Former State Department Employee Pleads Guilty to Spying for Chinese Agents…

[U.S. DOJ] […] Candace Marie Claiborne, a former employee of the U.S. Department of State, pleaded guilty today to a charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States, by lying to law enforcement and background investigators, and hiding her extensive contacts with, and gifts from, agents of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), in exchange for providing them with internal documents from the U.S. State Department.

[…] According to the plea documents, Claiborne, 63, began working as an Office Management Specialist for the Department of State in 1999. She served overseas at a number of posts, including embassies and consulates in Baghdad, Iraq, Khartoum, Sudan, and Beijing and Shanghai, China. As a condition of her employment, Claiborne maintained a TOP SECRET security clearance. Claiborne also was required to report any contacts with persons suspected of affiliation with a foreign intelligence agency as well as any gifts she received from foreign sources over a certain amount.

Despite such a requirement, Claiborne failed to report repeated contacts with two agents of the People’s Republic of China Intelligence Service, even though these agents provided tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and benefits to Claiborne and her family over five years.

The gifts and benefits included cash wired to Claiborne’s USAA account, Chinese New Year’s gifts, international travel and vacations, tuition at a Chinese fashion school, a fully furnished apartment, a monthly stipend and numerous cash payments. Some of these gifts and benefits were provided directly to Claiborne, while others were provided to a close family member of Claiborne’s.

In exchange for these gifts and benefits, as stated in the plea documents, Claiborne provided copies of internal documents from the State Department on topics ranging from U.S. economic strategies to visits by dignitaries between the two countries.

Claiborne noted in her journal that she could “Generate 20k in 1 year” working with one of the PRC agents. That same agent at one point tasked her with providing internal U.S. Government analyses on a U.S.-Sino Strategic Economic Dialogue that had just concluded.

Claiborne, who confided to a co-conspirator that the PRC agents were “spies,” willfully misled State Department background investigators and FBI investigators about her contacts with those agents, the plea documents state. After the State Department and FBI investigators contacted her, Claiborne also instructed her co-conspirators to delete evidence connecting her to the PRC agents. She was arrested on March 28, 2017, following a law enforcement investigation.

Judge Moss scheduled sentencing for July 9, 2019. Claiborne, of Washington, D.C., was ordered detained pending sentencing, but will self-surrender for said detention on June 5, 2019. (DOJ Link)

Link to Plea Agreement.

Original Criminal Complaint Below:


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125 Responses to Former State Department Employee Pleads Guilty to Spying for Chinese Agents…

  1. Little fish Reality Winters got 5 years of hard time……………let’s see what a big fish gets.

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  2. Pedro Morales says:

    POTUS going hard and heavy at China. Walk the walk player!!! China gonna regret trying to wait out the Trump Presidency.

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  3. emet says:

    The US taxpayers provide her with a nice furnished apartment, and the Chinese taxpayers pay for one too! And was the fashion school tuition for her? Seems like a long shot for a modeling career…I can guess Hillary’s thoughts: “Where’s my cut, b***h?”.3

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Hey ….she was making good money at the State Dept, but she sold out for a measly $20k

      She doesn’t sound too bright……Sounds like she was just enjoying a vacation…

      So…… hang her…..she can be the first one……

      And as she is hanging by her neck…put a sign on her saying:

      “Who’s next?”……..” Hey Hillary”…..

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      • POTUS can flip the game on China:

        Delay the Trade Talks for a month or raise Tariffs for each Spy we catch.
        … Letting China decide whether each measly Spy was worth it.

        Rinse & Repeat for each Theft of IP.

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        • No need to “announce” a FORMAL Delay –
          Simply state that we’ve discovered YET ANOTHER form of Cheating
          … and need to investigate it to develop YET ANOTHER Enforcement Mechanism.

          “We’ll call you when we’ve figured things out.”

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      • Rodney Short says:

        Do it on pay per view and add the proceeds to our National debt we have thanks to the ones going to hang…
        Oh and the uniparty, I would love to see Paul Ryan react to them putting a hood over his head.


      • Kenji says:

        Hang her like a dead coyote carcass on a fence post … a WARNING to the rest of the pack of treasonous America-hating Deep Staters

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      • I think it sounds more like “everyone does it why shouldn’t I?” If everyone is corrupt then you automatically think it can’t happen to you. I wonder if she will become the thread that unravels many others.


  4. Curt says:

    Only the tip of the iceberg.

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  5. “Self Surrender”…………..what traitor deserves kid glove treatments like that?

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  6. thedoc00 says:

    Notice she had dealing with economic aspects of State Department Business.

    The State Department negotiates trade agreements and approves all Export Licenses.

    How many more Chinese Agents have been involved in trade negotiations and approving Technology as well as Manufacturing related export licenses to China over the past 30 years??

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  7. Perot Conservative says:


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  8. decisiontime16 says:

    Shocker. Another subversive in our government.

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  9. justlizzyp says:

    Wonder if any of this might have been caught had the Obama Administration had an IG at the State Department?

    Much like having no budget for so many years, I doubt that was an accident or an oversight.

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      You have to wonder. Certainly Bill Clinton had no problem cashing in with China.

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      • mopar2016 says:

        Bill Clinton probably charged them a lot for that missile and satellite technology.
        Computer technology too. Gotta please those corporate donors.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Actually, while the Clintons certainly CAN be had, for a price, they aren’t particularly expensive.

          They sell out cheap, is what I’m saying.
          Granted, for more than this Bimbette, who sold her soul, honor and country for $20,000, but that doesn’t make the Clintons high class call girls, just a slightly better corner streetwalker.

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      • justlizzyp says:

        Right? And considering this time period overlapped the OPM hacking I have to believe that at least SOMEONE in the IC/ Diplomatic corps understood that China was actively seeking info… for a State Department official to have contacts with anyone from China should have been followed up on more than just ‘she lied about it’ and they just said ‘oh, okay. Nothing to see here you say? Great, now about your travel reimbursements….’


    • Dutchman says:

      Intentional. In addition, Obama admin shut Horowitz out of investigating FBI counter-intel, on b.s. excuse. So, turn off the lights before you commit the crime.

      Own the FBI, thru top layers, so block investigation there. No I.G. scrutiny, in key areas.

      Have Decepticon/Republicons on key investigative committees in both Senate and House, to diffuse any investigations, there.

      And your home free to commit any crime you want, cause WHO is gonna stop you? The American people? Don’t make me LAUGH! or so they THOUGHT!

      And them along came Trump,
      Brash talking, trash talking Trump
      Along came,Trump to expose the show!

      They are like cockroaches, scurrying from the light.
      PDJT is the exterminator, gonna rip the drywall away, and expose the nest.

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  10. TradeBait says:

    Peel the onion layer by layer until you get to Soetoro and Cankles.

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  11. decisiontime16 says:

    Candace Claiborne was first brought into the State Department in 1999, under none other than President Bill Clinton as an office management specialist with subsequent postings in Iraq, China, Libya and Sudan, was arrested Tuesday.

    During her early days, she had multiple assignments overseas, including several countries in the Middle East and China.

    Oddly enough, these are also countries who have funneled money to the Clinton Foundation during the now infamous pay-to-play scandal Hillary was running while she was in charge of the Department of State.

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  12. Carrie2 says:

    Breaks my heart how many are traitors to the best country in the world. Heck, I couldn’t steal or cheat in any of my positions because I am not made to be a traitor, greedy, thief, liar, cheat, whatever. I have no empathy for such as her and she should get the full treatment in prison. Wonder if in the meantime she takes her life. Wouldn’t surprise me. Also, would hope her passport and permit to leave America for China or any other country have been blocked. In fact, hope all ways to leave our country for all the traitors and seditionists attempting to escape what they deserve. In any case, can’t hide and I am afraid the Obamas should be thinking that now.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      Bernie Sanders thinks she should be able to vote in our elections. “Because we shouldn’t deprive people of the vote in democracies even if they are terrible people.”
      What should happen to people like Caliborne and Sanders and so many others in the swamp along with their media enablers?

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  13. clr says:

    The first thing that jumps out at me was her hire date. 1999? Really?
    Who was in charge of the administration then? That would be Bill Clinton – and by extension, Hillary.
    One might wonder how many others were hired on about that time frame to advance control of government policy in years to come?

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  14. Orville R. Bacher says:

    Chinese agents and moles snuggled in everywhere. Just pay the Clinton Foundation, Dianne Feinstein, a plethora of traitors and “open Sesame”, private servers, HuaWei backdoors, and government employees mimicking what the Clinton Grifters get away with.

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  15. Johnny Bravo says:

    Claiborne, of Washington, D.C.

    Le’me guess, she believes she sailed close to the wind, but never went overboard, oh and she is “With Her”

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  16. The State Department is full of commie sympathizers, traitors and progressives. Time to clean house!

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  17. CorwinAmber says:

    if anybody ever deserved the Roger Stone/Paul Manafort arrest protocol, it is this dippy broad. My Gawd, she looks like every leftist loon female I encounter when I venture into Fairfax County or Arlington…SMDH. Unfortunately, I would bet there are many more like her infesting Federal agencies in this area (Northern Virginia, DC, & Maryland). Time for POTUS to shut down these HQs and move what’s left of them into the heartland where they will have better American employees to chose from IMHO!

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  18. Carson Napier says:

    Candace Marie Claiborne is just another diversion for the criminal FBI/DOJ/CIA to point to divert attention from themselves, the supreme criminals.

    “Oh, look at that Chinese spy over there !!! Aren’t we doing a great job !!”

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  19. Caius Lowell says:

    Just think, a few short months ago she would have been awarded an 0bama Freedom Medal…

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  20. Carson Napier says:

    Brennan alone has done a million times more damage to America than this silly old woman, yet she is the one arrested and going to prison and the one whose head people are calling for.

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  21. Carson Napier says:

    Compared to what the FBI/DOJ/CIA Axis of Evil has done against America, this woman only deserves 3 lashes with a wet noodle.

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  22. Summer says:

    There are probably more Chinese spies in the US government than Russian immigrants in the whole United States. Just sayin’. Chinese money has been fueling American politics for decades.

    A Chinese Agent in every closet, literally. Mitch, DiChi and Tom, I am looking at you.

    Muslim Brotherhood is close second.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      From, an email she allegedly sent:

      ““I hope you enjoyed your day. *** May Al1ah bless you with health and happiness.*** … Btw delete all email — please do this immediately! Messages, nos, (anything) having to do with that fashion school your apartment anything -= even from wechat, fb, slqpe, etc u got me?”

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  23. Kenneth says:

    Publicly hang her for Treason. That will make the Traitors out there think twice. Jail time, waste of time and expense. Her her co-conspirators can hang right next to her, holding hands as they drop.

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  24. Gadsden says:

    So, you are in a cushy government job making 6 figures and you sell your country down the river for $20k? Not only is this woman morally bankrupt, she is economically illiterate. If you can’t build wealth fairly easily in a job like hers, you’re doing something wrong.

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  25. Skippy says:



  26. Perot Conservative says:

    A few items from

    1. 4 participants, 1 in LA, 1 in China.

    2. Original arrest 2 years ago. Arrested via FISA!

    3. Retrieved emails she tried to delete. (NSA database?)

    4. ““I hope you enjoyed your day. ** May Allah bless you with health and happiness. ** Btw delete all email messages and contact information in your email and phone pertaining to [Co-Conspirator B] and [Co-Conspirator
    C] — I don’t want any trouble going forward ok — please do this immediately! Messages, nos, (anything) having to do with that fashion school your apartment anything -= even from wechat, fb, slqpe, etc u got me?”

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  27. Darrell Michael Richardson says:

    Sentence her ass to death for treason!!!

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  28. CNN_sucks says:

    Strip her with citizenship and send her to China. That’s where her loyalty is.

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  29. Genie says:

    No more “all you can eat” Chinese buffet for her. Maybe she can wear her Chinese Fashion School semester project Mao jacket in prison.

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  30. merrly says:

    She worked under OBAMA.

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  31. Have Gun Will Travel says:

    She treasonously sold out her country for only $20k. Makes me think she and her fellow travelers probably did their resistance activities and leaking here in the US for free.
    She should be in solitary right now.


  32. DJT2020 says:

    Find out what she knows and sweep up her handlers

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  33. roger scott says:

    Seems too clear cut, too simple to be believable – where the like to Hillary – it goes much deeper than this bullshit

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  34. Roger Scott says:

    Jusr seems too clear cut, too simple to be believable – where the like to Hillary – it goes much deeper than this bullshit


  35. maggiemoowho says:

    Makes me think of these people during the Rex Tillerson hearing. Everyone thought the woman was a reporter, but she actually worked for the State Department, her name is Emily Eng .

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  36. VelvetFoot says:

    “Claiborne noted in her journal”


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  37. velvetfoot says:

    Claiborne noted in her journal



  38. Stephen Paul says:

    The bill of charges contains numerous felonies and Claiborne, 60, is facing spending the rest of her life behind bars, as prosecutors warn she is “the first of many” corrupt Clinton-era State Department employees that will be bought to justice by a reinvigorated DOJ.

    I hope this happens because anyone with half a brain and even a “smidgen” of Honesty knows Hillary should be in prison right now for the rest of her life.

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  39. Alexander Bocephus Hamilton says:

    Public execution, please. Then drop her corpse from a plane on that artificial island in the South China Sea.


  40. jmclever says:

    There have been numerous sellouts working for China within our government. Now that DoJ is not being used to force municipal police departments to comply with ludicrous “civil rights” edicts, Ive noticed quite a few gov’t workers prosecuted for selling secrets to Chinese. Its not just economic stuff.

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  41. InAz says:

    Russia Russia Russia ! Russia is our enemy!…….all a cover for these traitors selling us down the river to not only China and Iran and drug cartels, but who knows who else.

    Public hangings and firing squads need to be brought back

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  42. Republicanvet91 says:

    “As a condition of her employment, Claiborne maintained a TOP SECRET security clearance.”

    I keep thinking if Obama administration officials were not constantly working so hard trying to stick it to regular Americans and spying on political opposition, they might have recognized the horde of foreign spies in our midst.

    But then, maybe the old grifter who ran the place then was like DiFi and didn’t care, or was making money on the side with her.


  43. A2 says:

    If you go to the US Department of Justice site and search for China, it pulls up 7,260 cases of PRC related charges, many of them involving US citizens aka traitors.

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  44. Republicanvet91 says:

    “The gifts and benefits included cash wired to Claiborne’s USAA account, Chinese New Year’s gifts, international travel and vacations, tuition at a Chinese fashion school, a fully furnished apartment, a monthly stipend and numerous cash payments. Some of these gifts and benefits were provided directly to Claiborne, while others were provided to a close family member of Claiborne’s.”

    Sheesh! If Ray Charles were a security compliance official within the State Derp, he likely could have seen something nefarious was going on here.
    Spying for 5 years easily puts her start in the Obama administration, during the grifter’s tenure at State.

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  45. Fools Gold says:

    I have a nice tree perfect for hanging. It even has a hilltop view even if you don’t want to hear knashing of teeth. It’s got branches big enough to hang most of them but I also have others. Convict them and bring them here. I’ll provide the refreshments and hot dogs for free!

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  46. What do you bet that Candace Claiborne will get the “James Wolfe’ plea deal.
    U.S. Attorney Jessie K. Liu of the District of Columbia, is 1 of the Prosecutors.


  47. TomA says:

    This is the tip of the iceberg. The federal bureaucracy is infested with moles, compromised employees, sleeper agents, and outright spies from many foreign intelligence operations. The FBI has lots of time and resources to run an illegal covert OP against a sitting president, but the best they can do is catch one small fish in a sea of hundreds (if not thousands) of other candidates. If Wray had any honor, he would step up and admit that the FBI was corrupted into becoming a political weapon, apologize to the American people, and then commit himself to a restoration of professionalism at the FBI. That he continues to hide in the dark speaks volumes.


  48. thedoc00 says:

    During Hill’s and Bill’s time in the White House, there was a Chinese Scientist at the NEC who was caught stealing Nuke Documents because he forgot to remove a document (traceable to him) from the copy machine he used. Also, the copy machine was not cleared for classified reproduction but the whole incident was treated as an accident by investigators.

    This is the tip of another very deep, 30+ year old Iceberg. I have to retract some of my comments on the technical legality of Chinese Technology theft, if 4 US Presidential administrations allowed spies in on the decision making process, by the Department of State, then the President is correct to label it technology theft. Although, until the depth of the Chinese espionage is exposed, the Export License cover for allot of technology and manufacturing capabilities (allowed by 4 different Republican and Democrat administrations) remains in place. There also needs to be an investigation into the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement that President Trump refused to join as well.


  49. cali says:

    I see one Diane Feinstein in the orbit as well as Joe Biden and son while HRC well – she is in a class all by herself. CrowdStrike managing her sales via her ‘server’ and being responsible for the murder of 23 CIA agents.

    There will be quite a few of our congress critters caught in this net. Is McConnell in this spiderweb too?


    • Mitchell says:

      McConnell, he should be, per Chinese wife handler and her father’s – I made my money working with the Chinese Army, ‘gift’ of 25 million dollars to him.


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