The Question No-One Seems To Ask…

Jon Solomon appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss his latest op-ed in the Hill [See Here].  Unfortunately, two years of congressional investigations that go no-where; two prior inspector general reports that conclude with no corrective action; and two-plus years of in-our-face corruption by DOJ and FBI officials, does not lend toward optimism when the next best hope sold by Solomon is another Senate investigation.


Democrats do not miss an opportunity to take advantage of any angle where they can criticize, attack and weaponize a narrative against their political opposition.  So riddle me this… Somebody has been leaking congressional transcripts to Jon Solomon and The Epoch Times (Jeff Carlson).  The unauthorized releases include testimony from: Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, James Baker, Bill Priestap and, most recently, Trisha Beth Anderson.

Question:  Why aren’t the democrats framing a political attack narrative around these unauthorized, unlawful and unethical releases?


September was five months ago.

The widely held view of the process is/was that Rod Rosenstein selected Robert Mueller as special counsel, and following that selection Mueller created his team. The perspective from CTH research is slightly different.

CTH believes that following the firing of FBI Director James Comey, the FBI Chief Legal Counsel, Jim Baker and FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe; together with the corrupt small group that was involved in the prior year’s counterintelligence investigation; reacted to Comey’s firing by pressuring Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint their preferred person, Robert Mueller.

Within this internal debate (May 2017); at the time this construct was being argued; is when the famous comment from Rosenstein originates: “what do you want me to do, wear a wire?” The corrupt FBI investigative crew; having initiated and continued “Crossfire Hurricane”; including people from the DOJ-NSD side (Ohr, Weissmann, etc) were pressuring Rosenstein to appoint a special counsel….. but not just any special counsel.. Baker and McCabe had the person pre-selected. That person was Robert Mueller.

Obviously we can see the reason for this FBI/DOJ crew to need a special counsel. As career corruptocrats they were operating from a mindset of mitigating risk to themselves and continuing to advance on the objective to attack the executive office through their investigative schemes. The key point here is subtle but very significant. Robert Mueller didn’t select his team, the corrupt team selected him.


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  1. digleigh says:

    birds of a feather…. Mueller is no angel….


  2. MaineCoon says:

    What data from the leaked transcripts will be used in the impeachment hearing by either side?


  3. MightyMustardSeed says:

    Question: Why aren’t the democrats framing a political attack narrative around these unauthorized, unlawful and unethical releases?

    I don’t want to be right here, but the possibility of the DS strategically leaking testimony provides Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, James Baker, Bill Priestap and, Trisha Anderson with the congressional testimony each has given… ‘let’s get our stories straight’ co-ordination.

    Think Brennan’s the other bigger shoe is about to drop rant… The Dragon FISA… The lack of outrage shown by the FISA court… Pelosi, Schumer, Ryan and McConnell’s open defiance and contempt of President Trump, as if he were already finished off… The attack against The President of The United States, upon Romney’s Washington arrival… Think back to Evelyn Farkas, ‘if they knew how we know… get this out to as many people… they will destroy the records’ (WHAT RECORDS!)… The ‘by the book’ meeting in last days of BO’s presidency…

    Consider Rosenstein’s, Comey’s, Brennan’s, and Strzok’s defiant belligerency, coupled with the extreme secrecy of the existence of the Dragon Fisa. Now think again to that ‘by the book’ outgoing presidential briefing. The plotters, the heads of our highest institutions of our great nation, had already begun to create the evidence to destroy their foe. Their insurance policy has had years to be perfected.

    Why no DS political attack against the leaks? Could it be that Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, James Baker, Bill Priestap and, Trisha Anderson’s chorus refrain will be, ‘you see now why we HAD TO do it this way’.

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    • Blind no longer says:

      I think the records you are questioning would be one Steele Dossier. There is zero excuse for what they did and are doing regarding the illegal surveillance of Donald JTrump, and I suspect many others. These corrupt POS can try to spin it any way they want to, but when the documents are released unredacted as well as their text messages and emails, their guilt will be front and center and undeniable!

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    • beach lover says:

      Thanks for bringing in the Evelyn Farkas comments.. and the “by the book” meeting in the oval. To me, we have spent so much time trying to connect the beginning dots, that we forget the major billboards that were public right at the onset of the inauguration.

      I don’t pretend to know how they all fit, I just know it has to be important. Until we get into the O WH, we are sluggishly tied up trying to point out the obvious over and over again, of the early scam. And it was a scam… no doubt about it.

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr, James Baker, Bill Priestap and, Trisha Anderson with the congressional testimony each has given… ‘let’s get our stories straight’ co-ordination.

      Like your analysis however
      Why couldn’t these folks just meet at a Burger King to ‘get their stories” straight?
      Their full testimonies haven’t been released. Ohr’s was perhaps the most complete, followed by Priestep.

      I think these releases are disgruntled R’s and the reason the Dem/MSM haven’t constructed the counter-narrative has something to do with the question mark that is Whitaker and soon to be Barr.

      IMO Trump’s weird-ass appointment of Whitaker was a last ditch attempt to gain some of that “leverage” SD wrote about last year. This leverage will extend to the new AG as well.

      Whitaker got a peek at their hand.

      Having said that…..I do believe it is “last ditch” and that PDJT’s options are quickly closing. I believe he needs to get this thing moved somehow into the realm of the Judicial Branch
      Mitch McConnell’s recent actions indicate that POTUS will get screwed in the Senate.


      • PDJT is not is some bind that he will get screwed by mcturtle!!! Jeez-Louse!!! HE HAS ALL OF THE DAMN DOCUMENTS AND HE HAS THE ULTIMATE DE-CLASSIFICATION AUTHORITY. NO ONE CAN OVER-RULE HIM ON THIS.

        The ONLY reason none of the documents have come out is because he wants to get Mueeller out of the way and Barr installed as AG…Once that is done, then it is onward to Huber and what he has uncovered. This will more than likely be ongoing for a few more months..

        Turtle knows that if he tries to stick it to PJDT his days are numbered and so is everyone else’s. The docs WILL COME OUT and on PDJT TIMELINE…NO ONE
        ELSES!!! And if you think McTurtle is scared…he is and so are the other morons who doubt this president!!!

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        • Blind no longer says:



        • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:


          He does not have the documents.
          SD wrote a great piece on that covers this extensively:

          The ONLY reason none of the documents have come out is because he wants to get Mueeller out of the way

          What makes you think Mueller is going anywhere? He just indicted Stone. The Flynn and PapaD cases and Manafort trial took literally more than a year to resolve and his office is still in the midst of it’s Concord Management case.
          And those are simply the cases we know about.
          Stone’s trial hasn’t even started.
          Mueller isn’t going anywhere.

          Impeachment is a political process and in the Senate the rules for the trial are up to Turtle.
          Do not underestimate McConnell’s ability to get 20 Republican’s to go against the President. In fact, he just did with the condemnation letter and is indicating he will do it again on Trump’s call for State of Emergency.

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          • Guess you haven’t work in the military/gov as to who has the ULTIMATE CLASSIFICATION/DECLASSIFICATION AUTHORITY…And that is for a reason.


            • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

              You can write it in ALL CAPS as many times as you want.

              Yes POTUS has the authority.
              But he doesn’t physically have the documents— the owning agency’s do.

              There is a process that the President must follow to get those documents declassified and released.

              SD covered all of this in the link I posted earlier.
              I urge you to read it.

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              • TPW says:

                My understanding was that to get approval from the dept. heads involved as per the release of documents was/is a normal sequence that is taken but approval is not required if the President decides to over ride any objections… they could drag the thing out till kingdom come but we shall see.

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                • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

                  if the President decides to over ride any objections…

                  And when those department heads –who BTW have titles like Attorney General, FBI Director, DNI etc–refuse the Presidential “over-ride” then what happens?


        • Zippy says:

          “Barr installed as AG”

          Apparently you didn’t read at the article link I provided which I’ve now lost which provided a LONG list of very anti-MAGA past acts by Barr. Here’s an inferior one that shows that Barr is serious best buds with Mueller:

          Trump Attorney General nominee Bill Barr – Swamp master or destroyer?

          “Once that is done, then it is onward to Huber and what he has uncovered”

          On the “savior” Huber, apparently you missed the column about how his “investigation” is and was nothing more a smokescreen farce:

          REPORT: Huber and Horowitz Investigations Deep State Cons Constructed by DOJ…

          Y’all can speculate all you want about what is leaked and why but here is the end result which I would bet money on – non one involved in the Mueller cover-up or those he is covering for will ever face anything like the level of justice they deserve. Period.


        • Louis Genevie says:

          Actually, the President does not have ultimate authority to declassify, the heads of the agencies that classified them must approve the change in classification. If they don’t the President could be accused of obstruction or even treason under the right circumstances.


          • James says:

            If the heads of the agencies have the ultimate authority to declassify then it seems to me that all of our talk of declassification being a silver bullet has been a waste of time.

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        • lydia00 says:

          You are dreaming. You are in for a big letdown because you’ve made Trump into some sort of Superman. I don’t think you get how bad it is in government.


          • TPW says:

            So maybe Trump should take his marbles and go home. It will be a waste of the last 8 …might I add best years of his life. All will be undone if he can not rid those agencies of corruption. Just like Obammy legacy…..will be like a fart in a whirlwind.


        • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

          Like Q ( I know) said;
          BOOM BOOM BOOM.

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      • HerbyGal says:

        Perhaps this is the reason judicial appointments are being stalled. I find it ridiculous that the Senate can stall these appointments for two years!


    • DrNo76 says:

      Not buying that. “had already begun to create the evidence to destroy their foe”. What evidence? Why would the DS leak the transcripts to two journalists who have been pursuing the most significant uncovered news story in US history? Why not leak it to the NYT and WAPO?

      “Robert Mueller didn’t select his team, the corrupt team selected him.” Dont think I can buy that either. Why would McCabe later attack Rosie? Why would Rosie help make the case for firing McCabe? And, by implication, obtain the recco that McCabe be referred for prosecution? The recent testimony leaks show fissures between the stories of the participants. Potential for perjury/lying to Congress charges. I think McCabe, with the firing of Comey was desperate. A wingman (even if an ultimately untrustworthy wingman) was gone and McCabe was exposed. The text messages of Strzok and Pages that have been publicly exposed have proven disastrous for the small group enterprise. Imagine what the redactions show. I think Carlson and The Reckoning commentary lead in the right direction. I remain hopeful that the reasons for the delay in public disclosures of the redacted material and the FISA apps has to do with political timing. It seems to me that Mueller has nothing. Media suggesting future disappointment in Mueller findings. Shifty expressing frustration that Mueller isnt going after trump’s finances (and why would he?). They seem prepared for a disappointment.

      And on that note Trump follows up with disclosures as Barr begins the unraveling. All of that as we head into a reelection campaign. That seems to me to be the timing issue.


  4. farmhand1927 says:

    Sundance was the spearhead in uncovering and sniffing out the entire story. To their credit, Bongino, Hannity, Carter and Solomon also have exhausted every avenue to get the truth out. The big problem is that the way things stand now, nothing will ever come of it.

    We’ve heard the tick tock, we’ve held our breath, we’ve shielded our eyes in anticipation of the Big Ugly, we’ve connected the dots, followed the money, read the books and enough blog & website reporting/comments/exchanges to reach around the globe. We’ve played chess and some worshipped at the Altar of Q. We’ve put full faith and trust in any sign this might break our way. We’ve written miles of comments supporting Huber, Horowicz, Whitaker and whomever else gets trotted out as finally being The One to do the deed. People here have argued for and against Jeff Sessions with such passion and determination some frequent commenters left over it. We’ve left no stones unturned, but what is there to show for it?

    Fact is, there is no will to expose what was done to Candidate Trump, President-elect Trump and now President Trump. There’s no will and worse, there is a dedicated, relentless effort to cover up, lie and ultimately end this presidency, no matter what. Half the public is clueless on any of it, another fourth of the public believes President Trump is behind all of it because he’s a Russian spy*** and the remaining fourth of us know the truth. *** Part of today’s Russian Spy theorists at one time believed Donald Trump was a plant to help Hillary win. Remember that bunch?

    The biggest fraud ever perpetrated on any nation in history is thwarted perpetually. It doesn’t just not make the front page, it gets no coverage unless it is reported as another hateful attack on Dear Hillary.

    Whatever ammo our President has, whatever bombs could have been dropped on guilty heads, it is beyond understanding why some of that fire power wasn’t brought ahead of the 2018 election. If the House had been held, if Jim Jordan was pushed to replace Crooked Lyin’ Ryan and as a result of bombshell info, many more seats world have gone to pro-Trump candidates, imagine where things would be sitting today.

    But none of these pipe dreams happened. Today, American citizens are frog marched out of their homes on dark, cold nights and we wonder when, if at all, this tyrannical behavior ends. The FBI Director is not held to account, instead he mouth’s off against his boss. The DOJ stoically maintains they only, always follow the law even though we know that their adherence to law applies only to their political opposition.

    Predictions and analyses continue to float. Maybe that’s a form of hope springing eternal. Hats off to the troopers that stay in the fight but there is about as much interest in holding the wrong doers to full account as there was in nailing Obama and Hillary on Benghazi. At least among the people that can make it happen.

    Another national disgrace that future generations will look back on and wonder how the hell they got away with it.

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    • Blind no longer says:

      Amen farmhand!!!!! I do have faith that God will show the way though. I believe that God had a hand in the election of Donald J Trump and will reveal it all someday.

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    • Elle says:

      Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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    • J Gottfred says:

      “Another national disgrace that future generations will look back on and wonder how the hell they got away with it.”

      Farmhand, your post (and in particular your second paragraph) is an epic rant that sums up my total frustration with what our “system” has become. I fear however, that our real problem is with the dummied down stupid electorate who does not care what happened, what is happening, what is going to happen, much less than holding anyone accountable for their participation in this fiasco.

      I hope you are right that someone, anyone, beyond us treepers looks back and questions what happened. I am not as optimistic, and my new Congressman (CA-49 Levin) is particularly distressing to me. I do not know at what point I’ll be in the street demonstrating (maybe even rioting), but I fear it is getting close. Just who in the hell gave the left the right to act this way?

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    • bentley1blog says:

      farmhand…your insight is right on target. How depressing, but truly appreciate your side of this circus of Marxists.

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      Yes, thanks for a strong summary of what has occurred and where we are today. Every slight movement has been met with much hope, but those hopes have been dashed by the reality of the strength of the Deep State. Even Whitaker who seemed to be strong looks terribly weak in the congressional hearings last week. Sad. Under these conditions, it is no wonder we have little faith in Barr.


    • Ned Zeppelin says:

      Farmhand, you’ve nailed it.
      I think this ends, one way or the other, with a trial in the Senate. Been reading the rules – Chief Justice presides, evidence rules sketchy. Especially if all of the President’s cards are labeled “National Security – Do Not Show.”

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    • TPW says:

      Wonder How the hell they got away with it…..short answer.. our unwillingness to fight.


    • Rip Tide says:

      Excellent post farmhand, just excellent! Appreciate you,


  5. Doc Moore says:

    The question is both moot and irrelevant. Moot because they are the ones doing the “strategic leaking”. Irrelevant because they are above the law. It is all transparently simple. Consider their monumental effort to prevent the US from having southern border security. Why? Why do they care SO VERY MUCH? Trump has answered that question a few times a day for almost a year now. $$$ MONEY $$$. Look at the Billions of criminal dollars flooding across the non-existent border in both directions. Bodies, Drugs, Guns, all very big business for Democrats. Leaking is just another form of crime they employ in their currently successful jihad against our Constitution and way of life.

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  6. Does anyone else have major concerns about the leaking – even to our side?

    Are they just shaping the less damaging narrative and running it through new conservative media for damage control?

    I’m finding it difficult to trust anyone other than PDJT and Sundance.


  7. MelH says:

    A friend on the opposite coast tells me he belongs to a lecture series and went last week to the lecture put on by James Comey. He was sold on Comey’s innocence and is now convinced Trump is guilty of every bad thing everyone has said about Trump. He voted for Trump, but Comey caused him to “see the light”. This friend is not a “no account” by any means, having been the head of an IT department at one of the places where Comey worked in the past. Comey’s curriculum vitae gets him so many points, there’s no overcoming his claims of innocence. Why have Popa and Manafort been jailed but McCabe and Stroak go free? Rhetorical question.


    • Zorro says:

      Even after following the events for a couple years, it sometimes becomes hard not to hear the propaganda drumbeat of the MSM and subconsciously give it consideration. Many of us grew up in times where “journalists” and “news anchors” were authority figures.

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      • Orygun says:

        It always comes back to the media. The fog of misinformation and the confusion it creates has stalled everything President Trump has tried to do. At this point I was hoping the media would be replaced but it is not happening and the people are being fed a constant stream of lies and half-truths.
        The Dems are releasing transcripts that just fit the narrative they are trying to build that show us as the traitors. When you have all of DC, nearly all of the media, over half of Congress and the Intelligence agencies just trying to cover their butts it seems like Civil War 2.0 is becoming more of a reality.

        The suppression of the Yellow Vest movement in the UK press is clear evidence of a globally controlled corrupt press in bed with corrupt politicians worldwide. President Trump is a good man but his adversaries know no bounds and it is past time to take the gloves off and deliver them some justice one way or another. They wouldn’t hesitate to do it to him and his supporters.


    • Ivehadit says:

      Make me laugh!

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    • dawg says:

      Wait, what? Your friend voted for Trump but listened to a comey “lecture” and now believes comey is innocent and PT is guilty? Does he decide to turn around when the stop light turns red? Bad analogy maybe, Im just trying to come up with something that tries to capture that. Sorry, but, your friend is an idiot.

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  8. Helen Pearson Souza says:

    Doc Moore. So right. I’m starting to suspect that our government is rife with cartel dollars. The biggest purses right now are not from donors, but from cartels. If they gave the purported $100 million to a Mexican president, how did they not do it to our government? We are sunk.


  9. Dr.Jay says:

    Question: Why aren’t the democrats framing a political attack narrative around these unauthorized, unlawful and unethical releases?

    Answer: They (Ds) do not want to put a spotlight on these things. As long as they don’t, it simply isn’t happening. It isn’t reported. So problem solved, for now.
    And they have little to gain. It is pre-releases of evidence against guilty parties. No rescue there. More to come.

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    • CharterOakie says:

      Dr.Jay — that’s also my take, exactly. Thanks for stating it for me.

      Most of the citizenry is oblivious to those leaks. The ‘Rats would only draw more unwanted attention to information adverse to their cause if they attack the leaks.

      As for the seeming unending delay in justice: it may well be that Team Trump had to let the ‘Rats and their Fake News purveyors expose themselves to more of the low-‘fos before the hammer is dropped, e.g. Open Borders, Elimination of ICE, “post-birth abortion”, Identiy Politics hypocrisy (VA Dems), dimwits in their white straighjackets scowling and sitting on their hands during the SOTU, Green Deal socialism, etc, etc, etc.

      Maybe the time for the hammer of justice is finally nigh. The ferocious attacks on Whitaker indicate intense discomfort among “our friends on the other side of the aisle.”


  10. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    “Question: Why aren’t the democrats framing a political attack narrative around these unauthorized, unlawful and unethical releases?”
    Is anyone attacking these unauthorized, unlawful and unethical releases?

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  11. Elle says:

    I don’t underestimate the power of the mobs, cartels and globalists and their influence in our body politic, but not feeling that they are in control of this situation to the degree being discussed here. Rather, what I’ve seen perusing the politico, etc. side of the web is an attempt to deflect from muh Russia, to shake the shiny keys and tell their screeching toddlers demanding Trumps head that, “Yes, yes, honey, but not right now , later.” I see a divided left like never before… The “deep state” are Red Coats, marching down the lanes in full view of the rebels and thinking they can win because it always worked in the past. I see their moves getting more desperate, like a man in quicksand; doing nothing is not an option, but doing anything only makes it worse.

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  12. coltlending says:

    And yet decades later, the FBI found a way to get FISA Warrants on a presidential candidate and president-elect, with much less than what the FBI had to petition for a FISA on Zacarias Moussaoui, a French citizen who had been arrested in Minneapolis on August 16, 2001, when back then the Minneapolis FBI Field Office had received a telephone call from a representative of a flight school reporting suspicions about Moussaoui, who was taking flying lessons at the school near Minneapolis.

    The Minneapolis FBI became concerned that Moussaoui was training to possibly commit a terrorist act using a commercial airplane. It therefore attempted to investigate his potential links to terrorism. To pursue this investigation, the Minneapolis FBI sought a warrant to search Moussaoui’s computer and other belongings. However, FBI Headquarters did not believe that a sufficient predicate existed to obtain the search warrant, either a criminal warrant or a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant. Moussaoui, who was in custody at the time of the September 11 attacks, later was indicted and charged as a co-conspirator in the September 11 attacks.
    In her May 21, 2002, letter to the FBI Director, Rowley criticized the FBI Headquarters managers who were involved with the Moussaoui investigation prior to September 11. FBI Director Mueller subsequently referred Rowley’s letter to the Inspector General and asked the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to review the FBI’s handling of the Moussaoui investigation. In addition, the Director asked the OIG to review the issues in an Electronic Communication (EC) written by an FBI Special Agent in Phoenix (known as the Phoenix EC), as well as “any other matters relating to the FBI’s handling of information and/or intelligence before September 11, 2001 that might relate in some manner to the September 11, 2001 attacks.”

    Excerpt from:
    U. S. Department of Justice
    Office of the Inspector General
    A Review of the FBI’s 1Uantlli.ngof Intelligence Information Re1ade:dto the September 11 Attacks (November 2004)

    Page 2

    FBI Director Robert Mueller
    [ Insert Suspecious Cat & Roger Stone photos]


  13. john edward lorenz says:

    Because they don’t want ANY action that can lead to indictments


  14. Pokey says:

    Here is what I fear.
    All of them are Obama era Socialists, supportive of Obama because of his ability to grow and cushion the Federal Bureaucracies. This is all they are ever interested in. They support whatever is best for the long term health and growth of their Bureaus. There will be no end to the growth of Government. It is a malignancy on any free society.
    Socialism is the most obvious goal for these Collectivist Bureaucrats. It will support them even when there is no more money left in the population to steal. Big Government has arrived and only a totalitarian scheme will even try to support it. And the great experiment in a self governing People will be over for a long, long time.
    Socialism will fail, but our leaders won’t care as long as they are in power. Here we go!

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  15. PVCDroid says:

    I wish there was more prognostication on the future. I’m concerned 3-4 months down the road with Schiff in possession of tax returns and bank records that anyone with half a brain could use against their opponent. Where do we go from here? How do we prepare for it? What can we do to stop this harassment?


  16. Piggy says:

    “Why aren’t the democrats framing a political attack narrative around these unauthorized, unlawful and unethical releases?”

    Open source intelligence collection. By going through the media this provides insulation for the “leaker”. By the “media” not possessing actually documents and the “leaker” not giving them out makes it very difficult to catch or charge criminally.

    Either Dimms/Uniparty types or both are getting this information out for legal collection by foreign Intel agencies. Foreign agencies and or state actors would want to know details especially if connected to the coup or to stay ahead of the ongoing investigations. Safest way to collect information is through our media.

    Epoch Times is connected with China. This does not mean the Chinese are necessarily involved. It’s a pretty obscure mag that most of the country doesn’t know…collectors would be paying attention though.


    • G. Willikers says:

      I’ve followed Epoch Times off and on long before I ever discovered CTH. Epoch Times is first and foremost an anti-communist – specifically Chinese Communist – weekly newspaper and website. It is mainly distributed in it’s English and Chinese editions in metropolitan areas with large Chinese populations.

      When PDJT became President they found an ally and became very pro-Trump. Anything implying that they might be connected to or run by Beijing would be a rather big stretch.

      And I don’t have any theories as to why they are being leaked to.


  17. dawg says:

    It took my a minute to understand this post by Sundance, but I think I got it.

    So we have….

    1. Solomon suggesting a Senate investigation
    2. Solomon and Epoch getting leaked testimony, (that actually casts the conspirators in a bad light)
    3. Democrats NOT raising a stink about this leaking
    4. NO progress on the declassification of documents
    5. The corruptocrat deep state team picking Mueller, not the other way around

    This all ads up to the RUNAROUND! Stall tactics. Drag this out, and keep PT from making any moves. Its the conclusion I came to a couple weeks ago when I noticed this latest narrative about the Mueller probe “coming to a close soon”, and being spouted and repeated by a select few (Whitaker) and then run with in the media. BOLOGNA! The Mueller probe is NOT coming to a close, at least not until the Dems, deep state and media have established the “correct” impeachment narrative that they think will garner enough support in the House that they have a shot at impeachment (at least in the House).

    Weissman, et al, are the ones leaking this selective info, just enough to placate PTs defenders and keep them from rising up and becoming too vocal about the lack of any action against them.

    And to be quite honest, it reminds me of the “Q” bologna.


    • Mr T. says:

      Why would Mueller end it? Other than the obvious point about job security and a very powerful position, more powerful than the POTUS, is the fact that Mueller did not fully and fairly investigate Russian collusion. If he had, he would have questioned Glenn Simpson, et al including Hillary Clinton and people at the DNC. He would be questioning this FISA abuse as the dossier was the catalyst for the entire probe. If it was salacious and unverified, he could have ended the investigation before the midterms. He DELIBERATELY did not end it and even tried to play up his investigation to influence the midterms. He and his team had every intent on influencing policy and elections as well as covering up misdeeds. He has to keep covering it up until people forget about it and it goes away. He also can continue to influence policy and elections to his benefit. Why end that gravy train and face the music?


  18. Gonzo The Gonzarian says:

    So how does the meeting between Trump and Mueller at the White House on May 16, 2017 (the day before Mueller was appointed Special Counsel) fit in?

    CNN says it was a an interview for the open Director position. ( )

    But Mueller was not eligible to be appointed as FBI Director again, having already served a full 10 year term plus an additional 2 years that required special Senate approval. My understanding is that a 2 year extension was possible, but not appointing him for a new 10 yr term.

    This quote from an NPR report on this topic says, “That law stated that lawmakers had made a one-time exception and made it clear that Mueller “may not serve as Director after September 4, 2013.” ( )

    This is a question I think fundamental to the whole special counsel investigation scenario. Why were they meeting just before the SC appointment? There’s something to this. There must be. Was Mueller planting a bug in the Oval Office? Or did he align in some way with Trump?

    It’s just too much of a coincidence, and I don’t believe in political coincidences. SD has taught us well that everything that happens in DC is coordinated and pre-planned.

    Also, it’s curious that CNN is one of just a few MSM reports (that I can find) on this ‘interview’ on 5/16/17, and they reported it almost a month later. Most MSM reports on who Trump interviewed for FBI Director are like this one on 5/18/17 and Mueller is not mentioned at all:

    Anyone with an answer or just thoughts on this?


  19. Ok SD, so what is the answer to your large, bold, block-quoted question?


  20. Bob says:

    Easy answer: the last thing they want anyone talking about or focusing on are the leaks. After Bruce Ohr testified, they immediately went with the Buzzfeed distraction Cohen piece to take all eyes and ears off of Ohr’s bombshell testimony. And it worked.


  21. Guy Jackson says:

    Puzzling thing for me (as it made me curious when the statement was first made and reported), how would “Allies” know what is in the unredacted material presented to PDJT? Is someone leaking to them? Do they have burrowed spies in the top levels of our government?


  22. franz dorn says:

    Apparently, McCabe is coming out with a book at the end of the month. There is no justice for the wicked.


  23. Piggy says:

    Not sure where I attached anything to Communists. What I stated about Epoch was factual. I also said no guarantee China is even involved. Not sure why the defense.

    Good they support POTUS.

    I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to know who owns which media source we are ingesting.

    All media should be questioned.

    I’m open for critique on my hypothesis on the “leaks”. It would take some convincing that I’m wrong though.


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