Nellie Ohr Transcript Released (full pdf below)…

Nellie Ohr is the wife of DOJ official Bruce Ohr. Mrs. Ohr was hired by Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS) to conduct opposition research of Donald Trump in late 2015.  Nellie Ohr’s work was used by Christopher Steele in assembling a Dossier then shared with the DOJ and FBI to target President Trump.  Today, the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, Doug Collins, released the transcript of her testimony (full pdf below):

[…] Beginning in September 2015, Ohr began working for Fusion GPS. Ohr told investigators that she “read an article in the paper that mentioned Glenn Simpson. And I remembered because he had been a Wall Street Journal reporter working on things like Russian crime and corruption, so I recognized the name. I was underemployed at that time and I was looking for opportunities.

When later questioned as to her previous knowledge of Simpson, Ohr stated, “I had been at a conference that he was at. I don’t recall directly talking with him at that conference, and I don’t know whether he knew who, you know, who I was other than the fact that I attended that conference.”

Ohr acknowledged to congressional investigators that Simpson was acquainted with her husband, Bruce Ohr. (read more)

The implication here is that Nellie Ohr approached Fusion-GPS owner Glenn Simpson for a job; essentially to work on political opposition research files Fusion-GPS was assembling in 2015.  This is distinctly different from Glenn Simpson seeking out Nellie Ohr, and opens the entire background to larger ramifications.

Our research has always indicated that Nellie’s work product was transmitted to Christopher Steele as part of an intelligence laundry process.   Chris Steele laundered Nellie’s information, provided second verification where possible, formatted into an official intelligence file, and returned that file -now named the Steele Dossier- to the FBI.

However, if it becomes verified that it was CIA contracted (former or current) Nellie Ohr who approached Simpson, then it becomes possible, perhaps likely, the intelligence information (seeds carried by Nellie), originated from the CIA.

Nellie Ohr petitioning Glenn Simpson for a job would be an explosive change in the dynamic.  However, it could further explain some other unusual side-issues including why Nellie suddenly started using a HAM radio.

First, this revelation would imply that an inside government effort from the CIA was likely the origination of material that Nellie would “discover” while working for Fusion.  Under this possibility the laundry process would have two washes.

The first wash was from some unknown CIA intelligence sources to Nellie Ohr…. The second wash was from Nellie Ohr to Christopher Steele (the second wash we always knew).

Second, whether Glenn Simpson knew of Nellie’s intent, or was likely willfully blind, is another question.  I tend to think it didn’t really matter.  Simpson hired Nellie to get valuable oppo-research he could turn into a commodity.

Simpson wouldn’t necessarily care how Nellie found the information, and he knew her background in the intelligence research community. The commodity was always the Trump-research file; which was then sold to the Clinton campaign after the contract with the DNC was made through Perkins Coie.

“I read an article in the paper that mentioned Glenn Simpson. And I remembered because he had been a Wall Street Journal reporter working on things like Russian crime and corruption, so I recognized the name. I was underemployed at that time and I was looking for opportunities.

~ Nellie Ohr via congressional testimony

If Nellie Ohr sought out Glenn Simpson for the job in 2015, not vice-versa, then it would appear a sting operation from within the CIA (John Brennan) was underway and long planned.

This set-up and design would align with what we already know about the CIA using foreign intelligence assets (Five Eyes etc.) overseas to run against loosely connected Trump campaign people to dirty them up and give the impression needed to initiate the FBI counterintelligence operation known as “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” in July 2016.

If it is factually accurate that Nellie Ohr approached Glenn Simpson, and was part of a process of using that cover to plant corrupt CIA dossier seeds for use by Christopher Steele, then it makes sense Nellie Ohr’s communications with government officials, and the usurping intelligence community, would be a risk; a very serious risk.

Necessitating some very unusual communication safeguards.

Safeguards which could include:

(Nellie Ohr Ham Radio License Link)

Notice the Ham radio license corresponds to the timeline when the Clinton campaign officially hired Fusion-GPS as for the Trump “Dossier” research.

[Notice also this is immediately after the time when NSA Director Mike Rogers discovered FISA abuse, and shut down contractor access to the NSA database.]

Fucking John Brennan.

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233 Responses to Nellie Ohr Transcript Released (full pdf below)…

  1. Publius2016 says:

    There is zero proof that Zero Hours are a real married couple! THEY ARE SPOOKS!! We know nothing about them; all cover story…They share eMail, use HAM RADIOS, and apparently speak multiple languages…A Real Investigation would review their actual work and family histories…there is NOTHING AVAILABLE…ghosts…

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    • WSB says:

      There is a lot of history here. I am away from my files at the moment.

      Nellie Hawke Ohr. Her parents are easily found. Kathleen Armstrong. Nellie’s father was a botanist…Hawke is the last name, I remember. They were both in Kenya the year Obama was….. keep digging.

      Bruce is Korean. Keep digging.


      • delmarvajim says:

        Bruce Ohr’s father worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. From what I once read he worked on a fusion energy project. I read this about 2 years ago but it seems like this information has magically disappeared from Wikipedia. I always wondered how the name “Fusion GPS” came to be. Maybe Bruce Ohr and Glenn Simpson were tied together from the very beginning where a spook and a newspaper writer could coordinate digging up dirt on people and publishing it. Just throwing out random thoughts here.

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    • DrNo76 says:

      SD’s take on Ohr’s testimony is, I think, spot on. She was Brennan’s Cat’s Paw. It also suggests something else. When Roger’s shut down access to the NSA database, we must assume that he did not merely stop at reporting the bare facts of the improper use of the 702 query data base, but learned of the basis for it, who the contractors were and what they were up to. I think it’s likely that Rogers discloses all of that to Trump when he met with him before Trump moved his transition to Bedminster. I think there much more to Rogers’ knowledge and actions in the wake of his discovery of the NSA database abuse.

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  2. JG3 says:

    If HRC had secret server, wonder what her boss used? Don’t think I’ve seen anyone questioning his. If he emailed her on that server, what’s the chance he told her to set it up?

    Remembering all the times he played golf? And, the times he and Biden walked to lunch.

    And, think about the remodeled WH dining room. If HRC had won, would it have become a secret command center?

    Still think it’s urgent POTUS replace the men 0 put in charge of our missile silos.

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  3. deplorableelhavlco says:

    Yes, great story..rugged individualist Whoa Nellie sees the newspaper ad, has some spare time, takes the class, gets her license, in 2014 or 2015, all “well before her employment at Fusion GPS” (which started in late 2015). Transcript, pp. 88-89.

    Houston, we have a problem…per the FCC document, Nellie’s ham radio license was issued on May 23, 2016 (well into her employment at Fusion GPS).

    Got Lying to Congress? Mover over, Michael Cohen, here comes Nellie!

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  4. Jenevive says:

    It has been said the Christopher Steele HATED POTUS?
    Why? Did he even know him?

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    • Piggy says:

      They never say. Just like they never mention Steele was born in Yemen.

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    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      I want to know who the “contractors” were that the Washington Intelligence Mob granted access to unmasking American citizens.
      Certain people are on the Chinese and Russian payroll. And they are right before our very eyes pretending to hate Russia, as they divide this country.

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    • WSB says:


      This is the question.

      No one HATES President Trump. Anyone who feins that has a criminal past and is apoplectic about his or her crimes being exposed by this unexpected opposition force.

      And the crimes will come out.


  5. Publius2016 says:

    comment from rdeddit: “All the dates are filling in. Hillary officially got the Dem nomination on July 28th. The so called pinging Trump server linking to Alfa bank was on July 28th. Steele and the Ohrs meet for breakfast to discuss Carter Page July 30th. Fbi Counterintelligence Operation Crossfire Hurricane into Trump-Russia started July 31st. Then of course Nellie was asked to research Flynn and Manafort, two targets to help bring down Trump.”

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  6. 335blues says:

    The marxist democrat party have committed numerous acts of treason by individuals
    that include those at the highest levels of the obama administration.
    Audacious and unusual, some Americans have not yet recognized these actions for
    what they are. Treason is not supposed to happen in America, and it is rare.
    But here it is right in front of us.
    Informed Americans have been complaining for a long, long time that a two-tiered
    justice system has become ‘standard operating procedure’ in elitist and government circles.
    The biggest questions for America right now are, will those who have attempted a coup d’etat,
    and tried to bring down a legally elected President, elected by the people according
    to our Constitution, will they ALL be held accountable for their crimes?
    And, will Hillary Clinton, who appears to have violated the Espionage Act through use of an illegal
    and unsecured server, and sold 20% of America’s uranium to russia, be tried
    in a court of law according to the system of justice that is applied to the rest of us?
    And what of the curious and strange trail of deaths numbering close to 50
    following the Clintons that began decades ago, but continued recently with the
    unexplained death of Seth Rich? Will this ever generate a real investigation?
    The American people are watching.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      the coup has EXPOSED UNIPARTY DEEP STATE THINK TANK BLACK OPS…The Betrayer actually ferreted this garbage to attempt an Electoral College block of 45…FBI and CIA nexus of Ohrs has been EXPOSED…they use marital confidentiality to circumvent the rule…Three FBI Directors have been EXPOSED AS GLOBALISTS… MCCABE, COMEY, MUELLER (errand boy for Uranium 1)…Sessions was most likely Senate Mole and his song and dance on RECUSAL was definitely bad SNL acting!

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  7. TwoLaine says:


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  8. Folks, You’ve heard the old saying…”The Cream is Rising to the Top.”
    ~Well, In this case it would be…..”The TURDS are Rising to the Top of the Cesspool.”~
    *Ain’t that right Jimmy (the WEASEL) Comey, Andy (Terry McAuliffe BOOT-LICKER) McCabe, Loretta (Willie, Please appoint me as a SCOTUS Nominee when Hildabeast Wins) Lynch & Sally ( I have a HUGE Crush on ‘Pitty-Bull’ Andy Weissman) Yates.*

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  9. HickTick says:

    I want to be on the front row when Nellie has to reveal she was still being paid by CIA and by Fusion and her husband and Brennan sent her to Fusion to work on the Dossier ., No way to get around what they did . I cant believe they still have jobs

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  10. Chewbarkah says:

    Speculative flow:
    1. White House orders Brennan and Clapper to do whatever is necessary to ensure Clinton’s election.
    2. Brennan designs dirty tricks operations to “collect” sigint intercepts (that he planted) and/or to compromise individuals, and to create legal justification for further investigation.
    3. Knowing how to push the FBI’s buttons, Brennan sends the FBI the “electronic document” he has ginned up, triggering an FBI counter-terrorism investigation to spy on the Trump campaign, with the goal of derailing Trump by making it public.
    4. Clapper coordinates with the FBI players he already knows and works with. (McCabe, Strzok. Lisa Page’s texts mention direct communications from Clapper to Strzok.). Everything is designed to be plausible as a real investigation. Brennan runs Strzok and provides CIA assets in Britain as necessary for entrapment of Trump campaign associates.
    5. Brennan uses CIA assets Glen Simpson as a front for compiling anti-Trump information. Simpson is already known via his journalism for his animus against Manafort. Once Manafort was associated with the Trump campaign, it was an irresistible combo.
    6. Brennan directs CIA asset Nellie Ohr to work with Simpson (or perhaps Ohr enlists Simpson at B’s instruction — it all goes back to Brannan).
    7. Brennan instructs Clinton to contract with Fusion GPS so the whole thing is funded. Hillary’s coven of attorneys conceal her involvement, use atty-client priviledge, and hide the scheme as a campaign expense, by working through Perkins Coie.

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    • nccosmiccurmudgeon says:

      I agree with this flow diagram. I think there should be 1 more link in the diagram though.
      That link would be to the “entity” that gave the White House it’s orders.
      Keep in mind that at this point in the recent past, Brexit had just been voted for by some “fluke”. And all the associated wailing and gnashing of teeth that was going on in Brussels at this result.
      So who in the Davos crowd would have enough influence and/or “kompromat” to ensure the Privy Council and the White House would go along “most enthusiastically” with a plan to erase both Brexit and President Trump?

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      • Chewbarkah says:

        Interesting concept. I see sufficient motive in Obama wanting to protect his legacy (and owing Clinton through her possession of compromising info on him?). I could see him working through his NS Council operatives, so they could be blamed if need be. Possibly same ones that ordered the unmaskings.


  11. Jim in TN says:

    There are lots of different important time periods that have critical elements that moved the coup forward
    Mar/May 2017 – recuse Sessions, approve Rosenstein, appoint Mueller.
    Nov 2016/Jan 2017 – McCain mainstreams Dossier, Obama loosens PDB, Comey, Brennan & Clapper leak Dossier. Brennan creates phony substantiation with 17 intelligence agency.
    Oct 2016 – NSA FISA review completed, NSD falls on sword, Page FISA approved.
    Jun/Jul 2016 Both Steele and Crossfire Hurricane start up, collaborate in framing Trump, and leak to smear him.
    Mar/Apr 2016 NSA finds and shuts down FISA abuse. Manafort hired. FusionGPS says use Manafort to take down Trump. HRC and DNC (and Obama OFA?) hire Perkins-Coie to frame Trump.

    But there are occasional hints that this all started in 2015.
    Solomon says Dec 2015 – Feb 2016 is when they first decided to go after Manafort.
    Mrs. Ohr searches out FusionGPS in Sept 2016.
    The FISA abuse was happening throughout 2015.
    And there have been multiple stories saying the human assets spying on Trump and campaign were started much earlier than the Page and Papadopoulos frame ups, maybe even as early as Dec 2015.

    I have issues with this.
    How would they know Manafort would be key to destroying any Republican months before Trump hired him?
    Why would they start going after Trump when everybody ‘knew’ he wouldn’t win?

    But then it struck me.
    Obama had a major grudge against Trump. Trump made Obama cough up a birth certificate.
    And the establishment would want to make an example of Trump regardless of his winning or losing.

    What if we got it wrong. This may be more than Hillary trying to win and taking revenge when she lost. This may have started as an Obama hatchet job. Temporarily interrupted by Admiral Roger’s. Resurrected as a bunch of sycophants trying to assure their place in Hillary’s staff by destroying her opponent. Having failed, morphing into a way to destroy the President.

    Will we ever get a full revelation of all these shenanigans?

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    • Mark Smith says:

      Dan Bongino thinks that much of the Steele Dossier was written by Glenn Simpson himself, and Manafort is discussed in the Glenn Simpson-Mary Jacoby 2007(!) WSJ article”How Lobbyists Help Ex-Soviets Woo Washington”. Bongino calls this very early article “a standard movie script”, which could easily be turned into a salacious document like the Steele Dossier. A hoax document needs to be just barely believable to be accepted by the lazy MSM, who would never verify the details, and Steele’s major role was to shop it aggressively and give it gravitas through his work at FIFA with the FBI. My point is that Manafort was well known by the Simpsons for many years. They just got lucky and he fell into their lap as Trump’s campaign manager. There wasn’t much research needed to be done to make it past the FISA court either, which makes me think that FISA rubberstamping was routine.

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  12. jeffincher says:

    Can anyone confirm if the intelligence community captures shortwave communications and whether Nellie Ohr’s transmissions might be captured in a communications database?

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      That’s a very good question. 👍👍👍

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    • maggiemoowho says:

      Just doing a little research on HAM radio and it doesn’t sound like data is collected anywhere, however anyone with the right equipment can hear anyones communications via amateur radio(HAM).

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      • Ferret2 says:

        I think computer files can be transmitted over ham radio frequency with the proper equipment. They likely emailed files and corresponded bypassing the normal internet chokepoints the NSA uses. Pretty clever.

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    • Joemama says:

      Radio communications were intercepted well before the internet came on the scene. Radio was frequently the way spies communicated before the internet. Ham radio is not a secure mode of communication, even when sending digital messages.


  13. Brant says:

    Let’s start listing the places other ham radios could have been. I’ll start…… there is a residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Easily packed up and taken out in the diplomatic bag.


  14. If this has already been mentioned, please consider it a 2nd to the motion.
    Seems as though I have either read or heard about all this Ohr duplicity a while back from someplace. Someplace with a Treehouse maybe??

    But that aside, this little tidbit would seem to fit in with and somewhat validate what Mr. Rand Paul has been saying lately.

    Now why would Mr. Paul be so interested in exposing the CIA’s role in all of this mess? Has he started following along here at CTH? Perhaps trying to make up for the State of Emergency Vote?

    Apologies for the cynicism, but seems I have a higher level than normal of Vitamin Cynic here as of late.


  15. The Radar Guy says:

    I go back to the original article sent out for mass consumption – the Franklin Foer Slate article on the so-called pinging from a Trump Organization server to the Russian Alfa Bank. To make it appear accidental that this was “uncovered”, Foer says “If the Russians were worming their way into the DNC, they might very well be attacking other entities central to the presidential campaign, including Donald Trump’s many servers. “We wanted to help defend both campaigns, because we wanted to preserve the integrity of the election.” The WE here is a group of CIVIC MINDED (sarc) academics who were afraid for Trump… Yeah, sure… So I did some research on the few actual named academics who came forward – all RABID democrats and/or progressives….

    These people are on the inside. They have access to all the routings on the US internet backbone… Someone – communications corporations, the Government, other?? makes sure they are allowed to see it all… And out of the billions and billions of connections made everyday, they happened to find this one…

    I have often wondered if this is the weak link in the whole conspiracy… Academics who were brought in to establish nefarious contacts… Who tasked them, how was this allowed, who – exactly – are they. And if heat is applied, unlike lifetime spies at the CIA or FBI, would they fold under pressure and explain how this original tasking occurred….


  16. GGHD says:

    It’s a gift from God to be able to read all the documents, remember all the comments and then spot less than clear comments, which could be lies (I don’t have the memory or the patience). … There’s a reason both Clintons simply said, “I don’t recall.” It’s an easier lie to remember and tell. From this transcript. =

    “Mr. Meadows. So why didn’t you set up the meeting with Christopher Steele? Why was it a meeting that your husband sets up and you up and then you come along? You obviously — you’re a very learned and intelligent individual, your know where I’m going with this. How do you get to be in a room with a DOJ official and a potential informant, and you happen to work for someone who has hired that same informant?
    Ms. Ohr. I didn’t know that.
    Mr. Meadows. When did you learn that?
    Ms. Ohr. At the breakfast. Mr. Meadows. So at the breakfast you learned that you and Mr. Steele are working for the same company?
    Ms. Ohr. Yes.
    Mr. Meadows. And so, again, you went because you thought he could tell you things about Russia? Ms. Ohr. As I said, my view is of being part of a community of people who are interested in Russia, that we have a back and forth discussion, we try to mutually understand what is going on, and it’s by no means clear what is going on in the minds of some elite –”
    COMMITTEE SENSITIVE {placed in transcript}
    “Mr. Meadows. But Mr. Steele is not the most learned when it comes to matters of the Russia community. He may be an informant. He may have obviously connections. But I wouldn’t say that when you look at all the academics that are out there on Russia, that Christopher Steele’s name is even in the top 20. So why all of a sudden was there this interest in meeting with Christopher Steele on that particular day?
    Ms. Ohr. I mean, all I can do is repeat what I’ve said. I —
    Mr. Meadows. So did you take part in the conversation letting him know about the open source work that you were doing with Fusion?
    Ms. Ohr. I don’t recall specifically what I said to him —
    Mr. Meadows. I didn’t ask specifically, I said generally, did you talk about your work with Fusion GPS?
    Ms. Ohr. I don’t recall telling him the content of what I was researching, but I’m not sure about that. The fact that I was doing work for GPS, clearly, he was aware of that.
    Mr. Jordan. So he knew that before the meeting? You said you didn’t know he was working for your employer when you got to the meeting, but did Christopher Steele —
    Ms. Ohr. I don’t know if he knew before or not, I’m not sure.
    Mr. Jordan. Your husband knew that you worked for Fusion and your husband knew that Chris Steele worked for Fusion?”


  17. Sherri Young says:

    Hmm, it looks like Nellie Ohr probably did indeed work for the CIA. We know that she was listed as working for Open Source Works in 2010 in the Expert Working Group Report on International Organized Crime.

    Maybe Open Source Works could have been spun off in the 2015 CIA reorganization. However, Open Source Works appears to have been a CIA entity in 2010.

    “Open Source Works, which is the CIA’s in-house open source analysis component, is devoted to intelligence analysis of unclassified, open source information. Oddly, however, the directive that established Open Source Works is classified, as is the charter of the organization.”

    —Charter of Open Source Org is Classified, CIA Says
    Posted on Dec.12, 2011 in Secrecy by Steven Aftergood

    Here are the two CIA response letters that were written to the person at the National Security Archive who had requested the information on Open Source Works. The old and new FOIA tracking numbers are in the second letter. I cannot find any further official documentation on the web. Maybe a better researcher here can do some digging.

    Click to access cia-osw.pdf


  18. Republicanvet91 says:

    “the intelligence information (seeds carried by Nellie), originated from the CIA.”

    In many respects, it originated with the CIA anyway. Who’s to say Steele didn’t just provide an outline, or names and places and Nellie filled in the details. Who’s to say Nellie didn’t write all of it, and Steele was just a useful name?

    Brennan seemed awfully certain they had whatever was needed to take out Trump.


  19. askandgettruth says:

    we need to build a special new prison just for these traitors. let it be known the the would that we will no longer accept this.there are a thousand names it could be but i think the name should be TRUMP FEDERAL PRISON FOR CORRUPT POLITICIANS. or the SWAMP of CORRUPT POLITICIANS.


  20. Billy says:

    The real question is what is being covered up. Mike Rogers stops unauthorized access to the NSA data base and everything happens.
    When you buy an insurance policy, you are covering a specific potential loss. What is the loss? Surely not just a Republican president. The insured loss was the NSA access and who was using it and for how long. Trump campaign surveillance was only the last part of this.
    How many people were being spied on for the previous 4-6 years by the previous administration? That is was the insurance policy was for, to prevent this from becoming public.


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