CNN Interviews Brad Parscale, Then Accidentally Notes the DNC 2020 Strategy…

This is a little funny.  CNN’s Dana Bash interviews President Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale.  The discussion is about the election, but on a granular level is really about data use in the 2020 election.  Parscale has given these interviews before, the one with PBS [SEE HERE] is much better.

However, the more interesting aspect to the interview actually comes after the segment when CNN’s Jake Tapper happens to note what the DNC is attempting to do.  Within Tapper’s remarks he happens to outline why the DNC is running the crew currently enlisted as candidates.  Watch specifically at the 04:00 point.


What Tapper notes as the urgent data collection priority of the DNC is specifically the reason why the club has enlisted Beto to draw-in the community they need to harvest.  The Democrats, specifically young democrats, have no idea how the ‘club’ plans to use them.

It is important to remember the DNC and RNC are private clubs. The club rules and processes have have no direct connection to the administration of government.

The DNC and RNC are completely private organizations with the ability to make their own rules, membership terms, conditions and agendas. You’d be surprised how many people do not know that simple point.

Because they are private clubs it is always laughable when politicians talk about “campaign finance reform”. Quite simply if either club -or both- wanted to put limits or restrictions on the financial side of their club membership or activity, they could; easy peasy. Those rules have nothing to do with government; the clubs make the decisions not to do so.

The introduction of Robert Francis O’Rourke was weak at best.  There was little to no fanfare from the DNC club.  The roll out was horrible.  This is not the entrance of ‘the chosen one‘.

The unofficial ‘chosen one‘, the intended party donor candidate, will not surface until April or May 2019. The DNC is predictable; it’s a club. It’s far too early for the anointed candidate to surface.

Planning, scheming, endless meetings, talking points, operational organization and strategy is one of the key elements of the Democrat party.  This is what they do.  This is all they do.  It might seem weird at first, but the DNC club is not chaotic; and, from my perspective, that is their weakness. It makes them predictable.The Democrats rarely, if ever, go off script.

Now, let’s get down to business….

Remember, the DNC is a private club. They set their own member rules, bylaws and regulations.

The DNC is a private club, they do not need to allow anyone to become a member. The DNC controls the terms for membership.

[The RNC is the same]

Most voters have no idea about how the RNC and DNC being private clubs plays into U.S. elections. Let’s talk about the open secret.

Like any club, there are dues or fees associated with being a member. However, the primary currency for members to receive support from the DNC club does not revolve around direct payments to the club. Instead, the club membership agreement is based upon a much more valuable currency of data gathering. The citizens, or individual voters, represent the data the club needs to collect.  The data is the game now.

Private companies like: Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon have business models that are dependent on data collection. The data is you. Your data is valuable. When they have your data; your phone number, address, email, bank account, ip address, geolocation identifiers, pictures, vehicle location etc. they then have control over your profile. In essence, they know you… and they know your contacts… and your family… and your friends… and your work…. and your dentist… and your diet… and your secrets.

If you use your phone a lot, most people do, your phone holds a lot of your data. When you plug your phone into your computer the operating software downloads your phone data and transfers it to file sharing systems for transmission via the internet. Log on to a wifi network and the router automatically uploads that data to the host. If you plug your phone into a vehicle enabled with GPS or Bluetooth tech the same thing happens; the car downloads your phone data and then transmits it to the vehicle data-center.

Rental car companies make just as much money selling the uploaded phone data of rental car users as they do from the traditional business model of renting you the depreciating car.

In the business realm, the assembled profile allows the data owners to track you and influence you toward purchasing decisions. You, that is your ‘data profile’, then becomes a commodity; a currency of sorts. As a commodity the business can sell your data to another business who aggregates thousands, perhaps millions, of other profiles. Take a picture with your phone and voila, you’ve just shared data with the provider.

Your data is valuable.

The currency of the private club (RNC or DNC) is based on this model. Data is the trade-able currency for club membership. If you want to be an important club member; if you want the support of the club’s leadership; well, gather more data. Gather a lot of data and that data file is worth a great deal to the club management. They too want to influence your decisions.

Even if Joe Biden wanted to, he cannot gather the data needed for a 2020 presidential bid; Biden cannot pack an arena with 10,000 high-energy voters. So if the club wants to support Biden (or another party-favored milquetoast candidate), they need another method for data collection.

Enter Bernie Sanders….

Bernie is a great capitalist.

Bernie is perhaps the greatest capitalist on the left side of the ledger.

Bernie Sanders as a political candidate is a great harvester of data. What makes Bernie’s harvest so valuable is the type of data profile he is harvesting. Bernie is harvesting from a key audience. For whatever reason, the valuable audience loves Bernie. Jane and Bernie love the value of the audience data. Yum.

Bernie and Jane know their how to exploit their business model for their benefit. The DNC club loves that Jane and Bernie know how to harvest. The club pays Bernie and Jane a premium because their harvest product is full of healthy young data nutrients.

The club also doesn’t want to undermine Jane and Bernie’s efforts; so they wait. Bernie and Jane know the club is waiting for the deposit; the club rules require it. Jane and Bernie have their eyes on a very nice house. The future is bright for Bernie and Jane.

And so it goes…. and so it goes.

March is harvest month for Bernie and Jane. After the harvest the club will pay handsomely and then all will cheer.

The same role and responsibility applies to Beto; this is why President Obama visited Beto.  However, unlike Bernie, Beto might just be stupid enough not to realize his role.

Additionally, just like the unsuspecting young couple who plugged their phone into the convenient rental car charger and gave away their data, the Bernie and Beto data providers will be oblivious.

Club rules.

Enjoy the show.

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193 Responses to CNN Interviews Brad Parscale, Then Accidentally Notes the DNC 2020 Strategy…

  1. Sue Fowler says:

    Anyone notice how quiet Bernue’s been since his head banging? Another Biden brain damaged wanna be.

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  2. Alex M says:

    Trump: Facebook, Google and Twitter, not to mention the Corrupt Media, are sooo on the side of the Radical Left Democrats…. ‘We have to do something’ about online discrimination against Republicans

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  3. Psycho Monkee says:

    Me no care which/what/fungi they nominate I’m voting 🇺🇸Trump🇺🇸‼️

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  4. A Moderate Man says:

    So, who is the DNC chosen one?

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    • Sentient says:

      Slow Joe

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      • FanGirl says:

        I like Creepy Joe. Do an internet search for “Creepy Joe”.


      • Pyrthroes says:

        This seems right, assuming this doddering porkroll transcends his actuarial span.

        One thing about the DNC and RNC as “private clubs” (and necessarily so) is that their
        lurking Elders of Schmaltz select milquetoast candidates with a view to advancing crypto K Street agendas with little if any regard for benighted constituents’ well-being.

        At this point, Rats’ bizarre-o “data mininig” platform is getting so radically extreme, so self-evidently subversive of Founders’ every principle (nevermind reality), that one has to wonder whether their Billionaire Boys’ Club is simply sock-puppets currying themselves.


      • vexedmi says:

        It’s “Hands Biden” for me.

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        • cali says:

          @vexedmi: Maybe although I would encourage everyone to take a very close look at the Chinese Andrew Yang who is a red flag and Trojan Horse for China.

          There are questions about his intent as his loyalty appears to be strictly for China. He can not be trusted and since we already had a plant and Manchurian candidate in the white house Yang would make the second plant.


          • rojobirds says:

            He was born in US to Taiwanese-American immigrant parents. In the Chinese culture we call him ABC (American Born Chinese). His family is from Taiwan. The Taiwanese are fiercely independent of China. Big difference. I wouldn’t fear some make believe connection to the Chicomms. I would be more concerned about his Freedom Dividend campaign promise. he is only being used to draw in millennials.


          • Tparty says:

            So far Yang looks like the 2020 troll farm candidate trying to run a psyop on deplorables. The sock puppets post both pro Isreal and Nazi comments and this is why we have Oliver Darcy running around with pants on fire condemning the ‘commenters’ on pro Trump sites. Sorry CIA, you have been oited again …


      • BitterC says:

        Or, as Rush calls Biden…”Plugs”


      • spoogels says:

        Gropey Dopey Joe


      • Mojo56 says:

        Plagiarising Joe. Doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue but I’ve been calling him that since the late 80’s.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      Stacey Abrams is my bet. They selected her to refute our President Trump’s SOTU address. She is very well spoken, black, female and fat. This makes her a quadruple threat in democratic minds.

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      • nimrodman says:

        … and toothy

        Dems seem to go for toothy for some reason
        (Kennedys, Carter, Kerry, Cortez, Beto, …)

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      • trialbytruth says:

        I didn’t consider her well spoken at all. I am construction at the buzz being created for her. I am not one to judge on looks however based on years of watching pretty boys being elevated I believe that the electorate or at least those who chose the Dem candidates do. The last unattractive female president was??? When was the last unattractive female vice president??

        Okay I’ll be fair when was the last unattractive male.president (yeah fair or not the standards are different) would that be Nixon? LBJ?or do we have to go back to Taft?

        She reminds me of the complaining women at the restaurant who thinks she gets what she wants by creating a scene and claiming she is being singled out. Yep she was cheated out of being Governor geesh.

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      • Ah, Abrams may be articulate, but is she clean??

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        • mr.piddles says:

          Speaking of which.

          Over-Under On Creepy Uncle Joe putting his foot firmly in his mouth in spectacular fashion: Mid June.

          Who wants that action?

          Prop bets:
          * Overtly Sexist comment about one or more female candidates
          * Creepy kid-fondling episode at campaign rally
          * Left-lurching inadvertent Obama insult
          * Overtly racist comment (this is a lock)
          * Embarrassing attempt at Ebonics (see previous)
          * Ill-delivered Bin Laden comment resulting in issuance of global Fatwa calling for his beheading

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        • fakenoozisforfools says:

          She’s certainly not good looking like Biden claimed 0bama was.

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      • distracted2 says:

        I think they had a meeting with her to discuss being Biden’s VP. She also has a ton of data to harvest.

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        • BitterC says:

          I had thought Kamala, but CA is already in the bag. Winning GA would be big. So would TX, but no way the Dems run a straight white man ticket.

          Look for a minority from a red/purple state

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      • Don L says:

        Naw, she’s hetero…never do in 2020.


    • listingstarboard says:

      Andrew Gillum


    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Michelle Ma Belle…


    • trapper says:

      Sorry. My money is still on Hillary Her argument is that she already won the popular vote against PDJT once already, and no one else in the Democrat field can match that argument. It’s hers to refuse, and with her sense of entitlement, wanting to be the first female president, I can’t see anyone coming between her and the nomination.


    • The Demon Slick says:

      Just my opinion, they will run a throwaway candidate in 2020. They know they can’t win. Then Haley v Mooch in 2024, either way they win.

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    • Will Hunt says:

      kamala harris has to be one of the favs for the obvious reasons.


    • Elle says:

      I thought it was going to be Tulsi Gabbard. Back in 2018 they even ran a picture of her surfing, akin to the buff pictures they always run of their front runners…except Kerry who they had run as a macho hunter (hahhaha..oh sorry, impossible to think of without laughing).

      She’s a woman of color (Hindu) was in the military and has “the look” which is all the dems care about….well that and that they will be do everything they are told at all times.

      She had and LGBTQXYZ gaffe and has also blamed US soldiers, however for dems that’s a feature not a bug.

      Don’t know if they are keeping her under wraps so she can’t be discredited fast enough, or if the LGBTQ gaffe was a mortal wound.

      Seems like they are prepping the background for her to be a maverick…sooo….


      • Deb says:

        Tulsi is of Samoan and European ancestry. Her mother is a white woman from Indiana who converted to Hiduism. Her father is a Catholic and Samoan. She was born in Samoa and grew up in Hawaii. She chose to become a Hindu in high school.

        Tulsi would be a great candidate for the Dems. She’s well spoken, attractive, and young, and a woman. Ticks a lot of boxes. She’s willing to buck the establishment, as she endorsed Bernie over Hillary in 2016. That’s a plus to attract Dems who are angry at the establishment. Plenty of progressives love her.

        She’s basically a socialist in everything but name. She wants Medicare for all and government funded abortion. She’s a leftist who knows how to sound like a moderate.

        The way to take her out would be to make her come out for more moderate and centrist policies to alienate the Young Turks crowd.


        • Elle says:

          Thanks for the info. However, I don’t think outing her “moderate policies” will do anything but help her because the Dems will abandon AOC, Bernie, Beto, etc. after they get all the donations and data out of the pot smoking dupes who are brain damaged enough to support them. Then they will move to the center with a candidate like Tulsi.who has a chance in the general election of deceiving the general public.

          If you want to take her out, point out that she is not sufficiently woke with the LGBTQ community…oh wait…..that doesn’t really hurt her either as it will play well with the rising Islamic faction battling for the helm of the Democratic party that is VERY well funded.

          If you want to take her out, encourage Hillary to run again. She do the work for us.


    • juztsayin says:

      Anyone else fear Michelle O getting in to the race?


    • Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:



  5. Bullseye says:

    None of this matters unless they get voter fraud fixed.

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    • nimrodman says:

      well, I’ve got to say it:
      “Bullseye !”

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    • The Devilbat says:

      Bullseye, You hit it on the head. Voter fraud gave the democrats their majority in congress. This is because Mitch McConnell REFUSED to fund the president’s request to put together a team to investigate voter fraud. McConnell alone is the reason that Nancy Pelosi is back in power and why the 2020 elections are in jeopardy.

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      • Bullseye says:

        I would argue you even need to do all this harvesting BS and such as long as you have voter fraud shut down to nothing. A straight up vote conservative leaning is the majority in America


        • Dutchman says:

          Ahh, but how are they using the data harvesting, to IMPROVE their vote fraud?
          For instance, we know roughly 1/2 of ‘eligible’ voters don’t vote. Those are names to put on phoney ballots.

          However, Mitch did a LOT to undermine MAGA in midterms; he and Ryan control campaign funds, and supported non-MAGA candidates against MAGA candidates in the Primary, used splitter strategy, and if MAGA candidate won anyway, witheld $ from MAGA candidate in general.

          That played more of a roll in Republicons losing House majority, than ballot fraud, IMHO.

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    • Will Hunt says:

      its an obvious affront to America that our “representatives” consistently resist any type of effort at ensuring voter legitimacy. The liberals have the perfect dodge here…. any type of voter id/verification is biased/prejudiced/racist. Anyone who spends 2 minutes thinking this scam through quickly reaches the conclusion that this thinly veiled charade is what’s biases/prejudices/racist.


    • nimrodman says:

      … yeah, but how many of the ads get seen?


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    • G S says:

      Why is he giving away their strategy? What am I missing here?

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      • GS: Prascale didn’t give away nothin’! Count on that twice!!

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      • Joemama says:

        Exactly. This is not the Art of War. Giving away strategy is stupidity … unless …

        Maybe they don’t plan on using Facebook & Google.

        That struck me as a stupid idea, given those outfits will have no qualms about pulling the ads at the most inopportune time or not delivering the ads, etc. They don’t care if they are sued. They have very deep pockets and years will pass before the issue makes its way through the courts.

        It sounded like they might be coming up with their own phone applications that they will distribute for free at the PDJT rallies.

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      • Bubba Cow says:

        watch the PBS interview with Parscale that SD linked in his piece. SD is correct that it is much better from Brad and you’ll see where he draws the line at what he’ll tell anyone how to do. He’s not giving anything away that they aren’t all already doing. It’s a really good interview.

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        • Agreed. The PBS interview was longer and far more revealing.

          Every time we write POTUS or otherwise interact (via official WH news feeds, clicking on a picture, etc.), this is logged. That way they know what types of stories motivate us. Sometimes I deliberately click on a story about a specific issue to emphasize its importance.

          Kind of creepy, actually, as I am uber privacy oriented. I use various means to try to obscure what can be captured about me, both in platforms, searches, browser and no social media presence–no FB, no Twitter.

          At this point it would seem that POTUS has Republican votes locked up–despite Jeb’s whining about a primary challenger. But to win Pres. Trump will have to peel away Dem votes and capture Independents. Can’t see how data capture from those already “sold on POTUS” will advance that. Parscale and his team are likely way ahead in crunching through this issue.

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          • MAJA says:

            My son has been introducing me to the concept of how the powers that be are working on a wider bandwidth to connect humans to the internet of things, which will then be able to predict trends and control populations. For good or for evil. Musk talks about it on a rogan YouTube interview.


    • waicool says:

      axios is garbage

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    • PatriotKate says:

      Which means they will take down Facebook if they have to in order to prevent it from being a strong platform for the President.

      Whatever happened to the democrat claim that Obama had developed the best data available?


  6. citizen817 says:

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  7. citizen817 says:

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    • rozi814 says:

      There is no such thing as a “private” company that trades on the stock exchanges. The 1st Amendment applies to them. Second, unlike Al Gore, they didn’t invent the internet, which they need for their businesses (social media platform) to thrive. The government (that would be us taxpayers) built the internet infrastructure and conduits. Those software programs would be nothing without the Al Gore invented internet. /half snarky off

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    • This, unfortunately, is what we’re up against.

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  8. bluebongo says:

    What happened to CNN? First they practically congratulate POTUS on the economy, and now they practically trash the DNC??

    My spidysense just kicked in.

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  9. citizen817 says:

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  10. I careless about all those DNC’s,Iam voting Trump,

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  11. TheLastDemocrat says:

    This message joins up with another aspect of the Dem Party: Dem Party actually does not have a platform, or a set of positions on the main, obvious issues. They use the apparent, supposed “platform” as a means for sustaining power.

    Are they against capitalism? Well, no. They are not really against anything. They are against capitalism, if you frame the issue one way. Frame it another, and they are not.

    Are they against abortion? Of course. Unless you frame the issue another way. Then, they are not.

    The main way they get away with this is by avoiding common sense analysis such as being in a position to answer, “what is your plan for this ‘job creation’ you mentioned in a speech the other day?” The battle front is on emotion, and on framing the opposition as “bad,” or evil;” not on explaining exactly how they might bring back middle class jobs.

    Individual candidates will have to have positions. The lower level the position, the more clearly. But higher up, candidates and elected officials become more generic. So they can avoid having a platform.

    The current thing to do is to throw a direct question at a candidate: “overall, do you think regular citizens are OK having firearms?”

    Think of how Beto answered the NFL-knealing question: very vague.

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  12. Sentient says:

    Sundance, this is one of your best columns. I have a kid or two who are Bernie fans. I almost feel sorry that they don’t know they’re just being data-harvested. Hopefully some Jill what’s-her-name from the Green Party will siphon off their votes.

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  13. Daniel says:

    I can’t speak for others, but it seems to me, the most important re-election strategy is based on his results. And his results are terrific. Promises made; promises kept. You just don’t get that from a politician.

    He needs to say that and keep saying that. The American people want a better economy, more money for the work they do. People want border security and security in general.

    Digital marketing doesn’t amount to anything, as far as I am concerned. The promises made are what drew me in, the promises kept are what keeps me. I care about results. My only worry is how we can keep this as the expectations by the people of their politicians. We can’t go back after Trump. We have to demand more.

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  14. snellvillebob says:

    Would this explain why Debbie Schultz had a Pakistani to look at so many of her fellow congressmen’s computers to collect this data? I always figured it was to blackmail them.

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  15. Chris Brunet says:

    Going out on a limb here .

    Chosen ones are Biden/Michael Obama aka Michelle.
    Its a 3 for . 1 male , 1 black woman tranny .

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    • Joemama says:

      But will the black woman transexual points cancel out the white privilege coefficient?

      Yes, I think it might, if you depreciate the white privilege coefficient by Biden’s advanced age!

      Perfectly balanced candidate offering with a political correctness balance of exactly zero value!!!!

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      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        You forget to carry a “three” for Mooch’s extra junk…….and subtract less than zero for the change in Joe’s pocket…

        Otherwise perfect….😎


      • warrprin1 says:

        Oh crap – Biden’s old enough for the Scalia solution. 15 minutes later Michelle my belle “ascends” to the Presidency.

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    • Bubba Cow says:

      but will Uncle Joe be able to keep his hands off of her?

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  16. Mike says:

    “Rental car companies make just as much money selling the uploaded phone data of rental car users as they do from the traditional business model of renting you the depreciating car.”

    this is pretty stunning.

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    • sarasotosfan says:

      I spoke with a young employee of Enterprise a couple of years ago and at the time he viewed their main line of business as selling cars. For data to compete as a leading revenue component is absolutely a stunning evolution to have occurred virtually overnight and has to have driven valuations tremendously.


      • TeeJay says:

        It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if many of Enterprise’s employees aren’t aware of this aspect of the business. The data can probably be retrieved wirelessly from the vehicles when they are returned to the facility, with regular staff unaware of it the whole time. And they probably don’t want the staff to know about it, because if they let that info slip out while talking to a customer, they may lose business. Last time I rented a car from Enterprise, the delivery girl *really* wanted me to interface my phone to their Bluetooth – I said No Thanks!

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  17. sarasotosfan says:

    There is a real disconnect in this story for the Democrats that the Republicans do not have. Sanders is an Independent and all the data in the world on his voters is just wasted storage. He’ll certainly be able to own a seat at the table if Howard Schultz doesn’t just buy the table.

    The Democrats have to win the Independents to win the Presidency [assuming we can keep the illegal voting from flipping states like Florida or Pennsylvania]. It is unclear how they go about accomplishing this.


    • WSB says:

      Well, no ome has said that this will be a winning strategy.

      It was the same issue Ted Cruz and Cambridge Analytics. The voter harvesting went well. The candidate…not so much.

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  18. lawton says:

    The Dems are going to have an even harder time stopping Bernie this time around.


    • OSP says:

      naaaah…he’ll fold and take the payoff

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      They did not stop him last time…..He quit for a house…..reference Sundance in his article…..
      He is “Not” the “Chosen One” once all his followers are data mined and he gets his house…….He’s outta there

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    • Bubba Cow says:

      I’m live in Vermont. Many of us need you to vote for the Bern, because we don’t want him back.
      Thanks for your votes, take a free grab from the box at the exit.


  19. bertdilbert says:

    It is not just data harvesting for your address or telephone number, it is phycological profiling to know what appeals to you and triggers you. It is about who you are.

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  20. Sherri says:

    Anyone else having trouble with twatter tonight?


  21. ParteaGirl says:

    Neither Jake nor Dana sound optimistic that the DNC will catch up to Trump’s data by 2020. That’s encouraging.

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    • LBB says:

      Except that is the part I feel is their disinformation. To give an illusion D’s will be the underdog in the data mining volume. Dana & Jake just spoke of the DNC vs RNC . D’s big dog is Act Blue . Largely aided by Bernie’s 2016 run. Hillary eventually gave hers to DNC in 2017 as an “in kind” contribution, but you know Clinton never do anything for free and got it back someway. Of course most candidates “rent” their lists and this is where many make their $$$$ . Lots of articles about Bernie’s valuable data.

      We now have a FARA czar and now we need one for campaign finance , and eventually closing of many loopholes.

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    • American Male says:

      Like everyone else at Very Fake News CNN Dana Schwartz/Bash/King is not to be trusted, a native of toney NYC suburb Montvale N.J., her father, Stu Schwartz, is a senior Fake News producer for ABC News


  22. I S says:

    Clinton is the one!! She will stay out till May..


    • Bubba Cow says:

      nah, it’s Biden as he’s the only one of these schmucks the fine folks from Wisconsin would even recognize and he’ll blow it – good
      Mooch is out, IMO, ‘cuz she knows she’d just make a fool of herself – she can’t even write intelligible sentences or speak with any apparent intelligence
      Stacy? I don’t know, but Biden is going to need some serious intersections to get the support of the gender identity hate farmers


    • American Male says:

      She needs “Her” beauty sleep and all the pints of aborted baby blood she can get before emerging from “Her’ slumber to slay “Her” more youthful opponents. Mark my words there will be a “new” Diane Rodham I mean “Hillary Hubbell-Clinton”, she will admit she is “Jewish” (not only to pander but to fend off criticisms of her party’s Anti-Semitism and she will reveal she has experimented “sexually” and engaged in “Lesbianism” while in college and law school all to secure the votes of those two small constituencies.


  23. Landslide says:

    I have been an admirer of Brad’s brains and expertise since this interview that he did thenweek after the 2016 election. Megan Kelly is as annoying as always, but I just loved listening to Brad talk about his certainty of an electoral college win. (He predicted 305)

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  24. solomonpal says:

    Why isn’t Senator Murpigtroughski in the picture?


  25. Sundance is 100% correct. Let me throw out a very simple and factual data point. If Facebook has a user that clicked 70 likes, they can more accurately predict your personality traits than your roommate. If a Facebook user has clicked on 300 likes, they can predict your personality traits better than your spouse! This is a fact, I am in the data business. Brad has created a data operation that CAN NOT be replicated again until there is another Trump like candidate….and that ain’t coming along for another 30-60 years. We are going to keep on winning, enjoy the ride!

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  26. Perot Conservative says:

    Why is Brad P blabbing so much???

    Or is it mis-direction?


  27. Maja says:

    How are Google, fb, and the rest of them spying on the data flow to the Trump campaign? How are they interfering? Are they going to succesfully disable what Pascale is doing? This is why the banning and deplatforming is happening, to stop the flow of data to Trump.


  28. fred5678 says:

    “The unofficial ‘chosen one‘, the intended party donor candidate, will not surface until April or May 2019. The DNC is predictable; it’s a club. It’s far too early for the anointed candidate to surface.”

    Terry McAuliffe.


  29. American Male says:

    Ravenous Diane Rodham alias “Hillary Hubbell-Clinton”, that diabolical denizen of Democratic Party politics writ large will soon devour all comers ……the slobbering, droopy-lipped, Brooklyn-accented dope and every other pretender to “‘Her” throne no matter how much money they raise will succumb once she appears championing “Her”self as the savior and uniter of the “Her” fractured party.


  30. Guyski says:

    Private clubs. The best thing about private clubs is that the members get to decide who can join the private club and who cannot join the private

    In 2016 both parties made a mistake about who can join their private clubs. The republicans let Mr. Trump join their private club which resulted in a disastrous outcome (in their view) that mistake changed (perhaps forever) their private club.

    In 2016 the democrats let Mr. Sanders join their private club. They assumed they dodged a bullet by giving it to Mrs Clinton, but the end result was just as disastrous.

    Once they let Mr. Sanders in the private club, they can’t just kick him out. Because they let Mr. Sanders into the private club, look at all the riffraff that believe that they are entitled to belong to the democrat private club.

    If the democrat private club takes a loss (perhaps a big loss) in 2020, they will be able to say ‘I told you so’ and then re-establish the absolute requirements for their private club. The republican private club would have been more than happy to lose the 2016 election and re-establish their absolute requirements.

    Remember there are trillions at stake (I read that somewhere ;). Why would a private club want to to let the riffraff decide what to do with that money?

    Liked by 1 person

  31. sDee says:

    Another crucial insight from Sundance, not only insight on campaign data strategies but it’s very serious connection to massive surveillance under the guise of the “big” data industry.

    We are under the grip of one of the most dangerous, Orwellian monopolies in history – one that could easily be broken up with open market standards. But no one is willing.

    There are only two device platforms left. Apple and Google. Both business models are based on data collection and surveillance. Both control what apps are made available, and what data they are allowed to collect and share.

    Then add to all of this that Facebook is the primary social media app on both of those platforms and, that ubiquitous Google controls of consumer information searches.

    Our government’s exploitation of this is undergoing a trial balloon in this week’s media/propaganda cycle. Watch it unfold. Communicable disease “outbreaks” are being blamed on anti-vaccine movies, books and websites. Google, Facebook, and Amazon have been “pressured” by the CDC to censor this content and, they are willingly doing so. A fake crisis, exploited to test government nullification of the First Amendment.

    It will get far far worse.


    • Alligator Gar says:

      Agreed. I have seen the virulent anti-vaxxer hate everywhere over the measles outbreak.

      But nobody ever blames the “asylum seekers” coming here and needing to be quarantined because of their infections with every disease we already eradicated up here, including untreatable wet TB, worms, and even TYPHUS (at near epidemic levels in LA due to RATS and FLEAS).

      Liked by 1 person

    • Kitty Kat says:

      I read this morning something about how people are catching horrible diseases in hospitals because the hospitals don’t want to use “toxic” chemical disinfectants any more.


    • Tparty says:

      It just did get far worse …


  32. namberak says:

    “The DNC and RNC are completely private organizations with the ability to make their own rules…” Back in ’16 I used to get a laugh out of people hyperventilating over the shafting Bernie was taking. I’d patiently explain to them that the DNC was a private organization and could rig its game anyway it wanted to, but unfortunately, most people aren’t perceptive enough to see it.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Richard says:

    The DNC has one strategy-vote fraud. All else is just smoke.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Betty says:

      There is the truth and we CAN NOT just sit and comment about it. We need an action plan. We need people to get themselves credentialed trained as Election Judges by their county and as Poll watchers by the Repubulican party. With out credentials you can be chased away from observing at your polling place.


  34. Sundance is right! Last election the chosen one for RNC was JEB!!


  35. dawg says:

    So @Sundance, Tapper didnt just note the DNCs strategy for 2020, he basically noted their strategy for every election in general. Correct?


  36. Judiciary says:

    Wow, thanks for that look under the DNC rock, Sundance. It’s interesting that after the 2016 election Bernie got a $600K lake-front home. He didnt go hog wild with some millionaire’s palace. Perhaps he hoped to fool his constituents. What will he get this time around? What will Beto get? Veto is the leftist poster boy for white privilege. Though he got a degree in English he worked in his uncle’s internet firm then opens up his own related business. I dont know of many English majors like that.


  37. Ponce de Freon says:

    I am so in agreement with the tone of this article. In 2015/16, democrats loved referring to the republican ‘clown car’ with 17 candidates. Now I am seeing it more and more, particularly when ‘yet another’ democrat announces a run for president. However, make no mistake – the DNC candidate has not yet been selected, and those who have declared will ultimately have a job to do. That job will be to deliver voters to the ‘selected’ candidate. Bernie will deliver his Bros, Kamala – the AA vote (although she isn’t), Spartacus – watchers of The View, Gillibrand – #metoo voters, Klobuchar and Hickenlooper – the flyover vote, etc., etc. And just like Senator Lakehouse, they will deliver because ‘Orange Man bad’.

    I don’t recall this same strategy for president Trump. How many voters did Jindal, Kasich, Rubio, Bush, McCain deliver? That’s why the POTUS win will always amaze me.


  38. White Rock Road says:

    Flipping channles today and as I went by MSNBC Chrissy Mathews said “we look forward to the database” and I remembered this post here, so I searched a little and here ya go,
    Bill Barrow reported in Feb

    The arrangement would allow the national party, state parties and independent political action groups on the left to share voter data in real time during campaigns. That means, for example, that a field worker for a congressional campaign in Iowa and another for an independent political action committee knocking on doors in Florida could update a master voter file essentially as they work. When a presidential campaign spends big money on consumer data to update voter profiles, the new information would go into the central file as well. And all participating organizations would have access to the latest information.

    Parties, campaigns and PACs use that kind of voter data to decide which voters to call and who to visit in person or to determine which voters receive targeted digital ads on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, among other things.

    Currently, political action groups on the left must gather, update and use data independently from the party.

    Guy Cecil, who runs the leading Democratic super PAC Priorities USA, confirmed his group plans to join the exchange. Perez said he envisions adding organized labor groups and Planned Parenthood, along with PACs tied to Democratic congressional leaders.


  39. meh130 says:

    I fully expect the left to put a full-court press on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. to not sell the Trump campaign digital ad space. These companies will make up some false reason to severely limit their services to the Trump campaign. I also expect there will be completely fraudulent stories questioning the Trump campaign’s data collection efforts, and we will hear how “the seriousness of the charge” requires Facebook, Twitter, etc. put a moratorium on Trump campaign ads.


  40. What is this data Beto and the others are collecting for the DNC? Examples?


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