Rep. Mark Meadows Discusses “Spygate”….

Representative Mark Meadows appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss his recent conversation with Inspector General Michael Horowitz and how that pertains to the upcoming inspector general report on FISA abuse.

In addition to criminal referrals from HPSCI ranking member Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan recently visited with IG Horowitz and foresees future criminal referrals coming as an outcome of the IG investigation.


After three years of research, CTH is confident we are closing in on the current White House “insider” who is working on a collaborative Machiavellian program to assist the deep state…. stay tuned.

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294 Responses to Rep. Mark Meadows Discusses “Spygate”….

  1. CopperTop says:

    Sleuthing the sleuth (SD) is the bulk of comments above so I got a little more serious and started thinking of current event news that points to a culprit. Ukraine is a topic a lot lately. Ukrainian ambassador Yovanavitch?

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  2. dwpender says:

    When Sundance exposes the name, I’ll bet the individual is fired within 24 hours (same day if it’s an early morning post).

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  3. ARW says:

    June 9,2016, Trump Tiwer meeting
    June 14, 2016, WP and NYT report russians hacked the DNC and stole oppo research on trump. NYT even calls the oppo a “dossier”.
    June19, 2016, Page sends email to Corey L. And tells him he’s going to Russia.
    June 20, 2016, Date of Steel’s first report.

    Page has got to be a spy.


    • covfefe999 says:

      Page was on some CNN show on Saturday morning, I don’t have cable at home but was in a hotel getting ready to leave and watched it. He was a total idiot. He had been given a chance to communicate to the public, the CNN-watching public even, what happened to him, but his statements were all a jumble and he made no sense at all. And I was thinking “He’s doing this on purpose!”. I waffle a lot about the guy, sometimes I think he’s a spy and sometimes not. After watching that CNN interview, I’m thinking he is. We know he was an informant for another case. How convenient that he was not only mentioned in the dossier but he was also the target of the FISA warrant, very useful to the traitors.

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      • covfefe999 says:

        He was interviewed by Smerconish. I can only find a 1 min 17 sec excerpt on CNN’s web site, I can’t find the entire video.


        • I won't back down says:

          The kindest term I have heard is “eccentric” regarding Page. The best thing the guy can do for himself (if anyone can pass this along to the guy) is to let his lawyers do the talking. He tried to do some “representing of himself” in court on his first try that (as someone who reads this kind of stuff for a living) was just two or three steps away from complete garbage. Lawsuits are like brain surgery, something to never try to do it yourself except maybe in small claims court or a traffic court – but even then you are taking your chances. I have said before they regarded him as the “useful idiot” when they chose to spy on him. I have to say I agree that even though he is well-educated he is not the sharpest tool in the shed. It is hard to get through to someone like that but seriously is there not a PR firm who wants to do right by American that can stage an intervention and save this guy from himself (coaching sessions at least).

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          • I won’t- that is an EXCELLENT analysis. There is just something about Carter Page that doesn’t pass the smell test.


            • JIM COMEY IS A WEASEL_DOUG says:

              His lack of outrage is completely inexplicable. Who’s to say his previous association with FBI made him an easy mole to convert. He didn’t care a FISA was out on him, he agreed to be Patient Zero to access Trump World.

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      • pucecatt says:

        Every time Carter Page is interviewed I watch . This guy is shady as hell , when he talks with a positive he always nods in a negative and that alone is very telling. I do hope they flush out the mole before 2020 campaign kicks off and if it is Pence replace him with Nunes. I also remember our favorite rooster 🐓 saying at one time that if we knew about a certain person in the Trump circle that was involved with this “ we would be shocked “

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      • pucecatt says:

        Every time Carter Page is interviewed I watch . This guy is shady as hell , when he talks with a positive he always nods in a negative and that alone is very telling. I do hope they flush out the mole before 2020 campaign kicks off and if it is Pence replace him with Nunes. I also remember our favorite rooster 🐓 saying at one time that if we knew about a certain person in the Trump circle that was involved with this “ we would be shocked “


      • nimrodman says:

        “… his statements were all a jumble and he made no sense at all. And I was thinking “He’s doing this on purpose!”.”

        I know what you mean, covfefe999

        My hypothesis is he’s “wired funny”
        In the brain

        His mannerisms are flighty and he appears amused most of the time

        I think he’s a bit “idiot savant”, with the emphasis on idiot

        I’ve known several friends, you can just tell that they’re “wired diffrnt”

        They laugh at the wrong things
        They say inappropriate things

        This type of mis-wiring that I think I see in Page is a fairly harmless kind

        In the criminal realm, there’s the kind of mis-wiring that results in sociopaths and psychopaths

        Page is mis-wired in a more benign way, but it’s still mis-wired



        • nimrodman says:

          Another example of different “wiring” is the difference between logical thinkers and highly associative thinkers, if that’s the right term.

          Logical is laying out a sequential narrative (hands fingering points along a straight line, like “if this, then this, and then this …”

          Associative being more like “if this, then … THIS! … or THIS! … or THIS! … (hands reaching out frantically and grabbing in all directions as if grasping at butterflies)

          Page strikes me as farther out on that kind of spectrum

          He’s kinda “spun”

          That’s what I see in him, what with the incessant bemused grinning and such


    • mr.piddles says:

      “June 14, 2016, WP and NYT report russians hacked the DNC and stole oppo research on trump. NYT even calls the oppo a “dossier”.”

      Indeed, they did. I feel like I totally missed that article… or it’s been lost in the shuffle.

      WHAT is the purpose of stealing the dossier? The reference to “the dossier” is on purpose, of course (on the part of the DNC, FNYT, or both). But what could possibly be the angle on the Russian “hackers” stealing the dossier? What is the narrative that can be derived from that storyline? Is “stealing” the dossier just a simplistic vehicle to get “the dossier” into the public sphere? Only thing I can think of. Two birds, one stone: dossier; Russian hackers.

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      • Maybe they were planning to spread it and wanted deniability. It’s in the Times so we know its a lie.


        • mr.piddles says:

          Right. Plausible deniability, for sure. The Dossier was officially in The Pipeline… IC, FBI, MSM…

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        • Zimbalistjunior says:

          Correct. Plus note the date. This almost assuredly predates steele’s dossier ‘work’ and would probably be the Blumenthal shearer dossier.


          • Caveman says:


            In any case, the history of the “Steele dossier” doesn’t begin with Christopher Steele or Nellie Ohr in the summer of 2016; it begins with a story that Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacoby co-wrote for The Wall Street Journal dated April 17, 2007. “How Lobbyists Help Ex-Soviets Woo Washington” details how prominent Republicans, including the 1996 Republican presidential candidate Robert Dole, opened doors in the American capital for Kremlin-affiliated oligarchs and other friends of Vladimir Putin.

            So when the Trump campaign named Paul Manafort as its campaign convention manager on March 28, 2016, you can bet that Simpson and Jacoby’s eyes lit up. And as it happened, at the exact same time that Trump hired Manafort, Fusion GPS was in negotiations with Perkins Coie, the law firm representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, to see if there was interest in the firm continuing the opposition research on the Trump campaign they had started for the Washington Free Beacon. In addition to whatever sales pitch Simpson might have offered about Manafort, the Clinton campaign had independent reason to believe that research into Manafort’s connections might pay some real political dividends: A Democratic consultant and Ukrainian-American activist named Alexandra Chalupa, told the Clinton campaign about Manafort’s work for Yanukovich. “I flagged for the DNC the significance of his hire,” Chalupa told CNN in July of this year.

            Good read.



    • lawton says:

      I doubt it with all those letters etc.


    • JL says:

      When you look at Page’s education, service, and career, along with his decade plus relationship with the FBI and IC in general, he has “ASSET” written all over him.

      I’ve always thought it was fishy. He’s like a CIA spy right out of a Tom Clancy novel. If he is a spy, his cover has long been blown. It’s time to come clean.


  4. Guyski says:

    Johnny DeStefano


  5. jbowen82 says:

    Folks, I know it’s human nature to speculate, but it serves no helpful purpose for us to point fingers, and it certainly works to the Deep State’s benefit to expose the fault lines on our side. Cut it out.

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  6. railer says:

    Anybody confirmed by McConnell is to be considered an enemy. No sense sugarcoating that. McConnell is an enemy. Not an ally. Not even a sometimes ally.

    McConnell is an enemy.

    That means every cabinet level official is a potential or real enemy. Every position requiring Senate confirmation is to be considered an enemy. All of them were/are planning on Trump being gone by 2020 or sooner. We might as well accept that Kavanaugh is an enemy too, by the way, just as I suspected. The Bushies are all enemies.

    Pence was the poison pill Trump had to accept in order to get the Never Trumpers to stand down at the convention. It was very important that they have their boy in place when the conspiracy removed Trump. They got their man. He’s suspect too.

    Trump knows all of the above, and always has. He knows McConnell and the Swamp control the WH personnel flow, and he’s been working within that construct without whining about it, because whining wouldn’t do him any good and he knows it. But he knows he is surrounded by enemies. He just needs to pressure these Swamp creatures to do his bidding, and if he reaches a point where he thinks he’d rather have the next Swamp creature in McConnell’s queue rather than the current non-performing Swamp creature, he fires that person. I’m fine with that process for now, as it’s the best we can get.

    It’s the best Trump can do, and I think he’s been doing remarkably well, given the totality of the Swamp resistance he puts up with right in front of him, in the same building.

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    • Zaxbys says:

      The problem is time we don’t have time on our side with all the metrics of an economy headed into serious headwinds without resolutions from gas prices to food going up because farmers can’t get paid due to gridlock!

      And yes I’m ticked my Zack Snack from Zaxbys has gone up!

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  7. Shop says:

    Until we see reports that Brennan, Clapper and Comey are testifying to a grand jury I think we can safely assume nothing real is happening except moving the deck chairs.

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    • How about until we see Brennan, Clapper and Comey in the latest trendy styled optic orange jumpsuits…


      • 2zymos says:

        By the time we see cuffs, video, then orange, by THAT time, all the “good stuff” has already happened.
        Remember what NSL’s and NDA’s do — even “legitimate” FISA’s could be in place, also military operations can and ought to be in play here (as “we” come to the realization that this coup was Domestic and Foreign based personnel and assets).

        This is so much bigger than most imaginations ever get to — and then its our actual hellish reality! Just take (for instance) our ACTUAL NSA domestic and also worldwide spying/data capacity, and put it in obama/brennan/hillary’s hands… and consider that Snowden was only able to get a small part of “the data” out… and how far gone the media was (as we know it so far)… and what epstein (blackmail operation) was able to get away with… and what “else” was on weiner’s computer, and what EXACTLY and with and to whom was NXIVM doing stuff… and who “made the calls on google/twitter/fbook/youtube info psy-ops, and what REALLY happened in Bghazi, Las Vegas, Ukraine, 9-11 report and soooooo much more.
        Stay cold angry.

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  8. All Too Much says:

    Someone’s puckering up right now.

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  9. MaineCoon says:

    Better not be any of the wolverines. Just saying.


  10. highdezertgator says:

    Reading some of the posts today …who was a Congcritter or Senator … Hillsdale has some great FREE online courses on The Constitution… the Federalist Papers… etc..
    If we don’t like “fake news” being informed is one way to combat it!!!!… and yes I donate to Hillsdale

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  11. MrACC says:

    You can bet your bottom dollar that if Sundance knows who it is – or has a pretty good idea who it is – then our brilliant, Godsend POTUS Trump knows who it is and is using to his advantage!

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  12. mtk says:

    current White House “insider”

    Could it be a
    tongue and cheek reference of the last of the bugs left by Obama’s FBI.

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  13. Sandra-VA says:

    Like many here, I think the “insider” is Kelly Ann Conway. Just from the way her husband disparages the President, makes her more likely to be the one.

    George Conway was part of the team that worked with the Paula Jones during the Clinton impeachment saga… he is also the one who leaked information to Matt Drudge about Kathleen Willey. He was actively working to bring down Bill Clinton who he despised.

    It stands to reason that if Conway despises the current President, his wife might too! OR she tells him stuff…

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  14. Curt says:

    Mark Meadows said NOTHING during this interview. Everything he talked about was old and obvious news. H would do well on CNN. YES! What the hell happened to the McCabe criminal referral?? Honestly people, are we headed to another Horowitz “white wash” of obvious criminal activity within the FBI. Is Christopher Wray going to get away with playing down any and all FBI malfeasance and criminal activity? God, the American people deserve better than this… 2 1/2 years and counting.

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  15. Johnny says:

    Did DNI Coats go to the Island meeting of the NEO-Cons before President Trump was elected?

    I remember a big gathering of snakes meeting on the Island to discuss how to stop Canidate Trump.

    Are any of the staff in the White House a part of the Island meeting?

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  16. MaineCoon says:

    One could interpret “current White House “insider”” to be someone with total access to WH/POTUS without physically being “inside” the WH — the obvious one is Mitch, Lindsay, Kevin, and many more.

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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  17. concerned3 says:

    Will the next Inspector General Michael Horowitz Report produce another white wash? Do we have reason to be optimistic until we receive the goods and inspect them?

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  18. mr.piddles says:

    Maybe James B. Corney is still hiding behind the Big Blue Curtain. *shrug emoji*


  19. railer says:

    But if I had to pick a person who could and would damage Trump and damage this country without even blinking, it’d be Mnuchin.


  20. concerned3 says:

    You know, we have not seen one of the conspirators prosecuted, so is it time to become optimistic? I suggest, that we wait and see for now.


  21. Curt says:

    “After three years of research, CTH is confident we are closing in on the CURRENT White House “insider” who is working on a collaborative Machiavellian program to assist the deep state….” Go for it Sundance!
    I have a few guesses of my own. If still around, I would have fingered that feckless swamp rat, Jeff Sessions. I think President Trump was loaded in the deep state boat on many of these appointments. Christopher Wray is as big a Washington DC swamp rat as there is. He will do ANYTHING and everything to protect the FBI and its criminal actions…..

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  22. owtolunch says:

    Listen to Coats presentation and comments at the Aspen Institute last July 19th. Several vides are on YouTube…. This shows how well he “supports” Trump… He is not the right guy for this job…. Definitely a uni-party leader… It is hard to understand why he is still in the job.

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  23. dave casper says:

    Horowitz the IG said a few stupid things in his report, but he also uncovered a lot of crimes. There was just not an AG that would prosecute. This time we pray, there’s charges.

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  24. Chris says:

    With an explosive week like we had was Kelly Anne on any of the Sunday morning shows? I dont think she was! Now makes you wonder why?

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  25. susanphd says:

    Dan Coats, DNI, seems to be a major “thwarter!”

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  26. Jenevive says:

    Could it be Elaine Chao feeding info to Mitch?
    We hear nothing of her.. What is she doing? Nothing
    is being done with Infrastructure?

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  27. Jenevive says:

    POTUS seems to send Pence out of the country or out
    in the country alot.. Is he away when important things are.
    announced. Maybe he is sent away so he is not around for
    certain discussions. I don;t what to think of Pence
    he seems so…blah…so nice…so calm…and I thought
    he was put with POTUS cuz as a former congress person
    he could get things done.. That hasn;t worked out well..

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  28. Drogers says:

    Outstanding … couldn’t agree more.

    No sense putting your azz on the line without the hope of any backup.


  29. wlbeattie says:

    I’ll, wait, read & listen!


  30. Ned Zeppelin says:

    Now THIS is interesting, go SD!


  31. Your Tour Guide says: coats defends McCain

    See if this links. Was re-reading the op ed in NYT
    from September. Got distracted, leaned towards Pence
    because of that word “lodestar”. But that might have been
    a bit of a red herring to throw people off the scent.

    The whole piece reaches two conclusions
    1. Trump is a loose cannon, needs to be reigned in.
    2. Trump should emulate someone else in his behavior.
    That someone is McCain.

    The second conclusion truly shows who the person
    that wrote the piece is. Someone who thinks McCain
    was the be all and end all of great people. Someone
    who brings McCain into the discussion when that isn’t
    the topic that is being discussed. Someone who is
    answering a question that nobody has asked, because
    they have a score to settle.

    Three possible candidates on the piece. Pence ( lodestar),
    Coats ( throwing McCain into the topic), Conway.

    The initial list had 13 possibilities. Two of them were
    Jared and the first lady. Not likely. The rest are all gone,
    except for the three mentioned . I’m leaning Coats, but
    I’m breathlessly awaiting Sundance’s conclusion.


    • TrumpsterinPa says:

      Leaning your way, but who knows?

      McCain had already been diagnosed with a brain tumor and he attended this conference in Italy with Lindsey Graham. McCain took a private boat ride at the same event with Dan Coates(Head of DNI) who has had been an ardent McCain backer. Coates has been very vocal on the Russia interference, having even laughed at the President during the Aspen Security Conference. All the redacting between Coates and RR? Coates and Sessions the two, long term Senators in the cabinet. Horrible picks. Graham, who seems to have spent a ton off time appearing on talk shows trying to compete with Nunes as the good guy…Don’t trust him, never did. So you had Coates, McCain and Graham all together in Italy, Sept of 2017. Coincidence? We can all speculate but it appears this that those who have thwarted and tied up intelligence releases are all trying to hide something. Hope it’s not Pence or Conway( Can’t rule anything out). Coates seems like a bad egg in all of this.


  32. Zorro says:

    Demosocialists against POTUS and America
    Uniparty against POTUS and America
    Government Agencies and Bureaucracy against POTUS and America
    Intelligence Community against POTUS and America
    MSM Propagandists against POTUS and America
    Harveywood and Pop Culture against POTUS and America
    Organized Frauds and Hoaxes against POTUS and America
    Organized Invasions against POTUS and America
    Globalist Entities against POTUS and America

    and some Seditious Rat in White House inner circles piles on…

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  33. MagaMia says:

    Treepers, remember that right after the mid-term elections during a press conference, PDJT was asked (in the presence of Pence) who he’d like on the ticket with him in 2020? His response was hilarious, and directed to Pence:

    “Mike, will you be my running mate? Will you? Thank you, OK, great. Yeah, the answer is yes. That was unexpected, but I feel very fine.”

    If PDJT didn’t trust or want Pence, he likely would have made a few remarks, and then said something like, “Well, we’ll see what happens…. we’ll see what happens.”

    I will be shocked if the saboteur is Pence.

    If the figures I’ve seen on his net worth are correct, Mike Pence didn’t use his public service to enrich himself as did many congress critters. And if he really wanted to sabotage Trump, he could have done it when the Billy Bush tape surfaced. At that very difficult time, he rightfully renounced the behavior, but was loyal and stood by Trump. I believe Pence’s reaction was a key factor in advancing the election of the greatest president in my lifetime.

    As for the situation with Mike Flynn, Flynn apologized to Pence and took responsibility for misleading Pence. And PDJT stood by Pence.

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  34. Cocamars says:

    I hate to think this but I’m thinking it might be Pence for two reason. One, the numerous reports regarding his immediate willingness to accept the nomination after the leak of the Access Hollywood tapes. Two, he was the driving force behind Flynn’s resignation. If he’s a deep state sympathizer the Intel snakes may have been tempting him with tales of impeachment if he played along. He may be a man who wants to be POTUS without running for the office. I hope I’m wrong.


  35. Iamcat says:

    On two occasions, I have as perplexed at Pence. The Oval Office televised meeting with Schumer, Nancy and Trump. Pence said nothing and his body language was very weird
    he was not engaged at all. The other time was at McStains funeral. It seemed he Gabe Trump the cold shoulder. Both times I had a bad feeling, because I liked Pence.


  36. railer says:

    Coats is lazy and stupid. That’s rarely a threatening combination. Trump recognized him as a dope, and the Swamp just wanted another Clapper type idiot in there, so he said yes. DNI is a useless position, somebody to be used by the Swamp and Deep State, not to really do anything of consequence. He couldn’t be a threat to Trump even if he wanted to be. He sleeps in his office and recites Swamp nonsense.


  37. Wouldn’t an advisor or intimation friend who does not actually work inside the building be considered an insider?


  38. Ivehadit says:

    “After three years of research, CTH is confident we are closing in on the current White House “insider” who is working on a collaborative Machiavellian program to assist the deep state…. stay tuned.”
    THREE years… so it would have to be someone who has been with the president that long, no?
    And a “PROGRAM”…hmmm.

    I know one thing: Our Eagle-eye (Melania) is keeping a very close watch and knows what is going on!


    • Ivehadit says:

      “Get close and stick the shiv in…”
      Are senators considered “White House insiders”? I have one in mind who is plenty Machiavellian.


  39. JoD says:

    What about the White House head chef……hmmm?



    Excellent simple illustration of SpyGate.

    RedPill the masses.


  41. Pale rider says:

    THe problem I see stated in the treehouse headline “discusses spy gate”. Everybody has discussed spygate, no more discussion time to act while the perps are alive. We can’t survive another ” Ted Kennedy chappaquiddick special.”


  42. mike diamond says:

    Obama,was the worst President of all time ! Water gate was nothing,compared to all the evil spying,and stuff he did! It’s a shame! Nixon’s family deserves a apology!


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