Number Fourteen – Pete Buttigieg Enters Presidential Race Sunday…

Spoiler Alert…. Pete Buttigieg is officially set to kick off his entry into the 2020 Democrat presidential primary with big announcement tomorrow. However, FEC filings by his campaign yesterday showed his pre-annouced intent, he’s running.

There was a ton of DNC Club public relations and media communication effort over the past three weeks to push the former South Bend Indiana mayor into position.  That effort has paid off, and Buttigieg has bumped Elizabeth Warren to fourth place.

[Oh, there’s where the attacks will come from Watch Pocahontas go full bananas.]

Currently Buttigieg is polling third in Iowa: Biden (27%), Sanders (16%), Buttigieg (9%), Warren (7%), Harris (7%) and O’Rourke (6%), etc.

[Monmouth University Poll – Iowa]

The Club has done a great job pushing Pete into blocker position. Yes, notice how Pete backstops ♦Biden.   With the Data-Harvest complete the bloom is off the Beto, and he goes back to snorting adderall and flapping arms without cameras; however, this helps Bernie.


Pocahontas and Harris will need to react fast to Buttigieg, and their oppo-research teams are likely diving into the gay mayors’ shallow history.

The Club has done very well with Pete.  Similar to RNC Club and Marco 2015, it is going to be difficult for the field to push past Pete with the executive-suite donors propping up their play.  Booker’s desperation today reflects the diminished value of his jazz hands.

That said, we are still not seeing the official launch of the ‘chosen one‘, the intended party donor candidate; however, we have now entered the timeline most favorable for launch, April to May/June/July 2019.

The DNC is predictable; it’s a club.  Inside the club the board members control everything. From the outside, it appears Joe Biden still holds the most board member votes.  The test run to bring out all the ‘creepy Joe’ trouble appears to have worked.  He goes silent now, and re-emerges having left the creepy memes in the past.  Smart play.

Again, planning and strategy is one of the key elements of the Democrat party.  It might seem weird at first, but the DNC club is not chaotic; and that is their weakness. It makes them predictable.

The chosen-one would generally come into play immediately after the democrats have set down a larger trumpeted baseline. The chosen-one roll out would be designed to flow from the Club’s baseline political narrative. The Democrats rarely, if ever, go off script….

Knowing it’s likely the ♦UniParty DNC is following a similar ♦UniParty RNC strategy, we can start to put the personal characteristics and political traits together and contrast them against 2016. Here’s the way it looks so far:

  • Senator Ted Cruz was to 2016…. as Senator Elizabeth Warren is to 2020
  • ♦Governor Jeb Bush was to 2016 as….
  • Senator Marco Rubio was to 2016… as Mayor Pete Buttigieg is to 2020
  • Governor John Kasich was to 2016… as Senator Bernie Sanders is to 2020
  • Senator Lindsey Graham was to 2016 as… Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is to 2020
  • Governor Mike Huckabee was to 2016… as Senator Corey Booker is to 2020
  • Senator Rand Paul was to 2016…. as Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is to 2020
  • Dr. Ben Carson was to 2016… as Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is to 2020
  • Governor Chris Christie was to 2016 as… Governor J. Hickenlooper is to 2020
  • Governor Scott Walker was to 2016 as… Governor Jay Inslee is to 2020
  • Senator Rick Santorum was to 2016…. as Senator Sherrod Brown is to 2020
  • Governor George Pataki was to 2016 as…. Eric Swalwell is to 2020
  • Governor Rick Perry was to 2016…. as Senator Kamala Harris is to 2020
  • Governor Bobby Jindal was to 2016…. as Julian Castro is to 2020
  • Carly Fiorina was to 2016 as…. Senator Amy Klobuchar is to 2020
  • Governor Jim Gilmore was to 2016 as… Rep. Tim Ryan is to 2020

Reminder, despite their current stumbling with their executive suite efforts, anyone who is announcing their presidential bid ahead of Speaker Pelosi and the DNC delivering the election narrative (impeachment or similar) is not part of the DNC plan.

Pelosi and Club leadership will not easily give up on an impeachment plan that took months of effort.  They will work to modify it, shift angles of attack, adjust to Barr and yet still hope to retain the goal for as long as possible.  They don’t give up on these schemes easily….. As we saw admitted last weekend from Jerry Nadler, they are modifying their plans as each roadblock presents.

The “Chosen One” will likely surface during the April/May to June/July period when the legislative ‘impeachment‘ crew, the DNC crew and the media crew have been able to align the scheme for maximum political benefit.

We will most likely be able to identify the “Chosen One” by: (#1) the Pelosi narrative (when cemented) and everyone falls in line; and (#2) the “roll out” that accompanies the announcement. [ex. remember the Greek columns, trumpets, pomp, etc.?]

Once we get a few more names (approx. 16), and we discover the ‘Chosen Candidate’, we can start to have fun with the celebrity squares graphics and the top 16 contenders.


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249 Responses to Number Fourteen – Pete Buttigieg Enters Presidential Race Sunday…

  1. Brainiac says:

    Pete the guy looks like Dukakis with a weird name.

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  2. The Chosen One
    Would have to be, or in ANY Combination..
    Woman or TRANS, (transgendered) or looking at that “Option”, or supporter there of..
    Victim class.. Black, Mixed Race, LBTQRSZ, Woman, (Or otherwise)..
    Muslim Double plus.. ( the Left can then,, cry, “Religious Racism)

    Open Borders..
    willing to give #Illegal Immigrant Families,, Student loans over Military Families..

    Cut Services for VETS & Disabled, yet INCREASE Services for #Illegals ..
    DECREASED Affordable housing, for #Americans..
    When you see 3 or 4 Families crammed into a “Affordable” home.. Times 100X, NOW you know WHY….We have “homeless” VETS, and in general, the WHITE population..

    When YOU Go to the ER with a broken bone…. YOU KNOW it’s broken..
    In this case My Wrist
    UNABLE to get care, in a timely matter BECAUSE….
    ILLEGALS with (KIDS) that have “sniffles” or are un-vaccinated..
    TB in the ER!
    BED BUGS on the chairs!
    In short..
    @Sundance I hope you are correct.. In your “assumptions’ going forward..
    If WE don’t have, (or get) a Similar, President.. After TRUMP, Stick a fork in our country…

    IF (A Big IF) through Fraud,, Democrats get the “ticket” this country is FINISHED.. (In 2020)

    I can go on & on..
    Sincerely CT42..

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    • Micheal Obama fits all of that criteria. There you have it.

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      • red- AGREE with you 100% and am shocked that he/she is not being mentioned YET as a serious candidate.

        Michael/ Michelle O. checks every box on the candidate list, not to mention it would be giving Hussein a third term.

        I would ask anyone out there who’s reading to name ONE potential candidate who’s stronger than Michael/Michelle.

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        • jessetmims says:

          @ Seneca the Elder… Re “I would ask anyone out there who’s reading to name ONE potential candidate who’s stronger than (…) Michelle.” [There IS no “Michael” in the Obama family…]

          I can’t name the “chosen one;” but, Michelle Obama would be about the stupidest choice possible; simply because, regardless of her supposed popularity amongst the left (which I’m NOT convinced of AT ALL…), she would solidify support for Trump like NO ONE else!

          That does not mean the left will not be stupid enough to nominate her. It simply means she would bring out Trump’s people in the same way Hillary did, only more so; GUARANTEEING an even bigger win for Trump than occurred in 2016!

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        • Newhere says:

          I think the Obamas are trying to help torpedo Biden — make sure the negatives stick, perhaps pushing the oppo research themselves — to prevent him from Chosen One status, so that the prospect of Michelle’s candidacy becomes more attractive or even necessary. I don’t see any other Club member who could be airlifted in, if they decide it can’t be Biden. Of course, I’m sure Hillary will volunteer; but I think the Obamas are ready for that fight too.

          And Buttigieg would be a good foil for Michelle as a #2. The dems would hit all identity buttons, and in the right order to reflect their implicit hierarchy — female person of color at top of ticket; a nod to LGBTQ with the running mate.

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      • trapper says:

        I suspect they are saving Mic for 2024. Who is the Republican bench for 2024? Pence? Cruz? Rubio? Nah. We better groom a deplorable replacement, or Mic is gonna have a cake walk in 2024, and they know it.

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      • Bubby says:

        I agree she/he obama maybe forced to run against her/his will to keep Barack out of jail if not pardon him!


      • Realist says:

        If elected Buttman would be America’s first Homosexual President – Oh wait that was Bath House Barry HUSSEIN Soetero Obama wasn’t it


      • sejmon says:

        Do not be surprise if MO show up flex muscle on SPEW/VIEW in bikini outfit…bus with court jesters is not full……


    • Micheal Obama fits all of that criteria. There you have it.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Nah. The chosen one will CAPITALISE on the extramist tilt of the “Democrat Socialists in the party, in order to LOOK “moderate” by comparison, while,winking AT the Dem Socialist voters, to say “Not REALLY! I am just TALKING moderate, to get elected. I am really ‘one of you’, shhhh.!”

      So, he/she will not flamethrow, once they get the nomination, “Common sense gun restrictions”, may even come out AGAINST infanticide, etc.

      And, suspect they will be WHITE, this time around.

      Actually, article says Buttplug is like,2016 Jeb Bush, and my recollection is Jeb WAS the annoited one, for the RNC.

      Wondering if we MAY have a winner?

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    • Deb says:

      They’ll tolerate Pete because he’s gay. They think a veteran from the rust belt can peal off some of the Dems who voted for PDJT.

      This guy would do well, PDJT needs to find his weakness now.


  3. Not Ideeal says:

    This guy will be the nominee, book it.

    He’s a blank canvas, like Obama in 1998 and Clinton in 1992.

    Oppo research? There is no oppo research by design. He’s never taken a stand on a real issue and won’t start soon. No one else in the D field can say that.

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    • kpm58 says:

      Obama was not a blank canvass. He was groomed from an early age.

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    • Newhere says:

      I don’t think so. I think he’s being positioned as a possible running mate.

      No white man can be nominated this year. Case in point: already, Buttigieg had to apologize for once saying “all lives matter.” This sort of episode will happen over and over again for all of the white candidates. Notice that NO white person gets a pass, even those who profess to be “allies;” both white women, and white men who happen to be gay, are skewered for their “privileged status within the patriarchy” and must apologize for it. Buttigieg has the gay thing going for him, but he’s still down two.


    • Realist says:

      Anyone with even a smidgen of curiosity could have found out that Bath House Barry HUSSEIN Soetero Obama was remembered by ALL his Indonesian school contemporaries as a particularly DEVOUT Muslom


    • EJS says:

      Here is some oppo research. There is a lot out about him, cliff notes, he is a white Obama communist who is also a homosexual. His homosexuality will be the same as Obama’s color. If you level any criticism you will b labeled as homophobic. He is also a Rhodes scholar like Slick.


  4. Walt says:

    I b’lieve if my last name started ‘butt’ I’d find a different job. Maybe ‘plumber’? He could drive that septic tank truck painted bright yellow and labeled ‘Stool Bus.’


  5. Trump's Hammer says:

    Splitter strategy at its finest. Can’t risk having someone like Tulsi Gabbard; she might actually try and improve the country and represent the will of the people. No, we’d much prefer paid for Joe Biden.

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  6. TreeClimber says:

    That last name, though! Maybe it’s petty of me, but that last name! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    And I hope they do run on impeachment!! For what? He’s done literally nothing wrong – talk about an empty platform!

    (That last name! xD)

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  7. bls46 says:

    Other than his ‘fight’ with Pence…..and his husband …..what does he have ~


    • Colorado Conservative says:

      Mayor Pete has a disastrous record as mayor of a city designated as the worst place to live in America. Read Daniel Greenfield’s recent column about this city’s crime stats and more.


      • namberak says:

        I have Hoosier friends in the north part of the state and it’s rapidly approaching the point, one of them tells me, where no one in his right mind would drive through the middle of South Bend. The town is rapidly falling apart and becoming more dangerous by the minute.


      • Jan says:

        Thanks for that link. Greenfield writes awesome articles. I wonder who turned the media on to him? I would expect Warren and Harris to do their homework and maul him during the debates. I don’t like the way this guy looks, and I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth. And if he thinks evangelicals will support him, he’s dumber than he looks.


  8. The Democrats have made it clear there will be no white male nominee for president.

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  9. convert says:

    My 2 cents: it won’t matter who runs for the Dems, Trump will have a bloody fight on his hands. Buttigieg would be a threat. The Dems are crazy and United with hate, hysteria, wild delusions, and Messianic fervor. Imagine the lying, hysterical media. Imagine this site gone, and Twitter and Facebook removing conservative posts and groups right and left. Imagine Fox News completely broken by a coordinate boycott of advertisers. This election will be beyond awful.

    I’m not being dramatic. Unlike most of you, I live and work deep behind enemy lines. In all my career. And I have never seen anything like THIS. This hatred of Republicans, this insane, insane new brand of Antifa Democrats. It’s chilling.

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    • C says:

      Agreed. I work in NYC and the tenor has not been lost. The mania is still there and once they boot up the hysteria media machine again … it will be far worse than the first time.

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    • Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

      Convert –

      Your powerful, succinct comment is striking in its prescience, one among very best, most poingnant.

      Agree with all. The fantastic Trump economy has not, as some incorrectly had hoped, done a thing to calm down these leftist monsters. As conditions continue to improve, the more enraged, hysterical, irrational, vindictive and violent they become.

      That Florida, of all places, came within one point of turning literally into a socialist toilet infested with jihadists, under the reign of candidate Andrew Gillum should have sent schock waves thru the citizenry.

      They’ve been too close too many times in the past to Final Victory, these commie manslayers, and this time they’re going all out.

      Expect anything. Plan accordingly. Seek God while he may yet be found.

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      • Paul:

        Right on.

        I think I remember reading some very thoughtful comments of yours over at American Thinker a couple of years ago. Correct me if I have you mixed up with somebody else, but your name rings a bell in my memory as a commenter over there at one time.

        For another issue in the great political fight coming up in 2020, please see my reply to convert.



        • Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

          Angelle –

          Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, that would have been me at AT, couple years ago. Still at it.

          Will next read with interest your reply to Covert. Thank you again, all the best,


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          • Oh good. Glad I remembered right. You had some of the best comments over there.

            I had a couple of years of some great emailing back and forth with Thomas Lifson. I love that guy. Another one of the faithful stalwarts of real, genuine truth and love of our nation. He is writing even more now than he was a couple of years ago.

            AT and TCTH are 2 great pillar sites of righteous opinion and research. Thomas himself remarked to me his respect for Sundance about 2 years ago. Coming from him, that’s quite a compliment.

            Shalom and God speed.

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    • Like you, I’ve lived and worked deep behind those lines, perhaps differing circumstances, for decades.

      So I interpret your comment as very sensible and one of acute, responsible situational awareness. I second your motion that you are not being dramatic, but rather realistic.

      Having said that, the REAL. TICKING. TIMEBOMB. is voter fraud. If that bomb blows up big in 2020, the political chain reaction will be nuclear in scope and will blow up a lot of other things, including the great accomplishments to date of the Trump administration.

      I’ve said that here and in other places and to all in my daily orb of real time life.

      China, the economy, NK, ME, etc….all critically important integers in the whole national equation. But if PDJT were to lose due to massive voter fraud, where does that leave us with the rest from 2020 on?

      Think about it. 2018 midterms were a warm up….and all the illegal incoming potentially spiking the national ballot box.

      I’d love to see SD write a fresh post about this issue, then get it sent to one or more sources of the Trump administration, some of our fav conservative media people, Thomas Lifson of AT included.

      This must be more openly and commonly spoken about from the highest treetops.

      Good day and weekend to all here.

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      • Julian says:

        Trump knows and knew about the voter fraud.

        All the PERPS who were involved in voter fraud in 2018 will be INDICTED, ARRESTED & IMPRISONED.

        Trump set them all up in 2018.

        Do you really think knowing about the voter fraud Trump would just let it happen in 2018 without consequences?

        Trump and his DHS led by his hand-picked MAGA Patriot Nielsen set all the perps up in 2018.

        No doubt about it. Nothing else makes sense.


        • One thing I absolutely believe is PDT’s acute awareness of voter fraud.

          IMO, I think Trump probably won the pop vote in 2016 with fraudulent votes not being counted. Another good reason for the wisdom of the electoral college.

          Yes, he knows about the mid-term fraud. But there is no way to catch at least most of them without implementing e-verify and voter ID.

          Here in OK, even for local elections, you have to have a valid DL or an up to date ID, and then they look your name up to make sure you’re registered to vote. But then OK is one of the most Republican states in the Union. I believe OK was the only state wherein every county voted for Trump in 2018. We should be the model state for voter integrity structuring.

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    • Newhere says:

      Convert — interesting moniker. Are you in fact a convert? I ask, because I am. Happened during and after the 2016 election.


  10. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    At this point the only thing missing from this circus is a Muslim woman going around yelling at us constantly wearing her slave headgear for the cameras like Minnesota Congresswmn Omar. Since she’s from Mogadishu one might wonder if any of her relatives were on the rooftops and alleyways back when, just “some people doing some things” on October 3, 1993?


  11. James Street says:

    Buttigieg. Excellent! I like a Democrat candidate whose last name is a natural punchline to so many good jokes.


    • Vince says:

      Republicans should never use those obvious name jokes. The outrage machine will get turned on, and people will rally to his side. Think Barney Frank being called Barney Fag.


      • Dutchman says:

        May be considered a plus, by Dems; ANY critisism of Buttgag, on POLICY will be turned with critisism of “Homophobia”, regardless of how much the policy has NOTHING to do with “gay”, just as Obama with rascism.


    • Dutchman says:

      Imagine a press conference;
      President BUTTgag, can you comment on the situation in Somalia?
      President BUTT gag, what is the Official Title for your,…significant other, as “FLOTUS” hardly seems appropriate?”

      Imagine the Secret Service code names, for the “Principles”?


  12. kpm58 says:

    As far as “political narrative ” goes, was New Zealand an “Off Broadway” test run?


  13. Bill Coulter says:

    The chosen one is Michelle Obama


  14. Sammy Hains says:

    Being a FOBBIT is no longer a disqualifier for Democrats.


  15. BarneyRubble says:

    Gavin Newsom will be the chosen one. He will soon go to war against Trump on the wall, immigration, and Sanctuary Policy. The media will use this war to get Newsom the nomination. Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Mexico’s ruling class, and the Jesuit Pope are firmly behind him what is essentially a Mission system model. Make no mistake. this election will be about the border and little else. Trump must declassify to destroy the DNC as a whole if he is to avoid the potential Mexican Standoff in going against Roman Catholics and their love of Mexican drug traffic disguised as ecumenical humanism.


  16. Glen2 says:

    I think Oprah could be a possibility. She ticks the Dem boxes of being black, female and well known with a cult like following – plus she has a record supporting LGBT rights. She has been a bit more vocal lately without getting too far out there. And she has never said she wouldn’t run for president when asked directly (didn’t she invoke the would take her lead from God response?)


  17. betseyross says:

    I suppose one of them has to win, but as my Dad used to say, “None of them are worth a warm bucket of spit.”

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    • Dutchman says:

      An insult to warm buckets of spit everywhere, and I agree with your Dad.

      Mine would say “Not a ONE of them, could poor piss out of a boot, with the instructions written on the HEEL!”

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  18. GSparrow says:

    Butthead’s unfounded and mocking criticisms of the admirable VP Pence and his Christian views are infuriating but they will play reasonably well in the secular, atheist, pro abortion crowd as well as some Dem Christians that support abortion and other Dem values.

    I suspect some of his contenders will soon alter his smug, oleaginous countenance into a frown with a few hard smacks and as sundance stated Warren might be the first.

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  19. Robert Smith says:

    A complete media creation.


  20. Robert Smith says:

    A complete media creation.

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  21. Skip says:

    Bring Hillary back. That would be fun


  22. Troublemaker10 says:

    I don’t know who the establishment has picked for their chosen one…..

    But Biden surely thinks it is him. He said he wants to be the last one to enter the race.

    Obama wanted Kamala, but would settle for a Biden/Kamala ticket.

    Buttigieg sounds like he is either trying to get the attention of the establishment or trying out for the VP slot (knows he is not the chosen one). Why else would he be attacking Pence non stop?

    If anyone takes Buttigieg out with oppo or slander….it will be Kamala (not Pocohantas). She’s ruthless. Kamala’s treatment if Kavanaugh will come back to haunt her though.

    Dem establishment has hesitation on Biden, and don’t want Bernie. Have they even settled on a chosen one yet?


  23. patti says:

    I got an email when this guys name first came up…(can’t remember who from)…they said he is pure SWAMP.


  24. DueNorth says:

    I’ve not posted before. Not an American but a reader. I thought I would add my 2cents.

    I think the “chosen one” for the dems will be George Clooney.

    I thought this for sometime (star power, name recognition, friendly with and would have the backing of all the oboma people/hollywood/silicon valley, right politics and a billionaire).

    When this article, an opinion piece by George Clooney came out , I thought it made sense him testing the waters to alleviate concerns about sharia law by looking to enforce his stance on LGBTQ.

    In this scenario the wife of 44 might indeed become vp

    If he becomes the chosen one then the dems will run on immigration and they will avoid making a deal on illegal immigration to make that the issue, in my opinion.

    I could be complete wrong.

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  25. NJF says:

    This guy is a vile POS. his remarks against PITUS & Pence are bigoted & hateful.


    • Tl Howard says:

      Yeah, he’s gone around telling all the tv anchors that “unlike his Democrat opponents” he will concentrate on policy, not on character attacks. He couldn’t even make it past two weeks in an exploratory mode w/out attacking Pence, who, I feel, has handled the attacks with great class.

      Still, PB will keep that attack up. Gays just absolutely hate evangelical Christians and they donate big time to politics.

      I think this guy is a sleeper and yes, Trump’s campaign has to do some really good opp research on him, NOW. Concentrate on what he really has or has not accomplished in that little bitty “big city” of South Bend, Ind.

      One danger I see ahead for POTUS, even IF the economy remains humming nicely is that people tire of constant fighting between the parties, esp. fighting with this level of venom.

      While you and I understand that the “resistance” has been in force since his inauguration, and while most of the nation understands that as well, I think we might be surprised by how some folks, even while blaming the Dems for obstructionism and foul play, will say to themselves, “They’ll just keep it up if Trump if re-elected; they really WILL keep it up and we just_ can’t_ have_ it for 4 more years.”

      In my estimation, as unfortunate and as as illogical as it seems, weak folks like this are likely to vote for the Dem JUST TO have peace, just to shut off the constant wailing and fighting. I am sure you know people like this just as I do. They are people who have a nature that is really upset by confrontation. Now, since Republicans do not have the belligerent and chaotic history of screaming and resisting and obstructing and marching and boycotting and generally behaving like little kids when they don’t get their way, this group of voters feel that even IF Trump has produced good results, they are tired of the fighting…and they’ll go with the opposition in hopes the country will have some peace and quiet for 4 years.

      What to do about such folks? Work our tails off to bring out the voters who sat in out in 2016 to offset them. While Trump won, it was by the skin of his teeth against a horrible candidate who took several states for granted. It won’t be that way this time.


  26. GB Bari says:

    Just checking in here.
    Read the article. Sundance is sticking to his strategy forecast; that’s good. It underscores the “predictability” aspect of the Dimms that SD has repeatedly confirmed for us.

    Read the comments. Have concluded to keep my ammo dry on this one.
    This gentleman’s name and life style choice is unfortunate. There is little one can say that doesn’t eventually lead downhill.
    I’ll leave it at that.

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  27. Anon says:

    I was living in South Bend when he first ran for mayor. He seemed really generic and decent. I don’t ever remember him saying anything I found controversial. Perhaps that was the local news filter bubble. It’s possible he was some secret hyper radical – growing up with apparently a Marxist father.

    I wonder if he repeats the most ridiculous liberal ideas because he really believes them, or because he thinks he needs to be an extremist to get noticed and win the primary. But every so often, he throws in a line or two that make him sound like a reasonable moderate. Surely he knows that being homosexual is the primary reason he’s in third place – thus provoking an ignorant fight with the great Mike Pence checks a lot of boxes for him. It’s sad and pathetic.

    These days, his media appearances make him sound stupid. Calling for a change in the Electoral College would guarantee Presidential candidates will never visit Indiana ever again. That was the first issue he mentioned on CBS.


    • Austin Holdout says:

      My only disagreement with you Anon is that I don’t thing PB ever says a line that sounds reasonable. He has a knack for saying the most outrageous things in an even, reasonable sounding tone. I think he has risen in the polls for this reason only-he says radical things without shrieking like Bernie or Kamala. Just like the snake charmer named Obama.


    • Austin Holdout says:

      My only disagreement with you Anon is that I don’t thing PB ever says a line that sounds reasonable. He has a knack for saying the most outrageous things in an even, reasonable sounding tone. I think he has risen in the polls for this reason only-he says radical things without shrieking like Bernie or Kamala. Just like the snake charmer named Obama.


  28. MaineCoon says:

    So the progressive Dem party’s current popularity contest lead winners are two old fart white privileged men. How do they explain that??


  29. L. E. Joiner says:

    It’ll be Biden. The loyal Dems are saying “No big deal” about his fondling little (and bigger) girls. He’s also the only possible anti-Trump contender in Middle America. Remember, you heard it here first. /LEJ


  30. Gman says:

    Rahm Emanuel, tacking to the center, law and order, needs a job.


  31. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    I knew that Pete Buttgiggity looked familiar…

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  32. Tl Howard says:

    I think a key for Trump and the Gop in general is health care. It’s a touchy subject still. Republicans have only had a bad record on it in most people’s eyes.

    The gop plan has to be innovative, the people presenting it have to be attractive, believable, energetic, and the POTUS has to have a GRASP of it….and he MUST show empathy to those who need to feel that someone cares about their health needs.

    The plan and those speaking about it must be specific about HEALTH CARE, not just INSURANCE. They can’t look as if they are pandering. In fact, I’d like POTUS to start at least by the end of this year, (the fall, perhaps), having panels, really substantive talks about how to get quality health care to people of all incomes AND in geographic areas where doctors no longer are.

    I have always believed that politicians underestimate the average American’s ability to understand difficult problems. Trump needs to get medical people OUT there with him BEFORE the campaign season revs up or else it will simply be seen as a campaign tool rather than a serious effort to get this right this time.


  33. judgeroybean says:

    No. We already tried turning the White House over to two gay guys. It was a disaster. Do the democrats really think it’ll work out this time just because these two gay guys are white?


  34. carterzest says:



  35. cnd90 says:

    Such a diverse group of candidates. So many old (and younger) white men.
    How bizarrely un-Democrat like.


  36. john edward lorenz says:

    Just remember no matter how lame and pathetic the demsheviks look, Marxists don’t quit


  37. mickjt says:

    It’s official, we now have Butthead running, now where is Bevis…all recognizing themselves as Bevis please stand up!


    • LBB says:

      The gushing from media and elite is still continuing. It’s overboard.

      Pete decided to use this first name for his campaign signs. Not surprising right?
      But I think we should help him and add an exclamation point after it for the subliminal message.


  38. Iamcat says:

    All of these people are disgusting social misfits
    with a chip On their shoulder . None can be held accountable except Biden , Bernie and Beto. Being they are straight white males, both of which are gross. God help us .


  39. Iamcat says:

    All of these people are disgusting social misfits
    with a chip On their shoulder . None can be held accountable except Biden , Bernie and Beto. Being they are straight white males, both of which are gross. God help us .


  40. Iamcat says:

    All of these people are disgusting social misfits
    with a chip On their shoulder . None can be held accountable except Biden , Bernie and Beto. Being they are straight white males, both of which are gross. God help us .


  41. Disgusted says:

    Newhere: If this year was really ten years in the past and you had written this post back then, nobody would be able to get your point, but today we do, unfortunately.


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