NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow Impromptu Presser Discussing Taxes and Economy…

National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow holds an impromptu press conference today with media discussing the current state of the economy. Kudlow focuses attention to the economic gains amid the middle-class.

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8 Responses to NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow Impromptu Presser Discussing Taxes and Economy…

  1. Tom Idlewood says:

    I couldn’t hear every question, but I believe that National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow did an excellent job staying on message! He stresses economic growth, blue collar wages growing faster than white collar wages, a 58% approval rating on the economy, and the AMERICAN economy being the hottest in the world. MAGA!!

    The MSM talking point – distraction questions – were obvious. They’re losing the narrative with each passing day. More winning!

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  2. Diana Allocco says:

    I love Larry Kudlow. He’s also adorable, trying to handle his umbrella and papers with zero luck.

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  3. thedoc00 says:

    The part that John-Q public always has trouble understanding is that there are business owners and investors who actually paid their money to create the jobs and that the workers DO NOT OWN the company and have ZERO FINANCIAL RISK in the game. Their salaries and any perks as well as bonuses paid are their “fair share” of the company. That is why the democrats are able to continually play the bad rich man card vs the owners.

    Besides discussing opportunities and jobs created, the presidents team (and it would be nice if the Republican Party actually chimed in) needs to discuss this concept as part of their “economy is great” presentations/comments.

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  4. Betty says:

    The lady with the southern drawl asked about the average American Joe who voted in this president, what are you hearing from them about the tax cut?

    I am retired so my only experience with the tax cut is I do get a little more take home from SS every month, ditto for my pension payment.

    But Larry you can tell them that you know of one happy old lady who voted in this president, since my Benefit Rewards Year in Review Statement for my 401K listed the Rate of Return for the year as 34.8% I am a happy average old voter.

    Go Trump. Go Larry, Go Steve, Go Mike, Go Wilbur, Go Bill, Go Mick, Go Elizabeth DeVos and Go Robert Lighthizer – that is all I can remember but wow there were only two where I thought I should add their last names Oh, an Go Ben Carson.

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  5. Troublemaker10 says:


  6. Troublemaker10 says:


  7. GB Bari says:

    Severtal of the questions were prefaced with “perceptions” or asked about “perceptions.”

    THis is the MSM’s PRIMARY OBJECTIVE. They want to drive DOWN the public’s perceptions of the President; drive down his poll numbers. They are so disgustingly transparent, I am amazed that those reporters can look at themselves in any mirror.

    Instead of trying to ask Larry about real information concerning what might be coming economically that affects Americans, the eneMedia are more focused on “gotcha” questions premised on allegedly poor “perceptions”, the same “perceptions” that they (the MSM) have deliberately worked hard to drive into negative ranges since DJT became the nominee in 2016.

    Blatant media hypocrisy.

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