Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: “in the Senate there will be votes to pass the resolution of disapproval”…

Mitch McConnell doing what Mitch McConnell does best…. Setting-up, isolating, President Trump to own the National Border Security declaration without party support:

(Link to Article)

Reminder (February 14th, 2019):

..”and I’ve indicated to him that I’m going to support the national emergency declaration”…



This is what Mitch McConnell does.

Mitch gets what he wants (a UniParty approved budget) by walking his political opposition (in this example the president) into a tenuous position, and informing them of his support.

Then, when it really matters, Mitch retreats and isolates his opposition, forcing them to carry the consequences for the position that he really never did support, while protecting his UniParty position.

This is so typical of Mitch McConnell.

You will note that Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid never brought up a bill that democrat President Obama would have to intentionally veto.  Leader Reid protected his leadership. Whereas Mitch McConnell leaves his leadership undefended.

This is yet another example of why CTH has consistently said:


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287 Responses to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: “in the Senate there will be votes to pass the resolution of disapproval”…

  1. dogsmaw says:

    and along comes Rand Paul with his own solution:

    you can read it at link:‘be-safe’-act-fund-border-security

    Be Safe/BS 😛

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    • Polly says:

      Rand Paul is trying to punish the legal immigration: “The legislation would impose a $2,500 border security fee on each new green card issued to fund the construction of new border walls or physical barriers and other immigration-related improvements.”

      Who would try to get a green card? People who go through immigration legally.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:

        WALL FIRST. I wrote a lot of Senators on this….And actually told them that I don’t care if POTUS has to take the funding from the Senator’s staff, and the Senator’s personal paycheck……I want the WALL NOW!


  2. Hebo Sabe says:

    We’ve allowed it for all these years.

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  3. We’ve allowed ourselves to be taken over by these self-serving fools. We’ve allowed Socialism to become normalized (all the while allowing the Socialist/Communists accuse our President of being tied to Russia). We’ve allowed Swamp dwellers to defame us and make us feel guilty for petty things as they commit serious crimes for self-aggrandizement. We’ve allowed ourselves to be demonized for all the social ills of the world though we have had little or nothing to do with it. We’ve allowed ourselves to have our American values mocked and ridiculed as violations of rights as the Socialists strip us of our values. We’ve allowed radicals to not only infiltrate but overtake parts of our government in order to impose their will on ourcitizenry. We’ve allowed our unborn to be mutilated and terminated on a whim. We’ve allowed some states to kill newborn children while calling it post-birth abortion. We’ve allowed these radicals to overtake our institutions of “higher education” and brainwash our young adults. We’ve allowed these radicals to overtake the education of our public school children under the guise of “equal education” (aka brainwashing). We’ve allowed the American Dream to become the Amerikkan Nightmare. Only we can reverse it!

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  4. Greg Dane says:

    Mitch McConnell has once again proven himself to be as inept at leading a party as he is as a senator! He is just as worthless as Paul Ryan was and a disgrace to the American public.

    He is continuing to show the American people just how broken the party is – and giving the democRATs all the ammunition it needs to continue its assault on our President.

    Why is it there are a bunch of RINO’s but NEVER a DINO?

    Guess when democRATs are incapable of winning an election in their own party they change names and run as a Republican – true wolves in sheep’s clothing

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    • Dutchman says:

      It is NOT “Inept”. It is INTENTIONAL. The Republicons in Congress have consistently, operating in ‘stealth’ mode, forwarded the Uniparty agenda, while appearing to oppose it.

      It is NOT, NOT, NOT ‘Ineptness’, ‘Stupidity’, ‘cowardess’, or any of that.

      It is INTENTIONAL. And this notion that “Republicans are the party of stupid” MUST be disabused at every opportunity, if we are to prevail!

      The most effective lie Satan ever devised, was that he doesn’t exist!

      Do not FALL for it, and for the sake of all that is holy, DO NOT repeat it!

      Reject it, REBUKE it, destroy it as a narrative. The real strength of the Uniparty is NOT in those wearing “Democrat” masks, it is in those wearing “Republicon” masks.

      And the strength is only maintained, so long as they wear the masks; Rip the masks off the Republicons, see and expose them for who and what they are, and you defeat the Uniparty, by rendering their most powerful weapon, impotent!

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    • When most of our politicians are getting their public (and private?) financial support and goodies from the same elites, is anyone surprised that the same elites run the country? It’s either fascism or aristocracy, as a government system, while we still maintaine a monopolistic capitalism as our economy.


  5. Gary Lacey says:

    I think Mcconnells veto override should be ignored by the President, after all, what is construed an emergency, it is a necessity!
    Of course Mcconnell will have to hear an impeachment trial…it would put the republicans on trial.


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