One of the first hurdles presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar will have to overcome is her lack of name recognition.  President Trump lends a helping hand:

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267 Responses to “Snowwoman”

  1. Q&A says:

    Another mean drunk female running for President.
    How very deja vu.

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  2. Kate says:

    Looks like another good week of Democrat’s gaffs has started, I say keep the momentum moving because it is fun for us while eating our popcorn.

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  3. Goedhart says:

    It’s obvious that this candidate has snowballs.

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  4. Dee Paul Deje says:

    Too Hot=Climate Change
    Too Cold=Climate Change
    Too many Hurricanes=Climate Change
    No Hurricanes=Climate Change
    The only way to beat these morons is to laugh at them and mock them. So glad POTUS is leading the way.

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  5. MrG says:

    They want to keep this “climate change” narrative going no matter what. So when they take “power” again (God forbid) they can just pick up the narrative and start pushing it big-time again

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    • shirley49 says:

      Just follow the money. Al Gore has gotten filthy rich over his fear mongering. Until all LOBBYISTS are thrown out of DC and anyone taking money or favors for their votes this will never stop.


  6. M Daniel Carey says:

    The democrats seem enthused to post up those amongst them who seemingly prove the depths of their insane ideologies. Sending sheep to battle the sheep dog (DJT) is truly indicative of their insanity. Apparently, the sheep have wandered into the Cannabis fields, and consumed product at their leisure, which affects normal thought process. Ahhh, to get by in life as a simple sheep, fully explains the liberal mind.

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    • Michael Todaro says:

      There is not one leftist on the planet, NOT A SINGLE ONE, who is not drinking, drugging, medicating, stuffing face… No wonder IQ scores and SAT scores are tanking.

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      • TreeClimber says:

        Actually I live with a couple. Total idiots. Watch MSM. Diabetics. Morons. Terminal morons.


      • anniefannie says:

        Ed Begley Jr. is the only one I even consider worthy of hearing. He, at least, drives a little car, doesn’t fly, etc. if you fly private, drive anything larger than a smart cat, take anything other than public transportation, use more than 1000 kWh/month, shut up.

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        • dogsrule says:

          My wealthy liberal ‘green’ friends chastise me for driving an SUV with 4WD so I can get up the mountains I need to get up in the winter, then they will tell me about all the exotic vacations they took last winter which required flying all over the world.

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  7. mr.piddles says:

    “Bad timing”


    THIS is the sorta subtle humor that I absolutely love about President Trump. Always throwing a little rabbit punch here, a little poke to the nose there.

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  8. Danimal28 says:

    Another vile Senator from my state… Have at it, folks, she has earned every bit of vitriol.

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  9. Rgt says:

    She is as inspiring as fingernails on a chalk board

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  10. MfM says:

    Who puts their supporters through a snowstorm? Is she running such a low budget operation that she couldn’t find a room?


  11. DJ says:

    Well, she also made a big deal about the fact that she was on an island in the Mississippi River, so alternately she could be known as the Woman From Snowy River…

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  12. rsanchez1990 says:

    She must have blown through all of her initial campaign budget paying all those people to stand outside in a blizzard.

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  13. LibertyONE says:

    Great pic of a Snowflake speaking to standing Snowflakes, ya can’t do better.

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  14. Deb says:

    So the Dems are going full on splitter strategy, just like the Republicans in 2015. I’m assuming she’s meant to peel away voters in the Midwest. But who are they splitting for? Who is the chosen winner? Kamala is who comes to mind, but I can’t believe the Dems would be that stupid. Biden? It can’t be Pocahontas. Bernie is looking downright decrepit these days. I would love it if Hillary would get back in the ring. The only thing better then PDJT beating her would be if he got to do it twice.

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  15. blognificentbee says:

    Snow woman – I am laughing – so glad that it is time for a batch of new nicknames for the 2020 campaign! Is it one word or two? If one word, are there two Ws or just one?🤣🤣


  16. calbear84 says:

    Meanwhile Mooch Obama, the Grifter Queen is snug and warm in L.A.


    • Carrie2 says:

      Well, CA is rather cold all over, and LA has a huge problem with the typhus disease which has spread hugely due to homeless filth and trash everywhere encouraging real rats to come out and with their fleas biting victims. I think we will see SF next as I have to go there every 4 months and lots of homeless living on the sidewalks and trash right in the tourist area. This is why I tell everyone do not go to SF as no longer the beautiful bay by the sea. Here we understand that over some 1/2 million people have left SF and probably more form other cities (unfortunately to go and create the liberal problem somewhere else), but the new Pelosi nephew Newsom governor want to build more houses at better purchasing rates. Ain’t gonna happen as prices have dip a wee bit, but still way to high along with more taxes coming, and wanting free medicare for all illegals are great ways to see more leaving this state and then where will the money come to do all this stupidity.


  17. Carson Napier says:

    If SnowWoman gets the dims Presidential nomination, I have already found the perfect running mate for her.

    Defense Secretary James Mattis Breaks With Other Cabinet Members On Climate Change. Mattis said that climate change is real and threatening global stability.

    Secretary of Defense James Mattis has asserted that climate change is real, and a threat to American interests abroad and the Pentagon’s assets everywhere, a position that appears at odds with the views of the president who appointed him and many in the administration in which he serves.

    In unpublished written testimony provided to the Senate Armed Services Committee after his confirmation hearing in January, Mattis said it was incumbent on the U.S. military to consider how changes like open-water routes in the thawing Arctic and drought in global trouble spots can pose challenges for troops and defense planners. He also stressed this is a real-time issue, not some distant what-if.

    “Climate change is impacting stability in areas of the world where our troops are operating today,” Mattis said in written answers to questions posed after the public hearing by Democratic members of the committee. “It is appropriate for the Combatant Commands to incorporate drivers of instability that impact the security environment in their areas into their planning.”

    Mattis has long espoused the position that the armed forces, for a host of reasons, need to cut dependence on fossil fuels and explore renewable energy where it makes sense. He had also, as commander of the U.S. Joint Forces Command in 2010, signed off on the Joint Operating Environment, which lists climate change as one of the security threats the military expected to confront over the next 25 years.

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    • Mac says:

      Reading this bumf made me think considerably less of Mattis. “Global warming/cooling/climate change” is a con job and always has been. The fact that some people still believe it is proof that you CAN fool some of the people all of the time.

      Whenever I hear someone talk about this stuff as if they take it seriously, I automatically discount whatever opinion they might have on any other topic because they clearly don’t understand either science or politics.


      • drljr says:

        The climate is changing. That happens to be a fact. The lie is that climate change is man-made. After we actually dealt with the real issues of pollution the environmentalist needed something else to scream about since the real issues of pollution had been dealt with and are dealt with today, even when the “environmentalist” are caught trashing places. Consider, during the Keystone Pipeline protests a number of “environmentalist” were caught damaging another pipeline and causing leaks, and to my knowledge are sitting jail. When protestors left the protest area the clean-up cost was estimated to be 10 million dollars. So don’t confuse real climate change, think of the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age, with the screams and rants of the “environmentalist” who don’t want to admit the issues have basically been dealt with. Today the real agenda of the “environmentalist” is about controlling people not the environment.


  18. spoogels says:

    Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s first stop on her 2020 tour is a DIRECT SHOT at 2016 loser Hillary Clinton


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  19. Carrie2 says:

    Again the naysayers and those who hate a great president are trying to say his IQ is at the 4th grade level. Well then, I would say their IQ hasn’t even started to begin. Trump’s IQ is truly very high as mind is 149 and his is more. But then it appears that not one democrat has a great IQ at all.

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  20. Herbert Kroll says:

    Those images are clearly fakes, doctored by climate change deniers who are all part of a vast right wing conspiracy, global warming experts say. Luckily we have the original footage without the added cgi:


  21. GSparrow says:

    If the allegations about her “nasty spiteful disposition” and harsh treatment of former staff are true then perhaps, “The Abominable Snow Woman,” is a more accurate label for her candidacy.


  22. Anon says:

    Don’t know about you guys, but I’m looking forward to voting in the Democrat primary in my state. They have us Mitt Romney, and I’m looking forward to returning the favor


  23. anniefannie says:

    She obviously was a little late getting Nancy’s mandate to wear white e-mail. Must not own a white outfit. Give her credit, this was a pretty unique way of showing up in white to support women!!


  24. Bluto says:

    The bigger question I have is who are the losers standing out there participating in the event? Why would anyone voluntarily stand out in the freezing cold to listen to a third-rate hack politician who has zero chance of becoming president?


  25. testpointwp says:

    It’s snowing in 21 states and Mexico today as of 7AM.


  26. maggiemoowho says:

    The funny thing about all the Democrap meatballs who are running for President, they still don’t understand why President Trump won, they think it was just because he was famous.

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  27. She should look like and Talk like Dumb snowflake of mooch Obama,
    Trump 2020 Great again,


  28. Linda Jean Burkett says:

    It’s weather channel not whether channel, and another staffer bites the dust.


  29. TwoLaine says:

    I think Ice Queen might have been better, but I think that was reserved for ILLary & the Mooch.


  30. NewSister says:

    Liberals concerned about greenhouse gas from animals? Give up their dogs!


  31. dawg says:

    LOL! Man that is some funny stuff right there. I literally laughed out loud at this. Amy the Snowwoman Klobuchar, global warming fighter! That picture is hard to believe.


  32. 🍺Gunny66 says:



  33. JMP says:

    I like the way he also took the opportune to troll the gender nonsense as well.


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