Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows Inform AG William Barr of Compromise Within Mueller Probe…

While a letter from congress to the DOJ amounts to further process frustration for those who bear witness to the corruption that took place; there is a valuable dynamic at play  which may help answer whether AG William Barr is factually going to address corruption, or whether he is apt to just cover it up.

Representatives Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows send a letter (full pdf below) to AG William Barr questioning the independence of two members of the Mueller team, Zainab Ahmad and Andrew Weissmann.

Both Weissmann and Ahmad were involved in contacts and discussions with DOJ official Bruce Ohr as he transferred the Clinton/Steele dossier from his wife, Nellie Ohr, and from Fusion GPS into the FBI to advance a political investigation targeting Donald Trump.

Over time evidence has surfaced showing how a small group of approximately eighteen officials within the DOJ and FBI worked in concert with media and political operatives to target Trump for the benefit of candidate Hillary Clinton.

In the aftermath of the 2016 election, this same small group manipulated the offices of the DOJ and FBI to get Special Counsel Robert Mueller appointed by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

Mueller did not select his team; the small group of corrupt officials selected him. The appointment of Mueller was necessary for the group to protect themselves, and advance their ongoing political interests.

Andrew Weissmann and Zainab Ahmad are part of that DOJ small group who transferred into the Mueller probe. In essence they, along with others, protected exposure of their own corrupt and highly unlawful conduct.

Mr. Meadows and Mr. Jordan are informing the new Attorney General, Bill Barr, of the issue. Their letter requests a responsive reply by mid-March. If AG William Barr has any intention of dealing with the corruption within the DOJ and FBI, we should anticipate seeing such evidence within a response.

However, if AG William Barr is not going to deal with these issues; and if he is going to participate in a cover-up of the weaponization of the DOJ and FBI (a most likely scenario); his lack of action should answer the question(s).

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264 Responses to Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows Inform AG William Barr of Compromise Within Mueller Probe…

  1. David Vicknair says:

    This will certainly serve to smoke Barr out.


  2. Burnt Toast says:

    I’d think that expelling known biased attorney(s) would be the first action for cover (Strzok).


  3. ImHopeful says:

    I’m among the many here who have gotten my hopes up so many times – so sure we finally had the right person, or right info ready to go… Only to be disappointed each time.

    I am also concerned about the long-standing friendship between Barr and Mueller. But, I am still holding hope ( and my posting name), and here’s why:

    Since we elected PDJT, I have come to look at some friends, acquaintances and even family members differently. I have lost respect for a number of people I’ve known for a long time. They didn’t commit crimes, but their attitudes, purposeful blindness to events and and non-stop TDS have made being around them miserable. I see them through different eyes now.

    If I can see people who I know well, even some who I love, in this new light – perhaps Barr can do the same thing. Maybe, just maybe, Barr cares enough about right and wrong, about justice and about our Country to see his long-time friend for who he is… and be disappointed or even disgusted by his actions.

    As SD says – we shall see. And I remain hopeful.

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    • Ned Zeppelin II says:

      “I have come to look at some friends, acquaintances and even family members differently. I have lost respect for a number of people I’ve known for a long time. “

      You are not the only one. Well said.


      • Buck Jackson says:

        Pretty much the same here. ALL the architects and engineers I worked with said 9-11was a giant hoax/false flag. But I knew several FIB agents and felt they had high standards, honesty, etc.
        But in 2016 when the corruption in the Bureau and the DOJ became known, I took another look back to that horrible day when nearly 3,000 innocent people were murdered. So I did some research, including interviewing, in a casual manner, people that were actually at the WTC that day and some who had worked at the Freshkills recovery site.
        There is also a s/l of information on the internet, both pro and con concerning 9-11.
        But one of the guys who worked at both the Towers site and at Freshkills directed me to a great book by Dr. Judy Wood, “Where Did The Towers Go”?
        I am now a hardcore truther … and I’ve been informed by people in a position to know that PDJT is a truther also, which is why he is hate by both sides of the of the Uniparty.
        If he can get to the truth, he will, without a doubt be known as our greatest President EVER.


  4. oldumb says:

    Where is the mechanism for citizens to demand justice from/for the DOJ? How are states suing the POTUS and can’t states sue the DOJ/FBI/DOS/CIA etc? Are they just packing us and packing us – hoping, praying for an explosion?

    We the people should have a direct option – past politicians, media and arcane court rules.

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  5. Sandra-VA says:

    Are you insane?

    You PICKED THE WRONG place to post this garbage.

    It is so obvious what you are trying to do that it makes your trolling pathetically ridiculous.

    You failed at TROLL school.

    Hopefully, Ad rem will clean up the place soon.

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  6. L4grasshopper says:

    It will be beyond remarkable if Barr actually does even a few things to hold anyone….and I mean ANYONE….accountable within the FBI and DOJ about any of this.

    Even an honest broker can be persuaded to not take any action based on the false “logic” that the damage to “the system” would be too great…..and besides “What, at this time, does it matter?”

    Sigh….if Barr actually does something I’ll rejoice. But I’m not going to bet more than a donut hole on him doing jack sheet.


  7. Liberty Liz says:

    I say bring them all down starting at the top!


  8. TwoLaine says:

    Good, a tripwire has been set.

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  9. Blind no longer says:

    David Hogg is that you??? Calling the President’s supporters sycophants, and praising that crazy ass Ann Coulter (she’s dead to me now)…is all we need to know about the troll pretending to have ever been a PDJT supporter!

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  10. albertus magnus says:

    Nothing is going to happen except:

    Mueller Report sent to Barr, no collusion, no obstruction will be charged. A summary indicating what
    some bad/naughty actors within the Trump sphere have already admitted to doing. A big deal will be made about it from all sides.

    Out of the loop Dems/MSM will cry cover-up.
    Out of PDJT’s loop GOP and Patriot allies will DEMAND JUSTICE FOR THE US BY LOCKING THEM UP (The coup folks and Hillary). Wont happen.

    PDJT HAS ALREADY TOLD US THAT HE DOES NOT WANT HILLARY IN JAIL. Why dont some people believe this man?

    PDJT will focus on trade, immigration, de-regulation and reforming the judiciary and TURN the page. His IN-THE-LOOP allies will do the same.

    Some of his supporters will whine and twitch about nothing being done. For those with big megaphones in media, youtube, etc. they will continue to beat the drums for investigating the bad guys. Wont happen, but people who are too angry to pay attention to PDJT’s own statements will support them and add their voices to the cacophony crying for action. Wont happen.

    And DEFINITELY no declassification.

    Same crap, different day.

    And the rest of the MAGA movement will work hard to continue to good work begun by PDJT.


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  11. Suzanne Hawkins says:

    I’ve got to give mega props to Jordan and Meadows… they haven’t let up on uncovering this crapola for one minute. Probably the only two decent and honorable congress cretins in dc

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  12. Imagine POTUS at the next Cabinet Meeting …

    Let’s all welcome AG Bill Barr.

    He’ll be delivering his annual State of Justice address on April 1st.

    Bill will share the TOP TEN OUTCOMES that we have agreed he will produce during 2019.

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  13. rayvandune says:

    If Barr does put Mueller out of business (and hopefully with prejudice!), it will only have been possible because the Republicans maintained control of the Senate, allowing the confirmation an actual AG, instead of some Deep-State running dog! And that was despite the efforts of John McCain (fbuh), who had he been less erratic, might have succeeded in selling us down the river! And let’s not forget the efforts Jeff Flake and Lisa Murkowski, one of whom is still regrettably with us as a Senator! Thanks, Alaska!

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  14. Aeyrie says:

    How do you lure predators into a trap? Good bait and PATIENCE. Allow them to believe they are safe and that they are so much smarter, that they have the advantage… Then WHAM. Not long now. Watch and learn from a master hunter! They themselves will turn out to be the “offering” during their “Season of Sacrifice”. (Go ahead. Look that up, but advise not doing it after a meal.) It will be worth the wait.

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  15. CharterOakie says:

    Quite a meticulous letter by Jordan and Meadows. Two of the absolute best in Congress.

    I’d wager that Weissmann and Ahmad are in some difficulty.


  16. I saw today that the Democrat narrative is changing regarding the “hack”. It wasn’t the Russians, it was another DNC office. My more conspiratorial side still wonders about the Seth Rich narrative and the fact they the special counsel seems to have no interest in the opinions of Wikileaks, Assange, or Kim Dot Com. Still seems to be the silver bullet in stopping all of this is getting to the bottom of the Seth story as much as possible if he truly was the leaker. – Ringo –


  17. Bogeyfree says:

    Anyone notice HRC was complaining about the rule of law being under attack today?

    How ironic right!

    Tells me maybe Barr and the boys are sniffy around her. Remember they always try to misdirect and distract from what is really happening.

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  18. John55 says:

    >>”Representatives Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows send a letter (full pdf below) to AG William Barr questioning the independence of two members of the Mueller team, Zainab Ahmad and Andrew Weissmann.”

    It’s very noticeable that the Senate Republicans, who have far more power than the House Republicans, display zero interest in removing the crooked actors in the DOJ and FBI.

    Weismann is incredibly crooked and has a past history of using threats to extort “confessions” from those people who fall prey to him. His prior convictions in high profile cases were eventually tossed by the courts because of his behavior. It says a lot, none of it good, that a man like this can continue to be employed in the upper ranks of American law enforcement.

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  19. SmilinJackAbbott says:

    On of the biggest mistakes Republicans made was to paint Page & Strzok’s messages as ‘bias’? These messages describe acts not opinions: ‘an insurance policy’, ‘we’ll stop it’. In a court these wouldn’t be presented as evidence of bias. They’d be presented as evidence of a conspiracy.

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  20. Is it irony that the “Respond By” date is March 15th?
    And as SmilinJack implies above, why isn’t the “Special Counsel” team being prosecuted on evidence that has been provided here by Sundance and Team? (I know, rhetorical question that only proves that the Mensheviks have taken full control of Congress).


  21. I’m sure a letter will fix everything…..

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  22. HickTick says:

    Jeff Sessions had the opportunity to Prosecute the biggest political scandal in the history of the world . But he decided to be a hero and try and cover it up .

    I think Barr is way too smart to think he can cover . He knows its all coming out , From Zero on down they are all guilty , there a’int no way they get out of this . Justice must be served .

    Don’t feed these trolls they come over from the hill and fox

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    • aarmad says:

      All Barr has to do is continue on as the doj has done the last couple years. Barr is an establishment Washington insider, a good friend of Mueller. Barr will do nothing to aid the President. Sad, but unless there is some indication otherwise, it will continue.


    • Michael Jones says:

      May that elf eared bitch burn in hell for his TREACHERY!


  23. jeff hansen says:

    Please note this contains the following sentence regarding Mueller’s hiring process: “Mueller did not select his team; the small group of corrupt officials selected him. ”

    This is very interesting. I long ago realized that Mueller’s group never could ethically investigate anything Hillary’s campaign did without violating the Model Rules of Professional Conduct or some equivalent. Since virtually all of the attorney’s had represented some Clinton or an affiliated individual or entity the cloak of the ethical rules would be their justification for any alleged shortcomings in their investigation, as well as a shield from criticism.

    Ironic, right. They will ignore any other violation of the same rules in pursuing Trump, but this will satisfy the MSM for any criticisms that might befall SCO’s one sided approach to the task.

    If true, your statement is true this will have some big implications down the road. If Huber and Horowitz are simply hope-porn for the masses and a great subterfuge by Sessions. AG Barr will have to prepare a number of horribly complex cases to prosecute the DOJ/FBI criminals, let alone the employees from the Sec. of State’s office and the intel agencies. This would cause more delays and put several of the claims at risk due to the statutes of limitation.

    How will this end? I have no idea, but here is one possibility.

    We will first need to see the Mueller probe be concluded with or without a report. Then we must see the OIG report, followed by the declassification of the FISA and other related materials. While I am no expert in federal criminal law and procedure, the earliest any prosecution can begin would be late 2019 or early 2020. Prosecutions will be rolled out in early 2020 and, if not then, 2021.

    So their goal is 2020 and shut down all the investigations by regaining the Presidency. If not, the prosecutions will tear some stuff down and rattle the markets good and proper.

    The only saving grace to this whole sideshow is that Trump seems to grow stronger and more confident by the day. Given all the tentacles of the Mueller investigation, it seems like Trump is pretty confident there is nothing there. A real estate mogul selling condos in NYC to Russians is what one might call “TOTALLY FREAKING NORMAL.” Check the 2013 London papers. There will be any number of articles about all of the Russian money flowing into London real estate. That’s what rich people in foreign countries who have unstable currencies do, e.g. China.

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    • Eric says:

      The thing about the Rules of Professional Conduct, bar rules, and so on is that they’re highly malleable. It’s obvious several judges involved in this whole affair should have been recused, but were not. Why would corrupt lawyers be any different? Sessions took the “high road” and recused himself when there was no actual conflict of interest. And everyone else continued to lie, cheat and violate.

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      • Donzo says:

        That’s one way of looking at it. Another way is thst he took the low road by recusing.

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        • NC Patriot says:

          They had Sessions under investigation, too. That is why hr recused !


          • Fools Gold says:

            Nope. He recused himself because he’s a weak puss and A swamp rat. It’s not like he was a rookie senator who doesn’t know the swamp like the back of his hand…how many years did he stay in the swamp and support the uniparty globalist cucks?

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          • atomicdanishmod50 says:

            Sessions learned that during the campaign became either ensnared under Trump’s illegal FISA or worst had his own FISA around his neck. We will learn more once the Ted Cruz FISA details come to light.


          • atomicdanishmod50 says:

            Sessions learned that during the campaign became either ensnared under Trump’s illegal FISA or worst had his own FISA around his neck. We will learn more once the Ted Cruz FISA details come to light.


          • atomicdanishmod50 says:

            Sessions learned that during the campaign became either ensnared under Trump’s illegal FISA or worst had his own FISA around his neck. We will learn more once the Ted Cruz FISA details come to light.


            • Sessions did not act like a man under any duress; in fact, he was always relaxed and smiling. He was as happy as a pig in slop with Rosenstein; I remember photos of the two of them together, relaxing on adjoining lounge chairs and chatting and smiling, and it was reported they dined together. He most famously asserted that Rosenstein “could investigate himself” if needed. So your assertion means nothing. Sessions was the smiling villain.

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  24. recoverydotgod says:

    “…how we understood his involvement or interest in this stuff that was in the FISA package.”

    David Kramer’s and Christopher Steele’s depositions in Buzzfeed case being released from seal on March 14. Maybe we will see how good McCabe understood the involvement and interest ’bout stuff. I wonder how well the DOJ lawyers understood ’bout stuff in the FISA “package”.

    Chuck Ross | Reporter



    McCabe, who was fired from the FBI on March 16, 2018, said that the bureau’s applications for FISA warrants on Page go “into great detail about our previous relationship, what we thought of the information we were getting from him, how we understood his involvement or interest in this stuff that was in the FISA package.”



  25. Julian says:

    Trump is doing something.

    Trump has sacked Obama holdover Jeff Sessions and finally has his own man Bobby’s Buddy Billy Barr in as AG.

    Trump also has his own FBI Director Chris Wray.

    Trump is Draining the Swamp!!

    Don’t ask Trump to do everything.

    What are you doing?

    Who have you indicted? Who have you arrested??

    What have you declassified?!?!?!?!?

    Getting sick of people saying it’s all up to Trump to “Do Something!!”

    What are you doing?


  26. recoverydotgod says:

    McCabe testifying about conversations with Mueller and Mueller still in process of determining his scope.




  27. jx says:

    Fitton thinks Barr is going to coverup DOJ crimes and Clinton crimes

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  28. TomA says:

    Regardless of what Barr does in regard to prior criminality/sedition/treason within DOJ/FBI, Trump will have to make a decision about the festering wound that is the ongoing coup against him. He can acquiesce to a Deep State coverup and subject his Administration to a thousand cuts of ongoing misery all the way to the 2020 election. Or, he can force declassification and transparency, and then dare the Senate to convict after the House has approved an impeachment indictment. This would put cocaine Mitch in a real bind. Should he orchestrate a conviction, then Civil War 2.0 becomes inevitable and that outcome becomes his legacy.

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  29. Fools Gold says:

    Tell, tell all right here! We’ll see what happens….


  30. Where is Graham’s deep dive? Wray’s explanation of the Stone raid?. Why isn’t Graham talking about congressional measures to curb gag orders of criminal defendants?.

    McCabe and Rosenstein are the low hanging fruit. We need A COUNTER OFFENSIVE!.

    And who knows when the Mueller report will come. Herr Weissman should have been disqualified long ago. Won’ this letter just further delay the report?


  31. Canuk says:

    Sundance.. The Meuller team spent 2+ Years without investigating the Russia collusion narrative and I suspect just as little amount of time on the obstruction narrative.. what I suspect they did with the majority of their efforts was to wipe the trail of the conspirators clean to protect many within, who conspired to take down Mr. Trump. .. damage control. like wiping/destroying/replacing hard drives from Hillary to the DNC to agents cell phones to their Pakistani IT guys.. it’s all about buying time to seek out and destroying the evidence. I doubt at this point that there is much evidence left to make a case for anything of substance. Good luck.. I hope the US can sort out their problems before it all becomes one big uncontrollable swamp, that pulls every country down with them. . God Speed Mr Trump. MAG .. your friends from the north.


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