Sunday Talks: Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses Andrew McCabe and the Coup Plotters….

Interesting interview between Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham and CBS’s Margarget Brennan.  The primary topic is the latest revelations of Andrew McCabe and his crew of ‘soft coup’ plotters.

One of the interesting parts to this interview is the new excerpts from the 60 minutes that Brennan shows during the discussion.  [Remember, CBS is Team Obama] Senator Graham discusses his intent to call both Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein to testify about the plan to eliminate President Trump.

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214 Responses to Sunday Talks: Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses Andrew McCabe and the Coup Plotters….

  1. Carson Napier says:

    Shouldn’t trying to genocide the Republic be a capital crime?

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    • AloftWalt says:

      Yes, it’s called sedition.

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      • snarkybeach says:

        “You come at the king, you best not miss.” Omar Little from The Wire

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      • mike says:

        They actually took concrete steps against the Constitution, the elected president, and the American people – it’s called treason.

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        • bakocarl says:


          n. the crime of betraying one’s country, defined in Article III, section 3 of the U.S. Constitution:

          “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

          Treason requires overt acts and includes the giving of government security secrets to other countries, even if friendly, when the information could harm American security. Treason can include revealing to an antagonistic country secrets such as the design of a bomber being built by a private company for the Defense Department.

          Treason may include “espionage” (spying for a foreign power or doing damage to the operation of the government and its agencies, particularly those involved in security) but is separate and worse than “sedition,” which involves a conspiracy to upset the operation of the government.

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          • oldumb says:

            It is sedition, in this case.

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          • DonL says:

            Treason, like abortion, is whatever the judges say it is. This, is the prime flaw in our system–activist judges without recourse to a realistic and practical remedy.

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          • From my beloved, 4-inch thick “Webster’s Third New International Dictionary”:

            Treason: 2a: the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or his family — SEE HIGH TREASON.

            More generally: 1: the betrayal of a trust or confidence.

            Now, back to meaning 2: b: the betrayal in early English law of a lord by his vassal.
            Treason is betrayal of a trust; it can be against the state, or the sovereign personally.

            What has and is still occurring are overt acts to betray our President, and perforce to betray our common desire, and trust, to have our agenda, as understood by him and promised to us, to be followed.

            It was and is treason.

            Sedition is “conduct tending to treason but without an overt act”. We are outraged — especially outraged — because we have before us a whole panoply of overt acts, of treason, aroung the central treasonous act of falsely delegitimizing and persecuting the President, and all of us he stands for, and the truth and common sense of our stands.

            The difference between those on “our side” who would call it sedition but not treason, merely highlights the common underlying problem of this time in history: The problem of “herding cats”. You are a cat that just doesn’t want to “go there” (yet? or at all), where it needs to go.


          • aarmad says:

            Thank you. I did not know that. Either way it appears NOTHING will be done. After being fired, investigated by the IG, and recommended for prosecution, he is walking and talking! Writes a book, going on a book tour, and doing interviews with 60 Minutes! Does this appear like a criminal? Where are the fbi doing early morning raids? Where are the fbi holding him? Where are the fbi/doj placing him in solitary? What has happened to our Justice Dept.? Now we have another so called upstanding, supposedly highly ethical new AG. A man of the most integrity. Where have you heard a description like that before? It makes me laugh! to be continued….ha, ha, ha!


          • guest4ever says:

            What, pray tell, is the definition of, “….enemies”? Couldn’t that definition include HRC, et al? Etc………………?


        • Burnt Toast says:

          “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies (foreign and domestic), giving them aid and comfort.”

          Treason gets rather broad when you take foreign countries and war out of the equation.
          The clause was intended to prohibit charging people with treason for merely not agreeing with ‘The King’. It’s effect was merely prohibiting the use of the term ‘treason’ except in the most overt cases. Call it a conspiracy to deprive the civil rights of millions of voters or ‘hackey-sack’, it could still be good for an absurd sentence of even more counts if served consecutively


        • Caius Lowell says:

          It’s called the Democrat Party, it’s called Bill and Hillary Clinton, it’s called — in a word — Obama…

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    • son of liberty says:

      Its long past time when the whole cabal needs to be rolled up starting from the little people like Sally Yates and go up the food chain to Clintons and Obama. If it spills over into the Bushes and their bankster puppet masters like Soros, Rockefellers and Rothschilds so much the better. We either live by the rule of law or we are beasts ruled by guns.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      It’s actually high treason, Carson.

      We are actually to the point where even liars will occasionally tell the truth….turning against other lying liars. So, there will be a small amount of truth telling by liar McCabe.
      Also keep in mind that McCabe has written a book……BUT, there will be some occasional truth-telling in the midst of lies. Maybe McCabe and Rosenstein can share a cell in Gitmo.

      This is the perfect time, where the Lindsey, who was a former JAG Prosecutor, can show his good side, and his skills as the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. We saw a bit of it during the Kavanaugh Hearing……I hope Lindsey focuses on this like a laser beam.

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  2. john says:

    Maybe Pinocchio Boy will do the honorable thing and save the Republic the time and expense of an execution, but I’m sure he’s too much of a pansy to expect that.

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    • Miller says:

      Stay miserable johnnyboy.

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    • Summer says:

      Pinocchio Boy — you mean McCabe? Yeah, that gun on the night table will never appeal to the likes of him.
      He was already found lacking candor and referred for criminal prosecution but he keeps digging. Probably decided that he had better hurry up and accuse Rosenstein before Rosenstein accuses him. A well-known tactic among criminals.

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    • pigletrios says:

      He comes out fighting…you slap him down….he doesn’t…you slap him down….make up your mind already …:someone has a problem and it’s not the President.

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  3. This may have been discussed on another thread; I’m just now dipping into CTH as I’ve been busy with other things this weekend.

    Reading the news that there were reportedly two cabinet officials ready to pursue 25th Amendment removal of POTUS is shocking still–but not totally unexpected.

    I’m assuming Tillerson was one of the two. Who is the other? Looking at the list of cabinet secretaries and timing of their removal, my spidey sense makes me suspicious of Shulkin. Sessions probably not, esp. as he was target of other investigations (but I could be wrong). Kelly, no, he was made chief of staff. I can’t imagine POTUS retaining him once he learned of this. (Timing of when he learned, I think, is Feb-Mar 2018).

    While I don’t trust Chao, can’t imagine that he would retain her if she had been part of the plot; even though she is wife of the Turtle.

    Interested in other treepers thoughts..

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  4. William Schneider says:

    Lindsay does one hell of a job defending the president and his agenda in this interview. I must say I begin to like this man more and more as time goes on. He is articulate and knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects. I believe he is on balance a great ally of Trump. I would like to see him as a 2024 candidate for president. We could do worse. Keep on praying folks.

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    • Carson Napier says:

      He is a whole lot better now that he doesn’t have the despicable McCain chained to him.

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    • Lyndsay Graham is an opportunistic snake in the grass. He’ll NEVER forgive POTUS Trump for the way Trump humiliated him early in the primaries with the cell phone/voice mail stunt. Graham is a career swamp rat who has decided to play the long game and put on a nice face towards POTUS ever since his mentor John McCain went to hell to bore Satan with his POW stories. Why would Graham play nice? How about “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” – much easier to stick the knife in when no one is looking.

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      • Anon says:

        Snake should be his nickname, considering how many Trump supporters he is seducing. He should be voted out, and the party isn’t served by saboteurs. Better a Democrat than a snake traitor like Lindsey.

        “Shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.” Don’t vote for that guy, don’t give him mind share, or a foothold in your thinking.

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      • ilcon says:

        Miss Lindsey is a died in the wool communist. He helped create ISIS along with his fellow traitor Songbird.
        Notice another R congressman blames *Congress* and not himself for not securing our country from threats both foreign and domestic. It’s laughable to think Lady Lindsey is going to get to the bottom of anything he himself is a part of–the deep state.

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      • I think Graham is a bigger man than that.

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      • Zaza says:

        ” his mentor John McCain went to hell to bore Satan with his POW stories”

        I would say that’s a “little harsh’ but the truth is it’s TOTALLY warranted. Of course at some point Graham has to be put on notice that his hero Johnny MAVERICK was involved in delivering the “PEE PAPERS” to the DoJ and was 100% in the tank for the fake Russia nonsense and any chance to GET TRUMP.

        Missy Graham is nothing more than an opportunist who’s opinions is changing with the winds of popularity. He’s the very average politician and recucklican of the day.


      • Lindenlee says:

        Agreed. He didnt HAVE to ally himself with McCain, unless Mc had something on him. Snake. “Opportunist” is right…


    • sickconservative says:

      Really showing what I liked about him years ago, now that McCain is gone he is reverting.
      At least I hope so.

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    • lfhbrave says:

      Controlled opposition.

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    • Kia1 says:

      William Schneider: you are kidding right; about Lindsey Graham. He is a weasel and not to be trusted. Just like McConnel and Ryan.

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    • dd_sc says:

      Unfortunately Graham (my senior senator) tends to talk out both sides of his mouth. Hopefully, he is getting back to his old self. When he was in the House, he was a pretty reliable conservative voice/vote. He got all swampy when he made the move to the Senate (kind of like Tim Scott is doing now). Tends to talk the talk, then sit on his hands.

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      • H.R. says:

        dd_sc: “Unfortunately Graham (my senior senator) tends to talk out both sides of his mouth.”

        AND…. he can whistle “Dixie” at the same time.

        I think Graham is all for MAGA if his pocketbook becomes Greater. The trick then, and I’m sure VSGPDJT is well aware of this is to get enough Senators’ pocketbooks to align with whatever MAGA business needs to be done at the time.

        I honestly don’t believe that there is a single Senator that holds the interests of his/her State or the American people ahead of their personal interests.

        All it would take is for one – just one – Senator to allow recess appointments and that would prove me wrong. So far… I haven’t been proven wrong.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        What is it with Scott? I am coming to despise him.


    • madeline says:

      I will be a never Grahmer if he runs–he can’t be trusted.

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    • BroMole says:

      I am not convinced he has changed his ways on a variety of other topics. But I think its a lot more simple: he realized the very real existential threat this was, and all the other low grade subversion and crazy making he has had his hand in took a back seat.

      IMO that’s dead on. There are any number of other important issues we could and should be tackling, many of which I’ve no doubt I would disagree deeply with many on this website… but right now, if you are of good conscience, you have to stabilize the democracy before we open the debate on any of it.

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    • RedWave 2020 says:

      I’d say Graham is a mixed bag. He’s been very bad in the past but even now is a mixed bag at best. Now with McCuck gone he’s trying to salvage his career but he’ll follow the uniparty if a less suitable 2024 candidate is chosen.
      At this point I’m somewhat skeptical of Graham but don’t treat him with the same level of disdain that I have of his mentor McCuck and his past self.
      But for anyone to say he’d be a good 2024 candidate must be insane.
      Why would we ever go with someone so associated with the swamp for president after Trump. In addition far better choices such as Ron Desantis , Rand Paul , Matt Gaetz are out there. With Desantis being one of the most popular Governors of Florida right now and his strong dedication to MAGA. Why go backwards with graham instead of forward with options such as Desantis, Paul, Gaetz.

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  5. sDee says:

    There is no way a State Media question like this to McCabe would not have been pre-scripted to set a pre-determined narrative.

    Who in the swamp (including its media) do not already know that the DOJ and FBI have been, and are still, working to overthrow the office of the President?

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  6. Ron Myers says:

    Gee … confirmed liar, selling a book, tries to bring down his cohorts and deflect upon his shortcomings. Not defending Rosey, just fun watching the rats turn on each other and jump ship.

    Kinda like the Hillary defense, “If I’m going down, we’re all going down!”

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  7. Anon says:

    I’d rather hear what Tucker Carlson thinks but he is still mysteriously missing since Wednesday. Does he have the flu?

    Worried his texting over the years with Roger Stone gave Mueller/Weissmann a pretext to interview him, then intimidate him into silence through prosecutorial overreach/misconduct. “We urge you not to discuss the investigation on air in any way, or we will charge you with obstruction.” Or perhaps produce a sealed order from Obama judge Berman (also a Clinton donor).

    She actually issued an order preventing Roger Stone from declaring his innocence, because she feared potential jurors might believe him! WTF has happened to this country where declaring your innocence is now a crime?!?!

    Whenever Graham is on, I change the channel and urge everyone to do the same.

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  8. Zorro says:

    Sundance and Treepers, Andrew McCabe is the about the only person in the sordid mess that have even been referred for charges in my knowledge. We know the IG skated around bias and other stuff for someone like Swivel Head Strzok and James Wolfe, could have been charged for much worse than lying.

    Who is the power that allowed McCabe to be referred for charges when almost no one else has been referred?

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  9. Bob, Esq. says:

    Unrelated: Does anyone know who oversaw FBI private contractor access to FISA database before Rogers shut it down?

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    • konradwp1 says:

      A very good question.

      A further question to ask is “Who was responsible for continued inappropriate access that caused even access for all other federal agencies to 702 searches to be shut down in October 2016?” Was it Bruce Ohr?

      And given this timeline:
      – December 2015: Nellie Ohr working for FBI contractor Fusion GPS looking at Trump people’s overseas travel looking for contact with “suspicious persons”.
      – December 2015: Strzok/Page discussing authorisation of OCONUS [lures]
      – December 2015: Admiral Rogers discovering FBI abuse of the NSA database.
      – April 2016: Admiral Rogers shuts down contractor access to the database.
      – April 2016: Mary Jacoby (wife of Glen Simpson from Fusion GPS) visits the Whitehouse the day after contractor ban.
      – April 2016: Strzok/Page texting about “Patriot act” [ref. NSA database] approach to their activities being blocked.
      – October 2016: Admiral Rogers calls emergency meeting of FISC and gets all 702 searches of NSA database shut down for all other federal agencies.
      – October 2016: James Clapper and aligned agency heads call for Admiral Rogers to be sacked.
      – November 2016: Admiral Mike Rogers breaks chain of command and visits Trump Tower before the inauguration.
      – November 2016: Trump evacuates the transition team from Trump Tower.
      – November 2016: James Clapper and aligned agency heads again call for Admiral Rogers to be sacked. Clapper also tenders his resignation the day after Rogers visits Trump.

      Given all these events occurred before Mueller’s appointment and were public knowledge, the next question is: “Why did Mueller ignore Admiral Rogers’ offer to testify under oath?”

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  10. thegoosefish says:

    Graham has really come on strong recently. Notice the way he pulls his lip up and exposes his teeth on his left side when he is angry, mostly at the mention of the FBI. See 2:47 and some other moments also.

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  11. Nessie509 says:

    CBS Is interviewing McCabe now. Pelly stressing that McCabe and Rosenstein are both Republicans. (That makes them legitimate, see?)
    Clearly, McCabe is trying to set the narrative. Sure, maybe it sounds extraordinary so we had to take extraordinary steps to save the Republic from those nasty Russians.
    If we crossed the line, we’ll…we are patriots!!

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    • Zorro says:

      The “Republican” defense is ludicrous on its face, but, in addition in this case, “Republican” is supposed to mean honesty and integrity, when any other day Republicans are deplorables and the scum of the earth.

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    • Anon says:

      Lifetime on government salary, owns a mansion, drives a Porsche. Hmm…. more than the whiff of corruption.

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    • madeline says:

      I guess his wife is the only Democrat in the family.

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      • Jan says:

        Actually, I believe she’s also voted Republican. McAucliffe came to them to solicit her to run as a Democrat against an incumbent Republican Virginian Senator. The Virginian Democrat party said, who is she??? We have better candidates to run against the incumbent, but MaAucliffe said no, we’re running her.

        CBS glossed over that after McCabe was promoted out of the field office to DC FBI, he did run the Clinton investigation, refused to recuse himself until November 1, 2016, and just 2 days before she’s exonerated again over the Weiner laptop, which he sat on for 30 days until the NYPD and NYSD said to George Tosca, why no action??? And one of the stories he leaked was to improve the public’s perception of his interaction with the Clinton investigation.

        Yes, CBS had a story to present, scripted, and McCabe, I believe, put out some more lies tonight to make Pres. Trump appear nutty in support of the Amendment 25 coup.

        My recommendation to Pres. Trump is to tweet the online location of the IG Report, and the criminal referral.

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    • Bullseye says:

      All POS Peliiy had to do was ask mccabe, what evidence ?


    • konradwp1 says:

      Yes, this is the new narrative they are trying to push. They’ll add some fluff about “pressure of the election cycle”, “lack of oversight”, “procedures weren’t properly followed”, “mistakes were made” and given Strzok and Page, they’ll probably add “a small number of persons also acted inappropriately due to political biases”.

      The whole “Russian collusion” narrative is in full collapse. For the co-conspirators, they need to explain away how the apparatus of state was abused to spy on Trump and how the “Russian collusion” narrative ever got started. They are being very cunning, using Sara Carter, John Solomon, Epoch Times and Daily caller. However their efforts to reframe their narrative and shield the guilty will fail.

      The reason is they keep pushing the “late July 2016” start date, and that won’t work. The evidence in the public domain clearly indicates that “Operation Get Trump” was well underway in December 2015.


    • wightmanfarm says:

      What proof does Pelly have to identify their political party? If I were head of FBI or DOJ, I’d certainly be identified as an independent. No way I’d let someone be able to identify a bias in my position.

      Pelly’s lying.


  12. Chip Doctor says:

    This 60 minutes Macabe story is one big cya hit job on the President and RR.

    As for Lindsay Graham … never, ever, ever, ever trust Lindsay Graham. I thought this liar was going to drag Wray in to answer about the Roger Stone address. I despise Graham.

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  13. simicharmed says:

    WAIT a minute here!

    “The whole point of Congress existing is to provide over-site over the Executive Branch”….

    What is this blatant lie by Lindsay Graham? He clearly needs remedial training in the US Constitution and the Separation of Powers!

    Congress has only over-site regarding Departments they (Congress), created that are part of the Executive Branch (i.e. FBI, CIA, etc).

    Congress does NOT have oversight of the Executive Branch!

    Lindsey is confused. He seems to be thinking that Congress is like City Council members over the City Manager…

    Outrageous statement that must be called out as 100% wrong and deceptive!

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    • sDee says:

      He is not confused. The American electorate is ignorant, gullible and, growing increasingly so.

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      • simicharmed says:

        Be that it may (“He is not confused”), but he made a complete false claim and he should be called out and corrected.

        And yes I agree, there are a lot of ignorant bodies polluting the USA who vote freely in our elections and are easily mislead by lies and promised goodies (free stuff).

        Porous borders and destructive terrible immigration “laws” add to that pollution.

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    • simicharmed says:

      I must add something else… Congress does indeed have (Real), oversight of the Federal Court system yet they have not done a single action to fix the clear dysfunction(s).

      The 9th Circuit is just one example of utter dysfunction – Lets call it “Exhibit #9”

      Lindsey is the Chair of the Legislative (Oversight) Committee….perhaps he can do some real oversight on something Congress actually has legitimate power to fix…

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Didn’t Pelosi just rename Elijah Cummings’ committee the
      “Trump Administration Oversight Committee” ?

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  14. William Schneider says:

    I do not believe we should count Lindsay out forever as ‘a snake in the grass’. People can change and I believe LIndsay may be changing in this hostile insane environment of Washington these days. I say give this guy a break. As Christians we can forgive and pray for folks to be redeemed. I always think of Paul the evangelizer. Lindsay has been a fierce defender for justice often in the last year. He has great talent and could be another Paul like defender of the truth and Trump into the future. Pray for the man and see the result. I love the guy and his potential.

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  15. Disgusted says:

    Every single planned repeat of any minute of that piece of theatrical fake news as is done here as part of the Graham interview is meant to keep on pushing the whole idea into the public’s concious. The guy interview McCabe and this woman Brennan are both missing their true calling and should both get on the stage somewhere and do some legitimate acting!

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  16. czarowniczy says:

    McCabe, career FBI agent, counter intelligence poobah, didn’t lie to Congress…he says the interrogator’s questions ‘confused’ him.

    “And this years winner in the Bullshit Answer of the Year Award is…”

    And we’re supposed to believe he was being clear and honest when he says those Memoranda of Record are concise, clear and honest.

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  17. Daniel says:

    Graham just slipped that in there… Mueller should look at the Trump campaign? Really? Why? What was the basis for any allegations? We’ve leaned quite conclusively that the basis was a complete fabrication. We’ve also learned the motivation for the fabrication.

    In this country, we have a constitutionally mandated requirement to have a basis of probable cause. We’ve be shown ZERO probable cause. Zero. None!

    Why is there a constitutionally violating investigation into “finding something” to condemn the president’s campaign and to have this president removed from office?

    Senator Graham needs to address THAT question.

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    • coltlending says:

      This guy should be in jail.

      Yet, he’s on 60 Minutes putting out his hustle while Roger Stone’s under a gag order.

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    • VickyD says:

      Absolutely spot on Daniel … from the get-go, there was/is NO (as in NONE/ZERO/ZILCH) legitimate probable cause justifying an investigation into and spying on Candidate/President Trump. Which also applies to the ongoing attempts by these no-good ne’er-do-wells to try to remove him from his duly-elected office. It all comes down, quite simply, to dirty politics and abuse of power to the Nth degree (which we need to remember could be leveled against any one of us at any time for any reason as they so choose — Mueller’s Gestapo tactics are despicable). May they all burn in hell.

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  18. paulraven1 says:

    The only reason to go on these Sunday shows should be to inflict damage on the media. Draw blood, injure, damage, demoralize. That should be the primary purpose. Absolutely no reason to go on to engage in a discourse, answer their questions or participate in their toxic charade. This is war, and every time we engage in their sham colloquy without an intent to destroy — and do not attack — we simply legitimize the illegitimate.

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  19. covfefe999 says:

    We have to remember Graham is in charge of the Senate Judiciary Committee now, taking over from Grassley, and he sets the agenda. If we see some good action from him on investigations of the traitors that will be a wonderful thing. Grassley did well asking for info but the traitors slow-walked everything. Maybe Graham can turn some screws. Graham seems especially focused on coup attempt and the FISA abuse, two of our biggest topics.

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  20. Revenant says:

    Was the delay in approving cabinet members (at least in part) due to thinking that fewer cabinet members would make 25th amendment removal easier to achieve.


    • dd_sc says:

      I think it has more to do with stalling the Trump agenda. Without his own people confirmed, Trump has to rely on the bureaucrats already in place which would be Clinton/Bush/Obama holdover career people.

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  21. Joe says:

    Ok, I LOVE Lindsey Graham now!!!

    Whew, never thought I would say that.

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  22. 335blues says:

    What a complete load of shite.
    There was, and is ‘collusion’, and treason right in front of everyone,
    and no body will investigate the real crimes.
    The facts are numerous and obvious.
    This whole farce is a coverup of Clinton’s criminal behavior.

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  23. Bogeyfree says:

    This interview with Tony Shaffer and the Epoch Times from yesterday is Terrific.

    Tony absolutely nukes the FBI and the bogus investigation but maybe the best point Tony makes is that in order for the FBI to have investigated then Candidate Trump there had to be a waiver signed off by someone in NSC to approve this otherwise they had to notify him as an American citizen and he names that person as Susan Rice, who as we know reported directly to Obama.

    IMO this interview is the most powerful for Barr to hear as it screams that crimes were committed and investigations are in order of these FBI agents as no one including the FBI is above the law.

    Additionally it is the first time I have seen where there is a clear trail of dots (I.e. the documented waiver) that could lead everything back Obama possibly.

    I hope Sundance has seen this and will do a thread on it alone.

    I will be alerting Bongino as he too needs to do a podcast on it.

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    • JMC says:

      Excellent catch, BF! Thanks!

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      • lftpm says:

        The Rice waiver contention is interesting.

        I liked her TV interview line, “I didn’t leak nothing to nobody.” As the child not of the ghetto, but of two highly educated professionals (father Cornell prof and Fed Reserve governor, mother Radcliffe alumna, Phi Beta Kappa), and Susan herself Valedictorian at the National Cathedral School (sister school to St. Albans for boys), a high-honors Stanford grad (PBK) AND Rhodes Scholar and Oxford doctoral degree earner (M. Phil, D. Phil),

        I’m guessing that Ms. Rice knew very well that this double-negative was the grammatical equivalent of: “I did leak something to somebody.”

        A clever way of telling the truth while inducing most people into “hearing” the statement as a denial of leaking. She was black, you know. They talk like that. 😉

        What is disappointing about Col. Shaffer’s interview is his failure to mention (realize?) that the genesis of the FISA-warrant corruption was the need to conceal private contractors’ (incl. Fusion GPS?) snooping through the NSA database in winter and spring of 2016, and getting caught by Admiral Rogers.

        Sundance revealed this many moons ago. A few others have picked up on this, but most reporting ignores it, which casts an appearance that the FBI had good-faith reasons to surveil Team Trump, when in actuality they were merely trying to cover their and their private contractors’ illegal-spying tracks.

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        • konradwp1 says:

          The genesis of the FISA warrant corruption is indeed an important point. The spying on Trump had been discovered by Admiral Rogers in December 2015, and he shuts down contractor access to the database in April 2016.

          The frantic efforts to obtain a FISA warrant against someone, anyone, in the Trump campaign in late July 2016, tells us when the spying really started. Under the FISA, spying can continue for 12 months without warrant, and if no warrant is forthcoming, all collected surveillance must be destroyed. But on 19 July 2016, Trump wins the republican nomination. This changes everything. Suddenly their efforts to bring down just a Republican candidate will be viewed as an attempt to bring down the final Republican nominee for 2016.

          If Trump hadn’t won the Republican nomination, few would have cared about the abuse of the NSA database, or the attempt to entrap his campaign with OCONUS lures. But now it’s Trump vs Hillary. Suddenly the co-conspirators need retrospective justification for their anti-Trump operations. They know Admiral Rogers knows some of what they have been up to, and if they want any hope of ending Trump or hamstringing him if he wins despite their efforts, they need that surveillance product preserved after the 12 month date.

          Their first attempt to get a FISA warrant fails. They probably tried for Papadopolous, but sending four foreign lures against him had failed and they lost $10,000 in isotope marked cash in the process.

          What about Carter Page? He’s a spook wanabe. He’ll play along. He’s travelled to Russia. We’ll just not mention to the FISC judge that he was still a paid FBI external helping in a prominent case against Russian agents in 2016. Add a little judge shopping at a cocktail party with Contreras and bingo! The co-conspirators have their CYA warrant.

          18 April 2016 is when the co-conspirators should have given up and thrown Fusion GPS under the bus. But the fools played on …


    • All Too Much says:

      I thought that was The takeaway from the article.


    • Conrad says:

      Bogey, Tony Shaffer was on Fox Business in an interview declaring his thought that this all began (lawless government conduct) in the late Clinton administration. Before Bill left office his admin installed people in government to assure policy success for their future plans. This was a remarkable interview. Tony’s analysis bears true so far at least in my opinion.
      The bad news is – not long after that Fox News broke all contacts with Tony.
      Complete disrespect shown by Fox both to Tony and to an American audience craving more of the truth.

      Liked by 3 people

      • dwpender says:

        I didn’t realize Tony had been banned, but thanks for the explanation for his absence. I do recall him saying on Dobbs in the early days of the Trump Administration that his advice to the incoming team was to “treat the entire Obama WH like a ‘crime scene.’ ”

        Fox’s treatment of Chris Farrell has been similarly disgraceful. I wish OANN would pick up these top-of-the-line guests that Fox has excommunicated.


    • madeline says:

      Bogey, thanks great interview.

      Liked by 2 people

    • konradwp1 says:

      OK treepers, this is a “Must Watch” interview. Tony Shaffer clearly knows what went on. He is also on the Trump 2020 campaign.

      Shaffer can seamlessly use the words “Diminution” and “Swamp” in a single sentence. He is not a “High functioning Aspy”, he is an “Ultra high functioning Aspy”. To many watching the video, he will appear gregarious and engaging. But to an Aspy like me, the “tells” are there. The facial expressions and hand gestures are practised routines. This guy is running a ultra high speed left brain program to simulate the appearance of right brain “emotional intelligence”.

      The above comment is not a criticism. Quite the reverse. This guy is above surrendering his own analysis to that of the tribe. He is pure.

      You can trust Shaffer. He’ll never be a “Sure there was wrongdoing, but we must preserve the institutions” guy.


  24. This interview makes my blood boil…it shouldn’t because I know what RATS the media is.

    We should take away ANY counterintelligence authority from the FBI. Find another avenue for this, that can be better controlled.

    And, it infuriates me that this woman says the the wall is “Trump’s wall”. H**l no, it is OUR WALL!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • dutzie60 says:

      They all call it that. Everytime I hear someone reporting on the border and wall it’s always referred to as Trump’s wall. It doesn’t matter who or what venue is doing the reporting.
      It’s used as a derogatory term for the sheeple masses you know.

      Liked by 1 person

  25. lfhbrave says:

    CBS is a propaganda tool. He kept reminding viewers that Mueller had indicted so many Trump advisers without mentioning what those indictments were really about.

    Liked by 3 people

    • butch cassidy says:

      And cbs didn’t show mccabe answering the questions about him getting caught lying to the IG. He must have looked pretty foolish for cbs not to show that.


  26. GB Bari says:

    Brennan did NOT appear pleased at the end of that interview. Graham effectively rebuffed all of her attempts at “Gotcha”. The Senator was unusually quick on his feet today, although he again praised the Mueller charade as well as mis-stated Congress’ scope of oversight responsibility. Neither of those hurts Brennan’s or the UniParty’s desired narrative so she didn’t correct him.

    Liked by 3 people

  27. evergreen says:

    Trust Graham at your own risk. He pitched a fit in the BK hearings…whoopie. The football bounced our way for once (reminder: never let the football bounce). The guy has been a weathervane since as long as I can remember. Wait for the breeze to shift..heck, wait for the forecast for slight winds. He’ll correct course.

    Liked by 2 people

    • mimbler says:

      I believe he is up for re-election in 2020, so he will be making some public “conservative” stances for the rubes in the voting booth.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Summer says:

        You are correct. Whomever Trump endorses will win in the SC primary, that’s the main reason. Graham secured that endorsement by his widely publicized Heroic Deeds. He is clever. What happens after 2020 is anybody’s guess. I think President Trump understands this perfectly but he needs all allies he can get in the Swamp.

        Although I firmly believe that the only good politician is a dead politician, I will take Graham over the obnoxious bunch of backstabbing “conservatives.” At least he is helping.

        Liked by 2 people

  28. Jimmy Jack says:

    Well dear Treepers I’ve been right all along not to trust Pence. I’ve been saying this for over two years now.

    God help us deal with this treason and end this coup.

    ‪Pence planned a coup to replace Trump after ‘Access Hollywood’ tape‬

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Treehugger says:

    Paul Ryan
    Reince Priebus
    McMaster with Dina Powell
    Come to mind

    Shady Shulkin is a good guess tho


  30. When God gave us life, he gave us liberty. In America, therefore, all political power flows from the People. It does not belong to these corrupt Swamp-Dwellers as they seem to believe.

    This is all about AG Barr coming in. The DOJ is poised to shake off at least some of the stench of the Holder/Lynch/Rosenstein/Mueller-hold on the institution. We do not yet know which way Barr will jump, but it looks promising. “We’ll see”. I think the prospect has already helped clarify Sen. Burr’s thinking, for example.

    I don’t expect AG Barr to be President Trump’s attack dog. Nor do I expect to see Hussein hauled off in cuffs, although that would be appropriate. But I do expect the Attorney General to stand up for the Rule of Law for a change. It cannot be swept under the rug any longer. This is much bigger than Trump. Someday, he will be gone and we’re either we’re going to be a country where the CIA and the FBI rig our elections for Democrats and overthrow our presidents or we’re not.

    If we are, all bets are off.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Even Scott Pelley can’t help but laugh when McCabe says he doesn’t remember how a conversation about removing a President came up.

    “Seriously?……..Just another topic??”

    PS I never wanna hear the word “intent” spoken by an FBI Executive again.

    Liked by 2 people

  32. litlbit2 says:

    Could be correct, however the biggest event for me would be General Rogers🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Eric says:

    Graham will say what it takes, and appear to be whatever it takes to remain in power.


  34. Troublemaker10 says:

    Liked by 1 person

  35. lawton says:


  36. Amy says:


    Ok on a serious note, hi fellow CTH’rs, been a while since I commented but I need your help..
    How exactly did Russia “fix” or “interfere” in the election? Use our own problems against us by posting them? I don’t get it.


  37. William Schneider says:

    I continue to say Lindsey is redeemable. Everyone is redeemable. I will confess that I was a lifelong Democrat until Obama and Obamacare drove me the Republican Party forever. People can change. As to Lindsey speaking respectfully about Mueller probe I believe he knows plenty about the probe and what the findings will be-along with how the info will be handled. I suspect he knows that it will be best for Trump to allow the Mueller probe to finish and release the worthless info to AG Barr. Barr will then tell the world the report is done and give brief summary to congress and the world will sigh with relief and move on. End of Meuller madness!! Lindsey knows the report will be a dud so let it come out.


    • lolli says:

      I wish I could have that amount of optimism in regards to Lindsey. I would actually love for PT to have a strong ally and I hope you are correct.
      The problem is he has been a war mongering globalist globetrotting the Middle East with his bff aiding and abetting IS to overthrow Assad.

      however, PT knows this, he will use Lindsey for what he’s worth. PT just just flies on by getting more work done while they all pontificate.


  38. MR Deacon says:

    Deep State spin is hilarious. Claiming Trump committed obstruction of the Deep State by firing Comey while they were in the process of treason, insurrection, sedition, and fraud against the American public and the Constitution. And still are.

    Liked by 2 people

    • GSparrow says:

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it,” is unfortunately still true and effective today. With the corrupt MSM etc, it’s only gotten easier to dupe millions who will believe the lie to their graves.

      Liked by 2 people

  39. Zaza says:

    Ms Lindsey Graham can repent 10,000 times and I will NEVER do anything but despise that miserable cuckpublican whore of McLames. He is a miserable loser and will never be more than that.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. GSparrow says:

    Sen. Graham does a fabulous job defending P Trump. I don’t how it came to be or how long it will last given the past, but it’s fortunate that he’s on P Trump’s side now and not just because he’s Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. His support hasn’t slowed down since his impassioned and effective rant on behalf of now Justice Kavanaugh.

    A small contingent of American soldiers providing their expertise and other support if necessary to the troops of allied Euro countries in Syria “might” be a reasonable option to total withdrawal as long as U.S. troops are no longer the tip of the spear on all or any missions. They have sacrificed too much already while other countries in close proximity did too little.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. clairbee says:

    Members of Congress- PLease bring our troops home. They have done enough and their families have sacrificed enough.

    Liked by 2 people

    • TestName7 says:

      Well said Clair.

      20 years is enough for even belligerents to win a fight. One does not need 20 years to develop an effective strategy – that is called a FAIL.

      Have you ever been in a fight where after 20 years you just figured out how to win “this time”.

      20 years is 1/4 a lifetime.

      If it is nation building then they should say so.
      Then they need to ask of the public again.
      If not this is a huge wash and no thanks to the previous 8 years but to drag out the people’s will for decades with blood and spent debt to show will fall on deaf ears; it is not theirs to spend. I so wish it had turned out differently.
      Very disappointing.

      This is a bell wringing itself.


  42. Terri says:

    Excellent reporting by 60 minutes??? Graham starts the interview with a blatant lie. Our President is truly on his own.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. What say you CBS “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan?
    ~You tried so VERY Hard to make known LIAR Andrew McCabe look good…”Sen. Graham, Andrew McCabe is a (Lifelong Career Professional FBI Investigator) & when your GLOWING-PRAISE of McCabe fell on DEAF-EARS, YOU quickly PIVOT to try and make Pres.Trump look like the Out-of-Control-Novice in the WH…….Again.—-> [Remember, CBS is Team Obama] ~
    Sen. Chuck Grassley : Once this Committee has concluded its investigation into the 2016 Election and Russia’s interference……There will be a lot of Democrats & (MEDIA) with Egg-On-Their-Face.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. Perot Conservative says:

    Graham solid here.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. wodiej says:

    PT did NOT say it was not an emergency order. He said he could get the funds faster to get the wall built. That sentence in itself describes urgency.


  46. TestName7 says:

    the whole point of congress existing is to provide oversight over the executive branch


    triple WRONG.

    Go read the constitution again sir.

    This is part and parcel why we are in the mess we are in. Try writing a bill under 10 pages in ENGLISH.

    We have a national language so that CITIZENS CAN KNOW THE LAW.

    It’s hard enough for judges to translate. If you bring in an interpreter who is to say what laws mean. This is why we have a national language. Idiots. Wake up. For christs sake.


  47. jstanley01 says:

    Say what you will about Lindsay Graham, but bottom-line, he’s a politician who knows low-hanging fruit when he sees it. And between the FISA abuse, the Macabe/Rosenstein coup conspiracy, and the Russian collusion with the Clinton Foundation, he’s happier than a lone Texas cowboy line dancing with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.


  48. iwasthere says:

    I wish Sen. Graham would quit with the niceties about the FISA warrant on Carter Page. It was a counter-intelligence warrant with 2 degrees of freedom. Just call it was it really was: A FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and Presidency.


  49. brenrod says:

    unlike McCabe I don’t “consider Russia to be our most dangeous enemy”…. I consider our most dangerous enemy to be our corrupt congress, corrupt judiciary, corrupt fbi & cia, corrupt media and corrupt deep state.


  50. brenrod says:

    They committed sedition with their attempted coup and when Obama admin colluded with Britain to depose our pres they also committed treason. Surely this behavior requires a serious formal investigation as these are the highest capital crimes.


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