President Trump Announces 750 Additional Agents Deployed to Ports of Entry…

So, Democrats and The Big Club want to play Lawfare with the border crisis?  Well, this is not an ordinary President.  In a move that is straight out of the Alinsky ‘make them play by their own rules‘ playbook, President Trump enforces the rules.

Amid a crisis of growing consequence, President Trump announces deployment of additional 750 Border Agents to U.S-Mexico specific ports of entry:

What President Trump is doing here is a process colloquially called extreme compliance. It is a strategy usually deployed by left-wing activists.  There was an example a few years ago of a group of drivers driving the speed limit, not an single MPH faster, on a six lane highway.  Every car went the speed limit and only the speed limit; not a single car broke the law, but traffic backed up for miles.

Enforcing rules/laws, and not breaking them, creates consequences.  In the example of opening up all points of entry to CBP checkpoints, well, that leads to consequences.  In a rather prescient CTH comment, the possibility of this approach was predicted:

Extreme Compliance – If the President wants to … he might have another card up his sleeve. There are interior checkpoints operated by the border patrol on the I5 and I15 (northbound) freeways. These are the only routes out of the San Diego area to Orange and Riverside counties and all points past them.

Moreover, when they are operating traffic backs up for miles. Imagine if they were operating continuously and more deliberately then normal (due to the increased border crossings). Traffic would come to a complete halt from San Diego to Orange and Riverside counties.

Republicans refuse to accept that normal political back and forth no longer applies. The political environment is a knife fight and we all know what the rules are for that.

Funny how that happens….

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265 Responses to President Trump Announces 750 Additional Agents Deployed to Ports of Entry…

  1. Zippy says:

    From the guy Ann Coulter has been wanting forever as head of DHS, as Immigration Czar, or whatever:

    Exclusive–Kris Kobach to Trump: You Do Not Need Congress to Immediately Solve Immigration Crisis

    Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach says that despite claims by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, President Trump does not need Congress to stem the tide of booming levels of illegal immigration at the United States-Mexico border.

    “There’s basically three steps. The first one is finalize a regulation that DHS proposed back in September. They could have finalized the regulation, made it go into effect in December, four months ago, but they’ve been dragging their feet … what the regulation would do is basically supersede the Flores Settlement. The Flores Settlement is that 20-year-old settlement that limits the amount of time that a minor can be detained and effectively limits the amount of time that a family can be detained together. Once this regulation is published, we can detain the whole family, keep them together, and that reduces the incentive to bring these minors north and using them as ‘Get out of jail free’ cards.

    The second [step] is because of the lack of traditional detention space, the Border Patrol is saying ‘Well we have to let these people go.’ Now I have some … disagreements with the terms on which they’re letting them go. Let’s back up, we can create detention space. The federal government right now owns thousands, multiple thousands, of trailers and mobile homes that we use for hurricane disasters and they’re selling them at bargain prices right now … we should be using those to create basically processing centers where people … you put a fence around a park or a parking lot, you park a hundred of those trailers there and you can have people have their immigration hearings, have their asylum and credible fear hearing, have everything right there. Deploy dozens of immigration judges down to these centers. Don’t let them go, have a fleet of commercial planes ready to fly them back to their home countries.

    The third thing we could do is we absolutely have to put pressure on Mexico. But I don’t think threatening to close the border is necessarily the best way to do it because Mexico knows that hurts us as well. What we should be doing is threatening to pass a Treasury [Department] regulation prohibiting illegal aliens from sending home remittances through Western Union and the like. Then tell Mexico, we’ll finalize that regulation and we’ll cut off $20 billion a year in capital … unless you give us a safe third country agreement like we have with Canada. And what a safe third country agreement is, basically whenever an asylum seeker steps foot in one country or another, he doesn’t have the ability to pass through that country and then claim asylum in the second country. With Mexico and the United States, people coming from Central America would have to claim asylum where they step first, that’s Mexico, and not go all the way through Mexico to claim asylum in the United States. Demand that Mexico sign that agreement, it’s very simple, it’s working great with Canada … and get them to throw in some [border] wall money as well.”

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    • Tom Schmidt Sr says:

      There are numerous Boeing planes not being used currently. They could be used to transport these illegals back to their home countries and test the new software at the same time.

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      • Black Irish Rose says:

        I have a brother who is a pilot with a major airline. I would NEVER want him flying a plane load of deportees back to their countries. Too dangerous. No, they have to go back the same way they came: on foot, in a caravan, herded like cattle to the border. It won’t be a pretty picture, and the press will have a field day, but that is the only way: military and law enforcement escorts to the border. Don’t police forces have military equipment (APCs, etc)?


      • Joe Hill says:

        The heck with sending them back to their home countries at taxpayer expense. Just herd them back into Mexico and tell the Mexicans you let them get this far they are your problem. Also slap a tax on those remittances to fund the wall.


      • CaptainNonno says:

        Use those 737-Max8’s sitting around


      • Roselyn Fredericks says:

        What a great idea!! Made my day??


    • cindylou62 says:

      POTUS isn’t looking for a temporary work around, he’s looking for a permanent fix from congress critters.

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    • BitterC says:

      I have been wondering if there wasn’t some way to challenge the Flores Settlement. After all, it’s just one judge’s opinion but don’t really know how that works


    • spoogels says:

      Yeah and Kirstjen Nielsen kept on saying “CONGRESS HAS TO SOLVE IT”
      Glad she’s been fired


  2. evergreen says:

    It just dawned on me. There obviously is a reason, but it us unknown to me.

    If our laws are such that illegals engaged by U.S. law enforcement must be judicially processed before return to origin, why is it that the flood is occurring away from points of entry? Why wouldn’t any illegal simply go to the border check point and get the same result?

    Is it because the check point is Mexican territory and the illegals have not touched US soil? Can’t be that, because if such were the case, those checkpoints would be operating as US sovereignties, just as embassies–official points of US presence; i.e., a part of the US. If so, they’ve reached US soil. What is the reason?


    • Zippy says:

      “Why wouldn’t any illegal simply go to the border check point and get the same result?”

      The ones with children (not necessarily their own) ARE.


  3. bluecat57 says:

    Finger in the dyke.


  4. Pokey says:

    At this time, the finger in the dyke theory seems to me to be the best response.


  5. Trump Train says:

    A10’s and napalm = problem solved


  6. Joe Arpaio, you’re up to bat.


    • wanthetruth says:

      Wonderful suggestion! Joe can work w/Kris. Joe has experience running little “cities”. Give all those “asylum-ites” nice new pink clothes – from their underwear to headbands. Take their nasty worn old ones.
      Give them food that was already instituted as healthy and nutritious. No bennies or other gov support needed.
      I’m not on Twitter, but people who are that tweet this to WH, PDJT, Kris, Joe, and whoever else is on Twitter, may just help w/a solution to help stem the catch & release problems.


  7. modsquad says:

    “There was an example a few years ago of a group of drivers driving the speed limit, not an single MPH faster, on a six lane highway. Every car went the speed limit and only the speed limit; not a single car broke the law, but traffic backed up for miles.”


    That was in Toronto, almost 20 years ago. A group was protesting the artificially low speed limits on the 401 highway. After years of being ignored, they got together on morning at rush hour, lined up across the six west bound lanes in the city and drove at exactly the speed limit of 100 km/h. Every few miles they pulled aside for a short spell to allow the backlog of vehicles to pass. It made no difference, traffic was backed up 10s of miles behind them. They were all charged by the Toronto Police with careless driving.


  8. More of the national soap opera: meanwhile, down at the border the exodus continues…our leaders have forsaken us.


  9. Grumpy Oldman says:

    are these border patrol agents armed to the teeth with Shoot-to-Kill orders or are they just there to babysit?


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