President Trump Tweets Interesting Response to McCabe’s Soft Coup Diatribe…

President Donald Trump tweets a reaction to the 60 minutes interview by former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe; where McCabe outlined a concerted effort by the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to participate in a seditious ‘soft coup’ scheme against the president:

One of the points of disagreement amid those who research the deep weeds on ‘spygate’  has always been the oval office meeting between President Trump, DAG Rosenstein and Robert Mueller on the day before Rosenstein appointed Mueller as special counsel.

For over a year the TTP group has highlighted this meeting as Rosetta-Stone evidence that Mueller, Rosenstein and Trump were working together to deconstruct deep state usurpers. However, that perspective always seemed to be a rather absurd stretch.

Given the latest series of points highlighted by the public admission of the soft-coup plotters, a more Occam’s razor likelihood is that DAG Rosenstein didn’t actually wear an electronic wire to record the president, but rather chose instead to carry a human recorder to accomplish the same objective.  Robert Mueller was likely that human recording device.

AG Bill Barr has a mess on his hands.

Remember, back when this entire nonsense began, President Trump strongly said he had nothing to do with any coordination with Russia; nothing to do with collusion with Russia; and also stated he was okay with the investigation as it looked into the propriety of people within the 2016 campaign. However, these statements were also with the assumption, held by himself as a result of -perhaps false- confirmations from James Comey, that he himself was not a target.

A few weeks ago HPSCI member Devin Nunes was speculating that President Trump was the actual target all along.  The latest admissions by former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe specifically outlined how he opened two additional investigations of President Trump as a result of the Comey firing.  One investigation was criminal (obstruction of justice), and a second was counterintelligence (was the obstruction due to Trump being a Russian asset.

If the reporting (based on leaks) that has surfaced in the two-plus years of the investigation is accurate; and if Andrew McCabe did open two additional FBI investigations of President Trump on May 10th, 2017; then it is likely the clarification memo that Mueller requested from Rosenstein was about that issue.

If the mandate given to Robert Mueller was to specifically investigate the sitting president of the United States as an active participant, and subsequent target, for a counterintelligence operation, then DAG Rod Rosenstein -and Mueller- would have to hide that mandate from everyone and anyone.  Thus Mueller and Rosenstein would keep the August 2017 Scope Memo hidden from review…. which is exactly what they did.


President Trump would be the target and none of the principles would be able to discuss the key elements specifically because of this extra-constitutional issue.

All of President Trump’s prior commentary would be based on a (2017/2018) assumption that he was not the target of the FBI probe that was eventually turned over to Mueller by Rosenstein.  If the origination instruction from Rosenstein to Mueller includes the specific charge to investigate the President; then all prior assumptions -including those held by President Trump- are invalid.


  • Rosenstein (or any DOJ/FBI official) would always be engaging with POTUS as a target.  All conversation would be clouded by that aspect. As a result, Rosenstein could never be fully honest with President Trump; or answer any question therein.
  • Any action taken by President Trump (emphasis on “any”) would therefore potentially be direct influence by the President toward an investigation that held him as a target.  He could never be permitted to approach the investigation…. yet he would never find anyone with an honest answer as to why he cannot approach the investigation.

We previously pondered this aspect when we outlined “the declassification conundrum“.  However, at the time we did not evaluate the classifications issue from a target perspective; we were evaluating the issue as if President Trump was the victim of the illegal targeting.

If you flip the paradigm and now look at what actions President Trump could take, while reconsidering that he is the principle target, well, two years of contradictory things start to make more sense.

The conversation, and inability of Rosenstein to be honest with POTUS, changes the dynamic of this tweet:

POTUS writing: “may have a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe” takes on a whole new meaning when you consider a conversation where Rosenstein cannot be honest with the target of the “Russia probe”…. and the target has essentially no idea.

Remember, throughout 2017 and 2018, the basic assumption -due to visible and public declarations by the DOJ- was that Mueller was conducting an investigation into Russian interference with the election; and/or other matters that may surface as an outcome of that investigation.  However, we never knew (still don’t) the actual content of the August 2017 clarification mandate that Rosenstein gave to Mueller (see below):

If accurate, we can imagine a conversation where Mueller approaches Rosenstein in July and August 2017:

Mueller: “Rod, if you want me to consider President Trump a specific target of the investigation, you’re going to have to give some specific expansion of the investigation, in writing, to look into all the stuff inside this dossier.”

Rosenstein: “OK Bob, I’ll put it in writing, but we’ve got to keep this part away from view or the targets will know we’re using an unvetted dossier, which could be portrayed as political opposition research funded by Clinton, as evidence against them…. fair enough?”

Accepting Devin Nunes prior speculation as accurate (after much more thought, it likely is); and accepting Andrew McCabe is accurate in his admission of opening two investigations of Trump after the Comey firing; the redacted portion of the published mandate would be the part where President Trump is outlined as a target.

A direct target, or an indirect target, matters not.  What matters is that President Trump is A TARGET.   That would explain why Mueller requested that Rosenstein write down a much more expanded explanation for the mandate that no-one, [NO-ONE other than Judge Ellis (Manafort case)], has ever seen.

Knowing he would be entering into this foray where President Trump is the target, you can easily see why Mueller would want to meet with President Trump ahead of accepting the job.  The entire enterprise would be fraught with tenuous extra-constitutional issues. Mueller’s target is the most powerful person in the world; and the ramifications are rather stunning.

Any action taken by President Trump to declassify documents, that would show the dubious structure of the originating FBI investigation, would now be considered as: the target of the investigation undermining the investigation into himself.

Under this principle, congress requesting President Trump to declassify documents showing the unlawful nature of the investigative origination is an exercise in futility.

Congress is asking the target of the unlawful investigation to declassify evidence that was assembled against him.  The target then turns to the people who are investigating him and says please declassify….. however, the receiver (DOJ) is getting a request from their target.

Getting a declassification request from Congress is one thing; but getting a declassification request from the target of their investigation is a request they can neither fulfill nor explain their lack of fulfillment.

From the position of the DOJ:

As a counterintelligence target President Trump cannot declassify evidence, nor can he direct anyone to declassifying any evidence on his behalf.


Ultimately the only person who can correct this issue appears to be the same person who started this entire mess, Rod Rosenstein.  Which likely explains why he said he will leave the DOJ when Mueller is finished.

WASHINGTON — Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who had been overseeing the special counsel investigation, plans to step down after Robert Mueller submits his report, according to administration officials familiar with his thinking.

A source close to Rosenstein said he intends to stay on until Mueller submits a report to the Justice Department on the Russian meddling investigation. The source said that would mean Rosenstein would remain until early March. (link)

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein initiated the continued investigation into President Trump by authorizing, and later clarifying, that Mueller is to proceed with the special counsel mandate that includes President Trump as a target.

….And knowing that dynamic completely changes the background review about how corrupt Andrew McCabe’s allies in the FBI and media started leveraging against Rod Rosenstein for their own benefit.

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518 Responses to President Trump Tweets Interesting Response to McCabe’s Soft Coup Diatribe…

  1. Streak 264 says:

    Obama was allowed to have a secret kill list. Why doesn’t Trump use that method to drain the swamp?

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  2. trialbytruth says:

    President trump says in his tweet

    “look like they were planning a very illegal act and got caught”

    The statement is past tense and indicates they did not succeed.

    Thoughts and expansions anyone?? Am I alone in thinking trump is telling us he has this and has for some time?

    Were they caught in the act?

    How would the Secret service react if someone tried to bug the president regardless of authority? I don’t think they could keep this a secret if they went through all the necessary channels.

    Sundance brings up the very valid notion that Rosenstein brought in Mueller to be the tape recorder. It is easy to imagine rosey trying to get Trump to launch into a tiraid regarding Russia. Trying to get Trump to go on record pressuring Rosey or Mueller.

    I don’t have answers but Trump has battled with tougher and smarter guys then these. I can only imagine how many times people attempted to set hi, up for money or an edge.My guess is he can smell it like 5 day old fish.

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    • Santiago1314 says:

      Trump had this since the Day Nunes Walked into the White House, and was shown the “Secrets” of what the Obama Swamp D’Etat was all about… He has been playing it up, to time Convictions and Impeachment failures just prior to Elections…5th Level kind of Stuff.!!!

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    • cali says:

      @trialbytruth: Great comment!

      The white house was wired to record the president by none other than the Obama gang before leaving ergo the president mentioning very early on after the Comey firing “I hope there are no tapes”.
      Remember president Trump vacated the white house not only to renovate but also to remove all the devices placed by the coup participants and Obama white house.

      Rod Rosenstein was indeed acting together with Mueller as the firewall. What also dropped two days ago on the chan board is the fact that Rosenstein indeed solicitated two cabinet members of the Trump administration to assist are moving the president.

      One of the two was none other than VP Pence!! Imagine that although he aided in the removal of Flynn. Pence and P Ryan were the two thought to be replacing president Trump after their coup had succeeded.

      FISA works both ways!

      Keep that in mind as the more will come as all of them thought themselves to be save from discovery of their treason.

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    • What you and Sundance are advocating is tantamount to TREASON, punishable by DEATH. That is the ERROR in thinking that the President cannot declassify anything for fear of prosecution for obstruction. That premise is so flawed it is laughable.

      First, Trump is THE classification authority. NO ONE can hide, shield, or obscure ANYTHING from him PERIOD, else it is a CRIME. Second, absent real TANGIBLE VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE. RR, Mueller, or ANYONE else who participated in a “secret” investigation of the President is a TRAITOR, and MUST be treated as such.

      IF Trump found out about their TREASON, he would be absolutely 100% justified in EXPOSING that act through declassification. He would NOT be scared of releasing the TRUTH. You cannot obstruct by revealing a CRIME. You cannot violate your oath by seeking TRUTH and JUSTICE.

      No matter how you slice it, Trump HAS THEM ALL. They got caught with not only their hands, but their arms and legs in the cookie jar. The SCOTUS has ruled, absent a CRIME, that the POTUS CANNOT obstruct justice, he IS justice. They have ALSO opined that absent a CRIME, a SITTING President CANNOT be indicted.

      So, how in the hell would it even be conceivable for RR and Mueller to ATTEMPT a COUP by hiding their attempt by LYING to their boss, the President, and then “threatening” him with obstruction or impeachment should he seek to reveal the truth. That is ASININE. ANY memo would NOT be worth the paper it was written on…except when prosecuting the TRAITORS for their attempted coup.

      IF that is what RR, Mueller, and the Cabal have hung their hat on in this, they should be executed for STUPIDITY as well as treason. Only an IDIOT would think that this would succeed, and it would never be revealed. IF what Sundance has postulated WAS their insurance plan, they need a new underwriter. The Truth is like a lion, it does not NEED defending, it merely needs to be released and it will defend ITSELF.

      If that was their plan, they are going back to thinking that Trump is Elmer Fudd. It will cost them ALL dearly for that mistake. Trump WILL release it ALL, and it IS coming very soon. Notice words like coup, cabal, treason, traitor, and controlling authority are NOW in the news cycle. This is NOT against Trump, but against the Cabal.

      I think we are going to need a bigger set of gallows. Trump may get a third term simply because his second will be ENTIRELY about prosecuting all the coupists. (I know he is only allowed 2, but AFTER THIS FARCE, who could NOT see an updated amendment for this case)

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  3. trapper says:

    “AG Bill Barr has a mess on his hands.”

    He knows it full well. Dad’s home. Party’s over.

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  4. CN says:

    Old Drawandstrike will defend Rosenstein with his last breath. It’s schizophrenic, really


    • Like the old Chinese king fu movies say, “Look for their strength, and you will also find their weakness.” When people write about a subject frequently, they tend to get into a groove that turns into a rut then a grave. Drawandstrike’s grave has hit bedrock. But he still has some fresh thoughts on other areas.


  5. Cathy M. says:

    Considering the left’s reactions after Pres Trump made the taunting remark – ‘Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you can find Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails’. . .

    I’ve believed from the outset that Pres Trump was the primary target of the investigations.

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    • when the left and deep state implants in Hollywood and the media started going Yosemite Sam r.e. that absolutely hilarious comment, it was a dead giveaway that they were lying and trying to frame the ‘Russian agent’ narrative. Always picture the fake deep-furrowed-brow, the phony outrage and outright spin regarding this biting incredibly funny statement…. dead giveaway regarding their nefarious intent.

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    • I always wondered why Trump’s joke about Russia finding Hillary’s emails was never debunked. Hillary turned over “all” her work-related emails by March 2015. Hillary had repeatedly changed servers and wiped them “like, with a cloth.” 13 devices wiped, smashed, destroyed, SIM cards removed. The FBI was satisfied it had all her work emails, and closed their ‘investigation’ on July 5, 2016.

      Then Trump makes his joke on July 27, 2016 and the MSM still thinks there’s any chance those 33,000 emails are still out there waiting to get hacked by Russians? Impossible! Why is that never pointed out to the MSM?


    • EVERYONE with more than 2 brain cells to rub together knew it…so what makes ANYONE think Trump didn’t. Trump is A LOT of things, naive isn’t one of them. They ALL will pay DEARLY for their treachery.


  6. Could Mueller, with his brand new ‘scope’ memo from Rosey, have gone to the FISC and requested surveillance on the POTUS (present and past)?

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    • Even more, I bet if he did the FISC judge would have balked and the loon John Roberts step in and approve it.

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      • I believe that Mueller took over the “warrants” from the FBI investigations which were the FISC warrants, which if I’m not mistaken, were carte blanche. Sundance maybe can shed some light. Either way, AGBarr can only win if he takes the interlopers, all, to task.
        Aside: I agree with Sundance. Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller are no good.
        LOVE the TreeHouse.

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    • Most likely he did. In doing so, he signed his OWN death warrant. No BS scope memo telling him to commit TREASON will save his ass.

      One would think the former 10 year FBI director would have requested EVIDENCE before opening an investigation INTO HIS BOSS who just also happens to be the President of the United States.

      IF ol Bob is hoping to save his neck by saying “he was just following orders” and that “he had permission” He is a bigger dumb ass than I thought. Hey Bob, better see if you life insurance riders cover execution for TREASON.


  7. Bassplayer says:

    Absolutely absurd to think that Trump didn’t think he was a target of the Mueller investigation. Really SD? Occam’s Razor much?

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    • JT says:

      If he did know (and seems likely he did/does) it’s probably why he keeps pointing out that they told him he wasn’t a target so when it comes out he was, he has reminded us all they lied over and over again.

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      • Amy2 says:

        Yes, Comey is on record saying he wasn’t a target. Agree!

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        • MelH says:

          Comey is on record FOUR times saying Trump was not a target. The part i hate is that Comey refused the Trump request to tell the public he was not a target of the investigation, so Trump fired Comey. That was reported as the reason for the firing, at monday’s press Conference. On Tuesday, when a reporter asked why Comey was fired, Trump said it was about that Russia Investigation, so Monday’s reason was then passed around as a Trump lie when actually both reasons for firing were the same; Comey refused to tell the pubic Trump was not under investigation.

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    • farrier105 says:

      “Any action taken by President Trump to declassify documents, that would show the dubious structure of the originating FBI investigation, would now be considered as: the target of the investigation undermining the investigation into himself.”

      They keep using the term “target.” In real life the term is “Subject.” The President’s name would appear, along with others like Carter Page’s name, in the SUBJECT line of FBI/DOJ communications about the case. There was an effort to make a distinction between the two, “Target” and “Subject.” “Target” is typically used when describing the position of an investigative subject with a GRAND JURY. However, daily discussions among the personnel conducting the investigation is “SUBJECT.”

      The importance of this is, an agent cannot interview a SUBJECT (it is called a “Subject Interview” ALONE. Another agent has to accompany the case agent. The subject has to be informed of his/her rights. In this case, this was not done whenever Rosenstein talked about the case to President Trump.

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      • Good clarification Farrier. I had heard that the difference was that they had evidence of a crime on a target, but not on a subject. A CNN talking hairdo said that because DOJ policy is that you can’t indict the President, therefore Trump could never be a target (until he leaves office).


        • farrier105 says:

          No, there is no section of such investigative documents for “Target,” only “Subjects.” Those suspected of crimes under grand jury are also called “targets of the grand jury,” but are referred to as subjects in the case referrals in the opening section of a letter, memorandum, 302 Report, etc. It’s a shell game with words.

          I think if they had enough they would indict Trump, but keep it sealed until he could be impeached, and, if convicted, removed from office at which time the sealed indictment could be executed with his arrest.


    • Bass, Trump knew he was a target in Nov 2016 when Adm. Rogers briefed Trump on the NSA surveillance. All that blather about not being a target was just Trump Talk. Trump’s behavior was very different; Trump bent over backwards to clear himself via document production and staff availability for interviews, precisely because he knew he was a target and needed to clear himself.

      While writing this I realize I gotta go listen to that John Dowd interview I passed over in a hurry. Thx SD for posting that!


      • OK Dowd says, “He (Mueller) told me that the president was not a target. That is, he did not have any exposure, that he was a witness subject, which is perfectly normal for someone’s conduct you’re looking at, but they don’t have exposure.”

        SD’s point is that Mueller must lie to Trump and his attorneys, Mueller is required to withhold info/knowledge of that target status from Trump/Dowd, and one wrong answer can turn Trump from a witness subject into a target in one second (like Trump’s phrase to Lester Holt about firing Comey for this, that, the other thing, and Russia too. That is apparently proof of obstruction to some.)


      • notfaded1 says:

        Yes I think this goes all the way back to when VSG said Trump tower was “wired.”


  8. dawg says:

    From the NBC article linked to:

    “A source close to Rosenstein said he intends to stay on until Mueller submits a report to the Justice Department on the Russian meddling investigation. The source said that would mean Rosenstein would remain until early March”

    So NBC has a source, who is “close” to Rosenstein and says Rose will leave when Mueller submits a report, ‘in early March”.

    How does this source know that the Mueller report comes in early March?

    Another question: Why does anyone think that Mueller is going to end the SC and submit any kind of report to Barr or anyone? What incentive does he have to do so? The longer it goes on, the longer Rose stays, the longer PT cant declassify, etc….

    Why is anyone operating on the assumption that Mueller is going to stop anything?

    At the very least I would think he is going to keep it going until it forces Barr to shut him down.

    Then the question becomes, Will Barr do that? What if Mueller gives him some sort of political cover NOT to shut him down. Some “new evidence” that Barr then says “we have to let them finish”.

    I do not know the answers to any of these questions.

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  9. The only point that is not mentioned in this discussion is that objectively all the players of this drama face HISTORY. Above all, Mr. Barr. He has to be up to the task, because he ultimately will be judged in history as the major player. He should come out clean – and this means criminal indictments of each and everyone associated with the cooking of and manipulation with the infamous “dossier”. IMHO dems will try to cover Obama, but HRC may be sacrificed after 2020. That’s because Trump also faces HISTORY. So he will press for the full investigation and later pardon her.

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    • thegoosefish says:

      Keep in mind the goal. Reelection. Not prosecution. Remember Trump wanted to let it go after the election.

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    • tonyE says:

      Pardon her?

      Are you nuts?

      The entire Clinton Cabal should be put on display and charged of treason, RICO, corruption etc. We should build a Guantanamo somewhere north of the Artic circle. Don’t we have an island there that is a territory? Can we buy one from Putin? Put this entire sorry bunch up there and throw the keys.

      Don’t forget the crooks in the Administration and Congress. Expose the Mainstream Propaganda Machine as well.

      Never again should this nation have to suffer such level of corruption again.

      The only one that should be pardoned is Obola The Magnificent, but ONLY after the pleads guilty and starts naming names. Take ALL of his money too.


  10. mg says:

    This post is convoluted gibberish as exemplified by the following statement:”Any action taken by President Trump to declassify documents, that would show the dubious structure of the originating FBI investigation, would now be considered as the target of the investigation undermining the investigation into himself”. The implication of this sentence is that President Trump could therefore not declassify for this reason. This has been a stubborn opinion of Sundance. However, the declassification would show the illegal basis of the whole investigation.


    • JT says:

      Yeh I disagree with his belief he can’t declassify or it’s a catch 22 situation for him. He is the President with the authority of the executive. I think it is far more likely Trump knows what was going on, and rather then fight it, stood back and let them slowly hang themselves which is what ultimately proves his innocence in all of this. One could(the deep state/Dems) argue that fighting them on this, trying to stop them means he is guilty.

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      • Child of Morning says:

        POTUS can’t declassify because he needs people to take certain actions that they don’t have to because they can legitimately call foul on revealing details of an active investigation. This is the genius of the whole plan. This is why they are cocky, confident sons of bitches. The “perceived obstruction” excuse from POTUS is just that, an excuse. He can’t make it happen. Not with the current cast of characters.

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        • Hap Hazard says:

          POTUS will likely declassify as needed to get prosecutions underway, or in response to foolishness from Dem members of congress. I believe he must wait until the Mueller “report” is provided to Barr, but after that, he has absolute right.


    • Amy2 says:

      I stubbornly agree with SD. Remember also that the president was asked by two allies (we know who) not to de-classify. He will at the right time. Has to be after Mueller or the optics would be really bad for people that don’t understand what’s happening, and those are the people we want to be converted.


  11. CA M says:

    Trump is an Art Of War guy. He is surrounded by generals. He now has the NSA at his command. He has been brilliant in trade, in NK, Saudi Arabia, etc. Yet, SD thinks that Trump didn’t know he was the target? Everyone has known he was the Target! Look at how crazy the Dems have been—threatening to impeach him.
    So Art of War—Appear weak when you are a strong….that explains a lot of Trumps tactics.
    Have the war won before you begin—this explains why we are getting controlled leaks, and why we know about a Grand Jury (usually totally secret), and why these clowns are panicking and Trump is openly mocking them. Too funny!

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    • bassplayer says:

      How does one reconcile this: POTUS has avoided countless traps over the last 3 1/2 years. A single mistake could have sunk him at any time but he has tiptoed around them brilliantly. Take a moment and rewatch the second debate with Hillary. The media sets up this whole narrative with the pussy grabbing tape the week before, allowing the GOP heads to renounce Trump. The media builds up all this negative momentum leading to the debate and EVERYONE is watching, especially dems, just waiting for Hillary to KO Trump. Martha and Anderson Cooper start right out with a question about this and give Hillary a huge softball and Trump DESTROYS her. And Martha and Anderson also. It is incredible, the first 20 mins of the debate is amazing.

      My point is this, how is it possible that Trump can handle China, NK, Mexico, Canada, the EU, the attempted obstruction of justice charges, the CoC and is countless other vipers with such precision, caution and strategy but he ALLOWS ENEMIES IN THE ONLY TWO POSITIONS IN STRIKING DISTANCE?!?! It makes no sense that he would allow Sessions and Rosey to head DOJ as a mistake. Considering what Obama and Hill were up to (he knew from Mike Rogers) AG would be his most important appointment. POTUS knew Sessions was going to recuse before he was confirmed….you don’t take a risk like that. This is all or nothing for Trump, he loses and they take his business, his family, everything he cares about. You don’t take that risk. I’m not saying that Rosey and Mueller are white hats but I do believe there is a plan. It was intentional.

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      • AmericaFirst says:

        President Trump is a very stable genius, but he is just a mortal and has made some mistakes. I agree that one wrong step or comment – and he comments a lot! – and they would have found a way to complete their coup.

        Given the density of the mine field I can only say that it is a miracle, that it is strong evidence that God has his hands on this mere man. Perhaps God did not answer our prayers, as a nation, in 2016 for a last chance to save the Republic, only to have that last chance be so easily thrown away.


      • Kintbury says:

        Just imagine what he could accomplish if he was sane? He would be a super-human.
        Kidding really, I guess if people keep repeating the b.s., they think we will believe it.


  12. bofh says:

    President Trump’s tweet uses the words “illegal” and “treasonous”; these are powerful legal terms, and as far as I can recall, he has not used them in prior tweets or statements.

    Similarly, one of his tweets the other day speculated on some bad US situations that might have resulted from government actors who “did not have the country’s best interests at heart” (I may be slightly misquoting, but I believe that was the phrase). Again, this marked a departure from previous messages that always offered the possibility that the miscreants had acted out of ignorance or lack of bargaining skills, never out of malice.

    I hope that these changes signal that the President feels that it is now time to be more aggressive in his own defense.

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    • Hap Hazard says:

      Patience young Grasshopper, as was once said in the “Kung Fu” TV show. Once the Mueller report issues, all bets are off and Trump can no longer be accused of “obstructing” the ongoing investigation. But he will be aggressive, to be sure. They have gone after his family.

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  13. aisheschayal says:

    I read the 25th amendment through a few times, What doesn’t make sense to me is that from what I read, in order to invoke it based on the president being incapacitated, the vice president needs to concur with congress that this is true. I don’t see how they ever thought they would get pence to agree with that. But I guess that’s why they needed the “insurance policy”

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    • Child of Morning says:

      The saying is “if you’re going to kill the king, you better kill the king”. I find it difficult to believe that the coup plotters would have considered a path, 25th amendment, with such an uncertain outcome that would have clearly delineated the friends and enemies of POTUS. This is why I think the talk of 25th amendment is just talk. If s post facto narrative IMO.

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      • Hap Hazard says:

        I think the 25th Amendment narrative was designed to gin up the Dem base, to get them organized to fight to defeat Trump in 2020. A side “benefit” that the Dems hope for from this BS is that Trump might simply elect not to run again if they pressure him mercilessly for 3+ years. If they did harbor these thoughts, woe to them, because Trump does not forget, Trump has all the goods on all of them, and he is not about to let these traitors off the hook. He can play around with his prey for the next two years, and I think that is his “plan.” — I “Trust that plan”

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      • MelH says:

        Child of Morning, I think you were looking for “Never wound the King.”


    • ms doodlebug says:

      Did you watch the Bush funeral? Pence and his wife stopped for a very cordial appearing chat with the Clintons, which I thought was strange. Then when PDJT arrived he and Pence appeared to be ignoring each other. Then when the mysterious envelopes appeared there was one in the program Pence’s wife was holding. The Pences and the Trumps were not seen greeting each other in any of the videos. Then the meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, Pence was like a fly on the wall, not showing any reaction to any of it. It doesn’t appear to me that they have a good relationship. I don’t trust Pence. Actually that may be my own bias. I don’t normally like people who appear ‘sanctimonious’. They are too often two-faced.


      • Lucille says:

        “Actually that may be my own bias. I don’t normally like people who appear ‘sanctimonious’. They are too often two-faced.”

        Your first sentence here is correct, but it’s good that you are at least thinking you might be biased. I believe you are, unfortunately, and unnecessarily demeaning a good, decent, principled Christian man.


        • ms doodlebug says:

          You may be right but I seriously doubt my opinion is going to change anyone else’s opinion.

          I am, however, mindful of this: “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if is ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.” 2 Corinthians 11:14 KJV


  14. fractionalexponent says:

    Just heard part of the McCabe interview on the radio. They must have coached him to talk in a Blasey-Ford little girl voice.

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  15. aumechanic says:

    Can VSGPDJTRUMP release docs after muleliar wraps up?


  16. AccountabilityPlease says:

    They better have a damn good reason for making the President of the United States “a target” and Steele’s dirty dossier won’t cut it.


    • JT says:

      I don’t think any reason cuts it, they have no authority at all to investigate the President. There’s a Constitutional process in place for such a thing already.


      • Dutchman says:

        Jt, yeah, its called an Impeachment.

        Liked by 1 person

        • JT says:

          Exactly. Now I do not think there is any grounds whatsoever for impeachment, but it’s very clear what the process is and with what body rests that authority(Congress).

          The DOJ/FBI had absolutely no Constitutional/lawful right to do anything they did.


          • MelH says:

            Congress initiates the Articles of Impeachment but the Senate then has to vote to approve it, right? Which is one of the reasons a Senate majority was more important than a House majority in the 2018 mid-terms.


  17. At some point all of this “counterintelligence investigation” mumbo-jumbo has to end; if the President is no longer a LEGITIMATE target because nothing has been or is likely to be found that implicates him then the Special Counsel if it continues is a usurpation. That means Mueller should not have the authority to keep the President in limbo forever; as soon as the President has been cleared so to speak Mueller’s jurisdiction should start being dialed back and returned to the President.

    One of the biggest outrages of this whole fiasco is Mueller has acted like he has the authority to place EVERYONE under the microscope regardless of whether there is any evidence of a crime. Since when is this is how our criminal justice system is supposed to work? The conspirators characterize the special counsel as a counterintelligence operation so Mueller does not have to demonstrate probable cause when he starts investigating Trump associates?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hsssssss says:

      “Since when is this is how our criminal justice system is supposed to work?”

      Andrew Wise-Ass is a scum sucking pig – he is probably still trying to figure out a way to continue this BS against the President – just ask anyone from Arthur Andersen and they will tell you how the criminal justice system works…….they thought it would work just like the old days – it always did –

      not any more folks – as President Trump always says


  18. Shop says:

    Let’s assume that President Trump doesn’t know that he is a target of Mueller’s investigation as specified in Rosenstein’s memo. He still can as the ultimate classification authority order declassification of any and all documents and communications. Now let’s further assume that he has to fire Rosenstein, Wray, etc to get a person to follow his constitutional authority to declassify. Let’s assume that the Fake News media goes all hysterical and the UniParty in Congress also does the same and the House votes to impeach. At the end of the day, Senators have to decide if the voters will punish them as they have access to all the declassified information that shows the extent of the sedition vs the needs of the Uniparty and Deep State to which they swear fealty. I think POTUS will win as many Americans will be outraged at the usurpation of power and sedition by Deep State bureaucrats.


    • lettruthspeak says:

      Unfortunately you are making the assumption that most people will understand all of this, or worse, even care. Americans can be very lazy and have extremely short attention spans, and the criminal media won’t do anything to help explain how their side is nothing short of a crime syndicate. I hate saying and thinking that about my fellow countrymen, but Watergate wasn’t anything about what people thought it was, and look how that turned out for Nixon.


      • notfaded1 says:

        Unfortunately this is kinda the truth… Liberals, when they can’t win elections, turn to investigations, judges, and the media to try and undo their losses. This isn’t even new but it’s a really blatant and ugly example of how a 4th branch of government can try and sprout up! The founders were concerned about something like this.

        Liked by 1 person

  19. Dutchman says:

    Concerned Citisen;
    On of several objections re the Mueller investigation; SC investigations are only supposed to be CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS, ……NOT Counter Intelligence investigations, according to statutes.

    We are starting to see their defence;
    “What would you have us do?
    We recieve reports which we could not disprove, that a candidate for POTUS, and then elected POTUS, is a manchurian candidate for Russia.

    We are in uncharted waters. HOW do we investigate the POTUS, for being an ‘enemy agent’?”

    They will say “Yes, He wasn’t an agent of Russia, but we didn’t know that! What if he HAD been?”

    That will be their ultimate defence, to history, to the American people, and to a jury, should it come to that.

    I am NOT saying I’m ‘buying it’, just that that is what they will be selling.

    Actually, if it hadn’t been for the same people covering up obvious intelligence infractions from the other side, this defence might almost work.

    The handling of the Clinton fiasco destroys this narrative, in my mind.

    But, we’ll see!


    • JT says:

      And the simple answer is; you go straight to Congress with your concerns because you have no authority or right to launch such an investigation. The Constitution places that authority with Congress.

      Liked by 1 person

    • MelH says:

      Dutchman, it’s not what “they will be selling”. It’s what they already have sold, since the beginning, when Clapper, Brennan and Rodgers appeared in the first televised interrogation by Congress. Remember, “17 Intelligence agencies” say the Russians “hacked” the election! Brennan has always maintained they have proof, but we have never seen that proof. We think Seth Rich gave Hillary’s mails to Wiki Leaks on a thumb drive he copied from the DNC server. Trump didn’t steal from the Server and neither did the Russians, but the left has been sold the narrative that Trump is Putin’s puppet and it’s only logical to conclude Trump and the Russians were out to damage Hillary’s chances of winning the election by exposing her e-mails that made her look bad.


  20. SD, your logic looks impeccable to me and also clears up seeming inconsistencies, particularly WHY NO declassification as yet.

    Comey (and presumably others) lied to POTUS to tell him that he was not the target. So of course he thought he could manage this cabal via his team of able lawyers. Dowd’s comments make lots of sense with this as context, and the amount of good faith effort that President Trump and his team pursued in working with Mueller also makes sense–they had been reassured by the lyin’ and leakin’ Comey (slime), and the weasel Rosenstein’s smug arrogance in thinking he had outfoxed President Trump with a second and “expanded” scope memo also conforms to this theory. And Mueller’s actions are extra constitutional as well–especially as he knows darn well that there is NO collusion or crime and has known that for a LONG time.

    Now the Mueller report is winding up (I do think the appt of Barr is part of the reason for that, but I’m not betting all on Barr being a white hat) and Rosey is leaving within two weeks. I suspect that Barr has seen the scope memo and he may be trying to devise the least damaging–to all–exit from our long national nightmare. I suspect that Nunes knows this and that is why he originally looked so white-faced in 2017-early 2018.

    It is despicable that we are still forced to rely upon the judgment of bureaucrats–criminals like Rosey, McCabe and at unknowns like Barr–to decide what to share with the American people. The damage to our country has been too great to allow for little to no declassification.


  21. Stephen Paul says:

    I’ll be shocked if anything happens to any of the participants of this, so far McCabe has yet to be charged ,same with Comey . all the people in the Clinton Camp who committed a series of crimes to cover up the criminal activity of the Clinton’s have walked away Scot free. all I see is political games and a bunch of stories and you tube clips how the end is near. I think we will see the second coming of Christ before any of these people will be held accountable. I don’t expect Barr to do anything different , he may have a different way of handling it but it will no doubt lead to the same results we saw with Clinton.
    There is a laundry list of people who should be in prison …………yet the only people who are , are not the people involved in all these crimes. It makes me sick. Trump being elected restored some of my faith in the system but I’m afraid that went out the window a long time ago.


  22. Nowut Ameen says:

    My simple mind sees this as 1) an illegal investigation into bogus Russian collusion and 2) a concurrent obstruction investigation. The purpose of 2 is to block disclosure of 1. Anything done by Trump to halt 1 is supposedly evidence supporting 2. Thus it is all bogus political chicanery backed up by journalistic malpractice and incompetence.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Jim Trotter says:

    McCabe states in NBC Interview that he notified the Gang of Eight at the beginning of all of this and there was no objections to open the Counter Intelligence Investigation – WHY ISN’T THIS A HUGE HEADLINE?


  24. Doug Amos says:

    If Sun Dance is correct about President Trump selecting his words carefully, his real target seems to be Obama. Starting with Mrs. Trump’s gift at the inauguration and in a very few but inarguable instances since, President Trump has always made Obama, the person responsible for this entire mess, play defence. Only 1 can win.


    • JL says:

      Can you explain the deal with the inauguration gift? For those of us who were still sleeping at that time?


      • MelH says:

        JL, the gift was a wrapped Tiffany picture frame and became a big deal because Milania handed the package to Michelle , at the entrance to the White House, at the same time as a photographer was planning to take a photo of the 2 couples and Michelle couldn’t figure what to do with the gift so it wasn’t included in the photo. I can’t remember what she did, I think handed it to Obama who handed it to an aide standing nearby.


  25. Dimbulbz says:

    We live in crazytown. How did we get to a point where the FBI (THE FBI! – Not Hitler’s SS, or Botswana’s, self declared leader!) investigates where there is no crime? They fell for their own bias and imagined a potential crime, and then sought to create one out of thin air. Really… Isnt that a crime in and of itself? I am sick over this – I can no longer watch Fox news, as they are allowing Socialists and politically motivated liars to invade their airwaves everywhere. Juan Williams just openly touted communism on the air defending the incredibly stupid ideas that the former democrats – now Socialist party are now openly embracing. Amazing!!! We see Venezuela turning to a hellhole right before our very eyes and there are people in America saying “LETS DO THAT!!!!” Whoever allows that conversation into their lives needs to just go to Venezuela and live the dream. I swear, I’m going a bit crazy watching this. Time for our idiotic liberal college student/Useful Idiots to go abroad – specifically to Venezuela to live the wonders they want to foist on America. I am done with having this conversation. Evil people need to pay for such stupidity. Unfortunately we all suffer from stupid people. How do you defend yourself against this without going crazy? Really, – I think I need help. Please, no University professors help though,

    Lets just all be forced at gunpoint to hand over everything we own to the Government, – just one great big pile of money, and let Nancy Pelosi figure out who gets what. That’s always worked every time its been tried. – Oh but Nancy Pelosi’s money is exempted.

    Lets let the FBI investigate anyone who doesn’t think this is a good idea. They can invent crimes. I cant believe what I am seeing.


  26. tonyE says:

    If Rosenstein asked VP Pence, wouldn’t Trump know? Pence seems like the kind of guy who would be honest with his boss.


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