U.K. Telegraph Issues Published Apology to First Lady Melania Trump…

Libel laws in the U.K. must be much more favorable to the victim than in the United States.  The U.K. Telegraph published a retraction to a previous story written about First Lady Melania Trump that is labeled “An Apology“:

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153 Responses to U.K. Telegraph Issues Published Apology to First Lady Melania Trump…

  1. Humiliation for The Telegraph.

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  2. Since when did “Mr.” and “Mrs.” lose the periods?


    • sturmudgeon says:

      periods would only apply to the Mrs…


    • Iconoclast says:

      Since when did the US grant titles of nobility?
      “President” is a job title, nothing more.
      No matter how much you or I approve of the incumbent.


      • lanahi says:

        Titles are often retained as a matter of respect, such as Governor, Senator, President, General, etc., long afterward. I noticed this article couldn’t even address the present president as anything except Mr, though, which is another indication of their bias. I DO understand it…I never once labeled Obama as ” President Obama”. But, then, I don’t pretend to be an unbiased journalist either.

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  3. lanahi says:

    This is the second judgment that I know of that Melania has won against the media and I hope not the last. If they don’t clean it up any other way, maybe money will finally speak to them loud and clear.

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  4. cali says:

    Hopefully they learned not to smear our FLOTUS because when she bites – you bleed as seen here!


  5. Beautiful Our first lady melania is wonderful warm person inside and outside,
    you are Doing awesome Job,always stand with and support you,


  6. kitty kiernan says:

    One week later in the Telegraph Magazine:

    FYI: Advertisements for Cazenove Capital, Green Book the movie, HSL Chairs, Audi, British Airways, P&O Cruises, DFS, Cuba Tourism, John Lewis Finance, MSC Cruises, Neville Johnson staircases, Sky broadband, Cyprus tourism, Great Rail Journeys, Radisson, Ramblers Walking Holidays, Ligne-Roset sofas, Ecco shoes, Avalon cruises, Italian tourism/Citalia, Conquest/Paramount furniture, Willow & Hall furniture, Quartzize worktops, Arlo & Jacob sofas, Malta tourism, Neville Johnson furniture, Age UK Insurance, Staysure insurance, Cunard/ROL Cruise, Rail Discoveries, SoClean.com, Plumbs reupholstery, Reupholstery advertisement feature with Jim Dickens, Sanderson, Morris&Co, Linwood and Swaffer, Sloggi underwear, Newmarket holidays, Damart clothing, advertorial for William Morris prints, Gucci, Dior Exhibition, Net-a-porter, matches fashion, lots of other high end clothing brands, Clarins, some obscure skin care brands, some books, blah blah blah, nothing trustworthy or worth reading, two super negative mentions of President Trump, so all these brands must hate Trump supporters, which is sad, daunting and worth knowing.


  7. mugzey302 says:

    Gee, who did they have as a source ~ Michele/Michael??


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