2018 and 2019.

In April of 2018 Devin Nunes noted:

[Transcript] “So it took us a long time to actually get this, what’s called the electronic communication, as we know it now for your viewers, what it is it’s the original intelligence, original reasons that the counterintelligence was started.

Now this is really important to us because the counterintelligence investigation uses the tools of our intelligence services that are not supposed to be used on American citizens. And we’ve long wanted to know: what intelligence did you have that actually led to this investigation? So what we’ve found now, after the investigators have reviewed it, is that in fact there was no intelligence.

So we have a traditional partnership with what’s called the Five Eyes Agreement. Five Eyes Agreement involves our friends in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, and of course, us. So long time processes and procedures in place where we move intelligence across.

We are not supposed to spy on each others’ citizens. And it’s worked well. And it continues to work well. And we know it’s working well because there was no intelligence that passed through the Five Eyes channels to our government.

And that’s why we had to see that original communication. So now we’re trying to figure out, as you know, we are investigating the State Department, we think there’s some major irregularities in the State Department, and we’re trying to figure out how this information about Mr. Papadopoulos of all people who was supposedly meeting with some folks in London, how that made it over across into the FBI’s hands.” (video link)

The direct evidence for what Devin Nunes is describing is found in two specific documents.  Each of the documents is unique to their track.  One track is the CIA the other track is the FBI.  The merging point that binds them is the U.S. State Department.

♦ First, we review the CIA track.

The evidence for the CIA track is found in the Weissmann-Mueller report.  More specifically, it is found in the intentional way the report tries to conflate two contact points.

This track is CIA Director John Brennan’s work, with enlisted help from the FBI counterintelligence unit (Peter Strzok and Bill Priestap) as they travel to the U.K.

After western intelligence asset Joseph Mifsud (posed as a Russian) plants a story on George Papadopoulos about Russia having “emails of Clinton”, the operation then needs Papadopoulos to share the information.  That’s where a joint network comes in.  The network is the U.S. embassy in London; the Australian embassy in London; the Australian Ambassador to the U.K. Alexander Downer; and his top aide Erika Thompson.

Notice page #89 of the report; but read carefully and specifically notice the date Weissmann and Mueller use to frame the Russia story extraction from Papadopoulos:

The meeting on May 6th, was NOT a meeting with Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer.  That meeting did not happen until May 10th.  The recent release of documents from Australia confirm this timeline.

The meeting on May 6th was between George Papadopoulos and Downer’s aide, Erika Thompson:  …”that the Trump campaign had received information from the Russian government that it could assist the campaign through the anonymous release of information that would be damaging to Hillary Clinton.”

So, if the U.S. used the information from the May 6, 2016, meeting as conveyed on July 26th, 2016, it was the conversation with Erika Thompson that opened Crossfire Hurricane; not the meeting with Alexander Downer on May 10th. {Go Deep}

This subtle but important distinction in contact and communication reconciles the statement by Devin Nunes; because Thompson is also a reported intelligence operative (spy) and information from her would not be passing through “Five Eyes” official channels.   However, for their intents and purposes, the U.S. operation needed to give the appearance of official channels, so the *inference* between the claim and the footnote *implies* Ambassador Downer.  But you can see that’s not actually what happened.

This is an example of Weissmann/Mueller disguising the actual origin in their report.  They are giving cover to the reality that unofficial intelligence was the actual basis for the originating “EC” or two-page electronic communication from CIA Director John Brennan to FBI Director James Comey. It was that 2-page EC, likely written by FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, that initiated “Crossfire Hurricane”.

The page in the Weissmann/Mueller report is factually true but the inference is false.  It is written in the way they intended, to give a false impression.  It is quite subtle and sneaky.

What is outlined on Page #89 is also the CIA track that ran from March to July 31st, 2016.

The operation positioned Joseph Mifsud as a Russian spy; has him plant information on George Papadopoulos; then uses U.S. and AU operatives to withdraw the information; thereby giving the appearance that a Trump campaign official, Papadopoulos, was receiving and passing-on Russian intelligence.  This is the CIA justification for creating the EC.  This is the CIA cover story.

Now let’s review the evidence of the FBI track and how it also connects to the U.S. State Department.  This one is more brutally obvious because the document had to be less ambiguous in construct.   This involves the FISA application on U.S. Person Carter Page.

♦ The FBI Track – The Steele Dossier, FISA Warrant and Carter Page.

The second page of the FISA application used to gain a Title-1 surveillance warrant against U.S. Carter Page identifies where the material came from.  Notice the direct attribution is to the State Department; not the DOJ or FBI, and certainly not Christopher Steele.

Applying hindsight to the backstory of the Clinton Campaign hiring Fusion GPS, and Fusion hiring Christopher Steele for the Dossier; and the dossier being passed on to the FBI and DOJ via various channels… Question: why would the DOJ be citing the State Department for their claim?

The answer is simple.  Carter Page was a known person to the FBI and DOJ.  Carter Page was a subject witness from 2012 to 2016 in the Evgeny Buryakov case [DOJ March 2016].  How could the FBI claim Carter Page was “an agent of a foreign power” to the FISA court in October 2016, when they only finished using him as a cooperating subject witness in May of 2016?  [DOJ May 2016]

The short answers are: (1) they couldn’t; (2) they were in a big hurry; there was a sense of urgency; they needed the FISA and Steele Dossier as insurance policy; and (3) it wasn’t safe for the DOJ/FBI to make the ‘foreign agent‘ claim against their own prior witness if things went sideways.

Remember, this is all a coverup.  Their efforts are about gaining position and appearances to justify a preceding action. Their efforts are not focused on an actual investigation. So they told the FISC the information came from the State Department and [Redacted]. Whichever source could give them the best legal justification to gain the FISA warrant was the leading point in the thought process.

Despite everything around the Steele Dossier primarily inbound from Fusion-GPS and Chris Steele to the DOJ and FBI, the people creating the FISA illusion needed to use the State Department as a valid reference for fraudulent claims they were making.

From the beginning Fusion-GPS was not hired to research Donald Trump; the intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. The intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a plausible justification for already existing surveillance and spy operations.  Fusion created the dossier for them.

The FBI knew Carter Page.  Essentially Carter Page was irrelevant, what they needed was the FISA warrant and the Dossier in the system {Go Deep} as their insurance policy.

So there we see two parallel tracks; one from the CIA, and one from the FBI.  Both intended to provide a cover story for political surveillance and spy operations that preceded March 9, 2016. The CIA track created ‘crossfire hurricane’.  The FBI track created the Steele Dossier.  Both had the same purpose.

Both tracks originated from ‘unofficial channels’ and then transferred into official status through the use of two documents.  The CIA generated the two-page “EC”; and the FBI generated the FISA application from the Steele Dossier.

Both tracks held the same coverup purpose; both tracks were insurance policies; and both tracks merged for intelligence exploitation after President Trump won the election.  After the election the goal was shifted to remove the risk Trump represented.

Once they had the legal justifications for targeting Trump, albeit fraudulently obtained, the effort could move into phase three: by-the-book processes.  The FBI track evolved into the Mueller probe; that’s why the Dossier is so important to the validity of the special counsel.

Everything after March 9th, 2016, through today – is covering for everything that happened before March 9th when “contractors” were allowed by the FBI and DOJ to have weaponized access to the NSA database for political surveillance and spy operations.

This two-track process and ultimate merging is what all of the documentary evidence supports.  I suspect when the arc of the story concludes, this is where we will be.

The most important sentence in Judge Collyer’s brief:

 …”many of these non-compliant queries involved the use of the same identifiers over different date ranges.”..

This Page #82 sentence specifically highlights that during the 2016 presidential campaign, those who had access to the NSA database were searching the same phone numbers, email addresses, electronic “identifiers”, or people, repeatedly over different dates.

Specific people were being tracked/monitored.

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539 Responses to President Obama’s 2016 Political Surveillance Coverup Had Two Parallel Tracks…

  1. fred5678 says:

    SD — AMAZING!!!!
    Another donation on the way!!

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  2. Streak 264 says:

    This should be Barr’s opening statement at his hearing.

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    • Dr.Jay says:

      Mifsud doesn’t need to be ‘smoked out’ anymore.
      Lega rules Italy now and they are good people. Salvini (head of Lega) is Minister of the Interior.
      After Mifsud was warned to go into hiding by a former head of Italian Intelligence (and Mifsud may have used SMSI safe houses). He was later found to be in hiding in or near Rome, in ordinary housing, perhaps no longer welcome in the safe houses ,,, :).
      The US admin now knows where he is, Salvini told them and Mifsud should be under semi-self imposed house arrest. By the way I think that Mifsud was just a useful idiot, but of course we will not know until he is actually questioned.

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      • Luna says:

        Conservative journalists should start asking D candidates, if they go with the Russia collusion theme, if they would be OK with President Trump ordering the CIA & FBI to do surveillance on, say smokin Joe bc he might be under “Ukrainian ” influence. Or Bernie bc he might be under Cuban influence ec. Would they be OK if the current administration used the full weight of the government against a presidential campaign? Get them to answer that. That is 100% what the last admin did.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Mifsud needs to be smoked out of the shadows and onto the public stage. He needs to have a bright light shown on him. His face and position in this mess need to be so well recognized that the average man on the street can say, “Oh yeah, that is a picture of Joseph Mifsud. He is the spy who was sent to dirty up PapaD and take down Trump.”


      • TarsTarkas says:

        Erika Thompson has also been thrown under the bus.


    • jakee308 says:


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  3. joeknuckles says:

    Wouldn’t Pencilneck Schiff be an accessory to this crime? Swalwell, too?

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    • covfefe999 says:

      I’m no expert on this, but judging by Strzok-Page texts that I was re-reading yesterday, they were useful idiots on the Dem side, just like McCain was.

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      • dd_sc says:

        McCain is not a useful idiot; he had been providing bipartisan cover for Democrat schemes for years prior to being the bagman for getting the Steele Dossier to FBI as well as into public discourse by bringing it up at a Senate hearing. Big part of the information laundering process.

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        • Sherri Young says:

          McNoName was Deep State. He was physically on the ground in Syria and the Ukraine. He did not simply jawbone from behind his desk in the Senate.

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    • Blind no longer says:

      Don’t forget Warner!!! Those text messages between and Deripaska’s lawyer are more valuable than gold. Warner needs to go down too along with a whole lot of others. Rat rhino Ryan got out just in time.

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    • GGHD says:

      joeknuckles, you’re right. +Donald Trump is just the man to call them for it too.
      From the Internet:
      “Whoever, ~knowing that an offense against the United States has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an ~>accessory after the fact.” [Internet]

      There are a large number of ‘Deep-State’ participants, that entered into the ‘cover-up’ after the initial crimes of illegal surveillance were committed. … The USA is still in the process of exposing all the crimes by the Deep-State participants. … (Hopefully, TheLastRefugee site is at the top of President Trump’s reading list.)
      Unfortunately, many of the ‘accessories after the fact’ + the initial villains ~ escape punishment during their life; only after death will they answer to a Divine Judgement.

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      • joebkonobi says:

        Feinstein and her “cold” are also on that aiding and abetting list. Karma is a wonderful thing!

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        • Sherri Young says:

          Refresher: Feinstein’s “cold” gave her the excuse for publicly speaking about and releasing Glenn Simpson’s confidential testimony given in closed session before the Senate Judiciary Committee on August 22, 2017. By doing so, the DS was informed about what they could and could not say in order not to be in conflict with Glenn Simpson. By “accidentally” making her revelation from the Senate floor, Feinstein was protected by the Speech & Debate clause.

          Another thought that occurs is that Simpson’s closed door testimony was on August 22, 2017 while Devin Nunes was not on the Gang of Eight because of the ethics investigation. The G-8 could have met and discussed Simpson’s testimony and Nunes would not have been privy to the conversation. Nunes was cleared of the ethics charge on December 7, 2017 so would have regained access to the G-8 proceedings that would have transpired during his absence. Feinstein’s remarks and release were on January 9, 2018. That would have served the purpose of defusing much of what Devin Nunes might have said to the press.

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      • G. Alistar says:

        No, the POTUS probably knows all about this and more. Importantly, he should remain focused like a laser beam on the economy, border security and other important duties. This entire “big ugly” needs to be resolved by AG Barr, Nunes, Ratliff, Grassley and Graham. Donald Trump needs to stay above the mess and avoid the appearance of revenge and of course, he needs to focus on re-election in 2020.

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        • G. Alistar, 100% agree, let our DOJ and Senators who know the cover up do the prosecutions.

          That said, are not all these cover up characters guilty of “Obstruction “? They were the ones who impeded the investigation!

        • livefreeordieguy says:

          I want PDJT to stay focused on his agenda too, G… But when was the last time we saw Senators or Congressmen truly bring justice to anybody? Everybody skates under the watchful eye and tough talk of Congressional Committees. Nunes is a hero and Ratliff knows the deal too, but what more can they really do?… Lindsay talks a great game, but I have no confidence he will get to the bottom of anything. Your first name is the right one. This is all about AG Barr now. If he does his job fully, he will be the most consequential AG in American history. But even he can’t do what is required without well-planned and well-timed intervention by PDJT. One man’s view.

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          • Sherri Young says:

            PDJT needs to be re-elected in 2020. The voting public is not informed to better be able to make their decisions if everything is kept polite and quiet. This abscess needs to be drained in public so that more people will be disgusted. We are the government. We need to know.

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        • mac says:

          I don’t care if Trump avoids the “appearance of revenge.” However I DO want revenge, and a seriously harsh one at that. At a bare minimum, I would like to see Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Yates, Strzok, Lynch, and Jarrett jailed for life, and that is only because I don’t think we could get them sentenced to what they truly deserve, which is being shot for treason. I don’t want them in Club Fed, either. I want them all in PMITA prison where they will get the extrajudicial punishment their criminality fully merits. They deserve not one iota of mercy and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, along with anyone else who is proven to have been involved in this attempted coup d’etat.

          President Trump is right: no President should ever have to face something like this again. The only way to ensure that is to make the punishment so harsh that even the mere suggestion of such actions will get the person making it purged by his own associates.

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          • Lindenlee says:

            And there has to be enough of the American public that understands the seriousness of the matter, the extreme danger to our way of life, our freedoms, everything. Most Americans think that freedom is the natural state of humankind, that things will just go on and on, whether we pay attention or not.

            Tyranny, neglect, corruption and tyranny is the “normal” state of humankind, one extensive look at the rest of the world outside of here and Europe will show that. What we have must be guarded, cherished, and fought for. Americans MUST understand this.

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    • dd_sc says:

      Schiff would be a co-conspirator since he would have seen all the information Nunes had seen, but continued with the false narrative. Schiff may have also leaked classified information to the media. Paul Ryan may also be a co-conspirator; as Gang of 8 for Intel he was briefed by Brennan and was quick to not only freeze Nunes with an ethics charge, but Ryan also did not appoint a new interim Chairman to run the committee while Nunes was recused. He let Schiff have have way for year.

      Swalwell is on the committee so may be a co-conspirator as well. Don’t know how active he was, or how the committee works. He may be Schiff’s useful idiot.

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      • Y’all Know What Time It is says:

        None interfered with the electorate’s ability to make an enlightened decision
        more than the MSM.

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      • Orygun says:

        Paul Ryan and Romney are part and parcel of the uniparty or controlled opposition. Romney is doing as much obstruction and deflecting as he possibly can before the wheels come off his scheme.
        That puts the R party in Utah as co-conspirators of the coup.

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        • mac says:

          WRONG. The Republican Party in Utah did their level best to give the nomination to the winner of the primary caucuses, Dr. Mike Kennedy. It was the VOTERS of Utah who allowed Romney to be on the ballot and elected him. THEY are the ones who screwed up, and this primarily due to his name recognition from the 2002 Olympics.

          Incidentally, for all the religious bigots here who were slamming the Mormons in Utah for electing Romney, I know a LOT of LDS people in Utah who were absolutely furious that Romney was allowed to be on the ballot. Those people not only thought that Romney was a carpetbagger and a closet lib, they thought he did not deserve to be on the ballot because he did not win the Republican Party caucuses. Those people, however, were all politically aware and knew the background of Romney’s candidacy. Unfortunately, just like everyplace else, they are not the majority of the electorate. Think back to how the U.S. got two terms each of Clinton and Obama.

          What happened to get Romney elected is that the Utah lo-fos knew his name from 2002 and 2012. They voted for him because they were sure he was a) a good guy, and b) had to be the Republican candidate, even though he actually wasn’t either. I mean, really, he did run for POTUS as a Republican, right? A lot of the LDS people I know out here are so angry about this they wouldn’t shake Romney’s hand now because they dislike his actions so greatly.

          Don’t blame the Utah Republican Party. It wasn’t their fault.

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          • Lindenlee says:

            That is good to hear. The Party in so many states (as those of us here who watched the 2016 delegate battle saw) is so corrupt that it will sell its own people down the river for power and prestige.


  4. JohnS says:

    Isn’t this entire report an extreme example of obstruction of justice and abuse of power by the special counsel? From the deliberate conflation of dates, to the perpetuation of the lie/hoax that this was intelligence and not DNC propaganda — Weissman/Mueller set out to create a coverup, conspired to deceive, and never really even did an investigation, per their mandate.

    Liked by 33 people

    • Annie says:

      I’ve wondered about that myself.

      How can Team Mueller escape justice?

      It’s HOWLINGLY obvious they were brought in to cover up the cover up.

      I mean… the felonies are piling up so fast its dizzying.

      They didn’t even TOUCH this – which, of course, THEY COULDN’T because… THAT WAS THE POINT.

      I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:

      The only country that meaningfully interfered in America’s 2016 election was… America.

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    • jeff montanye says:

      and don’t ever forget that the mueller report continues the lie that the dnc emails were hacked by the russians instead of stolen by an insider probably seth rich. because if the dnc actually thought the russians had hacked the emails the dnc would have let, indeed begged and pleaded for, the fbi to examine the servers. and if the fbi thought the same, and the dnc somehow refused, the fbi would have gotten a warrant (and a tank if necessary, manafort, cohen, and stone-style) and done the examination.

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      • jeff montanye says:

        considering the provenance and contents (imperfectly known) of the weiner laptop, and the likely ease with which the “home-brew” server in hillary clinton’s basement could have been actually hacked by the russians, chinese, iranians, israelis, kids down the street, etc., it is very difficult to assess where exactly anyone might have gotten access to confidential information relating to hillary clinton. she left her national security underpants in the backseats of so many cars.

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      • livefreeordieguy says:

        Ah, Jeff… “He who shall not be named”… Namely, Seth Rich… When will his role and death in the “botched robbery” re-surface and take it’s rightful place at the center of this Russian hack of the DNC lie? I know it is taboo and crackpottery to suggest it, but I’m guessing pretty soon.

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    • dd_sc says:

      A continuation of the coup against President Trump. More about sedition – may rise to level of treason since foreign agents were involved.

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    • Lindenlee says:

      Well, that is right… No real investigation was done, includinto HILLARYS involvement, even though there was so much to see, like gold nuggets lying on the ground, just to be picked up. Extreme negligence.


  5. tominellay says:

    Clearly stated; superior work, Sundance!

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  6. I won't back down says:

    Sundance, you have enough lawyers in your club to address the insanity of the legal defense strategy undertaken by McGahn. Please break it down or send me somewhere that reflects your current thinking on McGahn (good v. bad) and whether or not you are happy/sad at his choices.
    More importantly, do you agree that the legal strategy is an enigma “unprecedented”

    Dean calls it insanity to waive the privilege then try to claim it again (Newsmax article back in Jan 2019)

    I bounced my theory off my fellow DOJ lawyer friends … I am certifiable, but they still like me.

    Keep McGahn alive at all costs!

    Yours Truly

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    • I won't back down says:

      here is the theory:

      Ask any lawyer to explain to u why trump waived privilege and they simply cant explain it. Also the dems are stumbling about and stupid Nader has a script to follow about “we want the redacted material” which doesn’t make a.lick of sense any more.

      I think trump outfoxed them by not waiving privilege

      A crazy ivan is the move the Hunt for Red October that the defecting sub Capt makes that no one expects but the hero Jack Ryan and it’s the sign that lets everyone know what is really going on.

      Here is my theory:

      I think White House attorney McGahn was a bad guy

      I think he may have been a CHI for Comey inside the White House or at some point they flipped him.
      Comey has code names for his sources in the White House in his infamous (classiiwd) memos.

      I think as lead wh counsel he was the one who said “let’s just give Mueller everything and this will all be over quickly.” I cant tell but suspect he knew that was a lie when he told it.

      That turned out to be awesome legal advice [it is awesome that barr mentioned it in the press conf, you will see why] in spite of Mueller having mcgahn basically having mcgahn working for and helping his goal of impeaching the prez All along.

      Mcgahn gave the ” cooperate fully” legal advice to the prez with a promise to not worry about privilege cuz the special counsel is part if the exec branch and this stuff can be passed around within the same branch without messing up the ultimate right to come back later and claim it before the report is made public.

      It was super clever because trump didnt know that mcgahn was going to VOLUNTARILY testify against trump and (it doesn’t matter whether what mcgahn said was true or not about trump calling him up in the middle of the night to say cire Mueller or not) the worst behaviors of trump outlined I. The report were going to stay hidden from public view behind the last minute claim of executive privilege that could be and mcgahn before he left would have advised trump to invoke.

      I think tru.p not claiming privilege WAS NOT PART OF THE SCRIPT. IT WAS INSANE. no one can tell me why trump didnt claim it.

      I think Whitaker figured out what was going on, that mcgahn either wore a wire or was lying or had given damning testimony to the SC and this was going to give the dems the ammo for impeachment

      There are other privileges at play too that could have been invoked like deliberative process

      At DOJ we have dept secrets that just cannot ver get out, the discussions we have behind closed doors that lead to the official acts of our prosecutions are the crown jewels of the dept. I am not an attorney but have seen all of the efforts legally that go into protecting those secrets. Bottm. Line
      Is basically “that’s the hill we die on”

      This is the clever sneakiness of what has happened here. Mcgahn knows how important those secrets are and that trump can’t be charged with a crime but he can be impeached and he knows how hard “normal” people like fight to protect privilege

      Everything re president and these legal battles between branches are based on precedent so it is absolutely crazy that the wh would not invoke privilege to protect this for future presidencies cuz from now on all investigations will have “the trump openenss standard.” Mcgahn knew the prez cares about this alot (listen to co counsel Cobbs interviews with byron york) and thought he was safe doing what ever he could to damage the prez by either falsely testifying against trump or twisting things enough that he thought trump would never want it to be made public without a very big fight all the way to the supreme court.

      Btw/because also Future investigations will battle and say “What are u hiding? It must be worse than the Trump stuff* or u would not be invoking privilege”

      *It used to be a Watergate standard until this happened

      The house Dems and Mueller knew or thought that with mcgahns insider sabatoge** they had set this up perfectly and I think they thought the fight over redactions based in exec privilege would go on for weeks and allow them to get all the way into summer with the inevitable court battles and in the meantime the really damning stuff would leak anyway but still the battle would happen and ultimately the information would come out and it would be obstruction of Congress on top of the bogus not quite-obstruction of mueller plus the crazy stuff in the report that would create the furor and bolster the dem cries for impeachment.

      Trump screwed them all by not invoking privilege and messing up royally the time table (hastening the reckoning)

      **this is sedition and or the world’s biggest malpractice lawsuit by the way if mcgahn was in on it

      I think folks who tried to do this coup including some of the actors on the sc team are seriously terrified by what just happened because it has shown them how serious trump and barr are about taking them down

      Now McGahn is called as the first witness they want to hear from. He (not papa D) is now the key.

      What will he say when he gets to the hill?

      Will he live to testify? What damage could/would be done by black hats preventing his testimony (Trump – or his supporters – would be blamed for his murder if he is publicly the turncoat)

      Again, he and Julian Assange are high up on the need to pray for long life list. Viaticals anyone?

      Sorry to say but some of this theory reconciles you to Q crap. There are multiple ways to assign black and white hats at various points throughout my theory.

      Again, thanks for listening. Anyone who knows the Prez personally needs to ask for McGahn to get extra special protection until the day of his “unprecedented” testimony.

      If I am right, whoever thought of this and put it into motion (maybe it was even sessions or a sessions whitaker combo) is my new personal hero.

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      • I won't back down says:

        I can “play” with the above theory by making McGahn 100% a white hat too, by asking if he was given license to lie to the SC via some special dispensation of the president or ____ via a national security letter.

        This is all barreling toward impeachment. It’s like impeachment was always inevitable and Trump or someone very clever came up with a way to make a big splash up on the hill when McGahn testifies with a declassification of the above. Again, assign white and black hats as you will but this even makes Rosy either/or at any point throughout this scenario (I think he flipped to white).

        Also I said Cobb above and I meant Dowd (sorry for the confusion and the fevered lack of punctuation – hopefully you get what I’m putting down here).

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      • Jederman says:

        What McGahn has going for him, no matter what comes out of his testimony is a corrupt and unethical, anti-American “press.”

        The corruption in the “press” is the 800 pound gorilla that must be dealt with. They are the common denominator in every corrupt aspect of our society.

        Something is very, very wrong in the media. We can not survive the continued pressure of propaganda and mis-information.

        No matter what McGahn says he will be portrayed as a hero.

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        • I won't back down says:

          Or, in my mind a goat in that he singlehandedly destroyed every single future administration’s right to claim privilege. What are you hiding? It can’t be worse than what Trump did and he didn’t claim privilege will be the new standard for all “special investigations” That is an erosion of executive power (maybe countered by what Trump is doing now to reverse this and invoke it) that arguably Trump could be impeached for as he careens wildly back and forth on this (not in my eyes but in the eyes of his enemies).

          And if the corrupt Dems figure out that assassination of McGahn is a way to irreparably harm Trump…

          Also I listened to Levin (I can’t usually take his yelling) and he calmed me down a bit on this saying that McGahn’s advice was sound legal theory. The privilege has not been waived. He pointed out that there are 30 hours of probably taped conversations that the SC cherry picked to make Vol 2 as bad as possible. The other volumes and again, the sheer cooperation that McGahn lead the legal team on (WHICH I HATED AND STILL DO) essentially saved the presidency. So it was wild but it worked.

          Trump has good people. But I am still in a conundrum about whether or not McGahn is a good guy.

          George Conway is really not helping. So if he is acting for the sake of something clandestine, he needs to stop before he inspires anyone crazy on the left to kill McGahn.

          Tweets have consequences. George needs to not let his insanity cloud this picture any further.


    • Cam Heck says:

      Sundance has indicated before that McGahn was the mole.


  7. Dr.Jay says:

    >> The FBI track was domestic-centric, albeit sub-contracted to Fusion GPS and later a former British intelligence officer, and took place between April and October 2016; also to create the illusion of Russian involvement. This operation is best known around the Steele Dossier and FISA warrant against U.S. person Carter Page.

    That track was already active at least as early as January 2016. And involved outside help (UK, Halyklut a/o Orbis) also from at least January 2016.
    See for example:

    “Steele’s information didn’t only flow in one direction. In January 2016, before the Fusion GPS dossier project kicked-into-gear, Johantan Winer and Strobe Talbott were sharing with Steele via Orbis’s Canada hosted servers and email system documents authored by Cody Shearer, who produced a ‘second Trump-Russia dossier’. This document consisted of two four-page reports, one titled “Donald Trump—Background Notes—The Compromised Candidate,” the second “FSB Interview”.

    The reports are almost identical in terms of content and layout to the Steele dossier but references unnamed Turkish businessman with “excellent contacts within the FSB” as the source. The reports echo the same salacious claims and alleged corruption and collusion. Cody Shearer’s mysterious ‘one-eyed man from Istanbul’ source claims that Trump was “filmed in Moscow in November 2013, during the Miss Universe pageant in the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel”. He also said that there was a copy of the video somewhere in Bulgaria but that he couldn’t get it.

    Strobe Talbott is Cody Shearer’s brother in law and was Cody’s brother Derek’s roommate in Yale. Talbott is a State Department Russian expert who served as Deputy Secretary of State in the Clinton Administration. Talbott’s wife Brooke Shearer was Hillary Clinton’s personal aide and the lead investigator (nicknamed “The Dumpster Diver”) responsible for digging-up dirt on Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct accusers. Strobe Talbott and his wife Brooke Shearer knew and worked with Mary Jacoby, Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritsch, Neil King, and Shailagh Murray since the mid 1990s. Talbott knew Steele since at least 2006.”

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    • jeff montanye says:

      excellent work.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      That links it all back to Hillary Clinton. Wow, she had more operatives in the FBI and DOJ than Carter has liver pills.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “Talbott knew Steele since at least 2006.”

      Interesting. And we have heard recently and previously that there were three(?) dossiers, not just the one.

      So… Fusion is hired by #NeverTrump… Rubio? Bush? McCain?… to do oppo research on Trump in 2015. The Clinton Machine says “hold my Chardonnay” and goes full-on Clinton Machine Disinfo Campaign. Now, Spring 2016, they need to merge these streams. Fusion is hired by DNC, Steele becomes a “subcontractor” of Fusion, and Team Talbott/Shearer/Steele is merged in closing the State Department Loop. The byproduct of all that gets fed to CIA and FBI as Intelligence-Not-Intelligence from “unofficial channels”.

      Just thinkin’ out loud here…

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!!!!!!

      The State Department. Never take your eyes off the State Department.


  8. Bromdale says:

    It’s fascinating to see the Mueller document being reverse-engineered in such a meticulous way.

    A key point about the Papadopoulos-Downer interaction:

    According to a recent article in the Epoch Times, the alteration of the date for the May 10 meeting to May 6 was probably deliberate.

    As the article states:

    The difference is important, because, on May 9, 2016, former Judge Andrew Napolitano aired a rumor on Fox News that “there’s a debate going on in the Kremlin” on whether they should release 20,000 Clinton emails the Russians allegedly hacked.

    If the meeting took place on May 10, Papadopoulos could have, for all Downer knew, just been repeating what he heard on Fox News the night before. How could that be the reason for opening a counterintelligence investigation into a presidential campaign—one of the most sensitive operations in FBI’s history?

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    • joeknuckles says:

      Good point. Now that you mention it, I remember hearing that line of reasoning quite a while back. I guess Mueller’s goons did, too.

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    • Dr.Jay says:

      True, but it is even worse than that.
      Hillary’s issues were all over the news. The emails and Uranium One were recurring themes.
      I think that the New York Times had already published rumors that the Russians had most/many of Hilary’s emails (from her private server) in April 2016.

      The idea that some of her emails now were in the hands of foreign countries was fairly common, it was a clear risk which was openly discussed.
      Here an interview from APRIL 2016 with Obama. Reading between the lines it is clear that her emails did in fact end up in foreign countries, probably Russia, and Obama knows about it.

      RCP 2016-04-10: Obama: Clinton Didn’t “Intentionally” Put America In Jeopardy; I Guarantee No Political Influence In Server Probe

      Look at Obama’s eyes, they close when he says it. The frozen frame also shows the same. He is lying. So what is he saying?

      President Obama is quizzed about the investigation by the FBI Justice Department into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server and non-government e-mail address by FOX News’ Chris Wallace on this week’s edition of FOX News Sunday. In the interview, Wallace confronted Obama if he can still say flatly that Clinton did not jeopardize America’s secrets. Obama also guaranteed politics will not influence the outcome of the investigation.

      Obama contended she did not jeopardize America’s national security, however was “careless” in terms of managing e-mails that she has owned. Obama said the scandal needs to be put in “perspective” as Clinton “served her country” and did an outstanding job.

      “Here’s what I know,” Obama told Wallace. “Hillary Clinton was an outstanding Secretary of State. She would never intentionally put America in any kind of jeopardy.”

      “You were prepared to say she didn’t jeopardize,” Chris Wallace said.

      “I continue to believe she has not jeopardized America’s national security,” Obama defended Clinton.

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      • Dr.Jay says:

        For those who can’t read between the lines in Obama-speak, let me lay it out:
        “I continue to believe she has not jeopardized America’s national security,” Obama defended Clinton.

        He says he BELiEVEs, not that he knows, which he would say when he knew that server had not been compromised, so he knows or has good reasons to believe that the Clinton email server had been compromised by foreign agents.

        Also he in fact merely says he believes that ” she has not jeopardized America’s national security,” which merely means that, ALTHOUGH the emails are now in foreign hands, he can believe that most of the the emails are harmless enough so as not to really jeopardize national security….
        Get it?

        Anyways, it was the talk of the town, this one is from Fox, so you may be sure that many in the GOP by that time ‘believed; that her emails were already in the hands of Russians and/or Chinese. And that is in APRIL 2016. No wonder people talk, gossip and wonder about that all the time in March, April or May 2016.

        Was a CI investigation opened against Wallace? Obama? Or dozens of NYT and WaPo journalists? I think not. Of course not because HER emails were irrelevant. It would only have been an issue if someone knew early on that the PODESTA’s emails had been hacked. (the DNC emails were taken between May 19th and May 25th 2016, so they could not be the subject of any discussion in early May).

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        • lotbusyexec says:

          Dr.Jay – You’re ok 👍 Always appreciate your posts. You Treepers are ALL my favorite writers, journalists, prayer’s (Grandma Coveffe) comedians (today,Jeff Montayne, with his newly described “national security underpants”), social commentators, and archivists of long-forgotten statements/writings. Sundance on the other hand is a true “Enigmatologist” — one who is very adept at solving puzzles or situations that require thought processing and logic. is the best thriller series ever. I can’t get enough and anxiously await the next headline/posting. My gratitude, admiration, and thanks to all who reside on these branches and enlighten and brighten my day. Don’t know what I’d do without the site… Kudos to all!

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          • Chip Doctor says:

            Lotbusyexec, I second your post. I personally am not capable of fully digesting the granular details, although I read every word of Sundance’s posts. It just isn’t my strength, although I certainly have some in other areas. However, by the time I pour through all the comments, I usually have a pretty clear understanding of the latest layer being exposed. Between the two, I find this all very fascinating and I forward the links to many other people. Thanks to all.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        China, not Russia.


    • Greg says:

      Napolitano was doing his part to push the Russia narrative and discount the Seth Richards angle. Napolitano may not know the whole truth but he doesn’t really care, he just does what he is told, someone owns him.

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    • mavrick04 says:

      Interestingly PaPa d was on WMAL yesterday morning’s on the Mall, he said he know of the Fisa when he was with the Carson campaign, not sure if this was brought up before, do knowing this we didnt tell this to the Trump camp before joining?


  9. joeknuckles says:

    All this time we thought IC stood for intelligence community. It turns out they are just a bunch of Idiot Children. Please don’t tell me how smart they are. Look at what they have done. This was all totally unnecessary and does not benefit anybody in the long run. They were stupid for doing it. They had sweet gigs and they screwed it up big time.

    Idiot Children

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    • jeff montanye says:

      kind of like how little israel gained by 9-11 and the yinon wars, seven countries in five years, and how immense their loss will be, not least of which will be five million new arabs as voting israeli citizens. remember trump was a truther, at least in part, from day one.


    • Chip Doctor says:

      Evil idiot children. Little Chuckies.


    • Bill says:

      They didn’t have sweet gigs. That’s where you are wrong. Their entire party and voter base following is all predicated on their lies and crimes. The only way their sweet gigs ever come to fruition is by doing what we are seeing. If anyone thinks this is the first time this has happened they are naïve. This is the first time the “conspiracy theorists” finally caught the leprechaun by the toe. (But, we aren’t conspiracy theorists. We are thinking people with independent view points, which they hate. So they try to marginalize us.) Now hopefully we don’t lose our grip and let him fly over the rainbow again. It’s now or never. I truly believe that. Because if they survive this, the next Dem that comes into office is going to sink their claws in so deep they will never relinquish.

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  10. Marygrace Powers says:

    Remarkable work sundance/ don’t know how
    you do it day after day, but so very grateful.
    Thank God you were blessed with supersleuth abilities!

    No way these traitors walk/it’s beyond TREASON.

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  11. Skippy says:

    “Crossfire hurricane” is a reference to a lyric in 1968 Rolling Stones song “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” which begins: “I was born in a crossfire hurricane/And I howled at the morning driving rain.”

    I just had to know this and I still like listening to the Rolling Stones.

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  12. happyinfidel says:

    Mind-blowing, Sundance. You amaze me. Actually, THIS stuff amazes me. Thanks for so ingeniously ferreting out the story.

    Huckabee sitting in for Laura Ingraham tonight had Giuliani, DeGenova and I think it was Bray (?) on tonight and someone mentioned a unique, standalone investigation concerning Comey that’s about to become public in two weeks. Does anyone know anything about this?


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  13. swamph8er says:

    Carter Page is a CIA agent and 2016 was his 2nd FISA abuse operation.

    In 2014, the FBI had FISA on him. This was in the middle of the previous Russian investigation where he was a subject witness.

    His mission is to infiltrate organizations to get within 2 levels of the intended surveillance target. The FISA does the rest.

    In 2018, he tried to play the victim by filing a slander lawsuit in which he represented himself. It was thrown out for a jurisdictional issue and he didn’t appeal.



    Here’s what I don’t get.
    In this interview of PapaD (go to the 18:45 mark where he talks about how ERika Thompson came into the picture) 21:32 “I get an email from Erika Thompson” inviting PapaD to meet with Downer.

    “”So, if the U.S. used the information from the May 6, 2016, meeting as conveyed on July 26th, 2016, it was the conversation with Erika Thompson that opened Crossfire Hurricane; not the meeting with Alexander Downer on May 10th. {Go Deep}””

    THERE WAS NO “CONVERSATION”. Did PapaD tell ET about “dirt” in an email?? Sure doubt it.
    I’m wondering if PapaD ever told anyone cuz according to Mueller, it was passes along 5/6/2016.

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  15. The Devilbat says:

    I believe that the DC rats are being smoked out.

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  16. huyu wong says:

    Amazing indeed, God bless your talent SD.. I have always believed the CIA and the FBI are the guys who gave the Clinton emails to wikiLeaks .. Just can’t believe they didn’t know Hilary was using a private server and Obama was not aware. I believe the Insurance Policy was up and running as early as 2014….


  17. 21leelee says:

    And…all the leaks and media reports put into question patriotism itself. It was a mark against anyone if they doubted McCain’s publicised delivery of the pee dossier, or if people could wrap their heads around ideas of intelligence tampering that involved the heads of departments. How could anyone be a loyal American if they could doubt the propriety of our intel services (and White House and Dem candidates and so on). Thankfully, Devin Nunes spoke up and a few people listened.

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  18. JPinBalt says:

    Pretty obvious now we need to have subpoenas issued to find out exactly who were the contractors querriyng ths NSA data base early on and have them answer some questions. Outside people like Nellie Ohr, could foriegn entities from UK or OZ be doing querrying in re 5 eyes?
    Do not expect anything or truth out for a few more years, legal crap similar to Mueller investigation to delay or prevent public disclosure because of continueing investigation to hide till people forget the crimes.
    One thing for sure, Brennan and Yates top puppet masters at heart of it. Hey, CIA is quite good at scewing around in foriegn elections, just use same tools at home, and would like to know/see what briefings Yates was getting fed on Trump campaign. Remember that 9/2/16 Strzok/Page exchange “POTUS wants to know everything.”?

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    • madeline says:

      Mueller wanted in to cover up of course but, also he must have been the one leaking and planting information (using NSA) to take the tea party down through the IRS. If it is discovered how early this spying on Americans started he could be in trouble.


    • Would be amazing if AG Barr matched NoNads, Schitt and Clomings subpoena for subpoena starting at the top of CIA, FBI and DoS.

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    • magaxena58 says:

      Ugh….thought we had all the facts and proof already but just needed a willing A G (Barr) to have the fortitude to prosecute…..maddening to think everything needs to be “re” investigated!!!!

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Everything does not need to be re-investigated. Sundance, Judicial Watch, several investigative journalists, and others have been assembling a treasure trove of analysis with evidence to back it up.

        Personally, i cannot wait for the attention to turn to the State Dept. Right now, we are being helped to get a firmer grasp of the coverup. What was being covered up may be scary to consider.

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  19. Appalled says:

    Clapper once said that Watergate paled in comparison to the Trump-Russian scandal. Well, that statement is incomplete. Watergate pales in comparison to the surveillance cover-up foisted on the American public as the “Trump-Russian scandal.”

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  20. Carson Napier says:

    “Everything after March 9th, 2016, is a function of two intelligence units, the CIA and FBI, operating together to coverup prior political surveillance and spy operations.”

    Can anyone give me a good reason these two extremely ant-American crime syndicates should be allowed to continue to exist, let alone be funded by American tax payers? The Founding Fathers would surely consider them more abominable, even far more abominable, than King George and they went to war against him.

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    • yearningabstractly says:

      You said a mouthful!

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      Hope Brennan, Clapper hang/shot/injected go first…subversion of BOTH our country’s Enforcement and intelligence services needs to be shown that this will not stand…

      I HOPE that PDJT lays this out in his rallies and people LISTEN to what happened…

      Get rid of the Islamic rif-raf in this country because now the NOSE IS IN THE TENT!!!

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  21. BitterC says:

    Makes sense, but one nagging problem.

    Papa D says he DID NOT meet with Erika Thompson on May 6. He spoke (or texted?) with her to set up the May 10 Downer meeting. He says he met with the 2 DIA guys on May 6.

    Papa D also maintains that he and Downer did not discuss Russian dirt OR Hillary’s emails. He strongly believes Downer recorded the meeting & is hoping the FBI has the video to prove him out.

    I can’t figure out why Weissman used May 6 in report

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    • jeff montanye says:

      because that’s when george told the dia guys about mifsud’s comments regarding the russians having useful hillary clinton emails? and that was close enough for government work?

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    • farrier105 says:

      Weissman had to satisfy at least two editors of the report—Mueller and Rosenstein. The date of the meeting with Downer is not convenient to the narrative. They blurred the text date with the meeting date and hoped no one would notice. There are ALL KINDS of problems throughout Trump-Russia-Wikileaks that are relying on the American people to (typically) avoid focusing.

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      • Bert Darrell says:

        Let’s face it. The infamous Professor Gruber pronouncement (summarized as “voters are stupid”) has become an axiom.

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      • People believe Avenatti, an unscrupulous, creepy porn lawyer, is about as bad a representative of the legal community. That said, Weissmann, an unscrupulous, creepy treasonous lawyer, IS as bad a representative of the legal community in the history of the legal community.
        The tangled web is being untangled routinely by Sundance. They imagine themselves sly but they’re just spies. They imagine themselves smart but they’re just smart a$$e$. They imagine themselves intelligent but they just used the intelligence community for their own nefarious ways. They imagine themselves clever but now they’re just waiting for the hemp necklace and someone to pull the lever.

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    • Doug says:

      He met the DIA guy’s a day or 2 previous. His coms with ET was by email.
      I’m beginning to think they just made it up


  22. citizen817 says:

    This is the true legacy of the Usurper named Obama.
    Not satisfied with his 8 yrs in office, shredding our constitution along the way, he buys a home in Swamp Central, establishing his Shadow Government… with most of the assets in place (administrative state), aided and abetted by his weaponized DOJ, FBI, CIA, State Dept, and lapdog media.

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  23. spoogels says:

    How NBC News Killed a Negative Story Exposing the Informant Run Against the Trump Campaign

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    • Beau Geste says:

      Wasn’t it the US Military that paid halper a $million dollars to spy, $400K of it in the Trump spy date range? The US State Department AND the DOD being involved could only be done at the Obama.biden level. How does spy money get from brennan at the CIA to halper via the DOD? There have to be some accounting records?

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  24. Beth says:

    Begin @10min50sec

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  25. Vito Romano says:

    Obama tweet 15 Feb 2013
    ” I Spy…”

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    • WSB says:

      Confession hiding in plain sight.

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      • sejmon says:

        Obama and Mo throughout 2009-2017 make mockery,jokes,sarcasm about governing and USA..O boy what a actors ….and half population believe them…it say half of the population been even more blind/stupid than russians in the time of cold war..difference American public still can find info but many of them a intellectually lazy….

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  26. CoHoBo says:

    So will the DNC server, if it even exists anymore, ever be forensically examined by anyone other than CrowdStrike?

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    • jeff montanye says:

      comey did note that best practices indicated that technique. but one can’t always get what one wants: “as fbi director i don’t always overlook criminal activity but when i do it’s because i found my suicide note while going through hillary’s emails.”

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  27. Pyrthroes says:

    So ye ole State department, in corrupt thrall to Gangrenous and MzBill’s concerted drive to eviscerate constraints on DC’s incipient Police State culture of CIA/DIA/FBI corruption –specifically with regard to Libya and Iran, Rosatom, and other treacherous arcana– crossed arms to link Bobbletwot’s floundering campaign in liaison with Valerie Jarrett and “Big Red” Brennan on one side, sanctimonious Clapper and Comey on the other.

    As a Deep State catspaw, a clinical narcissist with extreme passive-aggressive delusions-of-grandeur, Gangrenous played Jeremy Fisher on his lily-pad, who encounters setbacks, escapes a large trout, and resolves never to go fishing again (Beatrix Potter, 1906).

    We look forward to Howard Zinn’s textbook chapter on this episode. Just think– an entire K-12 generation due for intellectual, moral, withal spiritual pollution by these thugs!

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  28. John-Y128 says:

    Blah, blah, blah… we’re choking on evidence.

    “Why won’t Barr give Judicial Watch access to the Hillary eMails found in Obama’s office?”
    “Why in the hell is Rosenstein still there?”
    “Why is do nothing, swamp creature Christopher Wray still the FBI Director?”
    “Why are Hannity and Jarrett backing down?”
    “Should have ALREADY been 77 indictments, top to bottom including FBI, NAS, State Dept and CNN, NBC, Washington Post, NY Times, Dem operatives.”
    “Why in the hell is Clinton STILL mouthing off and not behind bars?”
    “Lady Justice starting to shake.”

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    • Fannie says:

      Because Clinton and Obama resistance goons will make this war go hot on cue.

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      • Obama knows his legacy is in serious jeopardy. Those classified docs that were going to the Obama library are likely in Iran or Somalia or Kenya by now. They may have been used to wrap up the pallets of cash going overseas.
        Clinton’s legacy is already down the swirly water hole pipe. If she can possibly look intelligent, that will be a step up. Cue the Russian reset button!

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    • Will Hunt says:

      My sentiments EXACTLY. The fact that many of the malefactors are actively and gainfully employed in the same positions that they have so woefully abused should be a clear indication that little if anything will be done about any of this.

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      I continue to believe one of the reasons it may be taking long involves difficulty rounding up enough investigators and attorneys with clean hands within DOJ/FBI to do the job.

      Imagine the number of attorneys who had to recuse because they are unable to investigate or pursue prosecutions of their former colleagues and bosses.

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      Connecting all the dots so that the case is airtight. Those who choke sometimes do die. I can find no one here at TCTH who will perform the Heimlich Maneuver to save any of those involved in this coup. Remember HilLIARy’s cough? She began choking on all her lies and they are catching up with her — Justice will be sweet and swift. It is coming!

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      • Patriot1783 says:

        All her “illnesses” or physical issues or pure attempt for sympathy when the day of reckoning comes.
        Remember after her “fainting” spell at NY 9/11 remembrance… she was rushed off in scooby van, not to a hospital or medical office but to Chelsea’s apt? A couple hours later out she pops like nothing happened and even hugs some strange child/actor on the street? Later claim is she was diagnosed with pneumonia but is around her newborn grandchild and touching strange children?

        Don’t believe for a second, clinton doesn’t know where all the cameras are at any given moment…she or her camp hired them to record what she wants recorded for the media to relay every scripted stumble, fall or twitch for end game of the sympathy vote.

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    • sejmon says:

      she still think she is untouchable…she still live in 2016- she wake on road to GITMO….


    • We the people know says:

      Why, why, why, why, why?
      Why? Because they’re trying to figure out how to SAVE the FBI, CIA and the State Department. They’re not going to burn the village in order to save it. I’m not sure Barr is even going to light a sparkler. I think they are in damage control mode.

      Why? Because they’re trying to figure out how to cover up the cover up. They need to deflect from their GIGANTIC spying operations and minimize what they did as much as possible.

      They deflect by continuing to assert that “Russia hacked the DNC” This is a lie, but it keeps the demonization of Russia alive. The “officials” have not, and probably never will say “Russia didn’t hack the DNC, Russia didn’t interfere with our elections.” They are holding on to these lies like a dog with a bone.

      The Russia Hack lie (A Hillary/Podesta’s lie) is the predicate for everything and they’re sticking to it.

      And then you have slippery snakes like Jason Chaffetz blaming everything on political bias. He posits that the reason this entire shit show happened is some folks didn’t like Donald Trump.
      Just a little political bias at the FBI and CIA and State Department…

      Heeeerrrr’s Jason (4/18/19)
      “Two things are not in doubt: that Russia tried to engage in manipulating our election, and that the top investigators of the collusion allegations expressed bias and animus towards Trump.
      The question is, did that bias and animus result in an investigation that prioritized taking down Trump over taking down the Russians who tried to influence our elections?”

      Watch out for the minimizers like Jason Chaffetz, they’re slithering all around Fox News.

      Because, because, because…if they go full force against the FBI, CIA and State Department it could bring down the government. Perhaps they’ll opt for some minimal prosecutions resulting in some home detentions. It won’t be long until we see what Attorney General Barr is made of and how far he is willing to go.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Thank you for mentioning the State Dept. What has gone on at DOJ/FBI and CIA should not be minimized. However, that is focusing on the coverup rather than what was being covered up over at the State Dept.


  29. wodiej says:

    The Clintons nor obamas will ever allow themselves to be put in jail. My best guess is they will leave the country and ask for asylum where they go.


  30. Sunshine says:

    All of this effort to cover up domestic spying leads me to ask: Just how much spying was there? How many politicians, judges, and corporate executives were spied upon, for how long, and what dirt did the Obama administration gather? Does this explain Justice Roberts’ mysterious flip-flop on Obamacare? This came from the top. Pray for POTUS and his family, now more than ever.

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  31. Austin Holdout says:

    Sorry if Im missing something obvious, but who/what was the State Department (“and redacted”) source or sources? Erika Thompson talking to U.S. Embassy staff in London?

    Great summation. I’m just trying to keep up.


    • We the people know says:

      That gal who passed out cookies in Kiev, she’s married to Robert Kagan


      • sejmon says:

        You can see on this picture…”cookie monster” dedicated neocon,globalist,russophobe of first class -Vicky Nuland-give away goodies of glorious revolution Kyiv (UKRAINE) ….


        • We the people know says:

          Thousands and thousands of curious & brilliant patriots are unraveling the lies, the coups and the coverups from their bedrooms…they may even be doing it in without having to wear pants.

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  32. goddessoftheclassroom (@goddesofthecl1) says:

    One of President Trump’s many talents is his sense of timing. As eager as we are for justice, we are well-advised to keep our powder and let our president continue to act as a “mill of the gods” and “grind exceedingly fine.”

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  33. Eaglemom says:

    “Everything after March 9th, 2016, is a function of two intelligence units, the CIA and FBI, operating together to coverup prior political surveillance and spy operations.”
    I have always wondered if the whole “DNC server hack and emails given to Wikileaks” was intentionally set up by deep state operatives. CIA had the capability to make is look like a foreign government did the hacking. And, the timing and release of the emails is in line with the operation to cover up and to further push the Russian narrative.

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  34. Garavaglia says:

    So McCain’s role in ‘obtaining’ the dossier makes him a traitor tot he state. Does this mean these people were mostly trying to cover their asses, or protect their interests (globalist) or destroy Trump because he interferes with their ideology? All of the above? Doesn’t really matter to me why, these people crapped on my vote, and I REALLY..REALLY don’t appreciate it.

    Liked by 6 people

  35. WilliamW says:

    If an American intelligence agent was telling Papadopoulis about stolen Clinton emails in May 2016, and Wikileaks began releasing Clinton-related emails in July of that year, it sure looks like they knew of the stolen emails before Assange released them to the public. If so, then how did American Intel know of the existence of the emails two months before their release?

    Liked by 2 people

  36. Crossfire Hurricane?
    The Gathering Storm! (Churchill flick)

    It’s my turn now!

    Liked by 3 people

  37. (Repost from yesterday with corrections.)

    It’s worth listening again to Rush’s third hour yesterday.. About midway through the hour, he ends a riff (about the reason behind the left’s fear of President Trump) with a question:

    [“I’ve been going back and forth on it, and I don’t know exactly what it is but something about him scares the heck out of them.”]

    A few minutes earlier Rush had postulated about the Left seeing Trump as an outsider, that he’s uncouth, that he’s not part of the club, that he stole the election, that he believes in things like border control, etc.—and actually does something about it—and all of the other reasons we all have heard.

    That’s all true…BUT…the reason President Trump “scares the heck out of the Left” is more visceral, primitive, existential than that. You will know in a second, what it is simply by watching the short videos in the links below.

    What scares them to the core is quite simple: Survival. They know, (all of them, including the MSM), that if ever the Truth about their actions (from 2012 forward , and likely even before that) was discovered, they know that President Trump would do something about it, and that “smelly Walmart shoppers with pitchforks” will soon be at their door.

    The President could say plainly, “You’ve had your investigation. You’ve had your fun. It’s my turn now.”

    The Gathering Storm.

    Liked by 4 people

  38. Publius2016 says:

    Both Page and Papadoupoulous are SPOOKS and were both placed on Sessions’ Foreign Policy Team…sometimes the easiest answer is correct: Sessions was mole plant spy!

    Sessions came to Trump with resignation in hand like a southern gentleman and the NY Yankee did not bite!!

    The Senate is Uniparty Deep State Think Tank Black Ops Central!!!


  39. haruspex says:

    I have been reading about Russia Gate for 2 years+. I have even created a workbook with links, news stories, timelines. What I have not been able to understand is why Rubio, Cruz, Christie, Bush, Pataki, Graham, Paul, Perry and the rest of the Republican candidates aren’t apoplectic about Obama’s spying. Do they really believe it was limited to just Trump?

    Liked by 6 people

  40. Conservative_302 says:

    The beautiful thing is that a role in politics does not make or define Trump. It does make and define all his opponents. I also love the fact that he is skipping the WH Coresponence Dinner. Hes been to many better dinners. LOL, What they did to Sarah Sanders was disgracedul that year. I read the above article, but is still don’t get why this is crucial or how you can prove Pop. was a set up. I need some to put it in dummy terms. I get that Pop. Was first approached on May 6 then the 10th, and they write all this stuff about Pop. saying he has emails and Russia wants to meet this Trump. How can this be picked apart to prove wrong doing. Is it that all of Pops. contacts were of or related to the 5 eyes?

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Everett Miller says:

    Hey, AG Barr,
    Who are you going to arrest today?
    How about Jeff Sessions for Conspiracy?
    “Whoever, ~knowing that an offense against the United States has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an ~>accessory after the fact.” US CODE.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Niagara Frontier says:

        We should be well-prepared for a long line of people speaking the words, “It’s time to turn the page.”

        Anyone uttering that phrase IMO confirms his/her status as “black hat.”

        Liked by 6 people

        • lolli says:

          Agree niagara


        • Bill says:

          My dem friend tried to say “Ok time to move on, he’s innocent” after the report came out. He was trying to be stately. I said F that S. Now it’s Trumps turn. You don’t launch a spy investigation into a duly elected president and come away with nothing and think we aren’t going to want to know how this all happened. Nice try.

          Liked by 3 people

        • Sherri Young says:

          The people were told to move on after the MBS outrage. Rather than have the megabanks and AIG face their well-earned reckonings, we were made to bail them out. The state AGs (including Pam Bondi) came together with a joint agreement that the fraud was okay instead of making the bondholders and insurers eat losses. S&P, Moodys, and Fitch continue in business with the SEC approval. The Recovery Act has more fizz than substance for our economy. Solyndra happened. Very, very few went to jail. The worst of the fallout landed on the working people who lost their jobs and the young people who could not find meaningful employment.

          Do not move on. Draw a line. Plant a stake. Demand that the corruption ends right here. Otherwise, we will experience more corruption and worse.

          Liked by 2 people

      • jebg46 says:

        Yeah, he and all the others who say it was just politics, let’s move on. How stupid do they think We Are? This will never happen to us again. They owe us an additional 2 1/2 years for the Trump administration to make up for this Coup. How dare they.


  42. Joe Deginiva dropped a bomb last night Laura Ingraham hosted by Mike Huckaby. It’s happening!

    Liked by 9 people

  43. A stupid question ... says:

    I don’t understand why the FBI enlisted Fusion GPS.

    It doesn’t make sense that its purpose was to gather information. The operation didn’t need that, and it just introduces more risk. Right?

    Instead, was Fusion GPS’ role to disseminate the information (to create the illusion of Russian involvement)?


    • Not to gather, to produce or claim to have produced a document that the evil ones could honestly say they were given. It may be the only honest statement given. Their specialty is as illusionists as opposed to the IC delusion it’s.


      • A stupid question ... says:

        But why Fusion GPS, an entity demonstrably contracted by the Clinton campaign. We’ve all seen how that backfired. Didn’t the IC see that coming?


        • TarsTarkas says:

          Probably someone Her Odiousness trusted or/owed. She has all these funny friends/cronies/acolytes/hangers-on all over the world.


        • Sherri Young says:

          IMO, the IC was already in coverup mode over the mess Hillary Clinton had formed and overseen at the State Dept. There was even an email from 2014 that referred wryly to “the email coverup”.

          Liked by 2 people

    • Bryan Alexander says:

      The Obama White House, the CIA and the FBI had been ILLEGALLY using classified US Government Intelligence Surveillance Programs to spy on politicians. When Trump won the nomination, he became a HUGE risk to them because he was not “one of them” and could not be trusted. So, they began working hard to compromise him and those around him to INSURE and Clinton presidency. Remember, this is self-preservation as much as it is winning the White House. These people knew they could go to jail if the wrong person was in the White House.

      They could not use the illegally obtained information without revealing themselves as felons. They had to create a way for all the information they had obtained to be LEGAL.

      The way the laws worked on Counter-intelligence investigations, if they could get a FISA warrant, then they could “legally” use the illegally obtained information. Since they already had the connections through the Clinton Campaign to Fusion GPS, they used FGPS to “launder” the information. “Hey, look what is out there”. They presented that to a FISA judge and got a warrant on Carter Page. Suddenly, they now have justification for all the illegally obtained information they have. Or so they thought.

      By the time the debates rolled around, the Clinton Campaign and Clapper, Brennen, Comey and company knew Hillary was in trouble. Comey eviscerated every shred of credibility he had when he cleared Hillary.

      The Russian angle was all the could come up with to get Trump.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Sherri Young says:

        Plus, using Christopher Steele to put his stamp on the dossier should have been easy enough. He had been providing reports to the State Department for a period of time.


  44. askandgettruth says:

    will anybody ever end this cover-up and lets start a real trial. obama and his hillary’s gang of traitors need to feel the long arm of our REAL JUSTICE.let this pres. do his job and END THIS MADNESS

    Liked by 3 people

  45. Max De says:

    Strzok appeared to be bothe FBI and CIA. Sttzok is probably still getting a CIA paycheck. I would like to see Strzok’s tax returns and bank account over the last 4 years. I would wager there are a lot of large deposits that cannot be explained. Why isn’t a reporter trying to find him and ask him questions? Where is Strzok these day? Lisa Page? Are they even in the U.S.? Where do they work, if anywhere?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Publius2016 says:

      try to find information on Strzok or Ohrs…they may be third generation true believers…

      Nexus of CIA and FBI are the Ohrs…they share email that is protected by “marriage”…personally, do we even know they are American???


      • Max De says:

        Excellent point on the Ohrs. A deep dive into their personal lives and family history is in order. I would not be surprised that Nellie’s parents immediately after her birth seeing the new ugliness they brought into this world required all in the birthing room to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Maybe the Ohrs are the modern day characters from the “Americans”, with gubment jobs instead of a travel agency owners


  46. spoogels says:

    Democracy Died In Darkness
    Svetlana Lokhova


  47. sarasotosfan says:

    The only pieces of fiction greater than the Steele dossier are the FISA applications. Because they were all built on lies, the lies within these applications should be listed in bullet form to highlight the gross malfeasance of the DOJ and FBI.

    Liked by 2 people

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