Smart Fella – Rep. Doug Collins Demands Impeachment Hearings, or Call Mueller to Testify…

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins writes a letter to Chairman Jerry Nadler smartly using transparency to call his bluff.  First the letter:

(Link to Letter)


Indeed, the way to diffuse the politicization and weaponization of innuendo within the Mueller report is to specifically get Robert Mueller in front of the committee and ask him questions directly.

This is exactly the correct approach to preempt a summer of nonsense.

If Mueller is in front of the committee first, all of the downstream manipulations by those who are part of the Mueller assignment become worthless.  It is good to see Representative Doug Collins smartly deconstruct the plans and schemes of Pelosi, Schiff, Cummings and Nadler… by giving them what they say they want, but actually don’t.

Another Captain Obvious approach being generally overlooked, is the conspicuous absence of the soft-coup team in media.

Where is Lisa Page? …Peter Strzok? ….James Baker?  ….Nellie Ohr? …Etc.

Why don’t the media have them appearing for interviews to highlight just how horrible President Trump’s grand scheme was?

Why are panel discussions from high-brow Washington DC think tanks not petitioning Page, Strzok, Baker, Ohr, or any other member of the network to appear and discuss the ramifications of having to investigate Trump’s Russia conspiracy/collusion matters?

The Russian election interference efforts were horrible right?  How come we are not hearing from the front-line soldiers who were dispatched to defend our interests?

Why are the satellite trucks missing from in front of the witnesses houses?  These are key people who would be able to outline how terrible Trump plotted to usurp the election.  Why doesn’t the media have a desire to track them down for comment on the Mueller report as a precursor to the report release?

There was a grand Trump-Russia conspiracy right? ….right? …So where’s the media interest in advancing that narrative through the use of those who would have been closest to the work?

The Mueller investigation begun in May 2017 and was an extension of the DOJ and FBI team’s work that begun in July 2016 right?  …So why are we not hearing from the people who were directly on the front-lines of that investigation?  They are no longer in government; they are free to talk…

So where’s the lengthy investigative reporting on 60 Minutes with those people who are no longer inside government and completely free to tell their story of how hard they worked to protect the country from a possible Trump-Russia conspiracy?

Think about it….

Why the conspicuous absence of media?

For some funny reason they don’t seem to be interested in the story behind the DOJ and FBI’s effort to save our nation from Donald Trump…. why is that?

Why doesn’t the media embrace the available sunlight?

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234 Responses to Smart Fella – Rep. Doug Collins Demands Impeachment Hearings, or Call Mueller to Testify…

  1. Daylight58 says:

    “Where is Lisa Page? …Peter Strzok? ….James Baker? ….Nellie Ohr? …Etc”

    Didn’t you read about the delivery of fish wrapped in a suit jackets/dresses to the DOJ – a la Luca Brasi?

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    • Ken moss says:

      Without a SC it’s all theatre no punishment for th coup plotters!


    • Richard Orberson says:

      There are so many things to cover no one can cover them all. You have to prioritize with the things you can change immediately or first. I believe we should investigate Pelosi, Schiff, Cummings and Nadler etc. 1st. Because most of the people believe they are guilty of many things. I believe them all to be very under handy which are the common traits of a thief. I don’t care about trump’s tax return. He is a billionaire and doesn’t take a dime as president Nancy Pelosi on the other hand had a net worth of $26,000,000 up to $100,000.000 on a government salary. I want to see her tax return


      • Alfred Barnes says:

        It’s not illegal for members of Congress to profit from insider trading. Only the POTUS has to have a blind trust.


  2. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Meanwhile fellow US Representative Eric Swillwell (D-Ca) will take Seat Number 13 in the democrat 2020 presidential clown bus; to be announced officially tonight on the CBS late night talk show with Stephen Callburt

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  3. swimeasy says:

    Perhaps the mouse is about to catch the cat in a perjury trap? How ironic that would be!

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  4. nccosmiccurmudgeon says:

    Could someone please clarify what 6(e) actually covers?
    I ask for the following reason.
    If portions of the Report cannot be placed in the “open” due to various regulation; would not same regulations prevent Comrade Mueller from discussing them in the “open”?

    And for the sake of discussion; let us say that Comrade Mueller was testifying in an actual court of law. Would not the “unsubstantiated” portions in the report be objected to on the grounds of “Hearsay Evidence”?

    If my understanding is correct, that would leave the choice at call Mueller for a “Closed Door Session” (no grandstanding/photo-op/soundbyte opportunity for Mensheviks) or start the Impeachment Proceedings post haste. Yes?

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    • Maquis says:

      Congress has no right to receive Grand Jury info outside of the impeachment exemption, open or closed session.

      Besides, no one Shitts closed door testimony faster than Schiff, and weaponization of the farce is the entire point of the exercise, so the distinction seems rather moot.


    • Ray Runge says:

      What would make this a July 4th party would be a clean release of the EC and a full release of Roseysteens clarification predicate issued in August. The documents to be released before Mueller testifies.

      AND some how a clean release of the FISA application that relied on the Dossier and did not bring any curiosity to Mr. Mueller about the origin of the Dossier. A lovely afternoon discussion.


    • California Joe says:

      6e covers any documents or records obtained by a grand jury subpoena such as bank statements, phone records or business records as well as testimony before the grand jury. If 2,000 grand jury subpoenas were issued for records it means just about everything Mueller has!

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  5. drdeb says:

    I am SO proud of my Congressman!

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  6. AmericaFirst says:

    Suppose Mueller is called to testify.

    Both Huber and Horowitz are still each investigating or examining some aspect of the 2016 campaigns and the behavior of the DOJ/FIB. Would either or both of these two continuing investigations provide an excuse for Mueller not to answer?

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    • Maquis says:

      I doubt it. The IG is a bit on the weak sause side of the power play equation. Remember, Mueller essentially closed Horowitz down by controlling all evidence, and Huber is only rumored to even exist.


    • Mueller can’t testify because he is a witness in an ongoing related investigation. Turnabout is fair play.


    • BitterC says:

      There’s only ONE question he needs to answer.

      When did you know there was no collusion, why didn’t you make that public & WTF did your people do for 600+ days?

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  7. Coast says:

    They know the truth, and they don’t like the truth. But they do enjoy lobbing endless smears, baseless accusations, and false innuendo. And it is effective with people unwilling to hear or believe anything positive about our President. Tickle my ear..they say.

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  8. JonMaxwell says:

    If i was Doug Collins I would completely call their bluff, I would start impeachment proceedings and force them to either put up or shut up, the same bluff with the green new deal, every time they tried some stunt I would be right there first and make them play their cards

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  9. litlbit2 says:

    Great points Sundance, question the press with your questions. At every opportunity someone needs to shout out the questions 24/7. Ask them at press conferences, President Trump should ask, All Administration personnel when giving press access. Just ask the questions over and over. Who said only the press can ask questions? If that were true why is Fake News asking?

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  10. Brant says:

    A thought. Doug Collins has set his precedent of releasing closed door testimony of a number of witnesses on the floor of the house as protection for himself. Mueller testimony would probably be behind closed doors….and guess what Collins would do??? Heee heeee heeeee. Nadler and dims are scared of that possibility. They and media want to be able to drop out of context nuggets without someone dropping the entire blasted thing.

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  11. neev70 says:

    This is still only theatrics – posturing for the media. Focus has to be on declassification – where it all started. Nothing else will restore faith for an American like me. Fear of exposure is why the most vocal proponents of this travesty are quiet. Not very different from the silence just before a predator strikes – every potential prey freezes, hoping its the next guy that becomes dinner. I hope our president is famished & that he picks off one at a time! I am certainly hungry to see the truth.

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    • CanYouHearMeNow? says:

      I couldn’t agree more neev…and I feel like this movie is playing in slow-mo! Oh, and thx to sundance for pointing out what is only painfully obvious. Hard not to see the cat toying with the mice at this point.


  12. Fools Gold says:

    Doug Collins is such an improvement over rooster!

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  13. gary says:

    doug collins is great. could be presidential material.

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  14. Rooster talk.
    Collins walk

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  15. William Schneider says:

    Sundance , I love your beautiful mind!!! I can enjoy your dry humor even in the throws of recovering from kidney stone surgery to remove kidney stones!! Believe this does not get any better as lenten penance. Your post is good therapy!! Bless you and praise God for the cross he bore for our sins.
    Talk about pain-he is the King of Pain also!!! And now King of the Universe!!!


  16. Perot Conservative says:

    I say, release the 100 odd names of FBI agents who were bribed by media outlets, and name the media, too. (Horowitz)

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  17. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Instead of saying, “as you know”, as to expose the Nadler as the fraudster that he is, rather, accept Nadler’s letter at face value that he doesn’t know, didn’t write it himself, and state that he should instruct the summer interns who wrote it that they are confused intellectual lightweights.


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