Lindsey Graham Senate Floor Speech on Mueller, FISA Abuse, and DOJ/FBI Investigations…

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham challenges Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to amend his Mueller report resolution and permit adding the appointment of a Special Counsel to look into the numerous 2016 election abuses by the DOJ and FBI.

Chuck Schumer says ‘go spit‘.  Graham stands back up and says: ‘thank you‘ but he shall endeavor to investigate the issues with, or without, Democrat support.


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206 Responses to Lindsey Graham Senate Floor Speech on Mueller, FISA Abuse, and DOJ/FBI Investigations…

  1. iconoclast says:

    The reason Schumer doesn’t want another SC is because the antics and corruption of the DOJ and FBI under and after Obama is status quo. That’s the way things are supposed to work in Washington: Dims and RINOS get a pass and Trump and others opposed to the status quo get investigated and indicted.

    In Chuck’s world, everything is working as it should, so why would we need a SC?

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  2. gymcy81 says:

    The good idea of a balanced, neutral review of a 2 tiered biased DOJ / CIA/ FBI makes sense… 3 years ago.
    That’s way, way ample time for witnesses to say they do not recall, for paper and digital traces to be cleanly wiped.

    Some can wonder why DC obfuscates so much and so long… (because, it is 2 tiered)?

    The tragedy of Flight 800 took 20 years to obfuscate – and an incomplete (discarded information) DC report was eventually prepared.

    Hello, there is a problem…and it is a solvable problem
    (that those getting favoritisms are motivated to protect…which explains the perpetual obfuscations at the high costs of voters and taxpayers…and national debts.).

    Mueller about done?
    What does that really mean….?
    Remember, the (apparent one-sided) undisclosed scope letter of the investigation is within and guarded by DC (some call it deep state, swamp, bureacratic, whatever…..).

    If the scope of work is unknown, how can one define, in advance, the end product or its timing or cost? Sounds like a dc shell game.

    A second special counsel would broaden, and extend the problem. ( which in dc, means it would slowly get an ok to occur…to which the Mueller could have an excuse to keep its counsel open….dc job security…but getting little, if anything accomplished. )

    Lent is here…
    …love thy neighbors…
    Mark 12:7

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Timing is everything. This push for a second SC is either a shot across the bow threatening the corrupt DOJ and Obama Administration and the FBI dirty cops or…..the timing of a new SC now might go really fast and in time for 2020. Just because Meuller took two years does not mean that a newly appointed SC investigating HRC crimes could indict a plethora of Obama cronies well before Nov 2020. I suspect Horowitz has most of the leg work done already. Mr. Barr, ball is in your court. Accountability?

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      • Mr Darcy says:

        Nothing will be done. By anybody. Ever.

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        • jeff montanye says:

          more has been done by donald trump than by anyone prior, including the admirable frank church in the ’70s. it is not enough but when has anyone seen a head of the fbi and another two dozen of his top lieutenants fired, demoted or resign in disgrace with copious amounts of information released about why? never. and barring assassination or similar, the chances favor at least more information being released.

          trump is no fool; he is a master politician and showman. he knows this is his ace half out of the hole and it must be played to win in 2020. imo he will play it like edward g robinson did the jack of diamonds in the cincinnati kid.

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  3. Luckykitty says:

    Love the photo of Sen. Graham –with a crazy lady, eyes closed, howling in the background. Meanwhiles, Graham straightens his tie and gives a smile. Just another day in D.C.

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  4. Kevin O'Shea says:

    did not see this on any MSM stations today – the big 5 corporations just skip over anything bad for the dems

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  5. William Schneider says:

    I continue to believe and pray that Lindsay Graham has turned completely against the forces of evil in Democratic Party and has decided to fight along side the president for a truly great America. I cannot read his mind but only his powerful actions and words. Over the last 6 months he has become a warrior for the truth and justice in WA swamp and I salute him for this and will keep him in my prayers.

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  6. noswamp says:

    I did not trust Graham when McCain was alive, and I do not trust him now. One tell was how he mentioned that Mueller had “stature”. Really? He talks the talk but does not walk.

    Be like Johnny Cash on this guy, keep your eyes wide open all the time and do not trust this guy.


    • skaebne says:

      Lindsey Graham was terrific, pre-Obama (he’s a former military prosecutor). When Obama was elected, the Republicans tripped all over each other trying to be the most open minded about an Obama presidency. I chalked this up to basic professionalism at the time, but then Graham ended up wholly under John McCain’s thrall. IDK what that was about, but Graham found his courage after McCain’s death. Whatever the cause, Graham has become the toughest advocate for Trump’s Presidential authority in the Senate. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


      • noswamp says:

        Skaebne: ” Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”

        How about a Trojan horse? He’s ok for now.
        But time will tell if you or i will be proven correct in our assertions as to his future conduct. Time will tell.


    • Mr Darcy says:

      Bingo! Right you are.


  7. BobR says:

    Trump: No jail time for anybody.
    Mueller: OK we won’t Manafort your kids.
    I’m wrong? Over two years right so far.


    • smartyjones1 says:

      Yeah, you’re wrong based on Jack Prosobiec who claimed a DOJ insider source saying Mueller and Weismann wanted to pursue/indict DJT Jr. and Kushner. AG Barr asks what do you have, no fishing expeditions.

      Weismann angered into resignation. Mueller investigation then follows asking for 60 more days extension to work with Gates.

      The word of the indictments were coming loudly from the Left in recent days. AG Barr cut them and Rod Rosenstein off saying the BS fishing ends. They are furious! 😱🤠😭🐴


  8. William Schneider says:

    Do you not believe in redemption? You would condemn the man anew for using the word ‘stature’? Perhaps he was trying to be diplomatic and allow Meuller to come away from this madness with some dignity while giving a more balanced report on Trump. Diplomacy is sometimes appropriate in the real world. Give this guy a break already. Trump needs all the allies he can find.

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    • noswamp says:

      William, of course I believe in redemption. I don’t trust Graham, time will tell William if you are correct.

      Work with him, accept his new found love of the President, but watch your back and don’t trust him. That is all I have to say. He is saying and acting like the real deal. Let’s see how the future turns out. BTW, I hope I am wrong about him.

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  9. Disgusted says:

    I could listen to Lidsay all dsy, but the minute Shumer started Off went the sound.

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  10. Ruckus Tom says:

    I’d trust senator Lindsey (John McCain’s little pet) about as far as I could throw him. “The born again must be considered guilty until proven innocent”. J. Stalin.


  11. shipley130 says:

    I just finished reading Judge Jeanine Pirro’s book about not only Hillary Clinton’s corruption but also included is the corruption of the highest law enforcement agencies. Until all that have been in charge for the last 20 years in those agencies are gone, nothing will be fixed.

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  12. Dena says:

    Lindsey acted shocked when he found out Barr and Muller were friends. What a joke, every person knows that Barr and Muller worked on the biggest case in history. The Pan Am flight 103. And I think they covered it and blamed Libya to hide the team of 5 CIA people on the plane coming back to give documents on the hostages being held. Lindsey is up for reelection in 2020 and that is why they gave him the big boy seat so he could call out people and then stall… He will look like he is a lion but really he is just the bear tossing a ball in the big show.. what a joke. It is all a show folks and nothing ever gets done in our house.. NOTHING!


  13. Dena says:

    One more thing! Lindsey traveled with McCain and helped Obama give guns to ISIS. You think he is going to let loose on Hillary… No way, McCain and Lindsey have many outings with Hillary and Obama. Who tried to get the corrupt President out of Egypt.. McCain and Lindsey.. who got Rothschilds island next to Ukrane.. McCain and Lindsey.. who helped pass the new treaty with Russia after they gave away our Urainium.. McCain and Lindsey and Corker… he is so in it for Hillary and always will be. The Clintons sure still run things, that is for sure… that is why everyone is so scared to say anything… they may get 187’d….. not like that has not happened before.


    • pyromancer76 says:

      He may be in it “for Hellary,” but perhaps he may HAVE BEEN in it for her criminal cabal. Don’t you wonder what President Trump may “have on” him? Maybe two can play that game. The Clintons have a lot of murders within their orbit, but who has the power today? By writing this, I am still suggesting, along withe everyone else, that a microscope continue to be placed on every action of formerly-Miss Lindsey,


    • jeff montanye says:

      it may not be revolutionary change but it certainly is evolutionary change as two dozen plus fbi and doj people demoted, fired and resigned in disgrace with unprecedented inside information made public to considerable effect in terms of documented history and changed consciousness. and more, even a great deal more, might be done since timing would suggest that the best is saved for last, when the show needs a real finale in the fall of 2020.


  14. Madi says:

    Thank you for the information. We need a « 5 stars chambers justice » or a « Law abiding citizen justice » for corrupted politicians, judges, lawyers, Pope, cardinals…all those beautiful people in powers who abuse taxpayers . Those Abusers need to be able to sleep at night. They do not fear God or anyone . Look at our youth. Children need to know the 10 commandments .


  15. If he ain’t agin us, he’s fer us! For now.


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