Report: DOJ Deputy Rod Rosenstein Expected to Depart by Mid March…

Fox News is reporting that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is anticipated to resign mid-March and be replaced by a hand-picked deputy by AG William Barr.  Initial reporting is that Jeffrey Rosen will be the replacement.

FOX – Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is expected to leave his role at the Justice Department by mid-March, a senior DOJ official told Fox News on Monday. (read more)

This timeframe would align with prior reporting that Rosenstein would exit mid-March simultaneous to the completion of the Robert Mueller investigation.

NBC REPORT WASHINGTON — Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who had been overseeing the special counsel investigation, plans to step down after Robert Mueller submits his report, according to administration officials familiar with his thinking.

A source close to Rosenstein said he intends to stay on until Mueller submits a report to the Justice Department on the Russian meddling investigation. The source said that would mean Rosenstein would remain until early March. (link)

If accurate, Jeffrey Rosen, Barr’s choice as deputy to replace Rod Rosenstein, was an attorney at Kirkland & Ellis, Barr’s former law firm, and is currently deputy transportation secretary.  Interestingly that is a connection to Mitch McConnell via Mitch’s wife Elaine Chao who is the current Transporation Secretary.

Previously Mr. Rosen served General Counsel and Senior Policy Advisor for the White House Office of Management and Budget during the George W. Bush administration. Before that, he was also with the Department of Transportation, serving as General Counsel.

Rosen has a B.A. in economics and a J.D. from Harvard.

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291 Responses to Report: DOJ Deputy Rod Rosenstein Expected to Depart by Mid March…

  1. Troublemaker10 says:

    Don’t know how Rosen will do at DOJ yet, but this article from 2017 indicates Rosen was part of Trump’s transition team….and aligned with Trump on regulatory reform.


  2. CTH Fan says:

    I wish everyone would please stop putting out negative opinions even before people are in their respective offices. It is self defeating and demoralizing.

    This is The Last Refuge. It is becoming almost impossible to read here anymore. Things are stressed enough already.

    I sometimes think that this negativity is purposeful to take away our last hope for a better result.

    Be Blessed and think positive thoughts. We can face the downside a lot better with a positive spirit and strong faith.

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    • Carson Napier says:

      No one who has been paying attention to the Deep State and what they have been doing could possible be happy-go-lucky about the state of affairs in the Nation.

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      • BigTalkers says:

        Okay, then contrast our present situation to what Mrs Clinton’s winning would have meant for our nation instead.

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      • GB Bari says:

        There is a LOT of space in between “happy-go-lucky” and constantly moaning, whining, and criticizing the President for essentially holding his own against an entire government, media, academia, and entertainment industry Establishment arrayed and aligned against him and us.

        Personally I think the President is doing an amazing and outstanding job in the face of what would be insurmountable obstacles for anyone else.

        I’m only a little more than a year here in the Treehouse but an awful lot of Johnnys-come-lately seem to not be reading and comprehending as much as simply jumping into posting a lot of negativity.

        50 years of deliberate corruption of the U.S. Establishment isn’t going to be defeated in one or even two terms of President Trump.

        How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That’s how PDJT is approaching the problem and IMHO he’s already made amazing progress exposing large numbers of formerly disguised but truly evil politicians and eneMedia outlets. He has forced the Left to come out of the closet and leave us without any doubt who they are and what they intend to do once back in full power.

        IMO Sundance doesn’t post articles about the problems that PDJT faces just for us to moan and whine about. It’s good information and helps to keep an honest perspective about the challenges he faces in his efforts to correct so much that has been damaged and corrupted by prior Administrations.

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      • LULU says:

        There is a big leap from being “happy-go-lucky” to the concern trolling that goes on here. If we have kicks, we should use our laptops to transmit them to those who might be able to do something about our concerns. To constantly whine about them here is to become yet another member of the anti-Trump media.

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    • cthulhu says:

      If we trust too much on a current alternative, we will brainstorm too little on the next. We can face the downside a lot better with a positive spirit and strong faith and some tentative plans without a crushing sense of defeat than we might with a betrayed sense of trust toward a failed nothingburger — and, face it, look at the track record.

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      • jeff montanye says:

        well i am still planning on voting for donald trump in 2020 but intend to change my voter registration to democrat so as to be able to vote for tulsi gabbard in the 2020 presidential primaries. i think a gabbard trump election should send a certain quiver to the gonads of the deep state.

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    • LBB says:

      Well the resistance isn’t taking the Rosenstein departure that well. They are trying to digest what that means with Mueller. If Rosenstein wasn’t suppose to leave until Mueller done, how could it be possible for him to leave in a couple of weeks. They have had great visions of what the Mueller finale (in their favor) was going to look like.

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      • convert says:

        Heh heh. Poor little deluded idiots. They don’t have a clue what is actually what! Their pothead brains have been expecting to see the orangeman in hand cuffs, and they are completely cluless about all the stuff we know. It’s going to be awesome to watch the misery when it finally becomes undeniable that Trump won a second time. 😀

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      • Robert Smith says:

        I think mid-March means end of February. It’s bad enough what he might have done, look at what he is being accused of. He can’t stay around very long at all if you are trying to resuscitate the institution.

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        • I BELIEVE THAT Barr asked Ol’ Rosie to stay until he has given a disposition and to finalize any/all investigations that involve PDJT!!! Which means that when Rosie goes, so does Mueller and the crimes these cretins have committed will be out in the public domain for all to see.

          Wonder if 2 in back of head is going to be going on for all???? HMMMMM!!!

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      • Jederman says:

        I think little adam schitt announced the play. He stated that he intends to pick up where mueller left off. I forgot exactly what the new PT crime de jour will be though, but it doesn’t matter does it.

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        • Harvey Lipschitz says:

          Adum Schiess has 2 problems. There are Republicans on his committee and he has no powers beyond coercing testimony.
          He can’t do storm trooper raids.


        • ms doodlebug says:

          From what Schiff has said it’s going to be a rehash attempt to prove he is right and everyone else is wrong. The goal seems to be ‘keeping President Trump under investigation’ in hopes that people will vote against him ‘just because’ he’s under investigation. I think we should counter that Schiff was inappropriately meeting with Glenn Simpson. Do as the democrats do. Make a big deal out of it whether or not it was just a chance meeting. Cast doubt on Schiff.


      • kiswa15 says:

        If you travel through leftist/progressive sights and read the commentary especially after Roger Stone arrest, the moonbats truly believe that PDJT is going to be arrested and his children drug through the streets in chains.
        Their detachment from reality is scary.

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      • Amy2 says:

        I don’t care when RR leaves, as long as it’s in hand cuffs.


    • cali says:

      @CTH fan: ^^^^^^^^^this – thanks!

      When reading here including the comments it comes across as though all of these coup plotters going to be continuing in their seditious and treasonous acts.
      It splits the MAGA movement and that is the sad part.

      President Trump is not such a bumbling person to allow this coup and its plotters just ‘going away’. On the contrary – once again – there is a lot going on in silence and behind the scene against this entrenched deep state.
      The constant negativity of ‘nothing going to happen to these corrupt players’ is off putting especially when that is not the case at all.

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      • spinoneone says:

        I would love to see Rosenstein exiting the DoJ building in handcuffs. Then Mr. Rosen can supervise the next special prosecutor.

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        • kiswa15 says:

          You don’t know what Rod Rosenstein has done or not done. He was appointed by the President.
          During the Menorah lighting ceremony 3 months ago, PDJT recognized Rosenstein before he recognized his own daughter. He called him out by name, wanted him in the front, said he deserved a place of honor, and held a round of applause for him.
          Donald Trump doesn’t do that for his enemies.
          Traitors are fired like James Comey.


          • dawg says:

            Couldnt find them at the Menorah lighting so I guess you mean at the Hanukkah Reception? If so, thats not an accurate account. He introduced his daughter before Rosenstein, then was introducing cabinet members, said Mnuchin, then Rosey, “Wheres Rod?” then asked why he was in the back, and then said “Hes entitled to a much better location than that.” “Thank you Rod, very much.”

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          • Amy2 says:

            RR signed one of the FISA’s. Even if he had a mea culpa, it didn’t even last until his congressional testimony. Not to mention offering to wear a wire….


      • YeahYouRight says:

        Thing is, we’ve been conditioned to temper our optimism over the last two years. Did any of us expect any of this to be allowed to simply play out, resulting in prison for some ancillary players’ process crimes? We come here hoping for some indication that PDJT will win the day, but all he has managed to do is outwardly survive. The big “breakthrough” epiphany last night was that PDJT was the TARGET of this cluster? Hello? Of course he was!

        I am amazed by what our president has accomplished under such adversity, he is a true patriotic hero. That doesn’t mean I am not sickened by the heretofore unthinkable events of the past few years, at least in this country, and how this President and his voters have been thwarted. Sometimes it is nice to commiserate with like-minded people. I do not see how that could possibly “split the MAGA movement.”


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      • Name one person who has yet to suffer the consequences for their seditious behavior. No one has been charged. So pardon me if I have little hope that anyone will suffer the consequences for their acts. Nothing has even been declassified yet. So no, I don’t have hope that anyone will pay or that anything will change. Our constitutional republic is actively being destroyed. Our constitution hangs by a thread. There are too few patriots left with enough power to make a difference. I’m terrified for the future of my country, for the future of my grandchildren. I love what Trump is doing but he is one man. I feel like average voters, due to their busy lives, aren’t paying enough attention to what is going on, that they vote based on personality. The legacy media is essentially nothing but democratic/socialist propaganda. They certainly convinced my daughters that Trump is evil incarnate. So I do worry about the 2020 election. Okay, that is long enough. Sorry for the rant. I rarely talk about how I feel (especially in my family) and almost never comment so I kinda went crazy🙄


    • Tripp says:

      Once again I would like to remind everyone of the following:
      “There is nothing so hard in war as the heroic feat of holding back.”
      This is war.

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    • Free Speech says:

      I’ve come here less and less over the past year because the place has gotten so defeatist and negative. It was fun as all get out during POTUS’s run in 2016. What happened?

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      • bayoukiki says:

        @Free Speech – I know what you mean but I’m not giving up yet

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      • Jederman says:

        I didn’t know this site was all about PT. I thought it was about this great country, with a focus on the existential threat it currently faces with the DS, among other things.

        I do not believe PT walks on water. He is fallible, but I believe despite that, this country is fortune to have him as president at this critical time. We are indeed lucky. I will vote for him again, but I took off the rose colored glasses years ago.

        There are no butterflies and rainbows in American politics. Someday maybe, but the gritty, ugly truth is that our way of life is under threat and we’re at the proverbial fork in the road. It makes many of us a little edgy.

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      • antiqueiron says:

        I can maybe explain that. In the beginning, it was all cheerleading. Now, two years of reality has set in. Those of us here who are experienced, are reacting to the events as they occur. We try to analyze what we can observe & make some sense of what we end up with, until more data emerges or an event occurs.

        Politics isn’t all fun & games, like rallies and speeches. It’s not ALL rah rah, isn’t Trump great! It’s a hard core, hardball, life n death struggle. It’s about ebb and flow, up & down. Our country is literally at stake & we only have ONE ally, President Trump. He’s done a truly outstanding job against a massive array of big time, ruthless enemies and their countermeasures. It all hasn’t gone well, it’s not all been sunshine & lollypops like the campaign. We, and Trump are human, we can & do make mistakes, it happens. But much has gone very, very well too! This thing seems to be coming to a head. It’s going to get really, really hairy for a while I believe. Winning the whole enchilada is NOT certain. If you want the all cheering & rah rah all the time stuff, politics is not the place to be.

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        • LULU says:

          Some posters are trying to look pragmatic and not all rah-rah by latching onto every negative rumor that comes along, trying to read between media lines, and doing their own negative analyses of what happened or may happen or what words might mean or not. Grabbing at straws is the oldtime phrase. Much of the media’s reporting is about like their despicable handling of the Smollett debacle. But they are in the clickbait, “who can gotcha Trump first”, camp… We don’t need to play their game here, do we?

          Here we have posters who are either so negative that the glass is always half empty. or they are trying to hedge their bets so that they are not accused of being – God forbid – Trump cheerleaders. They don’t seem to understand that it is his policies that got him elected. His supporters do not belong to a cult of personality, but support his patriotism and policies. He at least has the right (Right) ideas and is not afraid to talk about them, loudly and publicly and consistently. No one else has.

          I cast a very jaundiced eye on the Eeyores who are constantly badmouthing President Trump here. They are trying to swim upstream. Or divide his supporters. Or plant propaganda the way the Dem Underground types have always tried to do?

          It is tiresome.


    • Bruce Fauth says:

      I’ll feel blessed if Rod leaves in handcuffs


    • dbobway says:

      Before the November election, I read a few Op-ed’s claiming, losing the house to the Democrats wouldn’t be much different than the small majority the GOP had before the election. The same Op-ed’s mentioned getting rid of the poison Rep.’s from the GOP, who were leaving, was more important than winning the House.

      President Trump wasn’t campaigning directly, for the House candidates,
      He was campaigning for the Senate instead. I viewed losing the House was a big loss to the Presidents ability to help fix our country.

      I was wrong!

      The Democrat led House of Representatives has been a gift that keeps on giving.
      I remember when we acted out how our government worked in civics class in High School.
      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has yet to take that class.
      The media is still talking to all of the same people, and the white noise is still the same, except one subject.

      The scam is out in the open for the world to see.

      ‘The deep state’
      Andrew McCabe just told the world, on 60 minutes,
      If he goes down, he will ‘rat’ on everyone.
      Look for the rest of the ‘rats’ to start butting into the ‘rat’ line, to ‘rat’ first.
      AG Bill Barr is going to become a ‘rat’ referee, more than a prosecutor.

      ‘The Economy’
      Every business news show, even fox, claims the economy is going to falter.
      They don’t know why, “It’s just a feeling.”
      The economy is about to get into Reaganisc GDP numbers.
      Predictions don’t hold up to hard facts, especially on mainstreet.

      ‘illegal alien invasion’
      We will find out, in the last month,
      We have turned this problem in a positive direction moving forward.

      Am I still worried about the future of our great country?
      Yes I am.
      ‘But’ I feel a lot better than I did on Nov.6th, 2018.

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    • son of liberty says:

      I come to this site for insight and analysis especially by Sundance in whom I have deep respect. I don’t come to depressed or elated. As a patriot I remain skeptical that the huge government that has been built in many of our lifetimes means the average American any good. I real victory by JDT would be slashing the FBI, DOJ, EPA, NSA and all the other Deep State organs of repression down to size or even destroyed. That won’t happen but it is a goal patriots should work for. WE have been complacent my friends and allowed this to happen on our watch. I’m beginning to think it may require a military coup to really restore our constitutional republic.


      • madeline says:

        Titus, I just read your posted article about birthright citizenship. I have read it before regarding Obama. It made me think about Justice John Roberts children since they were born in Ireland, trafficked to South America then brought to America– what is the citizenship status of his two children?


    • Mr. T. says:

      CTH Fan, I’m not some Johnny Come Lately here, just like many of the other regulars aren’t who have been here for quite some time. Many of them have just followed CTH, and only recently have decided to actually posts or to respond to posts. That being said, many of us here do not go through life wearing rose colored glasses, nor do we live our lives while our heads are buried in the sand. We are positive when there are things to be positive about, such as having Trump as our President. We aren’t cheerful when we see all of the corruption in the swamp taking place daily and right under our noses. We especially get upset when see someone like Jeff Sessions, who President Trump trusted, who not only betrayed our POTUS and the American People, but who was a very incompetent USAG. He’s the moron who picked Rod Rosenstein, and even defended him when he should have shown Rosenstein’s sorry ass to the door.

      There’s much wrong with our US Government today. It didn’t get that way overnight and as someone else pointed out, it will take more than two POTUS terms to clean it up. While we support President Trump 110%, we are not going to put on a cheerleader’s outfit, wave pom-poms and yell out cheers like all is right with the country, because it’s not. We’re mad as hell and quite frankly, we’re not going to just sit around pretending that everything is going to be okay because it’s up to, We, The People, to put the pressure on and to keep it on those in D.C. who are supposed to be representing US, not their special interests puppet-masters, or the Clintons, or anyone else who has or will do harm to We, The People. There has been quite enough of that done already. I and others are very concerned that what is happening in California, is going to sweep east and poison the rest of the country, and believe me, there are idiots in the U.S. Congress who aim to do just that if they get their way, which I hope never happens.

      Sit around the camp fire and sing Kum Bah Ya to make yourself feel all gooey inside, CTH Fan. Just please don’t criticize those of us pushing for change. We were successful in getting President Trump elected, when so many said that it was a shoe-in for Hildabeast. We won that battle, but we still haven’t won the war as we have many battles still yet to fight, including and especially in 2020, which is just around the corner and will be here before you know it.

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      • madeline says:

        We should start a petition stating that PDJT should get an additional 2 years of his presidency because the FBI, DOJ and the SC have stolen his ability to have his four years promised by the coup attempt that still lingers. He should not need to run again until 2022!

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  3. pigletrios says:

    How about right damn now???? the gig is up… nothing left to sweep under the carpet.

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    • dbdb says:

      Barr represents a huge dose of light (release DECLAS & OIG Report) and all of the pain that they will generate. RR single handedly withheld the release and will reap the reward. We The People can handle the truth, but the lies and conflation will destroy the country!

      For those that decry the conspiracy theorist, please consider the total destruction of trust! When we have no truth we, by nature, imagine the worst as a measure of risk. We didn’t create this environment, we are only attempting to cope with it!

      I fear that we got just that close, to losing everything that we valued in America!!!
      We once were something more than a big piece of land, We could be great again!

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  4. MAGAbear says:

    Can’t Barr just fire the rat Rosenstein now? Or just arrest him now instead?

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  5. teeheeman says:

    How about “Rod” departs tomorrow??? Give him a little more time to find a lawyer specializing in treasonous activities.

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  6. CaMaven says:

    Hope he’s not another swamp creature. Barr seems to have some very unconstitutional stances.


  7. emeraldcoaster says:

    And what is keeping AG Barr from dismissing DAG Rosenstein posthaste? Mueller works for the DOJ and now answers to the AG. Unless they’re all part of the same pack, why not kick the rat to the curb now?

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    • smartyjones1 says:

      While enjoyable to the outsiders like us, there’s a matter requiring the transition. I’d expect that this mid-March prediction by media is going to land up hitting sooner. AG Barr will not delay any change. He’s bringing on his team and how that ensues will likely determine the finality on Rod Rosenstein’s departure.


  8. Mr.G says:

    No one knows if Rosen will be the AAG pick. No one knows for sure what Barr will do or more importantly, what he will not do. Barr is known for being a strong proponent of Executive authority. He clerked for a Judge who held that Nixon didn’t have to turn the tapes over. He was with the DOJ less than 10 years so he doesn’t appear to be a life long bureaucrat. Barr graduated from Columbia so he is Ivy but not a “Yalie”.

    I don’t think Trump could have done much better (getting an AG confirmed). HW Bush gave Barr his start in the DOJ…Something tells me GW Bush is pulling some strings in the background.

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    • Barr also went into CIA straight out of HS and was a handler for Iran-Contra military training in Mena, AR while Clinton was Gov. and he organized the Iran-Contra pardons/cleanup. He’s been a Deep State Fixer his entire career, across 3 presidents. I think he’s uniquely qualified to wrap up Spygate, round up some mid-level suspects, let the senior people walk, protect the agencies, and protect the MAGA agenda until 2020 elections. Trump lately has been bragging about “exposing” the corruption maybe being his greatest achievement. Not prosecuting, just exposing. Who knows? We shall see parts of it. I’ll support whatever deals PDJT makes.

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      • Cite the sources…ALL OF THEM!!! You put out the information as this is what he is…


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        • Mr. T. says:

          For Pete’s sake, eagledriver50, if you’re going to get after someone else for what you consider to be bogus information, then at least get your own facts straight before you do.

          The CIA owned covert civilian air transport company conducting operations in Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, was known as AIR AMERICA.


  9. Beverly says:

    Rosenstein is, in reality, Bat Boy grown up:

    See the resemblance? Explains a few things, doesn’t it? 😉

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  10. Countrywatch says:

    Very interesting thread on Rosenstein by Draw and strike:

    He definitely believes that all is not as is being portrayed.

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    • Countrywatch says:

      Easier link to follow regarding my above post on Brian Cates thread on Rosenstein:


      • Doreen Scott says:

        Rosenstein sure does look like Heinrich Himmler giving the Heil Hitler salute in that picture.


        • BigTalkers says:

          Speaking of which, the Networks are now engaging in their best “Joe Goebbels” imitations in a last ditch effort to cover all this up.

          It makes me wonder what the Dems must have in the form of “blackmail” to have them walk the plank for them one final time…?


        • BigTalkers says:

          …With the MSM still doing their best Joe Goebbels-style reporting to try to keep what actually happened covered up.


      • Zorro says:

        So the former “Stealth Jeff” thinks POTUS somehow trusted RR with all the details of the spying and corruption that he knew of and didn’t think it was a risk that RR would relay to the coupsters what he Trump knew.

        Trust “Stealth Jeff”.


      • Lefty says:

        Sorry, I still can’t buy into the fact that RR is on Trumps side after all that has gone on…. all that RR allowed to go on…..
        RR pens a Comey firing Memo and then freaks out when he is given credit for it.
        RR turns around and appoints a SC to investigate all things Trump.
        RR appoints Comey besty Mueller to be the SC?
        RR then gives the SC extremely broad, arguably much too broad, powers to investigate anything and everything trump, even crap going back years.
        RR watches Mueller raid a personal lawyer to Trump.
        RR allows the coup plotters to continue with their plan, even going so far as to sign another FISA extension for them to do so….

        Sorry, I can’t see how RR is on Trumps side after all he has been involved with, or looked the other way while it went on.


  11. Petey says:

    Fifteen minutes after McCabe s interview Rod was sitting in DJT office telling him what really happened, and gave DJT all the files that prove what happened but since DJT had copies before Rod showed up DJT was able to call B/S on some of the stuff. Andy may have gotten the first word in but Rod filled in all the blanks. These guys have been stabbing each other in the back for years , everything they did is documented. The only question is how does DJT play this? My guess is he lets Rod resign but keeps Rod s passport. My guess is this whole mess is DJT s 2020 October surprise


    • BigTalkers says:

      The only “surprise” to me will be if this actually happens.

      …The plus side being it was the NSA’s Adm Rogers who blew the whistle on the Govt’s attempted cabal to remove an elected President, which makes the existence of all the WRITTEN AND RECORDED EVIDENCE being intact highly likely.


  12. BigTalkers says:

    I am patiently awaiting for 3 events to unfold…

    1. The President disclosing what he knows, which will effectively be an “Atom Bomb” dropped at Ground Zero on the Deep State,

    2. Publication of Mrs Clinton’s 600,000 emails and texts stored on the Weiner/Abedin laptop,

    3. A serious formal nvestigation into the McCabe / Rosenstein / Mueller “Crime Team,”

    …Any one of which will make me eternally happy!


  13. George 1 says:

    All incestuous and all just for the benefit deep state. Rosenstein replaced by Rosen. Too funny. Barr’s old buddy. It would be laughable if not for the fact that the entire world is in jeopardy because of these people.

    Not only do the LEOs and Intel apparatus think they are entitled to pick the President, they are now attempting to drag us into a war with Itan.

    The FBI and CIA should be abolished. They are very dangerous to children and other living things.


    • BigTalkers says:

      There was a time when our “Defense Industry” had the clout to involve us in open ended warfare. But that era has largely passed, as witnessed by the fact they’re having to hold onto a remote outpost like Afghanistan by their fingernails.

      Meanwhile, they’ve been replaced at the top of the Lobbyist food chain by the much richer “Digital Information” conglomerates, who while they present their own new set of problems, are anything but “warmongers.”


      • George 1 says:

        I hope it is true that their time is passed. However if true they sure had their last hurrah lately when they overthrew the government’s of Lybia, Syria and Egypt. Inflicting death upon who knows how many hundreds of thousands of Innocents. Including many thousands of Christians.


  14. railer says:

    I’d be careful believing these unsourced reports. I can believe that Barr wants his handpicked guy in there, which implies the leak could have come from him. Barr’s Deep State and so likely is his guy. That makes sense.

    That doesn’t mean the leak’s real or that Rosenstein’s departure should even come on Barr’s terms. Trump has leveraged Rosenstein to at least a minor extent, and his leaving might not even be in Trump’s interest right now.

    Wait and see for now. If the WH hasn’t made any indications to this point as to timing, then I believe none of these leaks right now.

    When you got ’em by the ‘nads, their hearts and minds will follow. Right now, Barr and Trump are tussling as to how this is going to go, and staffing is one of Trump’s weapons. He can appoint Barr’s first choice… or not. He can go along with Rosenstein’s removal… or not. He can appoint Rosenstein’s replacement… or not. He can threaten a declass…or not. He can even fire Barr… or not.

    Barr just got in. Let the first flush wear off. With gundogs we sometimes say “Let ’em run the stink off”. Let Barr come to Trump with a plan of action. Then they can begin their negotiation. This may take months. Be not afraid.


  15. Zippy says:

    Jeffrey A. Rosen starting at 20:39 –

    The Mechanics of Regulatory Reform – The Federalist Society
    25 Apr 2018


  16. Zippy says:

    WHY Rosenstein is leaving next month – it would prevent the use of the “administrative cudgel” which would REQUIRE him to testify under OATH about what happened, but only IF he was still in the DOJ. As a civilian he can take the fifth. Start at 38:00:


  17. Linda Jean Burkett says:

    Maybe PDJT just finalized the deal. The criminals walk away, and he gets closure of the Mueller fraud investigation. This may be how business is conducted in a corporate setting but we want to see some of these traitors walk the plank. If they pay no price for their perfidy, it will continue and get worse.


  18. Roberta says:

    Old New re RR (January). Just a wee new bit: AG’s choice to fill the spot. One day (or less) news cycle? Short term memory deficits? Good grief, Charlie Brown!


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