Official Deep Inside Obama-Era Defense Intelligence Agency Pleads Guilty to Spying For China…

When Senator Chuck Schumer said the “intelligence community has six ways to Sunday to get back at you“, few realized he meant the IC were treasonous spies and the “you” was our country.  An official within the DIA from 2014 to 2018 was selling U.S. intelligence secrets to China and he plead guilty today (full pdf below).

(Justice Department) Ron Rockwell Hansen, 58, a resident of Syracuse, Utah, and a former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer, pleaded guilty today in the District of Utah in connection with his attempted transmission of national defense information to the People’s Republic of China. Sentencing is set for Sept. 24, 2019.

Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers, U.S. Attorney John Huber for the District of Utah and Special Agent in Charge Paul Haertel of the FBI’s Salt Lake City Field Office announced the charges.

Hansen retired from the U.S. Army as a Warrant Officer with a background in signals intelligence and human intelligence. He speaks fluent Mandarin-Chinese and Russian. DIA hired Hansen as a civilian intelligence case officer in 2006. Hansen held a Top Secret clearance for many years, and signed several non-disclosure agreements during his tenure at DIA and as a government contractor.

As Hansen admitted in the plea agreement, in early 2014, agents of a Chinese intelligence service targeted Hansen for recruitment and he began meeting with them regularly in China. During those meetings, the Chinese agents described to Hansen the type of information that would interest the Chinese intelligence service.

During the course of his relationship with the agents of the Chinese intelligence service, Hansen received hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for information he provided them, including information he gathered at various industry conferences. Between May 24, 2016 and June 2, 2018, Hansen solicited from an intelligence case officer working for the DIA national defense information that Hansen knew the Chinese intelligence service would find valuable.

Hansen agreed to act as a conduit to sell that information to the Chinese. Hansen advised the DIA case officer how to record and transmit classified information without detection, and explained how to hide and launder any funds received as payment for classified information. The DIA case officer reported Hansen’s conduct to the DIA and subsequently acted as a confidential human source for the FBI.

As Hansen further admitted in the plea agreement, Hansen met with the DIA case officer on June 2, 2018, and received from that individual documents containing national defense information that Hansen previously solicited.

The documents Hansen received were classified. The information in the documents related to the national defense of the United States in that it related to United States military readiness in a particular region and was closely held by the United States government. Hansen reviewed the documents, queried the DIA case officer about their contents, and took written notes about the materials relating to the national defense information.

Hansen advised the DIA case officer that he would remember most of the details about the documents he received that day and would conceal some notes about the material in the text of an electronic document that Hansen would prepare at the airport before leaving for China. Hansen intended to provide the information he received to the agents of the Chinese intelligence service with whom he had been meeting, and Hansen knew that the information was to be used to the injury of the United States and to the advantage of a foreign nation. (read more)

U.S. tech companies won’t help the U.S. military, but they will help the Chinese Military? Chinese 5G tech products set up for data collection.  U.S. congress members and senators oppose Trump’s new trade proposals, but they support existing one-way pro-China trade.  The entire Wall Street and financial punditry class rail against Trump’s tariffs against China….  Anyone else noticing a pattern here?

Here’s the indictment:


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223 Responses to Official Deep Inside Obama-Era Defense Intelligence Agency Pleads Guilty to Spying For China…

  1. joan p calhoun says:

    Hang Em High

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  2. China has already been awarded the NWO’s top position as military and economic leader of the NWO–several US presidents worked very hard to make them a success at our expense planning to be in the top levels of the NWO when they completely destroy the US and the global elite take charge.

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    • Herbert Kroll says:

      And it all kickstarted into action after a certain UN conference was held in Beijing in 1995, where Hillary Clinton held her maiden speech …

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      • spoogels says:

        I wonder what the Chinese have on Hillary and how they used that for blackmail….

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        • dd_sc says:

          I suspect nothing; the Clinton’s may have been willing agents.

          Bill sold the Chinese dual purpose technology and allowed N. Korea to build their reactor, and his energy secretary relaxed the security at national labs which allowed technology theft. Then there is the whole Chinagate deal.

          A couple of Bill’s cabinet people sang the praises of Mao.

          Hillary is just picking up where they left off.

          Wasn’t it discovered that Clinton’s email server was in communication with some other server in VA linked to the Chinese? I think Rep. Gohmert went public with that information.

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        • Pale rider says:

          You know the saying ” follow the money” ? Paper bills or even gold are irrelevant its power they pursue, money just the physical. Imho Hillary is not very smart she is always behind the game in everything. She pretty much proved she is an imbecile when she ran. Not that she lost because she is just a looser. She is no more than a used up whore at this point. When they picked her up and threw her in the van, it is a perfect metaphor of her life. I want justice for her and her cohorts but, Gods justice is so sweet to behold. He will not be mocked. I hang all my hope on that verse for the justice of this Christian nation. Gal. 6:7 He is not slow just always on time.

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  3. trapper says:

    The muh Russia, Russian collusion narrative, is a gigantic misdirection intended to keep everyone looking east toward Russia, while China took over the US from the west. America was being set up to disappear into a TPP dominated by China.

    An early tell was the sale of guided missile technology to China by Loral, a US company, approved by the Clinton administration. Then for the next 40 years under Bush/Clinton-approved NAFTA American manufacturing plants were dismantled and shipped to China. Remember Charlie Trie? Oh, and the Hillary “Russia reset”? A ruse. That Bush/Clinton/Obama crowd has been selling out America to China for decades.

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    • Zaza says:

      Johnny Chung, the clinton bagman, who brought home the cash to Gore. Bush/Clinton/Gore/Cheney all deserve execution by firing squads.

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      • Phillie_fan62 says:

        Death by Punta! A story. Two men captured by headhunters, one of them was killed in front of the other man ruthlessly. The leader turned to the other man and said death? or Punta? The man asked what is Punts? The leader says you get to have relations with my wife! The man smiles and says “well give me Punta”! The leader calls his wife out, an 800 Ib woman comes out of her lodge, the man gasps at the sheer size of her. They tie the man down on the ground so he can’t move. The leader yells out DEATH BY PUNTA!


    • trapper says:

      20 years, not 40. duh


  4. Perot Conservative says:

    Yes. Or firing squad.


  5. jus wundrin says:

    Gee, missed that one on CNN.


    • Jederman says:

      Me too.

      But it was refreshing to see that the FBI actually conducts legitimate CI missions.

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      • Dayvz says:

        That was my thought as I read the story. Perhaps there can be a cleansing with President Trump & Bill Barr at Justice to restore some willingness of young boys and girls to one day maybe become an FBI agent.


  6. montanamel says:

    How interesting this is to “land on the desk” while Panda is saying how peaceful they all are…. And, at the same time, Dragon face is prompting little’ Kim to be a large pain producing pus pocket as possible right now…. Egg on Panda face spoil the planned picture….tough sh*t…

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  7. Perot Conservative says:

    Fifteen year sentence… out in eight? Wife knew about it, not charged.

    Another soft sentence from … John Huber!

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  8. Joemama says:

    Does anyone have a theory why this man betrayed his county?

    I’m a bit puzzled.

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    • Janie M. says:

      $$$$, he had debts- so an easy mark.

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    • sundance says:

      I think the Chinese OPM hack in 2013 might have something to do with it.

      The timing is suspicious…

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      • pelicansview says:

        Excellent analysis and worthy of serious investigation. Hundreds more could be compromised.

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      • NO SHISTA…I was in that group…Keep getting stuff from OPM every 6 mths and still do!!! And OBUMM#R KNEW about it!!!!!!!

        WE do have a 2-tier justice system and UNTIL ALL THE POCKETS HAVE BEEN RIPPED OUT…NO ONE GOES UNPUNISHED…NO MATTER HOW SMALL!!! Esp. Defense Contractors!!!!!!!!


      • Firefly says:

        I think it goes even deeper than that. Just like OPM hiring Chinese contractors as cheap labor NASA was also hiring Chinese students as cheap labor. NASA was not thinking in terms of mentoring these students to become employees at NASA or aerospace companies which I thought was weird shortsightedness. The were many instances of the Chinese students being caught on center late at night, unescorted, and in sensitive places not near or related to their work. Chinese students weren’t supposed to be on center after hours and escorted during the day. Here’s one that got into the news linked below.

        Also the Awan brothers from Pakistan. Why is it the Dems want to deal with foreign nationals for doing gov work. OPM should have known better too. The FISA data base is also an issue as there are foreign relationships in spygate.

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      • Orson says:

        Also, suspicious timing is that the unprotected server of SOS Clinton was active up to 2013 (potentially longer) and that server likely communicated with the OMP servers as a standard course on HR issues. Anyone with even cursory knowledge of hacking knows that an unprotected server is piggy backed into “protected” ones. Why a plea deal? Har…you really think we deserve to know how the OMP was so easily compromised?


  9. Judy says:

    Hmmm, so this is what Huber’s been doing.

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  10. Jamal says:

    In the ’90s the Clintons gave sensitive missile technology to China in exchange for ALOT of money. The DOD refused this transfer, so the Clintons first transferred the technology from Defense to the Commerce Dept. who were more cooperative. Mitch McConnell was the Senate Republican Campaign the time. He did not say a word. Ron Brown, the Clinton’s Secy of Commerce was killed after the deal went through.

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    • spren says:

      Why is this not talked about more. The transfers of our sensitive information during the Clinton administration is never discussed, and is the biggest treachery in our history, all for campaign contributions (completely illegal). These transfers, from many different angles, positioned the Chinese to be several decades ahead of where they would’ve been on their own. But we’re focused on the Russian nonsense.

      And where is this being reported in any of our so-called media?

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      • gildie says:

        If memory serves, there were a # of companies required to stay within our borders
        due to their importance to our military & duel-use potential.
        It was that POS senator of Arizona that pushed & insisted these
        COs be allowed to move offshore (think China).
        Thanks John.
        I can only hope when the full extent of his betrayal is brought out, Trump signs an EO calling for the traitor’s remains to be exhumed & reburied under an outhouse used
        by the Marines.

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  11. moondrops says:

    Who needs spies when you…Got Google?

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  12. LEET says:

    So the real enemy is COMMUNIST China and the greedy scum congress creeps that have sold their allegiance to America for love of money. I wonder how long COMMUNIST China has been able to buy/control many of our congress/government creeps and how easy it was for them to find those willing to be traitors to America? My guess, they had a target rich environment in the swamps of D.C.


  13. drocity says:

    Who’s this Huber guy? He seems like a go getter. We should get him involved in some of the Internal Affairs of the DOJ/FBI. Maybe he can do some good there? Huh, he what?….oh, never mind.

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  14. Bob Parker says:

    Looks to me like Gitmo has its 1st US resident getting prepped for shipment & a permanent stay down there with LOTS MORE to come.

    We hope.


    • mutantbeast says:

      this pig is guilty of treason. He knew who the Chinese were, and what they were doing with what he provided to them. Just like the former female AF officer whore who sold out to Iran.


  15. mutantbeast says:

    Want to stop Red China? top doing business with them entirely. Red China will starve to death w/o western markets and w/o our taxpayer $ going ove rhtere. The gorwth in the US national debt is directly tied to our trade deficit with Red China, Mexico and the EU. Stop doing business with Red China alone will cut our national debt significantly within a decade.

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  16. ladypenquin says:

    They need to follow the theads to Diane Feinstein. Notice how, so far, the DOJ is planning a plea deal to keep the doxing culprit from revealing everything he knows (the Kavanaugh hearings) – it looks like a coverup by the DOJ, protecting the bad guys from both sides of the aisle. Yes, I bet there are some dirty GOP along with the Dems.

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  17. livefreeordieguy says:

    “Hansen advised the DIA case officer how to record and transmit classified information without detection, and explained how to hide and launder any funds received as payment for classified information.”

    It’s almost like Hanson went to school at Clinton University and got his degree in Classified Information Abuse with a minor in Money Laundering.

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  18. czarowniczy says:

    The Death Star is one huge SCIF beyond the lobby mall and I can say that internal security – at least some 10+ years ago when I was there, had some bugs.

    Just about everyone carried a briefcase, and each was supposed to be inspected before you left the building. There were tables with a few inspectors by the main doors and as you passed them your case – not you – received a cursory inspection. You can imagine what it would be like trying to claw through the briefcases in an in-depth inspection as the workers started pour our, getting ready to fight beltway traffic.

    There were procedures for carrying classified info out of the building. it had to be properly packaged and marked and you had to have a courier card, but that’s it. If you stuffed the data onto a thumb drive (even though there were posters all over warning about that) and buried it in your briefcase chances were great that you could get it through. Then again if the person had a courier card why even bother hiding the drive? You just wrap it and go. I won’t even go into the laptop issue.

    DC’s an expensive place, I knew DIA workers who lived so far out that they left home around 4 AM to get there and beat the worst of the DC traffic. They had flex time so they could leave early to get home, again to not get the worst of the traffic. There were some who were talking about mass-renting a DC area apartment, sleeping 12 or more in it just to prevent making that daily drive anf just going home on weekends.

    Add the ability to walk out with the money issues and you can see how a cash-heavy China can buy what it needs with few problems. And if anything this points out a system-wide s**t-poor CI effort. If you look back at the traitors in the FBI and CIA well before this event you see the classic and blatantly obvious cash-related issues in each, issues that should have been caught, Then again, the traitors knew the CI sections in each agency were less than efficient.


  19. Summer says:

    Anyone wonder why the obamanoids help COMMUNIST China undermine CAPITALIST America?

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    • Glen says:

      I don’t wonder by the Left undermines America and helps our enemies, Communist China being one of the enemies. Russia and Islam are 2 more of the main 3 enemies we face. The Left seeks the destruction of Western Civilization and will help anyone with the same goal.


  20. covfefe999 says:

    How stupid are we? When someone is no longer employed in a government job requiring access to government data, including but not limited to intelligence, CUT THEM OFF. If I leave a job I no longer have access to my company’s data.

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    • livefreeordieguy says:

      Exactly covfefe999… I worked in National Intelligence for 30-plus years… When one’s “Need to Know” goes, one’s clearance goes with it… At least it used to.

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  21. This is all part of the Soros Obama HRC plan to destroy America.


  22. bored identity says:

    That last name sounded familiar – ‘Hanssen me once shame on me, Hansen me twice…’

    “Hemlock Him Up!”


  23. Richard Orberson says:

    Backing down on anything against China is seriously dangerous. China has declared all-out war on all fronts on America. They can’t afford to do a nuclear war, but their trying to undermine everything everywhere all the time.

    Diana Feinstein: . Is she making money out of this? Sean Davis has written that Daniel Jones raised fifty million dollars for his Russian project, and the Chinese agent was being paid from Beijing. Did any of that money end up in Feinstein ventures, or in her husband’s activities in China? …Diana Feinstyein:. Why, after learning that her staffer/chauffeur was an agent of an enemy regime, did she keep him on the payroll and within easy listening distance? … Diana Feinstein:. Why did she fail to inform colleagues and investigators of her close ties with Daniel Jones? … And finally, does anybody do any counterintelligence in this town? Or is that only when Republicans are involved?


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